MMM 444

I’m solo dad for the week and taking PTO for most of it, so this is gonna be a long week.

Must be an upstairs loft in some artsy district based on the windows.

Those shoes are not for exercise.

Italian booty, just like the Vikings used to take.

Woman pictured in the act of cleaning.

Tasteful monochrome.

Not monochrome, but oddly chroma-keyed.

Have a good Monday.


  1. wakey wakey

    Not to nitpick, but she’s not cleaning in that picture. And I’m pretty sure you know that.

  2. My new women’s barbell arrives tomorrow and i’m pretty excited. I got a few bumper plates – I have some metal already – almost 300 lbs. I prefer bumpers. I think with what I got I can do everything I “want” – but when ethan ships out I may start selling the metal and switching all the big weights over to bumpers.

  3. Did no one survive Mother’s day?

  4. Attempting intimacy with that bottom, rope jumping girl would be about as much fun as running your teeth along a curb. Zero femininity.

  5. hmm, what part is the cleaning? full stand?

  6. I survived mother’s day, but gained a few pounds. I’m too good of a cook.

    sigh. It’s a cross I must bear.

  7. had a funny exchange this weekend. was at church, and someone mentioned I was cooking for the crowd today (not a bad thing, SYWM). Family friend said she hadn’t had a male in the family cook for a gathering for as long as she could remember. My brothers and I have always cooked, and helped in the kitchen, so it isn’t foreign to use. In laws (Mrs Jay’s husband) cooks on the grill, but doesn’t really prepare things inside, but helps.

    Lady has multiple boys, and they are all outdoor type people, but they have been helping at community fundraisers and other such things, pancake suppers, ableskiver cooks (yes, this is a danish community, and we all have an ableskiver pan). Just funny to hear her talk about it like that.

  8. Blocking roads in Plano TX

    Austin = San Fransicko, isn’t it? I didn’t think Dallas/Ft Worth was this far left.

  9. Why do I listen to Hewitt on my 5-8 minute drive in the morning?

    Every day he enrages me more. Today, if you are healthy, not vaccinated you’re the worst because you won’t have symptoms but will give it to others. It’s immoral to chose not to get vaccinated.

    Questions, Hugh.

    1. In your portfolio are you invested in any medical tech companies that profit from the vaccine?

    2. Are you being paid to promote the vaccine. It is a fact that facebook, instagram and youtube influencers are being paid to promote the vaccine. Why?

    3. Why worry about a virus that is 99.4% survivable and there are cheap medicines to treat it?

  10. Calm down, Mare.

  11. (Mrs Jay’s husband)

    Wait, who?

  12. Wondered about that also, Leon.

  13. haha, I’m an idiot.

    But you knew that.

  14. I’ll bet jump rope girl cleans up pretty nice, and could carry many, many frosty glass mugs on multiple trays while wearing a traditional Bavarian barmaid dress.

  15. I thought it was a cute trick to drop the Ct, in the PCR test, down into the 20s post vax. They *really* don’t want any positives from vaccinated people.
    Why, it’s almost like this is some kind if op…

  16. I figure that, if you’re pro-vax, get the jab, then it does not matter whether I did, or not.
    Anita are part of the ‘Control Group’ in this world wide vaccine trial…

  17. Looks like the CDC has become the “Centers for Damage Control”.

    This is a real shit show:

  18. A ‘clean’ is ground to shoulder movement. She’s doing a snatch. You can tell my the grip. A clean and then jerk wouldn’t go that low (in the squat) and her hands wouldn’t be so wide.

  19. Covid, the idea, has created a virus in people’s minds, mare. Hugh’s got a raging case.

  20. thanks

    *continues weight lifting practice for the olympics, in the women’s division. I should “clean” up the awards there.

  21. OR – She could be just going an overhead squat. Those aren’t really an olympic movement, but it is a lifting drill to work on your snatch.

  22. Pretty sure hyperinflation and a generation of men with no status or economic prospects is how you get Literally Hitler.

    Like literally literally.

  23. work on your snatch

    I shan’t. Nay. The fruit lies fermenting upon the soil for lack of altitude.

    But I shan’t.

  24. Improve your snatch, with Crossfit.

  25. Clean Snatch Matters!!!

  26. The chances of my snatch getting much better are minimal.

  27. No where to go but down.

  28. Menopause is REAL!!!

  29. Going down on the snatch is widely but not universally appreciated.

  30. Why should I listen to a Flaming Eyeball?

    He’s probably right.

    Too bad the disaffected will still blame racism, Republicans, global warming, the religious right, capitalism, conservatives, intolerance of transvestites, racism, etc. anything other than the root causes.

  31. It’s better than listening to a flaming asshole.

  32. Punitive terms in the Treaty of Versailles



    Then, as now, they’ll pick Jooooos.

  33. There are apparently full industrial lots of 95% finished F-150s waiting for microchips.

  34. Heaven forbid we develop microchip manufacturing capabilities here in the US.

  35. Even if they did it would take quite a while for it to start picking up the slack. Things will be fucked for the foreseeable future.

  36. Yup. Dad and I were having this very discussion yesterday: you’re looking at years to get everything up and running.

  37. And that’s if everybody got their shit together and got started now. Factor in bureaucratic fiefdoms, enviro shenanigans, a hilariously degraded labor pool, a hellish regulatory environment, and outfits that buy you out to shut you down to keep their market shares, and I’ll be amazed if we get back to where we were fifteen years ago within my lifetime.

  38. We sent chip-making overseas because the greenies insisted it was too dirty to do here, and US workers were too expensive anyhow.

  39. In fact it will take at least two generations just to unfuck things to the point they were when I graduated college nearly thirty years ago.

    If we’re lucky.

    Nevermind any actual improvements beyond that.

  40. How much does China pay to ensure that our envirotards keep us from burning our own coal or making our own chips and steel?

    Pennies on the dollar. Fractions of a penny, even.

  41. Hell, they just keep the hype machine going and the rest pays for itself. Graft is a wondrous thing to exploit.

  42. One of Possum’s favorite shows on yootoob is Johnathon Bird’s Blue World. He’s like a lower-budget Cousteau, He’s done a lot of diving in Mexican cenotes and talked through the amazing geology of them.

  43. This is hilarious for it’s shamelessness. Gotta get them clicks.

  44. Splitting logs in a Slave Leia outfit seems ill-advised. I’ll have to watch a few times to make sure she doesn’t take any shrapnel.

  45. The whole account is basically the wife doing various activities in yoga pants or a bikini, with the occasional outdoor shower video.

  46. PG-13 OnlyFans that mildly subsidizes the homestead lifestyle, then.

  47. Pretty much. The wife is thick like a bowl of warm oatmeal, so I’m not going to complain too much.

  48. I’d be more concerned about being barefoot in the animal pens. She could get tetanus, right Scott?

    What was the point of that Lost in the Jungle video, Alex? I watched for two minutes and she was only talking about coffee, FULLY CLOTHED.

  49. The latter half is her walking around in a bathing suit in the jungle.

  50. Then, as now, they’ll pick Jooooos.

    Well, that’s depressing and spot on Leon. Too bad they found a better scape-goat in 40% of the rest of the population.

  51. I’d be more concerned about being barefoot in the animal pens. She could get tetanus, right Scott?

    Animals would have the same issue, we tend to patrol animal pens pretty seriously for metal bits. I’d be more worried about stepping in chickenshit.

  52. Too bad they found a better scape-goat in 40% of the rest of the population.

    That’s the only part that gives me a sliver of hope. Jews in Weimar Germany were never more than something like 2-5% of the population, and they gave up their weapons when the law said to.


  54. I just finished taking my oldest kid on campus tours last weekend. He’s really excited about getting a computer engineering degree. Alex, that thing you linked from FlamingEyeball is kind of depressing now.

  55. Sobek, I’m sure he’ll be fine. It’s the soibois with their degrees in useless crap that will be hurt.

  56. I would be more worried about the hordes of soon-to-be-diaffected soibois except, well, they’re soibois.

  57. Scroll down. Polish pastor in Canada being persecuted for you know, doing church. They finally swarmed in and arrested him. Previous encounters he was calling them nazis, they should be ashamed (but they’re not). He’s seen it all before. Donate here..

  58. Beasn, that will teach him an important lesson on what happens when you call the police nazis.

  59. Call me a Nazi, will you? Maybe you’ll change your tune when I get a bunch of heavily armed cops to drag you out of your car!

  60. They act like Nazis?

  61. Hatch not battened down

    (IMGUR video with sound)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  63. Pups, holy guacamole on that airplane thing.


    (Imgur video)

  65. I like how they waited until Pastor was away from his church to swarm in and arrest him.

  66. hahah that pittie is a hoot. He just wants a drink!


    (Imgur video)

  68. Hmm, those people in the plane probably weren’t married. If they were, it would have been: You didn’t fasten the door! Me? You were supposed to shut the door!! etc.

  69. Definitely won’t be showing Paula that one.

    Ben loves his airport job. He works 3 days with long hours, 8 to 6, sometimes a little earlier. He walked in about a half hour ago and said “This day was the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life”. While I outwardly expressed my sympathy I was secretly happy. It’s good to learn what hard work is when you’re young. It provides focus when you’re finishing your education. Washing dishes and busing tables until 2 AM on a school night gave me a lot of focus.

  70. What does he do there?

  71. Colonial pipeline ransomware? Our company got hit with ransomware, too, had to rebuild the whole system

  72. I’m not exactly sure. He’s behind a desk, greeting people getting off planes, helping out everywhere … gopher I guess

  73. My little company has done some ransomware rescues. They are hard to crack, but not impossible, and there’s always a chance the hackers used already-cracked ice.

    Ransomware should be a non-event if you have redundant systems and backups, but that’s not free infrastructure.

  74. awww. Dog vid posted on AOS a couple days ago.

  75. Who got a zero turn mower? I missed it.

  76. ^That article is all over the place and gave me a headache. Also it is hard to take it seriously when the inline ads every 3rd paragraph is “The Best Way to Wipe Your Butt”.

  77. shopping for bidets?

  78. Baseball vacay starts tomorrow AND snow.

  79. I hope you have a nice time Oso.



  82. blerg

  83. only another percentage point, and michigan is going back to work.

    Aren’t you glad?

  84. Did anyone remember to tell Mare to simmer down today?

  85. It’s my understanding that the reason the Colonial Pipeline was built in the first place was to ensure fuel oil to the ships based at Norfolk Naval Station during WW2. Of course it’s purpose has grown since then, but still, if it’s a source of fuel for the largest naval base in the world, then it’s not a private company matter. Stupid Cunts Lying as usual.

  86. Did anyone remember to tell Mare to simmer down today?

    I think we told her to calm her tits, because she was acting like her mother.

  87. Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes:

  88. How are you feeling, Carin? Over the Wu Flu?

  89. My first boss, whom I worked for from 83 to 91, and damned near consider a second dad, took the vaccine and has been paralyzed since. They did some MRI’s and found some shit way out of whack in his cervical spine, but still, vaccine kicked it.

    Not fucking getting it. Period.

  90. You know what is considered a “High Risk” number of cases in our county?

    8 cases per 100,000 people.

    A “Moderate Risk” is 2.8 cases per 100,000 residents.

  91. Did Edgar reach Polynesia?

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