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  2. Pups, this guy was talking an $8k difference between the loan buyout and what dealers were selling the same model for now.

  3. Yeah well that would be different I guess.

  4. Spilling the beans (not beasn), biker sketti, and still not taking you back are my favorites. May use “foolish mortals” next time that comes up at work.

  5. The “autosaves a file” is obviously geared toward me.

  6. Excellent article posted by Teresa last night.

    Wakey wakey

  7. Spilling the beans guy got me too

  8. Here is the article Teresa linked yesterday:

    Be prepared to be enraged. You won’t be surprised but you may be enraged.

  9. Snerking at Kamala wearing a pearl necklace (pic in yesterday’s post). Glad to see the blowback on her self-centered, tone-deaf tweet about Memorial Day.


    (imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur video)

  12. Annoyed at myself. There’s a framed pic of the WW2 cemetery where my uncle is buried – overall pic of the rows and rows of crosses and an inset with his marker. I was going to scan or photograph it and share with all the other photos I’ve scanned, since that’s appropriate for this weekend, and I can’t find it. This is not a small item. What the hell did I do with it?

  13. A week ago I was the only one in the grocery store without a mask.

    This morning about 20% were maskless.

  14. There is a movie crew shooting in my office neighborhood, and they were 100% masked except for the actors when they started filming. Outdoors in the sunshine. I’m sure it is corporate policy but maskers alone in their cars and outdoors walking around…I don’t know if it’s sympathy or pity but they have it from me. Also a little anger but I’m trying to be a good non-judgemental person and failing about the mask thing.

  15. We went to a small outdoor concert last night. Picnic tables, beer, little kids chasing each other, biker wannabes, scorchingly hot young moms in sundresses. And really shitty cover songs of music I didn’t like originally. It was as like being in America again. Including a mild hangover.

  16. Innocent Bystander pie-in-the-face kid made me lol

  17. Maybe 10% masked at hone depot

  18. Pupster, it very likely is a corporate thing, probably pushed by insurance companies. IIRC Tom Cruise went off on a rant about unmasked workers on set last year, because they were risking that the production would be shut down and people would be out of work.

  19. Went out to downtown Fredericksburg last night. By chance I discovered a swing dancing event that I’ll probably check out next weekend. The bars were basically mask-free. Everyone is over this bullshit.

  20. On my trip to Sam’s (on Thursday I think) I saw only a few people in the store who were masked. Not sure why anyone would voluntarily don a mask unless they believe the hype or have immune suppression from either disease or medication. The post office still has the mask sign up and maybe half the people I’ve seen there are in masks. I can tell the employees are wearing them for show because anytime I go in the little office to pick up a package that won’t fit in our PO box they’re pulling the mask up as they come around the corner. Work, unfortunately, still requires them if you’ve had the shot or not. At some point soon the people who are part of the experiment will be able to breathe freely and the Diaper Of Shame will be mandatory for the control group.


    I saw a mention of this in the Boston Herald. Great idea I think. Real golfers probably are aghast at the idea. If it increases membership at golf clubs which are dying out it would keep the courses from being sold for house lots and maybe some of the “flingers” would return to play real golf. Any activity that gets people moving outdoors is good and if it gets popular enough they can make a video game version!

  22. Lacrosse on a golf course?


    Yesterday in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended a ceremony in honor of 136 young men who had succeeded in memorizing the entire Qur’an. The ceremony was held in what the International Quran News Agency called “the iconic Hagia Sophia Mosque,” which up until last year was a museum, although it was a mosque before it was established as a museum in 1935. “After 86 years of longing, we have experienced the happiness of returning Hagia Sophia to its original identity,” said Erdogan at that time. He was ignoring, however, Hagia Sophia’s near-millennium as a cathedral, and the catastrophic events that led to its becoming a mosque – events that took place on this day in 1453, a day some Greek Orthodox Christians referred to as “the last day of the world.”

    I pray that one day I will get to see the filth washed away and Christ once again honored by the faithful in the Hagia Sophia.

  24. So some dude decided to settle a physics question about whether a wind-driven propeller craft could go faster than the wind driving it…required actually building said craft.

    And thus is my mind blown, and I am reminded how poorly I understand physics.

  25. I saw that episode of Shark Tank.

    Great idea.

  26. CoAlex, this is why I asked Mr. RFH to digitally record our old VHS tapes of Blue’s Clues (the ones with Steve), to keep the ones that are safe for kids to watch. Pretty soon they will be banned for being transphobic or some stupid shit like that.

    I also have the VHS set of the original Star Wars trilogy, the one before George Lucas started “enhancing” everything.

  27. Kelly’s Heroes is on TCM.

  28. 2 x 4s are $10.75 at Home Depot.

    Last year I paid $2.65.

  29. Winner of today’s golf tournament wins 1.35 million and this cool truck

  30. I was wondering how you could build shipping crates with the crazy lumber pricing, Scott. Is particle board the same or is it like plywood and pine? The business next to ours gets more crates then we do, and that stuff just gets piled up by the dumpster and becomes lizard habitat. I suppose an enterprising person with a pickup truck, crowbar to pull nails and staples, and a dream could resell the wood if there was a market for it.

  31. Today was easily 50/50. Family of 7. Illegals. Yes, you can tell. Accents and clothing are the giveaway.

    EBT? If so, who is paying for them to belong to Sams?

  32. I rarely build my own crates. Last crate quote I got was for a dining room table….my cost was $975.

    Its insane.

  33. I’m ordering lumber shipped in a solid gold chest because it’s cheaper that way.

  34. SNAP. With all the freebies, they can afford their own membership. I like Meme days at the HQ.

  35. Oops, H2. Derp

  36. I’m watching mass online, and the priest is a dweeb with a high-pitched voice.


  38. I’ve seen that gullibility meme generalized to “The Horseshoe Theory of Intelligence”. The dumb have to develop or seek out heuristics to survive in life, and those heuristics become traditions because dumb people who stick to them survive and thrive. The genuinely intelligent look at the heuristics and can sort out the genuine reasoning behind enough of them that they trust the rest on principle.

    The midwit knows that dumb people think that way and insists on acting contrary to show how smart he is.

  39. Conversely, the midwits are just smart enough to adopt ritual behaviors and beliefs which they think make them smart. In other words, they’re smart enough to game the system, but not to actually know what they’re doing. See also, the front-row kids who get A’s by regurgitating whatever they know that the teacher wants to hear.

  40. Blue on Blue.

  41. I caught the end of Kelly’s Heroes and then The Green Berets on TCM. I wanted to see if there was anything else on and as I scrolled through the channels saw something called The George Floyd Memorial Concert. No idea if it was live or has already happened but my reaction to seeing that as a possible viewing option was to just turn the TV off.

  42. Twitter is the worst.

    Why is it everywhere?


  44. Presbyterian friend of mine spoke highly of his church’s service and one of the activities they’ll be doing this summer, sent me a Faceplant link. Sure, why not. I listened to it while I was scanning photos until I got to the point where they thanked God in prayer that they were following masking and social distancing rules. **eye twitch**

  45. Scott, i have no life except for this hellsite. Hopefully that changes now that the stupid mask rules are going away. Going to check out swing dancing next weekend.


  47. Shit weather, pellet stove has been burning for two days this is some late May witchy satanic bullshit

  48. Delia endured racking pain.

  49. More likely they shifted because they were TOLD to shift. Least hypothesis, by far.

    So, WHY might they have been so told? Here it gets guessy.
    From Alex’s 10:15 link. TOLD to shift sounds about right. I’ve seen this theory floated with all the recent UFO disclosures as well. It’s not random.

  50. In Flanders Fields
    By John McCrae

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

  51. I’m up. Regular MMM inbound as soon as I can put it together.

  52. Lots of blood shed thru the years.

  53. MMM 447

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