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  2. Those post is pun heavy but I still love it.

    See, I’m reasonable.

  3. The macaroni and cheese meme made me think of you, Mare. Can you remember the last time you made mac and cheese out of a box?

  4. I made chili dogs and then chili-mac a few weeks ago, can of Wolf brand chili and velveeta shells and cheese.

    I’m a grown ass man.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Smoked some mac and cheese a while back. Have to that again.

  7. That sounds like some shit Hunter Bribem would do.

  8. Hotspur?

  9. Got the tiller out. Doing some damage to the yard.


    The twitter thread is worse.


  11. “The journalist who broke the story about the controversial 2016 tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch was found dead Saturday morning, according to police.

    The body of 45-year-old Christopher Sign, a news anchor for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, was discovered by Hoover police and fire personnel at around 8 a.m. following a 911 call about a person down in a residence in Alabama, according to

    Hoover police Lt. Keith Czeskleba said Sign’s death is being investigated as a suicide, the report added.”

  12. I’m not on twitter, but I was curious. Some RIP at the end of his pinned tweet about the book, with #clintonbodycount attached. And Twitter is disappearing that hashtag almost as soon as it appears. You have to go to the ‘Latest’ tab to find them, and they are only seconds old. The minutes-old references to that hashtag are not appearing at all.

    UPDATE: sorry, my bad. They are showing now.



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  17. Ok I need to step away from the tinfoil. But still, it looks like an Epstein.

  18. it’s amazing how many suicides there are around the Clintons

  19. Pure coincidence.

  20. Just don’t write a book about it.

  21. Given the timing and the demographics of the guy (white male in late 40s in modern America), and that The Steal meant he wasn’t going to go anywhere in news media, I almost buy that this might have been a legit suicide. They didn’t have to kill him, they’d already hounded him out of a career and wrecked his life. Some men crack under that kind of pressure.

  22. When my kids were little I’d make a casserole out of Macaroni and cheese from a box, onion, tuna, peas, cream of celery soup. Kids loved it.

  23. I could eat a whole casserole right now. I’m fasting to “cleanse”* from a particularly excellent weekend.

    * I know “cleansing” doesn’t cleanse anything. Just resetting my brain to not eat questionable foods.

  24. So many scandals before and since, I have a hard time remembering what the “secret meeting on the tarmac” was about at this point.
    Hillary’s unsecured email server?

  25. Coordinating the “investigation “ into her 30k emails on a private server.

  26. Bill had an off-the-record convo with Loretta Lynch during the 2016 election run-up.

    I assume that shit happens whether it’s supposed to or not, so I shrugged it off at the time.

  27. Coordinating the “investigation “ into her 30k emails on a private server.

    I will remind everyone that if I had done what Hillary has done, not is alleged to have done, but merely what she is officially on record as having done with classified material, my estate would already have been billed for the bullet used by my executioner.

  28. As well as the wet wipes used to clean up afterwards.

  29. That was one of my med school and residency staples Mare. Box of mac n’ cheese, bag of frozen peas and a can of tuna. You could buy it in advance to have on hand. The only thing dicey was whether the milk in the fridge had gone by.

  30. I subscribe to the Boston Herald to keep up with news from my home state. Most of the crime articles allow comments and there’s a guy posting multiple comments on them with stories of other minority perpetrated crimes. He’ll get the boot eventually but for most of them he uses the intro of “Basketball American commits another crime”

    Haven’t heard Basketball American used before

  31. The velveeta box eliminates the milk and butter, liquid fake cheese in a foil pouch. That guy or gal should win a Nobel Prize. They make a single serving microwave version now. Genius.

  32. I just pruned my sick peach tree and persimmon tree again, they had branches that make me duck when I mow. Pupster don’t duck like he used to. Looks like one baby bunny has made it so far, he scampered off when I was trimming. I saw two 5-Lined Skinks yesterday, it looked like they were on a date. I may have clumsily ruined the vibe as I am known to do.

    We went out to eat for Father’s Day, had a nice brunch. All in all a pretty good weekend.

    Happy Father’s Day to all you MFrs.

  33. Father’s Day is next Sunday.

  34. Paula has bought the single serve boxes for her oldest for a while. Thankfully he’s moved out for about 2-3 months and is living with his girlfriend. She’s actually not a loser so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that to work out. Ben is still a picky eater and her solution is to just let him buy his own food that he’ll eat. As a result our cabinets are slowly resembling an adult pantry with more wholesome food. The big chest freezer in the basement can probably be cleaned out and shut off. It’s where food goes to be forgotten.

  35. All my kids were born early.

  36. For Pupster

  37. I’m done ruining the lawn for today. Coffee, then a run.

  38. Pupster is getting 2 Father’s Day brunches. Nice work. Who’s a good boy

  39. Mask wearing is all over the place.Airport/plane only place where it’s enforced. Ballparks have masks required signage, but it isn’t enforced. We stayed in KY for the Reds game. (It’s easier and less dangerous). KY released all mask and capacity mandates. Restaurants are still having problems staffing their business.

  40. Dan found $13 on the ground outside of Tiger Stadium. FF. We gassed up in Indianapolis yesterday. We blew off the South Bend Cubs game. Too old. Wrote off our tickets and chose to relax. We saw a pregnant panhandler sitting on the median under a tree. Toddler in tow. Gas cap light and buzzer went off in rental car. Dan pulled up next to the panhandlers median in the parking lot. He fixed the gas cap. Gets back in the car. Dan “Oh crap, what if she thinks I pulled over to give her money? Also Dan, here, give her the found money from the Tigers game. I get out of the car to give her the $13. 2 minutes of Spanish and tears over $13.

  41. Oso was next door to me. I bet she didn’t even wave.

  42. I waved towards all Michiganders. I waved to Herr. As much as we love baseball, I recommend WP for all Hostages. The museum and memorial garden is pretty cool. Best part of the trip. Better than the Reds baseball museum.

  43. Humidity was off the hook. Wright-Patterson. I wanted to ask about Lonnie Zamora. Roswell Incident. They sell alien plush. 102 degrees in the Q. 6% humidity.

  44. only 93 here

    *puts on sweatshirt

  45. listening to Warroom. Boris Epstein breaking down AZ audit. if everything comes out like they are describing the election in AZ will definitely be in doubt.

    that makes me wonder WTF fox was thinking, calling AZ so early. it just doesn’t make sense, especially since the other networks didn’t call it. simple incompetence? or will we discover collusion with dems to call it early? sounds like 2016 again. they had the cheat in place but they underestimated trump votes again. it’s supposed to get more clear, not muddier

  46. Fox was the signal to stop counting, and it’s other job was to set the narrative in the minds of Trump supporters that they’d lost.

  47. Sunday Funnies:

  48. then there should be proof somewhere of that collusion

  49. I’d start with Piss Wallace’s email.

  50. There is proof. I’m pretty sure Ruby is singing like a canary to keep her fat ass out of jail.

  51. snickering like a 6th grader at Pupster cock-blocking skinks.

  52. Tiger stadium came down years ago. Come rica park. Which you’d know if you’d hooked up with the H2 detroiter

  53. Even auto cucumber doesn’t recognize the stupid name

  54. I can’t believe she didn’t order a salad with no onions.

  55. Tiger Stadium >>> Come guzzler park.

  56. been to Tiger Stadium, in beautiful downtown Detroit.

  57. Popcorn time!

    On the economic front, the Chinese legislature rushed through a bill expanding the government’s means and methods to retaliate against foreign sanctions including the ability to seize foreign companies’ Chinese assets, deny visas, and block the ability to do deals in China.

    Whoever loses, we win!

  58. derf dee derf derf derf, dee dee derfty derfity FUCK today sucked at work

    Putting the schedule back together after ignorant children decide to crash it, not fun. This is not a safe situation for the patients depending on us to be there. A lot of other people had to do shit they didn’t plan on doing today to cover for this crap. But the lazy mean jerks are working toward burning us one last time and I’m looking forward to their forever-goodbyes. Burn me. I’m ready. If I have to put in a 20 hour shift on the day this deadwood finally gets cleared out, I am happy to do it. BUH-BYE. Your requests for references will be answered with a dial tone.

  59. Deciding easily, Reuben proceeded.

  60. retaliate against foreign sanctions including the ability to seize foreign companies’ Chinese assets, deny visas, and block the ability to do deals in China.

    Whoever loses, we win!
    Couldn’t agree more, especially with the last part. Other trading partners or, heaven forbid, domestic production will fill the void.

  61. I haven’t had a good Reuben sandwich in ages. Used to get them for my meal when I was a bus boy at the Italian restaurant. I ordered a lot of different stuff at the Greek restaurant.


    (Imgur Video)

    I have no idea what kind of bug this is, but there was one on my patio yesterday, it was white and blue instead of black and yellow, very tiny. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it but when I came back with my camera it was gone.

  63. I have a big yearly expense (big for me) pending and my paycheck isn’t in my account yet.

    This month sucks more and more. I need a second job to afford my first. And I know this will only get worse.

  64. Oh, insomnia. How I loathe thee. Got to sleep at 2:30 and woke up at 6:00 suddenly remembering a vital piece of information for the night nurse. Called work to tell them, and breathed a sigh of relief. Couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m baking keto crackers now.

    bite my ass, Monday

  65. I slept “okay”. I’ve been hydrating big time in an effort to ward off stones. Which means every time Paula or the dogs shift positions and I wake up a little my bladder begins a discussion with my brain. Despite 2 trips to the john in the night and a 0415 all out canine pig pile on us I’m surprisingly awake and optimistic for the day. Well, as optimistic as I can be under the circumstances. I’m sure just walking in the door and booting my computer up to see my messages will whipsaw the optimism right out of me before noon.

  66. wakey wakey.

    I’ve been sleeping pretty well as of late. I give credit to ETP.

  67. Oh, and maybe the yard work yesterday and 7 mile run helped?

  68. MMM 449

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