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Your model for today was born January 8th, 1977 in Anagni, Frosinone, Italy. She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 362739 and 132 lbs. Please don’t be afraid to reveal yourself to Miss Manuela Arcuri.


  1. for bringing today’s model to my attention.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. Smoldering

  3. She also looks like a woman who you would regret making angry because she knows people

  4. She will use you up and cast you aside and you will thank her for it.

  5. I think I saw her at Lowe’s the other day checking out the air compressors.

  6. She’s quite a specimen. Too bad she never appears to smile, though.


  8. I would be guessing these pics are not recent. Either that or her plastic surgeon is a marvel. Nice that she’s not a stick 😉

  9. If you look closely her baby is smiling because it’s almost time to grab those udders

  10. UPDATE: Smile acquired (h/t Jimbro)

  11. There once was a lass from Nantizes
    Who had tits that were two different sizes.
    One was so small
    It was hardly at all.
    The other so big it won prizes!

  12. Anybody seen MJ? Check your seats. Maybe someone is sitting on him.

  13. Grrr. I originally had today as part of my vacation this week, but relented because my supervisor was taking today and one of us had to be here.

    Well…she’s here. So much for the reason I gave up a day of my intended vacation.

    As much as I believe in the mission…I’m tired of this place. Low pay, crap benefits, now this. It’s been flexible when I need it, but that’s not enough anymore.

  14. bad communication, brotim? mixup?

  15. Sonofa…

    Supervisor has rejected my timesheet twice. This is going to be fun.

  16. Any reason given?

  17. Yeah, a supposed mismatch between the timesheet used by the client, and the timesheet I submitted to the company.

    Basically the software DEA uses requires me to log in from my work laptop. A couple Fridays ago I had to take the computer in to be updated, so I logged on at 9am, logged out at 11:30, and then drove up to HQ and turned it in at around 1pm. I had the division chief update my DEA timesheet the next week with my corrected hours to show my working until 1pm.

    Apparently she still thinks that my hours for that day were 2.5, rather than 4. But rather than contact me and tell me what was wrong, her first rejection simply had a note, “Hours don’t match. Please correct.” and this second time she didn’t bother to let me know that she’d rejected it again, or why. I didn’t find out until I realized I hadn’t been paid for that week, and logged on to see why not and saw her new note.


  18. My supervisor has a history of coming in on days off–part workaholic tendencies, part legit that heavy on duties. It’s a long running gag in the office. It’s just that under the circumstances, I’m not finding much humor in it today.

    I mean, the four days I did get were a nice rest, but this completely undermines the reason it wasn’t a full week. It’s principle and it’s one more dump on the heap at this stage.

  19. Your supervisor is a dick. She should have put your vacation ahead of her day off, especially since she knew there was a possibility that she’d come in anyways.

  20. It’s not going to change. She’s been here since I was in high school, I honestly doubt the place could run without her. I’m just tired of taking a back seat to everyone and everything. It’s not worth it anymore.

  21. Honestly, now’s probably a good time to look for a new job. Businesses are hard up for workers.

  22. (To be fair she’ll be in an out all day if she follows her usual pattern–I may still be needed to cover something for her this afternoon–file it under “life is complicated”. Some of the quirks here have been to my benefit over the years. Those quirks aren’t paying my bills, though.)

  23. Yeah, I’m looking. I just don’t want to settle for less than I’m making just because I’m tossing a decade in place out the window. We’ll see.

  24. 2 more sections of mesh fence ordered. I may never mow again.

  25. From what I’m seeing alot of companies are willing to OJT folks that have foundation skills they are so desperate. And they are becoming more appreciative of the work ethic a more mature person brings to the table. Nows the time to look BroTim. You can probably improve your income.

  26. This is either clever, or heresy.

  27. Orange Julius Treat?


    She was supposed to be in her second term now.

    Maybe she sat on MJ?

  29. OH!

    Organ Jazz Trio.

  30. Nice job pup!!

  31. J’brony seems to be stalking this nice lady.

  32. Incredibly mild weather this week here.

  33. Has anyone found out why mare was dancing on the top floor of that Bldg yet?

  34. Heavy, heavy rain here. Good news for the hayfield and backyard pasture.

  35. Hill did more than sit on the muppet.
    Looks like she ate the entire cast and crew.

  36. And might be taking some steroids.

  37. It’s been in the 70’s last few days with low humidity. We got rain today which left Paula thrilled since her dad isn’t cutting hay like he planned. Summer returns soon, like imminently according to the weather dude

  38. Hillary strikes me as more of a fetal umbilical cord blood transfusion creep than a steroid user

  39. Adenochrome.

  40. I assume the “steroids” in her case would be corticosteroids, with the associated swelling and water retention.

  41. 8/10 would smash

  42. I’d give her a 9 if she were 5’3″.

  43. Comment by leoncaruthers on June 25, 2021 3:01 pm
    I’d give her a 9 if she were 5’3″.

    I’d give her 5.3″ and a 69.

  44. At dinner my FIL said that supply and demand shouldn’t apply to the labor market. We need a $15 living wage.

    I was pretty stunned.

    Gravity shouldn’t apply to the moon, I said.

  45. If supply and demand don’t apply to something, it’s not a market.


  46. Honestly, I was really confused. He kept saying that the federal minimum wage needed to be increased and that state and local governments had done it on their own.

    Uh…if they’ve raised it on their own, they don’t need a federal minimum.

    wow. just wow

  47. Everywhere in the country is just as expensive as everywhere else. Every skill has the same value, and all are the same as no skill.

  48. I just had a YT argument with a guy — on a Catholic channel, no less — who equated observing the completely obvious plandemic and that extended wear of a cloth mask might be deleterious to human health to Young Earth Creationism, because I informed him that actually giving him links would get me shadowbanned at a minimum.

    Dude, YT doesn’t ban YEC, Hollow Earth, or Flat Earth content. Like, at all. They’ll happily recommend that stuff all day. Yet they aggressively ban and deplatform anything that doesn’t match the WEF narrative.

    Pretty sure FiL still wins on stupid, but that’s gotta be close.

  49. … and that’s how I killed the blog, your honor. With a single comment that tied together every conspiracy theory tag with nary a half-dozen sentences of marginally-typo’d English.

  50. COVID-19 was the result of a secret global bioweapons research program to develop a weapon against the Reptiloids based in the Hollow Earth.

  51. You had me until Hollow Earth.

    I mean, c’mon, man, that’s crazy.

  52. Lol, Lefties are blaming the collapse of the building in Miami on global warming…..

  53. Global warming caused the Messican cenotes.

    It was like 15000 BC or something like that, but that’s the current theory.

  54. We pretty much raised every wage to $15, except for Maintenance. Every single Rotisserie worker was making $16, because Rotisserie sucks. They all quit. Team Leads start at $18 an hour. When Frontline workers got $16 an hour, 2 Team Leads stepped down and 1 quit. Management won’t let my TL step down to Frontline. She’s job hunting. We have over 20 open positions.

  55. If you look closely her baby is smiling because it’s almost time to grab those udders

    MCPO posted a pic of his one-week-old grandson on Facedouche and commented on how pleased he looked. XBrad replied, “He’s got a brand new wardrobe, all he can eat, every chick he meets wants to kiss him, and he’s seen more bewb in a week than you’ve seen all year. What’s not to be pleased with?”

  56. I am now convinced that the Make A Wish Foundation is just another grift, similar to the Clinton Foundation.

  57. They’re all grifts

  58. Top ten employees 2018:

    $614,337: David Williams, President and CEO (through 10/18)
    $338,742: Leslie Motter, Chief Operating Officer
    $311,628: David Mulvihill, VP and General Counsel
    $280,307: Kathleen Forshey, VP Corp Alliances (thru 10/18)
    $268,145: Todd Shellenberger, VP of Development
    $261,638: Paul Mehlhorn, CFO (through 5/4/18)
    $258,879: Deborah Thompson, VP of Chapter Initiatives
    $222,759: Bill Baumbach, Former Vp and CIO (thru 4/2017)
    $216,894: Patricia Clemency, Diversity & Dev Officer (thru 8/2018)
    $209,319: Thomas Parker, Chief Human Resources Officer

    Total grift. I wouldn’t give them a fucking cent.

  59. Almost all charities are grifts. Even if they start out with good intentions, once people have access to the $, they start to justify why they deserve some of it. Whether it’s travel, or fancy meals, nice car allowance, wages, it doesn’t matter, they work hard for the money, they deserve something.


    (Imgur video)

  61. I know that they are all grifts. At the same time, I am so proud of my cousin, Melinda, and Sheridan’s Sunshine Foundation. They have raised so much money for children with cancer. So much money for scholarships. My favorite is Aviator for a Day. Melinda’s hubby, Sheridan’s dad, works at Altus AFB. One of their grifts, is giving a kid with cancer a day on base as an aviator. Go bag, uniform, tour of the base and planes. If the kids are healthy enough, they can actually get a ride on a plane.

  62. the Messican cenotes

    Nice …

  63. Not c-notes, Maine-erd, see noh tays:

  64. Surprisingly interesting

  65. The whole channel is quality stuff. Possum and watch it together sometimes.

  66. I’m listening to Beasn’s link, the Jack Posobiac interview.

  67. Jack is a good dude. Shows up on War Room a lot.

  68. Wth, just saw a blurb that the CEO of Make-a-wish said that only vaccinated kids will get their wish. Aren’t a lot of those kids terminal? Why in f*ck would they need one? And others with cancer…isn’t a jab risky to their compromised systems?

  69. For pups or leon…I was looking to see who Ariana grande married and this chick popped up.

  70. he’s on tim pool a lot too. the Bannon episode was great, especially the members only one


  72. HA, Big Girl means business.

  73. Up before the derp of dawn

  74. Beasn’s ariana looks more like a Monday chick than a Friday one

  75. Doreen’s expression remained placid.

  76. I see a Pupster meme poat in draft, gonna push da publish button.

  77. This is Memeness

  78. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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