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Friday’s BBF post was what WordPress reports as the 6000th post on this here blog. I’m not sure how they come up with that number but it seems like kind of a big deal.

6K posts and 1.4 million comments seems really wrong number’s wise, I don’t understand the stats page but I’m just a simple dog in a complicated interwebs.

All these stats and more are available to you blergers who have a login and admin rights, there are a lot of you out there.

I want to tell you that it means a lot to me to have this dusty little corner of the web to call home, and I appreciate everyone who contributes, from the thumbs up, likes, comments and content, y’all make my day everyday.



  1. What the dog said, thanks for being a place where I can laugh and rage and learn some shit and bore you with stories of olden times and be bored by your equally boring stories which are occasionally fascinating and I think I need to catch my breath now.

  2. We like you too pupper.

    Wakey wakey

  3. Have been on I20 and I85, can confirm. (Hell, I-85 terminates in the MTG, I’m on it M-F. So I’m an I-85 M-Fer.)

  4. And this place has been a blessing. If finding the HQ was discovering my tribe for the first time, this was finding my long lost family. Y’all been keeping me sane for five years now, blessings upon every last one of you reprobates!

  5. 6K posts and 1.4 million comments

    6000 divided by 365 = 16.4 year equivalents
    (more than one post in a day throws that number off)

    1.4 million divided by 6000 = 233.3

    When you break it down like that it seems more real. I want to know who the rat bastard is who posts 1/3of a comment though.

  6. It was I that…

  7. I’m sorry that you have been subjected to my posts. the rest of them are pretty good. except when Laura and hotspur do bbf

  8. I posted one time just to see if I could. I quickly deleted it because it sucked and I didn’t want to hear a bunch of shit talk from you jerkwads over how bad it sucked.

  9. wow the rolling stone story about the Oklahoma er overrun with ivermectin ods while 0 are there is really dumb.

  10. *checks trash folder to make fun of pgs poat


    (Gfycat .webm)

  12. Jay, did you notice that the accompanying picture showed folks standing around in winter coats? It’s only about 95f w 80% humidity on any recent day In Oklahoma. Pravda wouldn’t have fucked that one up.

  13. ^^^ a different camera angle would have been better

  14. So what are all you fine people doing to celebrate this commie fucking holiday?

  15. Spent a couple hours in the workshop yesterday, then went dancing. Workout out tonight, along with a few projects around the house, and then the workshop again tomorrow morning before traffic gets bad with people returning from the holiday.

  16. I’m washing my inflatable dinghy.

  17. Slept in until 0530 which is a record in the Ollie Era
    Drank coffee, ate eggs
    Cleaned out the fridge
    Dump run
    Mowed lawn
    Smoking a stogie and drinking a cup of hot tea
    Dinner will be a chicken pesto pasta thing

  18. It’s cool enough that my butane lighter said fuck you and I had to use matches to ignite my cigar

  19. All if the folks in the marina are having a cookout later. It’s sort of the last hurrah of the season. Several boats have already pulled.

    These seasons go by in a blink.

  20. Jimmy, I bought a butane insert for my old Zippo. On high it’s like a fucking blowtorch. I swear you could solder with it.

  21. No more lighter fluid burns on my thigh from leaking lighter fluid.

  22. I forgot all about those.

  23. Yeah, I’ve got a couple of those butane inserts and they work well. My go to lighter is some cheap Chinese giveaway that was “free” with some purchase a while ago. I haven’t used a zippo with lighter fluid since I was in the Boy Scouts.

  24. Dude, our scoutmasters would have kicked our ass.

  25. The scoutmaster was my dad and he did, in fact, kick my ass.

  26. Cooking on the grill every day of the weekend, chicken, pork chops, more pork chops and polska. Mowing grass in back and pulling weeds in the front. Finish the repair and paint touch-up on the front porch rail.

    Yep, it is an exciting life I lead.

    I may put together the drill press I’ve had in my garage for a year and a half. No promises. I need a good solid work table and I no ain’t got one.

  27. LOL Our troop had WWII bivouac tents. This was in the days before modern pop up tents. The scoutmasters had a huge tent that was probably like a command tent. Inside they had cots and a kerosene heater. (We slept on the fucking ground.) One campout during campfire a few of us snuck away and went inside by lifting the back edge and we put nightcrawlers and coffee grounds on top of the heater.

    Shit, the whole troop caught hell. But they never found out who did it.

    Good times.


    Just imagine what it smells like in there. Chlorine and 20 wet dogs.

  29. I like you very much, too, Pupster.


  31. I prefer to celebrate Labor Day by working from sunup to sundown for no $$.

    At lake cottage for the last time this year. Thank God. I’ve come to hate this place.

  32. Uhm, yeah…that’s the spirit.

    Pork chops turned out just OK, not great. I would usually BBQ them on the grill, but I’m trying to cut carbs so I just marinated them and they dried out over the charcoal. I need to make some more dry rub and plan ahead a little better. Tomorrow I’m BBQing fuck the diet.


    (Imgur video)

  34. This golf tournament is entertaining. First place pays $15,000,000 and 2nd place pays $5,000,000.

  35. I was there yesterday! Pretty nice place.

  36. Spent yesterday prepping, spent today canning and cooking. Ended up canning 7 quarts of homemade beef stew and made 5 stromboli. Three with sausage and peppers, two with toasted mushrooms and cheese.
    Still have a lot of stew beef to can. I’m trying to find a good canning recipe for tex-mex beef that I can use for quick burrito or enchilada filling.

  37. Winner gets Patrick Mahomes money for a whole season for four days of play. And doesn’t have to dodge large Africans who want to body slam him.

  38. Food for thought.

    We have Joe as the prez of our country for the same reason that Barrabas was spared from Crucifixion. The powers that be didn’t give a rats ass about him but they hated the other guy worse.

  39. My theory is that Joe was supposed to be expendable, along with Harris. Polls showed Dems with an advantage down-ballot, and he was the only one who wouldn’t turn off voters. The most likely outcome was the Dems gaining seats in the House, gaining the Senate, and Trump winning a narrow victory. Under such a scenario, Trump would have been a lame duck, and the Dems would spend four years harassing him with investigations and fundraising off of it.

    On election night they discovered that Trump vastly outperformed the polls, and that his coattails threatened to pull the GOP over into the majority in the House. This would have been a disaster, and likely resulted in a major bloodletting in the Dem leadership, so they panicked and openly stuffed the ballot boxes, gambling that the GOP wouldn’t have the guts to fight it.

  40. I hate that that’s plausible but it is.

  41. Also, I’m pretty sure that the Biden admin had an agreement with Pakistan that the latter would keep the Taliban on a tight leash for about 1-3 months after the US left, allowing them to take a few provinces, etc., but not run wild, so that the US could make a “graceful” exit. After that was done then the Pakistanis and Chinese would negotiate a replacement government with the collapsing Afghan gov. In essence this was all supposed to be a carefully orchestrated change of power; a controlled demolition of the Afghan government and its replacement with one backed by the Chinese and Pakistanis. Instead, the Pakistanis either couldn’t control the Taliban, or they chose no to as a means of embarrassing us. I suspect the latter.


  43. Scott, that was awesome. 🐻❤️ Hostages

  44. Comment by Hotspur on September 5, 2021 1:50 pm
    I’m washing my inflatable dinghy.

    We KNOW that’s a euphemism. Too obvious.

  45. Well, that’s a good commercial.

  46. Jokes on Pakistan. Im not embarrassed for “America”. The progressive shitbirds don’t represent America. Every time they squeak or cheat their way in they spend all their time actively trying to fuck over “america”. What I’m embarrassed about is the fact that we haven’t purged these evil shitbirds yet.

    These shitbirds have never represented America, they are global socialists,

  47. They do represent America. They represent the large portion, possibly majority, of the population who wanted this and continue to support it.

    “America” is dead. The corpse just hasn’t collapsed yet.

  48. you’re a good pup, Pup!

  49. the fact that hot-n-tot was the 1/3 of a comment doesn’t surprise me…
    that whole unable to divide evenly thing…

    Division by Hotspurt Error

  50. i was a fairly busy ape today.
    home remodeling continues.

    just caught up on the glog comments –

    those lyrics you people linked are quite disgusting.
    they’re actually off-putting.

  51. i didn’t get out shooting yesterday or today.

    not sure if i can get away tomorrow either…. maybe next weekend.

  52. Remodeling is the worst.

  53. Finished with the knife show on Vegas. Vegas is so skeezy, ick.

    The vast majority of knife people ignored mask mandates. Some are true believers. Talked to several doctors, most were ambivalent on the vaccines. One guy runs the pharmacy at a big hospital in Los Angeles. He wore a mask everywhere and wanted everyone to get vaxxed. He said they are overwhelmed with cases. Lots of poor Hispanics, who go to the hospital only after they are really sick. Most are found to have diabetes or other co-morbidities. He did lose a 36 year old male in good condition last week.

  54. Sunday Funnies:

  55. I’ve been lurking for about a decade. Thanks for keeping the page entertaining!

  56. Darren endorsed reliable products.

  57. oooo ooooo ooooo !!!!

    another prospective bullwhip inquisition….

    come on beefaloo… spill.
    an animal of your stature might be able to set a new record!

  58. misty mist and dusky dusk…
    only dawn.

    the mist across the valley this morn reminds me of that chick Dian

  59. btw Darren was always the practical sort.
    i wonder if he knows of an economical earwax removal product?

  60. so i fucked up the first cut of the day….

    mawr coffee required

  61. isnt this labor day?

    you all laboring?

  62. pepe – did you look up mitch while you where up in hookerville?

  63. not saying mitch is a hooker btw.

  64. not saying he isn’t, tho, either.

  65. not sure of his pay to play status….

    we should ask him.

  66. roooooommmah!!
    in heyah.

  67. eleventy!!!!

  68. $20 is $20

  69. on the pew pew pellet front –
    seems to be a reasonable ammount on hand around here – no box limit.
    everything is running a buck and up a round tho.

    it makes a few hours at the range a tad spendy.

  70. Good Morgen Herr Pupsalot.

  71. ok – im off to fuck up another cut.
    cover me, ill be back

  72. Howdy monkey. I’ve noticed the availability uptick also on ammo and boomsticks. Prices haven’t really come down though, you are right.

    I spent some time reading about twist rate-bullet size-barrel length last night after reading the gun thread at HQ, it’s kind of confusing to have so many options for panic rifle 2 electric boogaloo.

  73. 4 really but who’s counting?

    *watches the tree line*
    *sound of radial arm saw in background*
    *obscene monkey screeching*


    (Imgur video with sound)


    (gfycat .webm)

  76. One or more of my sign-ups for pew pew stuff put me on a emailing list for other vendors, I’ve been getting bombarded with emails from firearms related companies that I’ve never heard of before. I don’t really mind it, sometimes I see things that are pretty cool. A new one this morning from a new company, RW Arms, has this t-shirt:

    which made me chuckle.

    They also link to a 9-Line Apparel hoodie with a built in beer holder:

  77. Labor Day MMM incoming.

  78. I like that t-shirt, pups.

  79. MMM 460

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