Memes of Your Mother


  1. The nurse who has seen some shit looks like Steven Tyler

  2. It is.

  3. That explains a lot

  4. Rowan is skunk odor free. Ollie stinks a little. Lola got the worst of it and still leaves your hand a little skunky after patting her even after 2 baths. Bath #3 comes later today.

  5. We had to exfiltrate the skunk when I lived in OH, I guess as long as they can find food, grubs mostly, they will stick around in the same area, even if there are crazy dogs harshing their vibe. Live trapped a possum, cat, and finally a skunk after about a week of trying.

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. Chrisp, yes that is what I have. It’s probably 10 years old by now so I don’t know what has changed, but I am really happy with it.

    Since it’s spring fired, it kicks in 2 directions and you need to learn how to hold it very loosely, or not at all. Once you figure that part out its quite accurate and about as noisy as a staple gun.

  8. Carin, I am getting hyaluronic acid (rooster comb) shots. Right knee was last Monday, left knee is tomorrow. I’ve already had a meniscus repair on the right knee (a tear from krav maga), and it was bone on bone. It’s better now, and I hope this will last a while.


    Leon has talked about this before, how omega-6 oils are bad, but I thought this went over all the effects pretty well. Most surprising (to me) was that if you get put on a feeding tube when you have covid, the feed is soybean oil and sugar, and it’s basically gasoline on the fire for acute respiratory distress syndrome.

  10. The Kirk imgur video cracked me up. We watched “By Any Other Name” last night, and Kirk was putting the moves on the alien chick.

  11. Huh, new ones are powered by a gas piston.

    Scratch what I said earlier.

  12. MJ likes to get bone on bone – or so Leon has reported.

  13. Hotspur, has your grandson straightened out or is he still convinced he wants dresses? I’ve been praying for him to get his mind right.

  14. VP Round Heels is going to campaign for Newsom. Heh. $20 says his polls go down. (steps around low hanging fruit of other poles going down)

  15. Two brain cells cracked me up.

    And isn’t it true we prefer to stay home when we can “do anything?”

    Carton of Jagermiester reminded me of Rosetta.

    Pups, hugs and love for all the fun memes.

  16. Lawn is all mowed. I reordered skunk odor remover yesterday as well as some granules that are supposed to repel critters like skunks. I at least have to try it although I’m sure the critters will have a good laugh at my expense. Next step is the Havahart trap. After that is an air gun with a thermal scope and an all night stake out.

  17. I like a shot of Jagermeister once or twice a year. I had a bottle on my fridge door for about 5 years after a party at my house that I eventually tossed when it was about 1/3 full.

  18. Regarding the CA recall election, it would be fascinating to see Larry Elder win it and then watch the Dems savagely attack a black man for his ideas.

  19. They do that with Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, John James, Vernon Jones, Kim Klacik, Mia Love, Candace Owens, and more I can’t think of right now. Uncle Toms and Oreos who left the plantation.

  20. Are there any good Omega 6 supplements?

  21. I think that most black people are beginning to wise up about that stuff now especially after Trump. I’m not sure whether Trump would help him or hurt him in CA. Of course Mike Lindell is convinced Trump won CA.

  22. Olympic beach volleyball is being held indoors.

  23. Mare, you don’t want omega 6, you want to reduce that as much as possible and improve omega 3’s.

  24. Skunks are really dumb and have terrible vision. You can probably get right up on them but you know you might not wanna.

  25. Oh for Heaven’s sake, you’re right, Roamy, I messed that one up!!

  26. Yeah, I’ve read about trapping them but once they’re in the trap you’ve got a whole new problem

  27. The father’s homily today was a long and rather passionate rant about the need to build up a reverent Catholic culture instead of the sloppy, weak culture which has taken root in the church. He gave a good explanation of how and why the Latin mass has become so popular. Best part? He looks and sounds like Woody Allen.

  28. You will actually die without some essental omega-6 fats, but essentially no one not eating a fruitarian or vegan diet is actually deficient in them or is even remotely at risk of being so. There are also omega-9s but iirc none of those are essential.

    But the average omnivorous/carnivorous human has to take care to get extra omega-3s, since grain-fed animals are themselves deficient in them.

  29. You can also get rid of skunks by getting rid of the grubs.

    Click to access nematodes-for-grub-control-maine.pdf

  30. Can we do something about hair extensions? Women need to stop.

  31. I like your extensions. really long

  32. That is so sweet of you, Roamie. Alas, he is still inclined to be an asshole. Daughter has taken away his computer and phone so he can’t be further infected by the cesspool that is on the internet.

  33. Thanks Pupster, and also Jay from yesterday.

  34. A guy on facebook just made the claim that his son lost MANY friends under 50 of covid.

    Oh really? That’s amazingly unfortunate, given that they only account for about 5% of all covid deaths. To know MANY in this category.

    Now he tells me that they were traveled in the dangerous “punk rock music scene” circuit.

    Which … humn … there haven’t been any shows all during covid.

    Just admit it. They were drug addicts who died WITH covid/ or because their shitty health (drug us) couldn’t fight the virus. Its ok. The truth will set you free.

  35. “The nematodes enter the grubs through the spiracles, mouth and anus and release a fungus which then consumes the grubs”

    Death by fungass

  36. I find this guy’s videos incredibly soothing and edifying.

  37. Scott, what kind of dolls are your trash dolls? You have an ebay linky?

  38. We used milky spore a couple of years ago.

    It’s a little spendy, but it works as advertised.

  39. emailed it.

  40. about the need to build up a reverent Catholic culture instead of the sloppy, weak culture which has taken root in the church.


    How about the stupid, sons of bitches, fear-mongering, dicks start by keeping churches open during fake pandemics and stop being dictated to by a bunch of dumbasses and tell people to “fear not” like Christ?

    How about that to start a reverent Catholic culture.

  41. Carin that facebook liar was lying.

  42. Thanks, Leon.

  43. We don’t know a single person youngish or old who has died from Covid. We are 60. Family and friends are literally across the country.

    We do know lots of people who have had covid and barely knew it. No symptoms other than loss of sense of smell temporarily. A few were tested at work and tested positive but had no idea and it didn’t affect them in any way.

    Know a few who had the vaccine and felt poorly for a few days.

    Not saying anything other than my experience. YMMV.

  44. Comment by lumps on August 1, 2021 5:33 pm
    I find this guy’s videos incredibly soothing and edifying.

    Mr. Chickadee is awesome.

    We need a Mr. Chickadee, Townsend, Torbjorn crossover event.

  45. I was not the only one shopping at Walmart today who thinks there’s going to be another lockdown. Empty shelves again. And I don’t know what the deal was with bottled water, but it was all gone except for gallon jugs and those little mini-pallets of 8 oz. bottles that are good for Little League games.

  46. I started telling you guys last week. Hoarding and supply.

  47. I knew of 6 family dead with COVID. Mom elevated to 9. I knew 5 still struggling with post COVID symptoms. Mom added 6. She has more genealogy than I do. Long term breathing, COVID brain, and rashes.

  48. One of my coworkers had covid, and afterwards also got the vaccine. Really difficulty breathing issues kicked in after the vaccine. But she’s a lefty, so it’s “Long Covid.”


  50. Lumps, long COVID is real. All ages. I’m skeptical. Sounds like excuse. I regret my J&J. Still way mo bettah than Pfizer or Moderna

  51. Osita, you did, and I listened, just couldn’t do what I wanted to until today. Killed two birds with one stone, got the bugout bags redone including Mini-me’s for college in addition to rounding out preps and food for the week.

    Mississippi pot roast with horseradish, broiled tomatoes with garlic and thinly sliced onions, new potatoes with butter, sour cream, and dill. Nom nom nom.

  52. I know long covid is real. But this gal didn’t have any issues until after the vax.

  53. My COVID brain Tia was nasty before COVID. She was nice at family camp trip. She’s deluging my PMs. I don’t open to family. Text only

  54. omg I forgot I have a drawer full of garden baby spuds

  55. Mr. RFH is doing a risk analysis of vaccine vs. covid. Coming up with an order of magnitude more danger of dying from the vaccine than the Chyna virus, assuming VAERS is off by a factor of 3.5. (He figured 3.5 using some of the specific data from Moderna on getting covid after vaccination. Trial data in percentages leads to an expected number of breakthrough cases vs. the actual number of breakthrough cases reported in VAERS. I figure it’s conservative.) Covid presents the same danger to him as driving for a year in Alabama, based on age, weight, physical activity, health issues, etc. Even my fat ass is better off skipping the vaccine, and that’s without mitigations such as ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D, etc. Diabetes and age definitely factor in. Osita, I know you are second-guessing yourself, but I think you made the right decision. Hotspur, too.

  56. The guy that invented mRNA warned specifically, if you’ve had Covid-19, do NOT get the vaccine. You are already immune and the vax will fuck-up your immune system. If/when the vax wears off, your immune system is damaged and you are vulnerable to all kinds of shit…

  57. Scott,
    I brought home a Gamo ‘Wildcat Whisper’. It’s certainley a big, heavy, piece of kit. The scope seems very nice. The rabbits have vanished, as if they know; “Death In The Long Grass”.

  58. I’m torn, I want to say, hey if you want a vaccine get it just don’t make me get one, however, it’s not really playing out like that.

    I heard a guy on speaker phone say to the man walking in front of me:

    It’s those dumbasses who won’t get the vaccine who are ruining it for the rest of us.

    Ahhh, no. Also eff you.

  59. Exactly Chrispy, I can’t say for certain that I’ve had it but I know for certain I’ve been exposed and I’m about 99% sure I’ve had it.

    I can’t prove it, although my daughter can and she still may be forced to get it.

  60. Oso, what Roamy said, you have one of the comorbidities that make you a decent candidate for the vaccine. Keep kicking ass!

  61. Anita knows someone who had it very early. He shows antibodys to it. His buddy, who had the vax, shows none…Evidently, if you donate blood, it gets tested and they tell you. Who knew?

  62. Paul’s brother was admitted to the hospital this evening with a blood oxygen level of 77%. He and wife were in Florida on vacay last week. Both of them tested positive for COVID – neither one had the vaccine.

    Thankfully, after a couple of hours in the hospital, BIL’s O2 levels were back up to 97%.

    He’ll be in the hospital for a few days, but they think he’s going to be okay.

  63. Teresa, other than testing positive I’m not sure why your brother in law is in the hospital. With three deep breaths you can improve oxygenation by 10 points. For example 87% to 97%. I’ve seen it done.

  64. Don’t ever return, Patrick!

  65. if you donate blood, it gets tested and they tell you.
    I’m a regular donor, every 3 months starting sometime last year. It’s been either 4 or 5 times I’ve donated. Anyway, all but the first donation pre-WuFlu, were tested for Covid and I’ve been negative right along.

    They said masks were needed for unvaccinated donors. The young woman screening me asked me about wearing a mask and I told her it would greatly affect my enthusiasm for future donations. She put the mask she had taken off the shelf back on the counter and that was the last I heard of it.

  66. The guy that invented mRNA warned specifically, if you’ve had Covid-19, do NOT get the vaccine.

    I must have missed this link somewhere. Little help?

    Seems like this should be a pretty good sciency talisman for me to wear around.

  67. Mare, according to my SIL, he had been sick for about 10 days before he finally decided he needed to go to the hospital. They are keeping him there and treating the underlying symptoms.

    SIL is feeling bad, too, but she went back home.

  68. Having digestive issues since last night, going to need a substitute poster for the morning.

  69. I know a LOT of people who had Covid. Things lingered for Pat for a while but its gone now. A coworker- her smell is still weird at times. Other than that, everyone else is fine.

  70. I can’t figure out how to hit publish on the post i have in draft.

  71. Got it for you

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