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Suggested thread topic: things that take longer than 6 months to test before production.

In need of vigorous, productive testing.

I can’t do this.

I can do this if the exposure time is short enough.

I could do her. 10/10 wouldsmash.

Sin colores.

Con colores.

What does her arm say?

Another week begins. Make it count.


  1. The Big Pharma people have wanted to run a massive human trial of the mRNA scheme for 20 years, as I’ve read it. The story reads a lot like the “embryonic stem cells” (aka murdered baby humans) story. Big, big promises, and then a lot of test animals just die every time so they never get permission for human trials.

    Crises are magical. I promise there will be more.

  2. Oh, they know now how to control the weak-mined and through the weak-minded hysteria, they will get policies to control us.

    This syndemic has had benefits the left could only dream of.

    If this doesn’t scare you, well, go ahead and keep your head up your ass.

  3. “FDA Approvals. It takes on average 12 years and over US$350 million to get a new drug from the laboratory onto the pharmacy shelf. Once a company develops a drug, it undergoes around three and a half years of laboratory testing, before an application is made to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin testing the drug in humans.”

  4. What does her arm say?
    “I Like Pancakes”

    Actually looks like UNSTOPPABLE

  5. It says ‘calm down’

  6. Our elites are idiots.

    A few morons produced a model that said the sky would fall.

    Every elite panicked because they didn’t know what to do and fell prey to garbage science and opportunists.

    Then they became the opportunists.

    And we all suffer for it.

    But it all stems from the fact that our elites don’t know how to make decisions other than political decisions. They have no ability to think or reason.

    I watched an NBC news interview of an intellectual recently and it was obvious, painfully obvious, that the interviewer had done no homework and didn’t understand the literal words that were being spoken. But he will soon be promoted because he asked the right questions and furrowed his brow.

  7. Every elite panicked because they didn’t know what to do and fell prey to garbage science and opportunists.

    You misspelled “perked up and filled their minds with tyrannical intent”

  8. I’ve heard a lot of things about the experimental vaccine Carin including the hyperactive immune response in the future. I think the “science” behind it is sound but my main concern is the unintended consequences we may face after bursting out with a worldwide mass campaign to inject this stuff in so many people without adequate testing.

    MJ is right about the abnormal responses that make sensational headlines being background chatter with any mass injection scheme … shit happens to a certain %’age of the population. Alex has also given a little perspective on the actual numbers compared with historical averages and that’s useful to get some perspective.

    If this constant state of emergency goes on much longer and if enough people figure that we’ve been duped AND if they’re allowed to get the message out there in a memetic fashion there will be riots over something other than fentanyl overdoses

  9. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 12, 2021 8:40 am
    Every elite panicked because they didn’t know what to do and fell prey to garbage science and opportunists.

    You misspelled “perked up and filled their minds with tyrannical intent”


    I’m with Leon, I don’t give these assholes the benefit of the doubt…ever. You really think they don’t have control as their main intent?

    After “never let a crisis go to waste” we can’t be naive anymore.

    That fatass, weirdo Brian Seltzer (CNN) wondered why FOX media talking heads weren’t showing their vaccination cards. Why? Why??

    I hate him.

  10. “10/10 would smash” reminds me of Dana Loesch

  11. My biggest concern is that the people pushing for this crap are the same people who seem incapable of comprehending simple human individual variability. They expect everyone to have the same cookie cutter properties and responses and don’t plan for a continuum of possible results, or don’t care about them. Naturally this is how trust is destroyed and masses of people get angry enough at “elites” to start considering life without them–and how to achieve that goal. Which gets nasty and dicey in a hurry.

    Anyway. Naturally my first morning driving my own commute has major accidents on the Interstates that cause two and a half miles to take twelve minutes to cover. And the vehicle’s been bird-bombed already. “Welcome back to driving!”

  12. “But it all stems from the fact that our elites don’t know how to make decisions other than political decisions.”

    Which is why Trump was effective, although brutish. He knows how to decide, and isn’t afraid of it.

  13. Alex has also given a little perspective on the actual numbers compared with historical averages and that’s useful to get some perspective.


    Was this on the last thread?

  14. No, MJ is correct: they panicked. We’ve bred a generation of politicians and bureaucrats who only know how to game the system to get ahead. They figure out which classes to take, how to strategically study, and how to wheedle extra credit, all to get an ‘A’ and move on. They get the varsity letter in a sport and play the correct instrument and do their volunteer work for a month in South America all so that they can write the essay that gets them into a good school, where they repeat the process all over again. And all the while Tiger Moms are cracking the whip, or Karens are flooding the inboxes of school officials to protest every lost point on a test, every bad mark on an essay, every time their kid wasn’t picked for the team. Failure is never permitted.

    A few are malicious tyrants, but the majority are worse: they’re frozen with fear, because for the first time they didn’t have a checklist which they could follow. They actually had to think on their feet, balance the various risks, make a decision, and then adjust on the fly. I used to tell soldiers who asked me about Army OCS, “Make a decision. That’s the basics of being a leader: make a decision and carry it out. It doesn’t have to be a good decision. They’ll teach you how to make those later on, but too many people are incapable of every making a decision to begin with.”

    I always found it funny how the left would bring up Trump’s bankruptcies as a sign of his failings. Businesses fail all the time, even when properly run. Trump’s bankruptcies are, in my mind, a sign that he knows how to deal with failure and to either cut loose a bad investment, or adjust course. And either way he learned from those mistakes.

  15. They were predicting millions and millions of deaths. The politically safe thing to do was to shut everything down. That way you don’t get blamed for the deaths of your constituents.

    Once it was apparent there were no mass deaths, they should have opened up, but they found the power addicting.

  16. simple human individual variability.
    I mentioned the UMaine hockey coach dying last week due to what they’re calling a “medical emergency”. Um, yeah, it’s a fucking emergency when you die dipshits! If it was a heart attack or a stroke don’t you think they’d have mentioned that?

    I have no evidence to support my claim that it is probably related to the vaccine. But for a 63 year old guy to just drop dead with no specifics other than saying it was a ‘medical emergency’ it makes me think he was either getting pegged by his mistress while she was wearing the Black Bears mascot costume and they didn’t want that to get out OR it was vaccine related.

  17. Within the last few days Mare, not sure when.

  18. Honestly, they’d rather report “death by furry” than admit “death by vaccine”.

  19. The initial models said 250k to 2.5 million, which is basically statistics-speak for “we don’t know, there are huge unknowns.” I don’t begrudge early decisions based on assuming a worst-case scenario, because that’s what you do when you are planning. The problem was that once they assumed the worst case scenario would happen, they obsessed about it to the point that they failed to question whether or not it was occurring. They took one result of the model as holy writ, rather than as a tool for gaining a broader view of the situation and identifying information gaps.

  20. Heh, I just set a reminder for this video:

    Vernal Pools of Maine
    2 waiting
    •Scheduled for Apr 22, 2021

    The other person waiting is probably the biologist’s mother

  21. Or his other account for verifying the stream went live.

  22. I could do her. 10/10 wouldsmash.

    The bolt-ons are a turn off. Why do women do that?

    (Serious question^^)

  23. Insecurity. Her body fat is low enough that without them she’s probably flat as an ironing board.

  24. Apparently there was another police shooting in MN yesterday, so the local youts took it as an excuse to loot and burn.

  25. They expect everyone to have the same cookie cutter properties and responses and don’t plan for a continuum of possible results, or don’t care about them.

    This should surprise no one.

    These are the people who believe that the sexes are equal. These are the people who say the races are equal.

    Of course they think we are all cookie cutter.

  26. Insecurity. Her body fat is low enough that without them she’s probably flat as an ironing board.

    I never found that to be a turn off. Bolt-ons are.

  27. Agreed. But I think the increased musculature plays a role as well. A skinny woman with small tits is still a woman, but if she’s got lots of muscle the fear becomes that she looks like a dude in a wig. Hence, the boob job to counter it.

    Even though it just makes her look like a dude in a wig with fake tits.

  28. There’s a lot of gaming going on in the counting for covid. The incentives are all to keep it going, both financial and social.

    The hospitals are staying afloat by billing the shit out of the government and the providers and politicians gain social capital by being represented as heroes.

    If insurance companies were on the hook for this it would have been over a year ago.

  29. I just learned that the death rate in the US has been remarkably steady at between 9.75 per 1000 to 8 per 1000 over the past 70 years.

    It fell from a high of 9.75 in 1950 to a low in 2010 but is now creeping up, probably as the population ages and the elderly aren’t extended by medicine. At some point, you die.

  30. And if government workers had been subjected to unemployment as their only income, it would have been over in 15 days.

  31. At some point, you die.

    Keep up your shit, and you may go before I do.

  32. I also just read that the death rate in 2020 was the HIGHEST EVER.

    It’s about in line with the death rate of 2018 and didn’t increase in line with population growth (means it was actually lower) but it was the HIGHEST EVER.

    People who write for a living have no idea what they are talking about ever. Are they paid by the word or something?

  33. Keep up your shit, and you may go before I do.
    Dude, I’m super healthy. My diet is 98% fish sticks, 2% your mom.

  34. Another of Penelope’s friends is in the hospital after a bad reaction to the second vaccine shot. This is an older woman with health issues. I think she has MS. She and her husband are both very liberal and true believers in big government and all the bs.

  35. Dude, I’m super healthy. My diet is 98% fish sticks, 2% your mom.

    How do you tell the difference?

  36. Rimshot.

  37. How do you tell the difference?

    One tastes like three day old cheap halibut. The other is breaded and fried.

  38. NO ENTRY

  39. People, there’s a real problem out there…

    And one of those things was your mom’s dick.

  40. How do you tell the difference?
    One is smothered in tartar sauce

  41. That was not helpful

  42. No. It wasn’t.

  43. DOg head on foot

  44. I guess you’re day is finished, then.

  45. FFS, MS is an autoimmune disease, Penelope’s friend is exactly who SHOULDN’T get it.

  46. It really is, Coalex. Someone needs to call in to work for me.

  47. While driving I just heard a local radio host say the new COVID variant is 70 times more deadly. They mentioned the cases in Michigan, I wanted to yell, dig a little deeper dumbass.

    WTF are the people making this shit up?

    And why scare everyone now? It has to be power and enjoying the “I told you so.”

    I’m looking at you, Whitmer, you scrunt.

    I don’t even know what that means.

  48. We are still vitamin-D deprived here,but we aren’t allowed to talk about that. Or about fat black people.

    Or about the continuing subsidy to hospitals when they diagnose and admit “COVID” patients.

  49. Or about the continuing subsidy to hospitals when they diagnose and admit “COVID” patients.


    Went to a party on Saturday. Our friend there who is a nurse spoke of this exact problem. Same as Carin’s friend.

    Although our friend said they have even sent patients to other hospitals and they get discharged within 24 hours at the second hospital so TWO hospitals get the Sweet Covid Government Money™

  50. this is an ad on facebook for a breast feeding friendly dress.

    Isn’t that kid a little old?

  51. Esssssh.

    I have video of my youngest eating rib meat, mashed potatoes and a roll at eight months.

  52. HS went to the park

  53. A lot of modern women breastfeed to like 4 years old.

    Kid looks about 3, or it might be MJ. Either way, not that weird anymore.

  54. If you breast feed a kid past the age of 18 months, you’re doing it for yourself, not the kid.

    Just stop.

  55. not weird to who?

  56. We’re weird in here in the US, and if women make it to a year of breastfeeding they’re beyond the “average”. Over the age of 2 is what is considered normal in most of the world.

    I nursed all my kinds longer than the previous one. they all turned out pretty good. Ethan was close to 2 and a half.

  57. Hotspur, you’re just wrong. Probably because you’re a man and getting up in years.

  58. I’m not giving you an opinion or advice, I’m just telling you that the dress advertiser is reading the market as it stands and pitching to potential customers.

  59. I forget how long we went, might have been 2.5 or so. We had trouble getting her onto regular food at first, and now she’s still absurdly picky.

  60. guess I’m old as dirt, as well as a FPOS then. Carry on!

  61. Never pass up an opportunity to suck on a titty.

  62. GND nursed until 2, possibly a little longer. Its normal to do that.

    The vast majority don’t make it a few months, though.

  63. They just showed the video of the shooting from yesterday. The voice sounds like it’s a woman cop, and I think the chief just called it an accidental discharge.

  64. If a man expresses an opinion, and there isn’t a woman in the room, is he still wrong?

  65. My mother gave up at 6 weeks, but it was the 70s and formula was all the rage. Doctor told her I was allergic to breast milk and soy formula was fine. Motherfucker probably cost me an inch in height and 10 points of IQ.

    We ran into an issue where Possum would get an upset tummy from breast milk (and have red spots in her stool), but quickly traced that to her mom having cow’s milk or cheese. She dropped dairy and everything was fine after that. Plus we learned one beer or a bowl of oatmeal would make milk overproduce enough to feed 3 more kids at the same time.

  66. Just watched it again. The female cop is shouting “taser! taser! taser!” followed by “oh shit!”

  67. The history of breastfeeding in the US is a weird one. It first became something only poor people did (because the rich either had a wet nurse or used formula)- this obviously developed slowly over time, but using formula was the modern thing to do.

    Sometime in the 80’s, nursing became the “thing” of college educated women (although it still face an uphill battle, because the tradition of nursing was loooong gone at this point). Now, poor people largely get free formula from the government, and rarely nurse.

    Still views about it being something you ONLY do for babies is a pretty widely held belief. You can’t give a kid milk until they are at least a year, and why would someone choose to buy “formula” when they can milk the cow for free?

    Meh. Nursing still has a big stigma, and women being told they are “doing it for themselves” (while that can be true for some women) is mostly our social bias against the use of breast as anything but a sexual object.

  68. Yes, hotspur.

  69. My mom, who was born in 34, told me one time that when she was about 6 or 7 a neighbor woman came over to visit with my grandmother. This woman had a 6 or 7 year old girl who my mom was playing dolls with and also had an infant. She was sitting in an easy chair and breast feeding the infant while conversing with my grandmother and the older girl looked up and noticed and walked over, pulled her mom’s other breast out and started helping herself to a snack while standing flat footed beside her mother’s chair. It made a lasting impression on my mom.

  70. this is an ad on facebook for a breast feeding friendly dress.
    Isn’t that kid a little old?


    I don’t know. I’m pushing 61 and I wouldn’t mind having a dose.

  71. You do not want to get into the politics of breast feeding.

    The far right and far left totally overlap here. It’s sort of like the white supremacists and super woke who believe there shouldn’t be interracial dating.

  72. You do not want to get into the politics of breast feeding.

    I’d rather sit through a three-hour seminar on Critical Race Theory.

  73. My interest in the mammary gland is pretty shallow.

  74. Yea, it’s a mess. But I’m neither far left or far right. I just breastfeed for a LOT of total months (I think I counted it all up and it was over 90 total months? )

    My kids were healthier than all the other kids , and the only one who ever got an ear infection – was 7 at the time and had been breastfed the least.

  75. The female cop is shouting “taser! taser! taser!” followed by “oh shit!”

    Just saw a post on that.

  76. at this point, cops just have to let people go.

  77. Vigilantism is coming. That or Pinkertons, but my money is on vigilantes.

  78. Both. It will depend on where you are.

  79. True. Gates has a retinue of personal security that would make Louis XII blush.

  80. We’re not going to descend into a Mad Max-style dystopia. What will happen is that the power of the FedGov will slowly rot away, and communities will simply start ignoring it until one day they realize that they’re on their own.

  81. Americans have access to great nutrition they don’t need to breast feed for a long time.

  82. My kids never had one ear infection, actually, they were never sick. Good nutrition does it every time. Meat eaters at a young age (SYWM).

    My breast feeding friend had 2 kids with CONSTANT ear infections. Sick a lot as young kids.

    It’s just genetics.

    But If I saw a friend breastfeed a 7 year old, holy shit, I’m out of there.

    I’d be grossed out to see a three year old breastfeeding. They should be eating plenty of meat at that point. But some kids are needy.

  83. Neither of my daughters were breastfed. Their mother refused to even think about it.

    I will never forget the smell of an Enfamil burp or throw up.

  84. Every now and then I see kids in the office who reach for mom’s boob during the visit. Older kids, like 2 or 3 who probably get a snack at home every so often. The appointment is stressful for them and in most cases the mom says no. For the most part we’ll carry on with the visit when an infant is drinking from the tap.

  85. I love that Tucker Carlson gets under the left’s skin. A LOT.

  86. I’ve had 2 kids with rickets who were solely breastfed. As in, to the exclusion of any other food.

  87. I’m watching a Mark Dice video and Don lemon is insane.

  88. They both responded to Vitamin D supplementation and did fine

  89. Yikes, Jimbro.

    I’m not saying anything negative about breastfeeding, I’m saying if your kids can tolerate meat early, let ’em have it. Plus I (personally) wouldn’t want to produce milk for 2 years and have to “feed” a kid on his whims when they are probably already eating grown up food.

  90. Mare responds well to vitamin D.

  91. hmm, vitamin d, for rickets, and covid.


  92. vitamin D. eating meat.

    The low hanging fruit tree is overflowing, today.

  93. Interesting idea

    There’s little reason to believe they wouldn’t do it, especially now with Dementia Joe as CIC

  94. I just saw a blurb on missed cancer scans in 2020… as in millions of them. I wonder if this means a rash of cancers that are too far gone in the near future?

  95. Well, I do like lots of meat

  96. I never refused my kids any food. I offered. the only thing I didn’t do is spoon feed them that gross “cereal” stuff. I also never bought baby food.

    Hannah basically refused to even attempt to eat any food until she was 11 months. All my kids were different. I have a picture of Ian feeding (hands, of course) himself spaghetti when he was around 7 months.

  97. Now this little kid gets it. And so do his parents:

  98. Possum got started with grassfed beef, broccoli with Irish butter, and home-grown potatoes. Pulled pork whenever I made it, she loved that.

    She will eat literally none of those things now.

  99. Bacon was one of the few things Hannah would eat. She has the worst eating range of all my kids.

  100. “Pope”.

    Uh huh.

    Alfonso de Borgia, pray for us.

  101. Possum will still eat bacon, but only if it’s cooked wrong (chewy, rather than crispy).

    I’m so ashamed.

  102. Kids are goofy. If we do our best that’s all we can do.

  103. we have a nephew who doesn’t like bacon.

    We’re speculating on what planet he is from.

  104. Chewy bacon, Mare.

    My child is clearly some sort of deranged sociopath and we’re just waiting for the first arson or something.

  105. I don’t know if this helps, Leon (it won’t) but I like bacon any way it’s made. And I like it best when someone else makes it.

  106. hahahahahaha, Leon I think Possum loves animals so the serial killer deal is out. But, yes, arsonist is still a possibility.

  107. One of her earliest memories is seeing me use MPP for the first time.

    It’s coming.

  108. LOL

  109. hahahahaha: Mike Rowe’s latest on Facebook:

    54 Across
    You know how when you’re on a plane sometimes, flying to Nashville to shoot a new episode of Dirty Jobs, and you strike up a conversation with the sweet little old lady across the aisle who has absolutely no idea who you are?
    Well, you know how sometimes, after chatting with the sweet little old lady for twenty minutes about her great-grandchildren, she asks if you can help her with a few clues on the crossword puzzle in the New York Times that she’s been unable to complete, and you say, “sure?”
    Well, you know how sometimes the sweet little old lady will ask you specifically if you know the answer to 54 across, and then, when you lean across the aisle to read the clue to 54 across, you laugh out loud because the answer to 54 across is YOU, and you realize in that moment that the sweet little old lady has been pulling your chain the whole time?
    Well, you know how in moments like those, you lower your mask – weirdly pleased that sweet little old ladies still know who you are – flash your friendliest smile, and say, “I don’t know his name, ma’am, but maybe his face rings a bell?”
    Yeah, well, if you know how that feels, you probably also know how it feels when the sweet little old lady still has absolutely no idea who you are, and begins to regard you with sudden suspicion, as if she might be sitting across the aisle from a lunatic…
    God, I’ve missed flying.

    Mike and his new friend

    Crossword clue

    The Crossword

    Probably a setup, but a funny one.

  110. Chewy bacon is awesome. I can’t stand it when it’s super crispy.

  111. “All the violence, if it keeps going, it’s only going to be about the violence. We need it to be about why my son got shot for no reason,

    Umm….bitch, your son got shot because he was in a car with expired plates, there was a warrant for his arrest because he’d been waving a gun around in public, he resisted arrest and fled.

    That’s why he got shot.

    Oh, and because you named him Daunte.

  112. I’ve been breastfeeding since my teens.

  113. My boy didn’t do nothing. He was killed because he had air fresheners hanging from his rear view mirror.


    this is the narrative you’re going to hear over and over. It’s stupid.

  114. You’d think the breastfeeding would stop once their teeth started to come in.

  115. Breast milk is fairly sugary, so it really ought to. Can be hard on enamel if the little one regularly falls asleep for the night while nursing.

  116. Bad mother feeding her kids story:

    We took our kids to the wild park (where you drive through) and before we left we went to Taco Bell and got a couple bags full of stuff. My youngest was under 2 (I kind of remember way under) and she ate, I shit you not pun intended, THREE regular sized burritos.

    We could not get over it. I’m glad my parents were there or they wouldn’t have believed it.

    I don’t know if I forgot to feed her for a few days or she just loved whatever Taco Bell extrudes into a burrito but she went for it.

    And honest to God, I don’t remember any crazy diaper blowouts.

  117. Team Chewy Bacon 🥓👋🏻

  118. Oh, and she wasn’t a fat kid. Big head thin neck. That’s the thing, we couldn’t figure out where it was going.

  119. There is a continuum of bacon. It goes from “uncooked” through “undercooked” (an abomination before God and humanity) through “chewy but cooked” (fine when wrapping another food) to “crispy” and then finally to “bacon bits I haven’t crumbled yet”.

  120. Chewy bacon is awesome. I can’t stand it when it’s super crispy.

    Team Chewy Bacon

    Philistines, the lot of you. I bet you like burnt marshmallows, too.

  121. Nope. Marshmallows should be uncooked or just lightly golden and gooey, much like your mom.

  122. Well at least you’re not completely deranged.

  123. We have a few stories like that with MJr. He’s skinny as a rail but I’ve seen him eat a man size dinner.

    And once we fed him popcorn. He LOVED it. Ate a whole bowl.

    In the middle of the night he woke up crying…he barfed EVERYWHERE. I mean, it was like a horror show.

    That wasn’t in the handbook.

  124. I just watched the MN police thing over at the shitshow formerly known as Ace of Spades.

    That lady could have shot just about anyone. Pedestrian, partner, guy across the road in his house.

    She def needs to be disarmed. And why not all police officers while we’re at it. Fuck it. Let it burn.

  125. Indeed.

  126. Good job, Car in!

  127. Local fast food place went from crispy bacon to bacon bits in their breakfast burritos. Hard no.

  128. I wonder what the story is about the cop and her training? New hire?

  129. probably a replacement for one of the Chauvin fired ones. Or all of them that quit last summer.

  130. So, if I understand this correctly, the guy was not combative or violent, just trying to get away, and she pulls out her tazer to subdue him, but it’s not her tazer it’s the weapon she has presumably trained with and qualified with, but she thinks it’s a tazer, which is lighter than, and a different shape than, and a different color than, and she fires it, and it goes boom.

    Sorry Chief, that isn’t an accident.

  131. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sorry he’s dead.

  132. How fast do you think George Floyd’s lawyer’s fat, bloated, bad suit ran to the crime scene?

    A) Jesse Owens
    B) Usain Bolt

  133. yeah, grabbing the tazer is different than grabbing a handgun

  134. Interesting the cop seems to be owning up to a lethal error.

  135. All that keeps running through my head is, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

  136. Friend: What are you going to name your son?
    Katie Wright: Ima name him Daunte.

    20 years later…

    Police: Ma’am your son is dead.
    Friend: I done tol’ you that was a stupid name.

  137. Same thing happened in San Fran a few years ago. Guy was prone, and the cop pulled a pistol and shot him, thought it was a taser.

  138. I’m actually surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.

  139. Crump was Trayvon’s mama’s lawyer and Mike Brown.

  140. CoW has had COVID. Has had the vaccine. Computer generated testing 💩 and he had to test today.

  141. MJ,

    Many police departments have officers carry their taser on the opposite side of their belt from their sidearm precisely for that reason.

  142. A suspect who breaks free from an officer’s grasp and gets into his car? Yeah, that’s not a good situation, and honestly you don’t know if he’s trying to get away, or going for a weapon.

  143. Whoopsie doodle.

  144. And honest to God, I don’t remember any crazy diaper blowouts.
    Joe Biden, is that you?

  145. All of the tasers I’ve seen cops carry and deploy on video are bright yellow and over sized on purpose to avoid this kind of thing from happening

  146. There is no bacon I will not eat except burnt bacon which I’ve never actually encountered.

    I support BLM

    Bacon Lettuce Mayonnaise

  147. Washington Examiners had an article which stated that a South African variant of covid is hitting those with the vaccine harder than those who haven’t had the vaccine.


  148. Color and size aren’t necessarily enough. Adrenaline spiking, chaos around you, there’s a tendency to focus one’s attention on one thing to the exclusion of all others. So in that situation you’re focused on the suspect, trying to watch your partner get out of the way, and you don’t look at which weapon you’ve drawn, or that it feels weird.

    I’m not saying it’s right, merely that it’s human nature.

  149. I just saw that HI will require vaccine to travel there.

  150. They didn’t deserve my $$ anyhow.

  151. Is anyone going to mention that this woman may not have been qualified? As we’ve learned from every other cop shooting nothing is presented honestly. But there is a HUGE difference between a taser and a gun. It’s a mistake but so rookie, it shouldn’t have happened.

  152. They train for these situations. And it can be high pressured training. The kid wasn’t pointing a gun at her. Now, she may have had poor training.

  153. No, you can still just test to avoid quarantine. IF you have the vaccine you don’t have to test.

  154. Shit happens.

    She could have been at the end of a double, or coming off of a 3 martini lunch. The union will claim it was Covid related.

  155. I’m not saying it’s right, merely that it’s human nature.
    Oh I totally get it. That’s one of the reasons they make them so cartoonish but all bets are off when the bacon hits the frying pan

  156. Her body cam was hacked!

  157. Jocko Willink had some interesting takes on training police. Police training is rather short and probably needs to be overhauled.

  158. Scott, Willink also mentioned time on the job, time off and continual training.

  159. But there are also police departments that hire for things other than job benchmarks.

  160. But there is a HUGE difference between a taser and a gun. It’s a mistake but so rookie, it shouldn’t have happened.

    It’s happened before with other cops. Not necessarily a rookie mistake.

    They train for these situations. And it can be high pressured training. The kid wasn’t pointing a gun at her.

    And you can train every day and twice on Sunday. There’s still an element of uncertainty when shit actually goes down. That said, it will be interesting to see exactly what training the officers had, and when they had it. That may be a large factor in whether she goes to trial or not.

    As for not pointing a gun at her, if someone fights off a cop and dives back into a car, waiting around for them to show a gun is stupid. That close and chaotic, the first time you might know he has a weapon is when you or your partner takes a round or a knife to the face.

  161. She might have checked a diversity box. My town recently hired a horrible cop for that reason.

    He shot and killed a kid last summer during a traffic stop.

    It was bad, he deserves jail.

  162. I am growing angrier and angrier at our DA. Victoria Martens. Look her up.

  163. My hometown is 5000 people. A couple years ago a local called the police to report a homeless dude sleeping on the running trail. This was at night, and the cop pulled his car onto the trail and accidentally ran over the homeless guy in the dark.

  164. Back in the 90’s I had some guy road rage me. He got out of his car and approached my car so I grabbed my .357 and pepper spray, fortunately for him I had the spray in my right hand, because when he busted my window out and hit me in the head with a tire iron, I did not think I just pointed and pulled the trigger. Not saying it is the same, it was a reaction.
    You see cops with their hands on their weapon all the time, it is almost like a security blanket and when you react? Chances are the brain was saying taser and the hand on the weapon reacted first.

  165. ABQ is planning a Duante Wright peaceful protest. Why, ain’t nobody protesting kids in cages anymore?

  166. Dementia man good.

  167. My lawdog moment. Las Cruces. Open drinks. We get pulled over for speeding. We’re out of the car. I get cold and put my hands in my pockets. Guns drawn. Cops apologize. I apologize. They let us go. Didn’t make us dump our booze. Everyone was scared. Driver was a mule for the local cartel. He had multiple guns and lots of drugs in the vehicle. He offered me 10k for getting him out of the incidence. Crazy times

  168. It’s not a security blanket they are trained to have their hand there so they can remove the gun from the holster quickly. All the more reason to know it wasn’t a gun.


    The Brooklyn Center City Council voted to fire Boganey, a longtime city employee, during an emergency meeting, the Star Tribune reported. At the same meeting, the council voted to give the mayor command authority over the city’s police department.

    During a virtual workshop after the meeting, Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson said she voted to fire Boganey out of fear of potential reprisals from protestors if she did not, according to the newspaper.

    “He was doing a great job. I respect him dearly,” Lawrence-Anderson said. “I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level.”

    Both Elliott and Boganey addressed potential disciplinary action toward the officer during a press conference earlier in the day. At the time, Elliott called for the officer to be fired.

    “Let me be very clear – my position is that we cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to the loss of life of other people in our profession,” Elliott said. “I do fully support releasing the officer of her duties.”

    Before leaving the podium, Elliott noted that Boganey, as city manager, had the authority to determine whether the officer would be fired. Boganey noted that he would not take immediate action to remove the officer.

  170. I am not disagreeing with you Mare. I think it is a multi part answer. Is it still there? Is it secure? Is it unencumbered? Yes and I might need it, and it is a convenient place to rest my hand.

  171. Calm down, Mare.

  172. Yes, everything is true. But also doing what a cop says would have avoided all this.

  173. My “fake” cousin just posted the harrowing tale of her second dose/shot for covid. MIND YOU, she had covid. But she’s really happy that now she will be “fully safe” from Covid.


    I can’t even with these people.

  174. Being “fully vaccinated” is worth it all, she says.

  175. Here are the various complaints that are “totally worth it” from all her friends:

    Just had my #2 Saturday. No nausea, but did have the narcolepsy with a splitting headache, chills, greasy sweats, then hot flashes. Today was mostly ok but had an emotional shit storm for no reason and just bawled for an hour, just out of nowhere. I seem symptom free now. Hope you feel better soon!


    I felt something similar, but not so much the nausea. Powerful fatigue, multiplied by taking a Benadryl + ibuprofen. Slept a lot on Saturday. More energy on Sunday. But in general, I feel kind of “dumb” — like I can’t do anything right or keep my thoughts on track. Then again, maybe I am getting dumber LOL. I’m glad today was slow at work.


    Weird taste in my mouth. Noticing smells more often. Constantly feeling different effects upon different parts of the body. I am being rewritten.


    lept like a zombie all night and when I woke up, I was very groggy/foggy, and having some weird aches (feeling like I’m getting little hot flashes that migrate around my body–strange sensation.) some flu-like symptoms of aching body, and joints. Just overall malaise and not feeling great.
    As one of my friends said, I just kind of felt weird and off, can’t really describe it, but hoping it will be better by tomorrow. (I had tried to not schedule much for today because of the shot,)

  176. BLM = Buy Large Mansions

  177. Damnit Crispy they’ve left you hanging long enough.

    Bolt on Large Mammaries.

    And shit.

  178. “I am being rewritten”

    OMG, this is a ridiculous person.

  179. Delilah’s employer remained perplexed.

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