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Your model for today was born September 9th, 2002 in Indianapolis, Indianna. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 362836 and 115 lbs.  Please welcome Miss Grace Boor.





  1. Born to model bikinis

  2. Also born in 2002 and providing further confirmation that I’m getting way too fucking old. Can’t imagine how Hotspur feels.

  3. Large, they are.

  4. 8/10 would smash

  5. Another one

  6. Hey Jimbro – I really want to know why you’re against getting the shot. I’m not being a dick or anything, I’m just curious.

    Don’t think it’s needed? Don’t think it’s effective? Don’t want to be forced to do something you don’t want to do?

    TYIAC (TYIAcheesebag)

  7. She grew up in that Indiana town
    With a good lookin’ mama who never was around.

  8. I talked to a good friend yesterday whose mama is dying of liver cancer. She was in the hospital last week for about 5 days getting heavy doses of antibiotics and then they taught him how to administer the antibiotics and sent her home. The doctors told him they’re trying to clear as much space in the hospital as they can for covid cases. He also said they told him that they’re seeing just as many cases on people who’ve been vaccinated and people who’ve already had it once as they are seeing with the unvaccinated and previously untouched population. Damned either way I guess.

  9. and people who’ve already had it once

    Well, shit.

    You’d think, what with all the world-wide focus on this virus, there would be some better data available, and better testing, and better statistics, and possibly a mitigation plan and risk assessment that makes sense.

  10. If that’s the case I’ll win a $1 bet with my boss.

    If i have to lose a million dollars to win a one dollar bet, it’ll be worth it ~ The Covid Diaries; 2020 MJ von Cheesebag, page 12-20009

  11. Although I’m not the paradigm of good health, I’m in acceptable condition for a bloke my age. Zero prescription meds, definitely could lose 20 pounds (and really ought to) and other than smoking cigars don’t have other concerns like excess alcohol or illegal drug consumption. So what I’m saying is that I have a decent chance of fighting off the virus if I do get it. Could I be wrong and be included in the group of unvaccinated people portrayed on twitface wishing they had gotten the vaccine with my dying breath? Sure, might happen. Doubt it though. I’ve lived a good life and want to continue enjoying as much as I have left but you only get so long on this side of heaven and when it’s my time I just don’t see myself crying like a bitch about it. I believe the vaccine has more adverse effects than are being disclosed and the entire enterprise,from initiation of the plague, suppression of therapies, delaying of vaccine release until after 11/3 and many other factors just plain stinks. Something ain’t right and I feel like I need to listen to my gut instincts.

  12. Planning an emergency response 2 weeks in the future is what really sells it as all about public health.

  13. Thank you Dr Jim.

  14. Gotta gin up the ol fear machine and get the unruly lefties back on the plantation.

    Lotta lefties seem to be rethinking the whole ‘mandatory’ nature of things which will last about a week. From there they’ll need a week of maximum pressure.

    Then boom. Lockdowns.

  15. Weird how all this shit is happening just in time for the teachers unions to take another year off.

  16. The teachers unions are the key issue here: they’ve been trying to milk this pandemic for all it’s worth: work from home, more money for schools, etc.

  17. So the eviction moratorium expires on Saturday. Fun times ahead.

  18. Think they’ll really let that happen?

  19. Biden has already said that he won’t try to stop it. He claims that SCOTUS tied his hands.

  20. Well, of course they want to clear out the sick people from the hospitals to make way for COVID. Because don’t they get a payday if they can slap that label on a patient?

    wakey wakey

  21. They’ve locked down the Boot Camp graduation to “vaccinated only” now. COMPLY.

    COmmentary on the boards about it “We just need to keep our kids safe” – I just want to lose my mind.

  22. A chick with no tatts.

    How novel.

  23. Carin, do you want to borrow mine?

  24. Your son is too good for our pussified Navy, Carin.

  25. COmmentary on the boards about it “We just need to keep our kids safe” – I just want to lose my mind.


    When I was in Boot Camp we went every Monday morning to a drill hall and lined up for shots – every fucking Monday for eight weeks.

    When I was being discharged I had to review my service record and medical record then sign off on them. I came across an entry that said, “Voluntarily participated in xxx inoculation protocol.”

    I said to the discharge officer, “I didn’t VOLUNTARILY participate in any inoculation protocol.”

    He said, “Son, do you want to get discharged?”

  26. Your sunscreen prevents my skin cancer.

  27. It’s so fucking dumb. And people are so weak minded, and can be controlled with the smallest bit of fear.

    If you had told people waaaay back last year if they would voluntarily just give up so much freedoms and fun for 2 years because of the very SMALL risk of getting sick they would have said fuck no.

    Frogs in a pot.

  28. If this stupid second round of shut downs go through, the ragnar will be cancelled, and my concerts. and just fuck my life.

  29. Our retarded fop of a governor says he’s not going back to masking and lockdown. Don’t tell me he’s not a man of his word!

  30. Carl Levin is dead.

  31. Hell gets another inmate.

  32. of covid, I imagine.

    The newspeople are going to be so sad about this on WJR.

  33. So, thing is, I don’t even TRUST them. How many parents are going to get the shot so they can attend, and then they close the graduations completely anyway?

    They’ve had closed graduations since the pandemic started, and were set to re-open Aug 15. then late last night they say you have to be vaccinated.

  34. Maybe you could all just head over to the drill hall before you hit the parade ground.

  35. Gotta get the jab two weeks before graduation. So that wouldn’t work.

  36. Don’t bother, and don’t plan to go, they’re just going to close it.

    I’m so sorry, this is shitty and heads need to roll.

  37. You’re way more optimistic than I am.

    If you would have asked me a few years ago if this shit was possible I probably would have said no, then thought about it and said yes. And at least half of the country if not more would embrace it.

    I think you should try this sometime. When you’re in a group – doesn’t matter if they know you or not – just start leading. People will follow.

    And if you have a magic talisman like a white coat or a suit, people will fall in line more quickly.

  38. I’m sure I’ve told you this before…

    When I was bartending in Chicago, a shitload of service industry people used to go to a small Irish pub on Monday night. A big bar coworker bartended there as a second job and it was basically the weekend kickoff for all of us. He worked alone but when it got super busy we’d jump back and help him.

    At least 50 people, sometimes hundreds would come. If he knew you, your tab would be something ridiculous like $12 after a full night of revelry.

    Anyway, one night at the big bar I had the idea to put a velvet rope across the stairs leading to the upstairs of the Irish pub. The pub was a big, open two story place but there was a little loft with 4, two top tables. No one ever went up.

    I gave a half dozen or so people a password and told them only they could get upstairs. Word spread quickly.

    We recruited a barback named Glen to watch the rope. He loved it. Status and what not.

    The first Monday we had a line waiting to get up.

    The second Monday we had people begging for the password and Glen was given strict orders to say ‘no’ if they didn’t have it. Someone started taking drink orders and running up the drinks. No idea how that happened.

    This went on for at least six weeks. We didn’t charge money, there was nothing different other than people were ‘upstairs’, and it was a total joke that no one really got.

    Thinking about it now, there are two lessons: 1. people will do whatever you ask them to do and often will just get in line or follow a crowd if you give them direction. 2. Man, I’m a dick. The lengths I go to make myself laugh are ridiculous.

  39. Pretty sure that was a chapter in The 48 Laws of Power.

  40. Corrolary to MJ’s bar tale: I had a friend whose wife got a brand new fancy fridge with the ice through the door and all that bullshit. He put his old fridge out on the curb with a sign that said, “It works. Free.” It sat there for three days unmoved. So he put a sign on it that said, “$100”. Somebody stole it that night.

  41. LOL, that’s awesome.

  42. I think you should try this sometime. When you’re in a group – doesn’t matter if they know you or not – just start leading. People will follow.

    And if you have a magic talisman like a white coat or a suit, people will fall in line more quickly.

    One of the things I used to tell soldiers when they asked me about OCS, “make a decision. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good one or not – they’ll teach you that later – but you have to be able to make a snap decision and run with it.” Many people cannot do that.

    Also, a clipboard works well. Carry a clipboard and walk with a purpose.

  43. So he put a sign on it that said, “$100”. Somebody stole it that night.

    I’ve heard similar stories about single guys wearing wedding rings when they go to the bar.

  44. Remember when we used to think that we would be largely immune to government oppression because of A. the Second Amendment, and B. law enforcement would not turn on its own fellow citizens?

    Yeah, LOL.

    Listen to the cum-guzzler LEOs testifying in front of Congress about 1/6. Listen to general Milley. Look at Carin’s situation. When I graduated from Boot Camp I was in the best physical health and condition of my entire life – bar none.

    But we have to protect these fragile beings.

  45. yes on the 100. free stuff doesn’t move you have to put a price on it. or put it in a new tv box on the porch. some porch pirate will steal it

  46. decisions are the chokepoint of leadership

  47. Miller really passes me off. I almost expect my zombie dad to appear and bitchslap him

  48. There’s a difference between leadership and management.

    Leaders need to have some managerial skill, but can’t allow themselves to become managers.

    Managers need to have some leadership ability, but their focus is completely different.

  49. Bureaucracies are filled with managers, and the political class has become filled with it as well.

  50. Bureaucracies are filled with managers, and the political class has become filled infected with it as well.


  51. This model might make some of your dreams come true.

  52. NM is going to require all state employees to be tested, or undergo weekly testing.

  53. Her eyes say that her IQ is south of 90.
    Her body says ignore her lying eyes.
    I wouldn’t want a pup out of her but I’d launch blanks in the general direction of her nether regions.
    Or at least I usta would’ve.

  54. This model might make some of your dreams come true.
    I missed the part in her bio where it said she made great sandwiches

  55. Bongino is going on about how continuing the pandemic/lockdown 2 is all prep for cheating in 2022.

  56. She can’t hide, her retard eyes
    But my Goooooooooddd, look at those thighs.
    Thought by now, you’d realiiiiize.
    I don’t give a damn about her stupid eyes.

  57. As I often do, I checked our BBF model of the day out on tittyweb jenkins to see if she has done any photo sessions with less clothing on than what we see displayed here. And she does not. Which leads me to conclude that she’s still a virgin.

  58. Colex is the next Weird Al.

  59. Close enough for the Giant Evil Gods, at least.

  60. Young set of tits this week.

  61. Elftmann triggers came in.
    Tee Roy is singing the song somewhere I’m sure.

  62. Close enough for the Giant Evil Gods, at least


    I’m not getting my face eaten by a merman.

  63. How about your ass?

    Better or worse?

  64. I just kepting shaking my head in disbelieve at the opinions of this author and then I realized I it was in the National Review.

    Duh. Stupid me clicking w/o looking.

  65. I’ve watched this continuously for about a minute it’s that good

  66. Geraghty is a tool. I used to read his Morning Jolt back in the day but after Trump arrived he lost it. Same with Jonah Goldberg. Ace’s criticism of Goldberg cracks me up.

  67. I used to think the people on the Fox News panel were intelligent and well spoken but now I see they’re just snobs.

    You can always think about what a snob would think it just so happens to line up with everything Jonah Goldberg says.

    But he did go to Gaucher.

  68. They are actors playing a role

  69. We have to mask up again due to CDC BS. NM is requiring kids wear masks at school. We sold through all of our kids masks. Unnamed variant from Colombia is hitting Miami. I bet there is no test for that variant, either.

  70. It took me a while to catch on to how much of a putdown calling them “news readers” must be to them. They think of themselves as journalists but they’re just better at reading a teleprompter than Joey Fingers.

  71. Nearly all the online merchants I’ve bought from in the past did their small part by selling masks. Didn’t matter what they were in the business of selling — AMERICA NEEDED MASKS DAMMIT!!!

    At some point in the spring I noticed they were selling them at a deep discount most places and even giving them away with a certain $ purchase. Suddenly everyone is buying chin diapers again.

    That reminds me – gotta go check my TP bunker …

  72. When people stopped buying hand sanitizer, we put it on clearance. Couldn’t sell it. Donated it. 2 pallets of face shields. Donated. Masks for $.91. Had to donate around 50 of them. At least vaccinated customers don’t have to mask up. We can’t ask for proof of vaccination.

  73. About 90% of America needs a mask.

  74. When we were at Disney Springs last year, they had pretty cool Disney masks. Mickey, Stitch, etc. Dan finally hit the point where everything is too expensive at WDW. He snapped the wallet shut. We still have admissions from last year to use. I just read the Disney is mandating vaccines for salaried and non union employees.

  75. Went to get a new phone today. They are almost out of phones.

    No Samsung due to the chip shortage.

  76. If we go back to lockdowns, I don’t know how long I’ll have a paycheck.

    And I’m just a few payments into my nice new-to-me vehicle. Not to mention other expenses.

    Anyone know a nice from-home gig for someone without a proper workstation? This shit is just stupid.

  77. Day trading?

  78. Speaking of supply shortages, we lucked out today. Last night the hot water got lukewarm and then cold while washing dishes. Quick check in the basement revealed we had oil in the tank and the furnace was working. Thus endeth our knowledge. A call to RH Foster was made this morning and they made it out around 6 hours later which is excellent. We had a broken “zone valve head” if I heard him correctly. He didn’t have one in the truck but was able to go to Hampden and get one to install. It would have sucked balls if we had to wait on a part.

  79. iowa veterans cemetery is a lovely place

  80. “Do you have proven ability to build business knowledge through meaningful partnerships at the individual contributor, leadership, and EMG levels?”

    Jebus titty-fucking Cripes, who writes this stuff?

  81. One of the most shoplifted items at Home Depot.

    Taco (pronounced Take-O) zone valve. About $100 and it fits in your pocket.

  82. “Do you have proven ability to build business knowledge through meaningful partnerships at the individual contributor, leadership, and EMG levels?”

    “Yes, as well as leveraging synergies between the disparate stakeholders.”

  83. I saw Taco and the Zone Valves open for Smashing Pumpkins once. They were a little loose.

    BTW, what the hell happened to Australia?? Crocodile Dundee wouldn’t put up with this lockdown bullshit.

  84. “Yes, as well as leveraging synergies between the disparate stakeholders.”


  85. I fingered your mom’s taco valve in a Home Depot once. It only cost me $20.

  86. I sounds like the eviction moratorium extension failed in Congress. Next week should be fun.

  87. People that bought rental properties as investments, are losing their properties because of this eviction BS. We still have gift cards for Flix Brewhouse. Their property kept raising rent while they were in shutdown. Owner says he won’t open until they get their government bail out money.

  88. I wonder if the media will show heart broken families cursing at Joe Biden for allowing this to happen?

    Perfect excuse for a BLM riot

  89. Ha! Good one Tucker.

    CDC = Centers for Doubt and Confusion

  90. Yeah, I expect riots.

    Rents are racist.

  91. I hope there’s riots.

  92. Let it burn

  93. I’ve stopped trying to talk science to my friends and volunteer aquaintances.
    Now I’m all about Tuskegee and not trusting the white devils in power.

  94. I’m going all in on leveraging synergies of desperate stankholders.

  95. Unwashed masses unite!!!

  96. Btw has anyone axed j’brony how his third leg is today?

  97. LIFB My cousin is running for State AG. He still hasn’t done shit as DA. Victim Center. Victim Dog. I have friends/CoWs with murdered family members. Still waiting for justice.

  98. Uncle Facts is hosting a meet up next June at Niagara Falls. No Canada side trips.

  99. Nobody wants to go there.

    Filthy syrup drinking meatheads.

  100. Time and time again, we hear about how Oh the CANADIAN SIDE of Niagara is so much cleaner, nicer, etc.

    Duh, NOBODY LIVES THERE. Canada is like, seventeen people. Easy to clean up after.

  101. 74% of new cases of COVID in Massachusetts are fully vaccinated individuals.

    This is from THE CDC.

    I bet vaccinated people are feeling pretty good right about now.

  102. You know who cleans up the Canada side of Niagara?

    Roger. Nice guy. Part-timer. When he’s done (around noon), he picks up shifts at Tim Horton’s.

  103. This gal is really cute!

    And a year younger than Rebecca.

  104. Desperate, Eddie robbed pawnshops.

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