Once in a Memetime


  1. ‘Sup humpbots?

  2. My boss and I were talking yesterday about going back to work, masks, etc.

    She hasn’t gotten any information that we’re changing the back to work date of Sept 1.

    I told her I’m seeing a lot of people I know get the notification that they’re either pausing or masks and distance protocols are going back in place.

    I wonder…

    My bet is we’re going back to pre summer covid boogaloo. It’s just too much fun for too many people.

    They love this shit.

  3. Perfidy.

  4. *taps dildo shadowbox

    Where is everyone?

  5. Your dildo shadowbox has impeccably cut miter corners … where’d you get it?

  6. Pre-summer Covid Boogaloo

    I’m feeling the same undercurrent in the headlines I read. Last week my nurse summed it up nicely when she said “The hospital still thinks it’s 2020”. It will be framed as vaccinated versus unvaccinated or Pro-Biden compliance versus Bitter Trump Clinger. I don’t know how successful it will be this time around. The Ozzies are pretty pissed at Lockdown #2. Hell, a guy punched a police horse he was so angry!

  7. wakey wakey.

  8. Wow. I mean, just wow.

    Been catching up on the bullshit and lies that I missed over the last few days.

  9. I just left the ER twitter bullshit. There are folks working really hard at this.

  10. DeDantis man bad.

  11. desantis

  12. Your dildo shadowbox has impeccably cut miter corners … where’d you get it?
    Quality H2 throwback comment

  13. non woke Olympic news: Simone Biles out with injury on vault. Bye bye gold USA.

  14. I don’t understand why these two crazy kids couldn’t make it work out.

  15. DeathSantis is the best nickname of all time. Thank you progtards!

  16. I can just imagine the idiots that came up with DeathSantis.

    Same guys that tell each other it’s just terrible to date girls, get a cool car, and be nice to everyone.

    Much better to play vidya games and post mean comments online.

  17. He should start roasting coffee.

    DeathSantis Brewing Company would be a hit.

  18. MJ, check your G-string

  19. I like Darth Santis better, but hey, DeathSantis is cool too.

  20. I have high hopes for Ron “of the saints”, but such hopes have been crushed all too often.

    I need to get my teeth cleaned and new glasses before they lock us down to steal ’22.

  21. Yeah, I’m a few years overdue on my eyes, too.

    Honestly, I’m just tired now.

  22. I still have to get that penile reduction surgery.

  23. Kwame got remarried apparently. In Detroit. But he’s moving somewhere down south to open a church or something.

  24. Smart move. Religion is where the real grifting money is.

  25. Morning, cheese bags.

  26. I prefer “Sac Du Fromage”

  27. Sobek, I need you to take MJ’s spot on the Ragnar.

  28. I’m currently in Oso and Pepe’s state enjoying some high altitude cool air. Currently 64 with an expected high of 77 as opposed to home where it’s currently 84 with an expected high of 100. I need to win the lottery and build a summer home here.

  29. I need TWO runners for the Ragnar.


  30. you mean, like a sled?

  31. Did everyone buy new masks for our new lockdowns? new day, new look!

  32. When is Ragnar?

  33. If we go back to all-masks I’m’a gonna want that suit of T-60 now. May as well make the Karens wet themselves while I’m shopping for ramen.

  34. Last weekend in September.

  35. I’d run with you Carin, but that’s the weekend I pull my boat.

  36. Which white supremacist caused Simone Biles to fuck up at the Olympics?

  37. Pretty sure it was Trump.

  38. So, Simone Biles is withdrawing from Olympics for mental health reasons, because of stress.

    The plot thickens. Guess all those BLM tweets added to the workload.

  39. Matt Walsh slicing like a hammer: She literally said she quit on her team because she wasn’t having fun. This is called being a quitter. It’s completely disgraceful and selfish. And I guarantee that most of the people defending it wouldn’t be defending it if she was a man.

  40. LOL She refers to herself as the “head star”.

    Christ, could they tune these black athletes egos any higher?

    This is just fucking embarrassing.

    And Megan Rapinoe can eat an entire bag of dicks as well.

  41. Twitter: Adam Kinzinger singlehandedly tanking this committee with the most ridiculous fake crying ever.

    Did you wonder how the show trials were going to work out, with Kinzinger and Cheney as GOP reps?

  42. It was an injury, when I heard it this morning. Funny how the facts are dribbling out.

  43. I don’t blame her for pulling out.

    I’d pull out too.

  44. Just learned that the PCR test can’t differentiate between covid and the flu.

    Now we know where the flu went, and why they are suggesting vaccinations for people who had “covid,”

  45. I often refer to myself as the “head star” here.

    /just saying.

    Give her a break.

  46. LOL Kinzinger

    His constituents must be proud of the ginormous vagina they sent to Washington.

  47. MJ knows all about PULLING OUT.

    So it begins.

    I may get months and months of this before it gets old.

  48. Twitter: 17-Year-Old Lydia Jacoby Wins Gold In Tokyo, And Fans At Her Alaskan Watch Party Steal The Show

    Some people didn’t pull out. Some represent their country with pride.

  49. like you or PJM know anything about pulling out.

  50. i like how she described this olympics as for her. but she wasn’t feeling it.

    by the end of the day it’ll be racism.

  51. I don’t pull out because I’M COMMITTED. I would never want to let down my team.

    Boy, this is so appropriate today.

  52. Sampling of comments on The Douche™ about Biles:

    Good for her knowing her limits and taking care of herself. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision. None of us can understand the pressures of being a star athlete.

    Shes been under tremendous pressure to be “the best”, “the goat” etc etc. Give the girl a break. She’s the best gymnast in the world and probably all of history but shes still human.

    Can we please start to give these other girls some credit? The other girls on this TEAM have worked their entire lives to be here. I love Simone, but a silver medal is fantastic. Simone didn’t cost us anything. She did what she felt was best.

  53. your whore mouth…well, I deserve it so keep it open

  54. one of our other stars, Katie Ledecky also lost the 400 free.

  55. Like that time your mom made me wear a rubber. I wasn’t feeling it so I pulled out.

  56. I’m really just warming up.

  57. “Jack Posobiec
    Jul 25
    Just In: The White House knew about the Tucker ‘confrontation’ and the entire set-up was planned out in advance, per WH official”

    Everything is fake/staged.

  58. Carin should have gone to Tokyo so we would have been properly represented.

  59. but but but we’re being assured that guy wasn’t with the CIA, it’s an old division, Tucker is lying etc etc etc

  60. Yea, except I refuse to get the jab, so they probably wouldn’t have let me in Japan at all.

  61. Comment by Car in on July 27, 2021 12:21 pm
    I often refer to myself as the “head star” here.


    Really, nobody is gonna hit that low hanging fruit?

  62. I’ve got plenty of energy in my bitch-hand today, Pepe, if you want to start something.

  63. Both your hands are bitch hands

  64. Use that energy trying to find somebody to run the Ragnar……

  65. “”Use that energy trying to find somebody to run the Ragnar……””

  66. It’s always about money

  67. https://behindtheblack.com/behind-the-black/points-of-information/bezos-offers-to-waive-2-billion-in-payments-to-get-lunar-lander-contract/

    When Northrup Grumman or Lockheed Martin do this, it’s called “bribery” and gets them a FAR violation.

  68. It’s different for Bozos because of Reasons.

  69. I got another shot in my right knee (hyaluronic acid for those who care), and the doctor’s office was packed. One of the other patients screwed up handling gasoline, blew himself up enough that he landed on his wrist and broke both bones in his forearm. Pretty badly burned, too. I was trying to figure out the quantity of gasoline required to throw a 160, 170-lb man hard enough to break bones. He looked too old for a “hey, hold my beer and watch this.”

  70. Somebody get Kinzinger a Midol and his woobie.

  71. Gasoline and fire don’t mix. Says so right on the can I load the flamethrower with.

  72. Maybe a closed container with enough gas and fumes to go boom when he or his buddy flicked a lit cigarette. The boom may have caused a hard fall when he was in wtf mode. I can’t imagine a Hollywood explosion with him flying a great distance in slow motion. That’s one theory, who knows, maybe he did go airborne!

  73. Or maybe his wife kicked the shit out of him then set him on fire.

  74. He should have pulled out

  75. I’m in terrible shape right now, have lower back problems, and couldn’t possibly talk my wife into letting me go to Michigan for a Ragnar, but otherwise I would be there.

  76. It’s just a forearm, he can run the Ragnar

  77. I can’t find my chair, or my good beer cooler, or I’d be there too.

  78. TIL that Jay has a less-than-good beer cooler.

  79. Erin says she’ll do it. But I think it has a bit to do with the newest storyline on Lapeer Creek, which I haven’t really filled you all in on.

  80. TIL that Jay has a less-than-good beer cooler.

    Doesn’t everybody? That’s the one you loan out to relatives because you really don’t care if you get it back.

  81. Roamy’s cooler collection:

    1. Big cooler for Scout weekends or defrosting the freezer.
    2. Cooler with wheels (All day events like Science Olympiad or punkin chunkin)
    3. Medium-size cooler with locking lid, used to have a removable ice pack that screwed into the lid. My favorite for picnics.
    4. 2 small coolers, only big enough for a six pack. One was a giveaway from brother-in-law’s company.
    5. 3 or 4 styrofoam coolers from Omaha Steaks, brother-in-law that one time he sent venison steaks as a Christmas present.
    6. 2 styrofoam coolers from Walmart. Mr. RFH has banned these for long trips because they squeak when vibrated (like your mom). Rocketboy brings back the Omaha Steak ones so he doesn’t end up borrowing these.
    7. Cooler bag, useful for grocery shopping or when space is at a premium.

  82. cooler bags are a lifesaver when shopping in summer

  83. just bought a $5 cooler off marketplace to make a garage air conditioner out of. Can get a cooler of loose ice locally for $2. working in the garage is a little cooler with that

  84. Spin:

    “Mary Katherine Backstrom
    1h ·
    Simone Biles was already an Olympic champion—the GOAT of women’s gymnastics.
    Now she’s accomplished a bigger victory—championing mental illness. Today, Simone withdrew from competition, citing mental health struggles.
    Do you see what she just did? For all of us?
    She honored her whole, entire self.
    She reminded the world that we are not just physical bodies that should be pushed beyond the brink. We are emotional, mental, and spiritual human beings—and wellness extends to all parts.
    Simone just gave every one of us permission to make choices that honor our mental health. Because even the champions among us need to step back now and again.
    I have never cheered harder for an Olympic moment. Extraordinary courage.
    Thank you, Simone. 🤍”


    Another person commented that Biles took a SPOT on the team that someone else didn’t get.

    It just seems …very elitest to me. People like her don’t get “one” shot, they get however many they want, and if they’re not feeling it today, it’s fine. Another day will come.

  85. Everybody gets a medal. Even the quitters.

  86. Except for the person who should have gone to Tokyo who the quitter beat out.

    She got fucked, and not in a nice way.

  87. Pendejo, which Texas mountain town are you in, Ruidoso or Taos? Wuhan will probably make us mask up again. Mask sales are up, again. COVIDiots are hoarding again.

  88. ‘Sup Cooler Bags?

    Out: Transgenderism is “Stunning and Brave”
    IN: Quitting is “Stunning and Brave”
    Persons of Confused Pronouns hardest hit.

  89. Simone is the latest in a long line of cunning stunts.

  90. Put your face masks on
    Take your face masks off
    Put your face masks on an cover up your cough!
    You do the Fauci pokey and burn your country to the ground.
    That’s what it’s all about.

  91. Look, I’m not saying that throwing Fauci in an active volcano will stop the pandemic, but I think we owe it to the world to at least try.

  92. I fully expect them to announce mandatory vaccinations for all employees and contractors in the next month or two.

  93. The tempo in that little bit is off. Like it’s rehearsed.

  94. its

    I mean, right? Isn’t that strange? the Cadence is wrong.

  95. After mandatory vaccinations for federal employees will come tying public health dollars to a state’s vaccination requirements.

  96. If I was the person who just missed the cutoff, I’d be suing Biles. Except that would end my career so nobody hears squat except platitudes.

    Until things get froggy. Then folks find out exactly who has scores to settle with ’em.

  97. That’s why they hold on for dear life, you know. If they let the wheel turn, everyone they wronged is coming for them, or so they believe. (And they may not be far from truth.) It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy but not even Biles at her best could stick that dismount.

  98. I finally looked up “20 dollars, same as in town.”
    It’s a pretty good joke.

  99. MASK UP EVERYONE. Michaud at 5 deaths a day.

  100. Any bets on whether they cancel the Ragnar?

  101. Car it’s gonna cut a bitch…

  102. The Ragnar is closed. Moose out front should have told ya.

  103. You guys keep acting up and you’ll never hear the new lapeer creek story arc.

  104. If there are any trannies I’m canceling my subscription.

  105. I saw Lapeer Creek Story Arc open for Creedence Clearwater Revival once. They were terrible.

  106. Aloha cool kids!

  107. HEY PHAT. I had a question for you weeks ago, but I’ve forgotten it.

  108. Just landed in San Fran. Day Drinking. Mistakes will be made..

  109. No Trannies, Leon. This is a family show.


  110. In defense of Biles, she’s a victim of childhood sexual assault. The USA gymnast community, protected her abuser. Recently, the IG reported that the FBI allowed her abuser to abuse 70 more children. Her abuse is public. Every interviewer brings up “Nassar”. She’s the only current Olympic team member that was abused. I’m angry on her behalf. (If she decides to compete in individual events, my opinion may change. Right now, I’m taking her at her word that she couldn’t focus)

  111. you managed to sign in to wordpuss. You can’t be that bad off.

  112. Hi Phat!

  113. I’m here for you Car In!

  114. Oso,

    Just out of random curiosity and not related in any way to a thing, how far are you from Artesia? May have to go there soon.

  115. I’ve been putting off going to FFDO school, but probably need to do it in the next couple of months.

  116. Not being able to focus over things that happened years ago … meh.

    I mean, I’m agnostic about pretty much all the american athletes. Because reasons. But I was abused much worse than any of those women, and years later I would have never used it as an excuse for a lack of focus at an OLYMPIC event.

    It just seems to ME that for her – it’s just not that special of a deal. Which, for most – the Olympics is supposed to be. I just think it’s weird.

  117. Brad Thor’s new book – commentary on facedouche:

    “Emory Alexander
    Brad, I am on page 90, so there may be information that changes this, but I was wondering about the whole polar ice melting storyline. I didn’t take you for a climate change guy. Is there something else going on here, or do I have it wrong? Thanks.

    · Reply
    · 7h

    Brad Thor
    Emory Alexander Thanks for your question. The novel is not a comment on climate change. The fact is that the temps are indeed rising in the Arctic 2X faster than anywhere else. For that reason, the Northern Sea Route over Russia is turning to slush for longer periods each year. This is a strategic issue recognized by Democrat and Republican admisnistrations as well as the U.S. military.

  118. Just in case anyone still thought they should read his books.

  119. The whole thing is kinda weird to me. She’s been the face of US Olympics since 2016. My airline pays her a shit ton as an endorser, her billboards are all over our airports and ads.

    The pressure, I cannot imagine. But, now? There is something more going on.

  120. Land contract guy wants to close a year early.

    Time to buy a tractor.

  121. Someone elsewhere suggested she did a crappy vault (I think) and knew she couldn’t come back from that. I dunno. Again, don’t really care.

  122. And I have nothing against her. I just really … don’t care.

  123. Car in, I don’t read his books anyways but I don’t see the issue. Either he’s correct about the temperatures and the strategic implications, or he isn’t.

  124. Thanks for the warning on Brad Thor. I am currently reading book 6 of Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic series. Climate change worship is roundly mocked.

  125. Artesia is close to Roswell. I’m 3+ hours away. Family owns a Mexican restaurant there. It’s ok, but the Italian restaurant in Artesia is better.

  126. We’ve created a generation of kids and young adults who have been groomed and carried to success by adults in a way that isn’t healthy. I mean, it’s always happened to some extent, but I think that the problem has increased over the past few decades. There’s no room for failure, and everything is publicized 24/7.

  127. Brad Thor = HUGE nevertrumper. Quite vocal on Twitter and The Douche™

    quit reading his crap, now he’s showing up on things I do listen to, Chad Prather, Glenn Beck. Ugh.

  128. https://realclimatescience.com/2019/01/collapse-of-the-polar-melting-scam/

    This is from two years ago, but there’s a pattern due to El Nino/La Nina.

  129. She had a bad floor routine. She seemed distracted. Her vault was even worse. I believe she thought she could power through it. She decried being a representative of US gymnastics. She was still saying she represented the US. I was wondering what was up yesterday when “Get woke, go broke” was trending on Twitface about her. People were actively cheering against her like she was the soccer Commie.

  130. I saw this on weasel zippers and it rings a bit true. I have a daughter that has some anxiety issues and I am sympathetic. Merkava • an hour ago
    Curt Schilling played with blood in his sock. Dick Butkus was a Defensive Player of the Year on a 1-15 team, playing on battered knees. Hack Wilson had fetal alcohol syndrome. It took ALS to take down Lou Gehrig, who had a LIFETIME batting average of .340!

    Pat Tillman threw away an NFL Career to fight for his country. Audie Murphy’s childhood was a nightmare, and he had to REPEATEDLY volunteer to become the greatest combat soldier in American history. Barney Ross was decorated for his service on Guadalcanal.

    And, of course, no one remembers Harlon Block, even though he died within days of taking part in one of the most famous events in WWII. At least his grave is located where future warriors can admire him.

    All of these people are immensely more important than Simone Biles.

    As for Black Women performing feats of physical excellence while facing harassment and persecution, Marian Anderson dwarfs Simone.

  131. I cancelled Brad Thor over his neverTrump BS.

  132. Thanks, Phat. Then again, we had cops crying on TV over 1/6. Kerri Strug is trending. Rhapsody in Blue was playing at work. I wanted to go to HI

  133. Roamy, thanks for the link.

  134. I remember Harlon Block, but then I read “Flags of Our Fathers”.

  135. That is what Simone Biles did to earn this exuberant applause. She gave up. After struggling in the qualifying rounds, and botching her first event in the women’s team finals, Biles decided to withdraw from the meet. The best gymnast on the squad, one of the most celebrated U.S. Olympic athletes of all time, chose to abandon her team in the middle of the finals. Her teammates would finish second behind Russia, while Biles went on to receive even more acclaim than a gold medal would have earned her.

    – Matt walsh

  136. I agree 100% with you Phat.

  137. CoAlex – I guess for me it’s just … exhaustion. Ice slush, climate change. We can agree that climate changes. The issue, for me, is why do they think it happens and what are they suggesting we do? Give Thor’s recent bullshit that he’s spewed, I don’t care to get a lecture from him.

    I really did enjoy his first few books. SOmeone must have gotten to him.

  138. For me, althletes are one thing – impressive specimens of physical performance. They can inspire me to get fitter, try harder, etc. But they certainly aren’t “heros” and there is nothing heroic about an athlete quitting when it looks like they’re going to lose.

    Really, that is pretty much the opposite lesson we’re supposed to give out kids.

  139. The pressure, I cannot imagine. But, now? There is something more going on.

    Yeah – she’s 24 now, not 20. Her body has changed – anyone who has eyes can see that. It’s not a knock on her – it happens to every woman. It’s called maturation.

    There’s a reason that elite Olympic female gymnasts are young – gravity and nature haven’t taken over yet.

    The truth is that Biles can’t throw the tricks that she did 4 years ago – when is the last time that ANY female gymnast was the GOAT in one Olympics and was able to repeat that 4 years later? It simply doesn’t happen – there is always someone younger who hits on all 4 cylinders at the right time, and they steal all the thunder.

    Biles had an opportunity to soldier through and hold her head high for her perseverance in the face of adversity. THAT is the mark of a champion.

    So much for being a “strong” role model. She showed remarkable drive and perseverance on her way to the top. There is no shame in acknowledging that time is marching on. Better to hold her head high, despite screwing up. MOST people screw up, and they certainly could never do all of the things that she has.

  140. I understand about anxiety and mental health, but isn’t the Olympics pretty much the thing you prepare for, and build to? The goal, as it is?

  141. Yes. She performed for years. For her team. They betrayed her. For her country. We betrayed her. I would think that y’all knowing me for all these years would be an introduction to mental illness.

  142. At 24, I was still on a feeding tube due to my eating disorder. 80% of the weirdos in group were victims of sexual abuse. Fatties and skinnies. Male and female. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. I’m almost 58 and I’m still a neurotic mess.

  143. Yes, it is.

    I have very limited sympathy for richly compensated athletic performers who declare mental stress at the pinnacle of the sport.

    The thing about athletics is that there is ALWAYS someone working their ass off to take your place.

    While you are shooting commercials and magazine covers, there is some kid now one knows who is trying their best to beat you.

    It’s the way we are wired.

  144. I can’t pretend to know what she is going through. I do know the guilt I feel for speaking out and being ignored. I am responsible for 3 more victims. By being ignored. The FBI allowed 70 more victims. 70 young girls. I’m 57. Imagine being 24. Imagine trying to compete while being questioned about the IG report. We failed her. I know that this is personal for me. I can’t imagine going through my shit on a national level.

  145. Phat, we were in Dayton. Toured the AF museum. Thought of you.

  146. Capitol Hill police have a budget that is 2X that of the Atlanta police department.

    Congress has 535 people.

    What a scam.

  147. watching Kinzinger and Schiff cry on stage is making me mad

  148. overpaid police lying to a congressional hearing. assholes

  149. AOC has ptsd and she wasn’t even there.

  150. I hope those in power get what they have coming, but most likely nothing will ever happen. It’s more likely they will become more powerful. Also, I heard on the radio they are going to require all gov. employees to get the shot. It will soon become all gov contractors and then I’ll be in same boat as Laura.

  151. Thermadin, I’ll be in the same boat as well.

    I fully expect them to try and withhold public health money from any state which refuses to impose mandatory vaccinations.

  152. Argh. Between last week’s HHD and this week’s, my computer died. I was able to use the old wordpuss software to edit posts and upload media on my roamingfirehydrant account. Now that’s gone. I think I have a poat, but it was a damn struggle, and I still can’t find where the categories went. When I clicked on “categories”, it looked like it added all 427 of them. My knee hurts like a mofo, and I can’t think clearly enough to figure out what the hell WP has done now.

  153. I still have to wonder about liability issues. And why they are pushing this so damn hard.

  154. I’m in the camp that believes it’s desperate flailing. They expected people to rush to get the vaccine, allowing the admin to take an easy victory lap. Instead large portions of the population aren’t. Unfortunately, having hyped up the Kung Flu as the second coming of the Black Death, they can’t very well just shrug and say, “oh well.” Too many Karens would freak out, and the Teacher’s Unions will continue to fight tooth and nail against full reopenings. They need a high percentage vaccinated as cover.

  155. Alex that’s probably part of it, but I also think the the vaccine companies have figured out this is a way to print money. They are in turn buying the administration.

    The only way this shit is still spreading is the infection numbers are way over counted (pretty much a fact at this point) and the vaccine is not very effective. We should be way over herd immunity by now.

  156. What CoAl said.

  157. I think you are giving them too much credit for an having an agenda. They are bureaucrats, they get off on making others jump through arbitrary hoops. You have to follow their rules and they change the rules from minute to minute.

    I see it all the time, the rules are written down if you do x it will be approved, I do x and the reviewer says no you have to do x+y. I say the book says x they say if you want this approved you have to do what I say.

  158. Vman and Phat? Is Xbrad next?

  159. Tushar.

  160. “Not only did the Texas Dems cause an outbreak, they likely helped pushed DC into the “substantial” zone that caused DC’s indoor mask mandate under this new guidance.

    To reach “substantial”, states have to be at 50 cases/100K over 7 days. DC is at 52.”


  161. You will need boosters every 6 months.

    Big pharma needs your money.

  162. Fake vaccine is the new Oxy,

  163. Catturd on Twitter “If you think Adam Kinzinger is crying now – just wait until the night of his primary.”

  164. I can’t pretend to know what Simone goes through. I do know what Dan has gone through for 31 years. Y’all should see my right arm. I apparently tried to get out of our bedroom. Nothing broken. Bruised for days. The screaming is the funny part

  165. Being a top level athlete has to be a lot like just-in-time logistics: you’re squeezing every ounce of efficiency you can by running up a lot of fragility. Ms. Biles apparently has moves in her routine that no one else can do due to the sheer physical capabilities required. She’s operating on a razor-thin margin where any screw up could mean serious injury. Add that she’s probably never had the time to address what happened to her, but instead has been driven, by herself and by others, to focus on gymnastics, and it was basically a race to see if she could peak at just the right moment for another gold, or if those demons would catch up first.

  166. Tucker had a pretty good take tonight. He thinks they are just desperate for control.


  167. Oso. Ruidoso.

  168. Dina’s epidermis recovered permanently.

  169. Unless the governors are going to insist on closing the borders as part of a lockdown, the Feds can ESAD.

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