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  1. Very good memes!

    Paul is still stopped up and bloated. Finally gave in and asked for morphine so that he could get some sleep, even though morphine can cause the problem. Honestly, he had been in such misery, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this doesn’t make things better.

    Guess we are here until Monday, at least – he doesn’t need to be at home (where Rebecca will be hugging and squeezing on him) just yet.

    Thanks for all of the well wishes – Paul has been getting up often and walking the halls, so the back surgery went well.

  2. Sorry to hear he’s having a rough go of it. Post-operative ileus and urinary retention are common monkey wrenches thrown into the gears of an expected discharge window. At one point we had the scoliosis kids begin Metamucil a few days before surgery along with a lot of water in anticipation of it. They’d get maximum stool meds (insert gif of Spinal Tap’s “This goes to 11” here) and in most cases they’d be shitting their brains out by POD 3 or 4. The new trend is for rapid recovery and early discharges. We had the average posterior spinal fusion going home at 3 days near the end of my operating career compared with 6 or 7 at the beginning.

  3. They’re even doing same day total hip and knee replacements in selected patients. When I was a resident they’d be inpatient at least 5 or 6 days with lots of fussing around with coumadin dosing for anticoagulation and DVT/PE prevention efforts. Now the average total joint goes home the next day.

    Given the amount of surgery they had to do in Paula’s hip and femur she was in 2 nights. She was in agony at home for the first few days but it gradually improved. How much agony you might ask? Enough that she didn’t mind me helping her on and off the shitter and into/out of the shower.

  4. Need some prayers, folks. Paul still has not had a BM, his abdomen is extremely distended, he just threw up (bile, since he hasn’t eaten anything since Friday night), and they aren’t hearing any bowel sounds.

    Doctors are due to make their rounds soon, so we will know what the plan is after that.

    They are sending him down for a CT scan right now

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Prayers up, Teresa!

    Jimbro, do you have an opinion on the most successful hip replacement entry- posterior, side, front? I hear about different surgical sites and just kind of wondered. Dr. preference? Old school vs new school?

  7. Throwing up after back surgery sounds horrible!

  8. I just had a thought.

    reading this: “University of Minnesota medical students and doctors also marched on the Brooklyn Center Police Department on Saturday, a day after it was the site of most of the night’s unrest.

    I was thinking – medical students are certainly “smart”. But smart in a way that they read and absorb the information they are given. Are they truly critical thinkers?

    I know Hannah isn’t currently. She’s in the mode of absorb info, and process so that it’s available.

    It may be time for two Americas:

  9. Waters is inciting an insurrection. When do we get upset about this?

  10. Agree, Carin.

  11. Mare, it really comes down to what your individual surgeon is the most comfortable with.

    etc, etc, etc

    Short term higher with posterior but long term they’re all pretty equal. Positioning of the components and soft tissue balancing are the “art” part of the procedure and selecting a well trained and experienced surgeon with good results is more important than surgical approach.

  12. Given what he needed to get done in Paula’s hip a posterior approach was necessary.

    Click to access thr_surgical_approaches.pdf

  13. If there was any justice in the world Maxine Waters would have been hit with an errant brick as soon as those words left her mouth. Or frozen water bottle. Or a can of soup. Hell, I’d be happy with a balloon filed with urine.

  14. Kerosine Waters is a national treasure.

    More violence, please.

  15. Joe Biden went golfing yesterday.

    I bet he aced every hole.

  16. Thanks, Jimbro.

  17. Pups, I love meme days.

    You too, Jay.

    Meme days are best days.

  18. Live fearlessly, Mare.

  19. Brrrr, cold and snowing a little this morning.

  20. I generally prefer posterior entry, as does your mom.

  21. Your mom must be an accountant because she’s an expert at double-entry.

  22. So apparently MTG proposed a political caucus to preserve our “anglo-saxon” heritage and all the expected parties are losing their shit.

  23. My sister is having a hip replacement tomorrow morning.

  24. It’s a general truism in life – if you do really stupid things, you increase the chances of something bad happening to you.

    Driving while drunk or taking drugs. Not wearing your seatbelt. Not following standard safety guildlines. Shooting at cars in the middle of the night. Running with a gun, and dropping it so the cop doesn’t see you do it. Resisting arrest when you have a warrant.

    Why are people so plagued by non-rational thinking on this?

    Erin lost a friend to a car accident a year ago. No seatbelt and most likely had taken a xanax.

    He did a stupid thing and had a very bad outcome. It’s not a matter of “deserving” etc. It just happens.

  25. Posterior Approach is more descriptive than Moore or Kocher-Langenbeck Approach.

    Same with Direct Lateral vs Hardinge or Anterolateral vs Watson-Jones.

    And yes, I knew the LHF I was laying down and considered changing it but knew Mare needed some info and prepared for the inevitable. I will say I thought Hotspur would be first to it but he’s probably off shouting at clouds this morning.

  26. He did a stupid thing and had a very bad outcome. It’s not a matter of “deserving” etc. It just happens.

    As the philosopher William Munny once noted, “‘Deserves’ got nothing to do with it.”

    There’s an idea in investing, the “margin of safety,” which basically means that you buy a asset when the value of the underlying business is sufficiently high enough above the price of the asset that even a moderate drop in the value won’t result in a loss. Or, as one investor puts it: You don’t try to buy businesses worth $83 million for $80 million. You leave yourself an enormous margin. When you build a bridge, you insist it can carry 30,000 pounds, but you only drive 10,000 pound trucks across it. And that same principle works in investing.

    The same principle works for the whole of society. We build traditions and rituals and rules of behavior that create a margin of safety in everyday interactions, because there are always random or uncontrollable forces which will throw havoc into any situation. The problem today is that these margins of safety also create inefficiencies, and much of modern life is about trying to ruthlessly exploit every hack and cheap trick to squeeze out the last drop of efficiency, so to speak. Just in time manufacturing which leaves no room for a cargo ship blocking one of the world’s busiest canals; leveraging your business assets or your personal assets in order to borrow massive amounts of money with the assumption that you won’t find your cash flows dried up in the future and unable to pay your debts; trying to fight a cop and diving back into your car, with the expectation that the cop will either back off, or won’t accidentally draw her gun instead of her taser in the heat of the moment.

  27. We’ve been overwhelmed- in the public spaces- by stupid people who are controlling the narrative.

  28. Robotic anterior.

  29. Carin, the first 10 minutes explains exact why this shit happens:

  30. I saw Robotic Anterior open for Tool back in ’07.

  31. ^^^Someone who has the guts to say “you’re a shitty parent” and “why was your 13 year old son out at 2:30 in the morning with a gun?”

    And he answers the questions.

  32. Baby monkey……….. baby monkey

    going backwards on a robotic anteater, baby monkey

  33. Flip a coin:

    My purchase permits came in. I need to buy a small .380 pocket pistol, I can buy either one of these right now. Trying to find a .380 in stock is problematic right now.

  34. Precision robotic surgery versus a surgeon measuring with a micrometer and cutting with a chainsaw (relatively speaking of course)

    Again, surgeon preference and comfort. No difference in knee replacement surgery short or long term.

    In crowded markets being able to say you’re doing the newest new thing leads to more business. A busier surgeon is often a better one based on experience/total # of cases.

  35. Kinda leaning toward the LCP II but I’ve never had a trigger safety before. The thumb safety on the Bodyguard looks hard to hit on the draw.

  36. My XDm pistols have trigger safeties and grip safeties and unless you limp wrist a shot they’re hardly noticeable when using it.

  37. Huh, I was just looking around on Springfield Armory’s site and the XDm is only available in .45 and 10mm now.

    I wouldn’t mind one of these babies

  38. Ruger is in CT.

    We need the money.

  39. I have the xdm in 9mm. I also have the original xd in 40 (my EDC). I’d consider SW before Ruger, but thats just a personal bias. Which one fits best?

  40. Beats me. I have to order it online. I’ve watched a bunch of video reviews and read a lot more.

  41. Re: the Matt Walsh video – I tell the kids nothing good happens after midnight. Drunks on the road, tired people making bad decisions, etc. Three Mile Island – 4 AM. Chernobyl – 1 AM.

  42. roamy = my mom. she always said that. and she’s a night owl like me

  43. T – prayers up for Paul.
    I hope things are moving along …. etc, etc

  44. Re : stupid ppl and stupid decisions – I just recently had a one sided conversation with jamette about life being a cruel task master.
    Nothing good comes from being a lazy dumbass.

  45. Unless you’re MaxH2O

  46. She’s a national treasure.
    I’ve been Team MaxWat for years.

  47. Let it burn.

  48. that xdm looks nice

  49. people just won’t listen if you bring her up. dismiss her, like they should have with trumps supposed comments


    Long letter, totally worth reading

  51. heh comments on that are as expected. Claire Potter is a gem. calling everyone a racist and presenting 0 evidence since she has a book contract.

  52. Assisted robotic using measurements from scans .

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

    Also Caulk!!


    so now you can’t even protect your own home.

  54. heh love the scream jimbro. fuck around and find out

  55. Update (1:00 p.m.): The CT Scan just came back, and Paul has developed an Ileus ( Thankfully, this can be treated with medicine, bowel rest, and movement. As long as he doesn’t throw up, they won’t have to put a tube down his nose!

    We will be here in the hospital for a few more days until this resolves itself – the staff here is pretty sure that things are going to start getting better, now that we know what we are dealing with.

    Again, thank you so much for all of your kind words and prayers – they have really bolstered our spirits!

  56. The Rugar LCP II is what I’m getting.

  57. Tree removal quote – $5400


  58. $400 for tree felling and removal.

    $5000 for not dropping the tree on your neighbor’s house.

  59. I’m guessing this doesn’t include the Gathering of the Juggalos.

  60. About a minute after I saw that ‘fuck around and find out’ video I came across the Steve Inman version. Too bad, it was even funnier.

  61. they won’t have to put a tube down his nose!
    Whatever you do, don’t mention where the other tube potentially goes.

  62. we’re talking about a Posterior Approach, no robots involved

  63. My neighbor did a shit ton of tree removal and chipping for a much lower price. It also dramatically improved his view to the river.

    I wonder if I’ll get the Good Neighbor Discount for the tree that fell last fall on the far side of my house?

  64. It’s actually three trees, approx 130′ high.

  65. Man, ileus sounds icky.

  66. That vacuum tube through the nose is icky.

  67. A few days ago I drove a side street in my neighborhood that I haven’t been on in months. There’s about 8 huge maple trees that get tapped for syrup every year but one of them must have been getting ready to topple because there’s nothing but a 4 foot wide stump left on the ground.

  68. is Mrs leon on a watchlist?

  69. yeah the Inman version is good

  70. MTG slicing like a hammer

    $10 says the gop ignores her and let’s her twist in the wind.

  71. is Mrs leon on a watchlist?


  72. Brony >> Boogaloo

  73. I’m in Blacksburg, VA.

  74. Carin, I have the LCP II. I like it a lot. Good choice. If you need a pocket holster, I might have an extra, but I won’t be home until next Sunday, so I can’t look right now.

  75. What if I want the tree to fall on the neighbor’s house? Can I pay extra for a deniable precision drop?

  76. Lots to do in VA.

    We really enjoy our trips there.



  78. The dainty little push at the end is what makes it complete

  79. I was just thinking this same idea earlier today

  80. I’m not even getting the gun until Thursday so there really is no rush anyway Hotspur.

  81. If you all don’t get that every aspect of media, government and politics isn’t manipulation to get your behavior to change how they (the left in power/deep state) want it, well…

    Hello, covid?

    The country was manipulated into losing their collective mind over a flu that has a .05% hospitalization rate. And lower death rate.

  82. Oops I forgot another zero after the decimal.

    The next lefty hysteria is the “climate emergency.” No one gave a shot about climate change so they had to ramp it up to an emergency and then Project Veritas got CNZ to admit that’s their plan, to hype it and use the term “emergency.”

    The left ALWAYS has to have a new hysteria.

  83. Unfortunately we’re just stopping overnight on our way to Savannah. But this is a nice little town – college town all the way.

  84. My AUSA Uncle is clueless. We’re laughing about FBI “Case Closed” and he has no idea what we are talking about. My brother and his girlfriend were talking about Route 91, Vegas shooter. Then, we started with all of the other FBI misses, Case Closed. Brony at FedEx Indy…Case Closed! Then, I had to explain Brony’s to my Padrinos. Same table that I had to tell my Grammo, about “Camel toe”.

  85. HS, we love Savannah. We love Tybee.

  86. Interesting route.

  87. That Utah server farm Ace uses is being repaired at a glacial pace

  88. Ocasio-Cortez/Markey & others to reintroduce the Green New Deal on Tuesday

    remember way back when they told us we were crazy, that they would never try to pass this?

  89. Remember when all the Never Trumpers said biden would be fine because presidents don’t really make that much of a difference anyway?

    Except OMB. He was ruining the country.

  90. COVID has cemented the GND and the reset.

  91. We’ll see if it gets through. The court expansion bill isnt going anywhere at the moment. I could see Pelosi killing the Nude Eel just to flex against AOC.

  92. yeah, lumber prices are no joke, eeeek.

  93. good times, car in, good times

  94. what exactly were the 2 men doing in the tesla when it crashed?

  95. I can’t imagine trying to build a house or major remodel now. Housing is so insane right now. I keep thinking it feels like 2008 again and we are due for a big bubble to break. However they are doing everything they can to make inflation go sky high. I don’t have any idea what’s coming but it won’t be good.

  96. All I can think when I see that Fed Ex shooters picture is, “Venomous snakes have triangular-shaped heads, too!”

  97. Penelope had to take her mom to Las Cruces for a few days. They stopped at the big Wal-Mart in TorC on the way back. Penelope said the shelves were almost empty. No idea what’s going on, might be a weather issue, or maybe this is the new normal…..

  98. Not sure whether to be jealous of Hotspur or not. Blacksburg was a wonderful place to go to school 30 years ago, but I’m afraid it’s gone woke. Hopefully there’s still good gyros at Souvlaki and awesome donuts at Carol Lee’s.

  99. The last meme hits home.

    They all hit home. In memi veritas.

  100. Tree removal quote – $5400

    Think we paid just under 5k to remove 3 1/2 trees/stump grinding. One was a huge elm that tore up the driveway…a pear and a maple that were too close to the house..the maple was also too close to the neighbor’s fence and on top of the electric wires. Had to call the elec co to unplug the house.

    Now the issue is we want to replace the driveway and walkway, but need to grind more of the roots out front before grading the yard…before concrete guys can do the pour.
    First quote, 9k. Eesh.

  101. Just read thru. 130 ft trees? 5400 doesn’t sound bad for 3.

    The elm we took down was about 75, maybe more. Circumference was huge (that’s what your mom said). They fell it into the street. The pears and maple, not that big but both in tricky positions.

  102. I hope Paul poops soon.

  103. Dominic enjoys red popsicles.

  104. I have a Kickstarter up to raise funds to design a new web page called

  105. I keep thinking it feels like 2008 again and we are due for a big bubble to break
    You and me brother, you and me

    This is when I wonder what the contrarian investments are and whether I ought to chase them (I never do)


    Tinfoil hat stuff or not?

  107. design a new web page called
    Wasn’t there a page created for the ship stuck in the Suez Canal?

    “Same difference” a phrase that is often used on elementary school playgrounds during verbal arguments

  108. Your mom was a stump grinder. Back in the day.

  109. MMM 441

  110. Yesterday we went to a kid birthday party. It was all outside, which was kind of nice.

    One of the neighbors (not ours) has kept themselves and their two kids isolated for almost a year. They wouldn’t go inside to get food but the kids were playing and sharing toys so I have no idea what that was all about. They’re probably late 20s, early 30s.

    Their 3.5 year old was ecstatic to be around other kids and it was clear that he hadn’t really been socialized much.

  111. We’ve been doing this Skype conference thing for more than a year and we still have people with open microphones disciplining their unruly kids while the conference is happening

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