MMM 454

It’s Monday again. Make it a good one.

Good lighting here.


She kicks high.

Practically fluorescent.

Her hoop earrings say one thing, but her tidy room and well-made bed say another, what’s the truth?

Seems like this would be rough on the floor.

At first I thought her dress was too small, then I realized she’s just asking too much of her tank top.

She seems fun and flexible.

Go do something meaningful that can’t be stolen or erased.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. I’m hoping my boss is finally back today and we can have The Talk.

  3. It’s like no one’s around right now – so ….

  4. What talk?

  5. I know MJ is a dick, but these pics motivate me. Although they also make me feel like I’m old because I am. And just lifting won’t compensate for the lack of estrogen and that gorgeous elasticity in the skin.

    Eff it. METH!!

  6. When a prime contractor and a subcontractor love each other very much…

  7. Well … when mommy and daddy love each other very much …

  8. “How much longer do we expect the contract to last?”

    “How much longer do you plan to work before retiring?”

    “Is there anything remotely interesting left here for me to work on, or is my role entirely that of a sysadmin?”

  9. Caption on the last one ought to be “Read my lips”

  10. This poor poat died before its time…

  11. Heard from the insurance company this morning.
    The body shop pulled the bumpers off my Subaru so they could see the damage to the uni-body. The right ends of the front and rear bumpers were both pushed in about an inch.
    They are going to total it.
    It’s 27 years old and got 70k miles on it. They usually run for 150-200K, so it’s at half-life. There’s 2k miles on the tires.
    I’m gonna get a small check and have to look for a new car at a time that prices are sky rocketing and supplies are short from “chip shortages”.
    My timing sucks, not that I planned on getting hit.
    Good thing there’s no booze in the house.

  12. This is amazingly dead

  13. Dead dead dead, dead dead as fuck
    Dead dead dead, dead dead it’s dead as fu-u-uck
    It’s just bad luck
    Dead as fu-u-ck

    We got the normal Monday post, but early on it’s toast
    This post is dead dead dead, dead dead as fuck…

  14. It’s just mostly dead

  15. I’m super busy. I have to check the boot camp facebook page every five minuets in case something/anything was updated.

    it’s sort of a full time job.

  16. you know there are notifications you can set up, so you aren’t totally frozen in real life.

  17. *Starts CPR on the poat*

  18. National Ice Cream day, people!


  19. Yea well I don’t like notifications. I have ’em turned off.

  20. What will happen if you don’t check?

  21. All life as we know it stops instantaneously and every molecule in our bodies explodes at the speed of light.

  22. Well, if Possum were in the situation I’m sure you’d be trying to figure out whatever dribbles of information you could.

  23. Well, if Possum were in the situation I’m sure you’d be trying to figure out whatever dribbles of information you could.

  24. You’re driving yourself crazy. He’ll be fine, and he’ll tell you all about it when he gets a chance to visit.

  25. All life as we know it stops instantaneously and every molecule in our bodies explodes at the speed of light.

    Please stop checking. I want Division.

  26. Completely amazed that people who disagree with them are able to use computers and create charts.

    Go to the link at the end of the article. In the final paragraphs they mention Jan 6th “””coup”””, I just can’t even. Paraphrased, skeptics using real scientific data to solidify a skeptic argument is so very dangerous to them. Never fucking occurs to them that they themselves might be wrong.

  27. Jan 6 is when the coup was ratified by the EC vote, so it’s not entirely wrong.

  28. There are no dumber people on the planet than tenured college professors.

    There is precisely zero diversity of opinion and no consequences for bad ideas.

  29. “Data visualization is not objective. It’s not absolute. It is in fact an incredibly social and political endeavor. We have to be attentive to how people interpret them outside of the scientific establishment.”

    Nothing screams “our science is objectively factual!” quite like saying that data visualization can be misinterpreted by heretics and heathens.

  30. One of the (very possibly paid troll) commenters on an Insty thread was asserting that there’s a double psyop going, where they are trying to discourage Deplorables from the vaccine by doubling down on the public pressure to get it.

    It struck me as an argument Bill Kristol might use.

  31. I don’t get it.

    Why discourage people from getting it? So we’ll all get a mild cold and boy won’t that be troublesome?

  32. The logic goes something like this:

    1) WuFlu is the most deadly disease ever and more communicable than anything and is totes a Chinese bioweapon
    2) The vaccines will save all the good sheep who take it
    3) The resistant Deplorable types will all die out if we discourage them by actively and creepily insisting they get vaccinated, because they resist everything we push without actually thinking about it

  33. To follow this reasoning, you’d have to be a willing and entirely trusting believer of FauCNN bereft of critical thinking skills, BIRM.

  34. Well, it would be pretty good but 1) fails the straight face test.

    Do people actually believe that? I sorta wondered today if we aren’t suffering from a bit of Woodstock syndrome.

    The numbers are fake – meaning people who died from it. Those are inflated mainly due to hospital categorizations of WuFlu to capture the highest dollar from the government.

    But I wonder if people say they know someone who died from it just to be at Woodstock. You know, as in it carries some social capital for some reason.

  35. Do people actually believe that? I sorta wondered today if we aren’t suffering from a bit of Woodstock syndrome.

    There are some. The coverage has scared the shit out of a lot of people and given them a new, false religion.

  36. My immune system has been working to keep me healthy. I’m pretty sure it’s been exposed to every COVID variant out there. It’s working and it’s spectacular.

  37. Hey everyone.

    I started the day with a one mile run that I intended to be three miles, but my lower back started to hurt. Then I came into the office and played Castlevania on my computer.

  38. He may not be able to visit until after prebuds

  39. Now I’m going to go eat some food and wonder whether anyone in management will notice or care that I’ve lost the will to accomplish anything.

  40. I sitting in a teleconference discussing DEA budget projections. Pray for Oso.

  41. July is possibly ideal for me to take vacation days. So of course half or more of the month effectively got blocked off by a combination of other people taking time off and a few key “you need to be here to do X” tasks.

    I gotta get outta here. I don’t care that it resets me AGAIN.

  42. I thought you lost the contract, Alex?

  43. Contract expires in December. Company is currently challenging the decision, but I assume that will go nowhere. We’ll see if I get an offer from the new company taking over, and if I want to continue. Either way I’m here until November at least.

  44. Company is currently challenging the decision

    N00bz. The right way to do this is to have a 3rd party that also competed do the challenge, so the .gov entity has to keep doing 6 month extensions with the current contractor until the challenges are resolved, with the behind-the-scenes agreement to subcontract the work to the challenger.

  45. Streaming a Canadian Show. Mr D. Lots of Letterkenny crossovers. Funny irreverent stuff

  46. What a day. Finished my morning notes after the first two afternoon patients were already in rooms waiting to be seen. I hate running behind in the office. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often. Our MA gave her 2 week notice and tomorrow is her last day. Her husband got an opportunity in Georgia and she held off the last time something like this happened and decided she ought to give in this time around and remain married. Our “new MA” will be a rotating cast of characters from the hospital while they’re looking for a new one. So this means every day at the office is going to suck because no one will be able to make a decision without asking me or my NP directly. Death by a thousand cuts. And our new partner starts in about 2 months … way to instill confidence in his decision to move here directly out of fellowship!

  47. I got a temporary crown today, stopped drooling about an hour ago.

  48. Look at Mr. Big Shot over there who can stop with the drooling. Probably even has the dry chin and everything.

  49. Pray for Oso. I have no idea what is going on

  50. *low key hands Scott a napkin*

    I think you missed a spot.

  51. Half of what I tried to drink this afternoon ended up on my shirt.

  52. *joins Oso on the WTF is going on bench*

  53. *pulls up another bench*

  54. I worked 12 today and still feel like I didn’t get enough done. Taking a chicken nachos break.

  55. I have been doing Body Pump (not as fun as it sounds) and it’s from an outfit in New Zealand/Australia.

    I cannot see or say the word bench without thinking “beeench.” That’s how they say it.

    Another incredibly interesting fact (heh), I cannot do an Australian accent. I can say certain words but parodying the accent? I just can’t get it. Unlike my excellent Irish accent.

  56. Pro tip on the Irish accent: Say fook or fookin a lot.

  57. I don’t know what the fook I’m saying.

  58. We’re gonna need a lot more benches.

  59. screw benches, I have paste

  60. heh, Tucker breaking down the fleebaggers

  61. We talk to Ollie using a bad fake Australian accent. Mainly when calling him outside and directing play activities. I’m not sure why it’s just him out of 5 ACD’s I’ve owned in my life with 4 out of the 5 with Paula. We both do it and it happened spontaneously without a planning session.

    Be sure to watch the video on abbreviation speak – it’s like Oso speak

  62. 60% of people being admitted to hospital in UK are double vaccinated.

  63. I saw somewhere that the Covid diagnoses of the fleebaggers is a ploy to keep them away longer. 14 day quarantines on a rotating basis. Not sure I’m buying that since they already said they weren’t coming back until the special session is over before they left. We’ll see if Abbott keeps calling special sessions to keep them away indefinitely as he claimed he would do.

  64. Jay, the guy who said that claims he goofed, it’s really only 40%.

    Either way, the vaccine doesn’t work.

  65. John Hopkins study showed every kid under the age of 18 who died of covid had leukemia.

    Sure, lets include them in the experiment for safety.

  66. only half, and 60% have been vaccinated fully in UK. Seems ineffective to me, too.

  67. whoa, really? every one?

  68.’s the quote from NYT

    “I’ve written hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies, and I can think of no journal editor who would accept the claim that 335 deaths resulted from a virus without data to indicate if the virus was incidental or causal, and without an analysis of relevant risk factors such as obesity.

    My research team at Johns Hopkins worked with the nonprofit FAIR Health to analyze approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020. Our report found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.”

  69. Zero. Lets give them all an experimental vaccine.


  70. Every year, sometimes more often, I read or hear about a pneumonia or flu related death among the kids I follow with severe cerebral palsy or genetic syndromes. When I hear about a pediatric death from flu or pneumonia I always assume they had a pre-existing condition. It’s not 100% of course, just wicked close to it.

  71. I have heard it twice now that more people died last week? (don’t remember the time frame) form the vaccine than died from covid. One was just random internet browsing, the other was from a radio talk show that is pretty reliable.

  72. Ace calling Kamala Harris “Veep Throat” is hilarious.

  73. Bolt carrier group arrived today.

  74. Not sure that is true, Vmax. The reporting on vaccine side affects is horrible. Nobody knows how many people died from the vaccine, or Covid.

    It’s a guess for both.

  75. I guarantee it’s true for certain age groups.

  76. So naturally I burned some time looking up trigger assemblies. Was planning on going with timney but decided to go with one from elftmann.

  77. Next part will be a charging handle.

  78. Guess how many people in Texas (population ~28 million) died “from” COVID yesterday?


    The charts that are showing those scary spikes in COVID aren’t tracking the raw NUMBERS of cases, but rather the % increase in the RATE per 100,00 cases.

    They are counting on nobody reading the y-axis parameters.

    It’s working.

  79. And I wasn’t one of them……….you know why?……because I don’t watch tv.

  80. Im convinced that watching tv isa gateway to some shit.

  81. The Amish don’t get covid cause they don’t have TV.

  82. Diego’s explanation revealed problems.

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