MMM 450

Mega hard thunderstorm last night here. Chickens survived even though the door to the coop was left open, so that’s good.

This is one of those weird kinks some people are in to, I think, because I’m pretty sure that’s her underwear and not “athliesure coture”.


Either she has a goofy smile or decided to do one here. She seems fun, at least.

Her ass is about to be cold.

Everyone likes warm legs, though.

Recently cleaned.

Dat gap.

I like when they know how to handle the balls.

Have the best week you can under the circumstances.


  1. Confused. But I like these guys. They seem nice.

  2. Have fun in Florida trying to find new closet doors.

  3. wakey wakey.

    I’m back from my short camping trip. We had lots of fun. I think the Mead place was my favorite.

  4. Just finished working out, shaking all over and not just my fat.

  5. MJ, you heading to FL?

    I’m heading to CA tomorrow. Hope the mask freaks aren’t particularly hyped up to do their mask cult policing.

  6. The gal going into the ice bath has a great body. Lean. Muscular.

  7. Warm legs is my favorite. Mmmmmballarinasmmmmm…

  8. MJ, you heading to FL?
    I’ll find out later today. Either GNDs uncle can get a paint crew in the condo by Wed or I have to do it myself.

  9. MJ has a condo in FL? Why haven’t we partied there?

    This is some bullshit, yo. I got a giant white van full of hurt feelings.

  10. He and Tushar own side-by-side slums.

  11. Her ass is about to be cold
    The morning after a Taco Bell dinner

  12. Look on the bright side, MJ. At least you still get to pay the realtor a commission!

  13. Tree hit Gracious Hosts’ house during the storm Saturday. Nearly jumped outta my skin. Did cause some kind of breach, they’ll be able to get a better handle on it once the tree is removed.

    Got a few days off, scheduled in advance. So there’s that.

  14. My hollyhocks are blooming. My gardening friend gave me three tiny seedlings last Summer and we didn’t know what colors they would be. They are about four feet tall. So far one is wine red, the other one is a soft pink with a wine throat. Lovely surprise. I’ll be sure to save some seeds.

    She gave me two more tiny hollyhock seedlings last month, but she said they would definitely bloom lemon yellow next Summer. That will be nice in the landscape. I tucked them in to the front bed, hopefully they will have a nice life until it’s time to bloom one year hence.

  15. This woman is all sorts of crazy.

  16. So, I have the skinny on the black 19 y/o woman killed by a police officer on Saturday. I didn’t know it happen, but the police officer was one of my crossfit friend’s partner.

    It was suicide by cop on Juneteenth.

  17. Well, then good riddance to her.

  18. ugh, terrible shooting. Looks like this will be hyped up. There is bystander video, and they are questioning the cop, as usual.

    Twitter link: watch it if you want

  19. Over 10000 people are killed each day by police officers. It’s time for this to end.

  20. The woman shot at the cop twice. She left a suicide note.

  21. It’s my friend’s partner. My friend drank heavily all weekend.

  22. Fuck me. I think I accidentally threw out an entire new book of stamps.

  23. I fear for his future. I hope he doesn’t, but they will Chauvin him.

  24. The cop hugging him as he cried is black. The commentary is inflammatory and completely ignorant. It was a checkpoint for some sort of Juneteenth events, etc. The 19 year old pulled up with a gun and (I was told) shot twice at a cop.

  25. I can only imagine. Especially knowing his partner’s life is going to get a bit more complicated.

  26. Hopefully he had a camera on him.

  27. Only their skin color matters. Everything else isn’t relevant.

  28. As a White Person (TM) I am under the obligation to speak truth at all times.

    Most times, with suicide, people keep things private to protect the family. Sorry guys, that doesn’t matter here.

    She left a FUCKING NOTE.

    The 14 year old knife wielding chick – that story went away once the facts came out.


  30. Scott butt-dialed me. I’m listening. Pretty sure he’s shrinkwrapping a pallet of freight right now.

  31. that sounds like metal banding coming off the spool.

  32. Record it for Carin.

  33. Somebody is asking him questions “Lunch….I don’t know, I don’t work here. I don’t think they’re answering the phone.”

  34. Yeah, when a Malinois is walking fucking backwards staring at you, so utterly avid, that’s a bit of a deterrent. My spine is tingling just thinking about it. Unlikely anybody is gonna even try to snatch that kid.

  35. Gives me tingles. What a good doggie.

  36. so much training, but dogs are smart. That’s what our trainer told us, the dog would pick it up before we did.

  37. Scott’s butt dial

  38. was just reading that.

    Along with the government, the Indian Council of Medical Research and AIIMS, Delhi (India’s premier medical college and hospital), and many state government and health authorities also bucked World Health Organization recommendations and urged the use of Ivermectin. Since then, case counts have declined in Delhi by 99 percent, in Uttar Pradesh by 98 percent, in Uttarakhand by 97 percent, and in Goa by 90 percent.


  39. a billion people in India, could have been much worse.

  40. Bill Gates doesn’t make any money on ivermectin or get to pre-emptively murder millions by making sure they are never conceived if you take it. So it’s banned.

    Ditto for basically all of Big Pharma and their plan to run this giant test of mRNA “vaccines” on as many people as can be coerced or convinced to take it.

  41. This is where we went for the Mead. And it looked almost exactly like the picture on their web page. Band playing by the big barn. Picnic tables, with waitresses bringing the flights of whatever. Super chill and fun. Kids and dogs playing on the lawn.

  42. I was wondering about India. so many people packed together you’d think they were all goners.

  43. Many generations of swimming in the Great River of Shit and Corpses (aka the Ganges) has probably selected for some pretty strong immune systems.

  44. I love places like that, car in.

  45. The band didn’t play any Tool though. My only quibble. More grateful dead kind of stuff, but they did do a Beck song, and a red hot chili peppers tune. They sounded best when they played more blues type stuff.

  46. Lost power again this morning and my UPS worked as advertised. Computer stayed on but unfortunately the generator didn’t come on before the battery died. So, time to log into all the sites with 2FA and adjust my adblocker again.


    Call went out to the generator company for a service call

  47. CDC sent me an email:

    Changes to HETL COVID-19 Testing Operational Schedule

    On Monday, June 28, 2021, the hours of operation for the clinical microbiology section at the Maine
    CDC Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) will shift to 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday
    through Friday. As a result, HETL will not conduct COVID-19 PCR testing on Saturday or Sunday.
    I guess the plague is over!

  48. Nolte: Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Defends All-White Beach Club Membership

  49. JEF should axe to join.

  50. Re: dad reflex video from yesterday

    True story. When my kids were quite small, 3 yrs and one year,, they were wrestling with their daddy on our bed. Baby girl grabbed what was left of his hair and he reflexed her right off the bed. Like the hamster that bit him when he was a boy.

    Wth, part of being a parent is to handle a little pain.

  51. JEF should GFH.

  52. RE: India

    The Guardian ran a story last year about how they tested the shit out of the biggest slums and it appeared most had immunity. If they had any symptoms, they were mild.

  53. Company I interviewed with last week is “moving forward with other candidates”. Asked for specifics on why I’m out of the running, but no answer yet.

  54. IIRC, the average Indian is something like 10 years younger than the average American, and 20 years younger than the average Italian.

  55. Supposed to find out on Wednesday what the back to the office plan is for our section. Section chief says that we’ll be “happy” with it, so I’m hoping for full-time telework for at least some of us.

  56. My bet is that they didn’t want to pay me as much as I’m currently paid, and I didn’t want to take a cut that I didn’t have to. That or they didn’t want to pay the headhunter and pay me.

  57. I’m catching up on some stories on a defense newsletter and there are a few stories about how Afghan forces are rapidly losing territory to the Taliban.

    While it’s a shame that’s happening so rapidly it makes me wonder how much longer would be required for the Afghan forces to be independent and capable. It’s not like post-war occupation duty in Europe and Japan which was a relative cakewalk in comparison. 20 years more and the grandchildren of the original soldiers would be there.

  58. When I read your first comment Leon that was my first thought, they’re looking for someone to pay less

  59. I felt like all the conversations went well, as well as the assessment, so it’s either about money or the other folks were all e-commerce vets rather than cybersecurity like me.

  60. The “Trump GPS” tic tock video in AoSHQs Quick Hits post is great.

  61. I should start a vegan yooboob channel and get bankrolled by Saudi princes and Monsanto. I’d still have more integrity than David French.

  62. Rats, sorry to hear it, leon. Their loss.


    (Imgur video)

  64. HEY JAY

    You have two posts scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    Get your shit together man.

  65. It is. I was ready to really throw myself into a new thing. There are other irons in the fire, just on longer timelines.

  66. Masks are at 20%. Maskholes are skewing our online responses. Assholes are out en masse. It gets old. Really getting tired of the IOWAns telling me they were just here last week and we had pallets of *insert here any item that sells when you have 3 digit temps*

  67. PGA CHAMPIONSHIP on sale today for next year. Tulsa.

  68. C3PO has a new grandson.

  69. So,
    a friend called me at 1310 and said his car blew up and has a 1345 vet appointment for his dog with a heart issue that took him a month to get. Could I drive him to Buckley, WA?
    Sure, says I, why the hell not.
    I picked him up and we headed down the road through South Prairie (Speed 25mph). We come upon a line of cars waiting to turn left onto “South Prairie Road”, and come to a stop.

    I’m lookin’ in the rear view mirror and seeing the grill of a Toyota growing larger and larger.

    And then it hit me.

    Snapped my neck pretty good. Mikes dog flew off his lap into the dash, and all the coins, tapes, sunglasses, etc… hit the floor, and I hit the car in front of me, with my breaks locked, from three feet…
    The woman in front of me did not have her insurance card in the car, and called for someone to bring it. The place we were sitting has real spotty coverage to the point that you must be standing just ‘here’, and facing west. This took a while.
    She also insisted that the deputies be called, for which we were gonna wait. Nobody hurt. All cars drive able.
    Deputy asked for license, insurance, and registration from all.
    When I handed him mine, i included my CPL and told him;
    “I’m carrying legally”. He did not even look at it, just handed it back and said he did not need to see it.
    Now, my drivers door is a bit sticky, the rear hatch indicates ‘OPEN’, which turns on the dome light, both bumpers are out of alignment, right headlight is wonky, and if I report this to Geico, they will total my car and give my a $4K check.
    I’ve had this Lesbaru for 27 years without incident, and I was gonna die with this car.
    Do your friend a favor, he said, what could go wrong?
    So it goes…

  70. ChrisP, I’m glad you’re not seriously hurt. Sorry about the Lesbaru.

  71. HEY JAY

    You have two posts scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    Get your shit together man.

    just testing you! (thanks)

  72. FML is right. Sorry to hear that Chris. I’ve been the guy looking wide eyed in the rear view mirror and the guy stomping frantically on the brake pedal a few times in my life. They both suck.

  73. Keep driving it, Chrisp.

    I had a Subaru that was beat up on all sides. I could park it anywhere and it wouldn’t get ticketed or stolen.

    I got tons of respect, merging was a breeze, just turn on the blinker and watch them scatter.

  74. I had friends who had tickets for the US open for a year. They got them after the tournament last year. About two-three months before the tournament they dropped all the ticket holders. Then about a month later started selling tickets again. It was a mess and they were pissed. The one guys has cancer and may not be around in a couple years.

  75. Sorry to hear that, ChrisP. No good deed goes unpunished.

    I’m with Scott, if it’ll get you from point A to point B, keep on drivin’.

  76. Saw a pic of the new Victoria’s Secret models, which I sincerely hope was a joke. Favorite comment “I guess Victoria’s Secret was just a combination lock on the fridge. Looks like they cracked the code.”

  77. Happy birthday, Phat. And Michael.

  78. ugh, that’s awful, thermy. I’d be pissed too.

  79. I thought ChrisP was making a Toyota Tundra joke.

  80. I’m lookin’ in the rear view mirror and seeing the grill of a Toyota growing larger and larger
    But it was just a new Tundra.

    2 thoughts, it looks like the Tacoma and the Tundra are now the same truck and we have now gone from the “big rig” look on a pickup truck to the bulldozer look? Frankly I think a bulldozer looks sleeker

  81. that’s pretty aggressive

  82. My best friend has a 2003 Tundra and at 6’2″ I can easily get stuff out of the back of his pickup without opening the tailgate. The new Tundras I can barely see over the tailgate.

  83. Sorry CrisP, I had someone kill my truck 5 or 6 years ago. Glad you’re ok.

  84. every pickup is like that now, PG. I wanted a GMC or Chevy, because they were lower profile. But the new ones are tall like the rest (Ford started it). And the Ram (don’t say Dodge, they hate that, not a Fiat!) is roomier, same power, and cheaper.

  85. Next time someone asks me where babies come from, I’m going to send them this link:

  86. Disguised, Enrico re-entered Panama.

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