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  1. Pups has hit it out of the park again. Just so happens the ball landed on my windshield. Screams like a possum.

  2. Big Mac with un-melted cheese made me laugh too loudly while on the shitter scrolling through memes and not reading Cooks Illustrated

  3. I’m supposed to be building the sheep shelter today, but it’s raining.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. The bride has also written her own vows made me laugh loud enough to be wake up my bride. I got to see her asshole, metaphorically.

  6. There’s a lot of funny shit here. It’s gonna be tough deciding how much to steal and put on text threads to my idiot friends today.

  7. Sunny up here. For now.

  8. Also nice around here. Went and got the mail at the post office without a jacket on

  9. I liked the gal who knew to marry the guy who knows what she likes.

    Pay attention, dummies.

  10. Was that the butthole one?

  11. HA! Jimbro, NO!

    Tazmanian Devil.

  12. Pinata one went on the dad joke list.

  13. I started to listen to a couple of Bongino Show broadcasts that I missed and soon after the guys that do our yard work showed up. My lovable asshole cattle dog Rowan is losing his shit that they dared to enter his yard. Lola and Ollie don’t seem to be as concerned but they’re barking in support of his efforts. Guess I’ll be listening later.

  14. Memes, glorious memes!

    Especially grammar nerd memes. But also that cheeseburger thing, for the love of all that is holy and good, someone needs to be beaten down with a trash can lid for making that situation possible.

  15. So, in February, a NM State policeman was killed during a traffic stop. Turns out Homeland Security was watching a guy and asked the state cop to stop him hoping they would find something on him. They didn’t tell the cop that he was a heavily armed violent felon, so the cop was not prepared for the encounter.

    Video of shooting. Warning, graphic!!

  16. Holy shit.

  17. Oh, Pepe. That was awful.

  18. So Biden appeared at a virtual climate conference of world leaders wearing a mask. More food for the theory that it’s not actually Biden, but an actor brought in to play the part.

  19. Federal mask policy will continue until they need the funerary distraction.

  20. Hard to watch that video …

    The millions of dollars sent to the Floyd and soon to the Ma’Honda families need to go to his widow

  21. Biden also didn’t have a flag in the background

  22. Ooof, I opened my brokerage account and said aloud, WTF did Biden do now? Missed the news about the capital gains tax hike.

  23. Wait, the capital gains tax hasn’t been legislated yet, right???

  24. Also, the cucumber I bought for a salad is missing, and I think Mr. RFH may have cooked it, thinking it was a zucchini.

  25. Mare, I don’t think so, but the market took a tumble anyway.

  26. For Alex and anyone else who likes heavy metal.

  27. Lumber and hinges are ready for pick up.

  28. Honestly, forging swords/knives is probably the least of my interests in metalworking.

  29. I burned a significant portion of a gorgeous afternoon getting ready to go out with Mom but I know she’s going to cancel. As soon as she calls me to tell me she’s not going, I can change back into my play clothes and run outside. But she might not cancel. But I know she will.

    *twiddles thumbs*

    *looks out at the gorgeous day*

    I smell nice and I have clean clothes on. I cannot do anything right now until I know the deal. This is a hostage situation. Kicker is, it was her idea to do this today because of the nicer weather. SIGH.

  30. Mockup number 5 or 6 of the waistcoat from hell. I’ve almost got the correct fit, so hopefully this will be the last one, and I can order the good fabric and start on the final version.

  31. What’s at the top of your list for metalworking?

  32. Armor is SO much more work, but Eli has already done a whole series of armor pieces.

    Washer-maile is brilliant.


  34. I’d love to learn how to make ornamental ironwork. Stuff like chandeliers, decorative fencing, furniture, etc.

  35. Sounds to me like Leon is in the market for a custom built chastity belt for his mom. Colex, show us your schematics. Quit beating around the bush……..uh..heh.heh…heh.


    Boobies and blacksmithing.

  37. “Vaccinated American”

    I almost barfed

  38. Sounds to me like Leon is in the market for a custom built chastity belt for his mom. Colex, show us your schematics. Quit beating around the bush……..uh..heh.heh…heh.

    It’ll probably look a lot like Everlast’s version, but will need to be a whole lot bigger…

  39. Boobies and blacksmithing.


    Oh my.

  40. Insurrection time. They want “The King’s Forest” back. This is why the WEF crowd is funding all the vegan bullshit and cricket flour nonsense.

    Meat for the oligarchs, bugs and soy for the peasantry.

  41. They want you living in a pod stacked with a thousand others in a giant concrete tower. They want you to work your bullshit office job, staring at a screen for eight hours a day, before you go ride mass transit home, numb your mind with pornography and video games, and eat your cricket “burger” and soy milkshake.

    I will not live in a pod. I will not eat bugs.

  42. Black Market Chickens

  43. I predict a big big rise in pet rabbits and ornamental timothy gardens.

  44. What’s the smallest breed of cow and how much do they cost. I don’t care if my strip steak is 50% smaller than usual.


    Most are bred for milk rather than meat.

    This is why I’m getting hair sheep.

  46. As cool as the belted galloway looks, I find myself anxious about butchering a 300# animal. That’s a team effort, and I have no team.

  47. how in the world will I decide between these creatures that I will likely never have?

  48. Dexters with a couple Jerseys so you can make delicious homemade butter and cheese.

  49. The galloways are naturally polled, that’s a plus.

  50. Have you ever butchered a deer? I can’t imagine a little cow would be much more difficult.

  51. I’ve never butchered a deer, but they are puny compared to a mini cow. 300-600 pounds is a “hoist, bleed, gut, and saw into halves” situation. Big tools, and an animal much too big to carry, let alone drag.

  52. Dude, we have power hoists for that. Go to Harbor Freight. Are you kidding me? Your ancestors did much more with much less.

  53. Okay Lumpy, you break a steer down 500 ways all by your lonesome and get back to me.

    I’m sure all those small farmers that send theirs out to a local packer are just lazy.

  54. My ancestors took a team of 4-6 and carved the beast up on the spot, then carried home chunks that the rest of the tribe subdivided.

  55. Familia pit cooks steer and pigs. Lamb and goat hang in trees and get cooked on open fire. Deer hang and then get chopped up. We have more and more plant based product at work.


  57. Or send yours out to a packer too, whatever.


  59. WE LOVE YOU, AND WE ARE FRIENDS, SO YOU’RE NOT TOO MUCH OF A DICK. The problem is that we are not local. Because you know I would be right there at cow-cuttin’ time, honing my steel.

    You’re just a fucking pessimist and you need to get off your own back for five minutes and allow shit to happen.

  60. I’m trying, okay, I was just starting to make friends at church when they banned it last year and the bishops rolled over and wagged their tails.

  61. Laura needs to load up the Banglor Meat Wagon and attach the Smokatron 5000 to the back and head to MI at cutting time.

  62. They guy who runs the homeschooling group seems decent enough. I’m hopeful that will lead to some new people.

    Pretty sure I’d be friends with my sheep guy if he weren’t an hour away.

  63. You’re also assuming you have to get everything done in one day. You can cut out primals and park them in ice for a coupletree you work your way through the carcass.

  64. Cutting a steer up for a share is a quick way to make friends

    Just be like MJ at the local meat market

  65. If only we knew a rancher who could tell us what he does with his critters …

  66. Plus, I like lamb, and I know people who breed them already, so that makes that choice easier. If I do pigs next year, I will get a team together for it.

  67. Pendejo is a real farmer. I’m just a hobbyist. Id be shocked if he does anything beyond loading them for the slaughterhouse.

  68. He’s an oil guy with some onions in the ground.

  69. We feed out the steer and haul it to the butcher. I’ve done it before but it’s a lot of work unless you’re set up for it. Of course our steers weigh around 1,400 pounds. 300 pounds is a different deal.

    It’s kind of hard to determine how exactly to break it down to get the cuts you want. Also you need a clean bandsaw to cut through the bones and a heavy duty grinder for hamburger.

    There used to be quite a few small processors, but the usda (maybe state) changed the regs years ago and most went out of business rather than spend to money to comply. There are only 2 places in the state that will butcher for resale. You need to schedule an appointment 6 months to a year in advance. Even the regular guys are 3 months out.

    What some people do here is feed out steers then sell them on the hoof to people. They deliver the fattened steer to the processor.

  70. We get around the rules a bit here buy “buying” on the hoof and then having it delivered to the packer on our behalf, but my sheep guy sells packed meat direct to customers at a farmer’s market so he uses a USDA packer regardless.

  71. Had to argue with my dad as to why the Ingenuity helicopter works on Mars but wouldn’t work on the Moon.

  72. Why did he think the pics on the moon have a starfield backdrop rather than a, you know, sky?

  73. Do steers give only very small quantities of milk? Asking for my Trans socialists group. . .

  74. Hardly any, MCPO. How are you doing?

  75. Getting a little better each day!

  76. There used to be quite a few small processors, but the usda (maybe state) changed the regs years ago and most went out of business rather than spend to money to comply.


    Of. Course.

    Embrace your corporate overlords. Cheap labor, cheap imports, excessive regulations designed to strangle small competitors.

  77. Big Ag co-opted “organic” completely. Want to be “Certified Organic”? Better have an extra few million bucks to burn.

  78. small packers and lockers all over the country have gone by the wayside. The big packers have also managed to keep prices to farmers low, while raking in profits hand over fist while meat prices go up and up and up.

  79. Comment by MCPO Airdale on April 24, 2021 11:05 pm
    Getting a little better each day!


    Really glad to hear that. How’s the golf game? 😀

  80. There’s still a bunch of “Farm Slaughter” folks out here. They show up, put a 30-30 behind the ear, hoist it, bleed it, gut it, clean-up the mess and haul it away. You get packs of frozen, labeled meat. Some will trade for 1/4 or 1/2 of the meat and not charge…

  81. Oh, you guys like cows? Name all the cows, then.

  82. Darren exploited Roberta’s pity.

  83. Tried to patch things up with my sister last night and only made things worse. Rah.

  84. ww

  85. HERRO

  86. Pepe = Rancher
    Pendejo = Farmer’s son, Rancher’s grandson, who very purposefully walked away from it all. Except that dad’s farm is now in a trust and I got picked to be the trustee. $landlord$

  87. Sorry, I got my “Pe” names mixed up last night. I plead stress as I was working through a practice test for my job.

  88. I don’t have any new content for the blerg today friends, we can ride this meme poat out or if someone wants to put up something feel free.

  89. I have a sharecropper, so technically I’m a plantation owner.

  90. It’s a lazy rainy Sunday, let it ride.

    Yesterday I took Mom to the big fancy nursery and I got a few things for myself while there. I kinda got too much. I couldn’t help myself. The only thing I’m planting this year is the front flowerbed, really.

    This place is like the Whole Foods of plant nurseries. Everything is beautiful. Spendy but so, so, nice.

  91. So, do you have to be a drug addict to get the U of M George Floyd Scholarship? Or maybe the child of an addict?

    “Make no mistake, this verdict does not equate to justice,” Sellers wrote in a separate statement.

    “It does not equate to closure. Justice and closure only happen when what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others never happens again,” he said.

    “Until there is justice, then we all have a responsibility to act and create change. We must all work to eradicate all forms of structural racism and oppression,” Sellers wrote.

    The university offered counseling to students affected by the Minneapolis events and Schlissel praised the creation of the George Floyd fund.

    “This scholarship is one way we can enhance our university’s commitment to investing in student leaders,” Schlissel said, according to the fund’s page.

  92. I have a few places near me like that. It’s hard to find the smaller places (with better prices) that have much variety. If you want the unusual stuff – which I do – you’re going to have to pay.

  93. George Floyd was a career junkie and petty criminal. Period. End of Story. He died of a self inflicted overdose. Anything else is nonsense. He contributed nothing to society during his existence and I have zero sympathy for dead junkies.

  94. He contributed nothing to society during his existence and I have zero sympathy for dead junkies.


  95. Everything liberals believe is in conflict with how things work.

  96. Alex, do listen to Tristan Haggard at all? He goes through segments of Julian Huxley’s writings in his livestreams sometimes, and then matches it up with stuff from Gates, Schwab, and the like.

  97. Comment by Car in on April 25, 2021 9:58 am

    If you want the unusual stuff – which I do – you’re going to have to pay.


    Your mom has that same policy…..

  98. this place has really become the home of your mom jokes.


  99. My sister didn’t see the St Floyd funeral from last year.

    Her reaction was hilarious. How did anyone keep a straight face during that?

  100. I was just poking around over at the HQ, wasting time, and the young lady who is pictured on the Chess thread is stunning.

  101. I bet you were “poking.”

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  102. My dad was pretty serious about living his Christian beliefs, but he had a somewhat filthy sense of humor that he allowed us kids to observe more of after we were grown. Sometimes when he’d see a third trimester pregnant woman and he say, “Looks someone was poking fun at her and she took them seriously.” He thought that was a pretty clever play on words.

  103. Correction: Looks LIKE someone was….

    I don’t even know what I’m typing.

  104. OJ should be the next unarmed black man killed by the police. That would really shake things up.

  105. OJ is old news, do LeBron or Tiger and watch it all burn

  106. I doubt OJ is ever unarmed.

  107. Did the Poh-Lease shoot down that copter that Kobe was in? Had to have been something like that.

  108. Sssh pendejo. Only wypipo posed 2 no bout dat.

    See what it wuz, wuz Kobe gonna get wit Kayne and dey gonna run fo precident. Every knew dey win right? So the man had to take a mafuka out. But not Kanye, he too close up on dat Kardshian shit. So Kobe gots to go.

  109. ain no different than Biggie and Tupac..

  110. I’d take a Kobe/West admin right about now.

  111. Kobe/Kayne?

    Anyhow, it’d be the shizzle.


    And we’re on to the next one. No idea what the warrant was for and no video released yet. All I read as far as details was “he was driving away”. Yep, killed for DWB is how this will play out.

  113. MaxH2O/Snoop Dogg 2024

    Dee O Double geein’ our way to equal-tee bishes.

  114. That NM SP shooting was some shit.
    The cop was dead before the coup shot.
    But that guy was obviously serious about cop killing.

  115. We’ll see more of this.
    Just wait Till only social workers and BLM malcontents are running the police agencies.
    Lefty nirvana.

  116. The shooting does show the efficacy of ar/ak style platforms for cqb.

  117. DHS put a target on that state cop ATDEFC. Aguirre cartel is still fighting in court for shit they did in the 80s. Trump is the only president that has tried to fix the border in my lifetime. I guarantee that El Chapo named names in his trial. Federal judge in NY knows which D🐀🐀 are on cartel payrolls. (And They Didn’t Even Fucking Care) Make them pay.


  119. Yep, the Feds got that cop killed. I hope someone pays, but I doubt it.

    The cop was a distant cousin of Penelope’s.

  120. I’m so very sorry, Pepe. We have been NM long enough to know, that nobody pays. 🙏🏻 For Penelope. Her cousin was a greater man, than my cousin.


    (Imgur video)

  122. Fire in the hole2

    (Imgur video)


    (Imgur video)

  124. Sunday Funnies:

  125. I run you all’s budget, bro.

  126. I’m wondering how that is gonna turn out. Which storyline will reign supreme?

  127. I see a CDC study that says masks didn’t make a difference. Then I hear a podcast, and a surgeon saying that SARS and COVID are similar, and masks stopped SARS in Asia. That tells me that masks should have worked here. What are we supposed to believe?


  129. The full name of WuFlu is SARS-COV-2. This doesn’t get much press, because SARS-COV-1 was basically the same shit, but we called it SARS (even though it too was a Chinese export) and 0 was preezy so we just ignored it and no one cared.

  130. “and a surgeon saying that SARS and COVID are similar, and masks stopped SARS in Asia”

    He’s a surgeon.

    What did the plumber say?

  131. he’s at Johns Hopkins, so I assume he’s a little bit cross trained. It’s the whole reason everyone is at each other’s throats.

  132. Gonna turn this whole “what are the facts on COVID” shit into a game, call it “True or Fauci?”

  133. It is all crap.

    We have pretended that masks help for over a year.

  134. It all comes down to whether the virus is able to travel in a aerosol environment or only travels in droplets. That is my understanding. A simple mask helps somewhat in one case and is useless in the other. If the medical experts can’t answer that question then what the fuck good are they?

    Disclaimer: I made C’s in both college biology classes I took back in fall of 79 and spring of 80 and was damned glad to get them.

  135. Happy Sunday, all! Paul is getting better day by day – eating well, moving well, only hurts mostly at night (but valium makes him not care…..).

    My BFF’s heart surgery went well; she has some fluid in her lungs which the doctors are trying to get under control, but other than that, she seems to be on the mend.

  136. Does anyone think that COVID will still be around in October of this year? Or will it die out just like SARS1 did?

    I have reasons for wanting to know this, but can’t talk about it for another few weeks.

  137. Studies out of MIT & Stanford Medical released this week say masks and social distancing have no effect on spread of the ‘Rona…
    Ignored by media and censored by Twitface & Fakebook.
    So it goes…

  138. so many stories of pulled over while black. and that just proves that racism is rampant, and must be addressed.

    I love sports shows now. Can’t escape it.

  139. Don’t ever repaint pianos.

  140. Tick invasion

    I ordered all the stuff to make these ^^^

    Didn’t know you can buy TP tubes but you can. Cotton balls rather than lint.

  141. MMM 442

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