Blue on Meme


  1. ah, that new poat smell…

  2. plenty of room here, no one around

    *stretches out

  3. *stores new F-15 armed with nukes, for when Facedork tries to invade

  4. This new post seems like an ideal place to unfold my genitals for a while

  5. If nurses are underpaid, then they should all just go back to stripping like they did during school.

  6. Yea, I saw taht when it was announced.

    wakey wakey

  7. Knotfest starts in Iowa too.

  8. I think most nurses are more concerned with staff to patient ratio than pay. I’m sure they’d gladly accept more money but the biggest beef at contract time is always staffing numbers. The amount of ridiculous charting nurses are required to do pales in comparison with my obligations. So all the time they’re looking at their computer screens and hammering away at keyboards is time away from direct patient care. Most of the hands on care comes from nursing assistants and I’m not sure how much training they have beyond HS grad/criminal background check. Medical Assistant is an associate degree but I don’t know what the aides need to start.

    Laura probably knows

  9. From Jay’s link: “The Iowa State Fair Grandstand just got a little louder and darker … ”

    *clutches racist pearls*

  10. This is hilarious.

  11. Ok, so the Official Hat of White Supremacy Club is a helmet with horns and the Official Cocktail is a flagon of mead.

    So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

  12. Horns on a helmet are silly and impractical.

    I’m really bad at this White Supremacy thing.

  13. Interview tomorrow at 1, assuming I can get MS Teams to function from Firefox on my Linux laptop.

  14. ok, Bjorn, we’ll wear your hat

  15. wow, alex, did the perp pee himself? the wet spot looks like it

  16. “Nigga, can you even drive a fuckin stick?”


    Best line ever.

  17. Annabel over at the mothership should have washed her feet before she went to bed.

  18. Giuliani’s NY law license is suspended:

  19. Video of the Miami condo collapsing.

  20. They seem petty doing that to Rudy. They got their feeble candidate in and can’t resist humiliating anyone who stood with PDT. Battle space preparation for 2024 although I’m not sure Giuliani will be much of a force in 4 years. I could be wrong and I hope I am

  21. Holy crap! I only saw a still photo of the remaining building with some porches and the front wall partially collapsed and thought that was it. If we lived anywhere else in the world I’d blame shoddy materials or construction but after watching that it looks like an intentional demolition

  22. That building collapse does look intentional.
    A subsidence could cause enough energy transfer to collapse a structure too but I Would think it would effect more bldgs.

  23. Was mare in the area?

  24. I’d love to be able to afford an f15.
    I’d totally buy one.

  25. And an Abrams

  26. Stacey can’t be bought by a primate

  27. *wonders if co-lex is crazy enough to axe for pics of the hump dancing*

  28. *barfs*

  29. *heads back to therapy tree*

  30. No Abrams has ever been lost to the enemy. Several have been scuttled after getting stuck, but they’ve got a hell of a record when deployed.

  31. It was built in 1981 and was undergoing roof repairs. A relative of someone with a unit in it said it was plagued with leaks whatever that means. Not sure if she meant the entire complex or select units

  32. I’ve never been happier to live on the first floor of a one story house.

  33. that Chobham armor is quite a thing. And who else would put a freakin turbine engine in a tank.


  34. The WW3 book I’m reading now has North Koreans taking out Abrams by overwhelming them with sheer numbers of inferior tanks as well as sabotaging the air support attack helicopters. It’s a series and I’m part way through book 1. So far it’s not looking good for the Western World. I expect the ill fortunes and flatfooted response will be overcome and righteous vengeance will be delivered courtesy of the Red, White and Blue at some point

  35. Hmm, which one is that, jimbro? Sounds like Red Phoenix, Larry Bond, in that it is in Korea.

  36. Vortex by Bond is another good one, South Africa

  37. In the book the Russians are pouring through the Fulda Gap and the allies are losing ground. Russian artillery is decimating tanks. Air support is limited by aggressive attacks on American assets


    I didn’t realize there were 8 books in the series … I better pick up the pace!

  39. Check that … 11 books!

    What was I thinking?

  40. I just figured you had a stroke.

  41. “Time lost is brain lost”


  42. do you smell toast?

  43. I smell fish sticks

  44. I think that’s worse

  45. Well now I’m hungry for toast & fish sticks.
    Which is also now the Official Snack of the White Supremacy Club!

  46. Trying to find out what was in the MacAfee deadman’s drop, but it looks like the majority of the activity thus far has been proliferation of the 31TB to as many places as possible.

  47. toast & fish sticks

    You’ve reinvented the Filet-O-Fish sandwich!

  48. 31TB of data?

  49. The Filet-O-Fish is a tasty sandwich!

  50. Suppose-ably, Jimbro. Could be nothing but images with more steganography.

    Or a modest collection of porn.

  51. Too small to be a porn collection.

  52. Yeah, when Leon purged his there was a brown out across most of the midwest.

  53. I never went over 50TB.

  54. Do y’all listen to Viva and Barnes? Besides their regular law roundup on Sunday evenings, they also do sidebars with various internet personalities, in the middle of the week. Yesterday, they did two hours with
    Jack Prosobiec. A nice Polish Catholic boy married to a Russian immigrant. (Think you’ll like him, leon).

    He spent two years living in China, learning Mandarin, and what communism has done to their sense of right /wrong in otherwise good people…he drops an interesting story to illustrate. He joined the military on the Intel gathering side of things, spent time in Chaz and wrote a book about antifa…and it’s predecessors before them.
    I give the interview two thumbs up and highly recommend you give it a listen. He likes to tell a story and is good at it.

  55. Don’t forget to order your MyPillow using promo code “POSO”!

  56. Here’s the link for his book.

    The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc, Jack Posobiec recounts his firsthand experiences infiltrating Antifa’s 2016 meetings – where they planned their attack on Trump’s inauguration – to going undercover in the CHAZ autonomous zone. Posobiec uncovers the secret history of this radical anarchist group and follows their trail from their earliest days in Weimar Germany, to the battlefields of Syria, to within the borders of the United States.

    This book contains never-before-published government documents, new interviews with national security officials, and includes, for the first time, the explosive conversations between President Trump and FBI Director Wray over declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

  57. I’d be curious as to Chicom Chuck’s opinion of Jack’s experiences in China.

  58. HA, CoAlex!

  59. chicom chuck laughs at your scoffing of the superior chinese!

  60. jack is on tim pool’s show a lot

  61. They also sort of had an opinion on MacAfee.

    Who the heck is Mitch and has Hotspur checked him for anal merch yet?

  62. Chicom Chuck laughs because like other residents of the place, they don’t want to run afoul of the many paid Karens with prying eyes.

  63. Who the heck is Mitch and has Hotspur checked him for anal merch yet?

    He’s a wonderful fellow beasn! You’ll like him a lot.
    No anal inspections as of yet. Can I interest you in a handful of ass pennies?

  64. Unless those pennies are made of pure gold and handed to me after a thorough washing, that’d be a hard ‘no’.

    Ass pennies…ass pennies…
    Have you been here before or are you new to this dump?

  65. I have always been here beasn. I was here before the salt fucking and ass pennies. Yea, verily I was here from even before the beginning at the Ewok’s, IB and others. I was away for a while but now I have returned.

  66. Enas!

  67. wiser probably banned you at one time.

    welcome back!

  68. <iEnas!

    Yes, I was Enas Yorl back in the Before Times. How are you geoff?
    Thank you Jay!

  69. I’m at the Ragnar now. I probably won’t die, but If I do you guys know I’d never vote Democrat.

  70. Did MJ show up or flakeout?

  71. I think that’s another Ragnar in September.

    This is the swinger campout Ragnar.

  72. All Ragnars are swinger campout Ragnars.

  73. Listening to Bret Weinstein and Pierre Kory on Rogan’s podcast. Evidently, Ivermectin taken as a prophylaxis is effective in preventing Covid (over 86% in hospital workers exposed daily never contracted it). A small dose taken weekly pretty much stops it.

    As a treatment, it is effective but not 100%.

    But, there’s no money in a cheap, generic drug with an expired patent, so people will just have to die while they develop another drug that works.

  74. Pure evil.


    (Imgur video)


    (Imgur video)


  78. I forget, has Rogan been deplatformed or is he too big?

  79. spotify gave him $100 million

  80. This is the trail, the Ragnar in September is the road.

  81. CWS is another bucket list for us. Rando Morons have tickets. Ace needs to be more selective. 🐻❤️The Ewok, but c’mon man

  82. CWS is soooo worth it. Baseball with tailgating. Make sure LSU is there, best tailgaters!

  83. Pre and post collapse images of Miami condo

  84. Enas…I vaguely remember the name thru the fog of my week long insomnia.

  85. So many internet nics it’s hard to remember them all. Where’s sohos?

  86. Rogan is spotify…but after he denied it would happen, he’s kind of been “leashed” to some extent.

  87. Pendejo, I see her occasionally on facechimp when I occasionally drop in.

  88. Driving erratically, Ross panicked.

  89. BBF

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