Hopefully no repeats

Let’s see what we have in the funneh folder for today.

Freezer Bern.

Thought of Osita.

Mare agrees with me here.


And time for me to go to work. Lab time today!

Y’all have a good day.


  1. Feel free to push down like the fat kid on the playground.

  2. No way!! This is a classic. For the ages. They’ll still be talking about this when we’re all enjoying eternal rest.

  3. https://is.gd/EDe7Ix

  4. I am following the Minneapolis cop trial on Legal Insurrection. The prosecution paid $13K for an expert witness who had never testified in court before, and the defense is making the most of it. I just hope the jury is brave.

  5. good ones!

    nice looking revolver that jimbro poated

  6. I didn’t get my promotion I was hoping for. Of the two qualifications I was told were most important, the guy who got the job has neither of them. So that’s insult to injury. There was another guy in the running whose qualifications are basically identical to mine, and if I had lost out to him, I would have understood. As it is, I’m left to assume the new guy just knows how to suck a mean dick.

    Anyway, I’m depressed now.

  7. Me: Any stick is a boomerang if you throw it straight up in the air.
    My kids: not if you throw it hard enough to achieve escape velocity.

  8. that sucks, sobek. At my job, there is 0 chance of a promotion, so I have that going for me.

    I don’t want to manage, I want to write code.

  9. get your kids into baseball if they can throw that hard.

    Well, maybe not. MLB won’t exist in the future, at the rate they are pissing off fans.

  10. how in the hell does Buyden think his EO is going to defeat weaponized autism in computer printed guns?

  11. Sorry to hear that, Sobek. There was one promotion here where one manager wanted candidate A, the other manager wanted candidate B, and they compromised on candidate C. It worked out as well as you’d expect.

  12. You’d have to outlaw machine shops and/or welding equipment.

    Jay, there is a third option, they could force you into system administration.

  13. And Sobek, you have my sympathies. With any luck the bad candidate will fail miserably and you’ll get another shot at it.

  14. I don’t especially want to manage, Jay, but I’m completely burned out from what I’ve been doing, and this promotion was my only option that doesn’t involve moving. I’m sick of seeing so much blood and misery.

  15. I understand that. Best of luck! No lateral moves to another company possible?

  16. I do agree, Roamy!!!

    Nice poat.

  17. That sucks Sobek. Mostly the job situation but also your kids tossing around words like “terminal velocity”. Here they are shooting down a perfectly fine Dad Joke and it seems like just yesterday you were changing their shitty diapers.

  18. Totally, Jimbro.

  19. Pepe, this site was recommended by an article on Lew Rockwell that summarized the Dr. Ryan Cole video where he talks about Vitamin D and ivermectin.


    If you can’t get a local guy to write you some. We have all electronic prescribing now and to be honest I haven’t written a prescription in about 2 years. The only thing I ever wrote for was post-op pain meds and with me no longer operating there’s no need. Even before that they had a whole series of hoops to jump through for a narcotic Rx that I mostly let my nurse practitioner do that while I did the paperwork after a case. The days of the old script pad are long gone.

  20. *already sick of Masters Music™

  21. There’s nothing that politics can’t do, Sobek.

    Sorry about hear you didn’t get the job you wanted.

  22. Jimbro, If you’re not doing surgery anymore is your practice mostly diagnosis?

  23. Car in finally figures out a workout that Mare will join in.

  24. Heh, I saw that a couple of days ago, Alex.

    Did Katie Hopkins at one point say she gained weight to prove you can lose it? Not in this video, but somewhere. And what’s her story?

  25. Yes. Katie put on about 50 lbs. to prove that gaining weight is largely dependent on diet. Then she took it all off to further proof the point.

    The left hate her.

  26. I love her and would put babies in her if we were younger and not already married.

    Plus she was in the army, if you could call it that. It’s England.

  27. Yes Mare, the most hands on thing I do is clubfoot casting. The way malpractice insurance is structured any “invasive” things like injections or fracture manipulation count and paying for the full boat would cost the hospital a big chunk of change. I see patients two days a week which is about what I can take without the fun of operating.

  28. Hmm, far-right political activist in England, is Ms. Hopkins.

    And she was Trumped by Twitter before Trump:


  29. The left hate her because she speaks plainly. She basically says if you’re fat it’s because every time you bend your elbow your mouth opens.

    Then she proved it.

    There is a great video of her debating at Oxford. Here is a snippet from it.

    The rest is disappeared, unfortunately

  30. she’s a hoot.

    Sit down, I don’t like your suit.

    Sit down, oh, I do like YOUR suit.

  31. Wakey wakey

  32. You know what I realized yesterday?


  33. cargo sharts

  34. Thanks, Jimbro. It’s weird that I need a script to buy ivermectin pills, when I buy 5 liter jugs for cattle.

    If the local doc won’t write a script, I may just have a friend pick some up in Mexico. Over the counter there.

  35. You know as bad as it is here in Michigan, at least we’re not Ontario.

  36. The veterinary-grade stuff is the same drug, Pepe. Just divide the dose.

  37. Comment by leoncaruthers on April 8, 2021 12:05 pm
    You know what I realized yesterday?


    It never went away, if you’re a Real Man.

  38. I wear long pants when there’s snow, or people look at me extra funny.

  39. at least we’re not Ontario.

    That should be our answer to every bad thing that ever happens to us again.

  40. New category added.

  41. Canada is the descendants of the folks that wanted to stay British when the Colonies rebelled.

    They have it coming. Build some guillotines or suck it up, Canucks.

  42. Yep, Leon, same stuff, but we get either injectable, or plug-in for cattle. It will be easier if I can get pills for travel. Hard to get a bottle of alcohol based stuff on a plane.

  43. Ah, we get oral gel for the horses. It’s mostly filler by volume, I think.

  44. The RedSkull/Jordan B Peterson memes are funny.

  45. I get oral from your mom.

  46. speakwithanmd.com will set you up with hydroxychloroquine, but I don’t think they will ship to New Mexico.

  47. I can always have it shipped to a friend out of state. Our governor sucks.

  48. I wear long pants when there’s snow, or people look at me extra funny.

    That isn’t why they are looking at you funny.

  49. I did specify extra funny.

  50. Funny weird or funny haha?

  51. Ashli Babbitt’s death ruled a homicide. Don’t know if that matters, but at least they aren’t totally ignoring it.


  52. Homicide simply means that it was caused by another person. It doesn’t mean murder.

  53. Init funny how they’ve never released the identity of the person who shot her, or released the autopsy results of the cop who died of fire extinguisher/bear spray/ stroke/???

  54. Ace: “Meanwhile, Jake Tapper is now flapping his dick-cushions…”

    Goddamn, he cracks me up.

  55. I saw a headline from The Blaze that said Trump supports new Pence effort to fuse conservatism with MAGA agenda.


    Nope, if this means Pence is running for something and Trump gets behind him it will be the first time Trump’s choice is shit to me. I will never vote for Pence.

  56. Calm down, mare.

  57. Funny weird or funny haha Hotspur, re: Babbit/Sicknick? I could go either way.

  58. I take it as a sign that Pence isn’t running.

  59. Early prediction: Trump runs in 2024, with a new VP. Pence spends the next four years attempting to build an new GOP organization with MAGA-friendly candidates.

  60. Here’s an email exchange that took place yesterday. I’m still seething over it.

    On Apr 6, 2021, at 11:43 AM, Yolanda C— wrote:

    Hi, Geoff.

    We spoke about 30 minutes ago regarding a new door and window overhang, three gates, and a new horseshoe driveway.

    My address is 14906 Young Street, Detroit, 48205.

    I would appreciate someone from Perkins Construction coming out to assess, quote, and schedule the work as soon as time permits.

    Thanks for taking my call earlier. I look forward to hearing back from Perkins.

    Yolanda C—
    (248) ———-

    On Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 11:01:09 AM EDT, Geoffrey M. Perkins wrote:

    Hi Yolanda:

    Thanks for your email. I should have asked your address. Detroit is too far for us to travel. Our work is in and around Ann Arbor.

    You probably want to find a home improvement company closer to your location.

    Geoff Perkins

    On Apr 7, 2021, at 6:04 PM, Yolanda C— wrote:

    Wow, Geoff. That’s a subtle discriminatory approach. If you recall, I asked “do you service Detroit” when you picked up the phone. Your unequivocal answer was “yes, we do.”

    Now, that you’ve taken 24hours or more to see exactly where in Detroit my home is, you’re singing a different tune.

    I’ll be sure to warn others how their urban Black dollar doesn’t necessarily equate to other U. S. dollars.

    Yolanda C—
    (248) ——–

    Wow indeed, Yolanda. Could you be any more racist?

    1. For all I knew at the beginning of the call, you were a marketer. I couldn’t have known you meant your job is as far away as it is. If I had known, I would have said it is too far, but we didn’t get around to that in the call. (According to my mapping app you’re over 40 miles away. We’ve been in business 37 years and never traveled that far.)
    2. I have no idea what your neighborhood is like. I’ve never been there.
    3. I had no idea what color your skin is. I guess I do now that you’ve made it an issue, but I couldn’t care less.

    If anyone is jumping to conclusions here, it is you, and congratulations on seeing discrimination where none exists.

    If this is how you interact with and treat others, I’m grateful we aren’t working together. And this has nothing to do with your so-called urban black dollars.

    Good luck with your project.

  61. Scott Bookman, COVID-19 Incident Commander in the news release. “Getting a vaccine is far safer than getting severely sick with COVID-19.”

    Not safer than Covid-19.

  62. I think we should all take time out of our busy days to congratulate Hotspur on his self restraint. Not using words like “cunt”, “slutpuppy” “cumdumpster”, “cockholster”, etc in addressing this bitch’s concerns is commendable. He’s obviously a professional when he’s not hanging around in this shithole dump.

  63. I always assumed that Urban Black Dollars was code for welfare check. Maybe I was mistaken.

  64. wow, talk about reading into something. Yolanda is determined to be pissed off whenever.

  65. I looked up her address on realtor.com. Holy shit, I’m blessed. Or living in a state of white privilege. Or something.

  66. No response to that? She’s probably used to dimwitted apologists immediately going into cover mode. And driving 40+ miles for hat tiny home (there is actually a picture on my mapping thing) – yea, not worth it. I’m sure it’s not going to be a big $$ project, worthy of that sort of travel.

  67. gal from the gym. Has had Covid twice. just bragged that she got her first shot.

    i can’t even with people right now.

  68. Since I redacted her name, you didn’t see her “PhD” title.

    How can someone with a PhD be that stupid? PhD from where?

  69. If I had a PhD and had to live in an 80 year old 730sf house I’d probably be a nutcase too. In THIS FUCKIN COUNTRY a lot of high school dropouts live better than that. Hell, I used to work with a lot of them. But then again, that word “work” might be a part of the problem.

  70. “In what?” is the better question for me.

    It ain’t math.

    She likely contacted an Ann Arbor-based construction company hoping to shake down for labor.

  71. Phd in education.

  72. Like Doctor Jill

  73. PhDs can be very stupid about things which aren’t their specialty.

  74. good god yes, PhDs can be dumb. So immersed in themselves they lack common sense or decency. I know 2 idiots like that.

  75. PhD in “getting some sucker from out of town to waltz in and get rumbled by her homies” more like.

    Yeah, I’m not a trusting dude these days.

  76. *cough-yolanda-cough-cough*

  77. This has probably been about 15 years ago but I recall reading a news article about a fellow who had just earned his PhD in Government from Harvard and the best jobs he could land was teaching polyscie at a little Methodist college in Abilene called McMurry. For $10,500 a year. At that time my wife was making about $48k per year teaching middle school US history with a BS from a little state school in West Texas that nobody’s ever heard of. What a rube that guy must’ve felt like.

  78. Of course, he’s probably deputy associate assistant undersecretary in the department of education now. Making $90k for watching porn on his work computer.

  79. Zillow says that property had an assessed evaluation of $9800 in 2020. And the Google map picture seems to show the house next door looks to have boarded up windows. Maybe an attempt at gentrification?

  80. Oh look, the left is starting up that “well-regulated” bullshit in regards to the Second Amendment.

    Want to play that game? Fine. Mandatory gun ownership along with a proficiency demonstration and physical fitness test every three years. Refusal to participate results in a $10,000 fine. Failure results in a $10,000 fine.

  81. cough-yolanda-cough-cough

    Pupster, we live in a pretty diverse town so unusual names often don’t stand out to me.

    Now if she’d said Shaniqua or LaTrina, I’d have probably caught on long before she accused me of lynching her Papaw.

  82. And even if her name was an obvious made up black name it wouldn’t have made a difference to me. We’ve had loads of black clients, asian, middle eastern, Latin American, etc. As I said Ann Arbor is pretty diverse.

  83. Want to play that game? Fine. Mandatory gun ownership along with a proficiency demonstration and physical fitness test every three years. Refusal to participate results in a $10,000 fine. Failure results in a $10,000 fine.

    M-16A2s for every man 17+

    And women, for equality.

  84. Ladies do better with the rifles anyway.

  85. Every man between 18 and 50 should be required to own a semi-automatic rifle in 5.56, with a detachable magazine, and 300 rounds of ammunition, as well as a first aid kit. Any man who claims conscientious objector status would be required to own a larger amount of first aid supplies.

    Every three years he would be required to hit a 12″ target at 100 yards 15 times out of 20. The physical fitness test would consist of carrying two forty-pound weights for forty yards, and then walking a mile, and he would receive first aid refresher training. Local sheriffs would be responsible for organizing the tests, maintaining rosters of all men, and organizing the militia in times of trouble (such as civil unrest or natural disasters).

  86. PhD in whatever pathetic “studies” area she pursued was probably the easiest thing to do at her “university.”

    And what white prof is going to say, “your papers are garbage and your thesis defense is amateurish and riddled with mistakes.”

    Yeah, no thanks for that lawsuit. HTF do you think that idiot Obama got through Harvard? There’s a reason we didn’t see his papers or any of his “academic” work.

    His wife’s papers were awful. Embarrassingly awful.

  87. Carin, I know you’re gal at the gym says she had it twice but I still think that’s utter bullshit. I DGAF what test said she was positive. Covid tests were about as accurate as MJ hitting the urinal after several drinks and a few hits of ruffies during his clubbing days.

  88. I’m just saying, somewhere along the line it should have occurred to her that her having HAD the virus means she’s already had the “vaccination”.

  89. She’s actually one of the few very liberal chicks.

  90. facebook’s down. I repeat FACEBOOK IS DOWN.

  91. He’s not wrong.

  92. Absolutely, anyone who has had it shouldn’t be worried about it anymore.

    Then that idiot Fauci starts yelling “NEW STRAIN.”

  93. Fauth Wave!

  94. Does anyone have a link to that Iowa Dr.’s covid talk that was on Ace’s sidebar before the crash?

  95. I actually still had that particular link copied and ready to paste. I sent it to a friend earlier . It’s a different link but it has the presentation.

  96. This is the other recent video from Nick Hudson – Panda about the pandemic and how lockdowns and masks are ridiculous. It was censored by YouTube.


  97. Carin, I know you’re gal at the gym says she had it twice but I still think that’s utter bullshit. I DGAF what test said she was positive. Covid tests were about as accurate as MJ hitting the urinal after several drinks and a few hits of ruffies during his clubbing days.
    I rate this statement true. Also why I come to the H2.

  98. Oh, and if you want to know how ridiculous the covid stats are consider this:

    MJr has a bit of a cold and a pretty bad cough. We took him to the Dr and it was covered 100% because it might have been covid although his test was negative.

    What a scam. Every provider is taking advantage of this.

  99. MJ, are you training for the Ragnar road? I’m really hopeful it’s going to happen this year. So you might want to start running.

  100. first pfizer shot down. arm is ok, haven’t grown a third eye.

  101. Well, that happens later.

  102. Pfizer is going to mess up your chakras

  103. I put my RFID proof wallet over the needle site, to prevent tracking.

  104. Where, exactly, did they poke you?

  105. Left arm, haha

  106. That’s what they’re calling it now a-days?

    Yea. My “left” arm.

    Got it.

  107. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/female-hunter-earns-3k-week-23873986

  108. Huh, I couldn’t tell from the title whether some dude was hunting females for beta cucks for money or it was an actual female who hunted. Imagine my relief when I saw a skimpily clad hunter woman with a gator on her back. Or a croc, really not sure which is which but since she’s in Africa it’s a croc.

  109. I’ve noticed the NY Post almost always has an OnlyFans story du jour with a scantily clad thot and a caption of how much money she’s making, getting revenge on her ex or a brilliant law student who put her studies on hold.

  110. clear that internet history, jimbro!

  111. Tucker is great tonight. Everything liberals say about gun control is untrue. And he’s proving it, over and over.

  112. Eh, he’s okay, but I’m waiting for the guy that has a long mustache and practices impaling varmints he catches in his yard.

    Alex, showed my wife that link. She says she’s in the wrong line of work.

  113. Put her in a sundress and film her mowing the fields with a scythe.

  114. FrozenFour and Masters. Mets game was BS. Friend was there. UMass has a player with the last name “Jones” and no one calls him “Jonesy”. Letterkenny isn’t representing.

  115. I had to laugh at the threat that they were going to move the Masters from Augusta. That’s like no more tennis at Wimbledon.

    Looks nice there, as always. I miss how pretty all the azaleas and dogwoods were.

  116. Just now catching up – how on earth did that woman plan on paying for a window/door overhang, 3 games, and a horseshoe driveway that all together would probably cost several thousand dollars? The house is valued less than $10K!

    And where, exactly, were the gates going to go? I don’t see a fence anywhere on that property.

  117. They weren’t going to pay.

  118. Roamy, thanks for the Chancla love. My mom’s Chancla was from Mexico with a tire sole. I wore the tread on my leg for over a month. My mom “I never hit you in the face”. 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪

  119. My sister’s sister in law’s baby daddy was named Chancla. He was a POS.

  120. Does the horseshoe driveway go around the house, or would you be driving on the sidewalk?

  121. For good news: I had a good day in the lab – worked on the Mars Ascent Vehicle, the Project That Must Not Be Named, a new X-ray telescope, the Launch Abort System for the new rocket, a new composite radiation shield, and a safety thing involving wire insulation. A real safety concern, not the b.s. ladder safety or slips, trips, and falls.

  122. I thought I had a good night last night. I remember nothing. Dan spent two hours watching me and steering me. 9:30-11:30. BTW my weighted blanket scab is healing. Itchy. It will probably scar, but who other than Dan will ever see it?

  123. Dan, and your Only Fans subscribers, you mean.

  124. Throughout the day, as we got more and more information on the new boss, things got worse and worse. Insult to injury. I might have used some potty talk.

  125. P-p-p-potty??!?

  126. you wash that filthy mouth out with soap right now young man

  127. Fukem Sobek.

  128. Fukkkkkkkkkem is what I said Ms. Lumpster.

  129. Today they call that child abuse. But it was really just a good upbringing.

  130. Discuss everyone’s rankings, please.

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