It Must Meme Something


  1. Wasn’t sure Sobek’s music post was ready, it’s still in drafts so I banged out a quick memeorandum.


  2. wakey wakey

  3. You can clearly see a badge.

  4. At the link, they screen shot – and it’s pretty clear.

  5. Is it officially fall yet? I usually see some article somewhere when the season changes to let me know but the news has been so distracting I might have missed it.

  6. The Insurrection will be televised.

  7. I caught that yesterday Carin. The whole thing was funny. Not in a ha-ha way, more like a weird way. Who actually organized this thing? The notion that it was a set up was out there at least a month ago. I wonder howlong the barricade fences will remain up this time. They ought to threaten a “March on DC” every time the fence comes down just to make the monkeys dance.

  8. Equinox is Wednesday, Jimbro.

  9. My poat is done. I need o communicate better.

  10. Now that the hospital ranks have been decimated by the Covid Jab mandate, it is not the military’s turn.

    A friend has refused the jab and they’re threatening him with dishonorable discharge.

  11. I’m watching this on Rumble and it’s perfect for short attention span theater.

    If you don’t watch anything else, watch the phone prank that begins at about 50 seconds in.

  12. Thanks Leon

  13. Poat it up crockadilly, I’ll put this back in drafts if CARin and JIMbro don’t mind.

  14. And LEon.

  15. Back to drafts!

  16. I’ll leave this up for now, I reserve the right to repost these here memes next weekend.

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