Forever in Blue Memes

Get em while they’re hot!
Late Easter Tricks, or really early one.

Not one word about pot. Bet I threw you stoners for a loop there!


  1. First time I noticed the SCOAMF affecting an accent for a word was POCK-UH-STAN for Pakistan.

  2. “Today has been declared “Doge Day” by the cryptocurrency’s proponents, who have loosely organized a bid to push its value to $1, up from 38 cents as of 5 p.m. ET on Monday.”

  3. Huh, 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday. Who knew all those stoners were Literal Nazis

  4. Parler coming back to the Apple App Store is like your dog coming back from the Vet’s office after his castration


    (Imgur video)

  6. Woke up at 4:20 on 4/20. We shall see how the day progresses.

  7. Wiener Spinner

  8. We demand blood pressure equity!!!

  9. Tldr! Let me guess, messing with hormones plays hell with other body systems.


  10. Wow full size weiner too. Not one of those little ones from up where it’s cold

  11. I’m reading an article on how Lena Dunham is problematic as the first celebrity fashion designer to focus on fat luxury clothes.

    Problematic because she’s white, rich, and her parents were famous artists. Need more POC, poor, and regular people to design fat luxury clothes for fat white women, obviously.

    This is the best comment ever:

    “I liked how this article examined origins of fat shaming alongside colonialism. Fat phobia is an issue that has impacts on health and deserves more writing on it.”

    You got that? Fat shaming is a health issue, not being fat.

    We need a healthy person to design luxury clothes for cancer patients so we can decide if that’s ok and whether or not cancer shaming is the real culprit, not cancer.

    SMOD? Its me MJ. I’m fucking begging you. Get here soon.

  12. Not only is it requested that we see Lena Dunham as a courageous figure, it is demanded of you. Sorry, I’m not buying into that delusion. There’s an awful lot of big chicks who put some effort into looking attractive rather than just letting their freak flags and fat folds fly.

  13. Sup?

  14. Please don’t make me look at Lena Dunham.

  15. I don’t think I do the douchebaggy thing of affecting an accent, but I have taken pains to learn correct pronunciation with the foreign languages I speak. I want to respect them and to reduce the chances of saying “daddy” when I mean “potato”.

  16. Wakey wakey

  17. In France they say Les États-Unis . No one ever says that they need to say the UNITED STATES so as not to offend. I certainly wouldn’t be “impressed” by them slipping that into conversation.

  18. basically, what I’m saying – don’t ever do anything Obama does.

  19. The only time fat-shaming is a health issue is when some douchebag at the gym mocks a fat person who’s there actually trying to get healthy. It’s rare, and usually women mocking other women. Guys are happy to support each other.

  20. I think Carin has it absolutely right, don’t ever do anything Obama does.

  21. Demanding that someone pronounce your words exactly as you say them is colonialism. Languages have various different accents and cadences, which can be difficult to overcome merely for your convenience.

  22. If I’m in another country I’ll make the effort to pronounce names and whatnot correctly. I don’t feel obligated to do so here, in my country.

  23. Lena Dunham has had an agent and branding managers since she was in her early teens. It’s all fake. Which is part of the reason it’s so funny.

  24. The problem is that her line of fat clothes will be just like every other line: awful.

  25. le cannard

  26. It’s sort of funny that it’s considered a fashion line. This would be like choosing from an artists many paintings, then calling that your art line.

    I’m sure they’ll use something like, ‘curated by…’ or ‘inspired by’ and then stick a label on it to sell to obese rich women. It’s a pretty niche market because fatness and wealth are inversely correlate but whatever. Go make money, hags.

  27. Ummmm, google Lena Dunham “fashion line” hoo boy. It’s as ugly as you’d guessed.

  28. I have a meeting on Monday called ‘Courageous Conversations’ which is being led by a D&I consultant.

    And our le cannard CEO put out a memo about the ‘trying times’ related to MN because we have a pretty big office there. He spelled the most recent ghetto lottery winner’s name wrong and had to send out a follow up email correcting it. If he doesn’t learn from that, he won’t be in the position long.

  29. In other news, my sister and I have decided to move to the moon. The plea by the prosecution to go with their gut and not the evidence in the GF trial has made the decision easier for us.

    I’ve never even heard of anything like that before.

  30. Also happy Paul took Obama to the Super Bowl. That was great of him.

  31. Calm down mare

  32. Covid kills fat people. I hope they aren’t missing that.

  33. I’m’a confess, I’ve lived in the South long enough my talking gets a little southron when my brain’s feeling lazy. Or when I just feel like it. Honestly my speech patterns have a tendency to be confusing on occasion. I pick up things here and there from folks I’m around, including best buddy’s late (very English) mother, a Californian roommate from college, and other random people. It’s a mess.

  34. Bro Tim, that is different. If you spoke 100% in your normal accent, and then pulled out a “I ain’t no waassy tiiiired” kind of thing …

  35. So her “line” of clothing consists of shapeless sacks and tight pieces which emphasize all the wrong things? Of course.

    This shit is why I like the historical costuming videos on YouToob: people back then understood how to cut and sew clothing to actually make a person look good even if they didn’t have a perfect body.


    Restored to Apple! Wowee! They are done curtailing your rights to speech, and have successfully contributed to stealing an election, so you can have your app back now.


    Blah blah blah, not one of them will say it out loud, so they are just basically lying. They would not vote for censure, so the point is moot. Dems are racist pieces of shit, prove me wrong.

  38. “I want to respect them and to reduce the chances of saying “daddy” when I mean “potato”.”

    I totally hear you. Nothing worse than telling someone you have a daddy stuck in your ass

  39. Declaring a mistrial because of MaxH20 would be the perfect end to this story. But no, we have marginal writers in our simulation so we’ll get more predictable burning and looting with a dash of murder.

    Boo. I want suspense and drama in this story.

  40. 4/20 thought of the day…

    What if the writers of our simulation are currently having a work revolution so we’re just living in their political argument?

    And so on and so on.

    It’s fat blue haired shut in cat lovers all the way down.

    *gurgle gurgle gurgle….deep breath

  41. My bet is a hung jury, followed by the case quietly being dropped. They’ve basically made it impossible to find another jury who will be impartial, and the threats against the defense witnesses will give Chauvin’s lawyer a stronger case that his client cannot get a full defense.

  42. at the gym mocks a fat person who’s there actually trying to get healthy.
    One of Paula’s pet peeves. Doesn’t happen too often at her CF gym but she notices it every now and then from a small group she labels the Mean girls.

  43. My bet is a hold out, not guilty, then a reprisal murder of the juror.

    His second cousin twice removed ends up conquering China with butterfly wings.

  44. guilty verdict, too much pressure on the jury

  45. * places $20 on not guilty *

  46. Guilty verdict, tossed on appeal, dude eventually retires to some tiny town in Montana for his own safety and sanity.

  47. we should all just send our winnings to scott now, huh?

  48. It’s clear we need a poll on this in the post.

  49. Shit like this is why the ancient idea of trial by combat looks more and more reasonable every day.

  50. When did MJ start using shrooms on the daily?

  51. We’re currently experience Michigan’s third winter.
    Ugh. It was so nice. It’s 30 degrees out, cold, overcast (humidity in the air making it all worse).

    I can’t get warm. As I said, I think it’s the humidity. Just chills me to the bone.

  52. “We are not diet vultures,” a spokesperson for The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt said. “We cater to all of our customers’ needs for the past 36 years. We are sorry you found this offensive.”

    No more “we are sorry…” crap. Instead, try, “This is stupid and you are stupid for saying it.”

  53. Then their identity is leaked.

    We are going to need a new legal system.

  54. “BuiLD yOuR OwN leGAl sYsTEm…”

  55. “We are sorry you are stupid …”

  56. It’s snowing.

    On April 20.

    Winter-Chan, you’ve finally come!

  57. If you are arguing with a frozen yogurt avatar, you should seriously reconsider your life.

  58. I keep seeing clips for Ben Domenech’s show on Fox, and all I can think is how fat his fucking face is. He’s a squinty-eyed neckbeard who looks like he should be sporting a trilby and talking about atheism.

  59. but, SteakUmm is arguing science with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on twitter!

  60. you’re going to trigger Ben and he and Meagain will have to split a quart of ben and jerrys.

  61. Technically Steak-Umm was bitchslapping NdGT about science on Twitter.

  62. Obesity is contagious.

    Technically Steak-Umm was bitchslapping NdGT about science on Twitter.

    Bitches get slapped, so this is as it should be.

  63. it was quite funny, however you classify it

  64. Doesn’t that fat fuck get to have his way with the blonde fat girls tits? Wassername?

  65. She’s had a baby recently. Pretty sure he doesn’t get to touch those anymore.

  66. He only gets to play with her back titties nowadays.

  67. NdGT couldn’t science his way out of a Klein bottle.

    Hell, he probably doesn’t even know what a Klein bottle is.

  68. If I gave him a battery, a switch, some wires, and a lightbulb, he might be able to lamp.

  69. Greenwald slicing like a fucking hammer.

  70. gleen is on fire, was great on tucker last night too

  71. I worked last night. I’ll have to watch it.

  72. I read the frozen yogurt article from Lovato and I sincerely have no idea WTF she’s taking about.

    She has severe mental illness and should be locked away or heavily medicated.

  73. Demi was used as a party favor by every male at Disney for years. Bank on it.

  74. Is anyone shocked at the number of pedos in the world?

  75. If no one wanted to do it, we wouldn’t need a law.

    That said, I really didn’t think that many wanted to do it. I assume most of them are ephebophiles rather than actual pedos (late adolescents appear to be the target, not toddlers, at least for the “straight” predators), which is another misfiring of the “detect sexual partner” hardware that we all have.

    I get being attracted to a blossoming 15-17yo girl, that’s normal and not exactly unusual in the history of the species. Acting on it when you’re her director/boss/teacher/family member is sick and depraved, forcing it is worse. Asking her out or even marrying her at that age isn’t so weird to me, assuming you’re her peer or not too much older and you fully intend to make it a lifelong commitment.

    But this is Disney, where raping 11yos of both sexes is corporate culture.

  76. Leon is a pedo apologist.

  77. I’m shocked by it, and I deal with pedos all the time.

    That said, not every case with a child victim means it’s pedophilia. Sometimes it’s a crime of opportunity, facilitated by meth, where the perp wouldn’t ordinarily go for a child but a child is all that’s available. Not making excuses, just an observation.

  78. And that’s where we are with the discussion, publicly. Age of consent laws used to assume full adulthood when humans were physically adults. That’s why you can still enlist at 17 if you’ll be 18 before too long. That’s why you can drive before you finish high school.

    We’ve infantilized these people since the end of WW2. On your parents’ insurance until 26, no alcohol until 21, etc. The world used to expect more from teenagers, and allow them more freedom to fail or succeed. The boomers wrapped their kids in NERF and now colllege undergrads still working on a BA at 24 use “adult” as a verb that they often fail to do. And these same manbabies and unwomyn are the ones in AntiFa throwing flaming excrement at cops and breaking shop windows in a world without consequences.

  79. “I don’t want my kids to ever want for anything” seems to be one of the most destructive ideas out there.

  80. And these same manbabies and unwomyn are the ones in AntiFa throwing flaming excrement at cops and breaking shop windows in a world without consequences.
    Feature, not a bug. Eventually it’ll snap back and they’ll all be crushed.

  81. I wonder who I’d be today if college hadn’t been handed to me. It’s a big “what if?” but there’s a good chance I’d be better off in many ways, even if I was a little poorer.

    That said, I can help but think that it was a trap. It taught me a lot of the wrong lessons, and put me on a path to find comfort and free coffee rather than vocation. I was exceedingly comfortable in college other than the cramped, shared living space, and my first thought as it ended was to prolong that by any and all means.

  82. That said, not every case with a child victim means it’s pedophilia. Sometimes it’s a crime of opportunity, facilitated by meth, where the perp wouldn’t ordinarily go for a child but a child is all that’s available. Not making excuses, just an observation.

    I keep thinking about the stories of women who pursue young boys, or mothers who not only turn over their kids to be abused by a boyfriend/husband, but join in. Ultimately I don’t think sexual attraction is just a function of reproductive desire; it’s a function of a lot of other impulses hardwired into us, and shaped by social cues, the environment, chemical alterations, etc.

  83. If I could do it again I’d have skipped grad school and gone to farrier school instead. I’d probably be happier.

  84. Alex is also a pedo enabler.

    Glad we’re ll coming out of the closet. Who’s next?

  85. I would have still gone to college but actually gone to grad school rather than putting it off.

    Actually none of that matters. The only thing I would do differently is having lots of kids with GND but we met late in life.

    I always tell her we’d be broke as hell but we’d have 4 or 5 kids and I’d be great with that.

  86. *OTUS is weighing in on the verdict.

    This is a mistrial, whatever the result.

  87. The grass is disappearing.

  88. the jury is sequestered now

  89. I noted an article yesterday where they referred to a 35 year old as a “young man”. he was having an mental breakdown, went after a cop with a knife, got killed. So I get why they do it. They’re trying to create sympathy for the dead guy. The “young man”. At 35.

    At 35 y/o, the person is just … a MAN.

  90. At 35 he’s entering early middle age.

  91. Ace’s website is such a disaster it’s hard to read. I really hope they fix it soon.

  92. Historically, at 35 he should be watching a son or daughter get married and getting ready to be a grandpa.

    Literally everything Pascal ever wrote came before he turned 30 (since he didn’t live to see it). The average signer of the Declaration was what, 31?

  93. I’m mistaken:

    And though the average age of the signers of the Declaration of Independence was 44, more than a dozen of them were 35 or younger!

    So more than half of them were younger than I am now.

  94. Mare, you should watch Nobody. You’d like it.

  95. Marriage ages in the West are historically around 25-30 for men, and 18-22 for women. Marriages younger than that were rarer. Men often worked in apprenticeships and then as journeymen, and so they couldn’t afford to marry until their late twenties. The pressure on families to provide a dower would also play into this, as emphasis would be on the eldest son marrying first. For women, marriage before 15-16 provided little benefit, as fewer women began menstruation prior to that age, and a young woman was valuable as extra hands on the farm or in the household. Again, the pressure to provide a dowry would mean that the focus was on marrying off the eldest daughter, with others waiting longer for the family to amass a proper dowry.

  96. Historically speaking, how old was your mom when she started taking in “boarders”?

  97. She apprenticed under your mom for over a decade.

  98. NZ has departed “5-EYES”.

    We are now stuck in either a badly-named defense arrangement, or we are the nerdy “4-EYES”.

  99. That’s actually a big deal. The Kiwis were a small part, but like the Canucks they’ve always punched above their weight, IMHO. And considering that the US, Canada, Australia, and NZ all have interests in the Pacific, it’s not a good thing for that alliance to be fracturing at this moment.

  100. I’ve had to mark things 5-EYES, so yes, I’m aware how big a deal that is.

    That said, NZ is now an english-speaking panopticon and I wouldn’t trust anything their government told me.

  101. Sorry, that was more for everyone else.

  102. had no idea about 5 eyes, but makes sense.

    Sounds like Japan is ready to jump on board.

  103. 5-EYES was all in on Trumpenkrieg. It’s the NFL of Deep States. They were spying on citizens of other member nations and passing the info on to the agencies of those states.

    Why no, I pretty much don’t trust any part of the IC right now, why do you ask…

  104. Yeah, most of the spy agencies aren’t allowed to target their own citizens. 5-EYES was purportedly often used to circumvent that protection.

    I cannot confirm that.

  105. So …. not wanting your black spouse to yell at you is a sign of your internalized racism.

    Learn something new every day.

  106. I have a theory.

    So, guys with small penises get a fast car or a big truck to compensate, right? well established pop-psych stuff.

    SO, barely black people take the racism shit to 11 to compensate for the fact that they are barely black and were (probably) raised in “privileged. ”

    Pretty barely black women seem to be the worst.

  107. Like they got booted out out of the “everybody hates me cool club”.

  108. Wokism is entirely about social positioning. It’s a way to demonstrate one’s purity, progressive bona fides, ability to organize against a target, and to defend against any attacks from your peers.

  109. It’s driven by the kind of people who have the time to engage in petty bullshit institutional politics.

  110. If shit really goes down and something horrible happens – the woke, the trans, … all the people outraged by made-up things are going to be very quickly forgotten. I’m not sure how long it will take them to realize that their bullshit was completely made-up and irrelevant.

  111. Stars triggered by fat-free options at a fro-yo. Transwomen upset about bathrooms and sports. Gays made about whatever they hell they are still mad about.

  112. Imagine finally getting gay married, but society has fallen apart so there are no Christian or otherwise bakeries you can attempt force into making you a cake.


  113. things are going so well now, that people make up shit to be pissed off about.

  114. Jury verdict at 5pm.

  115. That didn’t take long. As if it was ever going to.

  116. They thought about it for a day? OMG that’s hilarious.

    Who will be the first HERO to rush to a microphone for money? Juror 1 or 1-12?

  117. I learned a lot from this whole fuck up.

    Never, ever trust the media or consensus opinion. It’s always a lie.

    And everyone deserves a multi state, multi million dollar funeral during a pandemic if you die with fentanyl up your ass.

  118. how long until it’s leaked?

  119. Do they have APC’s on site, to escort court staff and jurors away?

  120. From the bags of money and accolades raining down on them?

    They’ll be HEROES

  121. between 4:30 and 5 Eastern, 15 mins from now.

  122. does antifa have anti-tank weapons?

  123. More than 3,000 National Guard soldiers, along with state and local police officers, sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement personnel have flooded Minneapolis in recent days, with a verdict looming in the Chauvin trial, and following the fatal police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in the nearby city of Brooklyn Center.

  124. Wow. All y’all are being kinda deep and dark today.

    I like fast cars and big trucks, but my penis is a medium; it can talk to ghosts.

  125. I’m closer to South Canada, I guess.

  126. My husband’s friend said that his son who killed a police officer was NOT at the capital building.

    Thanks for nothing, idiot.

    People like to insert themselves into drama…I guess…and insanity is an epidemic.

  127. Perhaps I’m starting to understand that Alex was correct.

    I don’t think black folks understand they are only 12-13% of the population.

  128. House votes 216 – 210 against censuring Maxine Waters

    Completely party line vote.

  129. This fits with my general theory that most people don’t really understand numbers very well and have a really hard time with proportions.

    It’s why Joe Biden says things like 300M people died today from Covid. It’s just a number to him.

    And his brain is fondue.

  130. They’re going to go guilty, they haven’t argued enough about how to escape alive if they call an acquittal.

  131. Cup foods in Minneapolis is closing today, in anticipation of the verdict.

  132. What was that tweet Instapundit used to link all the time? “My favorite part of the Obama era is all the racial healing”.

  133. Did you see the woman on video say if he’s not guilty maybe we should just kill all the white people?

  134. Waters was jury tampering…period. Isn’t that a felony?

    Why else would she have been there?

  135. In other news, Jeff B is getting rolled over by Morons on twitter, for his Sicknick hot-take in Jan.

  136. What did Jeff b say?

  137. This fits with my general theory that most people don’t really understand numbers very well and have a really hard time with proportions.

    Ironically, mathematical ability correlates highly with Neanderthal admixture.

  138. Guilty on all 3 counts.

    2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder, manslaughter 2nd degree

  139. How do you get three counts for one dead guy?

  140. The jurors are either cowards, or idiots. I hope they, and their families, suffer.

  141. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 20, 2021 5:09 pm
    How do you get three counts for one dead guy?

    Because the legal system is bullshit.

  142. I have no doubt that the jurors were explicitly threatened.

    Oh well, race war time. Let’s get it over with.

  143. they are celebrating now

  144. There is rarely a national case where so much reasonable doubt abounds.

    This is one of those cases. I’m sorry that Chauvin had to be the sacrificial policeman for the race baiters.

  145. Can the scum go home now?

  146. Fox News celebrating the guilty verdict:

    Gutfeld also said he was glad, because now there won’t be rioting.


  148. I live in NM. Our DA is a POS. My cousin. We will burn. IDFC.

  149. I really thought the jury would decide to put their fear aside and do the right thing instead of becoming stunning and brave gazillionaire media sensations.

  150. I didn’t know that their identity was known.

  151. Media is describing them so close, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out who is who. Defense witnesses have already been doxxed and their homes vandalized. One defense team member hadn’t updated his address, current residents got graffitied and attacked. 🤪🤣🤪🤣 Wilkommen

  152. I can’t help but think he’ll appeal after the riots when the media has its eye on some new outrage (and win his appeal)

  153. There is no way he’s win on appeal. None.

    The penalties would be too severe.

  154. agreed MJ. Roberts, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch all went with peer pressure in elections. Just a signal to everyone else, bow down, obey.

  155. Not one stubborn sob on he jury? Not one person with guts, ridiculous…

    All the cops watching this are going to just let people go, not worth the risk.

  156. Things will be fine. Injustices happen everyday but mostly things turn out the way they should.

    The left uses power because they believe the world turns on power. The right is slowly starting to get it and when they finally wake the fuck up, they’ll have a shot at beating the left.

    We’re not even playing the same game right now. Give it time.

  157. And another officer-involved shooting, this time in Columbus. Initial report seems to be white cop, 15 y.o. black girl.

  158. We’re in the Endgame, now.

  159. Ah, panic rifle. You were the best decision I made last year.

  160. CoAl, it doesn’t matter. Cops are redundant and should quit. DC 13 yr old and 15 year old kill Uber driver. I’m still angry about the 15 Year olds that killed my cousin. Ammo up and prepare.

  161. Didn’t the some of the ohio state police go to MN to help out with the riots?

    Seems like a poor decision in hindsight.

  162. IDGAF who cops shoot unless I’m related to them.

    Too much scum involved while a cop is putting their life on the line, killing someone making a bad choice.

  163. Nancy Pelosi is a fucking disgrace.

  164. Buckeye cops have Somali problems of their own. Fucking BHO

  165. Doing some typing and deleting. Not a good sign.

  166. I predict a comeback for Devil’s Night this October.

  167. Yeah, Tim, agree, lots of typing and deleting.

  168. we are all typing and deleting. this is what the climate brings

  169. I used to get ivermectin today.

  170. Let it burn.

    Paul was allowed to start on clear liquids today – jury is still out on that.

    He started running a low grade temperature about an hour ago, and his blood pressure has gone up, but apparently I am not supposed to worry about that being a thing yet.

    Yeah, right.

  171. Candace Owens on twitter isn’t deleting. Well done, ma’am!

  172. Generals gathered in their masses….

  173. prayers for Paul. Take away the TV, the blood pressure will go down, TiFW


    (Imgur video)

  175. Ed Gavin sucking up to the mob on tucker.

  176. Ha, Jay! We’re not watching the news – we’re watching action movies! 😊

  177. Carin, we just bought April’s doses at Tractor Supply along with a 50# bag of oyster shells.

  178. Based on what’s happening in cities, no one gives a shit about the system, George Floyd or Chauvin. That’s as Soros designed it.

  179. This is a yummy idea, I bet it works better on the PBC if I can get some pork belly around here that even looks half that great.


  181. so, thick cut bacon?

  182. Hey Carin…

  183. What tattoo are we going to have them give Car in while she’s drunk?

  184. How about “Big Tool Fan” tramp stamp?

  185. “Stinkfist” Tramp stamp?

  186. I got a haircut today, and no one was wearing a mask, so neither did I. I was stupid happy about it and tipped heavily.

  187. Dinah experienced real pain.

  188. WAKEUP!

  189. I did an HHD poat, where is it?

  190. HHD

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