Ballistics and Other Boring Stuff

I’ve been trying to think of an entertaining way to organize thoughts on our cursory talks about firesticks and their associated consumables.

This is stolen directly from Merriam-Webster:

bal·​lis·​tics | \ bə-ˈli-stiks \

Definition of ballistics

1a : the science of the motion of projectiles in flight b : the flight characteristics of a projectile

2a : the study of the processes within a firearm as it is fired b : the firing characteristics of a firearm or cartridge

Not sure I’ll pass the test.

Nomenclature – a partial list:

  • Ballistic coefficient
  • twist rate
  • Barrel length vs muzzle velocity and energy – KE = 1/2mv^2
  • powder types – ball versus extruded
  • accuracy – MOA
  • AR 10 – AR 15 – Eugene Stoner — Colt
gun nerd humor
  • 5.56 vs .224 vs .223
  • AR basic components – Upper, Lower, BCG, Charging handle, Barrel, Butt Stock, Pistol Grip, Trigger Assembly, Accessories, Sights, Optics, Picatinny rail
  • Obturation – your mom joke is not so subltly hidden in this one
  • Sporting versus Non-sporting uses of light caliber AR platforms
  • 5.56/.223 vs .300BLK (what the hell does AAC stand for)
  • Terminal Ballistics –
  • Hydraulic shock
  • Hydrostatic shock

It’s gonna be a challenge to make this entertaining I think.


  1. Your mom is quite familiar with both spherical ball and extruded stick IYKWIM

  2. The lack of any cavity with the 12 gauge buckshot is surprising. I have no reason to doubt it based on any prior knowledge but if I had to draw up a similar chart without looking I would have drawn something different

  3. Wakey wakey

    Look, he got 20+ minutes. He could have called me, said “Mom, I love you, I’m a sailor, now I’m calling my girlfriend.”

    That’s it.

  4. How many calls did Erin get?

  5. A lot to unpack in this poat Jam2, thanks for putting it together.

  6. Comment by Pupster on September 9, 2021 6:48 am
    How many calls did Erin get?

    There are sailors waiting in line to stand outside her window with a boombox and a Peter Gabriel CD.

  7. Think one photo is of Mikhail Kalashnikov and Eugene Stoner, each holding the other’s design (AR-15 and AK-47).

  8. RC wins the daily surprise prize!!!!

  9. Vortex optics has a podcast series (I watch them on youtube) that covers a huge range of topics related to all things outdoors. I’ve learned a ton from them. Everything in this post has been covered and then some. The caliber-specific short podcasts are particularly interesting.

  10. The kalashnikov/stoner pic is humorous.
    The body count from their designs is a bit dark.
    But we probably would have killed each other with some other tool if the AR and AK wasn’t made.

  11. Carin, you’re right of course… but speaking from experience, young guys kinda know mom will be there. That doesn’t mean we don’t love ya and appreciate everything you’ve done for us…
    It’s just ya know – baser priorities.

  12. Pup – this is just an outline
    Unless told to cease and desist I will address each item at some point.
    I couldn’t put a coherent thought together last night.
    Little jamette was out and about with her little school pals doing some senior traditional school spirit thing
    Mrs jam and I paced the floor a bit till our little ape returned home.

  13. All’s well and they didn’t do anything terminally stupid.
    I did tell her that if police got involved to not say anything and contact us immediately and we d get the attorney rolling.

  14. *wins parent of the month award*

  15. So, they say I can’t put a picture up of Ethan on my facebook page anymore. Not his Boot camp pictures or anything.

    I guess when his pictures appear again, you know he’s a cook or something.

  16. wow, OPSEC got serious. do you have to clean him off, for old pics?

  17. I guess when his pictures appear again, you know he’s a cook or something.

    At least then he’ll get to ban Erika Eleniak.

  18. bang Erika Eleniak, even.

  19. Damn. Used up his 20 on the GF.

  20. Fun fact: ballistics, ballot, bolo, bullet, and ball all share a common linguistic root. “To throw, in the sense of casting away” in old Latin.

  21. Possum was very reluctant to go to school for day 3. 6yo is too young to already be anxious for the weekend.

  22. Biden is pulling David Chipman’s nomination.

  23. Loyalty test. Take the Mark, peasant.

  24. What will they say when this makes no difference either?

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to force school districts to make vaccinations mandatory or else you lose federal education funding. I think that they’ve danced around the issue already, but if this doesn’t work that will be the next step.

    And I should probably start figuring out my next job, because I have no doubt that this will apply to contractors as well.

  26. Will most likely apply to me too. I’m not sure what I’ll do. Too young to retire and will be hard to find another job since I’m pretty specialized at this point.

  27. I saw a blue checkmark on Twitter saying something like “I still don’t understand why there are two Dakota’s and only one California.”. And I thought, you know, you could read a book on the subject, if you’re actually curious. The answer is pretty interesting.

    But I don’t think she was curious. I think she actually just wanted Democrats to have more senators, and that was her snarky way of saying that. So much so that she was willing to broadcast her ignorance to the world on Twitter, rather than open a freaking book.

  28. maybe the upcoming health care crisis will wake them up short of implementing full enforcement. Lots of NY health care workers are about to get cut loose, and that’s gonna sting.

  29. same person advocates for getting rid of the electoral college, in favor of mob rule, too.

  30. Wife is on-board with me starting a mobile butcher bidness. Waiting for a table-flipping moment at work and then I’ll go apprentice somewhere local.

  31. He’s not tagged in anything and I set everything to private so it should be ok – old stuff

  32. The “two Dakotas, one California” folks always assume that this is somehow such a horrible injustice, and that the only possibly solution is to merge all those red states. In fact, the real injustice is why California continues to exist and isn’t broken up into five or six different states. Each would have a population that puts it in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the nation, and each smaller state would be better positioned to actually serve its citizens, rather than the political basket case that California is now.

    But that will never happen, because breaking up California would kill the Dem chances at winning the Presidency for a generation.

  33. I’m glad everything turned out OK. I look forward to more battle monkey posts.

  34. Wife is on-board with me starting a mobile butcher bidness. Waiting for a table-flipping moment at work and then I’ll go apprentice somewhere local.

    Buy a bunch of wool sheep and get your wife one of those pedal-powered looms like they have on that Island in Scotland.

  35. If mom doesn’t contest Grandpa’s will and I get the money fairly soon, I might have enough to buy a transit van and I’ll go into the lumper business.

  36. I’ve considered raising wool sheep, but I’m not sure that’s work I want. I don’t care for the smell, and maintaining a wool herd is much more complex than a meat herd.

  37. I was thinking I’ll either want a Transit or an Airstream camper with the innards gutted and replaced with stainless steel.

  38. Caruthers Carcas Carving

  39. I assume she’d be fine with splitting California, so long as it produced four new blue states instead of two red and two blue. Having a big red state totally dominated by a blue city doesn’t bother liberals in the least.

  40. ALERT: Biden will announce all federal workers must be vaccinated with no option for testing. – CNN
    I’m curious how that will shake out. What percentage of fed workers are in unions? What ethnicity is disproportionately represented in the federal workforce and coincidentally has the highest level of vaccine hesitancy? My perception, right or wrong, is that these fed jobs are sort of a golden ticket to cruise along in until retirement with guaranteed benefits.

    Who will bend first?

    Joe Biden is draining the swamp!

  41. Every security guard at every federal building I’ve had cause to visit in the the DC/Fairfax area has been black. I remember no exceptions. It always struck me as obviously and horribly racist.

  42. I made an early run to the grocery store this morning.

    MJ, I thought of you as I wandered down the bread aisle to get bagels and saw the ding dongs and ho ho’s.

  43. Joe Biden is draining the swamp!

    It’s going to be hilarious if Biden ends up doing what the GOP has long promised to do, by reducing the size of the bureaucracy.

  44. I know that blacks are generally 30-50% holdouts, but there might not be much overlap with the demographic that works for FedGov. Plus the propaganda to anyone with a .gov email has been relentless.

    Hell, Raytheon (under investigation for bribing DoD officials) hits me with their bullshit at least once a week, and I don’t even work for them.

  45. Would also be hilarious if BLM took up the cause of federal workers forced to be vaccinated or lose their jobs.

    If that happens, which I admit is a longshot, I wonder how many federal courthouses will be burned with impunity this time around?

  46. I don’t know how strict the enforcement will be but I’m guessing there will be exemptions by race.

    I really can’t imagine that sort of world but I can see the people in charge convincing themselves its ok and going ahead with it.

  47. Five gets you ten there will ultimately be “exceptions” made for “under-represented groups” (belly laugh!) to demonstrate “alternative measures” (wearing mask on chin) instead.

  48. After all, can’t be shoving your bought-and-paid-for ethnic groups into the arms of the deplorable MAGA crowd. Not if you want to keep your foot soldiers on board for when the last big push comes.

  49. Six prongs = pitchfork.

    Look, I’m not saying it’s Satan, but it might be.

  50. I was supposed to be running errands and then on the road by noon, but now I’m not sure if I want to spend at least $600-$700 on gas, hotels, and the like if I’m going to be unemployed soon.

  51. “Joe Biden is draining the swamp!”

    Joe Biden is starting a purge.

  52. I will make them fire me.

  53. The HQ comments point out that there’re something like a couple hundred million unused doses sitting around for a virus that’s now extinct in the wild. These ‘prongs’ are just creating a market for our real rulers: the board at Pfizer.

  54. Testing every schoolkid constantly will be a disaster. There’s no way it will happen.

  55. Maybe they’ll finally revolt now:

    “Residents in apartment blocks locked-down by NSW Health are having their alcohol deliveries policed… Residents are allowed to receive one of the following: six beers, one bottle of wine, or one 375ml bottle of spirits. Excess alcohol is confiscated.”

  56. The lack of any cavity with the 12 gauge buckshot is surprising. I have no reason to doubt it based on any prior knowledge but if I had to draw up a similar chart without looking I would have drawn something different


    It is because each individual pellet doesn’t have that much mass. Wound channels are largely due to kinetic energy transferred through the impact and penetration of the round. Since most bodies penetrated (iykwim) are majority water, the hydrostatic principle of energy transfer comes into play. That is what causes wound channels. And one of the reasons that heavier rounds (like, say .45) cause such damage when they hit, even if they travel at slower speeds than lighter counterparts. A 12 ga. Slugger would have a much, much different wound channel. 12 ga bird shot would have smaller channels, even if there are more of them.

  57. why is Covid extinct in the wild? I don’t get that comment. It’s going to be with us from here on out, and we just have to deal with it.

  58. The vaccine was for a strain that no longer exists in the wild.

  59. ah yes, that makes sense

  60. so, just like the flu shot every year

  61. Basically.

  62. Yeah, the alpha, beta, and likely gamma variants are all dead already, either for lack of transmission or lack of hosts. Delta and its successors have been especially-selected by leaky so-called vaccines to pretty much ignore that shit. The leaky so-called vaccines are now worthless. So get your boosters!

    I’ve actually read that the MMR vaccine is 87% effective against WuFlu, which would be hilarious if proven true, and would explain – at least in part – why schoolkid transmission is basically nonexistant.

  63. haha, steve deace show live. He has wasps in studio, and he’s deathly allergic. wasps keep showing up, even though the landlord says they keep spraying and dusting for them. One jsut showed up, and they stopped the show in the middle to kill it, now they are calling the landlord about it.

    So cringy.

  64. Serious question here. Can anyone think of anything that Donald Trump did that was authoritarian? The question came up yesterday, and the only response I got was “I’m not going to answer that question.” It’s got me wondering.

  65. locking down the entire country was quite authoritarian

  66. Did Trump do that, or did fifty governor’s do that? Again, I’m being serious with my question. I’m not aware of Trump doing anything on a federal level about lockdowns

  67. Governors were the jailers. Trump’s health folks recommended — and only recommended — that people of their own volition refrain from unnecessary social contact if possible, for a couple of weeks.

  68. Trump was the opposite of authoritarian; he constantly tried to get Congress, the bureaucracy, and state/local governments to do their jobs.

  69. Okay, if you were a hypothetical liberal, someone who wanted to show he was authoritarian, what would you say?

  70. Thanks Will.
    Just looked vortex up. I’ll Li stt try on the snow goose popper one.

  71. Ha!!
    Phone had a stroke

  72. ALERT: Biden will announce all federal workers must be vaccinated with no option for testing. – CNN

    I’m going to make them fire me. And finish removing personal items from my office.

  73. Was Trump an authoritarian? OF COURSE HE WAS. He was worse than Hitler. You want proof? WHERE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION?

    /that’s pretty much the depth of the conversation.

  74. Are they going to make postal workers get it?

    Or are they going to explain to me how they don’t really work for the government?

  75. Trump was the opposite of what everyone said.

    I guarantee you he was the only white politician in DC that’s gotten some black strange.

    He answered questions constantly and honestly (to him).

    He spoke plainly.

    He wasn’t corrupt.

    The list goes on and on.

  76. I’m going to make them fire me. And finish removing personal items from my office.

    You’re an engineer, figure out ways to fuck with them even after you’re gone.

  77. Donald Trump was arguably the cleanest man in politics.

    Donald. Trump.

  78. I have seven filing cabinets of data in my office. Gonna tell them if they need info to look it up themselves. There’s at least three instruments where I’m the only one who knows how to operate them. (Everyone else has retired or transferred.) Read the fucking manual, if you can find it.

  79. Had his own money, audited multiple times, harassed for decades by petty tyrants in local government working unofficially for his enemies. If he had any skeletons we didn’t know about before he ran, I’d have been shocked.

  80. I’ve got 90% of my stuff out of the office now. There’s a few textbooks I’ve had since med school that are classics that I’d like to hold onto and that’s about it. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  81. In two years, all medical personnel will either have taken the clot shot or will be the sorts that were willing to lie about it and falsify documents.

  82. Some find “I told you so”s juvenile and non-productive.

    I don’t give a fuck. Some day in the future, I’m going to get it printed on a shirt.

  83. Clothes are ready to go. I think I’ve got everything. Pat’s working part of a day, and then we’re driving to chicago. I just need to go for a run, and then wait for him.

  84. Is Pay going to mind the shop while you’re away?

  85. No, we’re both going. Erin too. One of the boys is coming up to watch the dogs.

  86. My high school principal passed away today. I was one year old when he took the position and left a year later, to become the school’s President for another dozen years. A good and wise man. It’s hitting me hard, considering I’d thought for sure he’d passed at some point previously. (Had a fall, broke his neck, refused extraordinary measures and went to God in dignity. A principled man, to the last.)

  87. So you and Pay are going and Pat is minding the shop? Why is he working a partial day then?

    I’m so confused.

  88. Jay, most people didn’t get the flu shot every year. I have never (to my knowledge) gotten a flu shot.

    I have never had the flu.

  89. How many proposals of marriage will Erin receive this weekend?

    Taking bets now.

  90. That’s a year after I graduated he took the new position. Stoopid brain.

  91. Carin, I want one of those t-shirts. Women’s neckline, size medium.

  92. Also, still no allowance if you’ve already had covid. Antibodies, schmantibodies.

  93. Your school had a principal and a president, Tim? Must have been huge. We only had a principal and and a superintendent, but the SI was for the whole district.

    Our principal was “doctor”, too, just like Dr Jill. He was generally a good guy, but we mocked that shit even then.

  94. Sorry to hear that, BroTim. What’s the difference between a school principal and a school president?

  95. Also, still no allowance if you’ve already had covid. Antibodies, schmantibodies.

    Consistent with the CDC’s new definition of herd immunity. That’s why we’re all so worried about outbreaks of Chicken Pox among Gen Xers who were born before there was a vaccine for it. No ‘munities.

  96. I should take the afternoon off and go grocery shopping, hoard up some more food before I won’t be allowed in the store.

  97. I remember when my grade school janitor (they weren’t custodians back then) fell off a ladder when he was cleaning his gutters at home. We all prayed for Mr. Bettle (no idea how it’s spelled, that’s what it sounded like to a 7 year old kid). He died about a week later and the school attended the funeral at the church 100 feet from the school. At that young age I knew I would not make my living on a ladder.

  98. I’m sorry for all of you being forced to make these choices.

    Stolen elections have consequences.

  99. The Mu variant is here. The next one will be Epsilon, then, because alphabetical order (like FORREALZ alpha beta) is for losers.

  100. Yeah, I think there were only a few of us not wearing masks at the grocery store this morning. A few weeks ago when I saw the entire center lane of parking now reserved for their grocery takeout service I knew the fix was in.

  101. Feel no pity for me, at least for the job. I’ve been trying to bail out for ages. Giving me a chance to do it while also standing up to a bully is one of those rare gifts of providence that I welcome.

    I’m mad about the DoD pushing it because that’s going to kill our access to TriCare, and we only had to make it to ’24 to keep that forevs.

  102. I’m on a discussion group on Telegram focused on our hospital system and its members are people who are fighting the vax requirement. One of the x-ray techs mentioned she was talking with a friend of her’s who works at Togus, the VA hospital. Togus is following the federal guidelines and allows religious and philosophical exemptions. I’m not sure how Grampy Badfinger’s new diktat will affect that.

  103. How hard is it to fake an HIV+ status? Aren’t the immuno- compromised medically exempt from this stuff? And how dare you fire people for having AIDS!

  104. The President position was pretty much created for him. He oversaw the school’s growth (200 total in the H.S. when I graduated–MUCH larger now!) and eventually its expansion to a full K-12 model, the Catholic middle school is named in his honor. It was damn near impossible to go through the Catholic school ecosystem in this area for the last quarter of the 20th century and not know him, and I can’t imagine many who wouldn’t have then respected him.

    Rest in peace, Doc.

  105. All but 2 years of my undergraduate education were in Catholic institutions. 7th and 8th grade were in the public junior high school. It was a valuable learning environment outside the classroom.

  106. is the midterm variant still on schedule?


    Low grade copies go for 15-20k on eBay but they all have defects or are restored. 80k will get you a 3 to 4 CGC grade.

  108. my HS principal/baseball coach is still around, comments on my FB posts.

  109. his wife was partners with my mom in their Diet Center enterprise back in HS

  110. Midterms will be cancelled as we are going to be under martial law after the tragic and heinous attack on something or someone.

  111. I’m sure it will be Jay. I know MJ always says people will roll over and ask for more but I have a feeling we’re reaching some people’s limits and they’re being pushed that little extra bit that will make them snap.

  112. ^^^ For example

  113. Someone at the HQ mentioned so I used it to look myself up. What I found ranged from “incomplete” to “hilariously wrong”. I’m not terribly worried.

  114. “is the midterm variant still on schedule?”

    CCP: “You better berieve it Round Eye!”

  115. I’m mad about the DoD pushing it because that’s going to kill our access to TriCare, and we only had to make it to ’24 to keep that forevs.

    May need a little more info, but if I’m tracking, someone has 17+ years in military. At 18 years, you hit sanctuary. They can’t get rid of you for things like failing height/weight, or rifle qual, or, I don’t know… going red in MEDPROS. So… if something can be fought for the requisite number of months to get to sanctuary, AND the contract is good thru 20, theoretically a Soldier could just… stay. And I promise the outprocessing paper work will take at least 9 months. Especially if there are waivers sought. For… I dont know, religious exemptions or allergy to anything at all. Once those are up, schedule the appointment. If you were sick or had a fever in the last 2 weeks, you can’t get the shot. Lots of ways to play until 18 years time in service, if someone was so inclined.

    Of course, I may ne reading too much into this…

  116. You know, it’s the rule that it does’t matter if you have natural immunity that really gets me.

    It sets off alarm bells because it’s so illogical.

    Has there been a rationale offered for why you should get the shot even though you’ve had covid?

  117. I’m sure it will be Jay. I know MJ always says people will roll over and ask for more but I have a feeling we’re reaching some people’s limits and they’re being pushed that little extra bit that will make them snap.
    I’ll bet you a ding dong.

  118. is basically a scam

    Once you do anything on the site, you’ll get spam and your info will be sold.

    We have a product that is a compiled from billions of records to create a data cluster around a person. It’s shockingly accurate. They did not know of the H2, which is really good. But there’s a section for blogging.

    Scary shit. The government buys it from us.

  119. I know a guy who, well, let’s just say I know what he does and leave it there.

    I know what’s out there and who has it. I also know that the lazy and stupid don’t have access.

    But I know the people who do.

    I’m protecting myself against the lazy and stupid because the rest are a lost cause.

  120. Pretty sure joebama mandates will not go over well in the courts. Religious and medical exemptions are still a thing as well as those who’ve got natural immunity.

  121. Justice Thomas: “This mandate attacks our fundamental civil liberties! It’s unconstitutional!”
    Supreme Clown Roberts: “Did you say ‘a tax’?? Say, you’re right! It is a tax! Totally legal!”
    Sotomayer, Kagan, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett: “YUP!!”

  122. In DC tonight. Say what you will about the ‘swamp’, but there are some seriously hot ‘female crocodiles’ here.

    May try to find a sports bar to watch Cowboys-Bucs tonight.

  123. Phat!!!! We’re rooting for the Bucs.

  124. My mom is still in hospital. Docs are talking dialysis. Dan is recovering from his vein surgery. I’m old. We

  125. I’m in Georgetown, not really many bars around. Lots of upscale ‘Grilles’, however.

    Probably a serious point to be made that our nation’s capital has no good ‘dive bars’, because the government employees are too well off.

  126. Oops, we were seated by an old lady that sounded like Mr Herbert in Family Guy. Birthmonth day 9 was my favorite Taiwanese restaurant.

  127. Trump hotel?

  128. They told me if I voted for Trump I’d get fascism. Here we are.

  129. Oso, oso, oso..

    I was born in Irving, Tx. In the shadow of the old stadium. I even played a couple of HS playoff games there. As much as I despise all things Jerry Jones, I still must root for the ‘boys.

    Praying for your Mom and hope Dan starts feeling better soon.

  130. Has there been a rationale offered for why you should get the shot even though you’ve had covid?

    Scott says that is proof they know the covid testing itself is wildly inaccurate with false positives.

    And, antibody titers aren’t really so easily indicative for prior infection with this one. The memory of how to produce the appropriate antibodies is in other white cells…T cells, I think? Not sure if that can be tested for. Anybody who knows this subject better, please chime in.

  131. Flying to London tomorrow night. Curious to see what the latest normal is there. Last month things were very open, more so than DC, anyway.

    Our FA’s are London-based, so they’ll have the latest news and pub rec’s.

  132. I wonder how Biden’s ultimatum will work out for him, considering the private sector can’t persuade warm bodies to apply for open jobs? This will be interesting.

  133. I remember your HS football pics. We were supposed to go to AT&T last year. Cowboy homegame. Our last Irving stadium visit was Steelers/Cowboys. Steelers were 60% of the fans. They won.

  134. We have tickets for PGA in Tulsa. Next May. We’ll be watching the Rangers in their 3rd stadium since Dan asked me to marry him in an Arlington Bennigans before a Yankees game.

  135. Has anyone checked on whether Mare has calmed down yet or not? I feel like it’s been a while.

  136. I think she is still on Maui. As long as she’s avoiding TV and chillaxing on the beach she’s calm. Watching Fake News out of Honolulu is pissing her off. (Seeing waders and swimmers and cyclists wearing masks will also torch her)

  137. Just so long as she’s calm, that’s the important thing. I will now resume praying for Oso.

  138. Phat, a friend from TAS was an AF ATC for 20 years. Retired and became a private contractor Air Traffic Controller in Kabul. Was making bank. Went home to San Antonio in June. He has stories.

  139. I’m trying to avoid the 9/11 BS this weekend. Women of 9/11? Really? You cunts left hundreds of Afghani women to death. 4 pilots? 2 have been stoned. National soccer team? Hunted. National Cricket team? Hunted. Female members of legislature? Hunted. Blinken should be hunted. Austin and Milley? Hunted.

  140. Had a nice talk with one of my managers. She thought there was still going to be testing as an alternative to vax. She is furious, said that she didn’t sign up for this Gestapo shit.

    Osita, I’m with you on 9/11. I thought about it for Saturday’s poat and decided not to mention it. We know, we remember. Just too painful right now to be reminded. I stuck with the funneh. There’s some political ones but only the ones that made me Muttley laugh or snort.

  141. Thank you, Roamy. Muttley laugh United.

  142. Jude, yes. Wife hits 20 in 3 years. She says 200+ regulars at Grissom will just walk if they force the issue. I’ve told her to delay by any means necessary or flip over a table if she has to. Health care isn’t much good to me anyhow if it will just prolong life on this miserable earth.

  143. Speaking of Muttley laugh, I am currently reading “Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer”, an account of a journalist following the RV caravan to Alabama games. Every team has its fans, but there’s a group of hundreds of RV owners who take off every weekend during football season to travel to all the games, tailgate party, and cheer on the Tide. These people are the reason why “fan” is derived from “fanatic”. One couple missed their daughter’s wedding because she scheduled it during the game against Tennessee. “We made it to the reception.” The reaction to this was mostly sympathy for the daughter and shaking heads but also a significant number of people who said, well, she should have known better than to pick the third Saturday in October.

    Smartest guy so far is the RV salesman who sets up his model display in the parking lot at Legion Field in Birmingham with coolers of beer. He sold six RVs in one day, some of them bumping $200K (and this was in 1999).

  144. Leon, I was talking to Dan today about how Target fucked me out of my life long 10% discount. Dan doesn’t care. Has no interest in shopping at Target. I started with Target when Target still had a pension. My pension is $1.49 a week. They want to buy me out. If I buy out now, 6 figures. I’m kind of worried about Quid Pro Joe going after 401ks and ERAs.

  145. Roamy, Texas Tech. Reading a story on Twitter. Daughter scheduled her wedding on Mississippi/TN weekend. Her dad has tickets. Her wedding weekend. She doesn’t think her dad will ever forgive her.

  146. Driving by Niles!

  147. Inflation will kill the pension dollars if they are fixed amounts. Buyout might be the best call.

    I’m thinking of nuking my 401k if they end up firing me. Enough to pay off the farm and buy a bunch of fencing and infrastructure upgrades. I wasn’t really going to retire anyhow. At least this way I can keep the family fed.

  148. *waves south and west just in case*

  149. I got my old iPad working to watch the graduation

  150. I should send RightForge a resume and offer to work gratis for 6 months to get their attention.

  151. TMI about Dan. He didn’t realize how many incisions. He is in pain. When he stood up yesterday, he started bleeding like a MFer. Emergency response. Bleeding under control. Today with the follow up, he’s doing well.

  152. How long before the feds start vaccinating kids in school without parents knowing?

  153. I read that article I think Jimbro linked last night about some people being super immune to the wuflu. I think I did a better job in my 4th grade creative writing assignments.
    The gist was if you have had the wuflu and the vaccine you are SUPER DUPER immune.

  154. CoAl, I thought they already did that

  155. Oso, it’s entirely possible.

  156. Not only possible, but completely allowable.

  157. Oso, did you check your snail mail, today? You should probably check your snail mail.

  158. My RLS is out of control. I’m banished to the bedroom. Dan is watching Football. My chromium, Iron, and magnesium supplements, no longer work with the RLS. I did clip my toenails, so no shredded sheets. TMI 👋🏻

  159. The Fed goblin that funded this plague has good security. The folks failing at in loco parentis very likely do not. I am not the only father who would take such things very, very seriously.

  160. Wife material.

  161. The XFL is welcome back any time.

  162. This whole thing reminds me of the story of Dinah. Her family made all the men of Shechem get circumcised, and then while all the men of the city were disabled in recovering, her brothers sacked the city.

    Dinah is “normalcy.” As in, if you want normalcy, this is what you have to do. It’s your best guess who is playing Hamor, Simeon and Levi, and Jacob. Or not. As they say, it doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

  163. I’m reading Don Quixote right now. The idea of someone who doesn’t have anything to struggle against so he invents imaginary foes is one that resonates with me these days.

  164. Fist bump to lumps for knowing that relatively obscure story

  165. Why would they make them get circumcised at the same time? It’s kind of a dopey strategy if you have a city to defend. Either Dinah is an AOC or she wanted it to happen.

    Or I’m too annoyed to get the point.

  166. *fist bumps to Croc*

  167. Sobek, I completely understand. So many on both sides are in that place. The left certainly, but also many on the right who feel like manhood has been cheapened to nothing.

  168. The comments to that substack are worthy of the scroll time.

  169. I remember reading that one in my attempt to read the whole Bible. The brothers of Dinah wanted to sack the city and basically set them up by having them “make an oath to God”. The guys in the city had already “known” Dinah iirc, so there are no good guys in the narrative, and it’s the descendants of the guys who sacked the city writing the story that, frankly, makes them look like dishonorable shitheads.

  170. Okay, reread the Dinah thing. I get it.

    Still annoyed. Biden is not congress. Why are people acting like his orders come from on high?

    Really feeling super isolated, alone, …and itchy WTH? Just looked at where I had to scratch and I got a big ol hive on my thigh. Think that tiny mosquito just drilled me like your dad.

  171. …but also many on the right who feel like manhood has been cheapened to nothing.

    My manhood was cheapened to nothing once I attended my first meatup.

  172. Just got home.

    Vegas had mask mandates, most people wore one. I ignored the signs. Felt like wearing a hazmat suit, Vegas is skeezy.

    In Tucson, most people weren’t wearing them.

    Wal-Mart in TorC, almost everyone wore one. Greeter didn’t ask me to.

    From above: I have no idea what any of my teachers are doing, or if they’re even alive. I absolutely hated school and couldn’t wait to get out. I don’t even know what any of the people I went to school with are doing. Probably dead or in jail……

  173. Most of my teachers in grade school and high-school were worthless due to many of the good ones leaving the city as busing and deseg mandate popped up on the horizon.
    Lost track of many classmates when deseg officially began my senior year. The one friend I do keep up with occasionally tells me if she runs into anyone.

  174. “”antibody titers aren’t really so easily indicative for prior infection with this one. The memory of how to produce the appropriate antibodies is in other white cells…T cells, I think? Not sure if that can be tested for.””

    long term immune response is mediated by both memory T and memory B cells.

    Roughly speaking the memory T’s are hunter killers – they look for the viral antigen and kill it.

    The B cells lay dormant until they are challenged by a presented section of antigen and start pumping out antibodies again.

    These cells stay resident throughout the body but there is some preferential housing done in lymph nodes because all the snarly shit flows thru lymph with some regularity..

    J’brony can of course let y’all know not to listen to damn dirty apes tho.

  175. Thanks, Jam!

  176. they can both be tested for – the process i think is called interogation.
    The lab looks for specific immunolglobins and antibodies. IgG and Abs
    I not fully conversant in the interogation part – not an area of expertise for me’s.

  177. It’s true about football in Alabama. The local BSA council always publishes Auburn and Alabama schedules as part of its calendar. Nobody’s under any illusions about competing with big games. That’s just how it is here.

  178. *note to self – spelling matters*

  179. Diane ended relationships preemptively.

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