MMM 459

Last week flew by for me, I can’t believe it’s Monday again already.

Hoist it like a boss.

Yellow is rarely a good color on a woman, and this shade is especially unappealing.

What female superheroes looked like before we had to defeat the male gaze.

Pretty eyes.

Now that is a really nice… kitchen.

Did she blur her own face or did the phone apply the ‘focus on what gets clicks’ filter?

Tasteful monochrome with OEM parts and some serious bangs.

Go drop-kick Monday into next week!


  1. wakey wakey

  2. The palatability argument is not the whole explanation, but it definitely fits the pattern we see in history, especially when you expand it it “hyperpalatable, industrially processed”. Cate Shanahan makes a very strong argument with some biochem to back it up that the introduction of industrial seed oils was a major factor in the decline of overall health in the places where they’ve been adopted, and I recall a number of authors demonizing white flour over the years for lack of fiber, lack of germ, and small particle size. I don’t think the average person can be more than merely “chubby” on a diet that has no processed foods, even if they eat sweet potatoes and rice at every meal.

    The “it’s an infection” hypothesis doesn’t discount that the same thing could be contemporaneous with the other contributing factors, same for the “epigenetic inclination to obesity” for descendants of those who survived the Great Wars with their stresses and famines. To my mind, it’s very unlikely to have a single cause or a single solution.

  3. Max Boot really lays into Biden over his blunder: “Biden should have done better, but he didn’t.”

    Some harsh words there.

  4. I’m sure its the water. THe water they get from McDonalds in their 42 oz of soda.

  5. You guys say nice things about my music posts, so that’s nice.

    Sean M, ten years sober is incredible, mad respect to you.

  6. I’m just big boned.

  7. The “it’s an infection” hypothesis doesn’t discount that the same thing could be contemporaneous with the other contributing factors, same for the “epigenetic inclination to obesity” for descendants of those who survived the Great Wars with their stresses and famines. To my mind, it’s very unlikely to have a single cause or a single solution.

    Insty has linked to a bunch of stuff about how gut flora play a role in obesity and other health issues.

    It’s probably a feedback loop from multiple factors: chemical contamination screws with the hormonal processes that tell our brains that we have enough fat to survive, which causes people to overeat and seek out hyperpalatable foods. This in turn encourages the growth of certain strains of gut flora which encourages obesity, along with other secondary health problems, which only amplifies the disruption of the hormonal process…

  8. “Finally, no diet will reliably help because obesity isn’t caused by a bad diet and can’t be cured by a good one.”
    Why not try it for 30 days. Drink only water, eat fresh fruit and veggies. Eat meat.

    I would wager it would be life changing for folks that somehow think what you put into your energy conversion machine doesn’t matter.

    They should also put soda into their car’s gas tank and see what happens.

  9. Scorpion venom is pure protein, inulin is pure carbohydrate, candle wax is pure fat. IIFYM, fam.

  10. I’m going to admit that I’m a horrible person: I don’t give a flying fuck about dead Afghan children. Fuck them.

  11. I’m genuinely sorry they had such bad luck in who their parents were, but we all just get what we get.

  12. Hey Jay, you’ve got 2 count ’em two poats scheduled for Tuesday


    Oh wait, you kind of are.


  13. while my give-a-shit meter barely moved over the drone strike, I do cringe at the spiking the football over killing kids to make the admin look better. Make better choices, assholes.

  14. I’m curious how many of the people on the right currently upset over the strike are the same ones who spent years complaining about “overly restrictive ROEs” and saying that we need to “fight to win.”

  15. the ones trying to score political points. Yep.

  16. *wondering which set of parents leon is referring to, the ones in AF or the ones who only eat at McDonalds.

  17. Comment by Jay in Ames on August 30, 2021 9:05 am
    Ever see a Ferrari parked next to a garbage truck?

    I don’t know. Both rides would be fun, but one is going to cost you more in the long run and is impractical, while the other can make you money and you’re buddies are still impressed to see you in her.

  18. you’re right, Jen will cost too much

  19. Half your paycheck will go to boxed wine and cigarettes.

  20. One thing that concerns me is that left has successfully turned conservatives against every institution.

  21. oh I think those institutions had a hand in that, too.

  22. One thing that concerns me is that left has successfully turned conservatives against every institution

    I think that it isn’t going to work out like the left hopes.

  23. I was thinking of the Afgan kids dead in the drone strike. I don’t want the enemy hiding behind their kids when they wouldn’t blink before killing ours, but I don’t like it.

  24. It’s the Big Pharma version of a book advance.

  25. A lot of those “institutions” are little more than full employment programs for bureaucratic mediocrities.

    Start over. Time for the managerial types to learn to make do with less.

  26. maybe they are figuring for spoilage, since it has to be kept frozen

  27. It’s a scam.

    I bet Moderna has a cash back program.

  28. Penn Ave Politburo doesn’t care about killing kids. They just wanted a cynical “oh, well we took out this ‘bad guy’ so it’s all good” story.

    They’re evil AND incompetent. That makes the damage much worse in the short term but also leaves some room for the longer term to be more positive.

  29. I just read a total BS story at Hot Air.

    A veteran died of a totally treatable thing you guys because the unvaccinated took up all of the ICU beds around Houston. And most of them are on ventilators.

    So this poor guy died waiting for a bed.

    Why do people, even those with an axe to grind, believe stuff like this?

  30. Because they live entirely within Goolag’s false narrative bubble, and believe claims of “misinformation”. It’s Gell-Mann Amnesia. Same people who make fun of Flat Earth videos on YT never think about the fact that those are still on YT, while entire channels have been deleted for a single video questioning masks.

  31. At my last oil change the Ford dealership told me that I needed new rear brakes and the cost would be about $1000.

    Next oil change I bring it to a trusted mechanic. Turns out I still have about 30,000 miles left and replacement will cost about $500.

  32. Had too many bad experiences with the dealership with the truck. I won’t go near it for work on my current vehicle. (Different dealership though, no idea if it matters.)

  33. Sean sounds like he’s in a good place. 10 years. Incredible.

  34. It is now virtuous to have excuses for not doing hard things.

    It is a rare individual who is fat even after eating whole food, drinking water instead of alcohol or soda/juice and who moves most of their day.

  35. Sean, I’m so happy for your accomplishment and your freedom. Glad you’re enjoying life and the rewards of serving others.

  36. dealership always costs 2X to 3X any other mechanic. But they are the only ones who can do some work, especially troubleshooting and computer work.

  37. Alex, I am absolutely one of those who thought the ROEs are over restrictive and we didn’t have a “will to win” “ do what it takes so to speak.

    But this last drone strike was a pathetic way of “following through “ on Biden’s lame “we will find you “ comment.

    I linked a comment yesterday which basically asks: We didn’t know any of this would happen and we couldn’t remove or make useless hundreds of millions in weaponry but we can find an ISIS-k leader in 24 hours?

    It’s more political theater.

  38. And congrats on 10 years sober, Sean. Every day a blessing, I hope someday I can celebrate my equivalent…whatever it may be.

  39. This is about 23 minutes on the history of Ivermectin, Covid, the government, and the “Health” industry. It’s pretty shocking that this could happen here…

  40. Wow, Allahpundit has turned into a serious asshole. Does he get invited to all the cool-kid parties in Washington now?

  41. I doubt it. I don’t think anyone invites him anywhere.

  42. MJ, why do people listen to bullshit like that…because they ain’t that smart and ONLY get their info from state-run media. I’m dealing with some dingdongs in a doll artist’s page on FB. The artist herself actually said that she believed it was either shot or vent. I’m like wtf? Under 70s have a survival rate of 99.8%. Very few see a vent and guess what…there are treatments available that reduce worse cases.

    Any sculpts I have from this gal, are going on ebay. They have become tainted to me.

    I’m am done. Not even going back cuz one person, who I’ve dealt with before, in a sale, is a complete bitch and she’s been responding to me.

  43. probably shacking up with David French

  44. they listen to that bullshit because it’s what they want to hear, confirming everything they have been told.

  45. Nobody respects him. I’m not sure even his family likes him.

  46. Jason Whitlock is going off on dems, while praising Glenn Beck for going to the middle east.

    no matter what you think, Beck has put his money where his mouth is on this one. millionaire that put his money on the line and went to a dangerous place on earth.

    Where’s Al Sharpton? Any other black ministers? Warnock?

  47. Also this, scroll through. Spec Ops have been rescuing the stranded. Joebama shitheels in the state dept and military are blocking them from entering the air field. WHY? Apparently TB has taken American women…and those ops guys are having to get out through another country. If true, who is the congressman with them?

  48. ““The point should be stressed that the unvaccinated have essentially prioritized their own care over that of others by refusing to get vaccinated,” I wrote earlier this week.

  49. The ISIS-K “Bomb Plotters” turned out to be two guys that the informant owed money to. They were nobody. The “VBIED” they droned yesterday was just a family in their car. There was no car bomb. It’s all bullshit.

  50. horrifying, beasn

    I want to believe it’s miscommunication, and fog of war, and anything else than pure evil.

    But it’s getting hard to do.

  51. They’ve flown out over 100k unvetted Afghanis. Why strand the Americans? What is the point? Why are the generals behind this? If it’s all to Iran’s benefit, what’s the harm in getting Americans out? Is it a message to the rest of us?

  52. Chrispy nails it.

    Everything is a lie.

  53. I think Lloyd, McKenzie and Milley should be fired and dishonorably discharged for incompetence.

  54. I linked a comment yesterday which basically asks: We didn’t know any of this would happen and we couldn’t remove or make useless hundreds of millions in weaponry but we can find an ISIS-k leader in 24 hours?

    The equipment belonged to the Afghan government. There’s no way to remove it quickly, especially if you expect them to be able to defend themselves. It’s a huge logistical and political mess even in the best of circumstances.

    And it’s entirely possible that we were tracking these guys prior to the bombing, but the WH refused to allow a strike. Or that following the attack we were able to observe ISIS-K activity which allowed us to quickly track down the leaders responsible.

    My point is that when you try and launch drone attacks like this, you’re always going to be operating with a certain amount of uncertainty. The “restrictive” ROEs were generally put in place to avoid situations like this, where we launch and end up killing a bunch of civilians in the process, further inflaming the locals.

  55. Jay, it’s several sources now. Some republicans are blubbering about it but I’m not seeing any of them calling those jackhole generals up to Capital Hill and grilling them. Let’s say it’s the ‘fog of war’…okay…so why do we have 100k, mostly non-citizens flown out, but stranded Americans are told to get their own selves to the airport….but quit coming to the airport because it’s too dangerous. Wtf?

    BTW, massive anti-mandate protest in Greece. Looks like they may have gotten tear-gassed too.

  56. “ISIS-K”


    It’s all going to Joebama’s plan. He’s done it before. So much chaos and with so many American citizens scattered about, you can’t bomb shit out of his terror buddies. In the meantime, are they tracking what is being passed into Pakistan/Iran?

  57. The Afghans coming out will just be happy to be gone. they’re not going to tell us stories that support the idea that this was a huge fuckup.

    A few eggs need to be broken to keep propping up the Biden administration. A few trucks of women? so sad.

  58. so why do we have 100k, mostly non-citizens flown out, but stranded Americans are told to get their own selves to the airport….but quit coming to the airport because it’s too dangerous. Wtf?

    This is what “leadership” by committee looks like. No one wants to take responsibility for decisions, so you end up with institutional paralysis and contradictory instructions.

  59. Biden’s super busy day:

    9:30 AM
    Official Schedule

    The President receives the President’s Daily Brief
    The White House
    Closed Press

    10:00 AM
    Official Schedule

    The President and The Vice President meet with their national security team to receive intelligence, security, and diplomatic updates on the evolving situation in Afghanistan
    Situation Room
    Closed Press

    1:00 PM
    Pool Call Time

    In-Town Pool Call Time
    The White House
    In-Town Pool

    1:30 PM
    Press Briefing

    Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

  60. where’s the lid?

  61. Biden supporter on Facedouche called him “our Energizer Bunny”. I linked the video of him snoozing next to the new Israeli PM. I got blocked, which is fine.

  62. In more humorous news, one of my priest-friends got a new kitten and has been posting videos where he’s trying to train the cat like it was a football player. “Get the ball! Get the ball! You ain’t no quarterback, son, you’re going to end up as an offensive lineman!”

  63. perfect comeback


  65. Remember when athletes were taking a knee and all the idiots were telling us how brave it was?

  66. They still are. The US women’s soccer team (they have their own acronym, USWNT) put out a request to save the Afghan Women’s Soccer team. My eyes almost rolled 360 degrees.

  67. larry correia’s latest on FB is awesome.

    $30 post:

    Where have all my Biden supporting friends gone? I remember last year my feed was full of people who proudly supported Biden/Harris, because Orange Man Bad, and a Return To Norms, and No More Mean Tweets. Where are you now?
    I’m not talking about the internet rando strangers who inevitably show up to scream the day’s narrative at everybody who doesn’t toe their line. Those people might as well be bots. They don’t matter. Nobody cares what they say. I’m talking about the real life human beings, I usually know somehow outside of the internet. I could always count on you to stroll in to tell me I was stupid and needed to “think for myself” and “get educated” by watching CNN and automatically believing everything on it like you do.
    Where are you?
    Last year you wouldn’t shut about how all the evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption and incompetence was Fake News, and then you got me kicked off the internet for talking about a laptop filled with incriminating evidence (which turned out to be real, and only one of many that crackhead lost). And you were legion a few short months ago, while you barked at me that voter fraud was impossible and audits unnecessary, so shut up.
    Even as the economy went to shit, and we went from energy independent to begging OPEC for scraps, and crazy inflation kicked in, and Joe Biden’s rare public appearances consisted of inane ramblings or staring blankly off into space, you could be counted on to show up in my feed to try and guilt shame me into silence… because the guy I voted for said hurtful things on Twitter.
    And while our government beclowned itself over a fake insurrection, which the FBI since admitted wasn’t organized at all, and our military leadership focused on “rooting out extremists” (but not Antifa or BLM) instead of their actual fucking job, I could always count on you to be right there to gaslight us that everything was fine, and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, and there’s a white supremacist hiding behind every bush.
    Then finally, last week, the evil, feckless, incompetent, unserious, fucking clown show that was this administration became too obvious for even you to make excuses for it.
    We’ve already seen the bullshit narratives from the pundit class repeated by their useful idiots who might as well be bots, about how this was Trump’s fault (even if it was his plan, which it clearly wasn’t, it doesn’t answer why Biden didn’t come up with something better) or how if we didn’t want a total clusterfuck of an ass backwards withdrawal then we must be in favor of eternal war… but I haven’t seen any of you bravely carry that water like you can usually be counted on to do so.
    I’ve seen a few of you try for some namby-pamby moral
    equivalence, about how surely the withdrawal would have been just as bad with the other guy in charge, except that’s just bullshit, theoretical wishful thinking on your part. And we all know it.
    I’m not going to rehash all the many screw ups on this particular operation. Been done, a lot, by people who know a lot more about the topic than I do. If you aren’t aware of just how badly this administration fucked up by this point, you’re just being willfully ignorant. And it’s not even done yet. The unconfirmed shit coming out today, if true, is far, far worse. It’s a blood bath, and we don’t even have a clue how many Americans have been abandoned.
    So where have you gone, my lefty friends? Where are the NeverTrump republicans who endorsed Biden because he was such a “statesman”? Who would make the world respect us again? Now the world is either disgusted by us or laughing at us. We left our allies hanging so badly that Biden got censured by fucking Parliament.
    Are you silent out of embarrassment? Shame? Guilt?
    You should be. Because you fucking own this.
    We don’t even know how bad the fuck up is yet. There’s too much chaos in Kabul to confirm how bad it is, but everything we can confirm is fucking awful. Mind bending awful. It’s been a complete cascading failure of leadership. It’s so bad, the biggest question is whether the people in charge are just that inept and stupid, or they’re genuinely evil and don’t give a shit… But there comes a point where somebody is so horribly bad at their job that they might as well be actively malicious. So either way, America is fucked.
    And you wanted it that way.
    We tried to warn you. All the clues were there. The history was there. But then they kicked us off the internet, and you cheered.
    The only person who has been held accountable so far is a Marine Lieutenant Colonel who spoke up—knowing it would inevitably get him punished but did so anyway—asking the hard questions and demanding accountability from his leadership. So he got removed while they insinuated that he was mentally ill, and all the useful idiots were happy because any military officer who questioned the regime was obviously a danger to himself and others (which sounds oddly familiar to anybody who read about the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s).
    The thing is, we all know that Marine isn’t crazy. He said the emperor has no clothes. They clearly fucked up. We all know they fucked up. Even the usual lefty cheer leaders know it was fuck up. You know your guy fucked up too, otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding.
    You don’t have to keep hiding.
    If you voted for Joe Biden because you were gullible and you got conned, that’s understandable. You had the entire US news media and Big Tech running interference for Joe Biden, covering up all his multitude of sins, and trying to paint him as something other than a doddering, corrupt, meat puppet, while they went on and on about how bad Trump was, even if they had to make up obviously fake bullshit like Russian Collusion.
    In that case, have some fucking dignity, recognize you got conned, admit it, and unfuck your mistakes. I’ve done it. I’ve supported the wrong guy before. The key is admitting you screwed up and then trying to make it right. Been there, done that. Own you shirt. Don’t make excuses for them. Hold your side accountable. And for the love of God, quit believing the institutions which continually lie to you.
    If you voted for Joe Biden because you knew what he was, and you wanted this dementia potato in office because you like having a marionette who is easily controlled by our elite betters, I don’t know what to say to you, other than fuck off, you un-American piece of shit.
    The rest of us are just going to enjoy the silence, while we try to figure out how to survive the next THREE YEARS of this shit storm you’ve brought upon us.

  68. I already read that. I’m not paying $30 to read it again.

  69. ok then, I won’t give you $30

  70. No one wants to take responsibility for decisions, so you end up with institutional paralysis and contradictory instructions.

    Except when they deny spec ops and private groups doing the rescuing, entry into the airport. Pretty sure they’re getting that order loud and clear. And for them at the gates to heed it…….

  71. Alex, you’re wrong, I’ve been in contact with people who really know this shit and poor decisions were made months ago. Not counting the recent ones.


  73. Bagram was absolutely the most important place in Afghanistan for years and it should have been the evacuation point. That’s on Milley and Austin.

  74. This stupid bitch. Pushing this shit:

  75. Australia and NZ are full of insane lefties and utter pussies.

    Sound familiar?

    Even my insane lefty sister says these vaccines are nuts.

  76. Good luck with that. Pretty sure this ends with “The Children Of Men” somehow.

  77. She does look like a demon. Sounds like one too.

  78. Mass psychosis.

    It won’t pass anytime soon, I think. I used to think a few months, then a year, then a few years…

    But it’s just too powerful.

  79. MJ,

    Yep. It’s the internet – mental illness is spread through the internet. I suspect that this kind of technology is what is responsible for the Fermi paradox. Either that or the aliens don’t want to talk to meat.

  80. Thank God the Spanish Flu happened before Goolag. We’d have been in masks and lockdowns for over a century now.

  81. turn back, or be shot down: US to American private plane flying in to rescue people

  82. They want to eliminate as many witnesses as they can Jay. Either that or they are deliberately trying to inspire a revolution so they can finally declare martial law and get rid of that pesky constitution once and for all. I can embrace the power of “and” for those two things.

    It’s only going to get worse from here. We’re going to slam from one crisis to another without relent or end until it all falls apart.

  83. Stolen from elsewhere, “It went from Saigon, to Dunkirk, to Schindler’s List all within a week…“

  84. Glenn Beck is in the ME and says Biden admin is lying. It is criminal what they are doing.

  85. Passport holding Americans are being turned away at the gates.

  86. Direct orders from Joebama. The state dept is the biggest obstacle in the ME. They are blocking movement of people out of Afghanistan. They told other countries to not take any of our refugees.

  87. Michael Yon’s hotel has the same curtains.

  88. ID required for Ivermectin purchases


  89. Tim Pool
    This makes no sense

    The Taliban doesn’t have nukes or F15s so there’s no way they could win

    Biden said so

  90. Ben Shapiro
    America’s presence in Afghanistan is over, unless you count the hundreds of Americans we left in the hands of the Taliban, along with presumably thousands of green-card holders and tens of thousands of Afghans who worked with us. For them, the war is just beginning.

  91. John McCormack
    · 17m
    Gen. McKenzie says in press briefing he thinks Americans left in Afghanistan “number in the very low hundreds”

  92. leave no one behind, right? wasn’t that how the saying goes?

  93. My wife is a professional photographer and we have an assortment of horses to choose from.

    Make your appointment today at

  94. Can’t get there just now, how are you with photoshop, or Gimp?

  95. She’s fantastic, but it raises the price a bit, and you’ll need a neutral backdrop with noonday lighting. Find a purple lead rope and stand as though the horse is to your left.

    No greenscreen, you’ll ruin the chroma-key on the grass and foliage. White or off-white are easiest.

  96. Gen. McKenzie says in press briefing he thinks Americans left in Afghanistan “number in the very low hundreds”

    If that few, then why leave them?

  97. What is the shelf life of ivermectin bought at farm supply?

  98. So this is fun. I’ve been trying to get new toilets I bought at Lowe’s delivered and installed for over two months. Guy just showed up to install the toilets but he didn’t have them. They were already supposed to be here he says. I specifically told the guy who set this appointment that they. Were. Not. Here. I paid for DELIVERY and installation. “Well, you’re going to have to call Lowe’s.”

    Nope. I’m just going to cancel the order and get a refund. We’ll see if there’s anybody competent over at Home Deeprot.


  100. Ivermectin has a “use by” date on it.

  101. I think it’s got a stamp for 6 months or so, but it’s like aspirin. Keep it in a cool, dark place and it will be okay for a while. We can’t get the straight stuff on the shelf at the moment, only mixed with the anti-tick/mite concoction, which is NOT safe for human consumption. Our vet can still get us the real thing, and he doesn’t GAF.

  102. I filed a claim with USPS for $2400 and have been badgering them since 6/30/21.

    Today I received a check for $100.

    New investigation launched.

  103. She’s fantastic, but it raises the price a bit, and you’ll need a neutral backdrop with noonday lighting. Find a purple lead rope and stand as though the horse is to your left.

    Any chance she could whip up the “BIDEN” logo, with a black silhouette of Joe as he was walking out the door from his press conference overlay over the end of the “E”?

  104. Probably, I’ll ask.

  105. We’ve got the Ivercare stuff, like in Pupsters picture. It does not say anything about ticks or mites.

  106. It’s a different name on the tube and lists the other active ingredient. You’re fine, Chrispy.

  107. Thank you, guys. That’s the exact stuff? I see that there is a Tractor Supply about 40 minutes away but getting it shipped is way less hassle.
    I’ll quiz y’all later how to dose my oinking arse. Now to track down some more cod liver oil (I can’t take regular Vit D tablets due it being made from lanolin.

  108. Leon, can it be stored in the fridge?

  109. Room temperature beans.

    (worst potluck ever)


    (Imgur video)

  111. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to shut off the internets. It’s my birthday week and I really need to detox from everything for my mental health which is affecting the physical.
    Finally got the okay from the husband and scheduled the Salvation Army to pick up the in-laws furniture and household goods, and some of our stuff. Have the big stuff lined up at the door. Just need to get some boxes so I can pack smaller items. I’m kind of excited. Repaint the apartment and turn it into my studio.

    For my birfday, my daughter, niece, sis-n-law will be coming over for barbecue and a Pride and Prejudice viewing (BBC version). Crochet, snacks, and coloring books (bite me on my fluffy white ass), will be available. I have also asked my mother unit over. She’s been suffering from anxiety/depression mostly her own doing and partly her rotten kids…..and I can relate (to see mine, I have to offer food). Yeah, this should be interesting.

    Birb update! Baby doves are half the size of their momma. They’re flapping their wings and poking at each other. While I was watching them 3 feet away, next to a hanging basket of petunias, I heard tiny peeps that sounded a lot like when Cardinals pip at each other, but tinier. It was a hummingbird sampling the petunias, a foot from my head. I could have reached out and grabbed it for oso. I thought I would try getting a picture but alas, the camera made a noise, hummingbird turned and looked me right in the eye….then flew off.

  112. Room temperature beans.

    (worst potluck ever)

    Or I’ll take “What I don’t want to be anytime soon”, for $500, Alex.

  113. Happy birthday, Beasn!

  114. Thank you Pepe! I’ll be flipping the page on Saturday.



  116. Oy, I just had to look at Instagram. There’s a picture of dog crates. Someone left dogs behind in Kabul. In their crates. In the comments they said a rescue group watched them being released into the streets. They may have belonged to afghan force or contractors.
    Have I told y’all lately how much I despise Joebama and the fat generals?

  117. happy bday, beasnnnssnsnssns. You’re gonna get a surprise party from your kids.

  118. of course no americans were airlifted. There wasn’t room

  119. Gen McKenzie is a punk ass bitch political tool.

  120. But I mean that in a nice way.

  121. Happy Birthday, Beasnsnsnsnansn!!

    Prayers for a better year than last year. Maybe a grandchild??? I’ll pray anyway.

  122. last 5 planes out, no americans. They didn’t make it to the airport

  123. HA! No surprise party from the kids. If that ever happens, I ‘d look out the window for flying pigs. I’m the one giving the party. It’s sort of for both me and the daughter. Her birdday was a week ago. (The son went on a camping trip. )
    I just wanted a chill, laid back day. So cleaning and prep begins in earnest tomorrow. I may even go buy me a balloon.

    Not holding my breath on grandkids.

  124. Jay, they made it to the airport but were turned away. Some tried several times.

    Tell you what, were it me, once Joebama cheated his way in, I’d have been packing my shit the same day, knowing the disaster they left before.

  125. “(to see mine, I have to offer food)”

    Add a bar to the studio.

    food + booze = grandchildren

  126. hmm, the son of the Afghan president lives in DC, and worked on Buttgieg’s presidential campaign

  127. Comment by Jay in Ames on August 30, 2021 9:18 pm
    hmm, the son of the Afghan president lives in DC, and worked on Buttgieg’s presidential campaign


    OFFS. I’m so sick of the incestuant bullshit in DC.

  128. We are Groot

  129. And didn’t the afghan preezy flee the country with over 100M of our dollars?

  130. He’ll probably be invited to obama’s next Kwanzaa party.

  131. Okay, signing off. Pray for oso. See you on the other side.

    Love yous,


  132. Have a good vacation, beasn. Calamity will still be here when you get back. No rush.

  133. Beasn, I have that BBC Pride and Prejudice DVD set, I’ll join you long distance on Saturday and work on the afghan I’m crocheting for Rocketboy and DIL. I should make snacks, will definitely make tea and put some booze in it, and toast you on your birthday.

  134. LOL

  135. Reminds me of the interview with Heywood Jablome at the Masters some years ago.

  136. Is anyone willing to distinguish from testing positive and being seriously sick????

    My SIL who is an EMT soon to be a paramedic, goes to Florida hospitals all day and says there is only a surge in people testing positive and being compelled to go to the hospital. All fat, uncontrolled diabetic or asthmatic.

    Reports of Florida being overrun by Delta are bullshit.

  137. Daniel enjoyed ruining parties.


    (Imgur video with sound and vibe cat)

  139. I just captured a baby skink in my kitchen in a mailer envelope and took him outside.

  140. This story is a steaming pile of monkey poo

  141. mailer envelope and took him outside.
    For his sake I hope you put proper postage on the envelope and made a few breathing holes

  142. Just for fun I looked at Houston area occupancy rates and found out the main hospital is basically filled in both inpatient and ICU beds all the time, going back years. Basically between 97-100%.

    When these assholes say things like, ‘they’re 99% full OMG eleventy,’ you have to ask a few questions. Is this different than normal, or compared to what?

    I hate that we have morons (bad kind) everywhere.

  143. I sorta love the outlier stories, Jimbro.

    One man got covid after falling from Mt Everest because he took off his mask in a bat cave surrounded by howler monkeys. Here’s why you should eat tacos everyday and take vitamin D on the second Thursday of the month, as long as the grass it cut with scissors.

    Our media is like being in Joe Biden’s rotting brain.

  144. There’s something of an instinctive notion of the “one exception disproves a general rule” axiom from logic in people who could, accidentally, do something like rational thought if their lives depend on it. Unfortunately, they misapply this with the much wider “one anecdote disproves statistics derived from data”, and you see it in almost all of their mimicry of reason.

  145. Jimbro, that story … is just crap. Seriously.

  146. Its as if my mom wrote an article.

  147. I literally have every Jane Austen movie version on DVD. Love them so much.

  148. Good on the judge, though, for ordering a doc’s scrip be filled.

    It’s a HUMAN DRUG that we use for livestock. FU NYP.

  149. If that guy recovers you’ll never, ever hear of him again.

  150. I saw the same exact verbiage at a conservative site.

    Right wing nutters are using horse dewormer cuz they’re so stupid. And it doesn’t work, wingers! We know this so much that we aren’t allowed to question the science!

    Again, conservative site.

  151. Why are Japan, India, and Israel using it successfully, then?

    It’s got a better safety profile than aspirin, FFS, and I’ve been reliably informed that this is the deadliest disease ever to totally originate in nature, so why not try a drug we know won’t harm you?

  152. The thing is, with covid there is not conservative plot. I mean, the non-vax’rs tend to be the ones using their brain to think theses things through, but we’re definitely not following some right wing news marching orders.

  153. Blacks, browns, PhDs, medical staffers, and occasionally Rethuglicans. It’s big tent. Some are thinking, some are not, but all of us have a God-given right to bodily autonomy from the depredations of the State.


    I just need some very-hard-to-counterfeit certificates for Booz and we in bidness.

  155. poat time got rescheduled, should be up any time now.

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