Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born on March 30th, 1995 in Palm Harbor, Florida.  She stands 5′ 10″ and measures 342535 and 126 lbs.  Please ring up Miss Katie Bell.





    (Imgur Video)

    Either way that’s going to leave a mark.

  2. RBF but otherwise a classic Tits-On-A-Stick model

  3. The pictures where the models are leaning forward and showing off their moneymakers while wearing a crucifix necklace always make me say “Hmm”. There’s a cognitive dissonance between admiring tits that are not your wife’s and thinking about Jesus.

    Is it just me?

  4. Raspberry Boob Friday?

  5. is it just me, or is her nose kinda weird?

    like, her nostrils or the angle of the lower surface?

    it distracts from her glorious body

  6. The Pfizer shot declines in efficacy 6% every month.

    Moderna hasn’t released data but they’re saying the same thing…

    Booster shots for older folks and immunocompromised by Sept.

    The new argument is that the shot protects you until it doesn’t. Then it makes covid a lot less severe.

    Sooooooooo…if you’re healthy it’s of no value.

    Glad I held out.

  7. Nice tits pup.

  8. Do you still think about Jesus when you see a jailhouse cross tattoo on a nasty-biker dude or convict?

  9. I don’t know who the band is from the clip last night, Jam. Maybe MJ could help out here, I think this is his kind of music.

  10. I wonder when Jesus touched them enough to get the tattoo … before or after their descent and if they actually have faith

  11. Did you buy that on eBay Jam? Because that’s a swell painting

  12. or is her nose kinda weird?

    She does have some out of proportion nostrils. It looks like her nose is a little crooked too, doesn’t quite line up with the mouth below. And squinty close together eyes.

    God dammit. I’ve got to start looking at these model’s faces.

  13. I went back and looked at her nose and Rando is right. I’m not sure what that’s called but my description of it would be that the tip of her nose doesn’t extend as far as the base of her nostrils

    Shorter version: Fucked up nose

  14. I watched about a minute of her first video linked above and got to see her smiling. Looks far more attractive than her still shots with a blank looking face. She just needs a new photographer.

  15. J’imes that’s a close up of a Jan van eyck painting.
    Response to Scenes missive.

  16. That’s a cross, not a crucifix.

  17. wakey wakey

  18. I’m awake already, geez. I even went to the grocery store and back already.

  19. is it just me, or is her nose kinda weird?

    That and the varying eye makeup stood out to me, too. Probably had the lips collagened too.

  20. I still have to wakey wakey. No matter what time.

    Its in my contract.

  21. the newbies look outside the box, and not the jaded way we’ve become used to.

    newbies, you make us a better chat room


    My first thought was the ending scene from Spaceballs, with the apes.

    “Shit. There goes the religion.”

  23. I have heard from reliable sources that Lady Gaga sometimes attends mass. In mantilla, no less.

  24. heh, more like converts to the religion that will get her the most attention at this point in time.

    Next week she’ll be meeting with Madonna.

  25. I have heard from reliable sources that Lady Gaga sometimes attends mass. In mantilla, no less

    I seem to recall hearing something similar.

    I’m trying to imagine lady Gaga going full TLM tradwife.

  26. Two models in a row without scads of tatoos on ’em. Interesting.

  27. Jay, if Britney has seriously been sterilized against her will and is just looking for allies in getting out of the conservatorship…

    The Lord meets people where they are. Building fortifications with crooked timber is sort of His thing, so you know who’s really responsible.

  28. Two models in a row without scads of tatoos on ’em. Interesting.

    It’s a trap.

  29. cross, not a crucifix
    Everyone knows that

  30. Crucifixes are what the cartel guys always have in messican telenovelas. The bigger, the better.

  31. A few years ago my mom gave me her grandfather’s crucifix. It’s old school Suffering Jesus with red paint in the appropriate spots and a crown of thorns.

  32. Speaking of tattoos, I’m pretty sure this is nightmare fuel.

  33. Britney’s dad did take advantage of that situation, but she did have a breakdown. sterilization was extreme, but how else to handle a pop star that is also living that rich person lifestyle with teenage impulse control. I kind of get where his head was. There’s 2 sides to that story. Needs to get resolved, but she wasn’t treated that way just out of the blue.

  34. and excuse me if I don’t take the wholesome look at a Hollyweird star’s motives about life, when everything is released through a publicist.

  35. Oh, I happily concede that it might be a cynical ploy, I’m just trying to allow a frisson of a spark of hope that something good might come of it, nonetheless.

    I don’t have a whole lot of hope left in me for anything at this point, permit me this small indulgence.

  36. Cum guzzlers gonna cum guzzle.

  37. Well, that goes without saying.

  38. Britney’s dad did take advantage of that situation, but she did have a breakdown. sterilization was extreme, but how else to handle a pop star that is also living that rich person lifestyle with teenage impulse control. I kind of get where his head was.

    I have a friend who was sterilized against her will by her mother as a teenager, so I have no sympathy for Britney’s dad. There are legitimate ways to handle an offspring who engages in self-destructive and impulsive behavior, and to place protections on her assets for her own good. Britney’s family was simply abusive and looking to exploit her for their own gain.

  39. Comment by Hotspur on August 6, 2021 9:55 am
    Cum guzzlers gonna cum guzzle.

    How is your mom, by the way?

  40. Hiroshima Forecast 6/8/45

    High: 6000 kelvin
    Low: 293 kelvin
    Winds: 300 m/s

    **form the HQ


  41. If we’d dropped another on Mao the next day the world would be a better place.

  42. At this point you could say the same regarding a certain swamp.

  43. To add to yesterday’s stinky thread, at the Walmart bakery, we were provided a couple of parkas for when we had to go in the massive freezer…as was deli and the night crew who’d unload the trucks.
    One of the over nighters wreaked of BO and cat piss. Apparently he lived in a small trailer with his very obese wife and 20 cats.
    And then he’d come to work and stink up our parkas. If we wore one after him, we’d smell of cat piss the rest of the day. Store had to tell him to wear his own coat.
    I’d usually bring one of my old coats to wear under the parka because 1. Some days I’d be in the freezer for several hours at a time and needed that extra layer….2. That extra layer protected me from other co-workers b.o., sweat, perfumes, and cat/dog hairs.

  44. Maybe the parkas would work for covid.

  45. cat piss cures covid

  46. I bet it does. We should get MJ to try it.

  47. wait, they are going to try and tell us we added 943,000 jobs in July? Riiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhttttttt!

  48. life just got interesting, 2 people gone at work, laid off. Ugh

  49. Might just be opportunistic firing, Jay. Every layoff I’ve seen (and experienced) has been a dismissal using circumstances as an excuse.

    I wonder if Tushar’s slumlording bidness is hurting after the all the commie bullshit.

  50. probably, but they still did little simple stuff that I didn’t have to.

  51. “God dammit. I’ve got to start looking at these model’s faces.”


  52. “”Speaking of tattoos, I’m pretty sure this is nightmare fuel.””
    Cyn would hit it.

  53. I don’t follow anything pop star related; so I’ve got no what’s going on with the Britney Spears dealio …. I can say without any knowledge of the back story that forced sterilization of a human being is evil and the perpetrator has no valid justification that I can think of off hand.

  54. I’m open to arguments to the contrary.

  55. PUPSTER! I got a dryer lint brush and my dryer actually dries things now!!!

  56. She wouldn’t get out of the nest, so I could water the plant. This pic was taken from 4 ft away while I was asking her to kindly leave the premises for 3 minutes. She doesn’t know English, so it took me slowly stepping up the ladder until she got a good close look at my giant floating head….and me pointing the camera, before she flew off. There are now two eggs in the half-assed nest.


  57. Baby finches have started to peep.

  58. it’s amazing how well they work with proper ventilation, huh sobek?

  59. Pictured: Sobek, dryer lint brush

  60. I don’t believe that the sterilization of Britney was permanent. It was an IUD. Still wrong, but not nearly as wrong as surgical.

  61. She’s in her late thirties, so much longer and it may as well be permanent.

  62. How old was she when the conservatorship started? The fact that dad and all the lawyers are being paid extremely well from her fortune is the huge red flag that her best interests were low priority.

  63. And if she wants to blow through her fortune being a dumbass, that’s her business. Set it up in some kind of trust…you’re worth $75M…you will probably live to 80 if you aren’t snorting dope…so 75M divided by 50yrs is what you get per year. Croak before that, the rest goes into a trust for her sons. That’s what I would have done as her parent/guardian.

  64. …if she is truly mental…

  65. I can see putting it into a conservatorship while she was going through mental issues, but ultimately that should be a short term solution while she gets help.

  66. Her dad probably want to take so much control away from her because he knew his daughter would cut him off if she could decide her own fate. He’d been pimping her out since she was a child. It would suck for him to have to make his own way in life.

  67. Given that she was in Mickey Mouse Club, there’s a non-zero chance that “pimp” is not merely pejorative in this case.

    And real work is, like, hard. Better to just seek rent and sell things that don’t belong to you to get that rent. Things like your daughter’s talent/innocence/body/dignity.

  68. trials on 12-17 y/o subjects.

  69. Love the asstopus tat. That’s some commitment right there.

  70. I can think of loads of justification for forced sterilization.

  71. In fact, I think sterilization at birth should be mandatory. When you’ve proven you can support and properly raise children, you can get fixed .

    Otherwise, fuck to your heart’s content, but we don’t need any more neglected children.

  72. And it would put Planned Parenthood and all of the other baby killers out of business.

  73. I like the asstopus tat. That’s real commitment to the bit right there.

    Also, why do I keep getting banned?

  74. The algo thinks you’re a senator from Kentucky not named Rand.

  75. Not gonna lie, I called it nightmare fuel, but the asstopus chick is still a 1 on the binary scale.

    I’m willing to have some nightmares. Can’t be worse than when I binge-watched all of Legend of the Overfiend in one sitting.

  76. I fished some of your comments out of the spam, Mitch. I don’t know what you did to wordpress but you should apologize.

  77. Re: asstopus girl.

    My head screams “danger!” but my dick says, “totally worth it.”

  78. She does teh pron.

  79. “YOLO”
    – muh dik

  80. No! I’m shocked. I shan’t believe it. A girl with a giant octopus tattooed around her butthole seems like a perfect candidate for tradwifehood.

  81. She’d be a hoot at my old marriage enrichment group, I bet.

  82. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 6, 2021 6:58 pm
    She’d be a hoot at my old marriage enrichment group, I bet.

    Group leader: So how are some ways we can strengthen the bonds of marriage?
    Asstopus Girl: A threesome with my college girlfriend.
    Group leader: What?
    Asstopus Girl: What?

  83. Imagine having to be the person tattooing the crack. Showers mandatory.

  84. Cold ones, in my case.

  85. Drill weekend has begun.

  86. I’m pretty sure being squeamish is not a problem for tattoo “artists”.

    I found her name but I’m not posting it, and I’m begging you, with tears in my eyes and bile in my throat to not look into this particular abyss any further.

  87. Pupster is looking out for all of us.

    And by all of us I mean me and Alex and Mare.

  88. Good job, Molly! Bronze in the marathon.

    She is going to be a media darling.

  89. I found her name but I’m not posting it, and I’m begging you, with tears in my eyes and bile in my throat to not look into this particular abyss any further.

    Found her.

  90. Found her too. She has a pretty face, it’s a shame she turned her ass into a cephalopod for attention.

  91. Assalopod.

  92. 9/10 MJ would smash

  93. L to R: MJ, Cephalopooper.

  94. The only time
    I will ever post something positive about BLM.

  95. I wouldn’t be surprised if the true genesis of that was 4chan.

    Either way, I’ll take it.

  96. I don’t care if it’s real or parody. Also cheered DeSantis hitting back on the “Governor Who” deal.

  97. Felix ran a great race, got a bronze. Aww, she’s talking to her baby, who’s kissing the screen, via a zoom thing.

    Just watched Kenyan win women’s gold, 1500m. (3.51 was her time. Mr. B’s time, back in the day was 3.44). Another mother by the looks of her belly. Awesome race. White girl from Great Britain got the silver.

  98. I nominate Alfredo as honorary Hostage.

  99. And again, could be fake, don’t care.

  100. Olympics were on when I was at the dentist yesterday. I sat under the tv so I couldn’t see them.

  101. LOL, roamy!

  102. It’s fake, Roamy, he’s a comedian.

  103. Wow, Italy won gold in the men’s 4 x 100 meter. Great Britain got silver.

  104. Beasn, I think one of the Italian runners was the guy who won the 100m dash (the new “fastest man on Earth”).

  105. Sorry, I’m just cranky because The Project That Must Not Be Named is going to miss the November launch date. Could be December, could be March. Either way, I gotta embrace the suuuuuck that the next couple of months are going to be.

    Told Mr. RFH, and he suggested we start hunting horcruxes.

  106. Phylacteries.

    Which reminds me, I keep thinking that a novel with a lich protagonist would be, well, novel. Don’t think it’s been done.

  107. Derek endured Reginald’s puns.

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