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  1. “Dirty Slut Name” got me right when I sipped my coffee. I usually try to time it better but this time you got me!


  3. Entomology vs etymology jiggled the handle on my giggler this morning.


    At least you’re addressing the issue without resorting to meth and hookers. Unlike Hunter.

  5. Technically yesterday news but the memorial wasn’t the time for it: I have wheels again! It helps when someone reminds me I know someone at a local car place (turned out I knew TWO people, life’s funny like that). ’13 Traverse with less than 89k miles.

    The task list is starting to move.

  6. Tim that’s great news! I’m glad that you’re starting to get things under control.

  7. A nice side result was learning my credit score is MUCH better than I’d believed it would be after last year’s…misadventures. Seems credit reporting is viewing certain events in that timeframe under the category “Eh, 2020” and not smacking you around with a herring, which is probably a good idea if you don’t want the economy to instantly seize up at this stage. (It will anyway, but at least some time is bought.)

  8. hahahahaa, Pups, I love your personalized self destruction beverage selection.

    As usual, Meme Saturday is starting the weekend off right.

  9. Tim, keep looking forward. Resist the urge to look over your shoulder. Unless you think a murderer is following you, then go ahead and look.

  10. That is how you merge in Boston. Don’t look back and don’t check your mirrors.

    Hit the blinker and go.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. Driving in Boston was one of the least enjoyable experiences of my life. A city built for horse and buggy packed full of cars and angry people. Not a good mix.

  13. I think my favorite meme today is the first one.

  14. It can be fun if you prepare for it.

  15. Rosetta checked out just when things were about to get really interesting.

  16. Have we reached Peak Woke yet?

    If not we’re getting close

  17. Men really do make better women.

  18. The first time we drove to MA together we took the SE Expressway through Boston to get to my parents house (I normally took 495 but she is all about the GPS route) and Paula could not believe the way I was driving. You can’t be timid and expect to get anywhere down there. That being said, I don’t miss it. And driving like a Masshole up here really sticks out like a sore thumb.

  19. I dunno. I think all genders could agree that there is something highly unattractive about this. The plastic/shiny face? The general…. fey appearance. Honestly, I find it annoying when actual women do this sort of thing, and now … this monstrosity.

  20. Wow, didn’t know all that would appear.

  21. It is a requirement that my partner for life have a front hole. I’m old school, I guess.

  22. So, Biden is appointing a “Bipartisan” (bahaaa haaa haaaa haaaa …) committee to “explore” expanding the Supreme Court. Anyone want to take a bet on what their conclusion is going to be?

    But, lets all go ask all those Republicans who voted against OMB because Biden wasn’t really going to change anything.

  23. Paula’s birthday is 4 days away and she’s finally stopped asking me what I got her (Aftershokz headphones). I gave her a hint along the lines of “Carin made the suggestion” and “You’re going to get a lot of use out of this gift”.

    And no, she didn’t say Giant Purple Dildo. Probably because she doesn’t spend time here.

  24. Pendejo – he may have front hole some day. He just doesn’t know from one day to the next what he’s going to be!

  25. Slick, Jimbro. That way if she doesn’t like them, she can just blame me.

  26. She probably thinks she’s getting Concept 2 rower or something.

  27. I like my Aftershox, thank you for the recommendation CARin. Mrs. Pupster likes them for music, but she mostly listens to books and doesn’t like them for that, I guess because they are not as immersive as earbuds, harder to make out just the voice/words. I dunno, I only listen to Spotify on mine and they are great.

  28. Haha! She was looking for some version of bike, she’s really getting into biking as well lately. After I told her it was not the bike she had in mind she asked me if she could buy it. It always strikes me as funny when she asks me if she can buy something. My answer is always the same … Sure, why not? Occasionally I’ll go over pros and cons of what she’s thinking about but she’s a grown ass woman and I’m not the kind of guy who tells my wife what she can and can’t do.

  29. If that guy is genderfluid and doesn’t host backhole parties all the time then Mare doesn’t like cake and sausage

  30. “Box ethanol” killed me.

    Yesterday I read a report about a guy in detox who says he drinks a liter of vodka and eight Mike’s Hard Lemonades per day.

  31. Gender fluid to him probably ranges from gay to super gay. He’s a bottom who’s not sure if he’s actually just super gay, or if we wants to go full flounce and become someone’s “wife.”

  32. For anyone wanting a Peleton style bike. This gal teaches spin and is a cyclist. She did the research and purchased this one. Did a comparison, worth the short video if you’re in the market. It shows her putting it together which was minimal.

  33. Carin, that thing in the picture is not attractive. Masculine trying to be feminine with a shiny face. Gross.

  34. JIMBRO, check out my link, you may still have time to get it and it’s only $399.

  35. but all I can do is take things day by day

    Yeah, right up the old poop chute.

    come on this ride with me because this thing is so much bigger than me and you

    Or maybe I should say poop cavern.

  36. I just asked what hewr set up is and it’s the entry level Tacx trainer (with her own bike and a “trainer tire”) with the interactive program of Zwift for training rides. She just had to spell both of those for me.

  37. Well, I was trying to give you a cheaper version. Your wife knows what she wants and you better give it to her. Definitely a euphemism.

  38. That thing said, “I have noooo clue where my gender really falls at the moment.”

    So, we have to ride along with you and the dipshits at Sports Illustrated as you move along your mental illness spectrum. Eff all of you.

  39. Our society is so very, very sick.

    This shit is mainstream. Awful.

  40. “And then, for no reason at all…”

  41. Assuming, of course, history rhymes like I expect it to. We’re basically in Weimar territory with debit cards instead of wheelbarrows.

  42. I’m not the kind of guy who tells my wife what she can and can’t do.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this marriage philosophy.

    a liter of vodka and eight Mike’s Hard Lemonades per day.

    It is important to stay hydrated.

  43. Oh, and I love cake and sasage. Not a euphamism.

  44. I like pie. Euphemism.

    a liter of vodka and eight Mike’s Hard Lemonades per day.

    I suddenly feel like a responsible and safe consumer of alcohol.

  45. I’m not the kind of guy who tells my wife what she can and can’t do.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this marriage philosophy.

    a liter of vodka and eight Mike’s Hard Lemonades per day.

    It is important to stay hydrated.



  46. Got groceries in person in my own vehicle. I feel like a grownup again.

    Now to work on the next project…

  47. “Now to work on the next project…”

    Building a device to block out the sun?

  48. Serious question?

    Nobody ever questioned why Sports Illustrated started the swimsuit edition. The magazine was mainly read by men.

    But who exactly, and how many people who read Sports Illustrated now want to see a lisping fudge packer in a swimsuit??

  49. Print magazines are basically dying at this point, even airports don’t sell many. I have to assume it’s just cheap clickbait for hate’s sake, and to push the narrative on the last few old dudes who still subscribe.

    “This is the way the world is now, peasant. Accept it or be crushed.”

  50. Point taken. But I assume the online version of the magazine will feature the same article.

    (I’m assuming there is an online version. I don’t read SI and I’m too lazy to look it up.)

  51. I don’t know anyone who reads SI. I bought the swimsuit issue calendar once, but so long ago that Kathy Ireland was still a Hot New Thing.

  52. I’m entirely detached from professional sports.

    The NBA disgusted me decades ago when fouling and traveling were no longer called just to allow thugs into the game.

    NFL is full of criminals, wife beaters, and degenerates who regularly try to break bones and crush skulls.

    MLB was my favorite sport from the time I was a kid. But it is dead to me now. (BTW, wasn’t it racist to move the all star game from black Atlanta to white Denver? Just asking.)

    Soccer isn’t really a sport, especially now that it’s full of wannabes that insist they are worth as much as men, after they got beat by a JV team of boys, some of whom probably don’t even grow hair under their arms yet.

  53. Watching your video , but I have a sunny spin bike, a spin app (6+ different workouts a day to choose from) that’s about $10 a month. I keep telling people, but they seem to want to spend $2000+

  54. We have a $400 spin bikE and the wife watches yootoob spin classes.

  55. Bike, not bikE. Fat-fingered the capslock.

  56. I fat-fingered your mom. She was like, “Whoa.”

  57. Cardio-cast is kind of cool. They expanded to running and other workouts, but it’s cheap and some of the coach’s banter is sort of fun.

  58. Hotspur, I wondered that also, are guys wanting to see a “lisping fudge packer in a swimsuit??”

    Seriously, how many men who purchase the sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue want THAT?

    I guess having gorgeous women with beautiful bodies photographed in amazing places simply wasn’t enough. The decision-makers must have thought, “No, men don’t want that, they want men with nothing other than waists and bellies that look like slender women.”

  59. Cesspool. Isn’t this the point in civilization where God does a reset?

  60. Pretty sure genuine androgyny appeals to precisely no one.

    “Non-binary” = desperate gay guys might use me as a hole. Sometimes. If they are high on meth and poppers.

  61. Cesspool. Isn’t this the point in civilization where God does a reset?

    Historically, this is the point where people make a deal with a near-devil who promises a return to normality. Sometimes, that works out and the near-devil turns out to be Cincinnatus or Pinochet.

    Other times you get a Hitler or a Stalin.

  62. at the movies, Nobody!

    don’t worry I’m wearing my mask, after my first vaccine shot. just like the rules say

  63. Who needs a spin bike when you can have

  64. So far, clear plastic to kill grass appears to be a total bust. If anything, the grass under it is growing much, much faster than it is nearby. Maybe that’s the grass struggling to break through and it will die off in the next 6 weeks, but it’s not looking good right now.

  65. Biden team hires a translator should win an Emmy.

  66. Gut near me has black plastic down. Looks like he’s expanding his garden

  67. Didn’t clear plastic act as a greenhouse?

  68. I always “enjoy” the week in pictures. Enjoy is in quotes because they are generally the hurtful truth. uffffffffffff

  69. It has so far, but it should starve the grass out over time for things like water and fresh air. I may have to add more stones to keep it tighter to the ground. Black plastic was double the price, and I read a study saying the results from clear were comparable, so I’m still hopeful.

  70. Why are they touting the moderna vaccine lasting six months like that’s some great accomplishment? (obviously they couldn’t test it longer)

    Are they hoping to get the government to pay these thieving companies for yearly vaccines. GFY.

  71. I was all hopped up to get a weighted vest for walking. Florida is of course flat so my other option besides incline was added weight.

    After looking at a study, I’d need to haul at least 30% of my body weight ALL DAY for it to make a significant difference and then what am I doing to my joints and weight distribution?

    Huh, I was hoping I could get some significant calorie burn from a 20lb weight vest…nope.

  72. I don’t want to buy a spin bike or treadmill, however, the heat here in the summer is harsh and it might be my only option. I’m thinking about that link to the $399 spin bike I posted earlier.

    Question to those who might know (JIMBRO), would a spin bike be easier on my hip? I’m guessing yes.

  73. “I’d need to haul at least 30% of my body weight…”

    Hauling 60 extra pounds around sounds like quite a workout for you, Mare…..

  74. There are some pretty cool water bikes out there.

  75. I will refrain from kicking Pepe in the front hole while I google water bike.

  76. Hmmmm. Too expensive, Scott.

    Covid has been a bitch to us financially, even the $399 seems like a luxury which of course it is COVID or not.


    But the slippery slope is a logical fallacy y’all.

  78. The DC sniper and Scott’s Biden translator killed me. I’m ded.

  79. Anyone who cites the slippery slope as a fallacy needs to lose teeth to blunt force extraction at this point.

  80. Clear plastic works better in Summer, when the ground is warmed up and the nights aren’t cold anymore. They call it ‘solarizing’ the soil but you need hot days for it to work really well up North here.

  81. Walking
    Weight training

    Not running except for short distances mixed in with a walk

    Supplements like collagen

  82. Alternative use for Leon’s plastic sheeting…. (NSFW Youtube vid)

  83. yeah I’m not seeing how clear plastic works in these temps

  84. The study was from Minnesota. Worst case, I’ll have to double dig and till after I’ve uprooted the sod layer. It’s an experiment at this point. and it wasn’t too much cash.

  85. Car in, has Ethan been training with fins?

  86. If I want to see a roll of dimes in bikini bottoms I’ll look under hotspur’s kilt.

    No reason to buy SI.

  87. Leon, what are you doing with your horse poop?

  88. Sod layer contains a shittonne of excellent organic matter. Do No-till and cover that with cardboard and compost. Plant same day. Don’t make a maniac outta me

  89. Double digging??? DUDE. That’s so 1978. Nobody does that anymore. Because we know it is completely unnecessary.

    This is madness. I’m coming out there to look at your situation.

  90. Composting it, but the oldest stuff is deeply buried now.

    The ground here is hard. I’d be digging to loosen it up. I have plenty of “organic matter” to add back in.


  92. This week on Garden Nightmares, Laura heads to Michigan…

    *Cue footage of Laura swearing and insulting Leon like Gordon Ramsay.*

  93. Maybe I should plant an herb garden…

  94. You know they sell food in stores, right?

  95. Sure, until the Burning Times come

  96. He just started training with fins two weeks ago.

  97. Hard soil is good soil. Soil creatures quickly create more stable conduits for air and water in a hard soil than a completely smashed unstructured one. Tillage kills drainage. Just pile the organics on top of it deep enough to smother the grass, and let the soil life open the soil for you. Plants do great on a very firm soil. I have hard clayey silty dirt. Where I put cardboard down to kill the grass and then piled on compost and wood chips I grew a gorgeous first-year garden. This was where we used to drive our vehicles over the front lawn. Hard sunbaked dirt with lawn.

  98. by herb garden you mean pot, right

  99. Chess thread is up.

    I’m going to hit Ace’s paypal, he has got to be losing his ass this week with no ad revenue.

  100. if ghost guns are so dangerous, where are all the shootings they are involved in? don’t see much on the googles

  101. VERY good question, Jay. The media is running ahead of the narrative there. Now that you’ve pointed out that they missed a spot, they’ll try to fill it in with some utter bullshit.

  102. 3 out of 4 teams in the Frozen Four were from MN and fucking UMass is winning?

  103. google is hiding it. there is nothing on there. just like trump on twitter

  104. I nerded Out watching ghost gun DYI YouTube.

  105. LA disbanding gang units. My DA cousin is a POS. RL friends that voted for him are getting fucked by his Soros BS. 3 yrs without a trial, but hey…victim dog.

  106. Comment by lumps on April 10, 2021 7:55 pm
    by herb garden you mean pot, right

    Opium and kale have a higher profit margin.

  107. Opium tastes better than kale.

    Would smash.

  108. That’s shit…
    I guess that’s what passes for talent and creativity.
    The bar has been lowered…
    I miss the Mozart creativity.
    We will never see that again…

  109. Dustin’s echoes reverberated pleasantly.

  110. 3 out of 4 teams in the Frozen Four were from MN and fucking UMass is winning?
    The players are from all over though. UMaine did well with the Kariya brothers, Steve and Paul back in the 90’s. Canadians.

    UMaine hockey coach just died suddenly. Red Gendron

    “Unexpectedly” or “Suddenly” means vaccine related these days, no word on that but I’d expect them to cover it up to quell vaccine hesitancy.

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