MMM 455

Is is really Monday again? Already?

She’s ready for Monday. At bit too much bronzer, though.

She can handle a pole.

This park has a lovely bridge.

What do the red weights clock in at? I’m guessing not 45#

Fake redhead for Carin.

More pole work. Tricked ya, that’s a barbell. Poles aren’t generally knurled.

Light squats. Even here I’d rather not have hair under the bar, seems risky.

Cailf raises.

Looks warm there.

Be good to each other, buttmunchers.


  1. Just read in the WSJ that new vaccination rates will need to be 80%.

    This is complete bullshit and they know it. Klaus Schwab is all in on his Great Reset and these guys are licking his fucking boots. Disgusting.

  2. My immunity is better than the shot. They can go fuck themselves.

    wakey wakey.

  3. I liked the jazzy squirrel, the song reminded me of monkey washing cat.

  4. Nerd news of the day:

    Hard for me to believe that the shuttle stopped flying 10 years ago, and we’re still keeping the space station going with new modules. “Nauka” docks later this week, though it’s a science lab. “Poisk” is the newer docking module.

  5. Hairy squat chick is used to someone holding her hair back when she’s working

  6. Just read in the WSJ that new vaccination rates will need to be 80%.

    Perhaps 95-100% if the shots administered keep petering out. Pfizer says their test subjects won’t need a third shot right now, which means they’ll need a shot right now but Pfizer doesn’t want to go first.

    The fucking managerial class around the world is panicking. At this rate we’re going to see a modern, western country collapse into civil war.

  7. I really don’t see how we’re not going to do lockdowns and masks again.

    Most companies targeted Sept to go back to the office but they seem to be rethinking it. Some have pushed to Oct. That means next Spring.

    The momentum is real and I just don’t think we’ll be able to get away from it.

    Fauci said vaccinated people need to mask up indoors this weekend.

    Rather than the blame falling to the vaccine makers and government they’ll demonize the unvaccinated. It’s a minority group with no power.

  8. I don’t see it happening.

    They have pushed too far.

  9. The problem is that if they try to lockdown schools again it will get very ugly very fast. I can’t think of a better way to kill public education.

  10. It’s a minority group with no power.

    I wonder how hard it would be to make it a racial thing. Pretty sure our currently empowered minority class isn’t a big fan of untested genetic experimental injections.

  11. Schools essentially have a monopoly. They can do whatever they want.

  12. I was thinking about their next step a couple of days ago.

    They can use insurance companies.

    Get the jab or your healthcare premiums will increase by $800 a year.

  13. CDC shows that it’s black folks are lagging proportionally.

    9% with one dose, but 12% of the population.

    Crackers are 59% v 61%

    Hispanics…17% v 16%

    Asians…6% v 6%.

    Um, it’s not crazy insurrectionists white folks who are going unvaxxed.

  14. And the only reason to reach anywhere near the “vaccine” numbers they pitch is if one of the evil conspiracy theories is true. It absolutely fucking cannot be about a virus with a 99.9+ survival rate, so what’s it really about?

  15. Never was. Just like it wasn’t those eeeeevil Mormons who defeated Prop 8 in CA years ago.

    But no one wants to discuss how Shaniqua won’t get the vaccine, nor will Rebekkah up in Los Feliz.

  16. I don’t think the conspiracy theories are true…yet.

    I believe that all of the ‘winners’ in the covid sweepstakes have gained a lot of power and want to keep that going.

  17. I would also wager there are a huge amount of people in government that simply don’t understand what ‘science’ is and what a ‘model’ is.

    They believe the experts because they’re experts and we’re off to the races.

    Nothing is ever correct but it doesn’t matter. No one cares.

  18. It absolutely fucking cannot be about a virus with a 99.9+ survival rate, so what’s it really about?

    When the managerial class starts to fail, they turn to increased micromanagement and increasingly symbolic gestures to try and cover up their failures.

    They saddled a tiger and now can’t figure out how to get off.
    They can’t turn around and say, “oh well, it turns out COVID isn’t so bad after all!” They’ve invested too much into it being the end of the world. They treated it like the second coming of The Black Death in order to get rid of Badorangeman. But in the process they tapped into a very dark and basic part of the human psyche. Essentially you have a mixture of the human fear of “uncleanliness” combined with the declining participation and belief in traditional religion, combined with the sort of idleness that comes with excessive prosperity, and spread over a globalist class who by and large have abandoned patriotism and other traditional outlets for tribalist impulses.

    Meanwhile, they really did believe that they’d walk into the White House and everything would magically revert to pre-2016. The last four years would disappear, except for a few little messes that they’d easily clean up. Instead, they’re horrified to discover that the world isn’t going back to the way things were before. People aren’t lining up to take an untested vaccine. People aren’t going back to work. The stock market has to be continually propped up via inflationary measures or else a generation of retirees are going to suddenly find themselves in the poorhouse right before the midterms. The rest of the world is falling apart.


  19. Those stats are weird considering some of the most pro-vax folks I have contact with are black.

    Tuskegee is a half-hour away, maybe.

    Think on that.

  20. I would also wager there are a huge amount of people in government that simply don’t understand what ‘science’ is and what a ‘model’ is.

    We’ve elevated science to a religion and technocrats to a priesthood. As a result we’ve created new rituals and oracles even as our understanding of the processes declines.

    What I’ve come to conclude based on my experience is that you should never trust a leader who obsesses over “data”. The kind of person who insists on more and more data before he makes a decision is very often someone who is afraid of taking responsibility for that decision and utterly terrified of risk.

  21. I’m more cynical than that. The would-be global oligarchs are just finding the oracles prophesying in a manner that aids The Plan and elevating them while silencing the dissenters. Same shit they did with Climate Change nonsense.

  22. Mongo no like lockdowns.

  23. How long until your vax status is mandatory on your drivers license?

  24. Hopefully never but I’m becoming resigned to the fact that I’ll be singled out, punished, and made to comply.

    Which is sad because I really don’t want to do it. It used to be a rational decision but now it’s purely contrarian.

  25. Agreed. I was willing to consider the vaccine, especially if allowed to wait and see what the side effects were. Now? Fuck you, i won’t take it.

  26. researching how to make CBD cream. I’m going to make LOTS. That shit is expensive.

  27. I guess the beer trees aren’t doing so hot, so car in is looking to change up her garden.

  28. I hope I get Ethan’s form letter today. All the other moms have gotten theirs.

  29. Is the CBD oil cold-pressed from hemp seed or will you need to buy that too?

  30. Well … I won’t need to buy much of anything. the oil is made from sugar leaf cuttings, steams and roots.

  31. stems

  32. They are using some bogus poll which said that 15 percent (of those questioned) thought the vaccine contained a tracking chip.

    They are saying this to make those who have legitimate questions about everything sound like they are simply nuts.

    I heard O’Reilly use this on Glenn Beck’s show on Friday. I don’t believe they have tracking, however, I’m vehemently opposed to these vaccines for several other RATIONAL reasons.

  33. Mare, they’ve been using that MO for just about everything. Trump. Elections. Covid. Everything.

    “This Trumper over here believes X, so they all do.”

    I’m so sick of it.

  34. “15% of people believe that the vaccine has a tracking chip in it! Isn’t that crazy?”

    *six months later*

    “The conservative case for accepting the chip…”

  35. I’d put more stock in the “tracking protein” possibility. If the mRNA can make you express the spike then it could also make you express some other protein that could be used to track whether you were a good little peasant.

  36. It’s ridiculous because there are so many legit questions about taking these vaccines.

    No liability.
    CDC normally pulls vaccines after 55 deats. or 53 whatever.
    There is a 99.6% survivability for healthy people under 65.
    If you’ve had COVID your antibodies are as good if not better than the vaccine.
    If you are healthy, no comorbidities, it makes no sense to take something that VAERS (vaccine adverse event report) tells us if dicey.
    The side effects are serious when they are serious.
    No one gives a shit about an arm hurting for a day, however, paralysis, inflammation of the heart and other tissue, palsy, and brain issues are pretty fricken serious.
    As are fertility issues.
    I don’t give a shit about the delta variant and COVID is going away.

  37. I was just tested with the stupid $135 ID NOW test. Negative but, boy was I sweating that out.

    Lots of people testing positive are asymptomatic. And I’ve had a few funny feelings that are evidently allergy-related. Although I don’t have allergies that I’m aware of. I was soooooooo relieved. If I tested positive Hawaii is a no go.

  38. The numbers scream that it’s not about health, and hasn’t been. So what’s it really about? Just another shiny object to sow division? Maybe, but it’s an incredibly expensive one. Something else is going on here.

  39. It is incredible how COVID and Vaccines landed along party lines.

    I think it has a lot to do with the rational vs the irrational.

  40. I tend to think it’s more about the fact that they painted themselves into a corner, plus they can’t stand that the masses aren’t doing as they’re told. So the managerial class is doubling down on it all


  42. Thanks, Pepe.


    So the DELTA VARIANT is killing everyone?

  43. *six months later*

    “The conservative case for accepting the chip…”

    /nervous laughter

    The elite conservative class is really fucking us over.

  44. It’s killing everyone … in the over 75 category with cancer and diabetes. Just like regular covid.

  45. No form letter today.

  46. I started a misery loves company thread, but several of the women have a later ship date than Ethan.

    Ethan went with a guy he knows – Joe – they trained together. his mom got the letter on friday.

  47. Remember when 2.5M people were going to die in 2020?

    Good times.

    600k have died but we all know the number is inflated. The VAERS data is somewhat similar. A death near the time of vaccination has to be reported. It’s not causal.

    But neither is the big number. It’s if someone HAD covid, not that they died of it.

    I’d love to understand the real numbers.

  48. “conserviative elite” = “globohomo shills in camouflage”

  49. Remember when 2.5M people were going to die in 2020?

    Good times.

    600k have died but we all know the number is inflated. The VAERS data is somewhat similar. A death near the time of vaccination has to be reported. It’s not causal.

    But neither is the big number. It’s if someone HAD covid, not that they died of it.

    I’d love to understand the real numbers.

    The original estimates were 250k to 2.5 million. So the model was accurate, but not precise. Of course, anyone with half a brain should have understood that such a wide margin meant that there were a lot of unknowns.

  50. The original estimates were 250k to 2.5 million.


    Common sense says that model is garbage just like the climate change models.

    I’ll stake my common sense against any “model data.”

  51. I’m pretty sure eventually everyone will die of Covid.

  52. I need to check the ol’ Book of Revelations but I’m seriously wondering if Demented Joe is actually the Antichrist.

  53. I’m sick of covid and all the covid pushers. Go to hell, losers.

  54. Pay thinks it’s the pope who is the antichrist. Po-tay-to/Po-ta-to

  55. 250K – 2.5M is like saying 1 to 10.

    My broker said I should bid between 10K and 100K for this Hunter Biden painting.

    My model predicts I’m between 5 and 50 feet tall.

    This hurricane will either be sunshine or a category 5.

    All of this would be accurate but not precise. LOL

  56. My broker said I should bid between 10K and 100K for this Hunter Biden painting.

    And if Hunter’s demanding $250k for the painting you know it’s probably not a good investment.

    There’s nothing wrong with a spread that large, especially for a country of 350million. Sometimes you don’t need precision, but to know what are likely to be best or worst-case scenarios based on the data you have available. Essentially they were saying that based on what they knew at the time, the worst case scenario would still only kill less than 0.5% of the population. Again, it should be a starting point for further information collection, not treated as holy writ, which is the real problem. Figure out where you information gaps are, start looking at the assumptions used in the model and testing them against new data on the virus, and update accordingly.

    Half the country heard 2.5 million and freaked out, while the other half heard it and disregarded it. Politicians were quick to fall into the first group, because too often they don’t pay a price for overreaction, but do for underreaction.

  57. I no longer discuss the shot or treatments or how susceptible a healthy person is to harm from the disease or the fact that accordion masks don’t prevent the spread of respiratory illness and this is backed up by research in all nursing texts that address the matter. Facts have been deemed irrelevant to this issue, the decision to end debate and freeze me as a target has calcified. They are robots. Even the ones I like and care about. I decided that I no longer talk to robots about anything important.

  58. Alex, I don’t disagree IN THEORY with what you’re saying other than you think they were “estimating” in good faith as opposed to a scare.

    Come on.

    The model for climate change was always a goof. I believe the same for covid, convenient numbers for the big scare.

  59. Lauraw is being rational. She will be punished.

  60. I need to check the ol’ Book of Revelations but I’m seriously wondering if Demented Joe is actually the Antichrist.

    Not a chance. He’d be well liked and actually popular.

  61. Not a chance. He’d be well liked and actually popular.

    But the media insists that Demented Joe is well liked and popular. Why the creature got the most votes EVER. Yes, I know you’ll tell me it’s a lie, but as you know if you push a big enough lie hard enough it becomes perceived as The Truth. And that’s the truth that matters.

    That said, I’m willing to entertain the notion that the meat-puppet masquerading as POTUS is merely demon-possessed.

  62. clay Travis and buck sexton using rush music, not cool

  63. There are many lesser antichrists, we’re promised as much by Revelation. The final one will be adored and worshiped openly as though he were God in the flesh.

    Biden is just a demented old shitheel. Someone near him is the demoniac laughing his ass off.

  64. What’s been funny to me lately is how Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg have all managed to make themselves almost universally loathed.

  65. now woke us women’s gymnastics stumbles, falls behind Russia

  66. Mare, I do think that both COVID and global warming, early projections and models were built in good faith. The problem is that once they became useful tools for fame and grifting, the normal caution that is supposed to accompany such models went out the window.

    BTW, I emphasize the low end estimates because it undermines the orangemanbad crowd’s attempt to attack Trump. They insist that he has the deaths of 500k on his hands due to his incompetence, but the best case scenarios suggested that at least 250k would have died even if everything was done perfectly. So at most you can only blame Trump for 250k deaths, which means Biden is almost even with Trump, despite having a year’s worth of knowledge about the crisis, AND three vaccines.

  67. Mare, I do think that both COVID and global warming, early projections and models were built in good faith.


    Michael Mann was a proven liar. Good faith? No.

  68. A lot of data people get totally invested in their creations. The whole point is to be dispassionate and to let the data speak as objective.

    But they bring their biases, which are obviously strong.

    What if the ‘scientists’ said, you know what? Looks like the temp of the earth is pretty stable and has been FOREVER. But you know, it would be a good idea to be more conscious of our impact on the environment, especially in developing countries. I wonder if we can speed their adoption of fossil fuels to accelerate wealth which is highly correlated with how societies care for their surroundings?

    But no. They’d get no funding or social capital.

  69. Mare, they’ve been using that MO for just about everything. Trump. Elections. Covid. Everything.

    “This Trumper over here believes X, so they all do.”
    I can’t decide if Slow Joe’s “Democrats sucking the blood out of children” comment is that MO or him letting the mask slip

  70. I tend to think it’s more about the fact that they painted themselves into a corner, plus they can’t stand that the masses aren’t doing as they’re told. So the managerial class is doubling down on it all
    Agree, there’s no easy way to admit they done fucked up


    I’m hearing rumblings of the CDC recommending it for ALL health care workers

  72. Whenever I thin of Biden’s dying brain I think of Trigglypuff.

    I have no idea why but it makes me laugh.

  73. CDC recommends no alcohol for all women of childbearing age, and they have no authority to mandate anything themselves.

  74. The problem with navigating by Revelations is that, if you’re a discerning reader, nearly every part has been fulfilled…multiple times over.

    Doesn’t mean you ignore it. Much wisdom of things to look out for. Just keep in mind that “no man knows the hour” is as true as the rest.

  75. no authority to mandate anything
    I’m sure most hospital organizations are chomping at the bit to mandate their employees to get the shot. We’re in the dark as to who has had it and who hasn’t except for a recent notice that 71% of employees have had it. If, say only 30% of our physicians have had it, I’m safe for a little while longer. They can’t fire and rehire that many doctors at once.

  76. The CDC saying that is to move the Overton Window. It’s like pronouncements from AMA which has a minority of real practicing physicians as members but people see AMA and think it’s just like their doctor.

    (not sure of the accuracy of that site but it tracks with what I’ve seen elsewhere)

  77. The American Heart Association is even worse, they just sell their logo for anything that can test for low enough cholesterol per serving, but people still think the logo means something.

    Sure, dipshit, Honey Nut Cheerios are fucking superfood.

  78. You would refuse the shot Jimbro?

    I get that leon would, he’s nuts. Real conspiracy wacko.

    But you? You seem pretty normal.

  79. Last I read stats on it, 60% of CDC employees are conspiracy whackos too.

  80. I’d also assert that if you aren’t a conspiracy theorist at this point, you’re hopelessly naive.

    I’m nuts either way, the key question is whether I’m wrong.

  81. It strikes me that a lot of pressure on pushing the vaccine may come from state and local governments, especially cities. Commercial real estate and residential real estate in certain areas is likely taking a hit due to increased telework. And public schools are looking at large drops in student counts thanks to parents pulling their kids out to send them to private schools.

    Getting large numbers of people vaccinated would allow the government to try and push people back into offices, as well as push back against the teachers’ unions who continue to play games.

  82. I’m also not saying that the jab is a fatal poison or has chips in it or whatever, I’m saying that it can’t be about public health. The numbers don’t add up at all for it to be about PH. So what’s it about? Alex says saving face, and he might be right, but it’s a pretty expensive (both in $$ and reputation) face-save if that’s the case.

  83. Leon, you can’t put a price on their ego.

  84. I can’t, but it’s a very risky and LARGE expenditure of capital. And it requires that they all hold together. Someone, somewhere may eventually calculate that they stand to gain more by turning than they stand to lose by turning.

    I’m hoping for Hunter. I’d go to Confession and then daily Mass until the day I die if that happened.

  85. tell you what, as time goes by, the conspiracy theories are sounding more and more plausible from JFK to WTC collapse to TWA Flight 800

    Viva and Barnes have been talking about this a lot, these days. Viva, admitting being red-pilled over all the stories of our corrupt fbi and doj asked Barnes to give him some hope….Barnes is like…this has been going on for a loonng time….we used to never hear about it. For us to be hearing about it IS an improvement.

    I srsly recommend you go listen to their last vlawg. New Story of their corruption, which started in the 70s with them recruiting a 13 year old to sell drugs….long corrupt story short, that kid now adult, has been released from a linger than usual prison term because if what he stumbled upon, is now suing for a shit ton of millions.

    Detroit…Coleman Young.. fbi…etc.

  86. See my previous rants about the managerial class. It’s risky and expensive, and likely won’t work out in the long run, but they’re going to do it because they don’t have the intelligence or stomach to make the difficult decisions that are painful in the short run.

    This is the directors of a company selling off productive assets and buying shitty raw materials in order to lower costs in the short run, despite the effect it has on the long-term health of the company.

  87. but I’m seriously wondering if Demented Joe is actually the Antichrist.

    Demento Joe has no clue what’s going on. He is serving the anti christ that is Barry O, who IS running things. On the other hand, it could be soros.

  88. MJ, a real vaccine will be available in 3-4 months.

  89. We’ve watched as the narrative has gone from “There was no fraud”. To the courts saying “There was fraud, but not enough to overturn the election”. This week “There is nothing in the Constitution that allows for overturning a certified election”. That was why the Drats facilitated the “1/6 Coup”.

  90. Scott, “Real Vaccine” or an mRNA booster for those of us that chose the J&J?

  91. Real vaccine. Novavax.

  92. Novavax and Israel is close to releasing a therapeutic

    …not to mention the cheapo drugs being censored…

  93. The final one will be adored and worshiped openly as though he were God in the flesh.

    “We are the WONS we’ve been waiting for.”

    Like him?

  94. The first story they go over is another fbi/government corruption case coming to light…which then segways into Whitmer plot update

  95. Oso, why would you need a booster for J & J? I thought that was a single shot.

  96. The lefty bureaucrats censored information about HCQ and the MATH+ treatment protocol in order to push their patents and dunk on Trump. God knows how many lives could have been saved if they had cared about that more than themselves and their vendetta. There is literally nothing they won’t do to innocent people.

  97. You would refuse the shot Jimbro?
    Someone, Leon or Alex,said earlier today that they initially had an open mind on it and wanted to observe how it went before deciding. With all the insisting we just shut up and trust the science it’s really made me into a hard no as well. Is it too much to ask for 1, 3 and 5 year data? Apparently so.

    Paula had the vaccine a few months ago and she’s far healthier and younger than me (16 anos). She was laid out on the couch for a day after the first one and two days after the second one.If what they’re saying about shedding the spike protein is real I’m sure I’ve been exposed.

  98. Pretty fair treatment of the Novavax by lefty Atlantic magazine

  99. I’m so sick of talk radio and fox news. Alas, those are the only things my father will listen to. He has macular degeneration so he’s lost most of his vision and can’t do much else. I wish he’d listen to some audio books or ANYTHING else but he refuses. They just say the same things over and over and over again. GAH!

  100. According to, the number of COVID infections yesterday was 14,000, and the number of deaths was 49.

    That’s a lot for Fort Worth.
    Or Texas.

    But those are the numbers for THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

  101. Meanwhile, in Fort Worth, some bruthas got kind of ticked off when a bro started shooting at them.

    Gotta say, if this goes to court, I’d like to be on the jury so that I can thank these guys in person:

  102. This made me feel good today (besides testing negative):

    At a store parking lot, my husband and I saw a truck that had in the large back of cab window professional writing that said TRUMP WON.

    There wear also two huge flags on each corner of the bed. One said Trump and one was an American Flag.

    My favorite part? This person also had professional magnetic signs about 2 feet by 2 feet that were on the tailgate and one said IF YOU THINK BIDEN WON YOU’RE A MORON.

    I said that sounds like something I’d say and my husband said, “sure does.”

    I wanted to wait and tell the person how much I loved his signs but I didn’t get a chance.

  103. 49 died WITH Covid.

  104. Meanwhile, on any given day in the US, approximately 8,000 people die from all causes.

  105. And remember, Jen Penii said that the White House is NOT mandating that their personnel get the shot.

  106. Oops – autocorrect doesn’t grok “Psaki”.

    Their alternate spelling works for me….

  107. If you graph out the new deaths on that website, death drops to near zero every week. Deaths not reported on weekends?

    Still, during the middle of the week its about 300 per day and been at
    that number for several weeks.

    Change the graph to deaths. Then click the pink box next to deaths.


    (Imgur video)

  109. Beasn, the MFers are now saying that the J&J needs a Moderna or Pfizer booster.

  110. A story as old as time itself …

    The fact it was settled so quickly tells you everything you need to know.I’m sure a lot of anxious johns are breathing a sigh of relief and paying her lawyer a generous sum to keep it mum. The money he spent on a PI to discover the prostitute gig would have been better spent before the wedding.

  111. Oso, the motherfuckers are lying and committing fraud. People chose j and j because 1 shot.

  112. I chose the J&J because 1 shot and birth control clotting. No BC. No clotting. VAERS supported our choice. Our choice was mostly Dan threatening to go on vacations without me.

  113. If this whole thing works out we gotta switch our messaging to the biggest, most beautiful and luxurious vaccines saved the world from the Chinese plague.

  114. Informed choice is next to impossible. The gloating by MSM over the guy in LA and the woman in MA, is BS. Not once in the gloating articles did they say that they were able to get the Z Pac. The MSM made fun of them for wanting the Z Pac.

  115. Vaccines like nobody has ever seen before.

  116. A blonde haired billionaire supermodel banging mega succesul vaccine.

  117. NM. Vaccinate the teachers. Unmask the kids.

  118. Former CoW has a special needs kid. 8 yr old was suicidal over BS with APS continuously reassigning her teacher. CoW pulled her kid out of school. Kid has been enjoying Vegas and Disney. CoW took an LOA from work over her daughter. Former CoW is a medical professional.

  119. Dan said we were having watermelon for dessert. I still don’t know what is on the dinner menu. My cook fu is weaker than my link fu. Should I just start preheating the oven for processed snacks?

  120. I started acting like I was prepping dinner, got kicked out of the kitchen. Teriyaki thighs over rice was my dinner choice. I still don’t know what’s for dinner

  121. Soup.

  122. Thankfully, no soup. Maybe a watermelon cashew salad. I’m still out of the loop.

  123. Who eats soup in the Summer? I’ve been explaining that hot chocolate is Seasonal.

  124. I’ve been explaining that hot chocolate is Seasonal.

    But not hot coffee

  125. Comment by osoloco11 on July 26, 2021 7:00 pm
    Beasn, the MFers are now saying that the J&J needs a Moderna or Pfizer booster.

    Fuck that.

    They said “Get vaccinated” and I did. Under protest. I want to see my grandson.

    But I am done.

    No moving the goalposts after shipping in millions of filthy unwashed masses from third world countries and telling us that liquid running down our legs is rain.

    If they are SERIOUS about stopping the spread, they would close our borders up tighter than the proverbial virginal spinster aunt until everything has run its course.

  126. Damn

  127. but we all know they won’t, and the media will cover for them

  128. haha, NRCC calling me. Gee, wonder if I’ll answer.

    NARRATOR: Jay, in Fact, did NOT answer

  129. MeAgain covering for her Trump interview, again. Now she sees how others take issue with it. Sure moving to the right from her previous position.

  130. 2 million illegals on the southern border. Worst in history. But no crisis.

  131. busloads going to processing centers, with no end in sight. 350 Haitians today. How did they get to Mexico? I was under the impression that HAITI IS A FUCKING ISLAND

  132. they came across in Del Rio TX. Del Rio is 6 hours from Houston when driving.

  133. This juxtaposition gives me hope:

    GLENN GREENWALD: The Biden Administration Is Launching A “Second War On Terror” Against American Citizens.

    UPDATE (FROM GLENN): If it turns out like the other war on terror, right-wing militias will be seizing Washington, DC while Democrats chopper out under cover of darkness.

  134. My old man drank hot tea year round. I have memories of working in the backyard on summer weekends and my mom bringing out scalding hot tea for him and a pitcher of iced lemonade for us. If she also brought out freshly made scones that meant it was going to be a long break with the possibility of quitting time after a few scones were eaten.

  135. Gazpacho is a soup and it’s eaten in summer.

  136. I H8 gazpacho. I H8 Sangria. FU Espana.

  137. I drink hot coffee all day every day, no matter how hot it is.

    Bean soup.

  138. Hostage Theater presents: You Know We Can See You, Right?

    Same co-worker who insisted on wearing a mask even though he is vaccinated and even after I told him not to (infinitely chirpy): Good morning!

    Roamy (blinks) (blinks): Those look like pajama pants.

    Virtue-signaler: They are.

    Roamy: Dude….

    VS: I wanted to stick with the “work from home” vibe.

    VS proceeds to hold meeting with seven people. No one else says a word about his clothes.

    Could be that he’s put on the Covid-19 and can’t wear any of his regular pants, but I didn’t allow him into my lab because he was also wearing sandals, and the rule is no open-toed shoes.

  139. rules are rules.

  140. I love both gazpacho and sangria. I’m going to steal Oso’s hispanic card.

  141. If women would dress like that at my gym I’d be at the gym a LOT more.

  142. Pajama pants and sandals fetish, Mitch?

  143. pajama pants are just modern chaps

  144. Pajama pants and sandals fetish, Mitch
    I was referring to the lovely & fit ladies at the top of the poat!
    But…also yes.

  145. I was going to comment on the vaccine but you guys have covered it better than I could, so I will tell you something encouraging.

    I went to a gun show Saturday. It. Was. Packed. It was a smaller show but there was no shortage of guns or ammunition. Prices seemed to be sliding on bulk ammo with FMJ under $0.50 a round for the major calibers, minor was similar but much more spotty in availability and not in bulk. I was pleasantly surprised to see the county GOP had a table and was recruiting. I only saw 5 people in masks in the hour and a half I was there.

  146. Might as well add, Zeke had a medical issue last week that scared the crap out of me. He is going on 13 and doing remarkably well for his age. I thought he had a stroke, ate a magic mushroom or toad. He could not walk for a day then walked as if drunk for the next day, but appears to be fine now

  147. work sounds like they might be going to masking again. meeting rooms are going back to capacity limits again. Got a message about availability of vaccines, and to let HR know about your status. There was a line about unvaccinated wearing masks, but no message on enforcement.


  148. ugh, glad zeke made a recovery, vman!

  149. Thanks Jay, so am I.

  150. skritches for Zeke

  151. Mom is pushing me to get the vaccine. She asked what I’ll do if work mandates it. I told her, “polish my resume.”

    Re: pajama fetish. I love the image of a woman in a pair of flannel on bottoms and a wife beater.

  152. Dixon exposed Ripley’s perfidy.

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