MMM 461

Week 2 of school and I’m still on my own for getting her to school, so extra brief today.


Whip it.

A little too much saturation, but hey, rope.


She needs a sandwich, or a sausage.

What kind of table is that?

Ginger or strawberry blonde?

Pre-show selfie, if I have to guess.

Right on the edge between personal trainer and dominatrix.

Now go kick Monday’s ass so hard it cries out for mercy knowing it will be denied.


  1. Ginger or strawberry blonde?


    I’d have to taste test to know for sure.

  2. Is that biden pic with the kids for real?

  3. what genetic background would you guess the needs a sausage chick has.

  4. She has an odd phenotype goin’ on.

  5. Years ago Leon was trying to come up with a blog side venture… we’ve got a ton of talent here. I wonder if we could get some kind of new world order / great reset thing going?

  6. Nobody is working. At some point soon this shit has to implode.

  7. I’d guess Vietnamese. You see that long, ectomorph shape in a lot of the younger boat people.

    And I wouldn’t doubt for a second that the Biden pic is real. I’ve already seen leftists insisting that Joe is being gracious, not clueless.

  8. Shelves around here are more and more frequently under stocked or actually empty.
    I’ve noticed that when I search for weird specialty items they invariably are labeled as out of stock / add your name to a status list.

  9. There is no way this doesn’t end poorly.
    I truly don’t see a peaceful exit for us.

  10. Starting the week with God, guns, and gold…. hooboy

  11. Wretched’s lockdowns have hammered our wineries, it would seem. In the Before Times of the Long Long Ago, my northern IN grocer spoiled me for choice on MI wines. Yesterday? All CA, 1 (ONE) Michigan winery represented.

    Because CA wineries were never locked down. Bitch prolly got a kickback from Brylcream.

  12. On a lighter note – Leon who’s the tucker that was leaning against the wall in last weeks post. That dude is cute. With cross dressers like that around I may be convinced to go ghey.

  13. Not as ghey as mj , but maybe a weekend dabbler in the fine arts of gheydom.

  14. I’d have to reverse image search her, Jam. Not sure if she’s still active but she was pretty popular on the fitness chick tumblrs I used to frequent.

  15. There are rumors that the Haqqanis launched a coup and killed the Taliban leader.

  16. Sausage chick is definitely a mutt. Asian in the mix fo’ sho’

  17. Taliban were too inclusive for the Haqqanis taste

  18. Biden photo is real. Wakey wakey

  19. Iowa wineries weren’t closed down, in fact the only thing Iowa closed down was a meat packing plant because China sent over visitors and infected the plant (South Dakota too) when they checked on their investment.

    yet Noem and Abbott get the credit, for the work Reynolds and DeSantis were doing.

  20. Holcombe in IN wasn’t terrible. He mostly let the counties make their own decisions. They made shitty decisions, but that’s at least a local issue.

  21. What is the Biden picture everyone is talking about?

    Is he being friendly with a kid again?

  22. I’ve seen a pic that’s the same as that Biden pic from a different angle. It’s legit.

  23. kind of like when Al Queda killed the Northern Alliance leader right before 9/11? interesting

  24. MJ, there’s a pic of Biden being sniffy and handsy and grinning while surrounded by kids in Trump shirts.

  25. he’s not being nearly as handsy as usual, just a picture with kids in Trump gear.

  26. I dunno . . . All those briefs look fine.

  27. I guess I don’t see the big deal.

    What’s up with the fuck biden thing at football games? That’s funny as hell.

  28. News I might use:

  29. I identify as 55.

  30. Its not a big deal. Its just funny.

  31. The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office said equipment was “replaced” at the polling center and that provisional ballots are a “failsafe option” for these kinds of glitches.”

    Failsafe, like at 2 am and the “pipes burst” or “we’re too busy” or “Newsome doesn’t have enough votes”.

  32. Mine’s still at the shop. Broke sometime during Recovery Summer and hasn’t worked since.

  33. Lost his shit and screamed at a heckler, too. Haven’t seen video of that, though, just a photo.

  34. I read he was yawning. Which means he was shouting at something.

  35. haha, hadn’t seen the yawning excuse. That ain’t gonna fly.

  36. he does lower his mask to cough, like most normal people

  37. No fucking way. The dumbest of dogs would instinctively look where Joe was looking. There was directional intent with that mask down and open mouth, not some fucking yawn.

  38. The Emperor’s New Clothes

  39. Yawngate

  40. i think that foto is phuqing hilarious…
    ‘specially the kid with the “i’ll be back” tee.

  41. i’m surprised that the secret squirrels allowed joey icecream to be surrounded by jan 6 insurrectionists…
    cuz you know how dangerous those sneaky motherfuckers are.
    you know those two girls with the glasses on are stone cold killers.

  42. Grover Trump.

  43. Man, I’m in a graduate class and the entire group is unbelievably credentialed.

    Everyone has like 3 or 4 degrees.

    How do you afford to go to school your whole life? Besides the government people of course – and there are a lot of them btw. About half.

  44. “You can’t possibly defraud a presidential election!!!”

    “Dude, this would be like, the 5th time that we know of.”

  45. If the forced the vaccinations are to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, then what in the ever living fuck is the vaccine doing?

  46. Lots of the big corps comp you on grad coursework. GD paid for my Master’s. If I’d wanted to chase a PhD after that I probably could have.

  47. Killing people or sterilizing them, MJ.

  48. Making the global elite rich.

  49. Florida Tech would require 42 graduate credits for a PhD in applied math for me. Tempting, especially if I’m fired next month.

  50. Everybody’s on about protecting the vaxxed from the unvaxxed, but isn’t the point of America supposed to be also protecting the unvaxxed from the vaxxed?

    Because if we’re doing it this way, talking time’s done.

  51. I want to be protected from the stupid.

  52. I’d fully support taxing graduate degree holders. Got a masters? That’s an extra $5k a year in taxes. Got a Ph.D.? $15K.

  53. The vaccination obsession is to a) transfer billions to corporate donors and b) create a justification for the vast public health bureaucracy which utterly crapped the bed over the past two years.

  54. Is this because of covid? We’re playing that weird association game trying to understand but it seem pretty random to me.

    Sounds to me like God pasding judgment on producing an abomination via an unnatural act.

  55. Speaking of unnatural acts…… is your mom?

  56. Pandemic Of The Uncircumcised

  57. Feels weird telling patients to come back in a year when I don’t know if I’ll be here at the end of October

  58. Carin, what are Ethan’s next steps?

  59. A lot of the student loan crap would take care of itself if the colleges shared con the liability for repayment

  60. Deferring payments on hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in order to get drunk and screw for 4 years is a human right.

  61. Deferring payments on hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in order to get drunk and screw for 4 years is a human right.

    This would be my primary motivation for getting a doctorate.

  62. Here is what your party of science will never do:

    A. Admit that the vaccination kills.
    B. Admit that the vaccination is not 100% effective and quit calling cases amongst the vaxxed “breakthrough” cases. The cases are not breaking through anything. The vaccination didn’t work. Simple as that.

  63. I can find ZERO information on the rate of infection among vaccinated people. None.

    There’s a lot of info but precisely zero numbers out there.

  64. yeah, it’s not a vaccination, it’s a treatment.

  65. The only things I found are a few studies. One from MA, with a 75% infection rate among the vaccinated.

    An Israeli hospital study showed 2.5% and another hospital study in the US showed 2.6%.

  66. Ethan ships to California – but they way they fill their classes is a bit of a mystery. He is either leaving this friday or sometime next month.

  67. I guess in a few months, the number of vaccinated vs non vaccinated people seeking treatment will be about the same. Assuming the vax loses 3% staying power every month.

    At that point you’re at a coin flip, or the same as random chance.

  68. Is that re-infection rate – OR 2.6% of those getting infected previously had Covid. They like to play games with what they are talking about.

  69. Reinfection.

    And yes, the language is damn near incomprehensible. You have to really pay attention.

  70. Sorry, that’s still unclear. That is 2.6% of people who have been vaccinated tested positive for covid.

  71. I’ve seen much lower rates than that, which is why I asked. below 1%

  72. I think it’s a bit of a moving target.

    Once the vaccines start providing less immunity, you’ll obviously get more infections of vaccinated people.

    At some point, it won’t really matter. In just a few months it’ll be like everyone is unvaccinated unless you get another booster.

  73. What is weird is that the democrats hate us and want us dead, so why do they insist that we get vaccinated?

  74. 1) “sales” for phizer and moderna
    2) No control group

  75. One of our friends, probably the most paranoid of them all, the one who brought her own silverware, dish, and glass in a ziplock bag to our first post covid cookout this summer, the one who wiped down every doorknob and chair arm with Chlorox wipes, the one who wouldn’t go anywhere without a mask until she was vaccinated, got covid two weeks ago.

    I actually LOLed – because I’m a dick. She doesn’t know I LOLed, but I did.

  76. She’s 78 and was totally freaked the fuck out. Turned out, according to her own description to be no worse than a mild cold.

    Everybody was saying she had a breakthrough case.

    Ummm…nope, she’s one of the people for whom the vaccination doesn’t work. Luckily she’s not one of the ones it killed.

  77. Man, that’s hilarious.

    Wanna hear something else funny?

    This is for those our lurkers and recent graduates of Paste U…

    I once ordered the fish sticks at the ghetto bar and it took a few mins for Hotspur to realize it. When it dawned on him, he smiled the biggest fuck you grin I’ve ever seen.

    I really liked hanging out a few times in the old ghetto bar.

  78. I saw it. Went down just like that.

  79. This is dense, but a good read. Publius was quoting this guy a lot in HQ comments before CBD threatened to ban him for threadjacking:

    Publius, don’t know if you lurk here, but we’d welcome the comments, maybe even a post if you’re interested.

  80. Back in Victorian England, when Miasma Theory was still the “how people get sick” settled science they kept having cholera outbreaks. They were drinking shit-laced water from the Thames, so no surprise to us, but this guy named John Snow (not Jon Snow, a real guy) kept saying the pattern followed out from cesspools near water hydrants, and he was roundly ignored.

    Science hasn’t really improved since then, or rather, man hasn’t.

  81. wait, there’s threadjacking at AOS? How can you tell?

  82. wait, there’s graduates of Paste U?

  83. Yeah, I was boggled by that charge as well.

    I’m not much of a CBD fan, he and I argued over one of the times that he implied that German heritage = Nazi (Sefton has done the same and I got into it with him too). Publius and his wife Miley are good folks, they actually met in the comments. I don’t know all of what went down, but CBD basically threatened banning for Pub linking Geert and giving synopses in the ONTs when he (Geert) had new posts. I don’t know what, if anything, happened off camera, but CBD hinted that he was getting emailed complaints.

  84. I just know CBD from cooking posts. He seemed pretty calm. I don’t wade into comments. Been slapped down as a newbie a couple times from some that don’t recognize me. understandable, since I’m pretty snarky in there.

  85. Also, I don’t give one microshit about Matrix 4. Story’s over, and Altered Carbon is a better take on gnosticism-as-scifi than the mutilated Wachowski dude-who-thinks-he’s-a-goth-chick ever dreamed of. Even the TV version.

  86. Rose McGowan talking about smoking pot and podcasting.

    Color me surprised. I should just leave my shocked face out, I’m using it often.

  87. yeah, the effects will probably be cool, and Trinity is still lovely, but come on.

  88. I miss the old ghetto bar. I quit going there when I quit drinking, and I have heard that they did not survive covid, so the ghetto bar is no more, but I had loads of fun in that fucking place back in the day.

  89. Carrie-Anne is, indeed, quite fetching, even at 53. But I don’t trust “Lana” to tell any story that isn’t utter shit at this point. It’s like reading Stephen King after he got so big no one was able to edit his shit down anymore.

  90. I can’t begin to guess how bad Fauci Flu has been for AA. I bet half the places I ate in undergrad are gone, and most of them had been around for decades when I was there 25 years ago.

  91. Sobek, his name is Ralph. Last name Porter. His first partner was Mormon and the firm was considered a Mormon Firm.

  92. Ran into a friend that had COVID back in June. She’s relying on her immune system. Refusing the jab. She’s an insurance agent. Losing customers. She realizes that she should just mask up and lie, but when her clients ask, she tells. She’s angry that her kids are taking the jab for university. 24 year old daughter took it for the Masters program at UNM. 19 year old daughter took it to keep her scholarship in CO. Son hasn’t been jabbed, yet. Mrs Peel in the comments at the HQ. Quid Pro Joe thread before Tater

  93. My Padrinos were in the Club today. They went to CO to get their booster. I made a joke about my cousin, David, turning 60 and the rest of us falling like dominos, meaning turning 60. My Tio took it as “Dying”. He lost his 90 year old brother last week. Out of the blue.

  94. Si, se Pepe. I’m glad the 4H Clubs are suing Gov Wuhan.

  95. Been catching bits & pieces of the A. Blinken congressional testimony. My biggest question has yet to be asked, “does master foreign policy expert POTUS Biden think it’s prudent policy to negotiate while kneeling before those he’s negotiating with? If not, who’s brilliant idea is it to do so?”

  96. Kamala is the kneeling expert IYKWIMAITTYD. My fav HQ last week was Pee Pad and Knee Pad

  97. Kneeling can be a very effective negotiating posture, just ask veep throat.

  98. runny spaghetti sauce? little cornstarch and water mix, tighten it right up

  99. A little South park trivia. “Ms Choxondiks” was based on Kamala. True until proven otherwise.

  100. Oso, I don’t recognize that name. Maybe he didn’t practice the same kind of stuff I used to.

  101. I’m officially moving to Virginia for work for a year and a half. Not looking forward to all the commies and people who support a governor who wore blackface.

  102. Sobek, he represented ambulance chasers AND insurance companies. He represented my mom and took his 33%. Letterhead law.

  103. My oldest nephew graduated from Georgetown Law. Decided to pursue art. Niece graduated from Loyola Marymount. Decided to do facials and cosmetics. Owns a spa business in Vegas. Youngest is still pursuing a MLB career.

  104. Sobek, where in VA? We have a very large Moron presence in VA. Not just CoAl.

  105. I used to visit Virginia regularly. I’d say there’s a better-than-average chance I never set foot there again, especially since my new ID was acquired in Grand Rapids and is good through 2027.

  106. Sobek, don’t talk to robots about anything important to us humans. They cannot process it.

  107. TMI. Dan is steaming something. He usually uses the double boiler. Smells like tamales getting steamed. Mmm…tamales.

  108. My mom is slated to be released today or tomorrow. Energizer Bunny.

  109. I had almost 400 price increases today. 33 in dairy. It is crazy. Frozen seafood. Oatmeal? I had so many signs, I left over 100 price changes unchanged.

  110. I’m torn. I have friends that gave up. They are dead. They left children. Dan and I don’t have kids. I’m thinking a monetary gift. Anonymous.

  111. 1.5 years seems like a very specific transfer. Not to be all up in your business but will you be back in Big Sky Country after?

  112. I’m sorry about your friends Oso, I saw a screaming Yahoo! headline about a couple who BOTH DIED WI

  113. TH COVID!!11!1! and left 5 kids behind.

    (Sorry for the premature comment post, that never happens to me.)

  114. That’s what the Redskins should adopt as their new name.

    The Washington FJB’s.

  115. Pupster, They died early on. She was a nurse. OD. He was my friend from Middle School. I friended his daughter when she was 12. Long story short, I still stalk her. I wish I could do more for Beth’s daughter. On going.

  116. I finally packed up most of my personal items in my office and brought them home. A few things still left to take care of, but 90, 95% done. My tech was unhappy.
    “You mean you’re going to throw away 30…”
    “36 years here because of one shot?”
    “Yep. They will have to hold a gun to my head, they’re not going to hold my job over me.”
    (thoughtful pause)
    “Y’know, my wife was saying over the weekend that it was her choice, and if she hadn’t already made that choice, she’d be saying ‘Fuuu-uh-uck yew!’ to ’em.” (Love that Southern three-syllable “Fuck”)

  117. Scott the WFT needs a sewage post. Everything woke turns to shit.

  118. I’ll be in NoVa, really close to DC. I look forward to moron meetups. Last time I was there I missed one by a couple weeks.

    Pups, yes, that’s a specific time frame. I chose that so I could come back home to MT afterwards. It’s a promotion and a big career step, but definitely comes with it’s drawbacks.

  119. Do you guys get annoying insets that detract from the video when you watch this? Is there a way to eliminate that shit?

  120. Sobek, lurk the FB NoVas. On FB. Find me. I’m friends with all of the MoMes. Connie Gorton. My RL fishstick name.

  121. You have to subscribe to utoob premium to kill the ads.

  122. Congratulations on the promotion, Sobek. I know you will do your best to make a difference.

  123. …but do not identify yourself as a non-Pod-Person.

  124. congrats sobek

  125. don’t fall for the chinese tranny initiation ritual that is so popular in the region….

  126. if you get bored over the course of the 18 months and want to spend a weekend in nys let me know.
    plenty of room at casa de monkey

  127. You just need some browser plugins to never see yooboob ads.

  128. I never see adds on desktop. Mobile is another story. So bad they’ve ruined their own platform. It’s disgusting and stupid. But then, what isn’t these days.

  129. Roamie, if I missed it I apologize, but did you quit?

  130. Thanks for the invite, Jam. I am planning on exploring the east coast as much as I can while I’m out there, including at least one trip to new England.

  131. Hotspur, no, I’m going to make them fire me, but I cleaned out my office of nearly all the personal items. I had intended to do that after my co-worker was forced to retire (dumb shenanigans) and I packed up her stuff, but the mandate was the big push. So if I get frog-marched out the door, there’s nothing left behind I would miss.

  132. I hadn’t realized how many pre-school drawings I had and how much pink construction paper fades.

  133. Watching Zekester closely all weekend the PB did not change any outward appearance at all. He was awake, alert, and playful. I am happy with it.

    Congrats Sobek. Va is a wonderful state, 2 of my ex’s live there so I don’t stop when passing through. Heh only one of my Ex’s live in Texas.

    My employer has not mentioned anything about the jab, I think we fall under the 100 requirement, but Florida is a free state so I will see.

    I hope everything goes well Roamy, I am sure you will not need it but I have contacts in the engineering community that would hire you in a heartbeat, PM me if you want to move to Houston Tampa or Denver.

  134. are you the only one packing up, roamy?

  135. Thank you, Vmax.

  136. Jay, I didn’t see anyone else packing, but I did see fewer people wearing masks.

  137. Oh, and the internal website with retirements and separations is still offline.

  138. if you like, you could send me a resume, RFH. We’re not hiring at the moment, but it could turn around quickly. Currently working on NASA and Navy R&D contracts.

  139. …and we all work remotely.

  140. Thanks, Geoff, we’ll see how this plays out. The remote part wouldn’t be good for me, I’m a lab rat.

  141. Dexter’s elbow rubbed Patricia.

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