Nobody’s Heartbreaker Meme

In honor of the year’s current best movie, Nobody, I give you Pat Benatar. Trust me, you want to see this in the movie. I LOLd.

A bit excessive, but glorious. Christopher Lloyd is a treasure.

Still my favorite aircraft.


  1. I enjoyed Nobody so much I saw it twice . I never seen things twice at the theater.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. You know, I watched the video of the woman shooting the troubled youth and thought, hmmm, seems like she freaked out.

    By tomorrow we’ll learn he shot her 10 times and had a bound rape victim in the back of the car sitting next to Hunter Biden.

  4. Did you intentionally use the A-10 video my wife made at Selfridge, or is that still the first one that comes up?

  5. How many unarmed black men have you shot this morning Leon?

    Round to the nearest score.

  6. i intentionally used it. Unfortunately it was not the top one anymore. I was sad.

  7. Dang. I was hoping that video was five minutes of A-10s wrecking things.

  8. BroTim, did you know Mrs Caruthers made that video?

  9. Oh, those are out there, Tim, but this was a PR piece the General wanted.

    How many unarmed black men have you shot this morning Leon?

    Every one that I’ve seen so far.

  10. The companion piece about the KC-135 refueling rig (“The Boom”), doesn’t get anywhere near as much attention, but it is absolutely the more important mission for the base.

  11. That was the primary mission way back when I lived there, too. Back in the early 70s.

  12. they still do training up by Grayling, right?

  13. I’m the only male on our leadership team for my business unit.

    So naturally we have HR joining our call (woman) to talk to us about diversity.


  14. Yep, there’s a target range that gets shot regularly in Grayling.

    I’m the only male on our leadership team for my business unit.

    So naturally we have HR joining our call (woman) to talk to us about diversity.

    I’ve read Inferno and I don’t remember any Circle being this awful.

  15. Until it was mentioned in this thread, no, I did not know. Pretty cool, actually! (I will search for A-10s wrecking things later.)

  16. Refueler ain’t as sexeh as Avenger goes BRRRRRRRT. But it is far more critical, honestly.

  17. I’ve read Inferno and I don’t remember any Circle being this awful.

    That’s because God has some small measure of pity even for the worst of us.

  18. The refueling mission at SANGB is why planes don’t have to touch the ground when they depart any CONUS location for the other side of the Atlantic.

  19. The average Roman soldier was 5’5″, 140#, iirc. They conquered most of Europe and north Africa with shields and pointy machetes… and roads.

  20. Rome conquered its world with logistics. Some things never change.

  21. Pretty good place for refueling, with the bombers in Offutt NE and MO, transport command in St Louis (Scott). right in the middle.

  22. Mare asked a pertinent question yesterday. Was the woman cop qualified?

    Or was she put on the force to fill some bullshit quota, then rushed through training?

    just spit-ballin’ here.

  23. 25 year veteran.

  24. She was a 24 year veteran and was training a rookie officer.

  25. well, mistakes do happen. just really inconvenient this time. poor lady is gonna need therapy for life.

  26. My bad. This meeting is about employee engagement.

  27. you have to get married again?

  28. The end of shift meeting must have been funny.

    Hey there rookie. I want to talk to you about the shooting today. Got a little loosey goosey with the ol’ equalizer and you should take a valuable lesson from today. First, you plant the gun under the driver’s seat. That’s where it goes. Second, if you try to wing ’em, aim for the head. That way you’re more likely to hit an arm. Third, before you fill out any reports, call your union rep and ask them if you need to shoot yourself with the perp’s gun. If yes, you might want to think about making the rookie taking the bullet.

    Last, and this is where I have a favor to ask…*unholsters gun…I’m gonna need you to pick up that candy bar on the floor behind you.

    *aims for head from 2 feet away, pulls trigger


    *shoots rookie in the ass

  29. A sheet of plywood is $70.

    I should have invested in lumber instead of silver.

  30. Years in service don’t equate to competency. In fact they can lead to complacency, laziness or carelessness.

    All I want is some honest reporting on the facts. I know we won’t get them. We still don’t know the name, rank, sex, race of the cop who gunned Ashley Babbitt down three months ago.

    The media will never play Wright’s gun welding videos or report on his gang-banger behavior. The city council will fire the City Manager just because they want to be seen doing “something.” The cops will cover up for the officers involved by firing one or both of them, giving them golden parachutes as long as they sign binding non-disclosure contracts. BLM will tear the shit out of more cities while the left wring their hands in veiled approval.

    Next week the next thug will be killed resisting arrest. It’s in the playbook.

  31. the media will only highlight his extensive work with underprivileged youth in the neighborhood

  32. An unarmed black man is killed every six weeks or so. I think we’ll ride this until the costs outweigh the benefit for the left.

    So far the benefit is HUGE while the cost is basically nothing.

  33. 24 years on the job and training rookies means that she probably wasn’t incompetent, or they would have sidelined her and pushed her to retire. If she was and they didn’t, that’s going to be a shitshow for the department, and may even help bolster her own defense. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t regularly patrolling anymore, and so she’s rusty.

  34. The city council will fire the City Manager just because they want to be seen doing “something.” The cops will cover up for the officers involved by firing one or both of them, giving them golden parachutes as long as they sign binding non-disclosure contracts. BLM will tear the shit out of more cities while the left wring their hands in veiled approval.
    You left out the multi-million dollar settlement awarded to the family

  35. This is a pretty good read.

    These things tend to be inflection points in history. Plagues, famines, wars, bad times.

  36. A fellow with a complexion several shades darker than mine and a head full of kinky hair shot and killed a Tx DPS officer about 2 weeks ago. The DPS officer was of roughly the same skin color as me and was a father of four children all of whom are still in the home. I kept waiting and waiting for it to make headlines in the national news media, but alas, I never found anything on it outside of local TX tv stations. I would’ve thought for sure that straight up murdering a highway patrolman because he had the audacity to pull you over would’ve sold some ink and pixels.

  37. Darkish man who shot and killed a police officer in Detroit just got released on a 10,000 bond because he needed some sort of surgery.

  38. 24 year veteran, teaching rookies. Makes my point for me, we need better training. Possibly look at special forces style training. Obviously not that in depth, it’s too expensive but I think WITHOUT KNOWING THE DETAILS she shouldn’t be training rookies.

  39. Matt Walsh mentioned that 500 white people are killed by policeman in a year. Don’t see too many riots over that although there probably should be.

  40. I feel badly that this gal had been on the force for 24 years and probably had a good record but, I don’t know, this APPEARS to be a rookie mistake.

  41. Fuck it. Give them what they want.

    Disarm the police and stop policing where they aren’t wanted.

  42. Matt Walsh commented last night that of the more than 500 white guys shot and killed by police in the past year we’ve only heard of one. One. Ashley Babbitt.

  43. Here’s a new song for “you people”.

  44. Command+R

  45. All I have to do is look at the album art to know that song blows.

  46. Just looked at an article published in 2018.

    Plywood was $10 a sheet and OSB was $6.

    Today it’s $70 & $50.

  47. So, I can find her name and everything about Kim Potter but her ethnicity.

  48. Why does Carin hate us (besides the obvious and the reason everyone hates us)?

  49. She’s white

  50. We’ve lived here 5 years and last month we saw an alligator on our lake for the first time. A smallish one. He swam across slowly and with purpose to the grass on the side and curled up and sunned himself. Saw him yesterday afternoon again. Some of the birds that sit along the edge weren’t amused.


  51. Where has Beasnsnsnsn been?

  52. If I hated you people, I’d post rap.

  53. I wonder if the glass/gold casket is available for the next few months?

  54. She was also a police union president.

  55. Yes, I know my sentence structure sucks again, but I’m commenting from my phone and it’s a bitch to fix.

  56. The best thing about Royal Blood is the name.

  57. Police union President does not tell me anything good about her. They are not for more training or better training, they are about pay, time off, benefits, and cover your ass policies.

  58. Paula saw a bobcat last night, running across the road into the apple orchard about a mile away. First time she’s seen one despite growing up in a pretty rural place. I’ve never seen one.

  59. I’ve seen ’em twice and they’re dang good live.

  60. Police union President does not tell me anything good about her. They are not for more training or better training, they are about pay, time off, benefits, and cover your ass policies.

    This is one of the reasons I object to police, fire, paramedics, teachers, nurses, etc. always being referred to as heroes. Have some of them done heroic things? Yes. Are they heroes just because they work in those jobs? No.

  61. Re: Scott’s observation about building materials.

    In my neighborhood 8 to 10 new homes have been built every year for the last 3-4 years. The common practice has been that about 3 days after the slab has been poured a bunch of lumber gets dumped out front and a framing crew shows up 3-4 days later a recognizable frame for a house is completed.

    Two slabs got poured back in December and have just sat there every since. The word is that the builder is waiting for the cost of lumber to go back down.

  62. Cost of lumber on a 2,500 square foot house has gone up an average of $30,000 in the past year according to the National Association of Home Builders.

  63. You know who the real heroes are? Accountants.

    Who wants to do that boring ass work?

    Shooting people would be WAY more fun than balancing the books and figuring out how to expense your client’s dildo collection.

  64. You don’t expense a dildo collection, you capitalize it.

  65. God!

  66. We’re on a list to build a house. They actually won’t sell us one until they are closer to the start date so they can control costs more closely.

    We walked through the townhomes across the street last night. Very nice, incredible layout and finishes and what not. There’s a small elevator. $1M.

    $1M for 3500 SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. You don’t expense a dildo collection, you capitalize it.
    See? Heroes.

  68. Heros indeed.

  69. What’s gong on with lumber? I thought it was a renewable resource albeit slow.

    Drywall from China but lumber too?

    We’re a dumb country.

  70. I’m rooting for the processed meat company.

  71. Depreciation schedule on a dildo is huge, I bet.

  72. Boarded up cities are playing havoc with supplies.

  73. Depreciation schedule on a dildo is huge, I bet.

    Only on the black ones.

  74. A lot of our lumber comes from Canada. Tariffs add to the cost. Plus forest fires shut down lumbering, covid shut down mills, and rioting by patriots used up sheet goods for boarding up storefronts.

  75. Steak-umm understands science better than Black Science Man.

    Neil literally has no idea what epistemology is. If you tried to explain it he’d give you a blank look and then rip off some glib non sequitor. He’s a blithering idiot with a memorized script, nothing more.

  76. Once you drive a dildo off the lot it loses at least half its value

  77. *cancels print job*

    *deletes ‘Like New! Still Runs Great!’ doc from wordpad*

  78. Obama’s Gash for Clunkers program really killed the used dildo market, which is bad because it used to be that a teenager could work a part time job to afford her first dildo.

  79. “Nobody” elevates the noble accountant to hero. Sorta.

  80. Ben Affleck did it first.

  81. Huh, thanks, Hotspur, that makes a lot of sense.

  82. You never know how many owners it may have had and how many miles they put on it.

  83. Or if they skipped the oil and lube treatments

  84. Gently Used DIldos.

  85. Certified Pre-Owned Dildos™

  86. Be a Rebel


  87. Did you know you can get an “extended” warranty on your dildo?

  88. Bump her to bump her.

  89. Scott’s new hat

  90. Elon Musk is revolutionizing the dildo market. His latest models come with autodrive, and over-the-air firmware updates.

  91. “Firm” ware.

  92. Toyota has a new line of dildos designed to appeal to the upscale suburban soccer mom.

  93. The Scion-branded line of dildos is more affordable, however, and there’s a giant gap on manual transmissions in the mid-range.

  94. Word is Biden wants investment in solar powered dildos.

  95. That part isn’t actually a joke. Getting a manual Toyota is almost impossible anymore. You have to get a Scion or a Lexus.

  96. Google already knows what kind of dildo you want and has populated your browser with ads for said dildo.

  97. The future is teledildonics

  98. My dad worked as an engineer for Teledildonics back in the 70s, when they were headquartered in Beaverton.

  99. He probably worked remotely

  100. I saw Teledildonics open for The Bobcats at Pine Knob in the summer of ’77.

  101. This conversation has gone from bad to pitiful. Where’s mare?

  102. Mare is capitalizing her dildo collection. She’ll be a while.

  103. Out feeding her gator

  104. Capitalizing?

    More like alphabetizing

  105. Synergizing.

  106. Do you straight line depreciate on your dildos? Not sure, probably depends on your cash position.

  107. Rumor has it that the banks have been holding onto their portfolio of foreclosed dildos for years, because if they start selling them at a loss they’d have to reassess the value of their entire portfolios and that would be ugly.

  108. And it would depress the value of all of our dildos. For many of us, they are our biggest asset.

  109. Correct. A lot of people, especially aging Boomers, are expecting their dildos to get them through long years of retirement.

  110. Free range artisan crafted dildos seem like they should be a thing

  111. It was owned by a little granny who only rode it on Sundays.

  112. Comment by Jimbro on April 13, 2021 2:50 pm
    Free range artisan crafted dildos seem like they should be a thing

    You can buy them at the farmer’s market, usually from some unshaven hippy chick in a floursack dress who has six piercings, that you can see. Either that or tattooed hipster beardos who are waaay too into the dildomaking process and have a podcast about it.

  113. I like to buy my used dildos from Florida. Less rust.

  114. When I was in Arizona the retirees would be out every weekend during the spring and summer riding their classic dildos for everyone to see. Some of them had dropped serious cash to refurbish something from the 50s or 60s which had been sitting in a barn somewhere.

  115. I’ve heard wild dildos grow near fallen cedar trees, but I’ve never had any luck finding any. I think I need a pig to help find them.

  116. Off topic but worthy of analyses

  117. Your mom calls that a “warm-up.”

  118. “Out feeding her gator”


    That made me laugh.

  119. Your mom was very unhappy when Bad Dragon had to halt product shipments last year.

  120. And you think used car salesmen are bad…

  121. To my mind, retirement is about spending more time with the people you love. Unfortunately, many Americans just don’t have the financial resources to do that. Most people thought the three legs of retirement…pension, social security, and savings would be enough to get by. But it’s kind of like this three legged dildo I’m sitting on…a little wobbly.

    Hi I’m Tom Selleck and I want to talk to you about a reverse mortgage.

  122. Hi, I’m Hotspur and I want to talk to you about a reverse cowgirl.

  123. On a scouting trip when I was about 12 we had a bobcat come into our campsite and scare the shit out of us. We were sleeping around the campfire instead of in the tents, and I think Bob liked to come around looking for leftovers in the middle of the night. He was not happy that we were in the way and let us know with growls, snarls and some howling type noise. Never heard anything like it, and I’ve never been that scared before or since.

  124. whoa, that would be trippy. Seen evidence of bobcats, but never live.

    My aunt was stalked by a mountain lion. She said that freaked her right out.

  125. How much longer is the mothership going to remain a dumpster fire?

  126. Supposedly back to normal at week’s end. If you’re referring to the site itself that is. As to the content, it’s the HQ…

  127. I really want to watch Nobody. Gov Wuhan settled with the guy whose junk she groped. #MeToo.

  128. 24 years ago today was the last Whalers home game and I was there.

  129. Hotspur, did you see the Reuter’s article about the South African variant of COVID? If you got the pfizer vaccine (not sure about the others) you’re are more likely to get that strain than those who are not vaccinated?

  130. No complaints on the content at the HQ, but the site design is a shitshow.

  131. I use to see bobcats walk along our back property line in a very suburban community. They seemed pretty skittish of humans.

  132. Mare, it’s all bullshit. If my aunt would have had balls she would have been my uncle.

    I’m not playing that game with these cum guzzlers.

  133. Pixy explained that all he(?) could get us in the short term was basically a 0.85 alpha build that wasn’t really ready for primetime. I’ll take that over nothing, but yeah, it’s been icky.

  134. Pixy explained that all he(?) could get us

    I think it’s “they”.

  135. Cousins had mountain lion cubs venture into their tent while camping in the Pecos. Kids were playing with the cubs, cousin was taking pics while taking each cub out of the tent and releasing. We were camping in the Pecos a few weeks later, Ranger was visiting campsites and showing us how to distinguish Puma scat from Bear scat. It was pretty gross.

  136. Scott, I wear my Whalers jersey to NHL games. They are missed.

  137. My Uncle lives I need the Sandia foothills. Decided to have chickens. Built a coop without a roof. Bobcat was killing his chickens. City guy, calls the Rangers/Animal Control. They come out to his house “You have a bobcat”. Fin.

  138. Missed the “I need” autocucumber for “in” meh

  139. I’m not really up on these types of things but I don’t get the bare bones mothership.

    It’s literally hosted on prem from a server in Utah? And if that server goes down, the site goes down? I think there was a backup in there somewhere but that it went down as well?

    And if it goes down, how is it rebuilt?

    Why isn’t it nicer? The commenters kinda make the site but it’s near impossible to post a comment. There’s always some sort of error due to the font or characters used.

    Why isn’t it better?

  140. I’m not criticizing…I don’t know.

  141. I suspect that part of it is simply cost. Ace makes his money off of ad revenue and donations, so I’m not sure how much he’s making each month. Plus, Pixy isn’t going to suddenly cancel his hosting, unlike going with a larger bloghost or server company.

  142. One of my closest friends growing up…his uncle started ESPN to broadcast whaler games.

  143. Is Pixy a person or a company that hosts websites? Or both?

  144. Ok so pixy is the host. What about ISP? Pixy has an ISP, right?

  145. Neither.

  146. Pixy gets paid to manage the website, but he contracts to a company in Utah for server space. I think.

  147. Jeez.

    My knowledge of how shit works is fucking terrible.

    Think dumb though. Type. Magic. It appears on website.

  148. Pixy gets paid to manage the website, but he contracts to a company in Utah for server space. I think.

    Matches my understanding.

  149. I get paid to manage elasticsearch clusters that I access from a .gov VPN but all 3 of them live on different company’s servers.

    That I’m able to efficiently move data from one to another is nothing short of miraculous.

  150. The above article is VERY thorough.

  151. Mare, I just say I’m on the list. All the people I work with, are 75% vaccinated/jabbed. Same % that already had the COVID. Regulars are getting jabbed. Ken and his wife had the COVID. He takes care of his mom once a month. No vaccine. Ken is a CPR certifier. He renews peoples CPR certifications. $80 a head. One of the few in the state. Vietnam Vet. He has stories.

  152. When every third commercial on TV is telling me how safe the vaccine is……….

    Hell no.

    College kids are voluntarily lining up for this stuff.

  153. Those are funny memes, ChrisP.

  154. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttt

  155. I didn’t realize that jewstin was a drummer for patty b.

  156. Happy to see you are moving again, MJ.

    I was getting worried.

    What has it been? 3 years?

  157. I once again am forced to agree with he muppet.
    Disarm the polizei and let this motherfucker burn.
    It’s time.
    It’s past due really.

  158. Neil The’Ass Tyson is only marginally smarter than his cousin mike ….
    Mike however is more charismatic and talented.

  159. Having a small child makes moving a lot harder.

  160. Mike made more money on a lot less education and pulled much higher quality trim in his day.

    What makes you think Neil is the smarter one?

  161. Valid point.

  162. Whoever poated the question for the children to freak out at is comic genius. Just saying.

  163. Diagnosing epilepsy requires perceptiveness.

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