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So, how did the job interview go, MJ?

Scott: I’ve decided to rebrand my business

LW: That’s great sweetie

So…how’s the project coming along, Roamie?



    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. Good morning dickcissels

  3. Morning. Who’s up for a run in the woods while the sun comes up?
    wakey wakey

  4. Another Saturday starting off right.


  5. First four miles of the day done. My friends and I are camping and running the trails all day to train.

  6. Good morning, bushtits.

    You should get those waxed. Just sayin’

  7. Carin, has anybody told you lately how awesome you are? Seriously, I can’t believe you do this stuff that you do.

  8. Paula went off to do a short road race with some fellow gym members including our Vet, Rachel. I think it might be a benefit, aren’t a lot of them? As she went out the door I gave the Traditional Hostage Benediction of “Good luck, I hope you don’t shit yourself!”

  9. Don’t poop!

  10. I can’t wait to start racing again.

  11. Oh, NOW my lib family says, “don’t be a maskhole”.

  12. LOL at the alien life one. Rule 34.

  13. Made Mr. RFH laugh out loud with the tequila shots one.

  14. What’s a maskhole? Someone who wears one or someone who doesn’t?

  15. I get a kick (and by kick I mean I want to punch their poon) out of:

    People who think the masks most people wear do something.

    Joe Biden suddenly changing from wearing masks while vaccinated to not wearing masks if fully vaccinated and nothing at all happened in between. No statistical marker hit, no rise in vaccinated citizens, nothing, just a purely political move. Trying to get people to vaccinate by “giving them more privileges.” hahahahahahahah

    People thinking that the CDC isn’t a political agency.

    People who take anything the CDC says and acts as though it’s scientific or makes any kind of sense.

    People who want to still wear a mask because they don’t want to look like a conservative.

    And lastly, the above people ignoring that not wearing a mask is normal. People who wear masks are the “not normal” idiots.

  16. Screw the canoe, I’m more bothered by the shithead with the Mercedes who can’t park between the lines…

  17. to not wearing masks if fully vaccinated and nothing at all happened in between
    I noticed that too. Like, BOOM! No Masks Needed People!

    It’s like they read a poll that said they were losing support for mask theater or more likely some sooper genius told Dementia Joe they could increase the shot count by punishing those who won’t take it.

  18. Someone from Massachusetts with a weird verbal tic.

  19. Maskhole = someone incapable of minding their own business.

  20. I had a good day at work yesterday, didn’t wear a mask at all except when I was in the hallway where the managers’ offices are. I had seen one of the maskhole managers wandering the halls earlier and didn’t need a ration of shit from him. He would be the Stasi type to report me and make sure all my tasks were cancelled for breaking the rules. Here’s hoping he stays the hell home next week, I got work to do.

  21. Continuing to check back on the data. It’s hit the brakes and slowing down in a big way, looks like we are almost at maximum saturation. Those who are willing to take the vaccine have almost all already gotten it.

    Nice try, telling us we need to be vaccinated in order to experience freedom again, when more than half the adult population has rejected the program.

    What will the next attempt be? Will they say they have failed to get their message out effectively, or will they understand that almost all the people not getting the vaccine actually are deliberate refuseniks?

  22. That last chart is very telling, Open the ‘show more’ link to see the red states’ abysmal compliance rates, lol.

  23. I heard on the radio that starting Wednesday, vaccinated persons can take their masks off indoors as well as outdoors. So now the refuseniks will stand out as mask wearers. It’s always a social pressure push with these dickheads. It’s their main weapon.

  24. Here’s what I think will happen at work, no mask if vaccinated and mask if not. There will be some sticker or flag for your ID badge to identify you as either a vaxxer or a denier. This will be the incentive to get the shot. What I don’t know is how long they’ll keep this charade going. Certainly months, probably not years. After the umpteenth variant scare, out of control inflation, gas shortages and the like, people will lose their appetite for this bullshit at some point.


  26. Seriously, I can’t believe you do this stuff that you do.

    None of us can.

  27. Fawk if I know. Maybe they get away from the whole pandemic thing and pivot to stamping out racism and college debt caused by low minimum wages and global warming or something.

  28. What I don’t think will happen is continued enforcement at private businesses for customers. Employees will be forced to or lose their job I guess. But who will screen the customers at the door and how will they know when the mask comes off one aisle over?

  29. In NYC you can get a free burger if you get vaccinated. In Ohio if you get five people to get vaccinated you get entered into a drawing – five chances to win $1m.

    I almost feel embarrassed for these fuckstick bureaucrats who have to dream these gimmicks up. At least in NYC it’s a sure thing.

  30. The lottery in Ohio is using leftover Covid funds. So, giving away taxpayer money. Never thought about returning it, nope

  31. I don’t wear a mask basically anywhere. The last place I wore one was the liquor store, because they are government run so it’s like going to the DMV.

  32. Connecticut is total mask wearing. A lot of people are wearing masks outdoors. It’s completely bonkers. I was saying to somebody how idiotic it is to wear masks outdoors and this other person piped up and said that there were known breakouts from Trump rallies last year. This is actually untrue, but you can’t discuss truth with sheep.

  33. Red part of blue Washington here LW, and hardly any masks anywhere outside of businesses. Lots of them stopped requiring them weeks ago.

  34. I’ll tell you right effing now, if I walk into a store without a mask and someone asks if I’ve been vaccinated I’ll say yes.

    I own these fuckwads nothing.

  35. In other words how will they know I’m a refusnik?

  36. Walmart gave up on masks for customers. Workers still stuck, but it always sucked to work for Walmart anyway.

    The “red state” crew stopped giving shits last year, it’s just a question of how long until “blue state” dumbfucks clue in.

  37. “Yes”

    You didn’t say for what. Tetanus-free since 2019, baby.

  38. I looked at Lauraw’s charts which were quite interesting. My problem? Where I want to go in August and September is the second highest per population of vaccinated. In a sane word that would mean if they are vaccinated therefore safe they shouldn’t have to worry about non vaccinated visitors. But we do not live in a sane world.

  39. Mare At the detainment center:

    “Oh, I thought you meant for polio, you know something that’s actually serious.”

  40. Dang, Leon got there first.

  41. Dang, Leon got there first.

    That’s what your mom said.

  42. And she was left frustrated and alone.


    Imgur video with sound

  44. Then I arrived.




    Imgur video with sound


    (Imgur video with sound)

  48. on her new job.

    (Imgur video)

  49. I read that AL jabbers get one lap at Talladega.

  50. 12 miles of trail running done. Don’t know if I can do another- I’m having camper issues. And I’m tired as fuuuck

  51. You deserve a beer

  52. ames is still mask central, too.

  53. CO is over masks. I bet the party pavilion opens this homestand. Before anthem last night, guy behind us was wearing a Louisville Bats mask. Tells us he’s vaccinated, but is worried about other people’s comfort levels. By 4th inning, he’s as maskless as everyone else not employed by Coors Field

  54. Another fun one. The media makes it seem like most states are still gung ho on restrictions but that is not the case.


    AI Generated Inspirational Posters. Some of them are hilarious. Some of them are very based.


    Thread of some of the more red-pilled ones.

  57. We visited Dan’s family plot. Hunt Great Grandparents on one side. Gorton great grandparents on the other. Hunt side, Brasier and Laura V Wife. Her maiden name isn’t there. She is just “Wife”. Dan “It will be Daniel Hunt Gorton and Woman”.

  58. Here lies Stumpy.

  59. Dan calls me “Stumpy”. He thought woman was funny. At one time I knew LauraV beyond “Wife”

  60. I found out today that the church that I attended every Sunday and went to Boy Scout troop meetings every Monday is for sale. Evidently it’s been abandoned for several years and whoever owns it on paper is trying to get out from under it. It kinda hurts in a way I didn’t expect.

  61. There are a couple of churches for sale in this burg too.
    It does seem wrong in some way I can’t put words to.

  62. There’s a yoooj party going on next door.
    Not a single mask in sight
    It makes me all warm and fuzzy in the underoo area.

  63. I spent the day hiking with most of my family. Afterwards we stopped in a little diner for some food. This little girl, a bit younger than my daughter and also a little taller, runs tight up to my daughter and says, “do you want to be friends?” Her dad and I make eye contact and we both laugh, and then we have a good time over the next ten minutes watching these perfect strangers playing like they were twins.

    How cool would it be if adults could interact like that? Just walk up to some random stranger, “hi, wanna be friends?” and bam, there you go.

    I actually did walk up to the guy’s table, sat down, and said “hi, wanna be friends?” So now we are. I got the guy’s number so we can set up a play date for the two girls. Funniest, most natural thing in the whole world. Makes me wonder how adults make everything so much more complicated.

    We were about an hour away from my house at the time, but it turns out we live maybe 20 minutes apart from each other.

  64. Damon elbowed Robbie pointedly.

  65. Sobek’s story:

  66. Yes, it really was that cute.

  67. Masks are gone here in GA.

    Signs everywhere saying as long as you’re vaccinated no mask.

    I’ve been telling people I got all three, if they ask.

  68. Made it 16 miles yesterday. Got a cappuccino and set off to see what I could do and felt great. Which , I can only explain by suggested that my body perhaps had given up and just decided that running all day is what I now do?

    We had a great turn out, and we were up to 1 drinking around the campfire.

  69. I did four runs – 4 miles, 3, miles, 5.5 miles and 4.

  70. Great job.

    Was that in a row or in shifts? Either way, WOW.

  71. LOL

  72. We did get yelled at by the park ranger. Twice.

  73. We just basically hung out at the campsite and just ran whenever. I tried to take a 3 hour rest between each one. When didn’t go them relay like the Ragnar – just whenever you were ready, you went.

  74. When – we / go -do

  75. I think about 14 people showed up although many just did a run or two. Then more people showed up just for the drinking portion. lol.

  76. My old church from childhood had a change in name and I suppose worshipers. It used to be St Edward’s who had a title the made him sound like a badass, “The Confessor”. It was renamed St. Edith Stein. I’ll admit that threw me for a loop when I heard the news but by then I had moved away from my hometown.

    The church is now part of something called the Tri-Parish with, you guessed it, three formerly separate parishes combining their efforts to survive which makes sense I suppose. The make up of the school I used to attend is now 70% black per their own website. Whites make up 14% of the school population. When I attended there were zero black kids in my elementary school, roughly 30% in my public junior high school and a mere handful in my parochial high school. Huge Haitian and Cape Verdean populations in my old city now.

  77. 16.5. I forgot my five mile run was a 5.5. So J’ames I almost did do 17.

  78. What was the park ranger’s problem?

  79. Just read through my cousin’s thread about masking and unmasking and her/her friends are all freaking out. She’s nervous about her little child (maybe 4) being around unmasked people.

    I don’t know if these people are salvageable.

  80. When – we / go -do

    Uhm, maybe you should go lie down for a bit.

  81. Apparently quiet hours are a thing. lol. It wasn’t just us.

    Honestly, this is more of a “party” campground – it’s not really up north, and most of the people are just hanging around their campground all day drinking. No one was getting up early today to hike some amazing trail. we were up and gone before most of the people anyway.

    Our neighbor started drinking – from a fifth – around 10:30 am. lol. We were just laughing loud.

  82. I need to look into camping.

  83. *high fives Carin for kicking ass*

    At least one Hostage not embarrassing the rest of us.

  84. Inspirobot says “Cult leaders are about to become the new gods.”

    How certain are we that these are random, Alex?

  85. I had such a good time on my Ragnar run. Glad to hear you’re gearing up for it, Carin.

  86. “Being single can be a form of gullibility.”

  87. Shout out to Sean!

  88. Hahahahahsh, good one, Jimbro.

  89. Because I’m not gardening* this year, I have all this extra time to run experiments with materials that I usually don’t bother with.


    listen, listen

    sit right there and let me tell you

    let me

    I’m in love with vermiculite. There, I said it. It’s so great for so much. I’m sorry if this seems abrupt.

    *I don’t want to hear your shit right now, come back later

  90. I have a very nice cultivar of rosemary that I am making many babies from cuttings. I am starting seedlings in straight fine vermiculite and they look quite happy. I am rubbing vermiculite in my hair and now it sparkles

  91. Catturd ™ liked
    Lauren Boebert
    Wearing a mask after being vaccinated and restrictions are lifted is like wearing a diaper after you’re potty trained.

  92. I have a bag of vermiculite I need to spread in the shitpen to hopefully loosen up the soil where the dogs constantly walk on it. There’s about a 10 foot arc from the stairs outward that’s mostly hardpacked dirt.

  93. Good luck. Wood chips will probably work better over time. My wood chip paths in the garden are the best springy dirt in the whole place.

  94. What’s vermiculite, and what does it do for your garden?

  95. I just figured out how to like a post.

    The experience was horrible. I’m never going to do it ever again.

  96. When did you run a ragnar, Sobek? Did I miss this?

    Did you have an ultra team? did a road a few years back/ultra. I think I was better prepared, but covid/winter etc … it is what it is.

  97. Vermiculite is worm castings. Vermi = worm, culite = “rocky stuff”.

  98. Vermiculite is a hydrous phyllosilicate mineral which undergoes significant expansion when heated. Exfoliation occurs when the mineral is heated sufficiently, and commercial furnaces can routinely produce this effect. Vermiculite forms by the weathering or hydrothermal alteration of biotite or phlogopite.


    “Worm Shit”

  99. Inspirobot saying for me was a simple single word: Die

    I think it may have been trained by an asshole.

  100. Comment by Sobek on May 16, 2021 11:29 am
    I just figured out how to like a post.
    The experience was horrible. I’m never going to do it ever again.


    Hahahahaha, Sobek liking it doesn’t mean you have to make love to it and buy it dinner.

  101. Wearing a mask after being vaccinated and restrictions are lifted is like wearing a diaper after you’re potty trained.

    Don’t kink shame.

  102. Vermiculite is a kind of rock like mica. It expands when heated, into lots of puffed up porous little accordions, or the latin vermicules, meaning worm holes. Vermiculite rock is light as can be and holds a lot of water. It improves both the drainage and water holding capacity of soils. You can use it by itself to create a clean non-soil environment for rooting softwood cuttings. It’s a great additive to potting soils. It’s a great additive to certain concrete mixes, too. It is also used as a packing material for very fragile items or bottles of hazardous liquids that need padding plus high absorption capacity in case of accidental breakage. It comes in very fine sandy textures all the way up to big chunks.

  103. What’s vermiculite, and what does it do for your garden?

    You know that song about a land down under? The guy selling bread in Brussels, 6’4″ and full of muscles? When asked if he speaks the language he just smiled and offered a vermiculite sandwich. I think it’s like ham salad.

  104. I used to buy 40# cases of boneless skinless chicken thighs at the restaurant supply place for around $1/lb or less. I just checked and now they are $2.25/ lb. Halal version is $1.69/lb, but I’m not crazy about buying from those outfits. I don’t think their food safety standards are up to snuff.

  105. chicken going up here too. wonder how much my brother makes off his

  106. listening to Jesse Kelly talking about china’s very rich history and then being fucked over by the world in the 1800s after a long period of isolation really does explain their paranoia. Hong Kong was stolen from them by the British after the east India company basically started a war after a trade dispute. they are really just getting back on their feet after all.

  107. which is worse to describe, vermiculite or vegemite?

  108. I first had the Vegemite clone “Marmite” in New Zealand on a kayaking trip. Some British couple were really keen on it and brought a few small bottles that they shared. I just remember it as being thick, brown and salty

  109. thick, brown and salty

    I’m just gonna leave that right there …

  110. listening to Jesse Kelly talking about china’s very rich history and then being fucked over by the world in the 1800s after a long period of isolation really does explain their paranoia. Hong Kong was stolen from them by the British after the east India company basically started a war after a trade dispute. they are really just getting back on their feet after all.

    The Opium Wars were basically triggered by the same sort of people running the world today.

  111. amazing how history just repeats over and over.

  112. I did a Ragnar probably 2012 or so, in Napa Valley.

  113. I did a Ragnar in your mom.

    It was three days, a team of twelve. We had a van and everything.

  114. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on May 16, 2021 4:36 pm

    I did a Ragnar in your mom.

    It was three days, a team of twelve. We had a van and everything.

    And there were souvenirs, too.

  115. T-shirts

  116. The guys got shirts.

    And chlamydia.

  117. I found a tick on my hip today. It had just started to embed so it was not engorged and easy to pluck off. I hate those bloodsucking bastards

  118. Locals on Reddit were bitching about the number of ticks this year.

  119. They’re crazy here. We’ve always had the occasional tick here and there, unavoidable with dogs. They’re well protected with medication and the Lyme vaccine for dogs but we’re not. The good news is half the ticks we find are dead after getting a dose of the dog meds and the other ones are mostly on the wall behind the sofa Ollie sits on top of to survey the landscape.

  120. We bought permethrin spray for our hiking pants and shoes.

    My biggest fear is becoming allergic to meat.

  121. No ticks sighted here yet, but the year is young and the hay is tall.

  122. Scott, me too. STFU with your low hanging fruit.

  123. I’m walking around Arlington VA and almost everyone has masks, even outside. It’s so weird.


    “Coordinators of the world’s largest gay pride celebration also said they would take steps to reduce NYPD presence at events, by hiring private security and first responders.”

    Will they be required to wear leather chaps (which, according to Leon, and thank you for pointing it out to me, are “assless” by definition)?

  125. Thinking about renting a car, driving to CT, leaving a flaming bag of dog doo on Lumps’ porch, then driving back and never mentioning it ever again.

  126. She’d just wonder which of the neighbors Scott pissed off again.

  127. Gives Sobek Wiserbuds address

  128. It’s official…we are the Reds jinx.

  129. The Curse of Stumpy

  130. I packed china for 6 hours today. That’s two hours short of a Ragnar.

  131. Oso and Dan when they were younger.

  132. Very important mask update:

    We went to a few restaurants (in the touristy area) today. All were packed, (that’s why we went to a few). No one was wearing a mask including the wait staff. No one. It was fantastic.

  133. The masks are seriously weirding me out. I see people joking online about the guys who wear a mask while driving alone, but I’ve never seen more than one or two people doing that per day, and usually not even that much. Everyone here is doing it. I’m surrounded by idiots.

  134. It’s the DC area, they’re all idiots. Pretentious idiots.

  135. Finally saw a few other people not wearing masks in the grocery store.

  136. Virginia, for obvious reasons is full of dummies.

  137. Virginia is for Losers.

  138. I wish I would have said what Alex said.

  139. May 24 is supposedly No Mask Day here. Why wait? Is there going to be all that much difference if we wait another 8 days?


    Imgur video with sound

  141. 19th here. My hope is that the stores that still require masks will be boycotted. It’s CT, so they will probably be rewarded.

  142. Sunday Funnies

  143. If Deadpool is bisexual I’m
    Done with it

  144. Wait… what?

  145. Where did you see that, Car in?

  146. Deadpool killed it. Is Deadpool a speed metal band? I really don’t know Jack Shit about much of anything.

  147. Has anyone heard of restaurants requiring vaccination cards before they will allow you in? DIL said they were in St. Louis, and I think that’s either one restaurant which will soon be out of business or bullshit.

    All the ones here just want to see your money.

  148. I would not be surprised if CT businesses require such, on or after May 19th when they “open” for unmasked vaccinated people only. You people who still live in America would not believe the shit we see here. In the streets of Capital City, even the whores, addicts, and drug dealers are wearing masks on the street. They comply with irrational and unconstitutional and largely imaginary social regulations, but not laws, lol.

  149. That’s a funny song, Lauraw, will have to share that one tomorrow (later today since it’s after midnight).

    Mini-me is home, so I’m a happy mama. Kentucky seemed to be unaffected by the pipeline crisis, no problem getting gas halfway home.

  150. Dirk estimated Revlon’s profitability.

  151. Story about Ryan Reynolds is arguing that they should present him as bisexual.

    Which, if they do – honestly if it were just some back joke in the movie I could deal, but I will NOT be going to see a movie where that is a central theme. Not even out of protest, I just have honestly NO desire to see such a thing. I still never saw Brokeback Mountain. it’s not homophobia, I just have zero interest.

  152. Yeah, I’ve seen more memes about Brokeback Mountain than actual footage from the movie

  153. How did that song not win Song of the Year but WAP did?

    No justice no peace.

  154. Carin how are you feeling today?

  155. Let me present an alternate way of dealing with it:


    I am fully vaccinated. Lots and lots of vaccines.

  156. I was just a little stiff yesterday – you know, when you first get up from a chair . But i’m fine. lol.

    I am also fully vaccinated. I’ve had so many.

  157. Our group ran collectively 94 miles.

  158. I’ve never had smallpox.

  159. I’ve never had leprosy

  160. MMM 445

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