MMM 441

Block editor is being a bitch today, and it’s threatening to kill my laptop, so we’re going to keep this short. Good morning!

I can’t do this, and I’m okay with that.


Nike is the enemy of mankind.


Pretty hair.

Pic says 2009. I should see what she looks like now.

More pretty hair.

Is CrossFit still trendy, or are the kids doing something else now? SuperFunctional training or something like that?


  1. Yesterday we went to a kid birthday party. It was all outside, which was kind of nice.

    One of the neighbors (not ours) has kept themselves and their two kids isolated for almost a year. They wouldn’t go inside to get food but the kids were playing and sharing toys so I have no idea what that was all about. They’re probably late 20s, early 30s.

    Their 3.5 year old was ecstatic to be around other kids and it was clear that he hadn’t really been socialized much.

  2. Everyone was vaccinated except for me.

  3. There’s been a lot of coverage about vaccination rates in the state by one dose or two and the numbers are approaching 50% for at least one dose. NH has opened up entirely and New England tourists will be flocking there. Yet Maine remains locked down with the tourist season fast approaching. Dem governor here, GOP governor in NH might explain the difference. The NPR report was quick to discuss the rising number of cases and hospitalizations. NH is the new Florida as far as the media is concerned

  4. My wife wondered something out loud that I had thought of but not voiced: what if the vaccine is real, but it’s not for WuFlu, or at least not exclusively. What if it’s primarily to keep a submissive, compliant population alive when they unleash the real Pestilence next year?

    I rate this as unlikely, but it’s evil, so it’s possible.

  5. Leon, that has crossed my mind and I have heard others talk about it.

    Plus, I’m reading Jack Carr’s latest novel which is about a virus. Unnaturally released.

    Our government is shit and I guess I’m forced to rely on my immune system and excellent health.

    If I die from some other bullshit the agenda people will unleash, and they will, good riddance to this shell of a Nation. I hope I’m in Hawaii when I go. They will be forced to either bury me there or dump my incinerated asses on one of the islands. Not a bad way to go.

  6. MJ, you and your social group are young. It stuns me how afraid your generation is about shit.

  7. Their 3.5 year old was ecstatic to be around other kids and it was clear that he hadn’t really been socialized much.



    Leon can’t find a like-minded group so he’s trying, but to purposefully keep your kid inside and afraid is child abuse.

  8. I’m gonna incinerate your ass!

  9. wakey wakey

  10. I think of all the babies seeing strangers wearing masks and wonder what effect that’s going to have when they’re teens and incapable of reading emotions as expressed by facial expression

  11. We joined a Catholic homeschooling group not associated with a particular parish. There’s an elementary play group that meets on Fridays that wife and daughter attended last week. Went well.

  12. The government has stolen a year from many people’s lives. Visiting family, nursing home relatives, family in hospitals dying alone, funerals, weddings, vacations, concerts, walk/runs, everything. And most were absolutely fine with it. Many it appears didn’t think they went far enough. They want to keep this nonsense up another year.

    And poor, stupid, docile Canadians. They’re fooked.

  13. Leon, did you vaccinate possum with the slew of vaccines recommended for the first year of her life?

    I just read an article that said babies who were not vaccinated for a year or more had better health markers than those who received a regular panel in their first months.

  14. Quite a few. I objected, but they trap you. No pediatrician will even see your kid if they don’t have all the shots on the schedule they’ve got no science to back up.

  15. We went to Savannah (3 times), California(3 times) and Hawaii(1 time) in the last year.

    It’s a good thing we enjoy water activities and didn’t have to rely on restaurants and bars group activities to entertain us.

  16. No pediatrician will even see your kid if they don’t have all the shots on the schedule they’ve got no science to back up.

    That’s what I was afraid of.

  17. You should invent “mood masks”. They would change color to indicate your current emotional state.

  18. Millennials were raised to try and game the system. Every class you took, every sport you played, every aspect of your life was carefully chosen to maximize your ability to get into a good college, get a good job, etc., etc. There was no resiliency. Instead, the boomers and gen X created a generation of rules lawyers, snitches, and box-checkers. So when the pandemic hit, these same millennials fell back on what they knew: they wore a mask because they were told that was important, and then they turned it up to eleven because that’s what they’ve done all their lives: virtue signal how good you are at following the rules.

  19. The girl who was killed by her abusive father in Austin was a student of a friend of mine.

  20. Gen X is the last to be taught to “question authority”, near as I can tell.

  21. By the way, Jack Carr’s James Reese book series is excellent. And bonus he’s a really good guy in real life.

    I need a new book series. Any suggestions? If the protagonist is constantly having morality issues about killing a bad guy I’m not interested.

  22. I think if you took a 60’s liberal and time traveled them to now, they’d lose their minds at what liberals have become.

  23. I don’t know that story, Carin. I’ll look it up.

  24. I’m reading the first Reese book. When I found it, I asked if anyone had read it and no one said boo.

  25. It JUSt happened. Yesterday, I think?

  26. I must not have been around, Carin. I’ve read it twice.

    When I looked for the story, unfortunately, there were a few fathers killing daughter stories. Uffffff.

  27. I wonder if Paul has pooped yet. I hope so.

    Poor guy.

  28. I wonder what the average body fat % is of our models today?

  29. Many it appears didn’t think they went far enough. They want to keep this nonsense up another year.

    The generation above mine is the worst. I have theories.

    The generations below mine are easily the most compliant.

    Gen X. Crossing our arms and not believing anything since March 1975.

  30. I wonder if Biden will say something insane today? That’s something to look forward to.

  31. And poor, stupid, docile Canadians. They’re fooked
    I was just chatting with the FP resident shadowing me for the day and he said he’s from New Brunswick and matched here with the notion he could see his family often. The border has been closed most of his intern year.

  32. And the riots late this week, probably next are going to be awesome.

    I haven’t really followed this bullshit but I hope it’s not guilty simply out to serve chaos theory. But the result will be the same even if the white guy goes to jail.

    I wonder if this will be generational. The rodney king era got OJ and the BLM era gets to imprison a few cops.

  33. 9%?

  34. I love winter as much as the next guy, but it’s fucking snowing today.

  35. MaxH2O would like a word about your attitude, MJ.

    Confrontate, ON!

  36. Mare- cop abused his daughter, wife filed for divorce, cop lost his job. Dad goes and kills mom, daughter and a friend who was there. Last I heard the guy was still at large.

  37. Did not hear about it, Carin. Awful.

  38. another murderer on a FBI watch list.

  39. but they will be hard at work rounding up all those Jan 6 miscreants!

  40. MJ, in court the defense attorney got Vhauvin’s boss to admit with other camera angles than the one we all saw, Chaivin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade NOT his neck.
    Reasonable doubt.

    Also, Floyd’s heard saying “I ate too many drugs” proudied of heart respiratory failure with an overdose. Reasonable doubt.

    And actually much more.
    He should be acquitted but the jurors want to survive so…

  41. MaxH2O wants you to know that the burning is for your own good, mare.

  42. I sound like Biden when I comment from my phone.

  43. What is MaxH20? Besides the obvious.

  44. This weekend a direct neighbor whom I’ve never seen outside decided to put up wind chimes. We sit outside to read all the time.

    This will not end well.

  45. jams nickname for maxine waters, which is my new favorite.

  46. I noticed on my husbands desk the HOA bylaws prohibiting “bells” etc..

    Lol He’s taking care of it so I won’t. I mentioned something about checking for ring cameras, scissors and a good throw toward the lake.

  47. Hahahahaha, I missed that, thanks, Jay.

  48. I’m trying to think about race relations in the US from a different perspective.

    There are some facts that have conveniently gotten erased and we probably all know them but I think the most important right now is that race relations had been improving for decades until CRT was mainstreamed.

    We’re now playing the CRT game.

    The only outcome that I can see is increased tribalism.

  49. The lifestyles of poor people of all ethnicities were also improving until a certain president whose last name is a penis word gave us cradle-to-grave dependency and indigence. The democrats can never seem to let things improve on their own, and fuck it all up because they’re a bunch of shit-stirrers with stupid ideas that never work.

    Think of how many fewer completely self destructive and ignorant dipshits there would be in this country, if the bizarro-world named “Great Society” had never happened.

  50. Jack Donovan has been predicting that for a while. There’s no identity so worthless as being a “good global citizen”, and the BIPOC types are taking advantage of that. The natural, predictable, and rational response for the non-BIPOC is to claim an equally powerful identity. The brainwashed, subjugated, and passive response is to remain a “good global citizen” and get bent over, fleeced, and then bled dry while watching your children enslaved and worse.

  51. a certain president whose last name is a penis word

    Never heard Obama used that way, since he’s the only president who ever did anything

  52. Great Society


    Social Security


    The Affordable Cate Act


    Lefties love word play.

  53. Ha!! Just got my mail from this weekend, in it was an ad from the Neptune Society which, evidently, is about cremation.

  54. I have a Kickstarter up to raise funds to design a new web page called


    I also have a Kickstarter for a web page called It will be more like an eTrade kind of thing, where people can buy and sell futures or whatever.

  55. always bet the over

  56. awww local news station puts up a post about Drake Relays (big track event in DSM) having limited seating, and parents aren’t able to see their kids compete.

    I post something about this is what they want, and all their stories reflect that. My post is being throttled. Haha, that’s awesome.

  57. Your wives must not have a pulse.

    What are you talking about?

  58. PoopCoin, a new cryptocurrency utilizing the blockchain.

  59. I saw a meme pic of President Trump and Governor DeSantis

    “Just 45 chilling with 47. “

    If only elections mattered.

  60. A crashing economy and hyperinflation that’s “off book” per the official inflation number is how they’ll make Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid solvent.

  61. Teresa needs to update us and soon!

    Come on, Paul, make the magic happen!!

  62. Can’t Paul just eat a bunch of Taco Bell?

  63. Alex is a problem solver.

  64. Smooth muscle relaxation doesn’t care about shitty “messican” food.

  65. I like Taco Bell. I never eat it but I like it.

  66. leon, why are you so mean to Gretch?

    Why did you take away all her toys? Why not just let her do the science?

  67. She has blocked the legislature from having any voice in this since last April, but it’s their fault.

    Is this “toxic femininity”, since she’s (ostensibly) a woman and they are mostly men?

  68. “Do you see it where you live?”

    All the time in rural areas.

  69. The future of law enforcement

    tl;dr summary: fuck em, I quit

  70. Scott thinks CT has rural areas. That’s adorbs.

  71. it’s really prevalent in rural areas. mom is thinking of getting a flag.

  72. Trump took a simmering discontent that was starting to coalesce and gave it an identity, a sort of structure to form around: Make America Great Again. He figured out how to make an identity movement that didn’t focus on racial or class lines, but that appealed to many minorities and working class voters.

  73. dogecoin: is it doj coin or doggy coin?

  74. Doh-gay-coin.

  75. Long O, soft G, Doge, then Coin.

  76. i’m in, alex, haha

  77. I predict that Whitmer will win reelection by 20 points.

    People love the lockdowns in MI

  78. I either have to sort out how to make a coyote-resistant mobile sheep shelter to go inside their electric fencing, or I’ll have to move them in and out of a barn stall twice a day to their grazing patch.

    I’m leaning toward the former, but… lumber.

  79. People love the lockdowns in MI

    Yep, the same people who won the state for Zhou Buy Den.

    The fictional and dead.

  80. Plus, we can count on the local GOP to put up another worthless sack of excrement to run against her, probably some asshat like Mike Shirkey.

  81. She still has a 52% approval rating. That’s insane.


    They’ve been moving them here for over a month already.

    The dramatic upswing in cases is just a coincidence, you racist.


    Aww they are finding her history a bit troubling. Isn’t that a shame?

  84. She still has a 52% approval rating. That’s insane.

    The rest of us hang up on pollsters, and the fictional and dead constituencies like the cut of her jib.

  85. yeah, the pollsters keep getting voting wrong. I wonder why.

    What did Trafalgar do that was so much better? Last 2 elections he’s guessed it.

  86. The polls aren’t getting it “wrong”, they’re providing what the clients want: a plausible narrative for the result the fraud will deliver.

  87. The only guy around here who grazes sheep has a couple of big herd guarding dogs. They kill coyotes fairly often. As far as I know, he hasn’t lost sheep to wolves either. The neighboring rancher has lost around 30 head of calve to wolves.

  88. If I had 40 sheep, I could see getting a Great Pyrenees to guard them.

    I’m gonna have 4, at least this first year. I think a shed I can close at night surrounded by electric mesh fence ought to be enough. If it isn’t, I don’t know if it’s practical at this scale and if I wouldn’t be better off just raising 2-4 pigs a year in fixed pens with deep bedding. I’ve got a LOT of good grass and will be getting more, so I want to use it if I can. I’d raise steers but those are way too big to consider butchering solo.

  89. I’m starting to see why they raise donkeys for food in South America. they defend themselves pretty well, and can live on the same grass as sheep.

    But donkeys are smart and can do good work if they are trained, it’s too close to eating dog for me to be in on that, and you can’t sell the meat in the US at all.

  90. Trump made an effort to channel what was below the surface into something positive and constructive. Stomping that into oblivion will have predictable and utterly tragic results, because what it was meant to shape is still there…and will find another form to take.

  91. Tim, yup.

  92. They should have let Romney win in 2012. They should have let Trump win in 2016. I fear/hope that what comes next will burn multiple continents.

  93. oh come on, you can sell donkey meat. Bonanza and Ponderosa are still in business, aren’t they?

  94. They couldn’t, both for personal and for practical reasons. Personally, they’ve turned progressivism, globalism, and technocracy into a religious movement where they are the elect. Their egos wouldn’t permit them to allow someone else to win. Practically, the whole system is so fragile that they can’t afford to let go for a second, because it’s a constant effort to keep the whole thing from crashing.

  95. And it would mean admitting failure. That’s anathema to any way of thinking that doesn’t admit for the concept of redemption.

  96. And sometimes, an infection just has to be burned out.

  97. See my comment above about millennials and gaming the system. “Failure” is the biggest teacher that we have, but we’ve created a culture where failure is seen as unrecoverable, and at the same time have often broadened the definition of failure to include anything less than perfect. So what we end up with is a population who learn to game the system, manipulate data to appear successful, even if it’s an utter clusterfuck in reality.

  98. I’m just really having a hard time dealing with all the … really fucking stupid people out there.

    Trump fomented an insurrection by telling people to peacefully protest. But MaxH20 did nothing wrong appearing past curfew and telling people that if they don’t get the verdict in a trial they DEMAND they are going to take it up a notch.

    Which, I mean – they already were taking shots at national guard troops. Taking it up a notch basically means full race war.

    I can’t even.

    And liberals see nothing wrong with what she’d done.

  99. This, BTW, is one of the better speeches on failure.

  100. Add in that the entire justice system has basically been built from the ground up by liberals. That they want to STILL tip the scale of justice, it just defies understanding.

  101. I wonder how much of that is an unconscious importation of Chinese “face” culture rather than our indigenous “effort” culture. Traditionally, America highly prized those who tried, even if they failed. Face culture denigrates failure harshly, so much so that no one really tries anything that has a chance of it.

  102. “Face” culture is arguably an outgrowth of the bureaucracy which has dominated China for thousands of years. As our bureaucracy has grown, it’s no surprise that we’d start to see it here.

    Remember that the “meritocracy” of the Chinese system was that you had to demonstrate competence… in memorizing and regurgitating specific texts and specific forms of writing and speaking. This led to rampant attempts at cheating.

  103. MaxH2O wants everything to burn, and wants police escort to get her to where she fans the flames:

  104. Well, when all that matters is the test, there’s no reason not to cheat.

    This is theorized, btw, to be the origin of the “High IQ Asian” myth. China only publishes the test results from their college-prep high schools. In a nation of 1 billion where the average person is broke and less than one paycheck from starvation, the idea that the average IQ is 115 (a full standard deviation above the global mean) really ought to be a joke.

  105. probably due to their work ethic, perhaps? When other race groups are treating their kids the same, the results match that. Has nothing to do with race, it’s what the parents are doing.

  106. I don’t think they’ve thought it all the way through.

    13% of the population teaming up with unarmed, wimpy old white ass crackers isn’t a great strategy. Sure, the crackers are rich and can afford to buy security but they won’t be sharing. They’re not really down for the struggle.

  107. ann coulter has been pointing that out for years.

  108. Well, I guess I’m in good company.

  109. This is when I wonder what the contrarian investments are and whether I ought to chase them

    Toilet paper. Meth. Crack. The former is your bread and butter. The latter two, your golden goose.

  110. Viva Frei was asking about Mad Max’s incitement. Barnes doesn’t think it’s enough for a mistrial or acquittal, but does think the judge should interview each juror privately, seeing as how they’re not sequestered.

  111. It’s a funny thing about “success” and “failure”, you can always be a winner if you get to define what winning means. If that definition is not a thing that translates into real-world success, you have a big-ass problem. We’re watching the mass psychological consequences of that disjunction play out before us now. It would actually be somewhat amusing if we weren’t living through it.

    The good news, of course, is that the situation is generally self-correcting over time, as the Millennials find out you can’t eat test scores and virtue signals. Between lack of practical capability and the eventual score-settling this particular brand of stupid will, perhaps not go extinct, but certainly removed from consideration as a significant thing.

    The bad news, of course, is it’s gonna suck getting there.

  112. 13% of the population teaming up with unarmed, wimpy old white ass crackers isn’t a great strategy. Sure, the crackers are rich and can afford to buy security but they won’t be sharing. They’re not really down for the struggle.

    Black popular teaming with ultra rich?

    Hi BEANSNSNSBBS, where have you been?

  113. I don’t think that 13% realizes they’re only 13%.

  114. Can’t the sheep and horsies shelter under the same protective mini donkey umbrella of coyote ass-kicking?

  115. They aren’t even 13% anymore. Importing South and Central America combined with Planned Babymurder has left them at 12% or less.

    But they live in cities where they are 25-75% of pop, so they have no idea how rare they are.

  116. They can, Pupster, but I’m not sure I have enough electric fence for all of them at once, and they have substantially different mineral needs. I’d like to do that down the line, but I’ve been warned that occasionally, donkeys get territorial about a patch of grass and decide that sheep can eat hoof.

  117. Donnie is also very strongly bonded to Ricardo Grande, and separating them isn’t practical or safe.

  118. Friday night I one black couple, and they are the only table that gave me zero as a tip.

    now – I’ve gotten very small tips, or 10% .. from trashy people. BUT, it’s rare to get a zero tip and it’s almost always been from black people.

    And – it’s not because I give them bad service. This table was being friendly and what not.

    So if anyone asks, I’ve already provided reparations beyond what I “owe”.

  119. stereotypes are used because they are usually true.

  120. $50 dollar check too. Which is more of an ouch than being stiffed on a $30 bill.

  121. facts, J’ames.

    I don’t “serve down” when the stereotype says I may get a bad tip – which honestly applies to a host of stereotypes. I don’t, because I’m aware that people are individuals and I never know if they are not a type. It’s just as easy to give a table good service, and that way if I get stiffed I know 100% it wasn’t me.

  122. yep. It’s easy to give good service to everyone, and not pick and choose. I’ve always made more money than anyone else with that attitude. I don’t have to waste time thinking of who I’m gonna pay attention to.

    Now, if you’ve given me a reason to leave your pizza in the warmer when I have a choice between 2 deliveries, that’s on you. I will weight my choices. If I’ve had no experiences with you in the past, then it won’t be a consideration. But if you’ve stiffed me in the past…

  123. More donkeys is the obvious solution here. Or a nice pony for the sheep and possum.

    True story: A stray dog tried to chase the neighbor horse / pony combo when I was a kid, the horse ran but the pony just turned around and put two hooves to the torso. When that dog stopped rolling he left the field a bit slower than he came in. Finding a nice pony might be a challenge, Every one I ever dealt with was an asshole.

  124. There are no nice ones. All ponies are evil.

  125. I dunno, Rarity seems fun, if a little high-maintenance.

    We don’t actually have a pony, we have a miniature horse. Alex is right, ponies are mostly assholes IME, mini-horses are just that, small horses. And donkeys are smart but stubborn. They will do what you ask if motivated, and nothing at all if not motivated. We don’t even have to rope Donnie to move him, he just follows Richard.

  126. Carin, why would they not tip???

  127. I think it’s pretty obvious you’re a racist (because you’re white).

  128. i forget, who’s richard?

  129. Richard is the miniature horse that demanded we adopt him by breaking out of his enclosure a mile or so up the road and coming to visit our mares while wagging his massive unit. He broke out 3 times in total, iirc.

    His owner sold the farm off and the owner’s realtor offered him to us for free after that. Possum rides him sometimes. He’s so far very well-behaved under the saddle.

  130. I don’t know why some people don’t tip. Extreme ignorance? I really don’t know. It’s rare that you meet someone who meet someone who will admit they don’t tip – or tip very little. But there are plenty of them out there.

    I suppose some just think it actually *is* just extra money, not realizing that we don’t actually get paychecks.

  131. My black friend, whom I mentioned the other day regarding pipe, will not tip of he’s part of a group of men eating together. If it’s couples, he tips extravagantly. He thinks it’s macho to be seen as tight with his money in front of men but wants to be seen as a generous individual in front of women.

    Did I mention that he’s on his fourth marriage? .

  132. I always thought tipping big in front of other men was a signal of prosperity and power. “I’m so flush, I can drop a 30% tip”. I also seemed to get really good service at places I went to often.

    But what do I know?

  133. I’ve seen folk of that community zero tip in nearly the same breath as complaining they never get tipped when they work. I just chalked it up to being clueless asshats.

  134. And I tip at least 20% unless service was awful. Because I’ve been on the other end of those tips myself.

  135. I always give your mom a big tip.

  136. why are the oath keepers the big target now?

  137. My fav nickname of all time is No Tippin’ Pippen.

    Scottie Pippen used to go out a lot in Chicago and would never tip. He was rich, famous, demanding, and people loved him.

    Servers did not love him.

  138. #3 absolutely looks to be packing some peen.
    Nice job leon!!!!

  139. listening to Crowder breaking down closing arguments, and the prosecution is just out and out lying. Every false trope, presented as truth.

  140. Jay, I’m truly shocked.

    If we need to BBQ a few stores and lock up a whitey to assuage the pain of people who think they were slighted at some point in their lives, so be it.

    Remember when Obama assumed someone thought he was a waiter because he was black, not because he was wearing a tux that looked like the servers? Someone needs to pay for that, rather than shrugging it off and thinking it was funny.

  141. live is hard when you are perpetually oppressed and pissed off.

  142. Beasn sighting and I missed it. Pepe, hoarding restarted with the J&J getting pulled. Kids going back to school emptied our bread, lunchmeat, and snack areas. Lunchmeat and snacks are on a slow supply train, since they haven’t been selling. 2 gun incidents at work last week. Driveby Saturday night and gas attendant asked a customer to put out his cigarette while at the pump, guy pulled a gun. Bullet hole in the exit door.

  143. Bullet hole in the exit door.
    LOL – I don’t know why but I’m dying laughing over here.

  144. This should scare all of us.
    robot tentacle

  145. In other news, your mom said she doesn’t need me anymore.

  146. H E N T A I M I N A T O R

  147. MJ, Oops “Phrasing”. I think I may have created a new category.

  148. They should dig him up.

    Let’s run more tests on George Floyd.

    Why not? Out of an abundance of caution…

  149. why do we need more tests? they’ll just ignore that evidence too.

  150. Oh, God. That thing appears to take a look before it goes in. ::shudder:: I hate it when they do that.

  151. mccarthy does have a pair. Now we wait, to find out if they are functional:

  152. McCarthy knows it won’t go anywhere. If the GOP was in power he wouldn’t do shit about it. Gotta protect the dignity of our institutions and all that…

  153. Oh, God. That thing appears to take a look before it goes in. ::shudder:: I hate it when they do that.

    I bet it’s got one eye and does exactly that.

  154. Someone needs to write a virus that causes Tesla’s to say, “Aaah! Tako-san!” (Oh, Mr. Octopus!) whenever that thing inserts itself.

  155. A Censur is about as effective as me shouting at clouds…with Hotspur.

  156. My Soros supported cousin is a POS. His AUSA dad is clueless. I was silent. I let my bro and his Chica make the case about FBI negligence

  157. Paul pooped. Still distended. TiFW is being pit bull for health care.


  159. Paul was looking awful this morning – sallow skin, really weak, not quite himself.

    He has gotten MUCH better throughout the day – pooped several times. They are going to slowly introduce food starting tomorrow. He is starting to get his color back, and he has been awake most of the afternoon.

    I am SO relieved.

  160. Tucker is on fire tonight

  161. he had taco bell, didn’t he?

  162. Spring always triggers the pooper into overdrive.

  163. YAY Paul!
    Stoopid guts.

  164. Glad to hear it, Teresa.

  165. It’s supposed to get down below freezing the next two nights, with some flurries mixed in.
    Brought in all the plants I just bought and the place smells like petunias. Veggie plants look much happier.

  166. Poop blog!

  167. We should have started a poop pool.

  168. Hi BEANSNSNSBBS, where have you been?

    Mostly lurking.
    Working on a baby blanket that I was given two weeks notice for.
    Contemplating life choices. Feel like we’re drowning in an ocean of corruption and stupid people.

  169. After my surgery, my guts were still in pain from the cleanse I had to do. But they were gurgling, so I wasn’t too worried. About a week later, they decided to hit snooze.

  170. Have you all ever watched Nanny911? Holy crap. How do these people show their faces to friends and coworkers once their episode airs?

  171. That’s good news T.

  172. “”Donnie is also very strongly bonded to Ricardo Grande””

    There’s a DERP in there.

  173. Heh, can we keep the pipeline?

  174. Wtf is Psaki not being asked to define ‘refugee’, which she keeps using to describe the people swarming our border?

  175. Donnie Enjoys Ricardos Pulchritude.

  176. Can someone cross that it for me?
    Too early for a derp.

  177. Good day tho at the chat room pooping and back door categories.

  178. Some patients on certain meds or with certain health conditions will get backed up for a few days, then ask for laxatives, then complain because they pooped all day. My reply inevitably is, “I gave you the laxative.” They nod. I continue, “I did not give you the poop.

  179. sorry jam, it’s there for all to see

  180. Ace’s hamsters are on strike again…..

  181. putting up a derp without Sean’s approval is worse manners than telling queen lumps that her skin condition seems to be clearing up.

  182. $1.85 a round for 45acp – plus p’s… hory shit

  183. Obama is annoying the way he pronounced “Latino”. Seriously. Suddenly he’s got an accent.


  184. pronounces. He still does it.

  185. Of course, because he’s one of those douchebags who affects an accent because he thinks it makes him much more enlightened and worldly.

  186. Dirk’s estrangement remained puzzling.

  187. Of course, because he’s one of those douchebags who affects an accent because he thinks it makes him much more enlightened and worldly.
    This was popular in the 80s and 90s, sort of, I think. But then just as now, it makes you a dooooooooosh.

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