MMM 458

Welcome back. August is winding down, hope y’all are ready for cold&flu season…

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA something better snap soon.

Butt first

More butt

Hanging around.

Her eye makeup will be a mess if actually breaks a sweat.

Monochrome rhomboids.

Oh, I do

Dat.. gap?

Pretty smile

Happy Monday. God help us.


  1. Time to log in to all the things.

  2. “The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium”


    this one?

  3. This would have been appropriate for yesterday’s poat, but I’ll leave it here instead.

  4. Well that’s a sound you don’t hear anywhere.

  5. Just watched an hour-long documentary about Navy boot camp.

    I’m not crying. You’re crying.


  6. “The Revolt of The Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium”
    this one?

  7. Cuomo left his dog behind when he moved out of the governor’s mansion. Because of course he did.


    How many hits can I take before it’s impossible to bounce back? I recently got divorced, became sick, and now the platform that I use to make a living is potentially going to cut me out. I don’t have a large financial cushion, so I’ll probably have to go back to the club. I’ve been paying my own bills since I was 18, and I also support my boyfriend.

    Of. Course.

  9. On Twitter, a lot of people were celebrating this news, saying we’re whores who should get a real job.

    Twitter is like a broken clock, it would seem.

  10. Nature abhors a vacuum

    Soon there will be an alternative for whores to vacuum up incels’ money

  11. Nature abhors a vacuum

    Based on the commentary I’ve seen about these women, so do they.

  12. The only fans thing is one of those issues where it’s best to sit back and root for casualties all around.

  13. The really shitty thing? 90% of those girls are better actresses and better looking than that POS Brie Larson, and yet they dildo themselves in obscurity and she lectures her prospective audience for male gaze.

  14. So Pfizer got their shot approved. Are they liable now? I still think in 2, 3 years tops, all the mesothelioma ads are going to be replaced with vaccine injury ads.

  15. No liability for vaccines ever, iirc, which is why the re-defined vaccine in the middle of all this bullshit.

    These aren’t vaccines by the proper definition, they are medical devices. Those have liability. It’s Fannie and Freddie all over again: privatized profits, risks foisted to the public.

  16. It would be a darn shame if everyone in the Pfizer/FDA meeting were doxxed. I bet not all of them live in gated neighborhoods.

    A real, real shame if the people who’ve lost loved ones already could find some of the people responsible. Something bad could happen.

  17. I don’t get that sentiment. Why would we hold the Pfizer people accountable.

    Isn’t this the same as doxing Remington for making an AR 15?

  18. *pokes small bear

  19. Call me Bennet, I ain’t in it.

    Yet another reason for me to avoid the medical establishment for the time being.

  20. Pfizer is the reason you can’t talk about HCQ, Ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C, or basically any other treatment or prevention for WuFlu. EUA can only be granted in the US if there is no alternative treatment with existing, approved drugs or methods.

    There was money to be made, so a few eggs had to be cracked.

  21. And the FDA side of the table was a bunch of bribe-taking traitors.

  22. Leftists have received their talking points regarding Biden’s disater:

    “There’s no good way to end an unwinnable war, especially one you never should have waged in the first place”

  23. It’s a really good argument. It’ll placate the base.

    It’s all bullshit, but it’ll work until people move on to the next thing.

  24. We are not and have not been arguing about “good” but “bad” and “less bad”. The war was also never “unwinnable”, we won the war in a matter of weeks. You can’t build a nation out of a bunch of cousin-marrying stone-age fuckups,though.

    It’s not an argument, it’s vacuous sophistry for the shallow thinkers who want to comfort themselves about dooming America by voting for Biden. It’ll work, but only for the same reason people like mug cakes.

  25. “He is currently a principal at the Chertoff Group, a security consultancy co-founded by former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.[8] He also serves on the board of directors for the Atlantic Council,[9] Motorola Solutions,[10] and Caliburn International, a military contractor that oversees operations for Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children.”

  26. This woman’s accent is definitely from the country

    At around 3:05 a truck goes under one side of the bridge and a boat comes out.

    Magic Bridge

  27. That bullshit might fly for the peasants here, but I’m willing to bet our allies beg to differ. Besides, its typical juvenile attempt tp rationalize and any adult can see that.

  28. “There’s no good way to end an unwinnable war, especially one you never should have waged in the first place”

    “In the first place”

    So what, exactly, should we have done in response to 9/11? Throw a few more cruise missiles into tents, ala Clinton? Shit like that was how we ended up with 9/11 in the first place.

  29. It really helps if your knowledge of history is fuzzy. Its so much easier that way.

  30. I think maybe when the nasty fundies start blowing shit up again, crashing plans into things while our intelligence community investigates the BIGGEST THREATS TO THE US (white supremacists, Trump, and climate deniers) … maybe some of them will rethink it.

    Probably not though.

  31. I fucked a fat chick for this?

  32. I really don’t think our country, as a whole, objected to leaving Afghanistan. So saying it was the right thing to leave Afghanistan’s unwinnable war is a straw man argument. Ignored in all of this are the provisions in Trump’s agreement with the tolly-bon which weren’t followed and would have led to reprisals.

  33. There were 72 million votes for Trump. Assume that 10% are military-aged men physically capable. Assume 10% of those are sent over.

    That’s 700k men. Given equipment and not constrained by bullshit requirements from the US government, we’d have the Taliban expelled in six months. In ten years Afghanistan would be the wealthiest country in the region.

  34. Comment by xbradtc2 on August 23, 2021 12:05 pm
    I fucked a fat chick for this?

    No, you fucked a fat chick because you’re desperate, and if you’re honest… you kinda like it.

  35. Totally agree that the left’s line is stupid but they’re not concerned with what anyone thinks other than their base.

    The base is doubting and they need a woobie. Woobie deployed.

  36. Well, yeah. I’ve always liked Mare.

  37. I fucked a fat chick for this?

    That was optional. You can walk right past her if you like, it’s not like she can run you down.

  38. Hey hey hey.

    Fat chicks rock.

  39. McCarthy is saying he won’t try for impeachment if the House changes hands.

    I actually respect that. It would have been failure theater on his watch anyhow, and now the RSCC can’t fundraise on the possibility.

  40. It’s not who we are.

  41. Takes away a fundraising/GOTV talking point from the Dems.

  42. He wouldn’t be wrong to say so. “We” is him and about 200 other worthless sacks of shit getting Direct Deposit from the Treasury, though, and I sure hope occurs to him at some point.

  43. Bitchmer has been illegally fundraising based on the non-existent recall effort because the same law that made recalling a MI governor harder also gave a giant end-run around the legislative limits on fundraising.

    Every MI governor will face recall until that goes away. Their own campaigns will see to it.

  44. Erin now has 5 SRs writing her. she’s a bit overwhelmed. Ethan said three more are sending letters. I think they’re just really … bored, missing socialization.

  45. Maybe Erin could start a newsletter.

  46. Just not an OnlyFans.

  47. *subscribe*

  48. Impeaching Biden would be a mistake. Having him in place is like a 24/7 campaign ad for the opposition.

  49. She needs a form letter with fill in the blanks for the personal touch

  50. Ethan told her in the last letter that she should focus on a particular one. She wants to know why he gave out her address to the others if one is so much better.

    That one sent a picture of him with his dog, so that does get him bonus points.

    Especially when she realized that he probably had that picture WITH him so for when he missed his dog.

  51. Impeaching Biden would probably result in his resignation, but would undermine the conservative cause, as he’d be seen as having been forced out by the GOP.

  52. Xbrad!!!! How are you?

  53. Watching Pelosi fund raise a huge gathering at $10,000 a pop NOT A MASK IN SIGHT (except for the help) is rage inducing.

  54. Pardon my view of the strategery, but it sounds and smells like the whole “losing is winning” bullshit we’ve been fed for thirty years or more.

    You’re tryin’ or you’re lyin’. I know which I’m getting from the GOPe.

  55. There’ve been 3 impeachments in my lifetime. None of them amounted to fuckall outside of theater and fundraising.

  56. *rides moped into blog

    Oh no, my friends will see!

  57. Uncle Jimmy, Jason Whitlock’s cohost on his Blaze Show, Fearless, is in the hospital with covid. Doesn’t sound good.

  58. Hey, Hospital Fruit! Where ya been?

  59. well, one of them prevented Bill Clinton from practicing law, since he was disbarred.

  60. Yes, Bill was prevented from chasing ambulances and writing wills.

    Total de-fanging right there.

  61. I’m going to Tractor Supply and Lowe’s for some… things. Anyone need anything?

  62. Duct tape, tarp, role, shovels and lime

  63. Change of plans. Forgot that the arborist I called earlier about some tree work might be dropping by soon. I’ll have to put shopping off until later tonight or first thing tomorrow.

  64. so, how has the view of vaccines changed, since Pfizer was FDA approved? Or is that just political? I don’t think they gloss over that, since it’s opening up for legal action then.

  65. It nulls the EUA for the other 2 clot shots, so Pfizer stock should benefit.

    I’m sure there was no insider trading on that. Nope. No way.

  66. Vioxx was FDA approved. Until it wasn’t.

  67. In honor of MMM, I’m at the gym. I don’t look as good as any of these ladies, but at least I’m doing something.

  68. CoLex, that harp thing was awesome.

  69. Mare (from yesterday), I find Enigma has some cool stuff, but not necessarily a whole album worth of cool stuff. Return to Innocence is great. The video is cool.

  70. I’m pretty sure the FDA approval is politically motivated.

    The more desperate they get to make people take the vax, the more suspicious I get.

    The law of unintended consequences is going to come into play at some point. New type of vax, rushed testing, new strain of virus, massive #s of inoculations, zero liability.

    I’ll probably get an antigen test at some point, just to see if I’ve already had it. If so, definitely no vax for me. I’ve been to 4 trade shows since this thing started, come into contact with a thousand people at those. Odds are we have been exposed at some point.

    Remember, everything is propaganda, everything.

  71. Mitch, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give it a listen.

  72. I got the jab. I dont fear it, but I didn’t want it. It was either the jab or unemployment. Joe Biden can burn in hell for making me do that.

  73. Which flavor did you get, Sobek?

  74. J&J, so I wouldn’t have to go back for round 2.

  75. Fauci has Pfizer ties. If I knew I would still be masking, I wouldn’t have taken the J&J.

  76. My favorite is when a pro-vaxxer says “the odds of side effects from vaccines are so low!” and I think wait, you care about statistics again?

  77. “the odds of side effects from vaccines are so low!”

    All that matters is the individual. If you have one of the major side effects it’s 100%

  78. I used to play Rifts in high school. Post-apocalyptic RPG with mixed magic and ultra tech. One of the other players had a Glitter Boy character, meaning he rolled around in 9.5′ tall, polished-to-a-mirror-finish-2-deflect-lasers suit of power armor. He wanted to sneak in it once and the game master laughed at him.

    GM: “Roll a 1 on a hundred sided die”.
    Player rolls, blinks: “it’s a 1!”
    GM, looking at other players then the 1 on the die: “Do it again”
    Player rolls, starts laughing.
    Other players: “it’s a 1 again!”

    GM let him sneak. If those are my odds of bad things from an injection I don’t need, I still don’t want it.

  79. I get that. I don’t think I’m invincible, but I’m healthy and I also recognize that sometimes bad things happen and whaddayagunnado. There’s a very small chance that covid will kill me and a very small chance that the shot will. Or I’ll get eaten by a moose or something. But there’s a very, very large chance that some government douche is trying to amass more power right now.

  80. I’m pretty sure I’ve already had the Beta variant that made it to the states (assuming Alpha didn’t actually make it out of China, which seems likely), and there’s that “prone to blood clots” thing.

    Also because David French wants me to, and I’d bust that fucker’s face if I met him on the street, so really my refusal is the least I can do.

  81. I used to play Rifts in high school.

  82. Tell ya what, that’s my price. Thirty minutes to put the fear of Leon into French.

    Then I’ll take it. If it saves just one life…

  83. Trying to explain died with COVID as opposed to died from COVID. Mi Familia has 10 with. 0 of. 11 with Long COVID.

  84. yes, on the government power thing. But the effects are less with the vaccine, even though it doesn’t seem to prevent shit. I’m on the fast lane to 60, so I’m not as worried about genetic damage. No little J’ames to be around.

    Others have different concerns. Of course the whole Job Wants You To Have IT, A Lot™ weighs in to this too.

  85. I don’t see how your family can be so hard hit, and mine isn’t. Just doesn’t make sense.

    Of course it’s intended that way.

  86. BIPOC? I don’t understand. 150 CoWs had it. No fatalities at our Club. 50 of us have never had it. Santa Fe lost a few associates.

  87. I do have a very large extended family. Most of my aged family lives/lived in Hot Zones.

  88. Not to be rayciss, Oso, but how prevalent is the diabeetus in your familia?

  89. “Affordable Cremation Solution ”

    Now we know what the solution was!

  90. Oriental ramen has been renamed soy sauce flavor

  91. Leon, even the skinny familia are Type II. Both grandparents and their siblings. I’m not obese. I’m chunky. Type II, since 2008. I got my A1C to 4.7. Dr took me off Metformin. Ignored my reality. I need meds. Movement to recognize Type I 1/2. It isn’t always about diet and weight. My dilemma, getting a Dr to admit that I’m still Type II. A1C is 9.6 and I can’t get a Dr to treat me.

  92. what did they put in the box? clean out the smoker?

  93. My mom and 9 of her siblings. My dad and 2 of his 3 siblings before lung cancer. Both sides. Not obesity associated.

  94. I suspect that Chinese COVID deaths were higher than they’re reporting, but that it was because of lifestyle issues: everyone smokes like a chimney and is unhealthy and works in factories and offices with closed ventilation which allowed COVID to spread.

  95. Oriental ramen has been renamed soy sauce flavor
    It’s about fucking time too!

  96. Fecal spread through apartments in dense urban settings. Known since SARS 2015. CCP welded people into their apartments. NSW is considering.

  97. I’m not moneywise. Target wants to buy out my pension and my 401K. Should I do it, then rollover into cash with penalties?

  98. I think there are genetic factors that make some people more susceptible to covid. some

    Man, a storm is moving through with a crazy amount of lightning. Big strikes, rattling the windows. Way less than a minute apart.

  99. Are they offering you any incentive for the buyout or just cash value for the investments? How close are you to being able to start taking payments without penalty?

  100. Damn, one continuous rumble/crash of thunder for 15 minutes.

  101. Ben’s HS recently had a school board meeting and it included a vote on masking. NO masks won. A couple of weeks later it was announced that there was a “problem with the votes” and an emergency meeting was scheduled.

    “problem with votes” = we didn’t get what we wanted the first time so we’ll keep voting until we do and then it will be a settled decision

    Apparently a kid circulated a petition requesting masks. I told Ben that someone should ask for double masks, goggles and gloves for safety’s sake.

  102. My dogs no like thunder

  103. I don’t miss that.

  104. A PA that Paula grew up with and went to the same HS now works in the same ER as her and isn’t getting the vaccine. That means she’s soon to be out of a job. She posted about it on facebook and the overwhelming majority of people are supporting her decision. There’s always a vocal minority that don’t have anything nice to say.

  105. Rowan gets as close to me as possible. Lola disappears behind the couch. Ollie is the new guy and he hasn’t figured out he’s supposed to be scared. Hopefully he doesn’t ever.

  106. Leon, Target is Targeting us. I’ve already been fucked out of my lifetime 10% Pension was stopped in the 80s.

  107. Anyone been to Kitty Hawk, NC?

  108. External comments on social media. Pray for Oso

  109. Oso- Xb may be someone to side bar with on the buy out dealio.

  110. “Anyone been to Kitty Hawk, NC?”

    Yes. Pretty cool.

  111. This is purely an anecdote and I have no idea if it’s true or not. One of Paula’s fellow nurses goes on Christian missions to Haiti every few years and through this organization knows lots of nurses and doctors in the organization that runs them. One of the doctors she knows was in Afghanistan when the SHTF. Christian medical missions in Kabul and the Taliban are a combustible mix. Supposedly when he realized he was surrounded with no access to the airport he took his own life rather than face the Taliban. Like I said, other than that I have no way of confirming that as true. I found a story about a doctor killed in 2014 but nothing recent.

  112. Sobek nice post.
    I actually learned something that I had no idea I would even want to know.

  113. The palmetto state armory kit was delivered today.
    I’m gonna hold off on assembling it till the weekend… if I can.
    I shot the 300 aac Saturday.
    Not impressed.

  114. That sucks jimbro.

  115. Kitty hawk – it’s a “should see” if you’re in the area.

  116. There’s a good hotdog place up the road from it.

  117. Take the buyout, but don’t roll it to cash, go to an IRA or roll it into another 401k if you have one. That’s the conventional answer, anyhow. If you’re within 10 years of retirement the penalty is best avoided.

    I’m one or two bad days away from saying “fuck it” and taking the penalty and just hiding as much of what I can pull out from taxation for as long as I live. That’s me, though. I’m a lunatic who thinks spending a few months working at a meat packer would be a good investment.

  118. ugh, terrible, jimbro. I’ve hated the Taliban since they started taking down shrines.

    now Antifa does it. Coincidence? Nah, both savages.

  119. Kitty Hawk is a scam. First flight was in Bridgeport CT.

  120. Everything good comes from Connecticut: flight, seafood, cover song theory…

  121. I’m trying to figure out something to do for my birthday, rather than simply hanging around here. I thought about driving to Nashville for a long weekend, but it looks like there’s no dancing there, so instead I might try checking out places that are a bit closer.

  122. “”First flight was in Bridgeport CT. “” Was that when the ammo mfg plant blew up?


    Don’t go to Bridgeport. It’s full of bullets and crack.

  124. I’d say come visit but there’s nothing here but the College Football HoF.

  125. How far are you from Chantilly? The air and space museum is an awesome day. A must see.

  126. About an hour. I’m just south of Quantico.

  127. Williamsburg

  128. National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg PA is also a must see.

    Probably an hour or so from you.

  129. Thought you were in DC. Maybe 2 hours…totally worth it.

  130. Marine corps museum was fun. Same for Air&Space.

  131. Haven’t heard from MCPO in a while, but he’s really close to Harrisburg.

  132. Fuck the pharmas, fuck the Feds, fuckers only want us dead
    Take our money, take our lives, get no children from our wives
    Fuckers want to make us slaves, power’s all that their type craves
    This corrupt world that we know…
    …We must seek to overthrow.

    Yeah. I’m sayin’ it.

  133. Climb Ole Rag Mntn. Canoe the Shenandoah, Battlefield in Manassas, Skyline Drive. See if you can find a Bluegrass Festival.

  134. Big Schloss.

  135. One of erin’s friends is going to Afghanistan. Leaves Thursday.

  136. This one played a pivotal role in Lapeer Creek.

  137. So, gay guy (the one who wanted to transition) is gone. He’s a train wreck who couldn’t get himself to work. Basically. He also apparently has a little criminal history – sex offender. No worries. Just tried to bugger someone. Guy woke up and he was trying to …

    Well, you know.

  138. I’m shocked. My whole world is shaken.

  139. But, us straight white guys are the unstable ones who can’t control ourselves

  140. jello for lunch tomorrow. Might wind up being a fast, but I’m not a very good hungry person

  141. Anyone know the Taliban’s death toll from covid? No masks, no vaccines, no testing. They kicked our butt in the middle of a pandemic. Odd.

  142. Trans is a mental disorder.

  143. Anyone know the Taliban’s death toll from covid? No masks, no vaccines, no testing.

    Nope. Pretty sure the 42k they have flown to our various bases aren’t being tested …or vetted…either. just like before (Syria) and just like illegals.
    Get ready for them to join the 1k already here in the states.

  144. And just like Europe and the UK, the Afghan *Refugees* will be at the top of the leaderboard in rapes and killings of “Infidels”…

    Oh Boy! This is gonna be great…

  145. I suspect that Chinese COVID deaths were higher than they’re reporting,

    IIRC, there were something like 23 million fewer phone numbers in China after the first wave of covid. This was when we were bracing for 2 million or more dead here.

  146. CoAlex, Kitty Hawk is nice, though I wouldn’t go Labor Day weekend, all the beaches are nuts. Air and Space Museum (Udvar-Hazy) in Chantilly is free, but parking is like $15. If you go, say hi to Discovery for me, she’s a good girl. Other stuff in your area – Manassas, Mt. Vernon, Monticello, Gettysburg, Antietam, Luray Caverns (I haven’t been there but Mr. RFH has), Ft. McHenry (ditto).

  147. Dreary Edwardians recited poems.

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