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  4. I ordered the 3-pack of these hats for myself and a couple of like minded friends.

    Also got a “We’re Screwed” t-shirt. Took a while to get here, close to 7 weeks, they must either be a small company and/or working 3 shifts to keep up with demand.


    (Imgur video with sound)
    Hopefully a promo for an upcoming BBF

  6. Memes: the best way to start the day

    Rhyming in the morning: the work of a lazy mind


  7. Hopefully a promo for an upcoming BBF

    That may take a level of internet sleuthing and cunning linguistics that I’m not prepared to commit to at this time.

  8. Brontosaurus ribs, decided to stay fat, carbs 15 minutes later, and the Karen meme. Awesome job, Pupster!

  9. Just watched the dry aging beef video linked at the sidebar and now I’m hungry

    These were mentioned in the video, seems like something our Kitchen Wizards would want to investigate


    Hopefully that link works. My friend sent it to me on Signal

  11. Jimbro, is number two Paula’s van?

  12. Not number two, “milf mobile”.


    Hopefully that link works. My friend sent it to me on Signal

    We’re getting a real-time example of the nation-state as a Ship of Theseus. How much can you replace and still have it be the same country?

  14. I noticed it was a Maine plate and made a mental note to keep my eyes open for it. I’m surprised the DMV scolds allowed it TBH

  15. There’s a personalized plate here with “RTFM”. I snicker every time I see it.

  16. Next week’s BBF is done. Time to spin the door stopper and see what I’m doing the rest of the day.

  17. Power is out for unknown reasons. We had a little rain but no wind that I noticed. CMP says restoration by 4 PM. On a positive note, it did inspire me to finally put the UPS I bought in position for the next time it happens

  18. I need one of those springy door stoppers for the downstairs bathroom. The one we have is solid and right beside the toilet given the layout of the room. Manspreading both in the standing and seated position can be an issue

  19. I’m trying to decide if I want to change my oil, or simply take the truck somewhere and have them do it.

  20. The last time I changed my own oil I sliced my forehead open on the bottom of the license plate after replacing the plug. So whille bleeding like a stuck pig, I refilled the engine with new oil and drove myself back home. The only rag I had to staunch the flow was the oil rag I was using to wipe my hands when they got greasy so that was hygenic and shit. When I got home my wife insisted that I go to the ER. The ER doctor took a look at it and asks, “what’s your deductable for an ER visit?”. I told him I thought it was $100. He says, “You know they’ll change your oil down at WalMart for about $29”. I stifled a fuck you pretty hard. But he was right. I’ve let somebody else do it since.

  21. Pupster, I haven’t looked in drafts, but I have memes for Father’s Day if you haven’t put together a poat for tomorrow.

  22. Yahoo keeps posting scare stories to bully people into getting the shot. Man in hospital for 83 days, wishes that he’d gotten the shot when he had the chance, blah blah blah. Did they give him HCQ? Ivermectin? Convalescent plasma? Vitamins C and D? Z-pack? Or ignore him until he could hardly breathe, then put him on a machine? GTFO.

  23. I changed my own oil through college and a bit in med school when I was driving my Plymouth Duster. After that I’d just have the garage do it when I got it inspected yearly. It wasn’t like I was driving all that much.

  24. Champ Biden is dead

  25. Major’s probably getting pretty nervous.

  26. How long until Joe goes to live on a farm?

  27. He had information that could have led to the arrest of…

    well, you know, the thing.

  28. Watching people discover that the Catholic Church is, you know, Catholic has been fun.

  29. It’s been something of a pleasant surprise.

  30. Which one is Champ? The dead one, the crack head, the other dead one, the incest curious niece, the cat, or the dog?

  31. I haven’t changed oil since I was a kid. Used to do it with my dad then carry the oil pan down to the sewer grate and dump it in.

    You’d probably get arrested for that today.

  32. Someone else was suggesting that the church has basically run out of options. Trying to address the issue privately hasn’t worked, and the left is in fact becoming more aggressive in pushing an ideology contrary to church doctrine.

    In some ways it connects to my general theory of western collapse: they’ve fucked around for decades trying to avoid making the hard decisions, and now they are paying the price. But it will be good for the church. A lot a garbage is going to get washed away in the coming storm.

  33. I know how and like doing stuff like that because it’s a nice change of pace from sitting around. Plus, there’s a bit of pride in knowing that you can still do the basics and aren’t helpless like a millennial soiboi. That said, i decided to just go to Jiffy Lube and now I’m waiting at IHOP for my pancakes.

  34. I used to help my dad change the oil, then we’d pour the old oil on fire ant hills and set them on fire.

  35. Haha! I used to leave it in old milk jugs until my dad lost his shit about it stacking up behind the fence. Since I’d long lost the receipt for my oil and filter purchase I’d just drive by the parts store and leave it on their loading dock before they opened. Pre security camera era.

  36. Guys in Capital City didn’t use oil pans, they just parked their cars perfectly over the sewer grate and let it flow.

  37. I have memes for Father’s Day

    Wasn’t that last week?

    Just kidding. Let ‘er rip Roamie.

    Front yard and one side mowed, it’s 90 degrees but we are supposed to get rain and storms maybe so I gotta get ‘er done. I hope ignoring the door stopper prognostication for a few hours doesn’t give me bad karma.

  38. It’s Catholic Twitter! They’ve gone… to Trad!

  39. Well, I’m a skink killer. Little baby in the grass ran under mower and I couldn’t stop in time to save it. So tiny, can’t have been more than a few days hatched.

    God dammit.

  40. Pupster, that sucks. Years ago I was mowing my grandpa’s lawn and ran over some baby bunnies who were hidden in the grass. Ugh.

  41. This is really more BBF-adjacent but I’ll post it to lift Pupster’s spirits. I know, I’m weird, but damn it it’s a craft and watching these is like watching a woodturner or a blacksmith working their trade. Final product is at 24:30.

  42. *laughs in Bunny Assassinese*

  43. yes, I’m a monster, don’t care, there’s too many rabbits in the yard and not enough in my freezer

  44. It’s paella season and you’re dangerously low on key ingredients.

  45. I dodge bumblebees when mowing. Every now and then I see a small furry animal dart across the path when I’m mowing in the fields. They haul ass when their life is on the line.



    “When little problems like this, which are so damn easy to avoid, crop up, it’s a sign of much bigger rot. Because if you can’t even do the easy things, you sure as hell can’t do the hard things,” he continued. “The White House’s defense that they had the minimum qualifications is total BS. The issue isn’t whether they were qualified (some weren’t). It’s that a WH that promised diversity is giving these privileged white kids with connected mommies and daddies prime jobs over others!”

    It is to laugh.

  47. Tree hit the house. Roof was damaged, there’s a leak being managed. All the rain must have loosened it up. Hoping it’s the only one.

  48. Hell Colex, it’s thousand wonders that Hunter isn’t Surgeon General and whatever the whore daughter in law that fucked him after her scumbag Biden died isn’t special envoy to Bangkok.

  49. I remember feeling like we dodged a huge bullet in 2000 by avoiding an algore administration and dodged an artillery shell in 2004 by avoiding the Gigalo administration and dodged a nuclear warhead in 2016 by avoiding a Maojackets
    Administration. And now we get this shit show. Half our citizens are suicidal but too stupid to know it.

  50. It is remarkable that people fall for their crap and give them votes

    Every couple of years during campaign season when the rhetoric is really ramping up I make the same comment to myself after dealing with a particularly idiotic person (not the same one every time, trust me, there’s a surplus): Their vote counts the same as mine.

    It’s not out of any sense of fairness or belief in the principles of democracy. More like frustration because I know they buy the made for TV and radio sound bites that the media repeats ad nauseam free of charge as an in kind donation

  51. Babylon Bee headline:

    “Victoria’s Secret To Replace Angels With Fattest Woman Of All Time: Your Mom”

    You don’t really need the story, headline tells it all

  52. The “undecideds”. are said to have the final say in most elections. I ask myself every 2 to 4 years, “How in the FUCK can you be undecided?” I don’t know who I’m voting for in 2024 but I already know who I’m not voting for so it’s basically the same thing.

  53. I wish I still believed voting would matter but I’m afraid I do not at this point.

  54. I’m with you. No telling who Dominion Voting Systems software will credit my vote to.

  55. Heh. Love the Name Three Songs. CoW was wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd tee. She couldn’t name even one song. Tee was left at rehab facility and it fit.

  56. You is fine bear.

  57. 🐻❤️ Memedays. Today, I actually missed my mask. I wanted to call a Karen “Bitch” and an Amigo riding asshole “Asshoe”. No mask. I had to smile and be nice.

  58. 🐻❤️🐶

  59. i wish my car had a jellyfish launcher

    This is BULLSHIT, it’s a brand new car! No jellyfish launcher??? Cheap piece of shit LEMON

  60. Man, when even the Lutherans are coming out in defense of the Catholics you know that you’ve screwed up.

  61. It’s a weapon and medicine. And if you take it when you’re not in a fit state, it’s poison. St Paul said so. Anyone denying it to the Fauxcident is trying to keep him from eating Judgment.


    (Imgur video with sound)

    She seems nice.

  63. Lauraw, jellyfish launcher would be cool.

  64. I wonder what Homily Fauxcident, Thanks Leon, received on Corpus Christi Sunday?

  65. ChrisP, very funny. I really liked the Trump hotel

  66. If you actually believe Biden won you’re dead to me. I don’t care who you are you are dead to me.

  67. Fun fact, Pups dancer is a Tahitian dancer not Hawaiian.

  68. Her long hair hid the fact she was wearing a strategically placed t-shirt to cover the goods

    You can imagine my disappointment when she turned for what I imagined would be the big reveal

  69. For Lumps:

  70. I hate mechanic work. I end up doing it all the time. Spent most of today working on our old Bobcat. We didn’t do much good, but it is a little better now than when we started.

    Spent last week fixing two ATVs. Worked on brakes on the backhoe (diagnostic, waiting on back ordered parts at present.)

    I’ll happily spend the money for someone else to change the oil on my truck.

  71. I think changing your own oil in Albuquerque, is against the law.

  72. Dan just told me there is regulations on disposal. That’s why nobody does it at home.

  73. I save oil for when the burn pile absolutely has to effin’ burn.

    Or, rather, I did. I was down to just the lawnmower and now it’s a sealed unit.

  74. I think that places where you get in more legal trouble for changing motor oil than drive by shooting is a true marvel of modern western thought.

  75. Let it burn.

  76. Jam2, look up NM drag racing. They are considered “Accidents”. Local priest was latest victim.

  77. Btw that “scream fuck die “ dealio is ror.

  78. L : R Me:Life

  79. Enter TX at your own risk. Bitches.

  80. Dealerships expanded rebate programs.

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