Shoot to Meme


  1. Shoot to meme…ha!

    Leon, do you think it’s possible to shed spike proteins, with regard to the vaccine?

  2. Melinda hasn’t aged well. She looks like a tranny without the hair and makeup.

  3. Bill Gates has aged worse. He’s only 65 and I thought he was in his seventies.

  4. The NBA commissioner looks like a villain from a movie or my nightmares.

  5. Clam down mare.

  6. Artisanal Portable Glory Hole construction is a great idea for a side hustle as the kids call those money making opportunities these days

  7. Bill Gates new girlfriend will be in her 30’s. And she’ll be some sort of pretend genius or entrepreneur who Bill “really admires”. Melinda Gates will fade into obscurity and become a philanthropist for increasingly bizarre organizations as the years go by.

  8. Here’s an athlete I could really get behind

  9. Mare, I saw a headline on one of the more conspiracy-er sites I visit that mentioned that people injected with the experimental vaccine are factories for producing the spike protein and are shedding it to others.

    I searched “covid vaccinated shed spike protein” and all I came up with articles that fact checked that as nonsense talk. So, wtf knows.

    Got a Walgreens email this morning with the banner up top saying “Covid infections are high in your area. Schedule your vaccine now!” I think that email was sent to every person with a Walgreens account in the country … I can’t imagine they know Covid infections are high in”my area”. Cynical money making ploy.

  10. Okay, Ollie needs to go to puppy daycare and then it’s workie workie

  11. Bill Gates new girlfriend will be in her 30’s. And she’ll be some sort of pretend genius or entrepreneur who Bill “really admires”. Melinda Gates will fade into obscurity and become a philanthropist for increasingly bizarre organizations as the years go by.
    I think the 10 year difference is a really big deal, especially when you age.

    I could understand a 56 year old Melinda thinking it would be better to live the last few years of late middle age in the arms of a Paolo.

    Bill is 65 but he looks about 10 years older and he’s certainly not meeting her needs.

    Verdict: This is a YOU GO GURL divorce.

  12. not because they are cray cray, and both are sick of the others shit?

  13. blofeld was single. Dr evil was single. lex luthor was single

  14. 2 months to lose 10 pounds! gah!

  15. down 84 pounds now. 6 inches off the new shorts!

  16. You never know what happens in someone’s life, let alone marriage.

    I would think you’d just want independence more than anything. Free to be you, so to speak.

    I often think we make the mistake of believing super rich people are in the public eye because they are super rich. I believe they want to be public figures, regardless of what they say.

    Do we know anything about Len Blevatnik or Daniel Gilbert? Donald Bren? Dave Tapper?


    I’m sure it’s a mix of both but Bill Gates, Musk, Bezos, etc. could all be more demure if they wanted to be.

  17. They are both dedicated satanists who love power more than they could love another person, so my bet is a tax dodge and so Melinda can get railed by bulls without Bill in the room.

    Mare, I have no idea. I know it’s been talked about as a “wonderful new technology!” where you have inoculated people essentially shed the ‘vaccine’. Whether they did that in this instance I have no knowledge.

  18. wakey wakey

    Yea … weird.

  19. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 4, 2021 7:38 am
    down 84 pounds now. 6 inches off the new shorts!



  20. Weird photo, unless Rosalynn is 3 feet tall and sitting in a miniature chair.

  21. blofeld was single. Dr evil was single. lex luthor was single

    …J’Ames is on to me.

    /summons assassins

  22. So McCarthy is a piece of shit.

  23. I listened to an interesting audio essay this morning. It was centered more on dems but included the corrupt republicans as well. They need to go. All of them.

  24. That photo looks like one of those forced perspective deals that Peter Jackson used to make normal sized actors look like hobbits

  25. So McCarthy is a piece of shit.

    sky is blue, water is wet, McConnell is a piece of shit too, GOP sucks.


  26. Carin, we must have just listened to the same Tucker. I do.

    Yep, McCarthy is a piece of shit.

  27. Jay, that is an incredible accomplishment! Well done!!!

  28. I do was supposed to be “today.”

    Every time I comment from my phone I sound like Biden.

  29. buyden/carter pic has to be photoshopped.

  30. Got a Walgreens email this morning with the banner up top saying “Covid infections are high in your area. Schedule your vaccine now!” I think that email was sent to every person with a Walgreens account in the country

    Yep, I got the same thing.

  31. I had a really weird dream where Chuck Schumer was a three-year-old, running around, screaming and throwing a tantrum. Same old man head (with glasses) but three-year-old short body. I was running after him, trying to spank him for being bad.

  32. Buyden is 6′, Rosalyn is 5’5″. I’m 6′, my Aunt Martha was 5’0″ and she didn’t look that small compared to me.

  33. Sometimes on my short car ride to where I like to walk I listen to Hugh Hewitt. It’s always, “how is this jackass going to piss me off today?”

    Today’s insanity, describing Fred Barnes as “an intellectual disguised as a journalist. I know you hate it when I describe you this way DAVID BROOKS does too!”

    Holy shit he”s a dick filled asshole.

  34. Thats great Jay. Now drop and give me twenty. Do it. Do it now.

  35. All grocery and drug store chains compete for your yearly flu shot money. They make a fortune. Covid shots are probably more lucrative. And that’s saying a lot.

  36. I remember Barnes and Kondrake having some discussions worth listening to once upon a time. Way higher caliber than Hannity and Colmes.

  37. Congrats, Jay!

  38. I had a really weird dream where Chuck Schumer was a three-year-old, running around, screaming and throwing a tantrum. Same old man head (with glasses) but three-year-old short body. I was running after him, trying to spank him for being bad.

    If anyone has a baby fetish it’s probably Chucky.

  39. I’ve started doubling up the walking. Elliot gets his 1/2 mile first, then I take another lap around the association. So far I’m up to 1/4 mile at a jog, and walking the rest. Mill to mermaid run, about 3 miles, on Memorial day weekend. I’ll be walking most of it, but at least I’ll be there.

  40. Yea!!! GOOD Job J’ames. Did you get a skort yet?

  41. thank you all, but it’s reward enough to not carry around 2 extra big bags of dog food all the time.

  42. I’m wearing a thong, not a skort.

    Silly car in.

  43. who do you think I am, Caitlyn Jenner?

  44. One other comment on the Buyden/Carter pic – for crying out loud, Rosalynn, you’re not fooling anyone with the dye job, you are allowed to have grey or white hair when you are in your 90’s.

  45. little old ladies are funny re: hair color. I cut them a little slack. Aunt Martha had a wig, too. Proud woman, and she liked to look good. And did!

  46. 2 months to lose 10 pounds


    What’s the goal for?

  47. by the way, martha would laugh when I called her a little old lady. Mom (10 years younger, sister) is referring to herself as little old lady now.

  48. 40 more, at least, mare. below 200, something I haven’t seen in 15 years.

  49. Jay, have you been on a particular program? Diet?

    That’s really amazing-84 pounds.

  50. You must feel so good. Clothes fitting or being too big, joints (not Hotspur’s kind) feeling good, wife never leaving you alone!

  51. The key is not getting what I call “The Cocky Syndrome.”

    You lose weight, feel good then start slipping in foods/drinks that slowly (or quickly) derail all your progress.

  52. Your mom invented the Cocky Syndrome

  53. clothes have all been too big, just bought cargo shorts, 6 inches smaller at the waist. and yes, that feels amazing.

    Little ways to go yet. Seems like the weight doesn’t come off as fast now, Aug 6 2020 was the high point, at the Dr. office. Scale at home was over the upper limit, and I said “no more!”. Blood pressure high, and have to take medicine. “No More!”

    Put the fork down is my diet.

  54. enough about me, just felt good this morning.

  55. dick filled asshole

    Another day, another new category.

  56. I prefer ass filled dickhole but whatever.

  57. We already knew that.

  58. I have one more day of quarantine. One more day people. Or two. Let’s make it count.

  59. The best part about carin getting covid is that she doesn’t really know if she has it.

    It’s sooooooo carin.

    I’ll always be skeptical that she’s just trying to win sympathy as the opportunity to get covid diminishes.

  60. I feel our chances of letting Carin down are pretty high(and I’m not talking about MJ’s father in law).

  61. Nothing can be as high as MJ’s father in law.

  62. I had it before you could get tested. I’m like a hipster wuflu survivor*.

    *and yes, this is how douchebags in the city refer to their harrowing experience of a bad flu from China, because it’s a status marker

  63. The only sympathy I crave is that I haven’t been able to go to the gym/see my friends.

    And I want HEAPS of sympathy for that.

  64. I did take the test when i was sure I didn’t have it and wanted to go to work and the gym (I did quarantine from the gym until I got the negative).

    The biggest reason that I didn’t test was that I worked on a day when I … obviously had symptoms. I wasn’t sure, but Pat had gotten the positive, and I was still waffling on whether I just imagining symptoms. If I got tested, I would have to lie, or reveal that I worked with COVID and who knows how that would have affected work.

    Pat still can’t taste anything.

  65. If everyone who has told me they “had” covid and just didn’t get tested, actually “had” covid, this pandemic would have been over before it started.

  66. the star of google art today reminds me of Oso. It’s the hair.

  67. A lot of people who were sick last year – ranging from November on – have said they are sure they had it. I’m skeptical, because I’m pretty sure flu and cold and what-not existed back then. But obviously who knows. Matt got REALLY sick last January – and, here’s the thing – despite almost everyone at the shop getting covid over the past few weeks, he didn’t get it . So, who knows?

    And I’m sure we are pretty close to herd immunity. The reason we’ve dragged it out is because of everything states like Michigan have done. Since they only count immunizations as immunity though, it’s all just a mess.

  68. And the biggest reason to not get tested IT WOULDN’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. they’re still going to try to force me to take the shot. Having natural immunity is about as valid now-a-days as saying only women menstruate. Science says otherwise.



  70. Point of order: Dog food has more fat and protein.

    American children are fed the same macronutrient ratio as feeder pigs.

  71. We were fed oatmeal or corn flakes and unpasteurized unhomogenized milk. My mom skimmed the cream off the top and saved it for her coffee and for whipping.

    Your mom skimmed the cream off the top, but that was an entirely different thing.

  72. Pasteurizing milk turns out to have been almost entirely a scam to sell the equipment, it turns out.

    It was like that time Edison electrocuted an elephant except it worked.

  73. Everything has been a lie.

  74. No, everything hasn’t.

  75. Edison wasn’t wrong, AC is more dangerous than DC, but DC can’t transmit like AC, we’d never have built out the giant interconnected electrical grid with enormous coal plants, it’d all be small, local power generation and loops of current through moderately-sized neighborhoods…


  76. And listeria is real, but the risk is and always has been quite small.

  77. No, everything hasn’t.

    ANOTHER LIE!!!!!!

  78. The talk of milk reminds me that I want to try my hand at cheesemaking. That and make some sausage using the grinder attachment I got for Christmas.

  79. Then a Black employee asked …
    “The fact that you can be a white male…”

    Fuck this gay Earth. Capitalize both or neither.

  80. That and make some sausage using the grinder attachment I got for Christmas.

    Oh great, someone mentioned sausage…

  81. Dammit, no job openings on the Basecamp website.

  82. Holy shit, The Verge is garbage.

  83. Coinbase has a few openings, but I’d need to learn Golang.

  84. Golang? yeah, you don’t want to convert from Catholic, or move to Wuhan.

  85. He issued a threat that turned out to be without merit.

    That’s not how you do it.

  86. I have a friend who swears that China is the best place ever.

  87. Nope, I’m just going to have to find a new field.

    I hear carpentry is a thing that needs people.

  88. you forgot the air quotes.

  89. Hahah, funneh from Car in:

    Carter Pictures: There, I fixed it

    original is in the reply

  90. I figured the air quotes weren’t necessary. Didn’t want to make it too obvious.

  91. Lila Rose on the Steve Deace show. one of the prettiest ladies out there, wow.

  92. I have an idea to do a series called “poorly done portraits,” where i do portraits of famous people and put like zero effort into getting the shading or proportions right. Not like deliberately making them ugly, but just not caring enough. But then framing them like they’re Rembrandts.

  93. How big is that lie going to get about police being created as “Slave patrol”?

    People are so fucking stupid.

  94. People are religious now. They’re not political.

    They don’t even think about what they are saying. A list of funny names from the article linked above was used as contributing to genocide.

    That’s just dumb. Dumb people should be told they are dumb, not that they have a point.

  95. Probably about 3/5’s as big as the constitutionality, Car in.

  96. Or else just one celebrity, like I’m a huge fan and super proud of my work and hope the celebrity will one day see it, but actually it’s something a third grader would do.

  97. Comment by MJ on May 4, 2021 12:43 pm
    People are religious now. They’re not political.

    They’ve always been. Breitbart was correct that “politics is downstream from culture.” We replaced our culture with mass manufactured tripe foisted on us by globocorp, our religion with scientism and new-age self-actualization, and education with credentialism.

  98. Just finished a portrait of Gwyneth Paltrow. I think she would be flattered.

    I made myself a rule that I can’t use an eraser under any circumstances. You can tell.

  99. wow, Candace Owens interviewing Trump tonight. glad I subscribed!

  100. Mare is next…

  101. Do you have one of her “this candle smells like my vagina” candles in the portrait? Because I would think it should be there somewhere.

  102. sobek, don’t know if you can see it, but this guy does parody portraits on facebook, pretty funny

  103. So, it’s my sister’s birthday today. Just a quick little story. Little irony here. She hated OMB, and supported Biden. Of course. Also … She was an avid Newports smoker. AVID. 40 years. Of all the reasons I wish she was still with us, this is just one of them.

  104. certainly makes sense, coalex

  105. “Tradition is a set of solutions for which we have forgotten the problems. Throw away the solution and you get the problem back. Sometimes the problem has mutated or disappeared. Often it is still there as strong as it ever was.”

    ― Donald Kingsbury, Courtship Rite

    I just read this quote. I’ve had this thought but this is more succinct than I would have been.

  106. Similar to Chesterton’s “Tradition means giving a vote to most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead…. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our father.”

  107. The idiot in Texas who called Tim Scott an oreo has resigned.

    Wow, and I thought they felt no shame for crap like that.

  108. Alan West had a special message on Facebook for him today, roamy.

  109. one of the big wig lawyers at Coca Cola took a buyout, glen beck said it was for $666,666.66, and then Coke has reversed course on some of their diversity directives.

    Sounds like boycotts work after all.

  110. Allen West
    The power of Oreo cookies! Thanks to all who mailed & delivered them to Lamar County Democrats & the Texas Democratic Party.

  111. Jay, LOL. Good deal.

  112. Charlie effing Crist is running for FL governor against DeSantis.

    You’ll remember this asshole as a republican who became a democrat. He’s the first political whore I ever loathed.

  113. Jay, exactly that.

  114. I wonder if Liz Cheney or one of her minions leaked the McCarthy info to The Tuck.

  115. I thought McCarthy was part of the reason she hadn’t been ousted from leadership. Why would she sabotage him?

  116. Apparently things didn’t go well at the GOP strategy retreat earlier this month, and others are starting to make noises about her. My guess is that McCarthy pushed to keep her on as an attempt at “unity,” but expected her to cool it with the anti-Trump rhetoric. Instead she felt emboldened.

  117. Tucker said he got it from a trusted source, which I assume wouldn’t include Liz.

  118. “Trusted” may just mean, “someone we know would have access to this information and hasn’t burned us in the past.” That could easily be a high-level staffer.

  119. You’ll remember this asshole as a republican who became a democrat. He’s the first political whore I ever loathed.

    Not exactly. First he was a republican, then he was an independent, and THEN he was a democrat.

    And YOU PEOPLE keep electing him. You’ve given us a ton of grief over Witchmer, and for good reason, but you might want to pay closer attention to local stuff.

  120. I think she knows she’s toast, and she’s not going quietly.

  121. I voted for Anna Luna. Besides being beautiful she seems to be a solid conservative.

    You sound bitter, Hotspur and you should be. We have DeSantis and you have the ****.

  122. You are correct though, he tried being an independent too.

    Weird, faggie little bitch.

    Crist not Hotspur.

  123. Congratulations on the weight loss, J’ames.

  124. Yep, it’s the hair.

  125. Weird, faggie little bitch.

    Crist not Hotspur.
    Embrace the power of AND.

  126. James…FFPOS?

  127. Frank Luntz’s apartment is >6x the size of my house.

  128. And yet, somehow, he can’t afford a suit that fits him properly.

  129. It’s an old Donahue show but VERY timely:

    5 minute video.

  130. still a FPOS, MJ, just less gravity potential.

  131. I think Luntz puts stuff in his butt or perhaps pays people to do it for him.

    He’s def high on the perv scale.

  132. Leon,

    You should go into election modeling. Get the big bucks while always being wrong.

  133. I once read somewhere that the ill-fitting suit is a thing in DC. No one wants to be seen in a tailored suit because they fear it will make them seem pretentious.

  134. Comment by MJ on May 4, 2021 3:34 pm
    I think Luntz puts stuff in his butt or perhaps pays people to do it for him.

    He’s def high on the perv scale.

    I’m pretty sure police could raid the place and find him in a teddy bear costume, with a homeless gay dude bound and gagged over a pommel horse and the collective response would be to shrug and say, “yeah, that figures.”

  135. You should go into election modeling. Get the big bucks while always being wrong.


  136. I can’t say shit. Alabama politics is just plain weird. And I’ve lived here all my life and I think it’s messed up.

    Seriously, this is the most fucked up combo of ethnocratic shit and GOPe corporatism imaginable. Oh, they can’t go full retard yet, but the cities have fallen one by one.

    Mark my words: By the decade’s end, Alabama is going Blue.

  137. Got a call just an hour ago from a recruiter looking for a C++ dev. Work sounded very cool, but I’m rusty from these last few years stuck in a SME and sysadmin role. Hoping that my older positions and desire to get good again is enough to get me at least to the interview stage. If they push me into a hackerrank test I’m probably toast.

    Insurance company I sent a resume is due to call in a few. No idea what that would be like, but it’s a change.

  138. What sort of position with the insurance outfit? I’ve worked a couple roles in that industry in the past, it can be interesting. (Seriously, I learned a lot from my time as an audit adjuster in the ancient past.)

  139. Software development, I assume based on the description that it’d be for their web portal or their internal datamining.

  140. I said my salary req started at what amounts to a $10k raise, and they still want to talk to me, so I’m ready to do whatever drudgery they’d like for at least a little while.

  141. is Michigan next, after AZ?

    I really hope they find something. It’s the only way these other states will open up and investigate.

  142. Chat went well, spoke to an internal recruiter who actually works for the company and she said she can think of several groups that might want me, so specific job details will come if/when one of them bites.

  143. I’ve met Crist a couple of times. Once in a marina near St. Pete. The other time on the sidewalk in downtown St. Pete.

    He and my friend Jeff had worked on a couple of committees previously (on opposing sides), so the air was a tad icy.

    Nevertheless he tried to glad-hand me, fake tan, fake teeth, perfect hair and all.

    He’s had dick up his butt.


    Remember, it’s okay when they do it.

  145. black hammer is farming at 10k feet. good luck with that, lord of the flies.

  146. Interesting Hotspur. Politicians are a type but he seems particularly slimy.

  147. Living veganically in a non-tropical env is tight!

  148. Plus — biggest bonus — no white people around while they starve to death.

  149. Leon, they have to colonize at 10,000 feet so it will make it harder for the homeless scum to show up and do what they do in all “communities.”

  150. Couldn’t have anything to do with the land being dirt cheap.

    When white people do this, they send snipers who get defended in court by Bill Barr.

  151. In a couple of years we’ll see the few left of them staggering down from a trail, hungry, pox-ridden, begging for help.

  152. We’ll know the end is near when the big order for Kool Aid is put in.

  153. Make that a couple of months.

  154. Bro Tim needs to read up on Ew Wallace

  155. Lew. I’m getting a POS WordPress thing y’all

  156. So the latest in the grandson saga is that he wants to start dressing as a girl. I told my daughter, “Tell him, ‘There’s my closet, borrow whatever you want.'” Then just drop it.

    Oh, and he still hates his penis, which I still think is bullshit.

  157. Pfizer forecasts 26 BILLION more in vaccine sales.

    Always, always, always follow the money. There’s your answer about why a push for a vaccine for a 99.8% survivable virus. That and it’s usefulness getting mail in voting in more places.

  158. I get the newsletter from our state DIFW and today they sent a notice out with this gem:

    “Governor Mills announced today that Maine’s hatcheries will be the recipient of nearly $20 million from the American Rescue Plan. The funds will be used to modernize two hatcheries, and install upgrades at all eight of the Department’s hatcheries.

    During the pandemic, hunting and fishing has spiked as people flocked to the outdoors. Already in 2021, fishing license sales are up nearly 20 percent over last year. At the core of Maine’s fisheries is Maine’s State hatchery system, which stocks over one million fish annually in Maine’s waters. Fishing in Maine has an annual economic impact of over $320 million, supports over 3,300 jobs, and there are over 350,000 licensed anglers in Maine.”

    It goes on in the same vein describing how wonderful this all is for our state …

    This has ab-so-fuckin-lutely nothing to do with Covid but hey, free money, right!?! I guess I ought to be delighted it’s not going to some reparations in other terms for the 1% or less of our state’s black population or Critical Race Theory Summer Camp.

  159. Hotspur, I was bulimarectic for 15 years. Therapy sucked. Body dismorphia. I have a mirror that allows me to function. Over 30 years.

  160. Wasn’t there a group in Georgia that was trying to start an all black ag community somewhere? Wonder how that’s going.

  161. Found it. Doesn’t seem to be making much progress besides having fundraisers.

    “Freedom Georgia hopes to be an innovative model for self-sufficiency, environmental sustainability, and cooperative economics among BIPOC communities across the African Diaspora globally.”

  162. Dan just watched the Bad Batch with me. Dan hates animated Star Wars

  163. Jimbro is signed up for the wrong newsletter.

  164. Nah, they usually talk about woodlot management, emerald ash borer, moose hunt, park openings and stuff like that.

    I mean, the money is good for the fisheries and will reap dividends in the future, but the disconnect between fish hatcheries and the Chinese virus should make them a bit more reticent to share the news in such a celebratory fashion.

  165. what is all this hubub that Tucker is selling on his new pay service, regarding power from Canada, cutting directly through Maine forests.

  166. mmm chicken and dumplings, and a brat for supper


  168. For Beasnsnsns

  169. Those pics of Maine are beautiful. I loved the time I lived in New Hampshire. Well except for the winters, the 30′ snow banks along the road, and digging out after the plows blocked the driveway. I forgot the black flys suck, and the farms mucking out the barns in the spring and spreading it on the fields didn’t exactly smell great either. heh

  170. I support reparations for fishermen.

    Fisherstions, if you will.

    After all, this country was founded by fishermen snd built on the backs of fish labor.

  171. Under protest, I went and got the J&J vaccine today. So did Rebecca. Paul is getting his tomorrow.

    Damn thing hurt like a son of a bitch.

    Now I am lying in bed with a sore throat and weak muscles.

    Sent daughter a text telling her that she had better not ask me to do anything like this ever again. I don’t appreciate her holding my grandchild hostage.

  172. Your white patriarchal erasure of the efforts of indigenous merpersyns is so typical.

  173. Oh, and Joe Biden paid for my vaccination.

    I figure if they are going to give all of those illegals “free” vaccinations, I’m going to claw back some of “my fair share”, too.

  174. No fish sticks

    No peace!

  175. Power went out more than two hours ago. So much for my evening.

    And that there is the missing link between guinea pigs and capybaras.

  176. I just sent daughter an email telling her that I had better be the first grandparent that gets to hold that baby.

  177. Comment by MJ on May 4, 2021 9:14 pm
    I support reparations for fishermen.

    Ah, but you-know-who was fond of calling his disciples “Fishers of men”, and we can’t be giving money to those icky people…..

  178. BroTim, you’re too close to Montgomery, where things are screwed six ways to Sunday. Unless they have a bunch of Californians moving in, Alabama will stay red. State legislature has been red for a decade. On the ballot here, most Republicans run unopposed, and a Democrat couldn’t get elected dog-catcher. Doug Jones was a fluke (if it had been ANYBODY but Roy Moore), and Nancy Worley is still trying to run things.

  179. TiFW, I guess I missed the announcement that you and Paul are going to be grandparents. (Or I have CRS) Congratulations!

  180. One thing that I did notice in my travels was that the Gideon Bibles are gone from the hotel rooms. Book of Mormon, too. Made me wonder if they are being held somewhere until covid is over or if they just got rid of them.

  181. Woke employees probably threw them away, Romacita. Competing religions, you know.

  182. Just stepped outside with a smoke & a coke and looked at the sky. There was a two inch long string of 60 Starlink satellites crawling across the sky, NW to SE.
    Hollered at Anita; “Come and see this!”
    She was amazed, and “Thanks! Never seen anything like this.”
    I was hoping we would get to see it again.
    It’s very cool.
    Next orbit, they will be much farther apart and higher. It’s fun(for me) to watch them disperse. But then, I’m easily amused…

  183. Cool, Crispy! I’ve never seen that either.

  184. While back I had 1/2 bottle of some rich red wine that got a little oxidized between days, so I decided to try to make vinegar. I splashed some organic cider vinegar with the mother culture into it. Then I read directions about how to make wine vinegar and realized the etoh percentage was probably too high to start with and diluted with water a bit, then added another little splash of cider vinegar with live creatures in it.
    And sealed the top with a bit of cloth to keep out little gnats and other buggos that may be interested.

    After about 3 weeks I looked in and finally see a scoby culture mat floating on the surface. YAYYY!

    How will I know when it’s done, though?

  185. I still see Bibles and copies of the Book of Mormon in hotels, Roamy. Maybe it’s just where you are.

    Hotels are getting back into free breakfast, which makes me happy. I hate waking up and having someone give me a sack lunch instead of eating hot food.

  186. Your day might have sucked but it probably didn’t “listen to a 10-year-old talk about getting chlamydia from her 17-year-old brother” suck. My heart just aches some days.

  187. Sobek, those are some of my clients 50+ years later. It ain’t pretty at this end either.

  188. No, it isn’t. People are just so mean to each other.

  189. Doubting Erik, Reiko paused.

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