Away to Meme


  1. *slaps pocket*

    -time to eat a bug-

  2. Yes, I’ve crossed the excitement watching the birdfeeder threshold.

  3. I love the tiktocers in one house* and career day.

    *somewhat nervous the government will do this to me one day

  4. I need more bird seed. wakey wakey

  5. My new Rutgar is here, having a little trouble with the slide release, it’s very tight. Going to work on it for a bit today.

    How are you feeling zombie CARin? I saw a belly-band type holster that I thought might work for you when you are running mindlessly shambling around looking for brains. I’ll try and link it later.

  6. DId you get the same rutgar as me? The slide is tight, but my big strong zombie hands can handle it.

    I keep looking at holsters, and I can’t decide.

  7. I have a quick-draw fanny pack that I’d use if I ran.

  8. No, I think Ellen Page was banged by so many studio execs she snapped.

  9. Mine is the LCP II, I bought the one with the 7 round mags and a few extras.

    I was thinking about this holster, but it might bounce around a bit on a jog. (That’s not going to be a problem for me, I won’t be jogging.) I do wonder about the logistics of going potty though.

    Same company has some fanny packs also.

  10. That’s what mine is, but w/o the extended mag.

  11. ‘The way you’re sitting is not ladylike, you’re walking like a boy. The music you’re listening to as a teenager,’ obviously, the way you dress.
    What … kind of music are we talking here?

  12. Word combos that would make a good password

    Deep Concealed Crotch Carry

  13. RIght? I wondered that too. People completely so focused on themself they don’t understand that there really is nothing much different about them.

    I’ve NEVER felt comfortable in dresses. My music has always been outside the norm.

    I guess I really just didn’t realize that I’m trans?

  14. I just don’t feel comfortable in makeup!!!

    OMG. What should my male name be?

  15. Would it be too much if I asked the kids to call me dad?

  16. My mom is bugging me to go to a doctor. @@. Yea, because she went to see one when she couldn’t walk

  17. We eliminated the “tomboy” as a role model for girls.

    When I was a kid, there were masculine role models that weren’t big and strong, and as a short kid, that helped. Bilbo was tiny but he was the hero, same for Willow. Hell, I’d take a minute to personally thank Warwick Davis for Willow if I could.

  18. Just go with Pat.

    Pat has a nice ring to it.

  19. Carin, are you sick?

  20. Yes, Mare. I am now part of the undead.

  21. It’s okay, it gets better.

    I was sad to learn that hair and nails do in fact continue to grow after death.

  22. Sadly, the penis does not grow after death

  23. On my walk, I ran into a lady and we chatted a bit.

    We were standing by a real estate sign that had a “sold” on it and she said it sold in one day. And people were knocking on her door (near where we were) asking if she wanted to sell.

    The upshot was this, she said bad market to buy but give it 6 months and Biden will have ruined everything by then. Might get a steal.

    Kindred spirits!! She said She doesn’t know anyone who voted for him and that we all know what happened with the election and that it will come out but maybe too late. She said everything is absolutely insane.

    And older mare!

  24. Do you have symptoms? Or just test positive?

  25. I was sad to learn that hair and nails do in fact continue to grow after death.


    I thought that was debunked and that in fact, skin recedes and therefore makes it appear that hair and nails are longer.

  26. Yeah, we’re torn about selling camp while the market is hot. With Ben heading off to college next year and Paula working at a different hospital we’ve used it less in the past couple of years. The neighbor with the run down camp next door is finally rebuilding it. My nurse who is big into real estate as an investment has suggested going the Air B&B route/rental camp route. Not sure I want the liability on that though.

  27. Pat (1) tested positive and on Monday night I started feeling like warmed-over crap. Coughed for about a day/headache comes and goes. The rest of the week just super low energy. I refuse to get tested, because the health department calls and questions you when you get a positive.

    I did the zelenko protocol and it’s been annoying (quarantining) but that that’s about it. I think I’m going to be well enough to go for a walk today. Light weights, etc.

  28. Well, I’m glad that on the covid spectrum you’re on the lower end.

    Well done, healthy person!

  29. Yea, it’s really been nothing. If it weren’t “covid” I would have gone to work, etc. It wasn’t even bad enough to warrant days and days off.

  30. I thought that was debunked and that in fact, skin recedes and therefore makes it appear that hair and nails are longer.

    I’ve been dead since last February and I’ve had to cut my hair and nails as often as when I was alive.

  31. I’d sell before renting property these days. Landlords are getting hosed in most places, and short term rentals are too risky.

  32. Here are some things you can do to your LCPII:

    I installed the four at the top, and they make a nice difference.

  33. Somehow as a society (up until covid) we seem to have forgotten that virus and colds can kill people. I guess this a testament to a quality healthcare system. So people were walking around not at all concerned about illness, and then suddenly realized that there is shit in the environment that can kill them, and now the world is scary.

    I’d say most Americans have no fucking clue how good they have it, clean water, sewage systems, clean, environmentally controlled spaces, fresh food, power, communications….

    Car in boy name = Cameron

    Is Ethan still scheduled to start basic this month?

  34. It got moved to July 12. May was his original ship date, but then we he got accepted into the BUD/S program they moved it.

  35. Oh, sorry Leon, I missed the joke.


  36. Comment by TeeRoy Jenkins on May 1, 2021 10:20 am
    Somehow as a society (up until covid) we seem to have forgotten that virus and colds can kill people. I guess this a testament to a quality healthcare system. So people were walking around not at all concerned about illness, and then suddenly realized that there is shit in the environment that can kill them, and now the world is scary.


    Nailed it.

    I always think of how Lauraw described it “mind-fucked.” How are these people not going to lose their shit every time a flu rolls around like it has every year since forever?

    I just heard some Dr say that about 230 kids have died from covid (remember those numbers are pumped up) and that “normally” about 40 die of influenza a year.

    But here are the real numbers from the CDC:

    “Flu deaths in children have been nationally reportable since 2004. Since that time, flu-related deaths in children reported to CDC during regular flu seasons have ranged from 37 to 188 deaths.”

  37. So, not having children in school and making them wear masks is idiotic but we all knew that anyway.

  38. And how many of the child-covid deaths were actually in children with cancer, etc?

  39. children with cancer, etc?
    Bingo. There’s a small residential facility up the road from the hospital that houses severely compromised kids and young adults with multiple disabilities. Every year they lose a patient or two from pneumonia or a medical complication from their various illnesses.

  40. Chi-comm chuck on facebook has explained that 1) I’m dumb for having gotten covid – while he and his cohert were super smart and that’s why they didn’t catch it.

    What other dumb things has he said? I dunno. I stopped paying attention.

  41. I remember when illness was a sign of one’s sinful nature, or the sins of ones parents.

    Then that ‘Yeshua’ guy went ballistic and chased those guys out of the Temple with a whip.

  42. Catching WuFlu = sign of moral and intellectual weakness

    Catching AIDS = tragedy for a victim we should celebrate

  43. He’s so irritating to have appear and make his idiotic points. I mean, is he willing to declare all the 500,000 dead in the US as stupid? Same for all over the world?

    He’s just an idiot. THere is nothing not political for him. The taste of water would be political.

  44. I’m curious to hear how your new LCP II performs after you’ve had a chance to put a few rounds through it.

    At first mine performed fine, but after the first hundred rounds I started experiencing FTFs and stove bolts occasionally.

    I polished the feed ramp, in hopes this would solve it, based on stuff I saw on Youtube, but haven’t fired it since. Ammo is way too fucking expensive right now to make shooting any fun.

    Anyway, I assume you’ll fire a few hundred rounds to get comfortable shooting, so I’m curious how it goes.

  45. Your mom’s slide hasn’t been tight in decades.

  46. Remember, when asked what Christ would do, trashing the furniture and horsewhipping folks is not off the table.

  47. Well, your mom’s slide’s so big the Navy uses one just like it on battleships.

  48. I got a rash from going down your mom’s slide

  49. The India Covid crises never smelled right to me and I’m not referring to the Ganges.

    Never bet against your own common sense.

    Mine has been spot on.

  50. We laugh at the Ganges thing, but I’d wager some of the strongest immune systems on earth are being trained/bred for in that culture.

  51. Hello Fucksticks.

  52. Your mom said exactly that last night after she took off my pants.

  53. Revisiting the updated graphs, about a week later.

    Yep. The vaccination rate is slowing down to a drip, at just over 50% of CT residents with at least one dose. I think the number of totally vaccinated will reach just under 60% and stop there.

    Our idiot governor believes the drop off in vaccination rate is because people are getting complacent with the drop off in covid deaths…which he credits to the vaccine. I believe the drop off is because the vaccine has reached saturation. The rest of the population simply will not take the shot.

  54. Add in the people who have had covid and don’t see a compelling reason to get the vax because everythign they have ever learned about them.

  55. I predict MI will never achieve 70% vaccinated and we’ll be locked down until Wretched is out of office.

  56. This is deliberate and intentional, since it keeps us arguing and lets assholes “shame” those who won’t get the vaccine. It’s their fault, you see, not Wretched’s fault for being a satanic despot.

  57. So, I am not supposed to reveal this until next Sunday (Mother’s Day), but DD#1 is expecting our first grandchild (due around Christmas).

    I have been told that if I don’t get the COVID vaccine that I won’t be allowed to see the baby. (They were nice about it, so don’t pile on, please).

    I REALLY don’t want to get the vaccine – there is just too much about it that makes me want to take a step back and wait to see what happens. I have a really bad feeling about long-term problems, but for no good reason.

    I also think that COVID is going to fade away, just like SARS1 did.

    But I want to be able to see my grandchild.

  58. I’m sorry that they have put you in that position. Ugh. Congrats!!! We live in crazy times though.

  59. What really scares me is that DD#1 got a COVID shot WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT, and I am more worried about the possible effect of that than I am about me getting a shot (I shouldn’t call it a “vaccine” when it clearly is not one).

  60. She’s really put you over a barrel … great news on the grandbaby though

  61. Unrelated, but hopefully Paul is continuing to make progress with his recovery and pooping with the regularity of a Swiss watch

  62. We have STILL never seen official COVID infection numbers in Tarrant County go above 10% of the population, and so far only 3,419 confirmed deaths have been recorded in a county of 2.8 million people.

    Over a period of 14 months.

    The numbers for the entire US are comparable.

    And now they are talking about people needing a third “booster” shot, which just confirms what so many of us already knew – this is more like the flu than anything else, and some pharmaceutical investors are getting very rich off of a culture of fear which they have been instrumental in creating.

    I’m not saying that COVID isn’t scary – it is – but we need a more measured response.

  63. Thanks! Yes, Paul is recovering nicely – he is still pissed that he had to recover without the good drugs, though!

    His right leg still has some sensation issues, but given everything that went on during surgery, it’s not unexpected, and the doctor says that he should get that back shortly.

    He was cleared to drive yesterday, so he is happy!

  64. Awww, that is so cute!

  65. Did you tell her that Santa brought presents when she was little?

    Tell her you’re vaccinated. Santa is more real than the plague hype.

  66. Congratulations, TiFW. There are people actually creating fake “Vaccine” cards. Wink wink nudge nudge

  67. Jimbro, I love laughter like that…makes me joyful.

  68. I just prepped dinner and as I was chopping my asparagus (not a euphemism) I was imagining the prenatal class session where they instructed the new parents on “How To Convince Your Vaccine Hesitant Parents To Get The Shot”. I’m sure it happened. Either in the class or in online expectant mother groups.

  69. I was a little nervous about this beer

    Anytime you sign up to ingest something with the words “Space Cake” or “Clown Shoes” in the descriptor it’s a little intimidating. Definitely a beer to sip at leisure and not guzzle on a hot day.

  70. I miss Andy and the smell of napalmin the morning. Charley don’t surf

  71. Hahahahahahaha, stupid, effing Romney.

  72. This isn’t suspicious at all, especially with their record.

  73. hmm, heard lots of cheers for Romney. maybe it’s just my phone

  74. I’ll send you my card tifw. I took a picture and thats all I need

  75. Thanks, Jay, but I don’t want to lie to my daughter and SIL. Their generation has never faced anything like this, so I can empathize with their concern.

    I guess if the vaccine kills me, I can haunt them from the grave…. 😂😂😂

  76. Dale envied Roger’s portfolio.

  77. The only thing they have never faced is the unprecedented power grab by the demonic oligarchs. Bad flu seasons have come and gone every few years.

  78. I just wrote a paper arguing that the demand curve for the company where I work has permanently shifted due to covid.

    The basis for the argument is the 6-12 month booster, the continued testing for YEARS and that we’ll never really go back to normal.

    It’s not about our generation. It’s the next. They’ll think this is normal just like the post 9/11 surveillance and security is normal.

  79. The 2 years of wall-to-wall propaganda is helping.

  80. Pretty sure insisting on a vaccine passport for grandma to see grandchild is a violation of at least one Commandment.

    And monumentally stupid besides.

  81. Yep

  82. They’re going to push their foot onto the gas pedal and take us right over the cliff.

  83. I want a time-machine so I can go back twenty years and tell the GOP:

    “In 2021 the most conservative voice in the CA gubernatorial race is currently a transwoman who is running against allowing transgendered ‘girls’ to compete against biological girls, and wants to adopt a ‘Make America Great Again’ type policy for California that worked for President Donald Trump to win over blue-collar workers. Meanwhile the GOP establishment in Congress can’t even muster the courage to push back against vaccine passports, or the defunding of police in major cities around the country.”

  84. It’s Teresa’s choice. We all know that, however, going along with your daughter’s irrational thinking is, well, I don’t know the word.

    Babies don’t get Covid. Let’s not talk about the one in a million (?) that do, there are exceptions to everything.

  85. Emotional blackmail

  86. There are people who ignored the COVID propaganda just lived their lives normally and oddly don’t know anyone who died from COVID.

    I’m one of them. I traveled 3 times to Georgia, once to Hawaii and 2 times to California.

    My oldest daughter is pregnant and has continued to work. She is interviewing people from all over -constantly. Could care less about COVID.

    We never stopped hugging, hanging out with or anything else with anyone to include my husband’s 91-year-old mother.

    My youngest had it for sure, she was tested (had to for work) and only had a loss of smell for 3 weeks.

    I know I’ve been exposed I think anyone but shut-ins have.

    Everyone I know who has been all about masks, social distancing (a term which I loathe) and vaccines are the ones who always know people who were incredibly sick, know people who died and are still in a vigilant state and avoid restaurants, etc.

    I don’t get it.

  87. Yes! Emotional blackmail. I wouldn’t allow anyone to do that to me.

  88. I’m sure you meant to say that she could not care less about Covid

    *polishes Massive Asshole & Pedant award*

  89. You are correct, Jimbro!

    And you’re only a small asshole. *cough*

  90. Everyone I know who has been all about masks, social distancing (a term which I loathe) and vaccines are the ones who always know people who were incredibly sick, know people who died and are still in a vigilant state and avoid restaurants, etc.


    I meant that it’s not because they know people who were sick or died THEN they got Covid paranoid, they were paranoid from the start and they happen to be the ones who have the stories about sick and dying friends or relatives.

  91. We’re gradually opening up more of the house to Ollie as he’s figured out that peeing in the house is not the best idea. He likes to grab shoes and gnaw on the laces. When I take them away they go up on a shelf where he can’t reach them. I have a few pairs of shoes I rotate through but they’re either on my feet or in the bedroom closet so it’s mainly Ben and Paula’s shoes he’s molesting. Becoming a good canine citizen is a long process with this one.

  92. Would I be afraid if I were a sickly person? Probably.

    But then I don’t watch the news so I still might not be as paranoid.

  93. Heh, dogs like that are fortunate to be adopted by patient people like you Jimbro.

  94. It’s a strange thing. I personally know nobody who got the ‘Rona. I know some online who have, but that skews samples. People I know know folks who got it. I’ve heard second and third hand of deaths over an extended network large enough that one would expect the rates to yield that many.

    No piles of bodies.

    No wiped out families.

    Most reports survived with little or no lasting damange.

    I’m the last person in my circle not to take the jab. Folks are trying to talk me into it. They dismiss my arguments based only on propaganda. They trust voices they shouldn’t and don’t trust voices they should. This is going to start making my life difficult before too much longer unless I can figure out an angle.

    Full disclosure, obese, so increased risk. I don’t worry. I’m not convinced I should. Honestly I’m more concerned about the folks around me behaving like I’m a plague carrier. It’s irrational and they think it’s science! I could scream.

  95. We signed up for this one voluntarily as Paula frequently reminds me. I’ve raised 3 cattle dogs from puppies out of the 5 I’ve had and Mister Ollie has to be the most devilish of the bunch. I mean, it’s not a surprise, that’s the reason they’re bred … to be assholes to large stock animals. I’m playing the role of a large stock animal in this house. We’re making progress little by little but we have a long way to go with this one.

  96. Take your Vitamin D Tim and you’ll be ahead of most of the population in terms of resisting and recovering from the virus

  97. I’m not worried about the virus, I’ve fought off worse. It’s the fucking sheeple I deal with that give me migraines.

  98. I have been enjoying the fake SURGE!!!!! articles.

  99. Yeah, I’m curious about how the shot administration has been distributed among our state wide population. The breakdown for age, gender, race, political affiliation, geography, income, occupation, etc.

    I’m sure they have estimates or even real numbers for that but they only release totals for reasons of obfuscation. The shaming campaign is more effective if you can’t identify with your peer group.

  100. What Jimbro said. Vitamin D. And don’t be shy about it.

    Randomly googled graph showing who REALLY needs to supplement with vitamin D. I do and I walk outside every day and I’m below the 37th parallel.

  101. oops, forgot to link…

  102. Next time Ollie does something bad you should say …

    “Taco wouldn’t have done that”, then run like hell.

  103. Without TV and social media, Covid lacks for a real host.

    You wouldn’t even know there was a bad flu going around.

  104. Had my first opportunity for a “Taco wouldn’t have done that” retort when he stole a piece of cheese off the counter that was meant for an egg sandwich. Paula did not see the same humor in that statement as I did.

    Last week I had a kid who broke his wrist when trying to walk his dog. Anytime a kid injures themselves with a dog or horse I always ask them the animal’s name. It’s unexpected and puts them at ease a little in an otherwise stressful situation. Anyway, the kid’s dog was named Nacho. He then got my Taco/Ollie story. And a cast.

  105. *surreptitiously pens ‘scrape the Hump’ on scott’s to-do list*

    *puts crusty old scraper tool in an obvious spot near workbench*

    *poses attractively and waits*

  106. That’s hot.

  107. Married folks are weird.

  108. First dose of horse paste taken

  109. First dose of horse paste taken

    That’s quite the euphemism.

  110. SIL has asthma, so I can understand his concern.

    BUT…..I have Myasthenia Gravis and am morbidly obese, and I am not concerned.

    He is wicked smart, but hangs around with a bunch of liberals (they live in California) who don’t appear to understand either statistics or political propaganda.

    And NPR sure as hell isn’t telling their listeners the truth about the real numbers or the age-related distribution of this virus.

  111. Plus, I am reading accounts of people who have developed Myasthenia after getting the vaccine. Chances are that they were in the process of developing it anyway, but my very real fear is that the vaccine will make my MG much worse.

    I have been able to coexist with the MG – my presentation is quite mild compared to most others who have it.

  112. The daily/hourly updates on facebook following vaccination shots are a bit much.

    Pretty sure my Covid updates would be just as riveting.

  113. Time to Eat a Bug

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