Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born December 17th, 1998 in Munich, Germany.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 342436 and 125 lbs.  Please make a sandwich for Miss Nicola Cavanis.





  1. Thanks for the mammaries

  2. She looks very German in the floral bikini top picture

  3. Scrolling through the first time all the pictures were normal size but after my first comment they’re all elongated. On my phone anyway, probably normal on the desktop when I get there.

  4. With the classic editor I always sized the pictures, the new photo gallery / block editor doesn’t give you the option to resize, just change the layout, and even then it is not very intuitive. I hardly ever look at mobile, just desktop. Sorry.

    I just add the media and hope for the best.

  5. Desktop normal

  6. 7/10 would smash

  7. The left: no one is illegal! Amnesty now!

    Also the left: wages have been flat for 50 years! That’s not fair!


  8. She has a nice vacant open mouthed stare.

  9. wakey wakey

    Thanks V-man for the new Red Fang video. Those guys are probably about the most fun to hang with.

  10. 7!?


  11. I got my rugar yesterday. We’re getting to know each other.

  12. Ruger. It’s on the box. It’s stamped on the side of my rifle.

  13. This dog’ll hunt.

  14. I’m w Leon. How can this schnitzel be a seven and Maxine Waters be four? Glasses, they’re not just for nerds anymore.

  15. Let me know what you think of Rutger CARin. LCP2, right? I’ve got two purchase permits burning a hole in my pocket. Right out of the box I am disappointed with the Taurus revolver’s mechanical fit for the cylinder release, going to disassemble it this weekend and to see if I should send it back to Brazil for repair.

  16. What caliber?

  17. Rugar is a 380, if its me your asking. I wanted something really small I could take running.

    I want a bigger gun as well, but this one sorta fell into my lap.

  18. when inserting pictures in the new editor, there is a resize option in the right side menu, scroll down. I use 460 for all pictures width, height is automatically figured.

  19. The pictures look normal on my phone now. It might have been a WiFi issue earlier. She looked like a giraffe in the pictures for some strange reason

  20. where do you guys shoot at? ranges? friend’s house? secret compound in the woods?

  21. I’m Brother Tim, and I approve this BBF.

  22. Guns falling in your lap seems like a mixed blessing

  23. I keep chanting RICOLA! Can’t figure out why…

  24. She seems nice.

  25. Well, she’s smashable.

  26. MJ??? 7 out of 10 on your smashable scale? Huh?

  27. 7 because there isn’t a peen, mare

  28. Jay, we own the lot across the street. On the other side of that lot is more empty land that is used for duck hunting. Mr. RFH set up a range, Rocketboy made him a table for Father’s Day one year where you can put your stuff or do some braced shooting, and we also have the trebuchet proving grounds. We allow friends to use it provided they pick up their brass.

  29. Mom’s place is at the end of a county road, only house there, and it’s hills all the way around. Only house in sight is the other direction, towards the highway. It’s a perfect place. Around here I’d have to join a shooting club.

  30. MJ??? 7 out of 10 on your smashable scale? Huh?
    clam down mare. i’m an enigma.

  31. My neighobors across the lake built themselves a range on their property. But there is a free range about 10 miles from my house.

  32. Abandoned Caliche pit a couple of miles outa town. People haul old fridges and freezers and whatnot out there to pin targets to. It’s a pretty ghetto set up. There’s enough bras and used shotgun shells to fill a fifty five gallon drum.

  33. I’ve always got Cook’s Illustrated magazine delivered to home. Good bathroom reading material, and cool cooking hints. A little expensive, but has stuff I’m interested in (even if you aren’t!). I used to have access to online, but in addition to a magazine subscription, that’s another $40 a year. Just for Cooks Illustrated. there’s cooks country too, they have a magazine, same thing. I like this one too, but don’t get both magazines. You would think there would be discounted rates to online if you get the magazine, but no. Both sites are $79 a year, in addition to the magazines. Not paying.

    Milk Street is Christopher Kimball’s branch of this. He used to run CI and CC, but they had a fight, and just recently settled. Now it’s a new network. They also have a magazine, and website, but more affordable. Started out for $1 for 12 weeks. Plus, all the mediterranean cooking that is the feature of Milk Street seems to be making it’s way to CI. Milk Street is more cutting edge than CI, and CC is comfort food. Hmm, love my CC subscription, but this is getting out of hand.

  34. a caliche pit? thought you had enough of that down there that you wouldn’t need a source for it.

  35. Man, I’m all messed up this morning. My nephew’s wife sent me a dozen pics of the SpaceX launch at 5 AM, which damn near gave me a heart attack with my phone going off *ding*ding*ding*ding*ding* ding*ding*ding*. Was able to doze off again but just feel weird and tired this morning.

  36. I wish I could set the phone to off during the night, but work. Must have on, for when we enter the wrong date yet again, and have to fix everything, even though I’m not the mainframe programmer.

  37. Jay there’s plenty of it. But it has to be dug out of the ground and hauled to wherever they might be building pads and roads. Therefore, you have pits. And lots of them.

  38. My sister used to get Cook’s Illustrated and when I’d visit I’d always flip through a few of the issues stashed around the house. She stopped subscribing a long time ago and I’ll randomly pick up a copy off the newsstand about once a year. The price keeps me from subscribing. That and the realization I’d soon have another stack of things to deal with. I’ll check out Milk Street.

    There’s something medical on Milk Street. Maybe NEJM, maybe Mass Medical Society … I know I’ve seen that street on return addresses before.

  39. really! I want to visit that street just to see the studio.

  40. milk street is really reasonable right now. Only a dollar, and you get all access.

  41. Your mom hangs out on Milk Street with a sign offering to give directions to Cream Court

  42. Keep Fresh, Cheesebag!

  43. Huh, the magazine is $30/year for 6 issues. Not bad.

  44. ? don’t think it’s that much, is it?

  45. haha, it’s more. $39.95


    Lars Ericsson, the chairman of soon-to-be defunct Informed Portfolio Management, said the fund’s medium-term models failed to handle the shock that hit markets in early 2020.

    “When the pandemic came, it was a total surprise for the models,” he said on Thursday. But he rejected the idea that quants have had their day. “There is definitely a future for quantitative hedge funds.”

    It is to laugh…

  47. oh for pete’s sake, Caitlyn Jenner is running for Gov of the world’s 5th largest economy

  48. This is the timeline we deserve. Our sins have condemned us to it.

  49. You know what? Caitlyn Jenner is a mentally ill man who needs to be receiving therapy, not adulation. That said, he still may be a better governor than the current crop of CA politicians.

  50. Faced with Newsom or Jenner, I’d vote Jenner for the lulz and then move to Messico.

  51. jenner is a republican. actually has conservative views.

  52. haha, at AOS, Erick Erickson = The Sage of Savannah

  53. heh, brings back to mind the movie Mystery Men. Back when Janeane Garafalo was funny.

  54. Jay, hence why I said he may actually be better.

  55. just putting it out there, in case anyone missed it

  56. $39.95?
    Subscription Auto-Renewal Feature: After the first 12 weeks your subscription will be automatically renewed annually unless you tell us to stop. Before the start of each renewal you will be sent a reminder notice. If you do nothing, the payment method you provided will be charged the amount on the notice or you will be sent an invoice for your renewal. You may cancel at any time and receive a full refund for any remaining time on your subscription by logging into your account online or calling customer service at 866-400-0537 or you may email us at

    Annual print subscription price after the initial 12 week period is $29.95 U.S.. Canadian subscriptions add $10 U.S..

    NO RISK GUARANTEE: Cancel at any time and receive a refund for the remaining time on your subscription.
    I didn’t think you lived in Canada, eh?

  57. oh, I thought you were talking cooks illustrated. Print and digital for Milk street is 37.40.

  58. Nope, we were talking about both so I get the confusion. Still reluctant to get a print magazine since they pile up to “read later”. At least for me they do.

  59. I like having something to hold in my hand to read, as I rule my kingdom from the throne.

    Got those, and some woodworking magazines (SYWM with the toothpick jokes).

  60. I have not needed to spend that long on the toilet in a long, long time.

  61. not an efficient use of your time

  62. Jay, try adding some fiber to your diet.

    I gave my email addy to America’s Test Kitchen and they spam the shit out of me. I take the free recipes and delete the rest. Have come theeeees close to purchasing a specialty cookbook or three on deep discount, however when I remember that I hardly use the cookbooks I already have, I talk myself out of it.

    I’m still curious about their keto cookbook. ATK does everything just so perfectly. I have learned so much from them.

  63. The test kitchen cookbook is the only one most people need. I use mine all the time.

  64. I have a barefoot contessa cookbook I got as a Christmas gift years ago, and I must say her recipes are pretty damn good. She knows how to cut a corner and keep things simple.

  65. didn’t know they had a keto cookbook

  66. In other news, I just made some fried catfish with a commercial blackening spice rub that came out nice. Fried it on the little outdoor gas burner so my house doesn’t stank. More than usual.

  67. If you sign up for their stupid newsletter, you get all these discounted book offers. I would wait for one of their many deep sales to come along, then look up the keto book and see what the offer is.

  68. oh I’m on that list, too. Milk Street isn’t much better.

  69. Trudeau looks like an effing douche.

  70. Just saw an email from PayPal asking me to “Donate to the Vaccine Access Fund”

    How about no

  71. They can’t give that shit away and the numbers are tumbling everywhere that isn’t governed by Wretched.

    It’s almost like that shit isn’t needed.

  72. Daughter: I made a pinecone green marker [by taping a green marker to a pinecone].

    Me: You spent so much time figuring out if you could but never stopped to ask if you should.

  73. The only defense people have had for the Ma’Khia Bryant story – that she was only defending herself from an “attack”? Not looking good if this is true.

  74. Clearly, science has gone too far.

  75. Not looking good for who?

  76. Not looking good for those on team Ma’Khia.

  77. Me: [pulling bits of tape out of the carpet] You sure do love tape, don’t you.

    Daughter: Yes. It’s good for taping things.

    *And thus a new Zen koan was born*

  78. So far all I know about M’honda is that she was a very talented, very peaceful, honor student who was “going somewhere”. That’s from her biological mom who is clearly a model citizen herself seeing as how she had custody of her child terminated by the state. Sounds to me like mama thinks her lottery ticket just got punched and it’s time to start swaying the jury. Shit, Homegirl, at least let your neglected daughter bleed out first. Have some respect.

  79. Yeah, it never looked good for the agitators in the first place but as we’ve seen over and over, facts don’t really matter to them

  80. BLM deliberately makes martyrs out of criminals because the real goal of the org is to get people arguing about stupid people being stupid rather than notice while the country is being destroyed.

    Change my mind.

  81. Carin, where did you watch Nobody? Netflix? Prime?

  82. Ma’Kia (which I’m sure is an African term for “Never had a chance with the parents I got”) went for a knife, who does that? You have to be really out of it.

    Now, I’m not talking about a Navy Seal using a knife, or a Dad who keeps one in his pocket to open crap, I’m talking about a teen girl. Yikes.

  83. Moore said her former foster child told her that Bryant had reacted badly to being told to clean up. Bryant was said to have replied, “You’re not the guardian of me,” Moore told CNN.

    I might have laughed too hard, I can’t breathe.

  84. The other day we were talking about how the black population feels like it’s larger than it actually is and that left an impression on me. If you are engaged in the popular media you get the impression that the black population is larger than it actually is based on real numbers. Ditto for the gay population. I don’t know how that translates into anything actionable but it does make me wonder

  85. Everyone is on point today.

    Mare – at the theater

  86. Theater????

    I didn’t know people went to the theater especially in MI.

  87. Everyone is on point today.

    Shouldn’t someone take the rear?

    Your mom likes it when I take the rear.

  88. Ma’Kia (which I’m sure is an African term for “Never had a chance with the parents I got”)


    That made me laugh like a tard. That quip has Don Rickles all over it. Well done,Mare.

  89. And if you meant to say “en pointe” I haven’t been able to do that since I was 6.

  90. Paul is getting out of the hospital today!!!!!!

  91. That’s great news, Teresa, I’m happy to hear it.

  92. YAY, TiFW!!!

  93. We carry magazines for upto 30% off cover price. We have a bunch of cooking magazines and Keto mags and books.

  94. That’s where I usually pick one up if I’m going to

  95. We have a Harry Styles magazine. It might be a People Special.

  96. Cargo shorts gotcha covered.

  97. Taking the practice test for my certification tomorrow. Plan is to schedule the real thing not long after.

    This will ensure that I will never use this software ever again for the rest of my life, I’m almost certain of it.

  98. All of the management team that was working during the shooting has been fired.

  99. Oso, what shooting?

  100. He forgot “invented you”.

  101. Colex, it’s interesting to read that thread. If I had Twitter, I might point out that atheism is harvesting organs from Uyghurs right now. Atheism killed 1.5 million Kazakhs in one year in the USSR. And the same science that put a cool toy on Mars also built nuclear weapons and developed Thalidomide.

    Or wait, maybe it’s not fair to compare the most atrocious acts committed in the name of religion to the coolest things achieved in the name of science.

  102. There’s a lot of people over there who like to conflate “religion” with “Christianity.” Kind of an oddly Euro-centric point of view, no?

  103. Last Saturday night at my Club.

  104. Hey guys, Steven Fatgull has his mansion for sale in Scottsdale. Hostage compound?

  105. That mom mask rant was really good.

  106. Scott, she was amazing.

  107. Sobek, NM brands itself as a Catholic majority state. I work with cleft palate abortion survivor. I work with parents of Down kids. NM recently passed late term abortion without the BS. No conscientious objector.

  108. Passed it meaning it’s free and clear? And doctors can’t object to performing it?

  109. Exactly.

  110. My Dr cousins are devout Catholics. UNM forced them to work at Planned Parenthood as part of their curriculum. They were able to refuse abortions. They had to prescribe Birth Control. I had 2 years of crying cousins trying to fight the UNM abortion cabal.

  111. Anybody else getting popup banner ads in between the text lines of posts at AoS?

  112. That’s a good example of why the science vs religion paradigm is so oversimplistic. If someone does something bad, and they are religious, then does that count as religion doing something bad? What if the religious person actively objects to the bad thing but is coerced by that state? If an atheist massacres 20 million people, shall all atheists then be tarred with that blood? What if the atheism was merely incidental to the massacre?

    Although in Stalin’s case it was not incidental – he was actively trying to stamp out religion, and mass murder was a viable tool to do that, in his mind.

  113. Pupster, yes.

  114. Yes. The new version is annoying.

  115. The more I learn about the medieval catholic church, the more I respect what it did for humanity. Who do you think paid for all that artwork? Who do you think paid for that music? Who do you think copied and preserved every work of scientific value that would have been destroyed after the collapse of Rome? You think Dennis the Peasant put his shovel down after a day in the fields and went home to copy out Aristotle in the original Greek?

    The music professor i listened to talked about how some students would complain about how much time his class focused on religious music, and he had to explain that for 1,400 years that’s all there was. And every note of it that was preserved was preserved by the Catholic Church.

  116. Grenell is a 1000x better candidate than Jenner. Jenner has a mental illness. Is he better than Newsom? The desiccated corpse of a drug addled homeless person would be better than Newsom.

  117. I’m getting them Pups and it’s fricken annoying.

  118. I have the same thoughts about aggressively anti-Catholic Protestants who blast the Church in one breath and insist on the sole supremacy of the Bible in the next, without ever stopping to wonder who preserved the biblical text by hand copying it for centuries. Or even the question of who decided which belonged in the Bible in the first place.

    Show some gratitude and respect, is all I’m saying. You can disagree with what Catholics teach and believe without being a jerk about things.

  119. The Medieval Church built modern civilization. Often dragging the rest of the world kicking and screaming into it.

    History for Atheists is a pretty good blog. The writer is an atheist, but he gives the Church a fair assessment when discussing its history.

  120. Calm down, Mare.

  121. The Church wrote the table of contents, then Luther tried to delete a bunch of it.

    Luther didn’t oppose the pope, he just thought it should be him. And that Magisterium thing was just too much talking. Plus he wanted to bang a nun.

  122. Ace with the Putty Elaine link

  123. “”where do you guys shoot at? ranges? friend’s house?””
    The Michiganders use Detroit I think.

  124. I’m surprised that nyc hasn’t urned back into a shooting gallery.

  125. Us rednecks use the side or backyard.
    *hi fives roamy*

  126. Sad times at casa de monkey…. got rid of my WoodMaster planer/moulder yesterday. Looks like the excavator might go bye bye tomorrow.
    Casa de jam sold last weekend. It took a grand total of two days.

  127. wow Hank Aaron hit his first Homer in st louis

  128. I hope they are going to a good home jam.

  129. Congrats on the home sale, jam. I know it’s an upheaval but better than months and months of waiting for a nibble.

  130. The mom mask rant was good. All the replies showed me new people to block on Twitface. Going down the thread, I saw previously blocked people. I don’t understand why these people follow Daily Caller just to bitch about the posts. I ain’t got time to go to Daily Beast or HuffPo or wherever just to reply to all their posts about how stupid their people are.

    I keep hoping Zhao Buy Den will lift the mask mandate for federal employees after the 100 days are up, but I know better.

  131. watched the Cardinal game, and no one behind the plate was wearing a mask. It was uplifting.

  132. Harrison Bergeron in 5 minutes:

  133. I suppose the url would be helpful:

  134. Roamy, I know a great many federal employees who ignore the mask requirement entirely, for what it’s worth.

  135. I need a canopy-type thingy so I can still work outside on rainy shitty days. I’ve been getting thwarted consistently this Spring for a certain sawdust-producing event that I don’t have an appropriate place or setup to perform indoors.

  136. What the fuck…

  137. Your mom wears a paper sack. It has nothing to do with disease transmission though.

  138. I pasted the url three times.
    It appeared in the window, but not in the comment.
    Fuck it.
    I give up.
    It is in “Insanity Wrap” at PJ media.
    I’m going to bed…

  139. hmm, wonder what’s going on

  140. Digressions extended Rebecca’s presentation.

  141. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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