Time to Eat a Bug

I had a 4 Lizard Day on Thursday last week, I park in the back of my office near the dumpster, where some folks pile up broken pallets in the hopes that the magic trash fairies will haul them away.


5 Lined Skink 1

Same pallet, different lizard, Anole 1

Did you know Anoles are called American chameleons because they can change colors?

Same Pallet, same Anole?
Different pallet, Anole 2 maybe. They don’t wear name tags.
Skink 2 probably, scurrying muy rapido under my car.


Anoles are chill as heck, Skinks are much flightier and also my favorite.



  1. your mom takes horse paste

  2. Hahahahahaha

  3. Skinkolicious

  4. I saw the Skinks headline with the Pretenders back in the early 80’s.

  5. this post will not drag pjm out

  6. so, effort to censure Romney in Utah fails narrowly. guess the gop isn’t as united on that as I thought they might be. back to business as usual soon.

  7. I took Maria Emmerich’s keto bread recipe and improved it. Just needed some spices.

  8. It actually tastes like a decent bread now, instead of metamucil.

  9. Michelle LOVED lizards and snakes!

  10. I’ve loved anoles ever since I was a kid. I’m the only one at the office not a lizardphobe. (I’m starting to detect a pattern…)

  11. Married folks are weird.

    You really have no idea. It’s even weirder when you’re both starved for intimacy and your kid doesn’t sleep.

  12. I took Maria Emmerich’s keto bread recipe and improved it. Just needed some spices.

    Stand and deliver.

  13. I took Maria Emmerich’s keto bread recipe and improved it. Just needed some spices.

    You, of course, were a good girl and put this on the recipe site, right?

  14. Anoles are kind of funny when they see you, they freeze and try and act invisible while staring at you intently.


  15. Skinks usually haul ass out of sight so I notice them more, if only the tips of their little tails diving under something.

  16. I managed to drop the brush-hog off the Kubota and get the ’tiller mounted. Anita went out and happily stirred the dirt.
    Those things seem to get heavier each year. This year, with the ‘ritus in both hands, as well as the busted discs in the lower spine, we should have had kids to do this for me.
    So it goes…

  17. Build some raised beds and garden in those. Less bending over, too.

  18. Paul’s brain is trying to write checks that his body can’t cash. He WANTS to do normal stuff, but 2 1/2 weeks out from back surgery his body isn’t operating at pre-surgical function.

    Happily, the problems he had been having are gone.

    Unfortunately, he is still pretty sore from all of the muscles being manipulated during the surgery.

    He’ll get there, but recovery is slower than he would like!

  19. the 5-lined skinks like the one from the vidja are not good for critter-murdering pets. Something about a neurotoxin IIRC, it can really mess up a dog or cat that catches and eats one (or even just the tail if I remember it right).

  20. Paul’s brain is trying to write checks that his body can’t cash. He WANTS to do normal stuff, but 2 1/2 weeks out from back surgery his body isn’t operating at pre-surgical function.

    Tell him to stick to positions that don’t require the swing, stilts, and a giant sombrero.

  21. I would joke about cancelling Christmas, but they already tried.

  22. Sure wish I had measured. I’m guessing at what I did. But it’s probably pretty close. I doubled the recipe and just started throwing stuff in there.

    It’s this recipe: https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/the-keto-bread

    Looks like it has been refined a bit since Emmerich invented it and debuted it on her website where a zillion people wasted ingredients on something that deflated into a gummy mess. This recipe actually works to make a nice little bun.

    What I did differently: Add to the initial dry ingredients a thick pinch of truvia or whatever non-sugar sweetener you like, 1/4 tsp ground rosemary, 1/4 tsp. ground white (you can use black) pepper, 1/2 tsp garlic powder.

    I used the weight measurements for the almond flour and psyllium, not the volume measurements which can be inaccurate. And my psyllium was whole so I had to powder it in my blender.

    Some recipe tips:

    *don’t be tempted to stop the cooking once they brown a bit. It takes a solid hour to cook these little sandwich rolls, because they are too moist inside unless you go for broke.
    *let cool then slice and toast for best texture

  23. Just got *really* noisy, here. I went out just in time to see 3 AH-64s go over the house at about 1000′.

  24. I put in 70 hours last week.

  25. Auctioneer just sold the contents of a really wealthy couple’s home, very interesting. It is one of three houses they own. She had 300 – 400 pairs of shoes, 200 – 300 handbags, and two walk in closets that are bigger than my living room.

    All of it is fancy designer stuff like Gucci, Ferragamo, or Vuitton.

    Full time shopper.

  26. How many lizards did you see?

    That’s what I thought.

  27. it can really mess up a dog or cat that catches and eats one

    No step on skink.

  28. I put in 70 hours last week.

    Someone’s trying to shirk hump-scraping duty.

  29. https://gardenandgun.com/feature/the-mad-scientist-of-pawpaws/

    tl/dr: weird thing that people eat and lizards hide behind

  30. I put in 70 hours last week.


    Why not 71?

  31. Follow up on the armored truck attack video we saw the other night.


  32. Why not 71?

    Emergency hump-scraper replacement.

  33. April was a good month, all told.

  34. May is pollenpalooza in these parts.

    Best weather, but I will be sick.

  35. No skinks here.

    Skanks can be found near the bowling alley.

  36. Low humidity. High winds. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 5% humidity

  37. Should schedule a couple of days of for the heck of it soon. Finding I can’t go quite so long between proper non-weekend downtime as I used to. This getting old shit sucks.

    Time to turn in. Stay fresh, cheesebags.

  38. I am home.

    One of the funnier moments of the trip was crossing the state line. The cars in front of me were honking, so I was on alert. In between the sign for “Welcome to Mississippi” and the sign for the welcome center, next exit, was a car on the shoulder and a little boy pissing a magnificent arc. In full view by the back bumper, not trying to hide behind an open car door or anything. I first thought, holy cow, you couldn’t wait another quarter of a mile to go to the bathroom? Then I decided maybe he has the goal of pissing on all 50 states.

  39. I ate a shrimp po’ boy somewhere in Louisiana where there were no masks except for two of the waitresses, no social distancing, and no Karens or mask Nazis. The place was jam-packed, and I ended up eating at the bar rather than wait for a table. I will admit I was nervous at first being around that many people, but I told myself, this is what normal is, it’s just been a year since you’ve seen this.

    And it was a damn good sammich.

  40. mmmm shrmip po boy sounds soo good

  41. I miss being able to piss in an arc. Nowadays it looks like one limb of a y = -4x^2 parabola.

  42. Pendejo,

  43. How are you gonna pick the corn from 160 stalks of “Honey Select Triple Sweet” corn in ‘Raised beds’?
    We’ve been growing sweet corn for 50 years and that is the best corn *EVER*!
    It cans really well.

  44. Lumps, thanks for that link. I was wondering how that all shook out. I hope they catch the bad guys before someone gets murdered.

  45. I read The Glass Menagerie tonight. That was interesting. Brought me back to my high school theater class days.

    Theater was one of my favorite subjects in HS. But if I could go back in time, probably the first thing I would have dropped.

  46. Delaware elected reprobates perennially.

  47. From tatas to memes to skinks was a dizzying ride.

    Can’t wait for the mushroom chicks

  48. y = -4x^2 parabola


  49. Old and busted: Unami

    The new hotness: Kokumi


  50. That video is like a bat signal to PJM

  51. “Americans are all in on the stock market.

    Individual investors are holding more stocks than ever before as major indexes climb to fresh highs. They are also upping the ante by borrowing to magnify their bets or increasingly buying on small dips in the market.”
    From the WSJ this morning. Isn’t that supposed to be the signal to run away?

  52. NYT article lead paragraph

    “WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has disclosed a set of rules secretly issued by President Donald J. Trump in 2017 for counterterrorism “direct action” operations — like drone strikes and commando raids outside conventional war zones — which the White House has suspended as it weighs whether and how to tighten the guidelines.”
    They really can’t help themselves, can they? It did mention JEF’s drone war but couched it in a praising manner. No word on the total #’s killed —terrorists or civilians by each—

  53. I saw something linked from Twitter and we need to push this:

    I’m not anti mask, you’re a masker. Me not wearing a mask is normal. You wearing a mask is not.

    Spread the word.

  54. Stat from a WSJ article

    “More than half of all 18- to 29-year-olds began living with their parents after U.S. coronavirus cases began spreading in early 2020, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of monthly Census Bureau data. This surpasses the previous peak during the Great Depression era.”
    I’m surprised it’s that high. Whatever, as long as it’s a springboard to bigger and better things I’m all for it. If it’s a crutch so you can buy new designer handbags and become an Influencer on the ‘Gram you need a gut check

  55. My sister and BiL moved in with my parents early in their marriage. Pretty sure their oldest was born at that time too. They had just sold their first home and were saving to buy their next. Mortgage rates were pretty high back then IIRC. I’m not sure how long, maybe a year, possibly two, but they bought a nice house in a nice town after that. I’m sure my parents were happy to have them around. I was busy off in med school so I hardly remember them being there.

  56. workie workie

  57. MMM 443

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