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“Dog scares cats watching bird


  1. I’m up for the grope

    (categories people, categories)

  2. Nice mix o’ memes today

  3. Comment by lumps on April 10, 2021 7:44 pm

    Hard soil is good soil.

    A Hard Soil is Good to Find?

  4. “I wear with pride his drunken, bloviated scorn.”

    Ted Cruz reacting to John Boehner’s drunken, bloviated scorn

  5. Great memes, Pups, but the off kilter construction, whether on purpose or not, makes me titchy.

  6. John Boehner is loathsome.

  7. Three thumbs up for Pup.

  8. Boehner, Ryan, McConnell , murkowski , snowe… all scum.
    Egregiously Awful

    Worse than pelosi and reed.

  9. On a positive note tho ……
    Maxine Waters is still in Congress.
    82 years old. More years than iq points. Quite an accomplishment really.
    She’s worth about 3 mill. But no one really knows a true figure. She’s played the race card so well that she’s avoided corruption charges, conviction and jail for decades.
    This is an amazing nation.

  10. Just as everyone in DC knew Marion Barry was a crackhead, everyone in DC knew Boehner was a drunk. Just like everyone knew Hillary was/ is a drunk (and pills) along with Pelosi.

    Saw a pushback meme that basically said, “Don’t allow these people to be called “leaders” they are not, they are elected representatives. We gave them the power to speak for us, not tell us what to do.

  11. I wanna pet that dog.

    All the dogs, actually.

  12. Fine memes and fine weather for a Sunday morning!

  13. I have all the dogs at my house.

    wakey wakey.

  14. everyone is so positive today. up with people!

  15. catching up on NCIS. watching covid protocols change from episode to episode.

  16. So you’re saying the Masters of BLM might not be on the level?

    It’s actually farsighted of them to realize that the bottom is going to fall out on this scam at some point and they’re wisely investing their profits in difficult to seize assets through LLC’s.

  17. I gave up on NCIS years ago. I enjoyed watching the earlier seasons but when the show branched out I sort of tuned out.

  18. I hardly watch any TV at all anymore. When we got rid of cable we ordered YouTube TV that had Turner Classic Movies, local news and NFL games on it which was pretty much all I watched anyway. For Christmas Paula got me a new smart TV and it has the options for so many different channel networks including Roku, YouTube TV, YouTube itself, Amazon Prime video and Netflix (Ben pays for that as well as Disney+ I think). It is a colossal pain in the arse to turn the TV and find something to watch so I don’t hardly ever bother anymore.

    More is less or something like that

  19. Comment by Car in on April 11, 2021 10:31 am
    I have all the dogs at my house.

    You can have more.

  20. *scratches at door*

  21. That dog gif with the 3 cats makes me laugh and laugh, I could watch it all day.

    Making BBQ country style ribs later, if it drys out enough I may mow the lawn this evening. Shopping for AR parts but trying not to panic, I want an AR pistol but my county sheriff is dragging ass on purchase permits and my carry permit has still not been processed. It’s been months and months on both. Web site says “…in these extraordinary times…” blah blah blah we’ll get to it when we get to it. Frustrating.

  22. So, riddle me this. NO ONE CAN HIRE ANYONE. You can’t even get someone to show up for the interview.

    So what does my employer to? They just came down with a dictate that NO employees are allowed to EVER sit at the bar. Even on their days off.

    Interesting strategy. You can’t hire anyone in, and instead of appreciating those who are working instead of sitting on their ass collecting checks, you just give the current employees a slap in the face.

  23. Soooo, Texas or Tennessee? I’m starting early to look for places to live once my lease is up, because I have no desire to stay in VA. It’s looking like either outside Austin, or outside Nashville, based on my interests and hobbies and the possibility of finding someone to date.

  24. Outside of Austin and Outside of San Antonio are filling up quickly. On a map they’re 90 miles apart but it’s difficult to find very much unoccupied land along I35. Austin is growing to the east and west at an astonishing rate as well,

  25. I haven’t watched any shows since Dexter ended. NCIS started down the woke trail when McGee got skinny and Michael Weatherly left.

  26. I really liked living in Thompson Station, TN, it was 30-60 minutes to downtown Nashville depending on the time of day. If I had to do it again I’d look to live in Franklin, it’s a nice town, lots of rich people hiding out, good restaurants, closer to Nashville. That’s were G.M. Land used to live, don’t know where he is now.

    If it was a toss-up I’d like to try Texas on for size, you still get freezing weather, floods, and tornadoes in Nashville. I like living in the South, never lived in the West.

  27. I liked my time in Houston. It is a world class city with everything you want at your fingertips. Hotter than hell in August and September the rest of the year is is nice

  28. Tennessee is supposed to be the sweet spot for locations. Warm enough for most of the year, not too many natural disasters and good biscuits.

  29. Within a half mile of my place I could eat at places I had no idea had a cuisine, but they had restaurants in Houston.

  30. I had a good friend that lived north of Nashville, I enjoyed visiting but he said the winters were rough. He was from Florida too so take that with caution.

  31. I wouldn’t live anywhere that doesn’t get at least a little snow in winter.

  32. Amarillo awaits.

  33. I’m from Colorado so snow and cold doesn’t bother me. I’m leaning towards TN at the moment, because there’s a blacksmithing program in Murfreesboro that takes about 4-6 months. Austin CC has a metalworking program, but it’s about 3-4 semesters.

  34. If TN has winterkill, in other words if is too cold for those giant flying cockroaches, that is where you should go.

  35. that’s why I live where the air hurts my face in winter

  36. so not just one property. but why would she want to live with a bunch of white racists, by her own definition? investment? money laundering?

  37. Laura how are your epoxy countertops holding up? I think I need to do something like that with mine.

  38. They look nice Jay. I did make one mistake: I did not round over the counter edge well enough with the sander. You need it to be rounded edged instead of crisp because the epoxy flows over the edge and if it is too sharp that will create a thin/ weak spot right there. I have chips on my edge in the place where I am always leaning against the counter working. I will be rounding them and repouring at some point soon. But the rest of it looks great and I do beat on them, put hot stuff on them, etc. It’s so easy to do it’s a no brainer to just repour. I have enough A and B left to do it all again.

    I will also be doing the dirty pour technique instead of hand-veining with color on a paint stick. This creates more of the random real stone look that I like.

  39. So, forget about the plastic stuff – I’m just using a bunch of cardboard to kill things. Just put it all down, and secured it with rocks. I’ll probably just cover with mulch this year, and worry about it next year.

  40. Carin, that’s how I insta-mulched specimen trees back when I used to do that. One thickness of cardboard may not last the whole season, and toughies like dandelion and bindweed will come up through it eventually. But much weakened and easy to kill by re-squashing with spot treatments.

    Anyway, it takes just a few minutes and looks nice for several months.

  41. Never been to Tennessee (driving through Memphis at night without stopping doesn’t count), but it seems like it has some great places. I would stay away from Austin, personally, just because I don’t want to be around people like that.

  42. The problem is that my interest in dancing swing mean that I have to be somewhere close to a larger city, and unfortunately the dancing crowd tends towards left-wing.

  43. See if you can find a reddit page for a locality in TN that you like, and ask if there are any swinger groups you can join.

  44. Dancing. Swing dancing.

  45. If I want to fuck another man’s wife, I’ll just buy Hotspur’s dad a beer.

  46. Or join the SCA.

  47. What Lauraw said…research the Swing groups in TN.

  48. Searching for “Nashville swing scene” results in this, and I’m not quite sure which category it falls under.

    With 25% ppl being vaccinated, another 25% recovered from covid, and cases being down, it’s time to revive garage dancing (this will turn into a house/slumber party for covid immune folks)!
    On 4/2 let’s get our much needed dance on (Zouk with as much bachata, kizomba, tango, wcs, and salsa requested; music dependent on the crowd).
    There will be a potluck and slumber dance party for Covid immune folks (proof of immunity required). Please bring a dish, and some cute PJs.

  49. People from out of town are welcome to camp out or stay in the garage (there’s beds set up) should they NOT have proof of immunity. Ppl with immunity wristbands are welcome to join the slumber party.

    This is fucking nuts.

  50. I know you have not considered Florida, but I searched for blacksmithing classes and there are over a dozen. I imagine Jax and Tallahassee and Pcola might get snow now and then

  51. Lol just saw where the Pfizer and moderna shots last 7 months and you will most likely need boosters after 6 months.

    You know what’s better than a “vaccination” one you need to get boosted every 6 months.

    Lord, this is so dumb.

    You going to get one every six months? Hahahaha

  52. Alex, give up swing dancing and get out of the left wing cities. Find a conservative girl and teach her.

    This is a no brainer.

  53. …last 6 months. I’m commenting from my phone and the ramps up the dumbness in my comments.

  54. “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome .”

  55. How do they know that, Mare.

    1st vaccines were given 5 months ago.

  56. Scott, that is the most recent scare tactic.

  57. True Story, drink! I was 8. I got all of my shots to go to Taiwan on one day. I got really sick. Drs thought it was getting all of my shots on one day. FF. My dad worked at the Naval Hospital. We went to the NH for our “Booster Cholera” shots. 6 months. I went into full Anaphylaxis. They coded me, and brought me back. Navy wanted to send me back stateside. My parents refused. I’m not taking the “vaccine”.

  58. Welcome to the control group.

  59. No idea Scott. Saw it on Breaking News on Instagram.

    My point which aligns with some here, of course they don’t know. It’s a way to pump garbage into us and get us to comply.

  60. Florida is too humid. Plus, I don’t like meth or gator sex.

  61. Matsuyama is choking.

  62. I’m watching the Masters. Zalatoris needs a sammich or five.

  63. I was just looking at proof of vaccination cards on eBay.

    Hundreds of people selling them.

  64. God Bless America. Land of ticket scalpers and eBay.

  65. https://is.gd/_Brakecheck_on_Scotts_Loveboat


  66. I know better.

  67. It would be less work to do the dishes.

  68. Be even less to throw them out.

  69. babe, where did all the salad bowls go? I can’t find them

  70. You have… had… bowls just for salad?

  71. Kids are gone. Bride and I use Dixie cups and paper plates on a regular basis. Cuts us from 2 dishwasher loads per week to 1. But you better have your shit ready when it’s ready to run.

  72. heh, same here, 1-2 loads a week. But we HAD to have a dishwasher.

  73. We mostly use the dishwasher as a drying rack, after hand washing the dishes. Every couple weeks, of after cooking something that gets lotsa shit dirty, we run it to keep the inside clean…

  74. A great song that I haven’t acknowledged. Great song.

  75. Got this in an email today:

    If you have taken a vaccine that is 95-97% effective

    Against a disease that has a 99.9%+ survival rate in healthy people

    And has only 0.7% secondary attack rate from asymptomatic carriers that live in your house

    And still feel a need to distance, wear masks, and avoid gatherings to “protect yourself”

    Mightn’t this just mean that you’re not very good at assessing risk/probability?

  76. TiFW I think you’re proposing a nice way to say that “you’re a fucking imbecile”. I may be misreading that though.

  77. Works for me, PG!

  78. My link for Colex went to the spam bucket.

  79. Digressing endlessly, Robby prattled.

  80. I fished it out Sobek.

  81. If you have taken a vaccine that is 95-97% effective
    Against a disease that has a 99.9%+ survival rate in healthy people
    And has only 0.7% secondary attack rate from asymptomatic carriers that live in your house
    And still feel a need to distance, wear masks, and avoid gatherings to “protect yourself”
    Mightn’t this just mean that you’re not very good at assessing risk/probability?
    I walked my neighbors through this yesterday and they were a bit confused. They believe if you don’t take the vaccine you are selfish and The Problem™.

    They wanted to know why I didn’t want to get it and I told them its mostly because I enjoy being a contrarian. And that I didn’t feel the need to do anything when the risk of getting covid is basically 0. And if I did get it, the risk of serious issues would be 0. The risk from the vaccine is basically 0, but it presents 0 benefit as well because of the risk I face.

    All options are basically zero. Why do anything?

  82. My favorite part is when they insisted the vax has been thoroughly tested, and what not.

    blink blink

    It didn’t exist 6 months ago.

    Let’s list all the things that take longer than 6 months to test before production.

  83. There isn’t much proof that its harmful, but I’m not really following it much.

    There are cases where a kid gets covid or someone in my age group and its serious. There are cases where a woman gets the vaccine but gets covid. Some dude’s skin basically fell off after getting the shot.

    That stuff will happen. But it’s not the norm. The norm is…nothing. It’s zero. We’re doing all the thing which costs unimaginable amounts of suffering for a small desire to feel safe.

    My claim yet unproven is that this will be the biggest fuck up in modern history. The cost of doing all the things will be HUGE and the cost of doing nothing would have been minimal.

  84. When you build the game theory model of action or inaction on covid it’s a tree full of zeros.

  85. One of the concerns, and maybe Jimbro/Lauraw/etc could fill it in, is that when you’re body comes into contact with another virus, it could over-react.

    And, of course, I think the dumbest thing (aside from need the vax even if you’ve had covid) is they’re now saying you may need boosters every 6-8 months.

  86. MMM 440

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