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Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime doll


  1. Chicken sandwiches talking smack is my favorite

    Dirty carb hole is a close second

  2. Carb Whore Hole to be precise

  3. Foist

  4. Not foist

  5. Meme-tastic!

  6. We’ve all encountered the Rubik’s Cube belt buckle at least once in our lives

  7. Good morning Tom!

    Lazy morning here. Saw Paula off to work and now I’m hanging out with my sleeping slug dogs who woke us up at 0400 with Ollie sitting on the pillows at the head of the bed and alternating licking each of our faces.

  8. I’m not sure if this has been posted here or not

    I’ve seen his name before this article. Not sure of his bio, maybe a former lefty gone rogue and speaking the truth now? Anyway, I signed up for the free version of his substack.

  9. Saw a ad last nite for a movie on Hulu. This movie was written by the same folks that wrote the handmaidens tale so you know their politics. This movie was story of the brave Dr. in West Va. that discovered the evil pharmaceutical company had lied about the addictive nature of Oxycontin and caused extensive social issues cause they were evil and lied for money. And the pharmaceutical company? PFIZER.

    Now take your vax. You can trust them this time.

  10. Pretty sure this checks a few of Leon’s boxes

  11. I would check her box.

  12. “Has anyone else noticed that the symbol “&” looks like a man dragging his butt across the floor?”

    It also looks like a baby with a stiffy.

  13. Berenson is a writer and jouralist and his wiki page says:

    During the coronavirus pandemic, Berenson appeared frequently in American right-wing media, spreading false claims about COVID-19 and its vaccines. He spent much of the pandemic arguing that its seriousness was overblown; once COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, he made false claims about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines

    so he is clearly guilty of thoughtcrime at the very least

  14. If you got the shot, fine. Don’t take the fucking booster. Don’t you dare.

    This was predicted by that European immunologist, I can’t remember what his name was. This is all so fucking sad.

  15. Probably this guy:

  16. Driving or Excel is going to get passed around work. Had to look up KFC Cheetos, didn’t know that was a real thing. Substitute radishes for buffalo cauliflower wings (“If you roast radishes, they taste just like potatoes!” No, they do not.) Gonna celebrate with Krispy Kreme now.

  17. Inspired by whoever posted the video of Brendan Gleeson singing, Mr. RFH and I watched “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” last night. It was weird, but it was a Coen brothers movie, so I expected that.

  18. Today is pumpkin harvest day.

  19. I watched that too Roamie. I just can’t understand why the Coen’s can’t ever have a happy ending ever for any movie ever. Depressing as fuck. Every one of those short films would have been better if the characters they introduced and made you care about had done all right in the end.

  20. Agreed, Pupster.

    I was waiting for “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” moment with the James Franco segment. I didn’t know that’s where that “First time?” meme came from.

    Favorite line “Looks like when they made this fella, they forgot to put in the quit.”

  21. I want an omelet. Local IHOp has shit reviews. Reason number ilostrackdammit to cook my own damn meals. Hopefully I can clear kitchen space for it.

  22. Also, left shift key on my trusty G510 keyboard wasn’t working, so I did some keyboard cleaning. Ho. Li. Shit.

    Key works fine now. Gotta clean the keyboard more often.

  23. BroTim, how do you clean your keyboard? Turn over and shake, use an air duster?

  24. Biggest takeaway from that is that Uttar Predesh in India is covid-free despite one of the lowest vaccination rates.

  25. We have a wireless Apple keyboard, sort of a flat design. It’s okay except for the keys will stick if any crumb gets under them. It’s a major PITA to pry the keys off and even after cleaning them they still tend to stick. Right now the space bar requires a full force push or your wordsruntogetherlikethis

  26. I got a single grain of rice stuck under the 7 key on my work keyboard, and I have tried everything to get it out short of prying the key off. I’m afraid I won’t get it back on. Serves me right for eating and working at the same time.

  27. I should get an air blower or vacuum thing, but in this case it was pry off the keys in question and turn and shake. Because I’m cheap and broke and gravity costs nothing.

  28. wakey wakey

  29. And yes, I’m using a ten year old keyboard, because it’s a damn fine keyboard.

  30. Car in needs to stop sleeping so late, just saying is all

  31. I was up late last night because Erin was still sorta waffling about going to chicago this weekend to get to know Mr Erin (in person) better. He and ethan both have day leave Saturday and Sunday. ANyway, she went.

    I had to open the gym up for for “open gym” then there was a ruck that went by my house so I took Moose out there to cheer on the walkers (it was for vet suicide awareness – I walked it last year, but I have that big run next weekend so didn’t want to to it).

    I just got back from running around. I had to take Moose to starbucks because erin isn’t here to do that. He loves starbucks.

    last update from chicago (from Ethan’s girlfriends) was that the Erin is giving the young man a chance. If I could get her to date a nice guy …

  32. I did this deadlift training thing. You put the bar on the rack and then lift it only the last little bit of the entire lift. I did heavy deads this week, so I decided that would be good for today. I was able to do sets at 300 pounds. Niiiice.

    Next up? Deficit deadlifts.

  33. Not enough people falling for that trick twice, I suspect.

  34. Those are usually called rack pulls, Car in. Good for traps and grip training.

  35. Yea didn’t know the name of em. Great for grip strength- which starts becoming a struggle over 250 for me

  36. 275 was the most I could manage without mixed grip.

  37. Whoever showed up is still going to have their cellphones stingray’d and their bank accounts cancelled.

  38. I’m going to throw them in the mix. I liked them . The feel of going heavier without the complete movement.

    The other day I stopped at 245 out of caution for my upcoming race, but that still felt heavy. I’ve neglected the lift and I plan to attack it full force

  39. I wonder what percentage of the people that showed up are FBI agents/informants?

  40. Carin,

    Back when I was power lifting in college, I’d do cheat sets on squats. Not a full range of motion, but just to get use to the weight. Sometime when you are going heavy you just need to get use to the weight not moving initially and how much effort you need to put it. At least it worked for me.

  41. move not put, I can’t read or type.


    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video)

  44. Why does Moose like Starbucks?

  45. Scott, they give out “Pup cups” that have whipped cream in them.

  46. Moose is a huge fan.

  47. Got results from the reading of a CT scan I had Tuesday. Never thought I’d find having a 14mm X 9mm kidney stone in my right kidney good news. Symptoms were similar to those my mother had 30 years ago, turned out she had & died of liver cancer. Now to figure out how to deal with that boulder. I’ve been dealing with it for 3 years, it ain’t gonna pass through my pee hole.
    Ultrasonic pulverizing came up, getting punched in the kidney doesn’t sound like fun, however neither does surgery. Gonna be an interesting week next week.

  48. Dave’s Kidney Stone sorbet

  49. I’m trying to fix my kid’s ceiling fan. I think there’s some friction in the works, because if I remove the fan blades it sounds just fine, but when I put the blades back on they hum and don’t move. It’s a very frustrating process. Also, I’ve lost two screws so far, and his room is so messy that I can’t find them. I asked him to please clean his room while I’m trying to repair the fan, and now he’s sulking.

  50. Judging by the size, Hotspur, if it passed as is, it would be Dave’s kidney stone sore dick. There’s probably a country song yet to be written there.

  51. I saw Ultrasonic Pulverizing open for Outkast a few years back.

  52. You can carry kidney stones for a long time without too much damage. I’ve been carrying on the left for five and a half years since the initial stone passed, as long as I don’t do stupid things there are no problems. (Reminder, I am Ya Boi Estupido regarding UTIs and hydration, so things have happened but I haven’t lost function…yet.)

    If your doc thinks it needs to go, they have ways to break it down. Otherwise they may just leave it be, like with me.

  53. So you buy a $9 cup of coffee and the dog gets a free shot of Reddi-wip.


  54. BT, 3 years ago I opted for surgery to repair a hernia due to exactly the same symptoms, after recovering I got about 3 months relief from the symptoms before they segued back again. From what I’m gathering from the urologists report after reading the CT nothing is leaving the right kidney, utter is blocked. My guess is that’s why stabbing abdominal pain occours in random locations and the feeling like I just got kicked in the balls is a weekly happening, which sux when you’re on someone else’s dime!

  55. LMAO. have I mentioned I despise auto correct?
    Ureter, not FUCKING utter, sugar tits

  56. I gotta 5 year plan now….retire to dairy farming to keep active. Sugar Tits Dairy!
    If it fails, I’ve got an offset barrel smoker, eat the liabilities.

  57. Did anyone link the hilarious picture of all the FBI douches (present company excluded) at the rally/protest posing as “regular” people. They looked like idiots not regular people.

    Set up indeed.

  58. Mare, most regular people are indeed idiots. Exactly why I’ve adopted the hermit lifestyle.

  59. There once was a hermit named Dave

  60. Uh-oh. Alexthechick got suspended from the Twats.

  61. I hugged that lady a couple of times.

  62. Gonna be ugly when the anger wears off and the dopamine withdrawal sets in…

  63. why did she get suspended?

  64. you’re gonna love this.

  65. I never wanted to live in interesting times. Liquidate my accounts to $600 and coffee can America?

  66. Cardinals get the win on a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 8th, and a save from Gallegos.


  67. How come MJ hasn’t been suspended from here? He’s threatened violence against my mom on numerous occasions.

    We really need to raise our standards.

  68. you have to be taken seriously first

  69. kind of like leon or connie reaching the top shelf without help

  70. When your mom is a willing and enthusiastic participant, it seems a smidge disingenuous to call it “violence”.

  71. Top shelf retail is BS.

  72. I lol’d at Abercrombie and Snitch. Thanks, Jay.

  73. I haven’t looked, is there a Sobek poat lined up for tomorrow?

  74. Dave’s not here, I had the lithotripsy for a 9 mm kidneystone. I think TiFW did, too.

  75. Yeah, I wasn’t blocked off, that’s why they left me alone. If your throughput is impaired they will be clearing you out somehow. If you’re lucky they soundwave it to bits and you pass it. If you’re not, well.

  76. When your mom is a willing and enthusiastic participant, it seems a smidge disingenuous to call it “violence”.

    It’s not violence if she’s saying, “choke me harder, papi!”

  77. “Destruction everywhere,” reported Phillip.

  78. oy

  79. It Must Meme Something

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