It’s My Meme

yeah, the video doesn’t make sense, pay no attention. Pay attention to how much better the song is when Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles sings it, instead of Jon Bon Jovi.
leon at a young age
For mare, and laura
Here’s the original, for comparison, and finding out I’m right, as usual.


  1. Good morning Cheese Bags and Shroomers

  2. wakey wakey

  3. Good morning!

    Has the fresh hell been delivered yet?

  4. I’m still wandering through the leftovers Mare. Haven’t made it to the Fresh Hell yet

  5. I can’t help but wonder if they were able to … behave this way because they were lesbians. Questioning their parenting would be homophobic.


    Almost unnoticed in this article is the mention of vasectomised males. Let that sink in, some lab tech has a job performing vasectomies on male mice.

  7. I read that as “fish hell” and assumed someone was having one of those less than fresh days.

  8. Those women were crazy regardless of their love for of pussy. Or maybe one of the pair was and the other was too weak to object and went along with it until it was too late. It’s a sad story that I had forgotten about. I wonder how critical of the parents this show will be?

  9. Alright, time to drop Ollie off at daycare and report for duty at the sweatshop


    I was going to put this on Chi-Com Charlies post about the SUCCESSFUL LANDING.

  11. so, finally found a study that supports the claims that those who get the shot after having Covid have worse reactions (feeling like shit) than those who haven’t. Some doctors have said that those who have had covid may only need 1 host, but the CDC says fuck the science. EVERYONE WILL GET TWO SHOTS.

    We’ve really gone insane. Absolutely insane.

  12. “If you’re commenting here, I already consider you a friend, assmunch.”


    That’s awesome news, dickbreath!

  13. I was going to put this on Chi-Com Charlies post about the SUCCESSFUL LANDING.

    He’ll spin it in some form of obscure earnings report, where China is richer than us.

  14. anyone checked on leon today? he seems withdrawn.

  15. so, someone posted this in a woodworking group:

    Moderators/Administrators, can we get rid of some of these members that do nothing but answer questions with sarcasm and rude comments?

    The comment section is LIT!

  16. wow, killed it early today!

  17. Jay, is a killer!!!!

  18. I was just playing some Skyrim in advance of the hellish workday to come.

    Now that my first meeting has started, I can catch up with You People.

    Weird noise this morning. I thought it was a crop duster, but I looked outside and there was a heavy-lift chopper moving some big metal pylon-looking thing over the field to our south.

  19. Ah, so the transmitters to send kill orders to the nanites in the “vaccine” are finally being rolled out…

  20. Skycrane, leon?

  21. I love crop dusting.

  22. Not sure. Didn’t look that big and it was a single rotor. Could have been a repurposed Marine heli or something, looked bigger than a standard news “eye in the sky” type though.

  23. skycrane is a single rotor, but you’d know if you saw it. Aren’t you thinking a Chinook?

  24. I can’t decide if Paget Brewster (the actress in the above video) is attractive or not.

  25. I vote yes!

  26. Again, not sure. I didn’t have long to look, and my attention was more on the payload. My guess is that it’s something for the power lines, and the helicopter appeared to be going in the same general direction.

  27. is that you telling me to refer to your previous email?

    Dick move

  28. Your mom’s attention is always on the payload.

  29. they lifted the mask mandate at work for vaccinated people

    Everybody’s vaccinated!

    Haha, someone suggested I read The Premonition by Micheal Lewis, about the CDC response to covid. First line in the review?

    For those who could read between the lines, the censored news out of China was terrifying. But the president insisted there was nothing to worry about.

    Yeah, I’ll pass.

  30. “The news was terrifying”, yet China did nothing to stop people leaving the country.

    Yeah, it was Trump’s fault.

  31. yeah, and who was bitching about xenophobia when cutting off travel? Yeah, the CDC.

  32. Oh, and who was it who said it’s not a concern, “Come to Chinatown?”

  33. Obviously Trump should have told everyone to panic. Because that always works out well.

  34. The news was terrifying – people were dropping dead on the street.

    Which we know was a lie of some sort.

  35. I don’t think it was necessarily a lie. The Chinese air quality is the worst in the world, the population smoke like chimneys, and health care is a joke. A respiratory illness in that environment could easily cause more problems than it would in the First World.

  36. The “leaked” videos got seeded to 4chan and 8chan early, same with wikileaks.

  37. How can you possibly manage a government that

    a) is full of diversity hires
    b) is actively working against you at all times
    c) is politicized down the the most basic entry level job
    d) can’t be trusted
    e) is unprepared for a wet fart let alone a global event

  38. there is zero chance that people were dropping dead from COvid and then 6 weeks later everything was fine. ZERO CASES IN CHINA TODAY.

    The whole think is hinky.

  39. there is zero chance that people were dropping dead from COvid and then 6 weeks later everything was fine. ZERO CASES IN CHINA TODAY.

    They weren’t fine six weeks later. They’d just managed to finally cover it up. There’s no way that there are zero cases today. They are lying.

  40. they’ve been lying all along. But I also don’t believe the DROPPED DEAD ON THE STREETS stories.

  41. Obviously, and that’s why it’s so infuriating when American pundits say “China did it right, we should follow their lead and impose totalitarian restrictions on everything!”

  42. I still believe COVID got used as a cover for suppressing internal dissent in China. Worked so well there, our “elites” adopted it.

  43. Meeting today starring Megan Rapinoe, the america hating soccer star, getting paid for keynote addresses to corporations.

  44. Disney is rumored to be in talks to cast Brie Larson as Mara Jade. Star Wars is dead.

  45. Team got beat by a bunch of 15 year old boys.

  46. it was dead before

  47. But they should get paid as much as the men.

    Megan, only your team’s parents watch you.

  48. ooooo Jennifer Hudson is singing for us!


  49. this software costs 100k a year to use.

    Yeah right.

  50. one of the CIOs speaking hyphenates her first name.

    Out feminize that!

  51. I think we just have to kill of sports and entertainment completely dead. They just can’t get the point. Individual artists may survive – ones who don’t need the big media elites. QOTSA front man years ago told his band years ago NO politics.

    These tools have backed the wrong horse and ideology and it’s driving them off the cliff. If it takes Deadpool to be one of the final nails in the coffin, so be it.

  52. Deadpool used to be a favorite, because it poked fun at the movies. Virtue signal will lose me too, Car in

  53. astra zeneca speaking!

  54. Are there enough gay and bi people to support such a movie?

  55. of course, since 70% of 95% of the world’s population is gay friendly!

  56. haha, the speaker from 7/11 sounds like Apu from the simpsons.

  57. of course, since 70% of 95% of the world’s population is gay friendly!

    I don’t think 70-95% of the gay population is gay friendly.

  58. shut up, bigot. I know what I know!

  59. Megan is reading from a script. For all that cash she could have rehearsed.

  60. ooo a social justice award! using software for climate change and societal evolution!

  61. a fireside chat via zoom, ahahahaha so much virtue signaling. no wonder silicon valley is so fucked up

  62. using software for climate change and societal evolution!

    This is an obscene abuse. Like using a finely-made carpenter’s hammer for B&E.

  63. at least now Megan sounds more natural, talking about soccer training.

    Wonder if they will ask her about getting beat by teenage boys.

  64. freezing avocado for lunch salads is a game changer, Yum! 5 of them cut up in bags. Bury it to keep air away, or it will brown up. really easy though, and nice when they are cheap, like now.

  65. Equal pay!

    Pay gap!

    beat the teenage boys, and we’ll talk.

  66. Trayvon Martin! Micheal Brown! Intersectionality!

  67. This is an IT conference, mind you.

  68. omg… Seriously? Can we possibly talk about Mulesoft and get this hack off of here?

    Please, get her off the screen!

    could have done without this part

    I’m out. If I wanted to hear this stuff I’ll turn on the TV

    Heh, some comments. There is hope

  69. I’m sorry your company is about to go through restructuring in response to market conditions, Jay.

    By which I mean it’s punching itself in the junk and about to make y’all feel the pain.

  70. hell, we’re just looking at exposing core business applications to new api’s and remote devices.

    Don’t know why we need to subject ourselves to this crap.

  71. Have you guys heard of “Campfire”? It’s some kind of social media app and our hospital organization has gone all in on having Campfire talks. They’re from the administration. Someone must have told them it was a great way to engage with employees. So far I’ve hit delete on all of them initially thinking it was a scam, then a phishing test to see if we’d click on it and then when I figured it was bona fide I realized I didn’t give a crap about the message.

  72. If only the pipelines had…

  73. Where is the donate button?


  74. And — unpopular opinion here — Trump was right. There really was nothing to worry about. If we’d treated WuFlu like every other respiratory monstrosity China has exported in the last few decades, we’d have quickly discovered that we had on-the-shelf interventions and simply treated those presenting with symptoms, done the usual Flu season hand washing and staying home when symptomatic, I’d wager we’d have the same number of dead.

    But The Steal needed COVID as weapon, and nothing was more important than The Steal. Not the economy, not national security, not public trust, nothing.

  75. As soon as I get a little work bonus or otherwise unplanned chunk of change, I’m going to by myself a little tablesaw. I need a portable because I don’t have the workshop of my dreams yet. Need to do a little research on what brand I should get. Looking at tablesaw projects online and getting happy in my frilly pantaloons with the possibilities.

  76. jennifer is a good singer. Not sure what it has to do with software. At least i know why it’s so expensive now.

  77. have you tried craigslist? you can find lots really cheap there.

    Or a piece of plywood with a circular saw attached to the bottom

  78. A bandsaw is better for disposing of bodies.

  79. Once I have a place with a garage, I want a lathe.


    Possibly racist question: if you need to score lower on what amounts to an IQ test to get $$, isn’t that pretty easy to do? Why can’t these guys figure that out and just drop their scores a tad? Are they… too dumb to play dumb?

  81. the answer is C, leon

  82. Dovetails nicely with my warning about true AI: Any AI smart enough to be a threat, is smart enough to hide how smart it is.

  83. Chopsaws are awesome for all sorts of things.

  84. nd — unpopular opinion here — Trump was right. There really was nothing to worry about. If we’d treated WuFlu like every other respiratory monstrosity China has exported in the last few decades, we’d have quickly discovered that we had on-th

    Not an unpopular opinion “here”.

  85. Well no, I mostly meant that within that comment box I was planning to express an unpopular opinion.

    The response to WuFlu was the Public Health equivalent of implementing Cash 4 Clunkers while freebasing meth.

  86. Trump’s handling of the Kung Pow Flu epidemic was good. Yeah, he should have fire Fauci, but realistically it would have been difficult to do and would have given his opponents a huge weapon to use against him. The failures were at the state and local level. It was the state governments who insisted on lockdowns far beyond when they were remotely reasonable. It was the state governments who shut down schools for over a year and failed to have a plan to restart in-person classes. It was the state governments who failed to have a distribution plan for the shares of the vaccines. It was the state governments who put sick patients back in nursing homes.

  87. in the breakout sessions, the emojis for the presenters all have masks one

  88. Alex, if every bad thing that happened was by design, are they really “failures”?

    Wretched isn’t a failed governor, she’s just evil.

  89. $29.95 for a club sandwich and fries! Are you kidding me?? I asked the waitress, she said it’s usually $6.95 but the cost of lumber is so high it’s the four tooth picks that drove it up!!

  90. Need to do a little research on what brand I should get.

    Sawstop. You need ALL those digits.

  91. Pretty sure hand pay dude doesn’t get laid much.

  92. Fucking Sweden…

  93. I love when lefties are like, ‘we should be more like Sweden. They have it sooooo right. Total social democracy, man.’

    1. They’re never been to Sweden
    2. It’s the size of Florida
    3. The culture is slightly more mature than the US


  94. Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a Viking, and it spoke saying “hur-di-vur-di-vur.” It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship economical, minimalist modern furniture. It served great meatballs, even ligonberry jam….

  95. Ligonberry pancakes.

    Flea and the nine toed bitch ordered them in the Big Lebowski.

  96. Western Europe, from Spain to Germany, is about the size of the Southwestern US. We literally fought the western front of WWII in an area the size of Texas.

    Also, the average US state is wealthier than the average European country.

  97. Dingleberry pancakes

  98. with man syrup

  99. That’s a hard no on the microchip.

  100. I think you have to go all the way down to Mississippi to get parity with a “wealthy” European country, don’t you?

  101. Best thing to ever come out of Sweden was their chef. My daughter loves this:

  102. Give in to the unions. Quit actually making anything.

    We’re adopting the UK/European model.

  103. and now for my next 3 hours of meetings

  104. It’s not just the unions, or not even mostly them. Private sector unions are dying. It’s the dominance of the rentier class and high finance and big tech that killed manufacturing. Why produce in the US when you can have products made by slave labor in China, shipped over here, and sold at a huge markup? Why work to build a company that will last when you can develop a new idea and then turn around and sell it to globocorp for a hundred-million dollar payout?

  105. Killed it.

  106. I read somewhere not long ago that once you get outside the London metro area, the average Brit has a standard of living worse than the average Mississippian.

  107. The level of dental care seems comparable.

  108. wow, harsh from Sobek

    for Mississippi that is

  109. MJ, I also get a lot of emails from some chick named HotRussianLady, and another named Julia.

    I’ll forward those to you as well.

  110. Read an article by Larry Correia about why there are so many successful Mormon writers. As a side note I have a new favorite description for Mitt Romney, “hair gel in a ziploc bag”.

  111. Brit per capita GDP is $3000 less than Alabama’s per capita GDP. Our aggregate is about one tenth theirs, but then again so is our total population…

    Oh, and we’re about 1.5k square miles larger.

    That’s Europe vs. the US.

  112. I just now figured out “my mother is a fish.” I was quite confused before.

  113. So why are there so many successful Mormon writers? I can only think of two.

  114. The chick who did the sparkle vampires was Mormon.

  115. And wasn’t … humn … there’s another series, older , and the author was Mormon I think. Can’t remember the title at the moment.

  116. MJ, I also get a lot of emails from some chick named HotRussianLady, and another named Julia.
    I’ll forward those to you as well.
    Thanks buddy.

    I was wondering what happened to HotRussianLady. Her vag smells like borsch but she’s ok with using back channels to the Kremlin if you know what I mean.

  117. Stephanie Meyer, Orson Scott Card, Larry Corriea.

    That’s all I got. I can think of a lot more Catholic authors, but that’s selection bias on my part.

  118. Orson scott card. right duh.

  119. Orson Scott Card?

    All of these are imgur videos with sound. I find them when I’m looking for memes. but I can’t stop laughing

    (Imgur video with sound)

  120. Slug Bug! I won Slug Bug, yesterday.

  121. Read an article by Larry Correia about why there are so many successful Mormon writers.

    I will not make the obvious joke…

  122. 31 years ago today, I was drinking Margs instead of getting ready for the wedding. Showed up at the reception location. I was directing traffic from the balcony. Totes Evita. First time I ever made Dan angry. Head to church for rehearsal…Dan unleashed his anger on Aunt #2. It was epic.

  123. *twitches

  124. Congrats Oso!

  125. Traffic needed directing.

    Good job.

  126. Thanks. Dan and I never relive our wedding memories. Always about the day before blah blah blah.

  127. Our reception was at an old adobe on a garden nursery property. Another wedding didn’t pay for their arrangements. Owners asked if we minded having the arrangements at our Reception. Everyone was convinced we paid thousands of dollars for our flowers. All free. My Grammo made tortillas for 3 days.

  128. Corrales. Translate. Most expensive properties in Albuquerque. Californians complain about the “Smells”. Bike paths? Yes. And Horse paths.

  129. 31 years, wow!
    I didn’t make it to 1.
    Congrats Oso and Dan

  130. Oso❤️ Vmaximus. Amy Dog rescue

  131. Cilantro tastes like soap. I’m that 30%. I ask for no cilantro. Staff puts a dollop of guac in my queso fundido. Guac with cilantro. Dan wouldn’t allow me to Karen. Told ,me to “Eat around “ the cilantro.

  132. Thanks Oso
    I have applied to start fostering again

  133. Jeebus, Hotspur, those sawstops are spendy. The cheapest one is almost twice what I want to spend on a saw.

  134. Congratulations, Oso!

  135. Disruptions enraged Ricky particularly.

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