Am I The Only Meme

Standard version of the song pissing off mainstream country.


  1. Greetings comrades

  2. I’m not averse to pineapple on pizza. It’s hardly my go to slice IYKWIM but I won’t turn my nose up at it

  3. Bangor is gradually replacing sewer and water pipes, some of which are over a hundred years old and need it. This means roads ripped up for most of the summer. Streets around the hospital have been under construction since late last fall. I’m hoping it wraps up before we get to winter again

  4. Everything went well yesterday, just kinda shaky today. A good day to catch up on email whilst icing the knee.

  5. An odd thought: I know the current covid spike is all the illegals plus the media distorting everything, but I also wonder if it’s low vitamin D because it’s freakin’ hot and humid, and everyone is staying indoors.

  6. makes sense roamy. but I’m out more now than other seasons

  7. yeah you southerners can just fix roads all winter willy nilly. must be nice to have year round road construction

  8. It’s only hot down south, weather’s perfect here.

    2nd cutting of hay is getting baled tonight, and our usual helper has a gig. I’m going to be wrecked.

  9. The delta variant thing seems to be a common cold.

    GND and I have been having the discussion since last year obviously, but I think we’re in for a protracted period of ‘medical safety’.

    There’s a lot of money/prestige to be made by manically focusing on everyday, non threatening things.

    Losing weight is hard and costly. Shaming people is free.

    As we transition fully from a dignity culture to a victim culture medical conditions will take preeminence.

    I had covid. I’m disabled. I’m a victim. I can’t come to the office. I need a shorter work week. I need to rest. I’m just like the oppressed. I have anxiety. I have conditions. I need insurance. I need my meds. I’m special. I fought covid and won. I’m like a cancer survivor.

    All of this for a bad flu released by a sloppy, probably hungover Chinaman.

  10. must be nice to have year round road construction
    Yeah. It’s great. LOL

  11. 2nd cutting of hay is getting baled tonight, and our usual helper has a gig. I’m going to be wrecked.
    I really wish I could help you with stuff like this. I love doing favors for people and working my ass off. It’s so different than…*looks around* this.

  12. On a roll.

  13. 5

  14. I pay farm help pretty well. Regular guy makes 5 bales an hour. That might not sound like much, but good hay in our market is 7-8 bucks a bale.

  15. I’d do it for free.

  16. He’s become a friend, but I don’t pay him to do it, not really. I pay him to come back and help next time.

  17. Today’s workout will be 300 reps of 50# clean and press, approximately.

  18. I belong to a group on faceass that is fighting mask/vax mandates in our state. Lots of info shared there. Lots of people discussing same things we do here.
    Apparently, one of the bigger hospitals has refused all exemption requests by nurses. Only two were permitted and those two are doctors. One is the ICU intensivist and the other the head infectious disease doc. Now why, of all people, would they allow those guys an exemption. Do they even work with patients, like the nurses have been doing THROUGHOUT this entire thing?

    *scratches head*

    As an aside, a large group of nurses, as in 4 digit territory, are working with a lawyers.

  19. wakey wakey

  20. My baby finches are a tiny pile of fluff, right now. If I need to water the surrounding flowers in the pot, I pick a time, usually noonish, and watch/wait for mom to take a break and fly off. Then I run out like a goober to fill up a small watering can. This dance is working so far.

    Oh, and I thought I saw a baby squirrel in the driveway across the street, this morning. Got my binoculars and it ain’t no squirrel. It’s a chipmunk!! In all the years I’ve been living here in MO, I have never seen a chipmunk in the wild before. Wth?

  21. It often surprises me how much people don’t know. Talking with some co-workers about this and that after work.

    They think I’m a genius who knows everything.

    Maybe it’s just because I’m old?

  22. From CNBC–

    “Two more Washington, D.C., police officers died by suicide in the months after defending the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot by Trump supporters, bringing the grim tally of such deaths to four.”

    What’s the usual suicide rate in a police force of 2000?

  23. A lot of it is just different priorities for younger people. They’re still invulnerable (in their minds) and focused on careers, video games and punani.


    This is fun

  25. A lot of people just don’t know much because they are either tied to their televisions, their video games, or their phones tied to social media. They don’t read, they don’t question, they can’t think, and don’t want to discuss. It’s easier not to. They believe anything “well respected government agencies” tell them.

  26. they don’t want to discuss learning anything, either, because if they don’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing. Someone will take care of it.

    If you don’t believe them, you’re a h8r. They got a trophy in 2nd grade for spelling cat right. They smaaaaaart.

  27. reason #128 I’m going to hell, for laughing at this:

    He started with a 13 y/o mind, just leveling off now.

  28. Hmm, things I didn’t know: Canola. Guess where canola oil comes from? (Hint: No, it’s not the canola plant. There’s no such thing per se. The “canola” plant was developed in the 1970’s and is nothing more than a modified, cross-bred version of the rapeseed plant.)

  29. Canola just sounds more politically correct than rapeseed.

  30. so Judge Napolitano on Fox has been dismissed, is a perv (on guys, not the ladies). Interesting

  31. Leoncarruthers, I remember when #75 bales were “whee! Easy day!!”

    would probably kill me today

  32. I read that story jay and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pile on.

    Yep, he was there. Yep, someone else pushed the statue on him and smooshed his head.

    No one was held accountable.

    It’s just sad.

  33. Don’t start no trouble, won’t be no trouble.

    That’s what my old man taught me.

  34. True as that is, MJ, if you’re going where you know trouble will be, and trouble comes down on you, well, your choices played a role.

    Really gotta get back to that as a society.

  35. I thought everyone knew Napolitano was light in the loafers.

  36. I wonder how light in the loafers became a euphamism for enjoying the feel of penis all up in your tonsils.

  37. Seems that we are not only the World Police, we are the World Doctor:
    Pfizer Inc., New York, New York, was awarded a $3,500,000,001 firm-fixed-price contract for the procurement of 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine for the purpose of international donation. Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work will be performed in New York, New York, with an estimated completion date of Dec. 31, 2022. Fiscal 2021 research, development, test and evaluation, Army funds in the amount of $3,500,000,001 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity (W58P05-21-C-0002). (Awarded July 30, 2021)

  38. Disco Dancin’, Barbara Streisand lovin’, friend of Dorothy.

  39. 75# bales aren’t safe to stack as high as we need to stack, and vertical storage — while necessary — unfairly favors the tall. No matter how strong I’ve been at various times in life, being short is always a handicap for things like this.

  40. I thought everyone knew about “Canada Oil”.

    No one should eat that shit, btw. Good for industrial applications and basically nothing else. It’s literally industrial waste, same as cottonseed oil.

  41. Welp, GNDs regional in person meeting was just cancelled.

    Here it comes.

  42. All hell’s gonna break loose over this.

    So glad I live out in the country now.

  43. Your mom prefers Mobile 1 Synthetic 5w30.

  44. Here what comes?
    Joebama shutting shit down?

  45. My wife and I flew to Phoenix this weekend to visit my little sister and her husband. Had to mask from the moment we entered the airport to the moment we got in the rental car and closed the door. It felt like living in a foreign country. Also it sucked. It didn’t help that my wife got felt up by TSA both going and coming back.

  46. If 0 still has a birthday party while they put the rest of us under arrest..

    I ain’t Atlas, but I’ll shrug as hard as I can.

  47. All hell’s gonna break loose over this.
    People will comply. I think we’re in a bubble.

    I’ve been saying all along that people really like this. They like the rules and they LOVE flexing power over others. Whether it’s a dirty look, a confrontation, or just being ‘in’.

  48. I thought he already had the party…or am I mistaken? No way that shithead is going to cancel all that buttlicking.

  49. So what is going to happen…mask mandate or shutdown?

    Went to the store yesterday and most people were maskless and the shelves looked mostly stocked. But beef was 9.99/lb. Is that the inflation or is that the push towards fake meat. Mr. B thinks I am too conspiracy minded until reality slaps him in the face and I don’t ever hear “sorry, you were right…again.”

  50. My guess is that it will come next week. Stock up on toilet paper.

  51. Mask mandate for all kids above 2 indoors in Atlanta.

  52. People above 2.

  53. The feds can’t order a mask mandate or lockdown, so they’ll have to rely on the states to do it. My hole is that the GOP governors tell Biden to pound sand.

  54. MJ, lefties may like it but there are too many others who will still give authorities the benefit of the doubt no matter how many times they’ve shown their asses to be corrupt, lying, incompetent.

  55. Hope. My hole is that GOP governors tell him to pound sand. Dem mayor’s will comply, unfortunately.

  56. I bought papertowels and TP, yesterday. Still have enough TP to last us until spring. BIL can help with MIL’s TP needs and the kids are on their own. Dopes.

  57. Just picked up another 12 pack of shit paper so I’m good for the moment.

  58. I’ll have to swing by costco tomorrow morning, hopefully before the Flood.

  59. If you guys weren’t so full of shit you wouldn’t need so much tp.

  60. Hotspur is laughing out his bidet hole

  61. Just picked up another 12 pack of shit paper so I’m good for the moment.
    Must be a big moment.

  62. and the kids are on their own.

    I did tell Rocketboy and the co-workers I like, that another shutdown might be coming, top off the groceries, TP, and gas. I’m putting together a box of basics for Mini-me, too, in addition to the bugout bag.

    Beasn, the $10/lb beef is inflation. There’s a lady who calls herself Mashup Mom who gets the Aldi’s ads early and publishes a weekly meal plan. It used to be six meals for $60, now it’s $65 and sometimes a little more. So, 10% inflation.

  63. Just picked up another 12 pack of shit paper so I’m good for the moment.
    Must be a big moment.

    **re-reads Compos Mentis’ port-a-potty story**

  64. The bidet is a great thing. You are washing that shit off instead of just smearing it around onto paper.

  65. I find it difficult to believe that people who suffered so badly from lockdowns last time will just go quietly this time. Are people really that broken?

  66. Meijer front door sign changed to “it is recommended that everyone wear a mask”.

    I don’t’ know when, but recently. Only a handful complied.

  67. I skimmed thru the Mercola article on LA. So chicken bad, beef good? Olive oil to a point and lard (preferably beef) best. Do I have that right?

    Then I’ve got “How Not to Die” on my coffee table promoting a plant-based diet.

  68. I’m trying to add more veggies to my diet including legumes and I like to cook the beans in chicken broth for better flavor. Is that bad?

  69. Car in, our stores have had that sign on their doors since they changed it from “required”.

  70. Our stores said “if unvaccinated it is advised” or something like that . They ever-evolving Covid signs.

  71. I think for the last month there were no signs actually.

  72. my local grocery store recommends masks too.

    It won’t be long to be required, in deep blue Ames.

  73. and we have a GOP governor further to the right than Noem. She passed bans on CRT, passed a law making it illegal for mask mandates.

    But that won’t matter to Ames. She’s wrong, and they hate her. It’s almost funny how the spittle flies when they talk about Reynolds here.

  74. Wait, is chicken fat bad? I have 1/2 lb of delicious homemade schmaltz in the fridge right now! Well, mine wasn’t fried with onions so it’s technically not schmaltz. Mine was gently rendered, and cleaned by simmering with water and rosemary.

  75. I did a little looking.

    UAE is the most vaccinated country on the planet. 79%. They have a population of 9.8 million and are seeing about 1500 new covid cases a day. About 4-6 deaths a day for the last month. Michigan has a population of 10 million. Vaccination rate is MUCH lower – 48% are fully vax’d, and 53% have had one dose. We’ve been averaging about 300-500 range of new cases since the start of June (still at that rate) with about 5-6 deaths a day for the last month.

  76. love cooking with chicken fat. Also have some turkey fat in the freezer that I make turkey day gravy with, delicious!

  77. **re-reads Compos Mentis’ port-a-potty story**
    One of my top 5.

    Reg Fake is probably my fav.

  78. I find it difficult to believe that people who suffered so badly from lockdowns last time will just go quietly this time. Are people really that broken?
    I think it’s a question of options. They have none.

  79. They have left us with only one box, and no one wants to be the first to open it, because we know what comes next.

  80. They’ve demonstrated what they will do if we resist. The ruling elite and their friends in the media – Jan 6th.

  81. No one is going to war over masks or lockdowns.

    Especially when there’s cheese to hand out. Which reminds me, where is my cheesebag?

  82. Someone should take an excavator to Centralia, PA, and dig until they hit fire.

  83. Erm … I know a whole lot of people who have had enough. They Can’t work from home. They don’t have home gyms. Their businesses can’t take another shut down.

    Most of all, people are sick and tired of having absolutely everything taken from them. Artists and entertainers will be looking at a third year of no income. Venues, and entertainment. Restaurants are STILL struggling to get out from under the mess, with employment.

    Folks who work from home may be in a bit of a bubble from those who were really affected by this. They’re still REALLY mad.

  84. We wanted to buy a jetski. We put down money back in Feb and StILL don’t have it. now it sucks to be me, but how about the jet ski store? how about they deal with one summer of shut downs, and then year two with close to zero product? Year three with ???

    Yea. No. People aren’t going to just roll over. I don’t see it.

  85. Peasants don’t get jetskis in Biden’s America. Know your place.

  86. Would this approach have persuaded me? I doubt it, but it’s certainly better than Matt Yglesias and his “get your jab now and get $50 or be held down and jabbed and get $0”.

  87. Our pontoon boat was annihilated in the same storm as my canoe. Parents already had the new one ordered, due to arrive the next week.

    We’re hoping to have it by Labor Day. Maybe.

  88. And don’t even get me started on TFG having hundreds of people for his birthday party. I know it’s a sin to wish it’s a superspreader event, but that’s where I am right now. Not that the knob-slobbering media would report on that.

  89. FFS, it’s still a virus with a 99.4-6% survivability rate.

    Stop this bullshit. When you play along they get more power and then you don’t have a choice.

  90. @ike_wynter

    #duet with @jessemullinater I think we’ve located them #single #dating #datingtok #fyp

    ♬ original sound – Nathan Anderson

  91. In happier news, Mini-me has started corned beef in the crockpot for supper.

  92. I’m watching the Olympic climbing event – they are like monkeys swarming up the wall. There’s a 17-year-old American who is doing really well.

  93. I’m older than most of you all, and I have not spent one minute worried about getting covid. Those of you with severe comorbidities are a different deal.

    I was only worried about testing positive then not being able to travel.

    I’m CONSTANTLY worried about fear mongering stealing my rights. I’m, evidently, justified worrying about that.

  94. I just hate that it’s all bullshit. Masks don’t stop the virus. Lockdowns just delay transmission. They could give everyone Ivermectin and have everyone take it for a month or two. One pill a week, cost would be around $12. That would virtually eliminate the virus. It would break the cycle of transmission.

    I hardly ever leave my place, so I’m really insulated from all the BS. We have a show in Vegas on Labor Day weekend. No idea if they’ll cancel or go ahead and have it.

  95. I think it’s a question of options. They have none.

    This is true.

    Look what we endure at airports. We’ve been letting the government oppress us with pear shaped mother fuckers that are otherwise unemployable for quite some time now.

  96. Pepe…well said!!!

  97. Hotspur, exactly!!

  98. Fuck the TSA. I don’t fly. Hardly ever.

  99. But if you want or need to get somewhere faster than your car or boat will take you, what other option do you have?

    Obey or Don’t Fucking Go.

    Libs used to be such anti-establishment anti-authoritarians. Now they have the power, and ooohhh boy, don’t you fuck with them.

  100. I thought the masks were stupid but considered wearing one inside the supermarket a minor annoyance back in March of last year, figuring that if it made people feel like they had some control over the situation then we could get back to life as normal. Most people need those kinds of public and private rituals to get themselves through the day, even if intellectually they “know” that it likely doesn’t do much good.

    What’s infuriated me about all this is not the initial lockdown, the masks, the constant changing information, it’s the way in which the managerial class, the assholes who have spent decades proclaiming how “data-driven” they are, how “results-oriented” they are, how fucking rational they supposedly are, were utterly incapable to adjusting course when necessary, making a rational risk assessment, or taking any fucking responsibility.

  101. I’ve driven across the country a couple of times in the past year rather than fly, even though flying would likely have been cheaper.

    I work from home and generally like it, but it’s frustrating how the hysteria has killed any social life. The tango and swing-dancing communities are almost full-on mask and vaccine Nazi. Dating went online to stupid zoom “dates” because healthy twenty and thirty-somethings were terrified of getting the Chinese Lung AIDS. The dating scene is awash in STDs and that doesn’t stop people from hooking up, but they’re worried about the Kung Flu.

  102. The only way to fight the TSA is to not fly. But since it is something I so rarely do – it’s really not an infringement on my rights. Flying isn’t really a “right” – it’s a luxury. Breathing w/o a mask shouldn’t be a fuck luxury. Going where I want, and opening my business isn’t a luxury.

  103. Even if no one flies again the airlines and TSA will never shut down.

  104. This is my local Ames group:

    To all of the people who keep saying, “COVID has a high survival rate. What are you so afraid of?” I’m not going to argue that point, but please watch this video.
    Not only are there hospitals maxing out on COVID-19 patients, but those hospitals can no longer adequately take care of other patients that are coming to the hospital, because they don’t have the beds or the staff. This is not in Iowa, but this could be Iowa very soon. You can hear her talk about the numbers from 2 weeks ago versus now.
    And she, like many of us, isn’t asking for everything to be shut down. She’s asking people to wear their masks and get vaccinated if they’ve been putting it off.

    Except it’s not. the video is a CDC doctor lying to our face. But it’s not Iowa YET! But we have to lock down like it is. Such bullshit.

  105. anyone ever read heather cox richardson, some lefty know it all? Wow. She’s currently mad that Tucker is in Hungary, and is saying that foretells the righty nazi takeover.

  106. At least Simone, the GOAT, got a bronze.

  107. Time to start doxxing CDC liars.

  108. How does a “Goat” get a bronze?

  109. shut up, h8r, she’s sick!

  110. Folks who work from home may be in a bit of a bubble from those who were really affected by this. They’re still REALLY mad.
    I totally agree with you. But the people who make the decisions aren’t affected at all. In fact, they’re flourishing.

    I just think there’s any way to push back.

  111. Comment by Car in on August 3, 2021 2:34 pm
    How does a “Goat” get a bronze?

    Meh, she’s one of the most skilled gymnasts alive with multiple moves named after her. But everyone has a bad performance, hits a wall, or reaches the end of their career. She’s 24, which is practically elderly in women’s gymnastics.

  112. Or for a Biden.

  113. Heh, Talcum X buys a 800k house, then fundraises because he’s in danger now that everyone knows where he lives.

    What a scam.

  114. I get that and I’m not trying to be mean. It’s just – I had PLENTY of people on facebook posting things about her for the 6 weeks leading up to the Olympics. She’s the GOAT. No one is even on her level, etc etc.

    Its not her fault. I just think these things get going, and people just get so caught up in the spectacle. And (I can say this here because it’s a safe space) I do believe a bit of it was because she was black. I do. NOT that she isn’t fabulous, but an awful lot of liberal white suburban women were putting things on their wall about her. SEE HOW NOT RACIST I AM? I ADMIRE THIS BLACK WOMAN.


    Honestly, part of “my problem” is that I just don’t really admire sports people that much. The attention they have gotten hovers toward hero worship and they just don’t… deserve (or ask) for that. So it makes me cranky. I save high admiration for true heros. Truth tellers, live savers, etc etc. Not … pampered (yes, they are pampered) athletes. Even if they had some sort of trauma in their life. Yes, they are pampered.


  115. I just think there are no options. The government, both state and local, are willing to destroy everything to save something, ironically.

    And what are we to do? Either comply or drop out. Either go through TSA, which we all know is fake, or don’t fly.

    No one’s flipping the switch. It’s a bad option.

  116. agreed, car in

  117. Pretty sure I explained how the TSA isn’t comparable.

  118. Name a good option.

    Because “surrender” ain’t one. And it’s not even a less bad one.

  119. The hoarding has restarted and the supply chain is breaking down again. We’ve been getting daily water trucks. 822 cases of water a day. It is usually gone by 10. Running out of Clorox, wipes, and masks. CoWs watch the news and are all onboard with Governor Wuhan locking us down. CoW came back from Carlsbad and daycare is shutdown for 2 weeks. MIL is watching her boys.

  120. No one’s flipping the switch. It’s a bad option.

    Meh, was one angry young man responsible for a century of horrific bloodshed and chaos, or was it the result of long-building forces that would eventually have occurred?

    If the former, then there’s always someone ready and willing to flip that switch, and even if it’s not him it may be someone who feels like there’s no other option, or didn’t even intend to flip it.

    If the latter, then it’s going to come whether we want it not, like a house whose foundations are crumbling will eventually collapse.

  121. glad I live here. chicken is still available, beef is up just a little, I can still buy toilet paper and water.

    Plus I have plenty of animal feed to eat.

  122. Remember when we used to have a “Special” Olympics?

    What the fuck do you call the people competing in these games?


  123. Retards

  124. I’m sitting on a chair in a Florida beach, wind in my hair, a book of poetry on my lap, and neither Covid nor the government nor all the fools in the world can take this moment from me. I hope you all find some time to feel this way today.

  125. Sobek, I’m jealous.

  126. yeah, I’m not gonna make it to florida that quick.


  127. Someone with nothing to lose will be willing to light the fire.

    The more of this goes on, the more candidates there are for “John Brown 202x”.

    Putting a thing off almost never makes things better. Feels like this lesson never gets learned.

  128. Alex, you’re just jealous I have hair that the wind can blow through, because mustaches just aren’t the same thing.

  129. Pretty sure I explained how the TSA isn’t comparable.
    I missed that comment. That’s a really good point.

    Related: do we have an H2 jet I can borrow this weekend?

  130. John Brown’s Body Lies A Mouldin’ in the Grave

  131. Dunno, I disagree with lighting the candle or whatever.

    It would have been lit last time. I think next time, it’s easier to get people to comply. I also think we’re about to find out.

    My jerb just put a pause on going back to the office. Lots of shit getting pulled back.

  132. My job can tell me to stay out of the office and I’ll be good with that.

  133. Sobek, your mom likes my mustache. Says it’s fun to ride.

  134. Everyone here who has commented about government workers not doing anything – that’s me right now. Has been for a long time.

    The good news is, we got our new mask mandate and not a single person followed it. Can’t tell you how awesome that was.

  135. Everyone likes mustache rides.

  136. Car in may enjoy this. This account is run by Hybe staff, sometimes the real Jimin drops by. I suspect they’re not thrilled with the fake Jimin. L to R…fake Jimin, real Jimin

  137. You don’t have to like it. You just have to be ready for it.

  138. …and the moment I hit “Post” I realized just how many things that’s true of. Especially around here.

  139. Beasn, the first 15 years I lived here I never saw a chipmunk.

    Then one day we had them.

    I think weather plays a big role. We had a mild winter a couple of years ago and their population just exploded. They probably expand outward when that happens.

  140. Comment by Sobek on August 3, 2021 3:49 pm
    Everyone likes mustache rides.

    I wonder if there’s a roller coaster somewhere with a name like, “The ‘Stache.”

  141. why would we have a jet? It’s not environmentally friendly. we wouldn’t want that.

  142. Everyone here who has commented about government workers not doing anything – that’s me right now. Has been for a long time.


    I do my job and try to do it well, but taxpayers don’t pay me to do more to make their lives miserable. When I worked for the Ohio Legislature we’d have decently long periods where there was almost nothing going on, because the legislature was out of session. We made up for it with the busy times in session.

  143. You don’t have to like it. You just have to be ready for it.

    Are we still talking about mustache rides or no?

  144. Amusingly enough, there’s a vaping fluid called “The Roller Coaster” made by an outfit caled…Stache Ride.

    All jokes have been made in all combinations.

  145. “Are we still talking about mustache rides or no?”

    Pupster, I love you with all my heart.

    The lyrics to the Chipmunks theme song don’t make any sense.

  146. Wow, Cuomo has 11 accusers?

    Bitches be lyin

  147. Awwww, Gwen finished a bit out of the medal running.

  148. Sobek, thank DeSantis for that wonderful beach moment.

    He needs to stay governor for another term. The federal government is lost.

  149. I had a layover in Minnesota. I deliberately avoided spending money in the airport because it’s Minnesota. I feel much better spending money here.

    Now I’m going to give some meth to an alligator. Can someone hold my beer?

  150. Flying is a luxury.

    It does just so happen that where I live and where I love to be are across the world from each other and flying shaves off about a month of travel if I’m forced to not use a plane.

    Like Pepe said earlier, what’s frustrating to me, this is all fake and unnecessary.

    It’s about control. Control of our behavior and our vote.

  151. And Biden is now extending the moratorium for another 60 days, despite not actually being constitutionally able to do so.

  152. A big win for the trial lawyers, no doubt.

  153. If any of you guys stream Amazon, Mr D is pretty funny. Canadian comedian, Gerry D. Mare, agreed. No Hawaii for us this year. Jan/Feb 2022. Our biggest issue with SWA in 2020, was all the flight time changes. Way mo bettah than our friends traveling AA

  154. Skip to 7:55


  155. “COVID has a high survival rate. What are you so afraid of?” I’m not going to argue that point, but please watch this video.
    I tried posting this earlier but my work computer is pretty limited for the internet these days and I got the big STOP warning page.

    There was a press conference at the hospital today,all in on the Delta variant panic porn. When you read the full email you’d discover our hospital system,which covers nearly 2/3 of the state geographically*, has a total of SIX patients admitted with Covid.

    *most of the population is clustered in the southern half so I’d estimate we cover half the population

  156. Beasn, the first 15 years I lived here I never saw a chipmunk.

    Then one day we had them.

    Minus the 5 years in MI, I’ve lived in MO all my life…20 years in this house. Other than the zoo, this is the first time I’ve seen them. BUT, the weather has been somewhat milder than pre-MI (my early 20s).
    Another critter to battle.

    *gets out nunchucks*

  157. Gwen Berry doesn’t represent me, or the US because she’s a loser. win/win for her, right? Maybe she can try competing for Wakanda next time and do moar better.

  158. We’ve got a lot of chipmunks around here. They’ve made a burrow under the granite steps out front and the dogs love chasing them under there. When I’m out having a cigar they often stroll by with a mouth full of nuts (acorns really, but “mouth full of nuts” works better here).

  159. chipmunks on the front step here too. can’t believe you people don’t see them

  160. Chipmunks in NV, have the plague. Good old Bubonic.

  161. Almost all of ours moved to a farm in the country.

    If you fill up their holes with crushed stone (the dark stuff with sharp edges) they wont dig them out again. They hate that stuff.

  162. good to know that. *buys rocks

  163. No chipmunks in dessert blessing here

  164. Send a garden hose, on full blast, down the hole first. It will enlarge it a bit and make stone delivery a lot easier. Plus if there are connecting tunnels they will get filled in with mud.

    I bet I filled in 10 or more last summer.

  165. some of these accusations against Cuomo are pretty bad. reaching under someone’s shirt?

    maybe overblown to get sympathy when the charges are dismissed?

  166. mmm chipmunk dessert, like pie?

  167. Black squirrels were practically extinct here as recently as 20 years ago, fur trade whittled ’em to nothing.

    All over the place now. It’s still weird when I see one.

    189 bales today. We’re set for the year. 3rd cutting will be for sale, might get us enough to offset costs for the year if it’s the same size or close to it.

  168. In the 34 years we have lived here (NW WA), we have seen two chipmunks. Billions of (non native) Gray Squirrels, and this year, three baby (native) Red Squirrels.
    This is the first time we have ever seen bunnies go after the corn. They eat carrot tops, peas, and beans, sure. Corn?
    That’s why the Gamo Wildcat Whisper.
    Whispering death…

  169. Ollie’s report card today said he can’t play with the other dogs until he’s neutered. He must be trying to hump the other dogs at school. Fortunately he’s already scheduled for the procedure next week at about 8 months of age.

    We bought the cone for Rowan after his surgery at the Vet’s recommendation and he acted like a wild animal when we tried to put it on and when it was finally on he just stood there refusing to move for over an hour. We took it off and he did fine.

  170. Never forget the first time we put a collar on Ruby.

    Alligator death roll.

  171. Cone? Not a chance. She sprinted around backwards, knocking stuff over until we took it off. 3 minutes maybe?

  172. He must be trying to hump the other dogs at school.

    Oh man, I wish I’d been single in college.

  173. You are assuming he identifies as male.

  174. We’ve got a jillion barn cats, no mice, chipmunks or pack rats. A few squirrels (they’re big and mean). Haven’t seen a snake near the house in 2 years.

  175. Garbage doll is up to $152.50.


  176. Charlie Kirk debating Vaush on Tim Pool. Vaush is way out there, wants to nationalize the drug industry, just to prevent them making profits

  177. of course he discounts VAERS data. Just not sure who is entering it, and we aren’t sure what is causing deaths, might not be the vaccine. Uh huh.

  178. I’m watching garbage doll, too, Scott. That’s pretty good and you’ve got a day to go. May it go over 200.

    I took a porcelain doll making class some years ago. It was in some gal’s basement. Nice house, nice suburbs, and she had a shit ton of various molds from all kinds of antique and modern doll makers. We learned how to clean greenware to painting porcelain. Only reproduction antique I did was a googly. I still haven’t dressed that one.

    A lot of those bisque/porcelain dolls are spooky looking to me but man, some go for a lot of $$. I am more into soft sculpture (original handsculpt cabbage patch from the early years can go for thousands.)

  179. 189 bales today. We’re set for the year. 3rd cutting will be for sale, might get us enough to offset costs for the year if it’s the same size or close to it.

    In my twenties one of my platoon sergeants talked about buying land and farming alfalfa for hay and I regret not following his advice. It sounds like it might be a decent way to make some money on the side once I can find somewhere to settle down.

  180. smug liberals are the worst

  181. I regret selling the farm. I’d be there RIGHT NOW, unplugged. With chickens. Enjoying the antics of the eagles, in the back field trying to get my chicky chicky.

    Mr B has been looking around for another property but the price of everything is way up. Kids were talking about buying the rental but I’m wondering if we should hold onto it for income. My friend charges 1100/month for their rental…and that’s in the crime ridden city.

    Kids are just paying what it cost us.

  182. Happy dance! On the posts page, top right corner, there is “screen options” and one of the options is classic WordPress!!!! Copy an old poat, name it something new, save draft. Go back to posts page, find your draft, click “Classic Editor”. Hallelujah!! No f’ing blocks!

  183. Glad to hear Roamy. I got gun parts today so I guess I can sing the Happy TeeRoy song. I ordered this upper in Jan and they finally got it made. This is the one I bought. I’ll put it all together this week end. I just bought the upper and mag and will be building the lower.

  184. I’m in the home stretch of my botanical project, and had the plexi for the frames cut today at a hardware store. The guy using the cutter (that I am very familiar with, having used it many times myself back when I worked there) kept orienting the plexi so that he was going to cut it the wrong way and I kept correcting him, which, as you know, every guy enjoys a woman constantly jumping in and telling him he’s doing it wrong, but I was trying to save him from costing the store several miscuts, because I sure as Hell wasn’t going to pay for his fuckups. He got all flustered, shaking his head, eventually apologized and said he didn’t know why he wasn’t figuring it out. That’s when I realized he was distracted because I was naked, and it was all a dream.

    Okay, no. Just kidding, it wasn’t a dream.

  185. Directors everywhere respected Paul.

  186. Thanks for posting that Thermy, that was very interesting. Let us know how it all works out, Kay?

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