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Your model for today was born August 10th, 1994 in Apopka, Florida.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 342434 and 128 lbs.  Please set the table and share a taco with Miss Lauren Summer.





  1. Sense of humor + E. Norma Titz = A winner in my book

  2. First of three videos (which I made it through roughly a third) I was struck by how pale she appeared to be. Protecting her assets I guess.

  3. Oh, shout out to Carin in the first video as well. Not specifically but as a “food service worker”. And I think she was sincere.

    Did not watch the other two videos, as captivating as they might be, they’re way too long. If I wanted to listen to an attractive woman speak at length about a topic of her choice I can turn to my lovely wife and ask her to discuss Crossfit.

  4. From the WSJ Markets Newsletter:

    “SPACs are among the market’s worst performers lately.

    SPACs are blank-check firms formed for the purpose of merging with a business and taking it public. They have proliferated as a cheaper and faster alternative to initial public offerings, giving many risky, young companies an opening to list on a stock exchange and sell shares to the public.

    Over the past two weeks, the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was largely silent about SPACs through most of last year, questioned the optimistic revenue projections used by startups that are merging with SPACs. An SEC warning that could require SPACs to restate their financial results put the brakes on some new offerings.

    “The SEC effectively has now come in and stopped the party,” said Matt Simpson, managing partner at Wealthspring Capital and a SPAC investor.”
    I’ve heard a lot about SPACs lately but have avoided looking into them too closely. What does GND think about these — here-to-stay or flash-in-the-pan?

  5. I can tell she knows how to handle a banana.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Do I even need to rate this?

  8. In honor of the 7th photo in this magnificent portfolio…..

  9. MJ, Yes. A precedent has been set and you’re obligated to follow through.

  10. I’ve heard a lot about SPACs lately but have avoided looking into them too closely. What does GND think about these — here-to-stay or flash-in-the-pan?
    I’ll ask her but she’ll probably give me the standard response. “We advise clients to be conservative in their investment strategy. While there may be a role for start ups and IPOs we tend to steer clients toward sectors with proven returns.”

  11. 10/10 would smash

  12. I think I speak for all of us when I ask if my package will be delayed as much as Carin’s.

    If Detroit USPS > Indy FedEx with Shooter, I think we can just shut down the postal service.

  13. Again, the *pause* on the J&J vaccine makes no sense at all.
    Follow the money?
    I don’t know where that would go.
    This is truly bizarre…

    B&M Gates are Moderna. Astra-Zenica is getting nixed overseas. This channels people into the anti-human maw of Gates AND keeps the “we don’t have enough vaccines! mask harder! no restaurants or bars or gatherings of any kind!” plus it gives them more time to build the infrastructure for vaccine passports and propagandize people to want it.

    11/10 would share banana and taco.

  14. I haven’t watched news in months. I have on Fox because I’m curious about the FedEx thing.

    Apparently FB is censoring stories about the founder of BLM. I guess it’s too true or something. Dunno. But I think the moron reporter actually said something interesting. These stories are so common now that we don’t really report them anymore. BINGO. We’re good with censorship now.

  15. Econ prof thinks the vaccine people are just playing market games. Trying to box out competition because they all overproduced.

  16. They can’t give them away in most places now. I’m pretty sure we’ve already hit market saturation among the voluntary and those compelled by their overseers employers.

  17. I could def get behind this selection.

  18. I dunno. We’re at 37% one shot, 20% full vaccination in the US. That easily covers the vulnerable population.

    But the fake scientists say we need 75% vaccinated to kill it off. The would mean everyone down to about, what, 8 years old?

    It’s all laughable.

  19. So, will the phrase now become, “He went FedEx.” ?

  20. I wonder if the government is paying for delivered doses or only when it gets into an arm? That would def influence the market.

    If it’s the former, who gives af. Make as may as possible.

    If it’s the latter, uh oh. Overproduced and need to sell sell sell.

  21. Like I said, everyone who wants it has or it will in a few weeks.

    They are trying to figure out how to force us. As you said, they made way more doses, and they won’t get paid unless they go into arms.

  22. If (BIG IF) 550k+ people in this country have already died of it, and if (GIANT IF) it’s as infectious as the Karenocracy claims, then there’s almost no one left who hasn’t already caught it if they were going to. That’s what their own math says.

  23. Like I said, everyone who wants it has or it will in a few weeks.

    They are trying to figure out how to force us.

    This. Some of us have already complied. Now they are working on persuasion tactics for the rest of you.

  24. yannow, I could buy the argument about matching the number of supreme court justices with the number of circuit courts. In the past.

    Now it’s just being used as a club. Sorta like Trump did with Coney Barrett, but outside the set rules.

  25. If SCOTUS needs to be bigger, so does the House. When the first House met, there was 1 rep per something every 20k residents.

    Split districts and add House seats until we get back to that. I don’t care if it means 50,000 congresscritters.

  26. good point about that too. But I’m more in favor of limiting the amount of people arguing in DC. Never works out well for limited government types.

  27. The reality is that the US is too big. It really needs to be split into about three separate countries.

    Barring that, add another 150 House seats, and start splitting up the big states. CA should be five states. NYC, CHI, and PHI could all be their own city-states. Maybe break up TX, and split OR, WA, FL, and VA.

  28. Expand SCOTUS to fifteen, but only the senior eight Associate Justices, plus the Chief Justice, vote on any case. The others handle circuit court duties, serve in advisory roles, and assume a voting position if one of the nine cannot perform the duty due to illness or recusal.

  29. If that happened, the city-states wouldn’t have a support system to leech resources off of.

  30. so the expansion of the court would just be administrative. Kind of like it is now, with their support staff. Solves nothing, better to leave it as is, unless you are counting on Senate confirmations weeding out bad apples. Like that ever works.

  31. Meanwhile, people are mad at Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene for being the only 2 to vote against the refunding bill for the Bone Marrow Registry. Why oh why would you vote against children?

    Umm, the government doesn’t have to control everything, yannow. I’m glad they voted against it. Doesn’t mean they are against bone marrow transplants.

  32. pass the bong

  33. It expands the number of justices to handle circuit court duties, but also helps reduce the overall impact of any nomination, since a new justice isn’t going to start voting on cases immediately. This means there’s less pressure to immediately appoint a replacement. Instead, changes to the composition of the court would be somewhat predictable. It may also help encourage older justices to retire sooner, rather than holding on for political winds to shift in favor of their side.

  34. Fuck kancer kids.

  35. good point about the retiring angle.


  37. Replace our justice system with trial by combat. It’s better for everyone. Much fairer, and probably more honest.

  38. Happy Birthday, Pupster!

  39. Atlanta will boom regardless of the corporate atmosphere.

    They don’t seem to understand that on one cares if coke or delta is HQd here. Those are old ass businesses.

  40. Here you go, Pups (I don’t know if I’ve linked her before, but I don’t care if I have).

  41. If Coke or Delta died tomorrow, I wouldn’t even notice.

  42. Ditto. I almost never drink soda anymore. No big loss.

  43. Related to the earlier discussion:

    “Annual Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Likely Needed, Pfizer CEO Says” (No link, WSJ paywall)

    That’s some bullshit right there. It’s like Pfizer’s annuity that the world is paying

  44. Right. I drink carbonated water at worst, and anyone can make that. And unless the world gets sane again, I don’t think I’ll be flying.

  45. Soon we will find out these vaccines are wildly addictive.

  46. Scaring the whole world into paying you perpetual rent would probably count as the greatest black magic ritual ever enacted.

  47. yeah, coke made my decision to not drink pop easier than ever.

    Even if I’m in the mood for a little sugar, I still won’t drink coke. Water is fine. And nothing to drink at all won’t hurt my fat ass either.

  48. universal basic income is coming. You know that.

  49. It won’t be universal. It will go to democrat clients and somehow miss the deplorable.

    Kind of like now.

  50. I told you turds 2 weeks ago they were going to require boosters possibly every 6 months to a year. If you haven’t figured out this is bullshit yet there’s no help for you.

    Again, “vaccines” DO NOT stop transmission they only (cross fingers) lesson symptoms.

  51. #getyourflushot

  52. Calm down Mare

  53. I used to frequently drink a Diet Pepsi or Coke in the afternoon but stopped at least 15 years ago. Once in a blue moon I’ll have a can of Schweppes ginger ale or Moxie but I can’t recall the last time I did that. I have an 8 pack of little ginger ale cans to mix with whiskey but, again, can’t remember the last time I used one.

  54. my go to drink is Captain and Coke, except RC tastes better than coke does anyway.

    Never could drink those with diet cola.

  55. mmmm ginger ale sounds good. I should make some. Yes, make some, it’s really good, and bread yeast will carbonate it. Just have to drink the whole thing, doesn’t store well, unless you like exploding bottles.

  56. LaCroix makes for a darn good whiskey and soda.

  57. I nodded until Flat Earth.

    The Earth is not flat. It’s a stationary globe at the center of the universe.

  58. The Earth is a hollow sphere.

  59. “What do you want for Christmas, Leon?”


  60. Who cares if it’s flat or not, as long as our drinks don’t spill we’re good.

  61. This is a good read if you have any interest in the topic:

  62. the earth isn’t flat. If it were, cats would have pushed everything off the edge long ago.

  63. Mare, your tits seem agitated right now.

  64. I’m not on Twitter, but if I were, I wonder whether Coca Cola would actually engage with me. Oh, you want to have a conversation about how best to move forward? Will you start by apologizing for lying about the Georgia election law? What is your view on white people? What changes are you going to make in the future to ensure you don’t demonize an entire race based on the color of their skin?

    I suspect this questions would be ignored.

  65. -burp-


  66. Water (with or without flavoring) is the way to go. Don’t skip on hydration, that just gets you in all manner of trouble. Soda’s actually pretty crap for that purpose (plus it does nasty things to your teeth).

  67. I got the shot. Proof on Facedouche.

    Well, I got “a” shot.

  68. /ignores Sobek’s question

  69. Found a lab tech willing to shoot it onto the ground, did ya? Good for you.

  70. *sulks and turns on some metal*

  71. Sorry Sobek, Here’s a new video to make up for it.

  72. Speaking of Gojira, I assume you’ve heard Amazonia? It’s the only metal song I can think of that prominently features a Jew’s harp.

  73. Comment by Car in on April 16, 2021 11:13 am
    I got the shot. Proof on Facedouche.

    Well, I got “a” shot.

    Pay gave you a hot beef injection?

  74. great, I bring up cats, and now they are in the closet again

  75. In my quest to watch the dumbest movies ever, I spent 90 mins of my life with Kong v Godzilla.

    The movie is so dumb, so crazily stupid, that it was made by people who know the audience is ultra dumb, the makers of the movie are ultra dumb; but probably both.

    Forget the premise…which is that there’s a world inside of the world that is actually two worlds, inhabited by giant monsters and consider that somehow a character went from the US to Tokyo in like 45 mins. They just glossed right over that part.

    The guy was like, ‘we need to get to tokyo’ and then he was just there. No explanation, no nothing. Just bam. In tokyo.

  76. I don’t know why you went to see that movie when I told EVERYONE THE MOVIE TO SEE WAS “NOBODY”.

    You honestly get what you deserve.

    Yea, Sobek – I think the HU uses some weird instruments in their songs as well.

  77. Yep, they use the Jew harp as well. Needed to look it up to confirm.

  78. I didn’t go to see it. It was on Teevee.

  79. there’s a world inside of the world that is actually two worlds, inhabited by giant monsters

    could be a metaphor

  80. Godzilla movies seem to at least understand that they are stupid, and embrace it. “Hey, we’ve got a giant lizard fighting a gargantuan ape. Why don’t we add a whole bunch of conspiracy theories while we’re at it?”


    Compare that to the pretentiousness of later Marvel movies.

  81. Jeet?

    No, jew?

  82. just saw an ad: Nobody is on-demand today. Not sure where, though.

    Watch it, it’s good.

  83. speaking of jew, wonder how jewstin is doing.

  84. Well, I guess he doesn’t give a shit enough about us to check in.

  85. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 16, 2021 10:56 am
    This is a good read if you have any interest in the topic:

    I laugh a bit whenever someone over at Insty or elsewhere starts talking about how the Chinese are going to genetically engineer themselves into dominance. More likely they will discover that highly complex systems like the human body cannot be manipulated so easily, and end up with a generation of nutjobs, cripples, and basket cases.

  86. Or make themselves smaller physically than they already are.

  87. smaller physically than they already are
    Name three famous male porn stars from China …


    (except MJ for obvious reasons)

  88. Wun Hung Lo
    Ho Lee Fuk

    I only know two.

  89. Won Hung Lo
    Long Dong Hung
    Fuk Yu Long

  90. Male? From China?

    Dude, Ireland would be easier.

  91. Ugh, I’m Ben’s taxi today, to/from school. It’s been a couple of years since I had driving duty. He got a new to him Jeep Wrangler Tuesday of this week and the brakes are doing something weird. Still under the dealer’s warranty of 3 months/3000 miles so it’s at the shop today. Hopefully this isn’t a bad omen with this vehicle. Pretty sure it’s a 2016 model.

  92. When some public official says they’re heartbroken over anything, what they really mean is, “I hope there’s no way this will be pinned on me or my policies.”

    When they say they are “praying”, what they really mean is that they’re frantically trying to think up some way to deflect from any criticism.

    Keep this is mind next time they approach a mic.

  93. Jeeps are girls’ vehicles. Tell him to sell it before he starts longing for tits and a higher voice.

  94. mmm shoeonhead is hot

  95. hahaha, wiser owns a jeep now.

    Guess he transitioned

  96. No, he was always a fag.

  97. Yeah, but she’s crazy.

  98. I like this better than the original:

  99. Yeah, but she’s crazy.
    She just needs some pipe.

  100. My parents had a couple of jeeps years ago. They had issues. One had the motor mounts break and the engine was rattling around. The other one had the transmission fall out. This was 35 years ago, but I still won’t buy one. 🙂

  101. Happy Birthday, Pups!

  102. Unless Jeep manages to extricate itself from Fiat, I want nothing to do with it.

  103. crazy adds spice to the sex acts. You never know how it’s gonna work out.

  104. Yeah, I had a Wrangler during my residency and it had a carburetor which was constantly needing adjustment. The last guy who worked on it did a great job and I got 2 more years and a couple of trips halfway cross country out of it. Then I lost 3rd gear and took it as an omen. Got my Nissan Pathfinder from an oily dealer in St Louis which turned out to be a good vehicle.

  105. You never know how it’s gonna work out until you wake up in a bathtub full of ice and an incision on your flank

  106. Or a sore bunghole

  107. Happy B’Day, Puppeh!

  108. You never know how it’s gonna work out until you wake up in a bathtub full of ice and an incision on your flank
    I have no idea why but this comment made me laugh and is now in my lexicon of things to say.

    I’m gonna drop it into random conversations.

  109. Happy Birthday Pupster!! Sorry about the Jeep shittalking. Still driving one?

  110. yeah, I’m yoinking that quip, too

    YOINK! Into the quip vault!

  111. Happy birthday Pupster!

  112. Wait, it’s really his birthday?

    I never know.

  113. Be careful when you yoink.

  114. y’all have never heard that before? you lead sheltered lives

  115. I just assume it’s everybody’s birthday and either say “Happy Birthday” or mumbling incoherently, depending upon the state of my stockpile of fucks.

    So, Happy Birthday Pupster!

    /checks stockpile

    Welp, that does me for April…

  116. it is also april wine’s birthday, according to the super secret birthday link that no one has access to

  117. She’s not real, though.

    Pupster is real, so Happy Birthday to him. I got you a dad joke:

    What do you call an armed group of chubby newborns?

    Heavy Infantry.

  118. You know what’s racist? When you get a sales call from someone who identifies himself as Deshawn, and your first thought is, “You have nothing to sell that I would be even remotely interested in.”

    But then you push through, and think, “Nope, I’ll give him a chance.”

    And afterwards you realize you were right initially. He has nothing that you are even remotely interested in.

  119. Also, I’ve realized it’s racist to make people keep repeating themselves when you can only understand one out of every five words they’re speaking.

  120. did deshawn call you a racist? I’ll bet his supervisor would like to know that.

  121. We must strive to check our privilege because we don’t have made up bullshit names, and speak like gang bangers.

  122. No, I haven’t been called a racist since last Tuesday night when Yolanda C…, PhD emailed me back.

  123. It’s crazy that I’m older than Tater. Guy looks 60 but covered in foundation.

  124. I’m drinking 10 eggs blended with a grapefruit.

  125. So the Japanese Prime Minister visited today, and Kumslut was sent to meet with him. And then they snubbed him at the door.

  126. I’ll alert the media.

  127. They can’t risk Joe talking directly to anyone. He won’t.

  128. Happy Birthday, Puppy 🐶🎉🎊🎂🐾

  129. that’s because Buyden is an expert in foreign relations. All the way back in 2008 they said that.

  130. Happy Birthday Pupster!

    You share a birthday with my sister

  131. They also said we should never underestimate his ability to fuck things up.

  132. I share something with your mom

  133. (had to beat HS to the punch for once)

  134. Biden showing up to a meeting double masked means

    A) he’ll be dead in a month
    B) It’s not Biden

  135. I’ve thought since the beginning that they’ve been pushing out a body double for these short appearances. Hence why they keep up the masking bullshit: it hides his features and muffles his voice.

  136. I used to think that was crazy but now I’m not so sure.

    It’s possible it limits his fuck ups. He’s less likely to do anything other than say what needs to be said and then shuffle out.

    He also had a lot of plastic surgery in the past few years. A lot. He looks completely different than he did a few years ago.

    I’ve wondered if that’s part of his speech slurring. I’m sure it’s his rotten diseased brain but you never know.

  137. didn’t they hide Woodrow Wilson’s illness for a year?

  138. IIRC he was basically bedridden and comatose the whole time. His wife controlled all access and basically made all the decisions.

  139. His eyes still show, and they look nothing like they did even in 2016. My grandma is 100 and her eyes aren’t black slits.

  140. Stupid black chick can’t even get her racism straight, we’re doomed

  141. Do you think they let President Biden pork Doctor Jill?

  142. He’d forget what he was doing halfway through and get up to go get ice cream.

  143. The Jizm Trail

  144. Whoopie Ti Yi Yippee Yippee Yay Yippie Yay
    Whoopie Ti Yi Yippee Yippee Yay

  145. HS I love that movie. Castaway Cowboy. Jim Garner on Kauai.

  146. At least now we know why cases were “surging” in MI. Had to have a bullshit pretense for another public health order.

  147. Pretext?

  148. Is the Michigan surge fake?

  149. So, we have partnered with a company that does renovations. They have agents that harass our customers. Agent: Do you own your home? Fat woman: Yes. Agent: Are you interested in a remodel? FW: We just completed a full remodel. Agent: Do you mind if I ask who you used? FW: my husband. Agent: Lucky you. What if everyone had a husband like you? FW: You’d be out of business. 🎤 drop

  150. Top post at IB links to a pretty great video. I love seeing dogs work.

  151. Is the Michigan surge fake?

    It’s 10x the caseload in any neighboring state.

    You tell me.

  152. Gretchen wouldn’t lie.

  153. If she sells enough vaccines she could be the next VP.

  154. I love seeing dogs work.


  155. Thanks for the birthday happys. I’ve had a pretty good day.

  156. scott on April 16, 2021 at 9:07 pm
    If she sells enough vaccines she could be the next VP.
    This is the most insightful thing I’ve read today.

  157. And…happy birthday Pupster.

  158. No way in hell would they put two white women on the ticket in 2024. It’s going to be Bootyjudge.

  159. And yes, I know I just said “two white women.” By 2024 I bet that the woke left will claim Harris has “internalized whiteness.”

  160. Bootyjudge is a white woman.

    Commie is African American victim.

    Commie wins.

  161. Bootyjudge will be the VP to Commie once Biden shuffles off this mortal coil. Still a white ticket, but they’ll gamble that “FIRST GAY VP!” will be enough to win over millennials.

  162. No way. Gretchen sold way more vaccines.

  163. I just want to point out to anybody who needs to know, that a chair or table with three legs stands firm and cannot wobble regardless of leg length unevenness. It’s once you add the fourth leg, that you need a matchbook.

    Just had to get that out there.

  164. Gretchen is going to win 2020-2021 sales of the year award.


  166. No way. Gretchen sold way more vaccines


    Yes, but Bootyjudge already has the girl scout uniform.

  167. Hope it was a happy birthday, Pupster!

  168. Check out this bass:

    If you don’t want to watch the whole thing (e.g. because you’re a total sissy or something) skip to 2:30. That is amazing. I’ve never listened to Cannibal Corpse and I’m not about to start, but mad respect for that kind of skill.

  169. Pup, Happy Birthday. You did good on this post, she’s nippletastic.

    Work is kicking my butt with 10-12 hour days. It’s getting old and I need a vacation. I’m thinking about flying back to see my Mom on mothers day.

    Did anyone else have issues with wordpress sites early this morning? I kept getting a DNS error. Couldn’t get on Instapundit too.

  170. Devonshire, England remains pastoral.

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