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Your model for today was born September 11th, 1989 in Wroclaw, Poland.  She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 362437 and 132 lbs.  Please adjust the thermostat for Miss (NSFW) Dagmara Bajura.


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  1. Not “the” winner but a solid contender for 2021 BBF champion

  2. Sean, love ya man

  3. That last video link is a youtube mini-documentary for the photoshoot that produced the 2nd picture in this post of Miss Bajura. I marked it NSFW as there are quick flashes of her goodies in between long stretches of wilderness scenes and the photoshoot crew members mugging for the video camera.

  4. Alternate career choices …

    Apparently butchers are in short supply. Probably a good reason for that though.

    Embarking on a trade at middle age or above isn’t for everyone but the one I’d consider would be electrician.

  5. I didn’t know youtube allowed boob

  6. I was pretty surprised also. I guess if it’s fast enough or artistic? It’s buried so deep in an otherwise very boring clip I think the AI scanner fell asleep.

  7. I could do the electrician job mental part, but my body is not up for the physical requirements, up on lifts and ladders, through attics and crawl spaces, down in manholes and trenches. Been there done that too old for it now.

  8. Oh yeah, same here. I was just running down a list of common trades in my mind. Mason – nope, Carpenter – nope, Plumber – nope, Lumper – nope, Fluffer – nope, etc

  9. Carin and Mare must be sleeping in

  10. Rowan jumped up on the bed at 0430 and I awoke from a deep sleep and partially opened my eyes and thought “What friggin’ light got left on now?” only to wake up a little bit more and realize it was the sun.


  11. This is great

    I watched the videos in reverse order and they’re all relevant to The H2 Life. The one explaining looped videos called “Four Laps” was just okay.

    Tango: Alex loves tango, “artistic” nudity
    Pet Shop Boys: Brains & Brawn = Let’s Make Lots of Money
    Kylie Minogue: Australian Poptart

    All of them were fun to watch but if you only watch one, make it “Tango” (which does have brief, repeated artistic nudity) and you won’t be disappointed.

  12. God bless Poland!


    (Imgur video)

  14. Eh, 7/10 would smash

  15. IBEW apprenticeships are six years. Yeah, you’re working and getting paid, but you’re six years out from actually starting the profession.

    Butcher is my new backup plan.

  16. Just watched the Samantha Fish video and a couple of different ones of her, songs & interviews

    I have thoughts

    – she didn’t skip leg day
    – being a woman with the last name of Fish is a burden
    – the backdrop of the Las Vegas video was distracting
    – butterface
    – great musician
    – weird guitar has a name and is one of her things

  17. Someone on facebook had a huge meme with all the pride corporate logos. There are a lot.

  18. wakey wakey.

    Also the great meme I posted yesterday about Israel being the only country in the ME with legalized gay marriage.

  19. Yea, after yesterday’s 4:30 wake up and then a very long busy day, I slept until 7 this morning.

    I had to go help my mom clean a room yesterday and i’m not ready to talk about it yet.

  20. Yesterday I went into the eye of the storm. A sushi/Japanese grocery/take out place. They are mask crazy there. Well, as things have gone, I no longer carry a mask. The collection in my car is gone. None in my pocket or purse. I got there, and called and informed them that I didn’t have a mask, and I had an order to pick up.

    They said if I was fully vaccinated, I could come in (even though the manditory mask sign was still on the door, and everyone coming and going was wearing a mask).

    Why YES I am “vaccinated” – didn’t explain I have air quotes over there.

    Walked right in. got my sushi. It was delicious.

  21. She’s gorgeous. Very nice features. I wonder if her grandfathers were German, or Russian.

  22. For BBF

  23. A apprentice for IBEW candidate is very much “in the profession”, and getting a good salary from day one. My Son in Law completed the program last year and nephew is currently apprenticing.

  24. Headline at Yahoo news: “U.S. Jobs Report Disappoints Again.”

    Get used to it.

  25. I got out of bed at 5:45 had coffee and went for a beach walk. It’s a lifting day and I hate lifting with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns.

  26. Carin, I applaud your actions.

  27. What does oil refineries have to do with old and obese people falling victim to FauCHY virus? Shouldn’t she be scolding Fauci for ignoring/covering up data on effective treatments which would have helped ‘her people’?

  28. with Sean’s writing abilities, I would think a writer’s job would be sitting there ready for the taking. But maybe that’s not in the cards.

  29. I stopped masking. Don’t care about the signs.

    Ask me to leave or take my money.

  30. In the past five months I’ve worn a mask twice in the liquor store, and the airport for my trip to Portland. That’s it.

  31. Oh, and a couple times in PDX, once was during the funeral, because I’m not going to make a scene.

  32. It’s not oil refineries and banks.

    It’s McDonalds.

  33. Never have, never will. I worked around it, no scenes, but my family thinks I’m the nutjob.

  34. I really hope the legislature has the stones to cut Tlaib’s district when rejigger them for the census.

  35. Woke to my left calf sore as heck. Today is going to be fun.

  36. Mr. B has had a couple of interesting days. On Wednesday, his hands started itching, early to mid afternoon. No rash. He took a dose of benadryl which allowed him to sleep for a few hours..but up at 2:30 bedeviled by the itching.

    He woke up yesterday morning looking like he put on mitts, his hands were so swollen. It was rather shocking. He also had large hives on his elbows, upper thigh, tookus crack. He was able to get in to see the doctor yesterday morning, who thinks it is an allergic reaction to something rather than something he got via contact…say from poison ivy. His temp in the office was 97.8.

    He was prescribed prednisone and zyrtec and was told to take it as soon as he got home.Took it about noon thirty and as we waited for those to kick in, watched other hives spread/develop. By 2 or 3pm, his temp is 99.4. Nasal congestion begins…drainage making him cough.
    By 6pm, the smaller patches of ‘hives’ were going away and the large ones were looking better. Itching didn’t subside until he took the prescribed second dose of Zyrtec about 9pm.

    This morning, he doesn’t feel as warm as he did yesterday but was in a meeting and didn’t take his temp. Most of the itching is gone, swelling in the hands has gone down but still there, swelling of hives down to mostly discoloration of skin….BUT he feels snarfy in the nose and it looks like he got some sun across his nose/cheeks. Wth? Is that the progression of whatever reaction he was having finally getting to that part of his body or a reaction from the prednisone?


  37. Yet another thug name we’ll be asked to say out loud

  38. I’d go with progression of the reaction since everything else sounds like a favorable response to oral prednisone


    This Reptoids running this simulation are just fucking with us now.

  40. We’ve been trying to backtrack what could have caused this reaction. He didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary, sooo…

    1. Last weekend he washed down the deck with some deck wash to prep it for re-staining. Didn’t wear any gloves. No doubt his hands were bathed in it.

    2. Wednesday morning…the day of….he got stuck with a fish bone, which broke the skin, while running the bag of frozen fish guts out to the trash, sitting at the curb. Not sure if he washed his hands – maybe did – but we applied alcohol to the site, which wasn’t very big. He said it didn’t go in too deep..mostly tear in the skin.

    3. Also Wednesday morning, after the above, he pulled a bunch of crab grass and removed some weed I had pulled from the garden and left on the sidewalk.

    It was an hour or two after the above 2 and 3 that the itching began.
    So, did the chemical bath do something or did the prick by the bone trigger something. Or did the prick in the skin create an entry point for the grass allergens to get in and do a number on him?
    Either way, there will have to be a thorough investigation regarding a possible triggered fish allergy (and grasses). Fishing is his hobby and we have about 15 pounds of fish in the freezer. If it was the fish, who knows what the next reaction could be.

  41. when do we just back away and give minneapolis over?

  42. At no point did the site of the skin prick look inflamed or irritated. It was at the top of the fleshy part near the base of the thumb between there and the webbed part. Palm side.
    In the evening, that thumb looked ever so slightly swollen from topside.

    Next morning…POOOF! pufferfish mitts

  43. Does Minneapolis still have cops? If so, how and why?

  44. Recently, there has been some criticism regarding the environmental cost of mining crypto, but using solar power prevents all of that.

    Wut? You’d literally be better off growing dandelions with the sunlight. The panel, circuits, and wiring are aging and wearing down, the crypto itself only has “value” because others agree to it.

    The dandelions are a tangible asset.

  45. Ahh, here we go…

    “Members of a US Marshals task force were attempting to arrest the unidentified man around 2 p.m. on a state warrant…”

    No Minneapolis police were involved and they still shit their nest. Let it burn.

  46. Environmental cost of mining crypto, wut? That’s not an actual physical thing, right?

  47. Mining Crypto is requires a lot of electricity. The environmental cost comes from the increased power usage.

  48. Did Mr Beasnsnsns. Get vaccinated?

  49. Interacting on a blog requires electricity. Complaining about crypto also requires a lot of electricity. Same as internet banking or plugging in leftymobiles.

  50. No, it’s a real thing. You’re running your processors (usually redlining them) and their cooling, you’re running your storage. All of it takes electricity and generates waste heat. The electricity being used comes from somewhere (likely coal) and the heat gets dumped to the environment, so Muh Carbon! and Muh Heat Pollution! are both true. Carbon isn’t a pollutant, so that’s bullshit, but it is extraordinarily wasteful just as a practical matter.

  51. mare, no he did not. He was thinking about it because reasons, but I’ve been able to hold him back from carrying it out.

  52. Interacting on the blog is useful in a way that mining crypto just isn’t.

  53. What’s weird is, other than seasonal allergies…like feeling drained starting in the month of June when grass pollens are merrily doing their thing, he has no known allergies as it regards food/drugs.

  54. Which is more useful in time/energy….twitter or crypto? GO!

  55. Sounds like the fish bone prick was a red herring and the real irritant was either the deck stripping chemical or a sinister weed.

    Either way,allergy testing makes a lot of sense, especially for the least likely allergen, fish. Given his love for fishing and consumption of the critters it’s potentially the biggest risk.

  56. fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick fish bone prick

  57. Sounds like the fish bone prick was a red herring and the real irritant was either the deck stripping chemical or a sinister weed.


  58. Pup, Nice job today. Lots of Gif goodness in the post.

  59. Which is more useful in time/energy….twitter or crypto? GO!

    Twitter, though it pains me to say so. Some real communication still takes place, and it keeps the twitter addicts locked in place.

  60. Awfully long reaction period for the deck exposure theory. Im going with contaminant from puncture wound.

  61. I ruled out the weeds cause he’s probably handled those in past with no reaction

  62. Maybe he just masturbates too much. At our age inflammation in an overused joint is not unheard of. But then there’s the itching……..maybe he has syphilus.

  63. “He who knows syphilis knows medicine”

    William Osler

  64. “When it comes to syphilis, trust no one. Not even your grandmother”

    All the Infectious Disease doctors who ever lectured me in school

  65. Just read this morning that gay men account for 63% of all syphilis cases in the US. 2% of pop (tops), 63% of cases.

  66. Now that is something to be PROUD about!

  67. well played

  68. The % for HIV is almost certainly higher, but Fauci says it will explode into the hetero population 35 years ago or so.

  69. beasn, check your raggy cabbage

  70. Laura, I hosted a PA student from UNE this week who previously worked in the mental health area. She did a thing with all women with BPD for a few years and when that got to be too much did a troubled teen camp in Hawaii which she said was a different kind of hell. Impressive student as are all the PA students I’ve worked with excepting a couple.

  71. I got some of these babies for my dogs and they love them

    Paula thinks they’re disgusting to even look at and refuses to serve them up. I break them into 3 sort of even pieces and they demolish them like there’s no tomorrow

  72. I need to slow down. Just got home from running around, and I need to go to work in a few hours.

    Why is the cat sitting behind my computer? That is NOT an authorized spot.

  73. Apparently I need to learn to sail. Thar’ be booty in those waters…

  74. I ruled out the weeds cause he’s probably handled those in past with no reaction

    Same for fish. Pretty sure he’s hooked himself on occasion too and had no reaction..

  75. He does get hayfever. June is shit for grass pollen. It’s usually when he feels the worst as far as seasonal allergies. Occasional antihistimine helps.

  76. We’re past tree pollen season, finally, and I managed to not have a reaction this year. Thank God winter was mild.

  77. Laura, I was just able to get into my yoohoo (SYWM) and responded.


  78. I’ll just bet you were.

  79. Apparently I need to learn to sail. Thar’ be booty in those waters…

    Boat people are among the best people, up there with metalheads, car show/NASCAR people, bikers (motorcycles), farriers and metal workers of all kinds.

    If you just hang out at a boat ramp, and be a helpful person with the launching and unloading, you will be welcomed aboard multiple crafts for a day of fun.

  80. DIA has had a Chinese defector for three months, feeding them info on Wuhan, and kept it secret from CIA & FBI because they are compromised…

  81. the best people, up there with metalheads, car show/NASCAR people, bikers (motorcycles), farriers and metal workers of all kinds.

    What about the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, and dickheads?

  82. If any of you guys have Hulu, Kim’s Convenience is hilarious. Korean family in Toronto. The Dad is amazing.

  83. Seriously though, those are all hobbies that interest me in some way. Car stuff the least, but the rest, definitely.

  84. I’d rather know how to work on tractors.

  85. I’m starting to see why Poland has constantly been invaded and occupied during most of its history. She’d come in handy on a long sub zero night.

  86. I’m not saying your mom has worked on a tractor but she has been plowed.

  87. Lol

  88. The two days of weirdos on the roof, air compressors, nail guns, saws, and hammering (Stop The Hammering!) are done. The trailer full of roof debris is gone. The new ridge-vent is in place and the east side of the roof has been replaced.
    The wine has been opened…

  89. I saw Weirdos on the Roof in 98.

  90. Did they play with Crowded House?

  91. There’s a house about three blocks from me that’s been in some kinda foreclosure dispute for about the last four years and therefore empty. Evidently somebody got everything ironed out and they’ve been rehabbing it for the past three weeks or so. Yesterday I drove by and a crew of as up on the roof slapping down shingles in a downpour. I wonder how much of their interior rehab was getting fubar due to leakage. I’m 61 and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anybody put on a roof during a rain storm.

  92. I’ve seen people putting up tarps or tar paper in a storm, but never shiingles.

  93. weirdos on the roof

    Who, day and night, must hammer for a living,
    Feed his baby mama’s children
    Say his daily swears
    And who has the right as master of the house
    To have a beer in peace at home…

  94. Oh BIG NEWS, for anyone still awake. I was able to work MASK FREE. that’s right. NO MASK. It was amazing. I didn’t have to repeat myself, or strain my voice to be heard. I could talk and people could see my face, and since it is 10000 degrees up here in Michigan right now – I wasn’t further encumbered by face diaper rash.

    no one said a thing. We’re not at “full capacity” but mostly because we can’t get a full staff. There are places in town that are only doing carry out because they can’t fully staff. Little restaurant we like to go to is closed two days for that exact reason.

  95. Car in,
    I went into Safeway this morning mask free. Nobody said shit. Probably 50% of the customers and staff were without face-diapers. I could see faces again! it was great…

  96. Thanks Sean, you made my day and I feel a lot better. Hope your love life takes an upswing again real soon.

    I found that nursing is a superb later life career. Lots of ways to branch out, even if you don’t care so much to do the hands-on stuff there are many other ways to serve. If you’re not hip to do another stint in university, there are usually lots of other foot-in-the-door health care careers, like psychiatric tech (an example I know a little bit about), that are comparatively clean, pay pretty good, and really make you think.

  97. Nursing/healthcare is one of the things I’ve been thinking about. I would like to do something for a living that has a better chance of helping people or making a positive impact on the world than peddling golf balls. I’ve had a few friends suggest that I would make a good teacher, and that’s something I’ve been giving some thought to as well.

    The love life thing is going waaaaaaay on the back burner. The last year has been a bumpy road, and I’m kind of exhausted.

    Thanks for reaching out. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods as well. We now return you to your regularly scheduled derp.

  98. Denmark’s economists rejected protectionism.

  99. Note to Meme

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