Meme Me an Angel

In honor of my drive in today. Got behind a sheriff at Ames, had to follow for 25 miles!


  1. ah, that fresh poat smell…

  2. Open Mike Night

  3. Comment by Jimbro on August 5, 2021 8:45 am

    Good, infuriating-to-read article about the Deep State bullshit

    I learned a new word for a concept I sort of knew by intuition

    Love learning new languages and this is supposedly a term from “carnival talk”. Can’t wait for the Duolingo on that!

  4. His pectus must have been large enough to cause cardiac compromise. I doubt the deformity changed, it’s more likely that over time and with aging his reserve was used up

    Yes, he was having cardiac issues. He was fine laying down…but when he’d go to an upright position, it’d hit.

    Friend of ours kid had the procedure done as a young teen. Older you get, the worse it becomes re compromised heart/lungs.

  5. Crowder was at high risk to stroke out.

  6. Lockdown probability: 50%.

  7. Last meme, totally me and piggies.

  8. true dat, beasnsnsnnnssss

  9. Haven’t read jimbro’s links yet, but Robert Barnes has mentioned the topic months ago. Said Jan 6 has fbi stench all over it.

  10. heh, Matt Gaetz and MTG have a podcast. this should be interesting


  12. My entire body aches. Legs, back, shoulders…….

    I feel like I was in a bad car crash, all from a 30 minute visit with the dentist.

    No finger in the butt.

  13. Rasslin’ folk use “kayfabe” as well, which makes sense when you consider how that business operates.

  14. I’ve asked repeatedly what the point of 1/6 was supposed to be. Never got any response that made sense or indicated it was of any use to us. Getting pretty obvious it was a sucker trap.

    No wonder we get laughed at, we’re way the fuck too trusting and wind up looking like idiots half the time.

  15. Tim, i thing republicans should attack into the ambush. State legislatures should start making Jan 6th a holiday. “Insurrection Day” to celebrate the storming of the Capitol by patriots.

  16. I thought the point was to show Mike Pence all the people who’d happily cripple him with an axe handle in the future if he didn’t do his effin’ job.

  17. Meme me? You mean Mimi from the Drew Carey show?

  18. Trump has long relied on rallies to help bolster his support and create unity among supporters. I think that while he hoped that a large turnout might convince Congress to take the issues with the election seriously, it’s more practical goal was to demonstrate that he was going to be a force in Republican politics going forward.

  19. look how they twisted his words at the rally that they contend instigated the “insurrection”, which just so happened to be happening simultaneously, so that would be very impractical. But that part is left out of every story. Move along, nothing to see here.

    Freakin Baghdad Bob media, and dem congresscritters.

  20. Heh, music meme for leon

  21. The only demonstrations of will that count are the ones that have a tangible, positive result. “Sending a message” is NOT a valid reason to send your supporters into an ambush. It’s not even a valid tactical or strategic aim. It’s politispeak garbage.

  22. Not Insurrection Day for Jan 6th. Call it “Janteenth”

    Force Democrats tell the truth AGAIN

  23. Perfect.

  24. Call it “Janteenth”


  25. Gaetz and MTG were good. Went over the scam that is the NRCC, and “Altar Calls”.

  26. The dumbest fucking thing of all time isn’t falling into the trap, it’s the ridiculous politicians afterward aligning themselves with the people who set the trap.

    It’s as if they want a finger in the butt.

  27. Janteenth is now part of the H2 birthday page, right at the top!

  28. The dumbest fucking thing of all time isn’t falling into the trap, it’s the ridiculous politicians afterward aligning themselves with the people who set the trap.

    Fred Upton is a dungheap on legs.

  29. Freddie isn’t alone

  30. The Meijer scion is equally shit. I don’t shop there anymore.

  31. Rollo Lawson is the greatest sitcom character of all time. Discuss.

  32. The only demonstrations of will that count are the ones that have a tangible, positive result. “Sending a message” is NOT a valid reason to send your supporters into an ambush. It’s not even a valid tactical or strategic aim. It’s politispeak garbage.

    If you always wait until you’re sure that you’ll have a tangible, positive result, then you’re going to be sitting around on your ass until the Lord returns. All life is a gamble, and every decision carries an element of risk. And sending a message is a perfectly valid aim. Demonstrations of force are a legitimate tactic throughout military history. The Jan 6th rally was a demonstration of force by Trump at a time when the GOP establishment was hoping that he’d go away quietly so that they could go back to business as usual.

  33. It’s not a question of it being a gamble. It’s a question of it even being an aim.

  34. It’s as if they want a finger in the butt.

    I suspect they want…and get…more than just fingers up their butts.

  35. After reading Jimbro’s Pdf I guess I’m going to have to call Keeley and tell her that her doctor was just being VERY thorough.

    The fact that she got Bidened is a good thing.

  36. Who TF is Rollo Lawson?

  37. Grady, only black man on Earth funnier than Fred Sanford.

  38. Shady Grady.

  39. Fred Upton is a dungheap on legs.

    He has loads of company in this regard.

    Just here in Michigan we have (had) John Dingell, Carl Levin, Sander Levin, Debbie Stabenow, Dan Kildee, Rashida Tlaib, Justin Amash, the current governor, her first cunt of a husband, the current attorney general, and of course Kwame Kilpatrick, who Trump pardoned *spit*.

  40. Shady Grady.

    And of course the guy who Fred referred to as Julio the damn foolio.

    I loved that fucking show.

  41. Rollo was my childhood dog’s name. My dad said Rollo was a king. Just looked it up and, yes, he was a Viking who hit the big time and became a king in Normandy. No word on whether he dropped in on the micks or not.


  43. It’s the best show of all time.

    The people at my new gig don’t use RPA at all so I’ve created a few bots to make everyone’s life easier.

    I name them after S&S characters.

    Rollo was born this morning.

  44. Huh, things I didn’t know about Sanford and Son

    Grady is named after Demond Wilson, the actor who played Lamont on the series. His full name is Grady Demond Wilson.

  45. hmm, someone posted a Sig P365. Nice looking 9MM.

  46. S&S was a great show. Where are the reruns playing now?

  47. Jimbro, there’s no fucking way those reruns can be shown today.

  48. They’ve gone to the place where they keep Amos and Andy, Uncle Remus, Little Rascals, and Doctor Seuss.

  49. Trans Muppet news

    I get email updates from them. So far it’s been radio silence on the guy cruising Grindr for butt fingery stuff

  50. another one they can’t show: The Jeffersons

    See also: All In The Family.

  51. says that Sanford and Son is available on Starz. I’ve never seen it, maybe have to have an app.


    Not sure if they’ve edited them or chosen only milquetoast episodes

  53. Sanford and Son Pilot episode

    On youtube?

  54. Amazon Prime has them too IF you buy Starz

    “Included with STARZ on Amazon for $8.99/month after trial

    Watch with STARZ

    Start your 7-day free trial”

  55. S&S, All in the Family, and Jeffersons rotate on antennae teepee. Roseanne is also back on re-runs…Laff TV, I think.

  56. …teevee….farking phone

  57. “I am porcelain. You are …crockery”

  58. give him one across the lips, lamont

    Sounds like your mom

  59. RPA looks a lot like the automated test suite we use for web apps.

  60. The example I saw was resume reviewing.

    So the HR people who don’t know shit about the actual product are creating software agents to do the most critical part of their job that only know how to scan for buzzwords and score accept/reject on brittle lexical analysis.

    I can’t see any way this could go wrong.

  61. HR killed it. No surprise.

  62. There is nothing “human” about Human Resources. If ever there was a misnomer, this one takes the cake.

    Programmed unthinking uncaring robots who turn on at 9AM, off at 5PM, and never work weekends.

    If such a department exists in your company, you’re already fucked.

  63. The Devil has called Trumka home to his eternal reward.

  64. Trumka is dead.

    Hell’s doors just parted for yet another resident.

  65. Scott and I were talking the other day about how even just the *theme song* for All in the Family is problematic today.

    …the way Glen Miller played
    songs that made the hit parade
    guys like us, we had it made [white male bastards]
    those were the days

    and you knew who you were then
    girls were girls and men were men [hissss!! homophobic!]
    mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again [clutching pearls]

    didn’t need no welfare state
    everybody pulled his weight
    [aaaaiiiggh! IT BURNS!]


  66. I’ve never watched “All in the Family”. Dad hated it, and Edith caterwauling the theme song turned me off from trying to rebel and watch it anyway.

  67. So the HR people who don’t know shit about the actual product are creating software agents to do the most critical part of their job that only know how to scan for buzzwords and score accept/reject on brittle lexical analysis.

    I can’t see any way this could go wrong.

    And those same people and programs will be used to monitor your online activity for badthink.

  68. All in the Family is one of the greatest shows of all time.

  69. Garbage doll is at $207. Four hours to go.

  70. Gee our old LaSalle ran great!

    Preferred car for Klan members. Known fact.

  71. Gee our old Lasalle ran great.
    Those were the days.

    Loved that show.

    Unfortunately it launched the career of Sally Strothers, one of the most bangable vapid cunts in TV history.

  72. She did have a bit part with Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces before All In the Family.

  73. I still watch it whenever it is on.

  74. What is this garbage doll of which you speak?

  75. There is an engine test in half an hour or so, trying to find out if it will be on NASA TV or not.

  76. Wakey wakey

  77. Scott found a demonically possessed doll in a consignment and eBay is full of suckers.

  78. and

    Should go live at 3:06 PM Eastern (10 minutes from now)

  79. It never ends …

  80. I’m watching All in the Family.

    It’s so funny.

    I remember I was so confused by the reruns as a kid.

    What was a Lasalle? Why is a man named Carrol? Why did meathead and Sally live with them?


  81. Actually he said it 3 times. LOL

  82. Why did he always wear the same clothes? I never got that.


  83. Our discussion this morning inspired me to go ahead and buy the complete series of Sanford And Son on DVD. After taxes and with free shipping it was about $30 at Best Buy. No need to get Starz now and I get to drive Paula crazy by watching it while she’s trying to hear Crossfit videos.

    *looks at AITF collections

  84. ALL IN THE FAMILY:The Complete Series Seasons 1-9 (DVD,28-Disc Set) NEW

    $54 on eBay or they’ll take a garbage doll in trade

  85. What is this garbage doll of which you speak?

    Part of a lot that a man didn’t want and told scott he could toss.
    Antique bisque doll. Painted face. Not sure if the clothes are original, haven’t looked close enough on my computer.
    One man’s garbage is another man’s gold. Ain’t nothing garbage about this one.

  86. How was this show on in the 70s and 80s? OMG it’s so funny and real.

  87. Up until just a few years ago you could call a Jap a Jap, and no one would bat an eye.

    I mean, I can see why gook and zipperhead and jungle bunny are offensive. But in those days everyone returning from Vietnam called them gooks. Didn’t make it right, but you can see why it was part of mainstream lingo.

    No doubt it’s best that it is gone.

    But Jap? I don’t see the problem.

    And why is it okay for all of the world to call us Yanks?

  88. Listening to one of my favorite albums now, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”. A 50th anniversary version is coming out soon. I ordered the vinyl version for Ben. He’s been working his ass off at the airport this summer,we hardly see him but 2 or 3 days a week tops. And he’s off with friends when he’s off work.

  89. Sally and Meathead lived with them because Meathead was basically a loser.

  90. And Meathead turned out to be a lifetime title.

  91. The lines from the theme song

    “and you knew who you were then
    girls were girls and men were men”

    probably referenced hippies with long hair which was more of a contemporary issue when it ran. Imagine Archie Bunker having a free and uncensored hand to comment on today’s society.

  92. The set up for this episode is hilarious.

    The jeffersons move into the neighborhood and invite Archie and Dingbat over for dinner. Archie can’t and doesn’t want to go because they are black. He’s also working on a petition for the neighborhood not to sell anymore houses to black folks because they have a black family now. And he has tickets for the Mets game that night.

    Archie makes an excuse that Edith has a sprained ankle. Can’t make it. The kid, Lionel, offers to have dinner brought to them but he warns Archie that his dad doesn’t want to eat with him at all because he doesn’t want to be around whitey. LOL…whitey.

    Archie can’t turn it down.

    Of course a guy from the neighborhood comes over right when the Jeffersons arrive.

    Archie and mr jefferson argue about whether god is white or black.


    Then once they decide they can’t eat dinner together, they find out mr jefferson isn’t mr jefferson. He wouldn’t come because he hates whitey.

    He’s at the Mets game.


  93. Funny story.
    So you know how a finch pair flew under my nose and built themselves a nest in one of my three hanging pots? Babies are coming along nicely…not so sure about the plant as the bird crap builds up. Anyhoo, day before yesterday, I was ‘feeding’ my hanging flower pots, and noticed someone else was building a nest in one of the other pots. So I pulled all the nesting material out, fed the plant, went about my merry bidness.
    Two days later, time to water again. For watering, I usually just hold the hose up until the water starts running out the bottom. Start at the pot where I pulled the nesting material out and shocked the shit out of a dove, who flew out flapping and whooping how doves do. WTF? Get a ladder, and there smack center in the pot is another nest, done half-assed this time, with one single egg. Went “AHHHHH!”, watered around the nest and walked off muttering to myself.

    This morning I went out, there is mom dove perched all obvious in the center of my plant, like a cake decoration, eyeballing me eyeballing her as I check the moisture in the center, birdless, pot. To both our surprise, in flies dad, with a stick (I’m guessing after I tore out the nesting material the other day, they didn’t have time to shore things up cause that baby was a’comin.) Mom flies off whoopin and hollerin and I freeze. Dad places his stick, realizes I’m standing there in my bright pink shirt, and about shits his pants. He flies off screaming, flapping away in serpentine, into the middle of the yard with a WTF on his face.

    I’m guessing the cold, wet, spring put everyone’s schedules off. On the bright side, dumb as doves are, their babies are pretty cute.

  94. I have a dove nest over one of my garage outdoor lights. The mom and dad were giving me the EVIL eye yesterday.

  95. Old man tells trans woman to “Fuck that shit”.


  96. Doves are pigeons with good PR.

  97. LOL, that was hilarious.

    And he’s right. No one confronts people like that guy.

  98. Beasn?

  99. Pretty sure that’s a chinchilla, not a guinea pig. Cute as all get out, though.

  100. Whatever it is I’m sure it fits in here

  101. I need the bigger family tree that includes the split with the lagomorphs.

  102. “You’re fucked in the head. What’s wrong with you? I am confronting you that you are an asshole.”


    Love that dude.

  103. I’m watching the Olympic race walk. They look like they have to pee.

  104. haha, that guy is great. He’s channeling all of us.

  105. “Do you have a dick? I bet you do”

  106. That video is a good example of don’t start none, won’t be none.

  107. What gives the CDC authority to declare/extend an eviction ban? There is no way that can be in their purview.

    It’s insane.

  108. With 5 seconds left on the auction garbage doll was going for $207.

    4…3….2….1. it shot up to $394.

    Best garbage ever.

  109. it shot up to $394.
    Shipping to Japan for use as a porcelain sex doll

  110. Got a smaller one ending in about 25 minutes.

  111. That was a good lot. Guy paid $225 for what he wanted, and I will get about $500 for the stuff he didn’t want.

    We will still have a giant glass dome (future greenhouse) and an antique baby stroller (planter) left over.

  112. So I’m going to have to get rid of my iphone I guess. Already ditched android and I’m never going back.


  113. Congrats, Scott!

  114. Remind me again, Scott, where you got this stuff?

  115. see beasn’s 3:43 comment, Colex

  116. That is awesome, Scott! WoOT! Whatcha gonna buy the hunchback, a dremel for her toenails?

  117. Is the baby stroller a real stroller or made for plants? Lots of people love antique ones for their doll rooms.

  118. It’s a real stroller, but small, what a little kid would use for their doll.

  119. This will help defray the cost of storing unclaimed freight.

  120. The CEO of Pfizer had to cancel a trip to Israel because he wasn’t fully vaccinated!!!


  121. Alex, a guy bought a large lot from an auction. There were about 10 items in the lot and he was only interested in 2.

    His instructions to me were “you can do whatever you want with the rest, sell it or throw it away.”

    I got the best part.

  122. i must say, i’m pretty good with a wok, and fresh veggies, and some chicken

  123. Victor Orban sure doesn’t seem like a dictator, on Tucker

  124. Pup – what band is that?

  125. Well you never go full dictator on Tucker, Jay. Just isn’t done.

  126. Well, you never go full dictator on Tucker, Jay. It just isn’t done.

  127. Orban has impressed me over the years. If he wants to conquer Yoorop at some point I may send him a gift basket.

  128. aaaaaand the NRCC is calling again

  129. That is an old story, Mare. Many months ago.

    He might not been eligible at the time.

  130. not have been

  131. Chinese got silver and gold in women’s diving. Their recipe? Use 13 and 14 year olds who have probably not gone thru puberty. No curves, no body fat. Streamline straight into water, no splash.

  132. **notes it is my turn to scrub the hump**

    **gets out tarpaulin, bristle brushes, gloves, pail of soaps and unguents**

    Oh, hey, new stuff! Lumpy, you want the lavender or the lemonbalm?

  133. Aaannnd just got a call from NRCC.

  134. I’ve switched to non-aluminum deodorant. Bought some Tom’s and cotton scented Secret (why in hell has it taken them so long to have their own?)
    Tom’s gets break thru stink by mid afternoon. Secret may be the keeper.

    Now back to your regular random surfing…

  135. I quit deodorant about 25 years ago.

    It makes you stink.

  136. *whispers “l-l-lavender,” with trembling lip and teary eyes*

  137. I can’t do that Scott. I’m of German heritage in the throes of repeated episodes of sweaty flame throwing heat flashes a day, many a day. Maybe that’s why Tom’s fails.

  138. Lavender it is!

    **hums song from Barber of Seville **

  139. I quit deodorant… wait, I never really started.

    Pretty sure it’s a scam by Big Armpit.

  140. Or you could just stink.

  141. I might, but I don’t care. It’s cheaper.

  142. I’m a real nonconformist, you see.

    Which is a nice way of saying weirdo.

  143. I just bathe in cologne.

  144. I had a co-worker (now retired) who stunk so bad, I didn’t allow him in the clean room. I could smell him from more than 6 feet away.

  145. My wife reliably informs me when “manly scent” has rolled over into “fulness and horror”, but I rarely need to be told. Shower and goat soap and I’m set.

  146. Foulness is absolutely a word you dumbfuck tablet.

  147. My first company commander when I was company XO had a BO problem. Nice guy, good officer, very neat and clean… Could knock you down from six feet away. I had to tell him.

  148. I have a coworker right now who can be so smelly some days, my eyes water when they walk by. The mask does nothing!!

    Really nice person. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I’m not going to be the one to say something.

  149. Some people still don’t understand that you need to buy a product that is both an antiperspirant AND a deodorant.

    If it doesn’t say both on the package, just pass it by.

    We use Sure Unscented Solid, have for at least 30-35 years.

  150. Discuss European realist painters.

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