The Memeory Game



It happened later at the soccer field


  1. Exhausted now

  2. When there’s a lot of content and I hit refresh my computer ends up stopping part way through the memes. Same one every time. This week it’s Bill Cosby playing the role of Jack Torrance poking his Jello Pudding Pop through the broken bathroom door with bad intent

  3. I thought about breaking this up into two posts but I’m not an energetic dog anymore. Working on next weeks BBF in the background and I’m…distracted.

  4. More laughs than I can stand. Thanks Pupster!!

    The first one got me rolling pretty good. I don’t understand the beach group photo one.

  5. Pups was in my head a lot with these memes.

  6. “Am I just fat or does this look easy?”

    As I’m reading the challenge I’m thinking, “maybe a challenge for one person…maybe.”

  7. It was lower temp and humidity outside than in, yesterday afternoon and I got excited and threw the windows open and shut off the AC. Those conditions lasted about twenty minutes as we got a rain shower and the sun came back out and turned everything into a steambath. I was hoping once the sun went down and the temp cooled off it would be okay. Stayed up until past 11PM last night and the temp indeed cooled down but the humidity kept rising. It was at 88% and blowing gross clammy air throughout the house when I finally threw in the towel and shut everything up and started the AC again.

    I don’t even want to know what the electric bill will be for this month.

  8. Wakey wakey

  9. I liked the aliens. Sorry, Lord Jesus Christ King of endless glory.

  10. My personal opinion? You can’t have too many memes in one poat.

  11. I’ve been pretty good about not eating until after noon/ 1PM every day. But today is different.

    There’s cold fried chicken in the fridge. I am not made of stone, people.

  12. 9 year old was playing with the restaurant lights last night. Our manager told him to stop. Little darling ran to mommy and said that the mean lady had screamed at her. Mom went ballistic and wanted to call the police.

    Yea. That happened.

    That’s why servers don’t want to wait on YOU PEOPLE anymore and are leaving the industry.

  13. Him – her. It was a girl.

    What 9 year old doesn’t know better than that?

  14. I just watched that Razorfist “Meltdown In Maricopa” about the AZ audit rant again. It’s looking more and more like the election fraud is provable beyond a shadow of a doubt. I wonder what the reaction of the Dems, GOP and media will be?

    Just kidding!

    I have a pretty good idea that the news will be eclipsed by the Theta Variant, another HUGE insurrection plot uncovered that the FBI totes had no involvement with (swearsies!), charges for yet another Trump associate, a tranny weightlifter winning gold at the Olympics and Megan Rapinoe showing cameltoe for her Victoria’s Secret “spread” among other distractions

  15. Nine years old, that’s ridiculous. Shit parents.

    Oh by the way, when I go out to dinner I’m the opposite of charmed when your children run around, stop at my table and you as the parent think it’s cute or ignore them because “it’s your night out.”

  16. Did she get out of paying the bill, Carin? I wouldn’t be surprised if she puts the kid up to shit like that, if so.

  17. She was yelling at the manager, and obviously wanted her to do/giver her something, but the bill had already been paid.

    I just wish it had been me.

    “Ok, call the police”.

  18. What 9 year old doesn’t know better than that?
    I heard a story from a nurse I know that I know and I’ll purposely be vague about the details to preserve confidentiality. This nurse had a patient seen for a dog bite. Why did the dog bite this preschool aged child you might wonder? The little darling stuck his finger in its butthole. Mom’s discussion with the providers only added to their concern. Mom wondered out loud why he hadn’t learned his lesson after the cat scratched him for sticking his finger in its butthole.

    My thoughts:

    Who is sticking what in his butthole?
    Poor animals
    This is not the behavior of a normal child. He’ll be a lifer in the system

  19. Seriously. One thing my recent employment has taught me is how absolutely manipulative most public meltdowns are. I used to be the sort who would do anything to make people stop making a scene. Now I just stand firm and look at them with dead eyes until they get it.

  20. I like the dead eyes part.

  21. My problem is that when people start acting ridiculous – I’ll laugh at them.

    Which makes them madder.

  22. I had some insane customer saying crazy things to me, and I couldn’t help the corners of my mouth from turning up.

    “Are you Laughing at me?”

    “… well … I am now”

  23. In the biz, we call it “compassion fatigue.” But really its, “Really? Listen. I was already sick of your shit yesterday.”

  24. Carin, is it because of embarrassment for them, or are you actually mocking them?

  25. Comment by scott on July 23, 2021 9:29 pm
    I hate having to pretend it’s normal.

    Scott mentioned this last night about a moving guy in a dress and heels.

    This is completely my problem with the trans, flaming homo and feminists with the purple hair and man hatred.

    I don’t want to participate in your crazy. You are not normal or well functioning.

    I really want to say, “get help, you’re horribly messed up and will live a garbage life until you get help or get medicated (or get off the medication.”

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  26. Call the police? You can call em from outside after you get the fuck out and don’t come back. Fuck you, this is a restaurant not a play ground for your poorly raised future convict. Should I allow them in the kitchen so they can adjust the stove? Maybe make the AC just right? Get the fuck outta here with your nonsense.

  27. What TeeRoy said.

  28. There is an article linked on drudge about how rotten restaurant customers are now.

  29. Scott, you go to Drudge????????

    My faith in humanity is all messed up now. Just kidding, it always was.

  30. Just consider it opposition research Mare.

  31. I’d happily bring goth girl inside.

  32. The AI program to continue to converse with dead people has been floating around technology ethics discussions for a long time.

    Apparently someone said eff it. That guy needs help.

    He’s basically Norman Bates.

  33. I never really went there, so I didn’t even notice when he went nutso.

  34. i lol’d at the alien crucifixion thing. That’s funny as hell.

  35. Comment by MJ on July 24, 2021 9:36 am
    i lol’d at the alien crucifixion thing. That’s funny as hell.


    MJ, we are simpatico. Look upthread.


    Cool, they can send them to Wuhan to study….

  37. Lauraw-no, it’s because I can’t believe how ridiculous they are being.

  38. There is a video out there of a American airlines Manager telling a lady that called a desk agent a bitch, that she was no longer flying American and suggesting she try Spirit airline. Thing of fucking beauty.

  39. We’ve become a cheap people, and that reflects in how we treat the world around us, including others.

  40. I think we’ve also emboldened stupid folks – if you feel you are in the right, than DAMMIT you are. We’ve taught them that no behavior is shameful. Let your freak flag fly.

  41. and that reflects in how we treat the world around us

    (Imgur video with sound)

  42. I cannot tell you how many people enter the restaurant, and then start telling us it is too hot or too cold, or the music is too loud.

    All these things may be true – but no one forced you to enter. And just because YOU are slightly discomforted by these things- it takes some big fucking balls to think that a room full of people should accomodate YOU.

    But it happens all the time. All day long.

  43. My dad is now bullying me to get the shot. Cases have doubled (2 to 4, most likely). I know he means well. I was fine with him getting it, he’s 85 with multiple co-morbidities and never gets out enough to get much sunshine. I love him, but this is why I call about half an hour before lunch so stepmom calls him away before he gets too wound up.

  44. Carin, it was 83 in my lab a few weeks ago. I called facilities to complain. 97 degree heat being blown into the lab, according to the infrared gun the tech had. Why, I don’t know. It’s now 62 degrees in the lab, and I don’t dare complain. I just wear a lab coat.

  45. 62 is a comfy working temp for me. I’d much rather wear a sweatshirt than sweat.

  46. Heheheh. You guys are stimulating a memory. I just remembered a letter I wrote to my boss about an asshole couple shortly before I left retail. They created a scene in the store, didn’t get what they wanted from me, then contacted corporate about it to make even more of a stink. They basically wanted to steal a gorgeous set of kitchen appliances.

    I checked my email and I still have it:

    Hi [Boss’s name],

    I understand that husband and wife team complained up the chain of command about our interaction yesterday. I want to talk to you about them.
    Please note, I do not refer to them as customers or clients. After they didn’t get the deal they wanted on those appliances, they stood there and harangued me for some time. They made many disparaging remarks, including some about how allegedly awful our store is. These however were their main complaints:

    1) That goods are frequently sold at a different price depending on who they spoke to.
    2) That they spend a lot of money here and should be treated better.

    First of all, I find it highly ironic that they complained about the judgement calls made in pricing clearance goods, when they themselves were trying to get a better deal off [coworker] even at the same time that I was on the phone with [assistant manager].

    So, they were literally trying to cause the very thing they later complained about. These people are not trading with [store name] in good faith. Later on, in relating my experience, several other employees expressed exasperation at the relentless price-chiseling whenever trying to do business with this couple.

    And second, if it is true that they spend a lot of money here, I am willing to bet that they abuse us at every single transaction. As a small business owner myself, I have noticed that some people only mention how much money they spend because it is an emotional issue for them. That is, they deeply resent having to hand over a single dollar for our goods. This is not our customer.

    Our customers do not run through the staff trying to trick a better deal out of us. Our customers do not heap abuse on us when they don’t get merchandise at a price that harms [store name]. Furthermore, when I interact with our good customers, I do not feel and observe the intense personal appraisal such as I received from this couple. I could see that they were trying to size me up from the first moment.

    At the last all-store meeting that I attended, you raised the subject with us that we no longer had to stand being treated with disrespect by people who are posing as customers. Please understand that even if we are not being personally abused, it is just as demoralizing when we see our organization being taken advantage of. It makes us feel like losers, if I may be perfectly frank.

    It may not be in your hands, and as you know, I am moving on, but it would be a real shame if they got away with it.


  47. I cannot imagine angrily complaining up the chain of a corporation for the right to cheat them. At that point I would make them watch while I had the appliances crushed in the trash compactor. FUUUUCK YOOUUUU

  48. Pareto Principle: 80% of your problems come from 20% of your customers.

  49. One of the sweetest things about having a business for a long time is the wisdom you accumulate, and how it makes your life so much better. We recognize scenarios as they arise and are able to cut problems loose instanter. And by problems, I mean damaged individuals who want to hurt us.


    A DOTING dad who has two grown-up children with Down Syndrome bought an ice-cream truck so they can work and not have to miss out on employment opportunities

    Joel Wegener from Loveland, Ohio in the US runs the truck himself, with his son Josh, 18, and daughter Mary Kate, 21 also helping to sell sweet treats.



    the rate of suicide attempts appears to have been inversely related to school closures. That is, when schools closed, suspected suicide attempts actually decreased. When schools reopened, suspected suicide attempts skyrocketed in lockstep.


  54. I don’t get the “This had to be the day” one.

  55. I think that’s Magic Johnson.

  56. What did Magic do?

  57. Heh. Meme pretending that Magic got AIDS from a woman.

  58. Yeah – one look at that train wreck of Magic Johnson’s “son” should be enough to clue anyone in who didn’t already suspect that MJ got HIV the old-fashioned way:

  59. Counter intuitive?

  60. Great – workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Waco, Texas voted “overwhelmingly” to unionize.

    I hope the plant closes down and moves to Mexico.

  61. So…..~48,000 new cases of COVID yesterday, aaannnddd…..

    261 deaths.

    Yeppers, it’s a staggering increase in cases!!!! We’re all gonna die!!!!!

    These Chicken Littles obviously missed the memo about how many deaths – from all causes – occur on any given day in the US (around 8,000).

  62. TiFW, I remember when Eazy E announced his AIDS status, there was a lot of crosstalk about him and Magic at the same “LA sex parties”. I think his son is a train wreck as well. TikTok influencer, though. So, there’s that.

  63. We’ve had a rash of retail break ins. Thieves are busting out the glass, breaking into retail establishments, stealing stuff before the cops show up. Target, Sam’s, WalMart, etc. Electronics and Jewelry. $32,000 in one Sam’s Club. It is beyond ridiculous. Still having to deal with Karen’s on a daily. NM/MLG is owned by the teachers unions. Mask mandate for kids in school. Parents are coming in shopping for masks for their kids. I asked if masks were part of the BTS tax free holiday. My sense of humor isn’t appreciated.

  64. Thank you, ChrisP

  65. “When you thirsty but you can’t read” just hit me hard.


  66. Apparently some nutjob harassed Tucker in a sporting goods store the other day.

  67. owner of the pizza place had a woman tell him to suck her dick. I guffaw. that really set her off but we were too busy laughing

  68. CoAl, I just saw the video. Looks like a Cabelas. Tucker is nicer than I would’ve been. True Story, Dan has said he will no longer cash checks that my mouth writes. (Narrator: Dan will continue to cash checks that OSOS mouth writes)

  69. We were out with the lift. Everyone shopping with their Bluetooth BS. Can’t hear the lift. I’m no longer polite. I want to blast Ludacris on my phone, instead of the flashing lights and horn on the lift. I yell at people. Lift drivers are all “Please and Thank you”.

  70. I was just looking thru headlines at Epoch Times. Two stood out..

    1. New Jersey Hospital System Fires Employees Who Didn’t Get COVID-19 Vaccine (behind the paywall..think it was people in top positions at the hospital…so was it due to non-compliance or an excuse to cut costs)

    2. 49 Fully Vaccinated New Jersey Residents Have Died From COVID

  71. Also locally, the big news is that DELTA VARIANT SPIKE OMG!!! has the asshole county council bringing back mask mandates in St. Louis County, starting Monday. For everyone.

    Um, if it’s so horrible, then why wait til Monday. 100+ hospitalizations last month. 348 this month.

    One councilmember will be challenging it because the CDC guidelines say the vaccinated do not need to mask.

    We are living in clown world.

    p.s. story out of Israel…they are working on a drug that is both an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, stops FauCHY flu in it’s tracks, should be released soon…maybe.

  72. More people have died from the vaccine than the COVID in the last two weeks. TiFW is going to be a Grandma and I just want to taunt the rest of you losers. (Shut up. I know I’ll never be a parent, but you guys are sucking taint)

  73. Congrats to TiFW!

    Oso, I’ll never be one either so go right ahead and taunt.

  74. Swine flu vaccine was stopped after the jab killed 57 people.

  75. They have killed 70X that and it’s still perfectly safe.

  76. Scott is always right. Even, Steven.

  77. CoAl, as a male, you still have a chance. Tony Randall. He was like 80 and sperming a gen

  78. Adverse events by age and 1st or 2nd shot, from VAERS DB.

  79. Swine flu vaccine was stopped after the jab killed 57 people.

    Yep, and none of the media swine brings that up to FauCHY or the blathering idiot. Or the effing County council.

    Or asks them fucks ” can you prove that the DELTAVARIANT is not being brought across the open border….why are you flying these people around the country and dropping them off?”

  80. I’m so happy for TIFW. Since my kids are retarded, I will live vicariously thru T and my sis-n-law.

  81. The swine flu jab not only kilt people but gave a bunch of others auti-immune problems.


  83. Some medic in Athens, AL had to get in on the “I was a shitheel to someone dying by telling them they should have been vaccinated” bandwagon. I don’t believe them, either.

  84. I’m so happy for TIFW. Since my kids are retarded, I will live vicariously thru T and my sis-n-law.

    I’m sure it will happen soon.

    Maybe sneak into their house and poke holes in all the condoms. Swap out her birth control for tic-tacs.

  85. Rocketboy and DIL have only been married a year. I can wait a bit, especially if she will finish up the dang degree.

  86. That VAERS link was…oof. Didn’t know blindness was an option. Co-worker had a bad flare-up of shingles after the shot, wonder if his case was reported.

  87. If only, CoAlex. They don’t do bc pills. They’re following a natural method. If she was married to a guy like you, I’d be in some form of grandma-ness…but alas, I do like my SIL, but he may be a scaredier cat than she is when it comes to kids. I fear he may be pressuring her to wait until he’s ready…again…and I suspect some low energy/low T.

  88. That VAERS link…hadn’t heard of blindness as a side effect either, but then it does fit with what those docs have been saying about the crap traveling thru the body and causing all sorts of odd, and delayed reactions….concentrating in the heart and ovaries.

    I hope some other countries are keeping track because our “health officials ” are too corrupted.

  89. Beasn, I have been following the data out of Israel.

  90. Darren embarrassed Rhonda periodically.


    I found that by looking around on that VAERS linked site

  92. I didn’t know blindness was a risk but I guess blood flows to the eye and clotting can happen there. I mentioned my friend had Bell’s Palsy about 4 months ago from which he’s recovered to the point where he’s back to taking call. I didn’t ask him whether it was from the vaccine because, at the time, I hadn’t heard of the association. I’ll just assume it was!

    I saw a recent article about the people who haven’t been vaccinated and the conclusion of the report (it might have been a survey) was they’re not likely to get vaccinated. It was sort of a No-Shit-Sherlock moment but it means almost everyone has had at least the opportunity to get the shot even if they’ve turned it down.

    Employer-mandated vaccinations of an experimental vaccine are crazy, yet, here we are. The lawsuits will be happening for years. I saw a story about a woman needing both legs and hands amputated as a result of a vaccine complication. (disturbing picture at link)

    No one has any liability for that. AYFKM?

  93. OK, fuckit, given how quickly I clot, if there’s clotting shit with teh jab I’m out.

  94. Interesting article, started out as a good read but I had to stop reading about 1/2 the way through

    You’ll see why if you choose to read it

  95. Lawn mowing beckons

  96. family picnic today on the surface of the sun. pray for oso

  97. Stupid place for a picnic.

    Wouldn’t a local park be better?

  98. Brother Tim, pretty sure you are medically exempt, so discuss with your doctor and bring up ivermectin and/or HCQ, to have on stand-by. Don’t wait until they have to cart your carcass to the ER.

  99. Speaking of side effects…bells palsy.

    “They concluded that the observed incidence of Bell’s palsy in the mRNA vaccine arms was 3·5 to seven times higher than expected in the general population. ”

  100. Jay, looks like we too, are getting the crazy heat. Heat index of 108. That’s enough to incubate those finch eggs in my hanging plant, all by itself, but mom finch continues to sit on them. She’s got to be sweating her beak off.
    I keep going back and forth over moving the nest…if I do and kill the eggs in the process, will that come back to bite me in a broader cosmic karma kind of way? Or just continue to water around them. Imma little skeered of if/when they hatch. Should I dress in camouflage to avoid the wrath of dive bombing birbs, and to not scare the babies?

    Something I prefer to consider than the greater human created b.s..

  101. LEON, where you be?

  102. OMW out the door for noon mass.

  103. Went to 9am mass and then the donut social afterwards. Got cornered by a member of the Knights of Columbus giving me the sales pitch.

  104. Nothing warms my heart more when a couple who already have a child together finally make the commitment to each other to get engage.

    /not serious.

  105. “We have three kids and a dog, so we felt it was time to declare our intention to commit to a plan to get engaged. At some point.”

  106. Beasn, can you set up some kind of tubing or self-watering device? So you can fill some vessel up with water that’s a little distance away from the actual pot and the water flows down to the dirt directly?

  107. One of my friends got covid pretty bad – not hospital bad, but felt like complete dogshit for a week. His family is in Canada, so he decided to get the poke.

    He was VERY sick from the shot, and now has said fuck no on getting the second one.

  108. Yea, it’s bullshit CoAlex. I can’t muster up a “congrats”.

  109. get some perforated tubing, zigzag it across the dirt carefully. Use a barb to connect the end to non-perf tubing. Attach with fittings to the bottom of a vessel hanging up nearby that you can fill with water without disturbing anybody.

  110. Lumps, that’s an idea I’ll have to think on. I don’t want to spook the nestlings or be the cause of the parents abandoning them, that’s for sure.

  111. For leon, when he gets back from church and anyone else who wants a laugh. Note the assholes defending this guy.

  112. “Why is this man the most powerful Catholic priest in America? Because he serves as the general secretary to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. In that role, much like the chief of staff in a military organization, he helps set the bishops’ agenda and is very influential in guiding the decisions.”

    Explains a lot.

  113. Maybe what I can do regarding the pot/nest…is to tent with camouflage material, on the backside. Baby birbs won’t see my big scary head and I can continue to water without spooking them.
    The pot is hanging between 2 of 3 pillars. Maybe staple material to the pillars.
    My neighbors will love that.

  114. “We bought a house, had a kid, and adopted a dog. But we’re holding off on getting married because we don’t feel like we’re ready yet. Plus, we want to save up for a kick-ass wedding.”

  115. I think smoked ribs, German slaw, and a cinnamon roll is on the menu for lunch.

  116. CoAlex. Every couple I know who have gone about marriage that way, are divorced.

    In one such couple, the man went on to remarry…then had a kid with second wife. We’ll see if that union lasts longer.

  117. LOLOL

  118. That’s hilarious! Is it real? Because it feels too good to be real

  119. Gotta be fake, just too funny.

  120. Explains a lot.

    We have an early contender for Biggest Understatement 2021.

  121. Ribs, charcoal-grilled wet not smoked, french fries, cheese curds, quiche, and Buffalo Wild Wings for my menu because I’ve lost all control of my life.

    Sorry for no new content today, I had to go in to work for a few hours to try and catch up a little.

    The grill is on, the cocktail hour has arrived, and I’m going to settle in for the rest of the weekend.

    Put something soft below that basket Besashdneskdjgeks, baby birdies sometimes push their siblings out to get more worms and you don’t want to deal, trust me.

  122. I envision a bunch of straws linked together joined to a reservoir, a bunch of throw pillows and camouflage netting on Beasn’s front porch

  123. I got my lawn mowing done just before a downpour. Made the dump run in the rain and I’m enjoying a cigar in the garage with Rowan hanging around my feet looking out at the rain. We haven’t shopped for groceries recently so it’ll probably be breakfast for dinner with bacon, eggs and pancakes

  124. Oo, good suggestion, pupster, though the nest is over an inch below the rim of the pot.

    Jimbro, it’s going to happen. Not so sure about the straws, tho. If I can rig the netting right. I may not have to get so technical.

  125. Tim Dillon is a comedian. It’s fake.

  126. Hey guys. HEY GUYS! It’s OK to use batons and stuff on Andy Tifa now!

  127. I love that package stealer who got his commupance.

    That guy will NOT steal from that house ever again.


  128. Carin?


    (Imgur video)

  130. Comment by Pupster on July 25, 2021 6:32 pm


    Just burn it down.

  131. Flamethrower!!! Where TF is my flamethrower!?

  132. The kids cooked dinner for our anniversary – spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, green beans with bacon, stuffed mushrooms, and a half-blueberry, half-cinnamon and pecan cake dessert Mini-me created. All those carbs and a glass of wine, and I’m all logy and content. Back on the low-carb wagon tomorrow.


  134. Sunday Funnies:

  135. The guy getting in Tucker Carlsons face in a MT Fly Fishing store turns out to be a CIA stooge.
    I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you…

  136. Everything is so fake, I don’t even believe in you people anymore. For all I know, these years-long interactions are all part of an elaborate Hunchback Trap.

    It’s working

  137. so black rifle is saying we just got it wrong, they are conservative, it’s all fake!

    uh huh

  138. Dirk’s exasperation rankled Patricia.

  139. Happy Anniversary Roaming Fire Hydrants!

    (Imgur video with sound)

  140. Comment by PepeLp on July 25, 2021 10:40 pm
    As I was mowing my lawn yesterday and reflecting on the world these days I was struck by the lack of open ridicule of Biden. The Libs had their Orange Baby Trump balloon and everyone thought it was awesome. I was trying to think of an equivalent for Dementia Joe and realized, just like criticism of the JEF was labeled racist, any criticism of Biden would be portrayed as elder abuse not to mention a potential insurrection with incarceration in a jail awaiting a trial in the future while the FBI “gathers evidence”

  141. Big black balloon with huge floppy ears: RACIST!

    Big white balloon with blank eyes: Elder Abuse!

    Late night hosts all said that there was no possible way they could make fun of the JEF, he just had no characteristics that would be funny

  142. I’m sure the CIA will disavow any association with fly fishing guy and label it a … wait for it … conspiracy.

    I tell you what, as time goes by, the conspiracy theories are sounding more and more plausible from JFK to WTC collapse to TWA Flight 800 to the Plandemic.

  143. Just read in the WSJ that new vaccination rates will need to be 80%.

    Perhaps 95-100% if the shots administered keep petering out. Pfizer says their test subjects won’t need a third shot right now, which means they’ll need a shot right now but Pfizer doesn’t want to go first.

  144. MMM 455

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