Rock Around the Croc: Intro to the Baroque

Super quick post today because I was too busy this week to do anything with more detail. I’m just going to throw some stuff at you for now and then get into more detail in coming weeks.

The Baroque period runs from 1600 to 1750. Historical dates like these are usually pretty arbitrary, but the Baroque era is slightly less so than others because the start and end dates have actual significance. In 1600, the first opera properly so-called was performed, and J.S. Bach died in 1750. So those are the bookends.

I mentioned in a previous post that the big names to remember for Renaissance music are Josquin des Prez and Palestrina, and if you can casually drop those names in conversation you will definitely impress people. If you get nothing else out of these posts, I hope you will at least remember the Big Three names from the Baroque era: Johann Sebastian Bach, George Friedrich Handel, and Antonio Vivaldi. For this week, I’m just going to link some music from each, just to get us excited for what’s coming:

J.S. Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor:

Antonio Vivaldi, Winter:

Handel, Messiah:

Okay, one last thing, because I can’t resist:


  1. If it ain’t Baroque don’t fix it.

  2. Bach

    I’ve at least heard of them and have probably listened to their music

  3. Beethoven’s Fifth Bowel Movement

  4. Beethoven’s Fifth Fish Stick.

  5. Beethoven’s Fifth Element.

    Classical music while Mila Jovovich dances like a manic pixie.

  6. Today is Clamapalooza!

    We’ll be smoking clams. beef, and salmon for the family.

  7. Your mom was baroque when I got done.


    Really ready for Fauci’s 15 minutes to be up.

  9. Got some flooding here. I laughed at the meme of Aquaman in one of the low spots.

  10. Ate something that didn’t agree with me and was up all night sick. My day is shot to hell…

  11. Hope you feel better, CoAlex.

    I need to go do something productive today, but my knees are letting me know it’s raining.


  13. It’s going to be a lazy day. Will go grab breakfast in a few minutes, then do laundry, dishes, and go to the gym later. Rest of the day will be reading, some programming practice, and maybe sewing/drawing/bottling the blackberry wine and starting a batch of syrawberry.

  14. Everyone needs to cut out the Beethoven references until I get to the classical era.



  17. 🙂

  18. Who had “The Conservative Case For Lax Voting Laws” in the pool?

    From the WSJ Notes on the News newsletter:

    ” Some Republicans fear tighter election rules could boomerang on the party.

    Since the 2020 election, Republicans in state legislatures have been tightening rules around voting and ballot security, passing more than 100 pieces of legislation in 24 states. Now some Republicans in Michigan, where they are weighing tougher voter rules, are pausing their efforts—in part because they believe some election-law changes could hurt their own party at the ballot box.”

  19. I would rather lose honestly than win by fraud.

    I very much doubt we lose many honest elections.

  20. Jimbro, MalwareBytes doesn’t like your 1:03 link, what is it?

  21. The problem with cheating is that it destroys the feedback mechanisms necessary to make honest, and healthy assessments of your situation.

    “Hurt their own party at the ballot box” is code for “demonstrate that corporatist libertarianism is a loser governing philosophy, no matter how pretty it sounds in the pages of National Review.”

  22. I took it as more failure theater. They are really democrats and are trying to help them. They don’t really want the GOP to do well.

  23. 1:03 link

    A bunch of chickens with superimposed cartoon heads of Bach with the caption of Bach Bach Bach, etc

  24. Stolen from elsewhere, “I do not worship at the alter of Fauci. That is my religious exemption.”

  25. I’ve liked toccata and fugue since it was on bugs bunny

  26. I thought Bach was farther back in history. thought he an beethoven were farther apart. don’t know why, was stored in my addled brain that way

  27. On a road trip earlier this year, my kids and I started making up Bach jokes. I’ll share some of them with you.

  28. at least I get some harpsichord, part of baroque, right?

  29. Altar, not alter. Alter is what Fauci paid some chinamen to do to a bat virus.

  30. do you know how they powered pipe organs way back when?

  31. the violinist for the Vivaldi for seasons is really good

  32. what is the instrument on the far right in the Vivaldi video? the one the looks like a huge guitar

  33. a theorbo, related to a lute.

  34. A physicist was working in his lab when his friend burst through the door and said “you have to come see this! I’ve developed a microscope that lets you see individual atoms!”. The physicist was astounded to hear this, and went at once to his friend’s lab. “Can I look through it?” he asked, and when he had permission, he peered into the eyepiece. What he saw both astounded and confused him. Instead of seeing particles whizzing around, he saw tiny little men, wearing powdered white wigs, pounding out objects on tiny little anvils with their tiny hammers. The physicist looked up at his friend and said, “those aren’t atoms, they look like sixteenth century composers acting as blacksmiths.” “Of course,” said the friend, “those are the building Bachs of the universe.”

  35. Jay, you’re going to get your fill of harpsichord for the baroque era.

  36. My editing skills are slipping, Leon. That’s what I get for cut and paste.

  37. roamy you could just stick your tongue out and flip him the bird. works for me.

  38. I can’t wait to spring the ode to joy story. one of my favorites. probably won’t be as funny to you but I laugh and laugh

  39. when you say you and your kids were making up Bach jokes, that’s just s cover for you making up Bach jokes, isn’t it?

  40. Giant bellows, Jay. I’ve seen them for modern organs as a manual backup.

  41. so someone had to pump up the volume?

  42. You’re mom knows a thing or two about pumping giant organs.

  43. live video of the Canary Island volcano

  44. Giant hoop earrings help you jump mo’ bettah.

  45. Hello from London, fellow insurrectionists!

  46. I was in DC yesterday, but knew if I showed up I would be the only non-fed there.

  47. **waves at phat**

    Have a London sausage roll for me. Not to be confused with a gentleman’s sausage.

  48. I have a pound of ground beef that I am going to cook for dinner but am out of ideas. How now, ground cow?

  49. Sloppy Joe’s

  50. Meatloaf

  51. Spaghetti

  52. Tacos

  53. Stroganoff

  54. Shepherds Pie

  55. Chili

  56. Like a true Londoner we had Thai at a British Pub.

    Very good. Pints were had.

  57. How are things in jolly old, phat? Not so locked down and masked up?

  58. Stuffed peppers.

  59. chili mac

  60. I’m having Mexican lasagna with pork/chicken filling that was vacuum sealed in 2010. still tasty so well see how it goes

  61. Hamburger Helper

  62. NAC was being used as a preventative and early treatment by people unable to get ivermectine, so it’s banned now. There can be no hope of treatment, you see, only the ‘vaccines’ can save you.

  63. NAC is banned on Amazon. Still available at Walmart dot com

  64. I had to look to see if Great Britain had ever colonized Thailand (Siam). Nope. They were close by in Burma and the French were on the other side.

  65. One less woodchuck to decimate HotBride’s flower garden.

  66. This one was a boy. No fucking for you, asshole.

  67. *high fives Hotspur*

  68. And if you managed to get off a load recently, I’ll kill your kids too, then shoot your bitch.

  69. What did you use to bag him?

  70. Ruger 10/22

  71. He came from the neighbor’s property so I politely gave him back.

  72. Well, not in person.

  73. Never had a chance.

  74. No. He seems to have a bloody spot where he used to have a right ear.

  75. A new one will move into his den within a month or two. You will never be free of those pests until that gets destroyed.

  76. Yes, that’s true. But being the sick bastard I am, I enjoy shooting them.

  77. Bury him in the garden, he’ll feed the tomatoes.

  78. No, there will not be a 130-foot tsunami hitting the U.S. from the Canary Islands.

  79. Roamy, we had taco meatloaf. Finished my leftovers today. Dan made sloppy joes last week.

  80. 4 way chili Mac. Birthmonth is great for my favorite foods.

  81. “No, there will not be a 130-foot tsunami hitting the U.S. ”

    hush now ya spoil sport. I was having a fantasy that DC would be rehabilitated to estuary status; that NYC would be cleansed of graffiti; that …

    now it’s gone. ..


  82. “when you say you and your kids were making up Bach jokes, that’s just s cover for you making up Bach jokes, isn’t it?”

    That’s a reasonable guess, but no, my oldest kid the physics nerd came up with that one. Here’s one of mine:

    Johann Sebastian Bach was walking down the street in Leipzig one day when he was startled by a huge crackling booming sound. When he opened his eyes he saw an odd metal box in front of him. A door opened and out stepped the strangest man he had ever seen: he had a huge black afro, tie-dyed shirt and blue jeans, and he smelled very heavily of marijuana. The man spoke:

    “Groovy, baby, it worked! My name in Jimi Hendrix, and I’ve traveled from the future. If I don’t do something, all of Europe will become engulfed in war and misery. I need your help to stop it, dig?”

    Bach, who definitely did not dig, asked what he could do to stop such an awful cataclysm.

    “I have come from the future to teach you about acid rock. You see, when people hear it, they will get mellow and full of universal love and no one will want to fight anymore. But if I play it for people in your time, no one will understand, so I need you to learn about rock, and then people will listen because it will come from the great JS Bach!”

    Bach was still confused, but not wanting to see Europe destroyed, he asked what acid rock was. Hendrix figured the best way to explain was by bringing Bach into the future, so into the time machine they went.

    Back was amazed! He spent hours listening to Hendrix’ band playing acid rock, and he knew he had to introduce it to the people of Leipzig. He thanked Hendrix, got back in the time machine, and went home. He spent the next two weeks in his house, furiously writing his next great opus, based on what he had learned about acid rock and it’s power to make everything mellow and groovy.

    When he was done writing, he called his musicians together and said, “I have written a new kind of music called acid rock. It will fill everyone with love and solve all of Europe’s problems!” But when the musicians sat down with the sheet music, they were too confused to make any sense of it, not having heard what the compared had heard. They began to grumble that Bach must be losing his mind. The frustrated composer left the music hall to walk the streets and figure out what to do.

    Suddenly, another crackle and boom, another flash of light and smoke, and there was Hendrix again. He said, “What’s the matter, baby? I taught you all about acid rock, but nothing in the future has changed, and all the wars still happened!”

    Bach complained that his musicians couldn’t understand what they were asked to perform, and that in fact they were growing more hostile. “But wait,” said Bach, “if you were to come talk to them, you could explain acid rock to them, and then they could play it!” Hendrix agreed that he should try it, so they both went back to the music hall. Bach introduced Hendrix to the performers and told them Hendrix would explain about rock to them, but the musicians, already skeptical, became angry at these crazy statements and the odd look of the man they now saw. It seemed that the deeper the instruments, the more suspicious the player, so that while the violinists were a little standoffish, the violists were more so, the cellists were angry, and the bass players seemed to be on the verge of violence.

    Perceiving this, Bach thought he would separate them into groups and have Hendrix start with the violinists. They all meet together, and by the end of the meeting the violinists had come around and were ready to try playing acid rock. Hendrix next meet with the violists. After a few hours, they still weren’t ready to try playing this strange new music, but at least they seemed to be softening towards the idea. Hendrix then went into the room with the cellists. Hours went by, and when Hendrix finally came out, he looked completely beaten down. “No love, baby, they hate me as much as before I started trying to talk to them.” Bach was worried about this, and what it meant for the future of Europe, but he begged Hendrix to try talking to the bass players. Hendrix want sure that was a good idea – the bass players looked like they positively loathed Hendrix and this crazy music he was talking about. “Please,” begged Bach, “think of how many lives are at stake!”

    So Hendrix agreed that he should try. He walked into the room with the basses, and within seconds there was a massive explosion! The whole music hall was destroyed, and Bach only narrowly escaped serious injury.

    The leaders of the city came running to the site where they found the flattened building and the stunned composer. “What has happened here?” they demanded. Bach explained the whole story of how he and Jimi Hendrix had tried to save Europe from disaster. “You fool!” one of them cried, “don’t you know you can’t mix acid with a bass?!”

  83. roamy – has the muzzy outreach cadre figured out what hit jupiter?

  84. quite the salty joke there sobek

  85. I made a German stirfry of the ground beef, onion, and bell peppers and added some “Rahm SoBe” (yes, it’s the weird B that means double s) powder. Cream sauce with mushroom flavor. Mr. RFH had it over pasta, I had it over cauliflower rice, plus side salads.

  86. Jam, says probably an asteroid about 300 feet in diameter.

  87. I would have made sloppy joes, but no bread or hamburger buns.

  88. It was a still explosion.

  89. Bach always makes me think of that M*A*S*H episode with Radar. “Ahhh, Bach.”

  90. Fam had a good time today at clamapalooza and the food was good. My go-to sourdough rolls (aged in the bulk fermentation in the fridge for a coupletree days) were yummy. Tangy and fluffy. Scott is a good sport to put up with the loud Portugees for a few hours but his head is ringing.

    Soooo much leftovers. So little freezer space.

  91. Scott smoked the beef and the salmon like, *chef kiss* perfetto.

    One hilarious moment, my sister (who is not celiac) said she was enjoying the gluten-free bread I sent home with mom a few days ago. I looked totally confused, and she clarified what loaf she was talking about; I said, “That’s not gluten free, that’s just a dense rye.” She got a bit flustered; “Nooo, I’ve been eating that like it’s going out of style! I’m going to gain ten pounds!”

    whoops. Whoopsie!

  92. Also, she has a not so great grasp of what gluten-free, keto, and paleo entail and mean.

  93. Dinner tonight was peppers stuffed with sausage and mushrooms. The filling was a bit soupy, so I’ll have to remember to add some rice to the remaining filling before I cook it for lunch later this week. Washed it down with some homemade cherry wine.

  94. hmm, I can see her confusion, most gluten free breads are like eating sliced bricks.

  95. my lasagna was really good, will make it again.

  96. I need to find out how to make our newfangled mosquito magnet work as well as the old one we had. That thing drew and killed EVERY skeeter. Never had another one that worked as well, after the company was bought out. The first one we had worked amazing, then we sent it in for a repair and it never worked as well, then the company was bought out and the newer models just don’t draw. Underpowered fan? Crappy nets? No idea.

    I’d give my eye teeth for that first gen model that ran on propane alone, without electricity. The kind that cleared out the mosquito populations on entire islands. I should have bought five of those things when they first came out.

  97. Damian enjoyed roasted peanuts.

  98. Setting the stage for President Harris?

    Their loyal foot soldiers would never take a pot shot at Biden without someone’s (Obama?) blessing

  99. The video of the runner girl that Alex posted…music is Beach House, one of my all-time favorite bands.

    They generally open their shows this that song.

  100. The Chuck Todd thing is interesting. My guess is that he’s not being pushed out as much as being forced to admit the Obama people are in charge.

    He’s got it all wrong of course, but that’s ok. When they- the media and politicians say things like, ‘competent’ leadership what they want to hear is ‘status quo’. No changes. No feathers ruffled. No America first stuff. This is a world community where France somehow merits the same consideration as the United States. Do not tell the truth, etc.

    But it’s so obvious the pilots have one engine blown, the fuel gauge is flashing, and there isn’t a runway in sight.

  101. We’re all sick here, just got up. MMM inbound.

  102. MMM 462

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