Guardians of the meme, Vol. 32768


  1. – unfolds genitals –

  2. There was a minor kerfuffle with clothing manufacturer Arc’teryx recently. This post covers it with some interesting comments below it.

    I stopped reading comments when I realized there was no quick end to them and it was devolving into poo flinging, a recreational pastime I only enjoy with my buddy Jam

  3. Went to the sheriff’s office for my carry permit application yesterday, full covid protocols still being enforced; mask, temp check, 6ft distancing.

    I guess they don’t know.

  4. Pretty sure SecState is the same here, and will be in December when I have to go in.

  5. This makes me laugh

    As always, we can play the “What If There Was An “R” After His Name” game as well as be on the lookout for “Republicans Pounce” stories

  6. Just read a story about Northeastern University in Boston joining with a small liberal arts college I’ve never heard of before called Mills College (located in CA).

    Mills was formerly a women’s and pretend women’s college.

    Expect to see more of this in the coming years. The bloated education system is on the brink and the shifting alliances will keep the grift going for a while longer.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. Amberlamps!

  9. They should all be killed.

  10. Its past time for all the sensible black folks to stand up against this shit. THe liberals are NOT their friends because their fear of being called a racist is leading to moar of this behavior.

  11. but they can’t give up the dems, or their sweet sweet stream of attention will end.

  12. Who pays for the “vaccine”?
    We do…

    ModernaTX Inc.,* Cambridge, Massachusetts, was awarded a $3,300,000,000 modification (P00007) to contract W911QY-20-C-0100 for 200 million filled drug production doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-1273 Moderna vaccine. Work will be performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with an estimated completion date of March 31, 2022. Fiscal 2010 research, development, test and evaluation (Army) funds in the amount of $3,300,000,000 were obligated at the time of the award. U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, is the contracting activity. (Awarded June 15, 2021)

    That’s a LOT of money.

  13. $3 billion to a single company. Gee, I wonder why they hid ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

  14. Only 400,000 unnecessary deaths.


  16. This is the 4th contract like this. They already had done one each for Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna…

  17. Who pays for the “vaccine”?

    Self licking ice cream cone

  18. Steve Bannon is on Tim Pool’s podcast tonight. Should be interesting.

  19. How are you doing, ChrisP?

  20. Upside to removing highways from urban areas: Makes it harder for the fuckery there to spill out to better places.

  21. *flings poo at blog*

  22. *changes gender*

  23. *signs up for graduate classes in corporate social responsibility at Mills*

  24. *sends resume in to replace MJ at wherever the fuck he works now*

  25. Resume title:
    GenderFluid Poo Flinging Simian – Questioning and Capable

  26. Gheyest Monkey in the Tree bishes.

  27. I have a full day of sysadmin garbage to do. I hate this shit.

  28. I was discussing with a friend last night how many of the problems in society can be traced to the fact that we no longer produce anything tangible. Too many people spend their lives manipulating symbols and ideas, but it’s all illusion. At the end of the day, the code you write, the spreadsheet you fill out, the powerpoint slides you create, they all leave no lasting change on the world. There’s nothing that really outlasts you.

  29. Washing the plaster off of my hands after molding a Ponseti clubfoot cast on an infant sparks joy in me. I’ll be dead and gone when that kid is still walking around on their plantigrade foot.

  30. Pat sells batteries, and recycles, resells used ones, etc. I serve people food as pleasantly as possible.

    I also have a grad degree and run and lift weights.

    SUCK IT.

  31. Selling batteries and serving food are both still tied to the physical world. There is tangible evidence of what you do. That different from the “associate social media analyst” or “regulatory drafter” or HR weenie.

  32. That was my point. I actually do something. Although I don’t really 100% agree with the premise. Some intangible work- things actually have a physical affect in the world. But I get the idea.

  33. That different from the “associate social media analyst” or “regulatory drafter” or HR weenie.

    I’m not convinced that I should attempt to reassure any of these folks that they produce anything of value. Indeed, they may be actively engaged in the destruction of value.

  34. Most organizations need competent managers to run efficiently and I have no qualms with that. The problem is that of accountability and from what I can tell, there isn’t enough

  35. That’s what excites me about my leaf framing project. That tree was a champion and an unusual specimen that no longer exists except as some wood and pressed leaves now, the presentation of which will be part of the historical record of the company I work for, and the botanical society. I will have no heirs but a tiny bit of something of me going on in posterity makes me feel kind of good.

  36. too bad a bout the shitty mitering on these frames, but in that regard posterity can suck it

  37. I actually have to produce things. If I don’t get stuff made, I don’t make any money and my wife stresses out. This is why I’m usually in my shop 7 days a week.

  38. I guess nursing is a service thingy, comforting people at a bad time in their lives. There’s nothing coming out the other end of that, really, especially for the geriatric pop that I deal with. Few or none of these ill folks go on to do great things. Hmm.

  39. There’s still that tangible connection with helping people. But, how many nurses get burned out from the job? How many work in places like the ER and see the same stuff day in an day out, many times the same people? I can imagine that at some point it would get to a lot of folks and make them question whether or not they’re really making a difference.

  40. You never know Laura. In most cases you’re right but there’s always the potential for good things to happen. Most of my visits involve eye rolling when I’m back at my desk filling out notes to check the box but for a minority of patients I make a real difference in their lives.

  41. In the last couple of weeks Paula has had a run of tragic cases in her ER job with people showing up literally at death’s door and has been there as they’ve drawn their last breaths. She is more upset with family members who refuse to accept reality but understands human nature. She recently coded an infant who was an abuse case which really shook her up. I could never do her job but she is wired differently and able to function in that environment.

  42. Pepe, I helped with Penelope’s happiness when I grabbed this custom recently

    I’ve seen your customs elsewhere and debated picking one up only to discover it sold within hours. With that experience I saw it and added it to my cart before I was done reading the description

  43. Just back from the doc with ‘scrip for muscle relaxer, double strength naproxen sodium, scheduled colonoscopy, and a note from little sister that dad died last night.
    He was 3 months from 100 y/o.
    It just gets better and better…

  44. A friend’s daughter went into nursing and early in her career had to work the ER. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights everything was car wrecks due to DWI, fighting injuries due to drunkenness, abuse injuries due to drunkenness, drug overdoses, and such. She told her mama, “Its all I can do not to start preaching to them about Jesus Christ. Accepting Christ into their lives would solve most of their problems and keep them out of the ER.”

    Probably a bit naive but not entirely incorrect.

  45. Sorry to hear about your dad, Chris, but 99 years is a hell of a run. I’ll be damned fortunate to see 75.

  46. The ED is a revolving door for staff. Not everybody can do it, few can do it for long periods of time. The addicts are the worst. We get a smaller but steady stream of them in my field. It’s aggravating to deal with someone who is as demanding, mean and bitchy as a diva, when you know they were fished three-quarters-dead out of a mud puddle two weeks ago.

  47. Sorry, Crispy. He did a good job with you.

  48. Chris, my condolences.

  49. Agree with Pendejo on all counts

  50. My older daughter is an OT currently working behind enemy lines in Eugene Oregon. About half of their case load is homeless dudes who have fried their brains with on. various controlled substances. She told her mom that, by definition, her job is to get people to where they can function independently in their homes before they leave the hospital. Given that These people have no home to return to and are just going back out on the street complicates her mission.

    The last time I talked to her I told her about a lyric in a Tom Petty song that described her work environment. “That drunk tank in Atlanta is just a hotel room for me.” She said that’s a good description of her hospital.

  51. My friend Danelle deals with a lot of EOL stuff. She’s a float nurse, so it mixes up a lot. Today she’s on labor and delivery. But she’s also been there for a few – turned off the vent for a lady with Covid, and a few weeks back was there to up the morphine for a guy who should have already been on hospice but wasn’t. She made it happen.

  52. My mom can be so helpless at times. It’s just shocking. Honestly, I’m starting to sorta … resent helpless people.

  53. Speaking of which, I have another dead deer at the end of my driveway. I may let Pat use Trump to move this one. For the fun of it.

  54. Ok, so I was camping and missed Biden’s list of 16 things the Russian’s BETTER NOT cyber attack.

    You have got to be fucking with me? It’s like his policies are being written by the Babylon Bee.

  55. Sorry, ChrisP.

  56. The Russian hacker groups aren’t exactly ‘Russian’ save by citizenship. They’re really more like privateers who sell booty to the Russian government when it suits them, which is in the interest of both parties.

    They’re going to look at that, do a shot of vodka, and get busy on what they’ve just been promised are easier targets than your mom.

  57. Sorry, Chris.

  58. Speaking of which, I have another dead deer at the end of my driveway. I may let Pat use Trump to move this one. For the fun of it.

    Apparently the Deer Mafia know that your house is the place to dump the corpse of a snitch.

  59. sorry about your dad, chrisp. that one stings.

  60. When the last of us left home, I told him that he could leave, too, and get away from that crazy woman that made all our lives a living hell for so long.
    He just shook his head and said; “I made a promise to God – In sickness and in health.” Not something he took lightly.
    He was a good man.

  61. Condolences, ChrisP

  62. Thanks, folks. We knew it coming, but it’s still rough.

  63. Sorry to read about your dad Chrispy. I wish you and your family peace.

  64. Condolences, Chris.

  65. Chris, Sorry to hear about your Dad.

  66. I really hope the weather forecast are off. They are predicting 117 for next Tuesday. Triple digit temps for at least the next week an a half. Pepe, I suspect you guys are going to be even hotter.

  67. Jeez, where are you? AZ?

  68. Eastern Washington. We usually get a couple week a year above 100, but seldom this hot. It’s all desert on this side of the cascades.

  69. Seattle may hit 100. AC is not common over there.

  70. I think my record was 113 when driving through Nevada.
    No AC.

    Bought a cooler, some bags of ice, and a couple baseball hats.

    Hats full of ice for the win.

  71. Too hot to riot.

  72. I don’t think we have ever been over 115. If the prediction holds it will break records.

  73. Yes on being too hot to riot. The homeless army in Seattle will be in trouble. Any deaths will be blamed on global warming, not their inept policies.

  74. Condolences, ChrisP.

    I don’t talk much about what I do; I’ll say only that I work for a youth-serving organization in an administrative role (Roamy knows the full details). Do I make anything tangible? Well…hopefully what my org teaches the young men and women it serves takes, and has lasting positive impact.

    I’ll take it.

    Probably still shoulda been an architect, though.

  75. Of course, the hope of molding young people into better people is counterbalanced by the fact that the job don’t pay dick.

  76. Lots of opportunities out there now.

    I was talking to the owner of the moving company I rent space from.

    He can’t find help. Offered up to $30 per hour and got nothing.

  77. Crossfit that pays $30 per hour.

  78. My condolences, ChrisP.

  79. Sorry to hear about your loss, Chris.

    I’m in Phoenix, and it’s not as hot as I expected because the haze from the wildfires has apparently cooled things down.

  80. Today I made sure a vacuum chamber was clean enough to not crap up any part of a billion-euro telescope, so there’s science and diplomacy (international treaty) in one.

  81. My part of Montana recently got some record highs. Glad to have AC.

  82. Snort.

  83. I haven’t had a job where I produce an actual product, some tangible thing that I could point to and say “the world is a wealthier place because I did my job,” since high school, when I worked as a fast food cook. I’ve had a lot of job satisfaction since then, but sometimes think about that reality.

  84. Lots of opportunities out there now.

    I was talking to the owner of the moving company I rent space from.

    He can’t find help. Offered up to $30 per hour and got nothing.

    Honestly, if you’re a young man looking to make a change, now is the time. Hell, you could go work flipping burgers for six months, and then probably get put into management training and work your way up. In four of five years be making decent money.

  85. If it weren’t in CT, I’d at least consider it.

  86. Serious question for you all: someone around here offered to make me a coblogger. I thought about it and wondered what I could possibly write about it I accepted. I thought maybe I could do an occasional music history kind of thing, where I cover a bunch of genres and tell stories about composers or compare musical styles. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that?

  87. Both Tim and Sobek both help people, it sounds like, and that can have a lasting impact far beyond this moment, sometimes even beyond their lifetimes. Helping some young man in crisis or finding justice for a grieving family is noble work that makes society better.

  88. I would be. You don’t have to commit yourself to every week or such. Even once a month or so would be a nice change of pace.

  89. TIL that plantigrade has nothing to do with gardening, even if the word does appear on The Hostages.

  90. Yes from me on music poats, Sobek.

  91. Some shit going down in Loudoun County, VA. Man was arrested at the school board meeting for trespassing after he spoke out against critical race theory.

  92. Sobek, Hell Yeah Boy!!!!!!

  93. I’d be particularly interested in your thoughts on the lineage between Johann Sebastian Bach and Ozzy Osborne.

  94. Yeah, the Louden County stuff is getting ugly.

  95. {{{hugs}}} ChrisP 😪

    I think that all of us make others’ lives a little better in ways that we never even realize – a kindness perceived by another when we did/said something that we never gave a second thought, but for whatever reason on whatever occasion, meant something to that person.

    A few years ago, I reconnected with a friend from Elementary School on Facebook. I didn’t know if she remembered me, but she said that of course she did, and told me that there was a time when we were both only 9 or 10 years old and I had comforted her when she was crying, and that she had always remembered that.

    I didn’t remember the incident, but it had meant the world to my friend – so much so that she carried it with her for 35+ years.

    Those things may not be anything the rest of the world sees, but in their own way, they all have ripple effects that we may never know about, because each small kindness or knowledge shared or word said is incorporated into that person’s “storehouse”, for lack of a better word, and colors everything that they do from that point further.

    I’ll go look for that $20 now……

  96. Don enjoyed ragtime piano.

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