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Do your thing, push it down.


Biden, who was almost always the dumbest person in the Senate and is now suffering from obvious dementia, referred to Putin as President Trump yesterday. I say this for the blog…Fake President Biden, you deserve all of the tragedy in your life. Ever stop to think that perhaps god was trying to tell you something you old corrupt racist?

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  1. New poat smell.

  2. CoAl, if you only knew. Not willing to speak in public. Let’s just say that some illegals are more important than citizens

    This is the only logical end to the progressive, anti-american, re-writing of history. Apologizing for doing what EVERY CULTURE ON EARTH HAS DONE OVER AND OVER.

    Uneducated folks are under the impression that certainly their origin story never contained any sort of conquering history, or slavery, social inequities. That the blood guilt from generations ago probably reside in their veins as well.

    Nope. They’ve only been indoctrinated on the Zinn approved wrongs done to them.

  3. CDC


  5. My Irish ancestors? Fucked over by the English

    My Lebanese ancestors? Who knows, they were Maronite Christians so I’m sure they were on someone’s shit list.

    Besides, my family only made it to this country in the last century. Those fuckers best be paying ME for all MY troubles!

  6. I’m taking Hannah, Matt, and Hannah’s boyfriend for a quick camping trip starting today. I need to caffinate and get moving. NO TIME TO CALM DOWN.

  7. I don’t think there is an innocent culture on earth. If there were, they’d have been destroyed long ago.

  8. I need one of these for Trump.

  9. I learned how to Drive Trump yesterday. Practice on grading the top of the driveway. It’s too dry to really do it, but I was mostly trying to figure the thing out.

  10. It wasn’t as tough as I thought. I mean, it’s complicated, but apparently I’m not too old to learn knew tricks.

  11. You named your tractor Trump?

    OMG. That’s hilarious. Is it orange?

  12. Yep. Yes it is orange. A friend is making me a sticker that says “Trump – Making Yards Great Again”

  13. this video is proof of how weird Maynard is. lol. He doesn’t care how he comes across though, which is pretty cool.

  14. But i’ve basically been starting every day with this song for about a week.

    Fuck the tracks, hello sky.

  15. Okay, I just got it.

    I know Kubota tractors are orange but much like Duran Duran lyrics presented as isolated comments, I failed to put 2 & 2 together.

  16. MYGA

  17. Trump is going to get things done.

  18. This post is tractor free.

  19. Temp post updated to be the perm post.

  20. Did you get the backhoe attachment?

    I love back hoes.

  21. So now that Juneteenth is going to be a national holiday, how long before it’s appropriated by whites the same way Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick’s day were? I can’t wait for hordes of college students to pile into the bars on a Tuesday night using “Juneteenth” as an excuse to wear pimp hats and get shitfaced on 40s of malt liquor and Hennessy.

  22. I’m pretty sure my Viking ancestry is squeaky clean.

  23. Hennessy is good stuff.

  24. I didn’t think Trump was named because of Orange, it was going to get stuff done.

    I’m not a Duran Duran aficionado, so that went RIGHT over my head.

    back to eating paste off the doorknobs

  25. I worked in a bar, and I don’t think I’ve ever had brandy. the flavored stuff yes, but never a glass of good stuff.

  26. Did y’all catch Max Boot pumping up Buyden, for bitch slapping Putin yesterday?

  27. Twitter from Glen Kessler: Max Boot tweet

    Don’t click from twitter, or you’ll have to look at the WaPo

  28. Max has long been a fiction writer.

    Did you hear he left the Republican party?

  29. And now, Twitter: Buyden for Nobel Peace Prize

    They’re getting the band back together! It’s like 2016 never happened!

  30. Our media is such a joke.

    One of my fav questions to ask: who are the intellectuals on the left?

  31. Same as they have been for the last century: Marx and Hegel.

    Plus that D’Angelo bitch and Tariq Nasheed.

  32. Not Hegel, fuck, Engels. Brain is still waking up.

  33. Newsworthy for anyone who composts or gardens.

  34. Link missing from last comment:

  35. I thought you were just criticizing the post, or Marx, or Katherine Hegel movies.

    My bad.

  36. I couldn’t pick Katherine out of a line-up.

    Or Engels for that matter.


    Calm down, mare.

  38. Jay, how did Boot try and pretend that Buyden bitch slapped Putin?

  39. I’m effing enraged about this stupid Junteenth bullshit.

    We have MLK day already. Blacks are about 12-15% of the population. WTF are our stupid R legislators doing??

    Plus it’s on my anniversary.

  40. I expect the assault on Taiwan to coincide with the ’22 mid-terms and Covid-21 pandemic response.

  41. I think it’s great that we’re celebrating not hearing the news until months later because you couldn’t be bothered to learn things in a timely fashion.

  42. mare, by the title of his opinion piece: Biden wiped the smirk off Putin’s face

  43. I’m ok with having Juneteenth as a national holiday. It’s a big deal. Should have been one all along, but democrats wouldn’t let it.

  44. Putin stopped smirking when he realized that Buyden was further gone than he’d thought, or even than his spies had told him.

  45. It’s all so dumb.

    Obama didn’t trust Biden with anything and neither should Max Boot.

  46. I think a lot of people were expecting Biden to be weakened, but able to continue until 2023. They’re realizing to their horror that isn’t the case.

  47. The sour cream in my fridge is more lively and cultured.

  48. Charging port of my phone was so full of hay dust that I couldn’t plug the charger in. I had your mom blow it (I know she has talent) but that didn’t do it. I had to resort to a martini toothpick.

  49. cut out a little hook from some clamshell plastic packaging, and clean out the port with that. I was amazed how much I could dig out.

  50. We have MLK day already. Blacks are about 12-15% of the population. WTF are our stupid R legislators doing??

    Don’t forget Black History Month, African American Music Appreciation Month, and Kwanza.

    By the time these cum guzzlers are done Federal employees will work about six weeks per year and get paid for fifty two.

  51. If it’s all the same to y’all, I’m all for Federal “employees” only having six weeks out of the year to make my life miserable.

  52. Based on my experience with the federal government, most employees work zero weeks per year and get paid for fifty two.

  53. SCOTUS ruled against the City of Philly.

    The refusal of Philadelphia to contract with CSS for the provision
    of foster care services unless CSS agrees to certify same-sex couples as foster parents violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

    Link fixed

    Edit: Sorry, I didn’t realize it would do that.

  54. You’re right, Jay. Slavery only ever existed in the evil United States. Oh wait, no it existed everywhere on the planet at some point.

    Remind me which dates are the equivalent of Juneteenth in all of the other countries. Oh wait, some countries still have slaves.

    I’m with Mare on this (as I usually am on everything).

    Fuck your special feelings. If you want to have a party, have one, but I shouldn’t have to pay you while you have it.

    Back when I first started my company my employees would ask me if we were getting Good Friday afternoon off. My response was, “If you’re going to church, yes. If not, it’s a work day just like any other.”

    How many Federal employees do you think give two shits about veterans as they sit on their asses getting paid on Veteran’s Day?

    Brother Tim has it right as well. The more time off we give this fuckers, the less time they have to make us miserable.

  55. we fought a war, and lost over 600k during it. afterwards, slaves were recognized as free men. that seems to be a major difference between our situation and the rest of the world. We set the tone.

    Seems like a good reason to celebrate.

  56. I am now deep down the rabbit hole of guinea pig vids on teh Intarwebs. I blame oso.

  57. Backhoe is coming. Any day now …

  58. We set the tone.

    Point taken, but much of the rest of the world had already abolished it by the time we got around to it. Not much to be proud of.

    To your other point, historians disagree that the war was “fought to free the slaves.”

  59. Backhoe is coming. Any day now …
    Are you going to start doing septic tanks and drain fields?

    You should start doing septic tanks and drain fields.

  60. Traditionally, watermelons aren’t good until Juneteenth. At least that’s how it works in Texas and parts of NM.

  61. “To your other point, historians disagree that the war was ‘fought to free the slaves.'”


    The war was fought for more than one reason. That’s true of pretty much any historical fact. Trying to reduce an event to a single cause is usually an exercise in folly.

  62. Watermelons, hell we’re still waiting for strawberries to ripen here.

    They still had fiddleheads at the grocery store yesterday

  63. The idiots in government should have thought it through, freed slaves day instead of MLK.

    And yes the fewer days government employees are working the better.

    And Juneteenth is the dumbest name I’ve ever heard. Idiots.

  64. Do you know how to find the most dangerous area in any city? Look for MLK blvd.

  65. In Detroit it’s Rosa Parks Blvd., but at this point we’re splitting hairs.

  66. No, no. Absolutely no conflict of interest here. Just honest scientists helping folks.

  67. Juneteenth is government sanctioned Ebonics

  68. In Boston’s Roxbury section it’s Melnea Cass Blvd. She was worthy of having a street named after her from what I can tell based on her Wikipedia bio. Today that section has an unofficial name of the Methadone Mile. So, as Hotspot says, we’re splitting hairs

  69. Roamy – who’s the blonde chick you linked yesterday?

  70. Daniel seems to have gone mercenary.

  71. Does anyone get he feeling that c ari n is trying to compensate for something with the big orange dealio?

  72. Mitch – hope you start hanging out here again.

  73. After college I worked at BU in a research lab for a year before med school. I’d listen to the radio and if there was traffic due to an accident on the Southeast Expressway I’d go through Milton and Roxbury. It was all good in the early morning but it was scary at night driving through when the residents of that neighborhood were all awake and assembled at their corners

  74. Were they white or black? I’ve been to Boston a lot and I basically saw no black people. Same with Cambridge. There are no black people. None.

    I always thought it was weird that the most liberal places in the NE tend to be lily fucking white. Lots of elbow patches and sweater vests but no actual black people.

  75. Meh, the Civil War was inevitable. The Southern political class were losing power to the rising northern industrialists and the expansion of the US westward. If they’d stayed in the Union then they eventually would have been outnumbered and lost all influence over policy. Conversely, if the North had allowed the South to leave, then the Union was dead. There’s no way you can keep the rest of the states in as well without a major rewrite of the Constitution. Southern slaveowners would have likely pressured for continued expansion westward by the Confederacy, and combined with an abolitionist movement in the North that would be much more aggressive (since the North would have no reason to crack down on it), there would have been a lot of pressure in the South for a war to force Northern concessions.

  76. Supposedly majority-minority with 23% melanistic. Must be the parts you visited.

  77. Roxbury at that time (mid 80’s) was overwhelmingly black. I don’t know the demos now but from what I have read it hasn’t changed much. Maine and VT are majority white.

  78. What I particularly hate is the press treating us like the morons they are.

    Hunter Biden is NOW an artist.
    Selling to anonymous buyers.
    For possibly up to $500,000.
    The New York Times recently editorialized that the art industry has a money laundering problem.
    FFS, the media are scummy, dumbass, whores.

  79. No idea what PUMA means

    Maybe it’s like a cougar but a black woman who likes young guys

  80. Donald Trump Jr. should do this to see what happens.

  81. Hunter is to artist as Chelsea is to author

  82. Chelsea is a perfect combination of beauty and brains.

  83. Medium household income just more than $41k, median house value $462k.

    Tell me the housing market isn’t fucked.

  84. (From the Roxboro link)

  85. I love that Hunter Biden fears absolutely nothing. He knows he can grift all he wants and he’ll never be called out on it.

    He will end up dead soon. And think about it, Biden will have lost his entire family but it still won’t be enough to make him rethink his long, corrupt life. He’ll never understand that perhaps his living to see his family decimated is his punishment.

  86. I don’t think Biden cares about Hunter. I’m sure that his entire life Hunter was subject to mental abuse by Biden and Jill. Beau was the heir, the one who would carry on the family legacy. Hunter was relegated to bag-boy, which is why he turned out the way he did.

  87. Beau was a dummy too. He married a whore.

  88. Most of them do. So what? Beau was kept clean and polished, and would likely have won the Delaware governorship if not for cancer in 2016. And if he had won then he would likely have run in 2020 or 2024.

  89. I bet he was as corrupt as the rest of them. He’s dead so we put him on a pedestal. On the other hand he’s dead and it’s a sin to bear false witness.

    But his wife was a whore.

  90. I still can’t quite figure out the picture with him and the niece. He was wearing robe with nothing underneath and she was just standing there but I didn’t understand how the picture was taken.

    Perhaps I’m not remembering correctly.

    Maybe he was naked? Maybe she was on the bed and he was taking the picture?

    Either way, it’s clearly why the dead brother’s wife broke up with him – from the text messages.

  91. Imagine being a woman so insecure that you sleep with a Biden. Two of them. God, she must have been a hot mess.

  92. Victoria’s Secret’s fall line is going to consist entirely of flannel.

  93. Still in the hot chicks dressing hot bidness:

  94. Flannel, tractors and Subarus

  95. It was Leg Day with my personal trainer on Wednesday. I can barely walk today. Pilot light went out on the water heater again last night so no shower this morning. I took my father to the bathroom at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. 6/17/2021 can just go right to hell.

  96. Next: Victoria’s Secret Brings Back the Girdle and Panty Hose Just In Time for Fall Fashions

  97. Biden’s not got enough “there” anymore to realize everything he built is crumbling around him while people who hate him and what he stands for (at least as much as we do, amazingly!) use him as a puppet to destroy America. Bad a man as he was, I actually can’t help feel sorry for him–he’s a tragic figure in the original sense, and in the modern bastardized sense.

    I would say “May God have mercy on his soul”, but…

  98. Biden is a scumbag.

  99. Full

  100. Fucking

  101. Stop


    Plagiarist Old Lying Senile Flip Flopping Groping Pedophile Scumbag

  103. He’s lied and cheated his way thru life.
    In doing so he has willfully and with malice of forethought diminished us all and wrought damage and harm to the nation for petty purpose.

  104. if you want to confuse someone, thank them in Danish in a text


    Which one did you use?

  106. Herb Tarlek passed away


    Frank Bonner, the actor and TV director best known as Herb Tarlek on WKRP in Cincinnati, has died. He was 79.

  107. mange tak

  108. Bro Tim, Beasn is the Guinea Pig addict. I watch Crusoe, Oakley, and Daphne videos. And Steve Inman.

  109. WKRP was one of the best shows ever. RIP Frank Bonner.

  110. Condolences to Wiser. He loves WKRP. One of the greatest sitcoms EVER. Rosetta and my mom share a birthday. Today is the day. I miss him and his humor. He would’ve loved Donny Two Scoops.

  111. I still blame oso. (Also my crappy memory.)

    Also, yeah, Biden does deserve it. That’s what I mean by tragic in the original sense–his fate is a direct result of his flaws and choices. Still doesn’t mean I can’t feel sorry for the SOB.

  112. I hope you got the hydraulic thumb.

  113. Pray for Oso. (Simpson’s did it first with Mojo). Priest asked us to pray for Biden. He needs our prayers.

  114. I pray that he has a moment of clarity and then repents with an act of perfect contrition followed immediately by a fatal aneurysm.

    Just how I want to go.

  115. I pray that he has a moment of clarity and then repents with an act of perfect contrition followed immediately by a fatal aneurysm.

    Just how I want to go.

    I want to go in a way that involves to 18-year-old prostitutes, a kilogram of cocaine, and a live bear.

  116. Priest asked us to pray for Biden. He needs our prayers.

    Same priest ask you to pray for Trump in 2017?

    Didn’t think so.

  117. Actually, our priest had us praying for Trump and his pro-life message. He’s from Africa.

  118. He challenges the Commie Catholics all the time.

  119. The hardest penance I ever got was from a visiting African priest.

    I wish he were my pastor. Great guy.

  120. Ugh, Juneteeth means the office is closed tomorrow, so no telework. But, our contract doesn’t give us the day off so I have to either take PTO or go unpaid for that day.

  121. My company said we get the day off but if your particular contract already had you scheduled for activity tomorrow and they still expect you to work you could carry it forward as a floating holiday.

    I’m going to skip out and write my resignation letter.

  122. NASA has gone woke, dammit. I was hoping to make it a few more years.

  123. I’ll run some errands and work on a few personal projects. I need to start diving into R and Python again.

  124. Leon, the hardest penance I ever got was from a Polish priest that survived the German camps. The best homilies are from African priests. Worst thing about my parish, no set Mass schedule. You never know which priest you’re going to get. The Hispanic Commie priest makes me want to walk out.

  125. I’m taking tomorrow off.

    But it’s to go sailing.

    Fuck Juneteenth

  126. I always enjoyed Juneteenth celebrations in TX. Lots of BBQ. Grilling. Watermelon. Always started with a prayer. Day at the lake. More Texan than NIOSA. More inclusive.

  127. It was no secret at my church that people avoided Fr. Jim, the fat little Corvette-driving pastor, and preferred Fr. Jay, the young conservative enthusiastic moral man.

  128. I honestly don’t have a problem with the idea of celebrating the day that the last slaves were finally freed in the US. However, it’s obvious that this is a hackneyed ploy to try and keep up the racial guilt and appease black voters since the Biden admin is basically throwing them under the bus in regards to its actual policies.

  129. As one of the commenters at the HQ keeps pointing out, slavery in the US didn’t truly end until the Tlingit in the Alaska territory were forced to free their slaves. They had many, basically every race.

  130. I am on the road, coming home from NJ. It has been interesting seeing the difference in masks, etc. Restaurants still with contact tracing. Heavy, bullying advertising for the shot. The cousins in NJ, especially the younger kids, are nearly mentally broken. One was zombiefied on Klonopin (sp?). One made a cross out of her fingers and backed up two steps when I said I wasn’t vaccinated. (She then declared that *they* were all vaccinated so they would be fine, in a really superior tone. Which was fine.)

  131. Local AM radio station that has been broadcasting Rush’s show for as long as I can remember is dropping it next week.

  132. yeah, our station did to. It was always delayed

  133. HS, my previous church was the opposite. They hung the dinosaur out to dry and celebrated the drunk guy that invited kids up to the altar for Communion. Previous, previous. Drunk young cool priest was so pissed that we chose the dinosaur, he cut the electricity to the church and allowed choir practice to extend into our Mass. I only had 15 minutes to get ready as the Bridal Room was locked. He was turning off lights as we were taking pictures. We still laugh about the curveballs. 31 years.

  134. Wiser’s Big Chance!

  135. Roamy, it is interesting to see each city, county, state. KY opened fully last Friday. Went from wearing masks in the afternoon to completely free by Friday night. Biggest deal is restaurant hours. We were forced to eat stadium food in Detroit. Culver’s was only open for 10 AM drive through. Restaurants in Detroit by Comerica, didn’t open until 12. I really wanted Detroit Pizza. Yuengling had a new beer. Sold out in stores. Supposed to be available at the 1st base bar at The Swamp. Toledo had multiple concessions closed. 1st Base Bar. Wright-Patterson AF museum is amazing. We only had two hours. Going to Pittsburgh in November for football. Planning on another Dayton visit. VN/Korea.

  136. Not sure what our local talk station is doing. I contacted the program manager and asked for Bongino. Never heard back. I’ve stopped listening to the reruns. The fill in hosts are just okay, there was only one Rush and calling it his show still is a bit much. There has to be a better way to preserve his legacy that airing clips relevant to the current news. All those years of shows can be distilled into hour long segments that are interesting and engage new listeners. The dilemma is how to monetize it. Maybe with advertisers, not subscriptions.

  137. Ugh, so I was pulling up my bank statements online and discovered a charge for, which puzzled me because I thought I had cancelled my subscription a while ago. Long story short, after finally getting ahold of someone on the phone… somehow they had been charging my bank account for an profile using an email account which I have never had. $60 every three months. Since 2017.

  138. You ought to at least get a blow job out of all that.

  139. Sharecropper’s baler is busted. Baler our friend was going to borrow is busted. Rain likely tomorrow.

    June is so exciting.

  140. We got the Bongino.

  141. Comment by osoloco11 on June 17, 2021 6:12 pm
    We got the Bongino.

    Ask your doctor about Hipaltrax medicated cream.

  142. Barron is 15 and already taller than Eric. Watching PGA from SD during June Gloom. Researching a Torrey Pines vacay for Dan.

  143. Barron needs to start hitting the gym and packing on muscle. That and get a tan.

  144. My cousin is running for State AG. He did dick as BernCo DA. Victoria Martens still has no justice. I despise Democrats. We are boycotting the family camping trip. Dan thinks that I may go off on familia. Again. Not my fault. I asked for politics free and they kept pushing my buttons.

  145. CoAl, Orange Spray tan?

  146. Thinking about getting a “fun” car like a little convertible. Lots of Miata MX-5s around here. Anybody know anything about those?

  147. My Taiwanese friends think of themselves as Taiwanese. No ROC. Independent. They are questioning the KMT history. No Gemo. No madame Gemo. Taiwan. Not China.

  148. Doogie Howser had a Miata. NPH, but close enough. Considered a chick car, or Ghey. Our Xterra was a chick/Ghey Car. Dan’s BFF got a corvette as a birthday gift…also Ghey.

  149. Well, I could get “Totally Not Ghey!” painted on the side of the car.
    Mini Coopers are in that general price range too. Those look fun.

  150. Weird. It’s my mom’s birthday.

  151. MX5s are perfectly balanced, awesome cars.

    But they’re pretty gay.

    Porsche 911 or Boxster is also perfectly balanced.

    But Eurogay.

  152. We asked for no politics and actually got it. Closest we got was discussing a 48-star flag that the cousin bought at a yard sale and how it would look with 49 if Texas secedes. I didn’t say, more than Texas will secede if that happens. I did change the subject to other yard sale finds.

    Mr. RFH has a Miata MX-5 with the fastback convertible option. He loves it. I need to get better/more confident driving stick. (Sywm)

  153. Lot of complaints about Mini Coopers, which is why they were dropped from Mr. RFH’s test list.

  154. MJ, your mom and my mom share a birthday with the Original gay lesbian, AKA Rosetta?

  155. Hispanic CoW has been driving his GF Mini Cooper to work. No big truck. Lost his step dad to the Rona. He fixed up the Corvette for his niece. Steps wishes. Niece is afraid of manual transmission. Corvette sale for new car and tuition.

  156. I’ve never had a manual transmission car, though I do technically know how to drive one. I like the looks of the Mercedes SLC but those things are a bit spendy.

  157. I miss the manual transmission. The 3 on the tree. Requires more attention, less autonomy to put on make up and chit chat on phone.

  158. Jay, are you fluent in Danish?

  159. WKRP and latter Wiser Bud living the dream made me understand local radio. Herb Tarlek greasing the wheels. Keeping the customers engaged.n

  160. Oso, he’s in Florida so tan at the beach. Send him a copy of Bronze Age Pervert’s book.

  161. I am not. just a few words

  162. HS has a Cooper. Laura has a Mazda SUV. Mustang convertible for me

  163. I’ll stick with my bean burritos.

  164. I completed the Danish program on Duolingo, but I don’t know any Danes so I could never practice it. I’m working on Spanish now so I’m forgetting a lot of the Danish.

    Det regner øl!

  165. Hotspur, Juneteenth is my anniversary. 34 years in two days.

    But I agree with you (as usual), it’s a bullshit “holiday.”

  166. Hotspur – they’re redoing your old b&b

  167. Yeah. They already did it. HotBride’s personality is gone from the place, so it can’t ever be the same, and it can’t ever be better.

  168. Good Lord but this day is dragging. Now I’m looking at little camper trailers. I’ll hold off on one of those until I retire I reckon.

  169. What if they added a hydraulic thumb?

  170. I have driven Minis since 2003. Right now I’m driving a ‘20 convertible. First automatic I’ve ever owned.

    I have not had any problems nor have any of my friends, so I’m not sure what people are reporting. I only know what I’ve experienced.

    And I have a Porsche Boxster S that turns 20 in a few days – 99,600 miles.

    If those cars make me gay, then no wonder MJ and I are such good buddies.


    (Imgur video)

  172. One of Mrs jams relatives has a Miata.
    I drive the shit out of it when he lets me borrow it.
    It’s a freakin blast.
    It’s an adult go kart.

  173. And used ones are cheap.

  174. I’m the gheyest monkey in the tree when I’m flouncing around town in that little fucker.

  175. Dude, you’re the gheyest monkey in the tree when you’re sitting around drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

  176. Little known fact

    Miata is short for Miata penis.

  177. Not as ghey as mj mind you…

  178. A scooter is more manly.

  179. My mom has a miata. Cute car.


  181. This is Pride Month, so we shouldn’t point out MJ’s gheyness as if it’s a bad thing.

    We have all the rest of the year for that.

  182. you bitches aint even close to right

  183. Hotspur, I asked Mr. RFH, and he said the complaints were about problems with engine mounts, clutch, water pump, and thermostat. He said they seemed to need expensive repairs often, like 4, 5, 6 thousand dollars at a time, not a couple hundred here or there.

  184. Oh, and once he found out BMW owns Mini, that was really it. He hated the BMW we had for a rental car once.

  185. I had a Dodge Intrepid and was told several times it was a terrible car, but we put over 200K miles on it and really only had one big repair. I think some models just have more lemons than others, it doesn’t mean they all suck.

    Speaking of cars, cousin close to Mini-me’s age wrecked his car again while driving too fast, and momma is trying to find him a good used one. It’s worse than when Cash for Clunkers wiped out the market. I told Mini-me that after multiple wrecks, she would be taking the bus or walking, that finding a new car would be her problem, not mine.

  186. Hope everyone is doing well. I took most of last week off and went with some friends to play golf around Bend Or. Beautiful area even if it is over ran with Portland and California idiots. Played 5 rounds of golf and shot sporting clays. Golfed like shit, correction putted like shit. So this it the first time in years I’ve taken a vacation without my wife. Apparently the fates have it out for me.

    On Monday I notice my air conditioner is freezing up and scheduled a visit from the tech. Turns out I have a leak in the main coil outside and the unit has R-22 that isn’t made anymore (new coil is 4K). So I have to buy a whole new heating and air condition system. Well I didn’t need a whole new one, but the cheaper options were at least a week out and it’s going to be 100 by Monday. Then my wife decided to take her car over a short retaining wall in a parking lot and total it. She is fine except for some bruising. The car is an ’05 and not worth much so with the air bag going off and both bumpers messed up it’s totaled. This was all on the same day. Tuesday was a bad/expensive day.

    New AC system is now installed and looking for a new car for the wife. May your week be better than mine.

  187. Roamy,

    We had a Doge Intrepid years ago. The engine threw a rod at about 30K miles. I had an extended warranty that paid for a new engine, but we always had issues with the electronics in cold weather. Windshield wipers wouldn’t turn off and window wouldn’t work. However I do think you are right. Depending on the manufacture/model the % crap or good cars can change.
    When looking for a new car for the wife I saw this and am trying to talk myself out of it. I will probably take it for a test drive.

  188. Desmond excavated ruined palaces.

  189. New AC system is now installed and looking for a new car for the wife. May your week be better than mine.
    I first read that as looking for a new wife

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