Hold Meme Now

for mare and laura


  1. just pile the awards over there —>

  2. well, I guess you early risers are also early nap takers

  3. I do that thing your moms love.

  4. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/north-carolina-county-bans-coca-cola-machines

    Haven’t had a Coke in months, due to white fragility and a diet.

  5. I’ve had a couple, but I’ve seriously cut back my already limited consumption.

  6. DD#3 is officially engaged!

    We met the young man last night at dinner (theirs was a long-distance, video relationship for the past 2 years). His name is Daniel, and he is a very nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. He’s a few years older than Sarah, but they “fit” each other, if that makes any sense.

    Don’t know when the wedding will be – they don’t have a lot of money to spend on an expensive shindig, but we told them a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive.

    A new grandbaby (it’s a boy!) and a new son-in-law all in one week – it’s about time our family had some happy news for a change!

  7. Congratulations, Teresa!!

    Such good news.

    You deserve some.

  8. good to hear, congrats!

  9. Candace nails it again.

  10. I’ve been checking off-brand fizzy waters to be sure they aren’t owned by Coke.

  11. Those emails prove Dr Fauci is a straight shooter who only looks out for the people. He should run for president in 8 years. He’ll only be 88 years young!

  12. Cumala can name him VP in August.

  13. I still think that she’ll name Buttigieg as her VP.

  14. Probably, it’s not like he’s remotely qualified for DoT.

    They can chat at length about their shared love of dick.

  15. Mayor Pothole for VP!

  16. Putting him in DoT is preparation, by giving him the veneer of “experience.”

  17. Oh, I know. His only transportation experience is having trains run on him.

  18. You swine are especially egregious this morning.

    *raises coffee cup*

  19. I’m feeling punchy. Thinking about quitting my job and becoming a meat cutter. Pays as much as the garbage truck job and I’ll have access to equipment I need.

  20. https://nypost.com/2021/06/02/judge-rejects-bid-for-july-4-fireworks-at-mount-rushmore/

    Trump should hold a rally there, 1 year after the return of fireworks in 2020

  21. Raw meat

    Sharp instruments


  22. build a big cooler and you’re in business!

  23. One of my long time, now adult patients with cerebral palsy, has a dad who is a retired meat cutter. His son doesn’t weigh a lot but he’s about 5’ 8” and relies on his dad for transfers. When they see me for the annual visit dad always mentions he’s a retired meat cutter when he lifts him to the exam table and wheelchair. In my mind I picture him hefting sides of beef on the cutting table.

  24. Leon’s theme song.

  25. I had that album. On cassette.

  26. I still think Joe stays in for 8 years.

  27. That Explains tomorrows comment, “-13/10. Would smash repeatedly.”

  28. MJ, you think that he’ll win reelection in 2024?

  29. Yes. The democrats could run a serial axe murderer who rapes the dismembered corpses and eats the hearts and he would get elected.

  30. When do they replace him with a lookalike, then?

  31. whatever philly, atlanta, milwaukee, and detroit say, goes.

  32. I think he’ll win. It doesn’t matter if he’s coherent or not.

  33. What do you think, Alex?

  34. I think the only way he “wins” again is by getting us into a major war.

    Which is part of why I think we’re being set up for war with China.

  35. I’m honestly not sure.

    I think that they will eventually shove Biden out, but I figured he’d be gone by now. He’s obviously collapsing fast and I don’t see how this doesn’t continue to create problems. Apparently the rest of the world are simply going to go along with Kamala as the “Prime Minister” role.

  36. What’s your rationale? We haven’t won a war in close to 100 years.

  37. Dr Jill must be propping him up. If Heelsup ascends, her life is over and they might go after Hunter to hide the bodies.

  38. We “won” Desert Storm.

    We haven’t really “lost” a war, either. We fought Korea to a stalemate and negotiated a cease fire. We fought Vietnam to a stalemate and negotiated a peace deal and left. Iraq was ugly but I’d put it in the “win” column; Saddam was removed, Iraq is no longer a regional threat, we demonstrated that we could still mobilize a large force and overthrow a country and that we were willing to commit to a long fight.

  39. What’s your rationale? We haven’t won a war in close to 100 years.

    Exactly. We aren’t going to win against China. The strategy will be awful, a meat grinder for the front line troops. There’re mountains of graft for the war effort, then for reconstruction or to be paid out when we surrender and sue for peace. A war with China is the biggest crisis imaginable. Perfect pretext for final commie takeover.

  40. I figure that the WH is split between two or three factions including the Bidens, the Harris supporters, and perhaps another faction. Everyone is jockeying for power and trying to undermine each other. Hence why Harris got the border and the economy and other stuff tossed her way, and why she insists on traveling with Joe all the time and taking these calls: one side wants her tarnished by responsibility for all the bad problems, while she wants to be close to the decisions being made by Joe.

  41. Oh, man. I never knew how much I missed the old Ace until the return of the filthy ewok memes.

  42. what ewok memes?

  43. I think leon’s closest to the truth The scum at the helm have been ceding power/control to the chicomms since Clinton.
    Clinton gave away missle tech and bush gave away aircraft tech.
    JEF sealed the deal by allowing unfettered access to current design information including control systems.
    Biden is bought and paid for and too far gone with dementia to doing anything anyway and cammella is an ignorant whore with only modest mental capacity.

  44. ah yes, on the DeSantis post

  45. stupid refresh will be the death of me

  46. *back to the paste jar

  47. yub nub motherf!er, DO YOU SPEAK IT?

  48. I get your point on Iraq or Desert Storm I. I’m sort of lumping these wars together as in, SE Asia which was a stalemate and the ME which was a draw at best.

    Hopefully we won’t end up as Leon thinks (he’s crazy).

  49. Just ask the simple question: is it in China’s interest for us to start a war with them and lose?

  50. No, it isn’t. At least, not anytime soon.

  51. Don’t they still have 20M “excess” fighting-age men?

  52. Fighting-age, but not fighting-shape. And any US loss would cause ripples across the world economy. The US dollar is supported by US power projection, which allows us to protect our interests and our friends. Lose that, and a lot of people start recalculating a lot of assumptions in their models of the world.

  53. It’s too soon. I don’t think they’re ready.

    Basically take everything the Chinese say and assume they’ve inflated by 100%.

  54. I think they need at least 5-10 more years. My prediction is that they’ll want to solidify their influence over central Asia in order to secure supply lines that can’t be hit by US and allied airpower, as well as reinforce a potential second front against India. They will also want to increase their presence in the Horn of Africa region, since anti-ship missiles, aircraft, and submarines based there could help close off global shipping into the Indian Ocean or western Pacific, and force the US to conduct a costly African campaign to clear them out.

  55. Based on what has been happening with military brass, you can count on the US becoming clones of the French.

    Oh, the Chicoms killed some of our troops? Oh, what, they were women? Oh well, better sue for peace.

    We can rename our capitol Washington Vichy.

  56. I’m afraid I have to agree with you Hotspur. I just can’t see our political leaders aggressively pursuing a punishing victory over the ChiComs who would be ruthless in their pursuit of a humiliating defeat of the Yankee dogs.

  57. The Chinese will likely try to fight a short war, 30-45 days. The goal will be to inflict enough casualties that the US is faced with either a protracted, costly struggle, or accepts a negotiated settlement. Hence the moves into places like Africa, which increases the threat of a protracted war and makes negotiation look better.

  58. I think I’ve posted this before, but still neat.


  59. Here, the meat packers use refrigerated trailers off of semi trucks for freezers. USDA regs pushed a lot of the small tome guys out of the business. Had to convert to 100% stainless surfaces and some other stuff.

  60. I’m really hoping I don’t end up having to process all of them myself. Less than 5 months to go.

  61. Well, if you do have to do them on your own, you’ll improve a skill that is very good to have.

  62. Just bought nine pairs of reading glasses.

    That should solve the problem for a little while.

  63. Narrator: It would, in fact, solve the problem for less than two weeks.

  64. Why not 10?

  65. I thought MJ was posting on Thursdays? Or was it Tuesdays?

    Nice set of memes MemeJayinAmes. I’m not complaining, good job.

    I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. I was explaining a home repair to a dude at work, and completely blanked on “channel locks”. I mean, I have almost as many of them as Scott does reading glasses, pretty much every junk drawer, under every sink, in every toolbox. It took me a day to remember the name of them. This weekend it was asparagus. Had to google green stringy vegetables to figure it out.

    My brain is shutting down.

  66. I thought it was thursday, but i’ve just been collecting extras, and post them if there isn’t a new one.

  67. We have a meat cutting machine that has essentially made our meat cutters “Packagers”.

  68. We have a meat cutting machine that has essentially made our meat cutters “Packagers”.

    I’d say “fight for $15!!!” but that’s the starting wage here for meat cutters. More if you always show up on time and never fail drug tests.

  69. Your mom is a meat cutting machine.

  70. Ours start at over $20 and complain that union meatcutters at grocery stores make more money. When starting wage became $15, all of our $16 workers quit. We lost rotisserie and cafe/prepared foods. Our hourly meat cutters make more money per hour than salaried management. Entry level

  71. Today’s been fun.

  72. The only thing the Chinese go short on is your mom and quality control.

  73. They own our manufacturing.
    And no offense to the millennials but my interactions with them on a tech level is distressing.
    And the worst flaw I see in them is they have no heart.
    And by that I mean drive.
    They approach life like Europeans and scandis do.

  74. It’d be best if the cow kicks the lantern over sooner rather than later in this shed.

  75. Carin have you started marketing the Ragnar Line of skorts yet?
    It s not too late to get the summer collection rolling.

  76. That’s a good idea. I do actually not wear as many running skorts because my favorite place went house of business. I have these short things I wear running now mostly.

  77. Question for our compatriot and fellow hostage M1911….
    Who manufactures your favorite ?

  78. first world problems

    Wondering if anyone had any information on this… One of my children is trans male and one is non binary. My eldest always wears swim trunks and a shirt to swim and my other child goes between swim trunks/two piece suits. This is the first season we’ve been able to go to the pool. Both times they have went to Furman they have been told they can’t wear shirts in the water. With both being biologically female they can’t just ditch their shirts while swimming. Does anyone know who I could talk to about this? They keep their shirts on but are afraid of getting in trouble.

  79. I want a 1911. the one I shot was sweet

  80. And that’s why the trannies can’t swim

  81. Tranny Test: Throw xir in the water, if xir drowns xir is a he-she, if xir floats xir is a he-he

  82. Shot my friend’s 1911 and it was a nice gun. I’d also like one but it’s a) another caliber and b) there’s too many brands to choose from.

    Probably not currently but the last time I spent any amount of time looking. I’d get over the other caliber issue pretty fast if I found the right one.

  83. I’ve worn a shirt in the pool for years. I’m very pale. It has never been an issue. What never happened for $800.

  84. You can buy 1911s in different calibers, I’m a realist not a purist.


  85. .45 ACP is God’s Own Caliber, though.

    I have a Kimber.

  86. Just put new tritium sights on the xdm 9mm. Im eyeballing cz scorpion pistol. My partner has the carbine and it its a beast of a tack driver. Pretty sure I want a can to go with it.

  87. I thought today was Friday.


  88. I’ll happily settle for bourbon and Soviet bloc rifles…

  89. says right in the pool rules that modesty swimwear is permitted. I’m betting they had street clothes on, or it never happened. Never happened is in the lead.

  90. maybe COIN would involve conterfeit $20 bills in a large midwestern city?

  91. I have had several of these and will buy another.

  92. Whole lot of unfortunate out of stock notifications

  93. Wonder if Hotspur used a channel lock on his sea cock

  94. Tweezers.

  95. Mare is on the beach screaming “SEA COCK” right now.

  96. Can I market cisterns to those dipshits as “earthbottles”?

  97. Most likely.

  98. I’ll bury your food for $29.99 a month!

  99. I have the Kimber Stainless II in the .45. It is great sweetness. I have a Sig Legion in the 9mm and I can drive tacks with it. I keep a S&W 686+ .357 mag in the bedside table though.

  100. We’re gonna have a great Summer, everybody.

  101. Hell yeah…if it ever quits raining.

  102. Sean, if you are still communicating in non-DERP modalities: say Hi, please. Your derps are of surpassing vivid quality, but you are distant.

    It’s been a while. How’s the fam?

  103. Hi lumps! The family is good, except for Dad, who’s still deceased. But I guess that actually is good, because we don’t want him reanimating, now do we? Look for the silver lining. Mom took Covid quite seriously, so she hasn’t been out much in the past year. She’s gonna go back to working out at her physical therapy gym, probably next week. My brother and his girlfriend decided to shack up before this last Christmas, so they’re LIVING IN SIN!!! I know that the Baby Jesuses will forgive them, but Their Dad is the smitin’ type, so maybe theat’s why they both got a case of the Wu-Flu last year. All better now, tho.

    As for me, I’ve been working through this whole thing, save for two months when our place of bidness was shut down. I’ve been healthy and sober and busy with AA stuffs. God willing, I’ll have 10 years at the end of August! I was in an on-again, off-again thing with a woman who’s beautiful but probably not right for me (which doesn’t seem to deter me from going all LEEEEEEROY JEEEEEEENKINSSSSS about it anyway) but she relapsed hard last summer. She has six months sober now (yay!), but she’s decided that things are going to be on the off-again side pretty much permanently. I’m trying to be stoic about it and understand that some things have their season and you have to let them go, but it still kinda sucks. I’m also trying to find a new career, so any serious suggestions on that subject are welcome.

    And then

  104. Daisy enjoyed Ryan’s presence.

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