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  1. Good bunch ‘O memes today Jay. Liked the socialism fork and dying at 5 ones. The six to nine one messed me up for a few minutes. Can’t go wrong with some Motorcity Madman either.

  2. Good ones, Jay!!

    Dr. Strange, hahshaha

    We raised our kids with the walk it off method.

    But we used the term “suck it up!”

  3. We got “Don’t be a whiny little cunt!”

  4. Not really, I’m pretty sure I never heard a swear from my mother other than the PG-13 versions and my dad dropped an occasional F-bomb with his Irish brogue

  5. late night crowd last night

  6. wakey wakey

  7. I gotchu in a Stranglehold, baby.

  8. That’s top of the Nugent line, PG. Not sure the metalheads can handle that level of Nugent.

  9. I enjoy Fall Out Boy and make no apologies, but I don’t pretend it’s metal.

  10. who won the office pool by 4 pts?

    *thumbs pointed in

    Woo hoo!

  11. Ever get the feeling your main problems could only be solved by something that would only come about if they were already solved? I’ve been getting that lately, and experience tells me it means I’m looking at the problems wrong.

    Seriously, I need to divert some brain cycles for a while, refresh my thinking.

  12. I’ve heard of, but probably never actually heard Fall Out Boy. I get the sense this is for the best.

  13. Fall Out Boy = bumper music for sports channels

  14. It makes for some fun AMVs, too.

  15. Eff Major league baseball. They are moving the all star game from GA to CO.

    CO requires ID to vote in person and signature verification for mail in ballots.

    How disgusting are these assholes??

  16. It’s all gaslighting, anymore. MLB is doing whatever makes their masters in Beijing happy.

  17. I was naive about the control China had over so many entities.

  18. AMV?

  19. heh, Crowder is really inappropriate and funny, since he’s banned from Youtube. Not even trying to dial it in.

  20. AMV = Anime music videos.

  21. Anal Margarine Vibration

  22. Any Marijuana Vato?

  23. IN mask mandate ended, so of course the two counties close to me extended theirs. IT’S STILL AN EMERGENCY.


  24. J’Ames since you’re Big XII – Cyclone fan I’ll share this with you. The rest of y’all will just have to deal…..kinda like I do when y’all get to talking about organic mulch and radishes and shit.

    A guy I used to work with, who played at Tech when Bobby Knight was head coach and Beard was his assistant, told another guy who we both worked with that Beards move to Texas was prompted by shoe company. Tech is tied to Under Armour and so many top level recruits are tied to Nike that Beard tried to influence Tech AD to switch Tech over to Nike camp. AD refused and Beard left and went to a Nike school. He feels like that will make it easier to recruit the kids that Nike has already bought. (I may be letting my cynicism affect my choice of words here a bit).

    This guy claims he’s still pretty tight w Beard camp so he may know some things. If shoe companies, especially Nike, are influencing head coaching decisions by coaches and schools, then I’m more disgusted with the whole D1 thing than I already was.

  25. I wore Spotbilt high tops back in the day. Get off my fuckin lawn.

  26. I wore Red Ball Jets. So you get off MY lawn.

  27. And P.F. Flyers.

  28. so, this is a shoe thing, like KU and Adidas, which they are about to get hammered with? Makes sense, where the money comes from.

    We’re a Nike school.

  29. Converse

  30. We were too poor to have name brand shoes. I wore duct tape on my feet.

  31. duct tape? LUXURY!

    We got to change the dirt on the bottom of our feet once a week, when we bathed in the used clothes washing water.

  32. Unimaginable opulence.

    WE didn’t hope to DREAM of dirt-soled feet! We had to tear the soles off our feet once a month and turn them upside down to use them as stick-on slippers, with our own blood as glue, until a new pair grew back.

  33. True story. I stopped at a convenience store in Plainview Texas a couple of
    Christmases ago to let my bride go in and tee tee. A homeless guy was hanging out near the front door and had about a dozen Walmart plastic bags wrapped around each foot and wrapped with Duct tape to keep them on and also to improve durability. I gave him a twenty without him even soliciting. I figured anybody who couldn’t even afford shoes during a panhandle winter probably wasn’t faking it.

  34. blood as glue? 1%er

    Dr Jimbro harvested all our blood after cutting our feet off to sell to his rich tourist clients. Still don’t know what he used it for.

    Different jimbro, really.

  35. yeah, PG, that’s a pretty good prop if it was a ruse.

  36. We got whatever off brand sneaker was cheapest at the local Ventures or Kmart.

  37. As result, I was plagued with shinsplints which required repeated amputations with no anesthetic.

  38. walk it off, rub some dirt on it, you’ll be fine.

  39. In the mayoral race, in my city, found out the gal trying to oust the incumbent, ran as a Democrat back in ’08, in the next city over. I asked her why/when she switched parties. Took her awhile to get back to me but the answer was vague in that…in 08 the democrats were not like they are today.
    BZZZTT…they were very much like they are today.

  40. Tom McAnns.

  41. Alcee Hastings has died.

  42. Another tragic Covid-19 death, I’m sure.

  43. Another tragic Covid-19 death, I’m sure.

    It’s especially hard on the black community.

  44. Totally forgot about Thom McAnn. Yeah, we bought shoes there too.

    A couple of my spinster aunts worked as stitchers at a shoe factory in Fall River, MA and every now and then we’d get a pair of nondescript shoes with zero fashion appeal. Which was okay since we didn’t give a crap about fashion.

  45. Remember blue suede Pumas?

    A kid in my elementary school had them.

    Probably outgrew them in a couple of months.

  46. Si se suede.

  47. Speaking of twatwaffles, where’s MJ?

    (Were we speaking about twatwaffles?)

  48. He’s busy putting in the time on his new job so that he can coast on accumulated good will until it’s time to change jobs again.

  49. I was watching some show on Good Friday (I think it was Spicer & Co.) and they were doing this “meaning of Easter” thing. They had a rabbi, a priest, and a pastor.

    I was like, “Why the fuck do they have a jew? You people had the Romans kill Jesus.”

    He gave his understanding of Easter, which was complete bullshit. I swear to God he said something along the lines of “Jesus” in Hebrew is 888 and if you turn 8 on it’s side you get Infinity.”

    The priest was some English asshole with a stick so far up his butt that when he cleared his throat, sawdust came out.

    The black pastor sounded about as believable as the Easter Bunny.

  50. He’s making a list of smashable vs nonsmashable front holers where he works. So far the ratio is running about 19:1 even though the mean body weight of the group is north of 225.

  51. The mothership still appears to be on life support.

  52. I was like, “Why the fuck do they have a jew? You people had the Romans kill Jesus.”

    A proper, orthodox Jew basically has to believe that the billions of Christians worldwide since AD 33 have all been hoodwinked and/or bamboozled. I’d be happy to talk about the meaning of Passover with a Jew, or dogmatic commonalities like Original Sin and the proper meaning of the book of Job, but to ask their opinion on Easter strikes me as… dumb.

  53. Pretty sure I’ve never once seen a panel discussion where they asked a Dominican about the meaning of Rosh Hashanah.

    That, too, would be dumb.


  55. Ron DeSantis just ripped 60 Minutes a new asshole. He is not taking their shit.

    He doesn’t have to be Trump, but he’s learned from Trump (unlike the rest of the limp dick GOP) and he’s pushing back hard.

    Now they will try even harder to destroy him.

  56. Remember when Trump side-by-side recorded his 60 minutes interview and then released it before the show broadcast to refute their bullshit version before they could air it? Remember how pissed the media was, hahahaaa. God I miss him.

  57. Oh, yes, Trump stomped on their story.

    I think DeSantis is smart. I’m hoping he stays ahead of these garbage outfits.

  58. Did you guys here that the Dr. who worked on Floyd said he was alive we hen they brought him in??

    He wasn’t in good shape, obviously, but he was alive.

  59. His drug dealer was the other guy in the car, on that day, too.

  60. Don’t you dare tell me that we wasted a horse drawn golden hearse parade for nothing. I’ll burn some shit down, sweartagawd.

  61. heh, think of how much we can pull down with an F250 and a Ram? Leon can join in, Jimbro has a truck, and HS’s mini can join too!

  62. Car in is gonna drag that big fist in Detroit around behind her subaru, too.

  63. Some wit said, “I bet the family of George Floyd would happily return the money if they could just have him back”


    Normal people, yes.

    These scum, no.

  64. I don’t want to give the impression Floyd was peachy keen going to the hospital but he was technically alive.

    And the police chief said the knee on the neck was not standard; I had read that it was in fact in the training book. Plus, how do you control a crazy fentanyl person?

  65. There are a lot of ways to win the lottery in this country. Most of them don’t require you to even buy a ticket.

    “Have you been in a wreck with a big ass mufukin truck? Call 888-123-6969. We’ll get you some damned money.”

  66. Also, I cannot and have not once cared about George Floyd and his creepy life.

    He held a knife to a woman to get money. Nope, can’t get my caring meter to move.

    ^^^and that’s only one of the horrible things he did.

  67. “I don’t even care that you pulled out in front of that big muhfukin truck when it was going the speed limit and shit. We speshalize in findin juries that don’t understand basic shit like momentum and friction and shit. Just bring yo junky ass in here and let’s get started on your lip augmentation fundage.”

  68. Murals on walls for George Floyd. Hoo boy.

  69. My wife watches too much TV and our house is too open concept to miss the commercials.

  70. Imagine a world where George was Caucasian and Derek was African.

  71. HotBride has a dear friend of many years who she’s known since way before the two of us met. She really is a nice person, but a died in the wool democrat.

    Anyway, she was over for tea Friday afternoon and mentioned how concerning the Asian “hate crime” in NYC was.

    HotBride said, “You know the guy who did it is black, right?” And she was genuinely flummoxed. She didn’t know. Then HotBride said, “And you know he was recently out of prison for having murdered his own mother, right?” Nope. No clue.

    Evidently MSNBC does not report these meaningless facts.

    She also didn’t know that St. Floyd robbed a pregnant woman while he held a knife to her belly.

  72. Dyed.

  73. Noted. TY.

  74. “Died in the wool” sounds like the manner in which an ignominious Scotsman might shuffle off this mortal coil.

  75. Good on Hotbride for gently setting her friend straight.

    White on Asian violence isn’t a thing.

  76. I hope it isn’t so, but Chauvin doesn’t have a change.

    I’ve already seen black psychos saying they’ll burn every MFing city down if he’s not convicted of murder (which didn’t happen) and this was a woman.

    So we’ve got that going for us moving into summer.

  77. I knew a Filipina gal in college I could envision myself getting a little rough with, but I think she was up for it.

  78. White on Asian violence isn’t a thing.

    A 4’10” asian dominatrix, on the other hand…

  79. Leilani was about 4’10”. I felt so tall around her.

  80. Until she has you on your hands and knees.

  81. Well, feeling tall is probably overrated anyhow.

  82. well it’s better than feeling short

  83. When you’re my height, you don’t feel short. It’s just normal. It’s always noteworthy when I encounter anyone shorter, so I tend to remember it well.

  84. 2 dimensional creatures don’t know about 3D either.

  85. Pretty sure riots will happen regardless of the verdict.

  86. I agree.

    Plus people are probably running low on hair weave by now.

  87. yup, it’ll burn, either way

    No masks either!

  88. Sweet Leilani, Heavenly flower.

  89. Won’t last, but fun to look at!

    Texas boycotting Coke? bet we won’t, somebody (not me!) is addicted to Diet Coke

  90. They will all have to boycott McDonalds. I hear they sell more Coke at mcDonalds than all grocery and convenience stores combined.

  91. Well, well, well, the defense for Chauvin got the sheriff to say that based on the chest camera perspective, Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade not his neck.

    FFS we were gaslit again.

  92. Please go eff yourself if you ever shoot down a conspiracy until you’ve researched the subject to death. Your odds are much better to ALWAYS assume a government is doing the wrong thing.

  93. So, we have conflicting reports about the actual cause of death. Chauvin did not have his knee on the idiot’s neck for 9 minutes, what other gems will come out of the trial?

  94. I think there is going to be a lot of “reasonable” doubt.
    Imagine being a juror, you’d have to go into witness protection.

  95. jurors are from Minneapolis, and know that their city will burn if they find him not guilty. It’s been there for a year.

    This won’t end well.

  96. It’s evil they didn’t move the venue.

  97. Better that one innocent man go to jail than an entire city burn down.

    That’s how that goes, right?

  98. Wild West Justice

    Just take him out and hang him. Earlier lefties wondered why he was even having a trial.

  99. I kind of always wondered why he was looking into the camera like hew wasn’t doing anything wrong. He had a camera on him, right on him. Would people (especially cops?) act that way?

  100. I think America right now is a shitshow.

    I’m embarrassed to write it and ashamed to think/feel it.

    Can you believe we allowed a demented pervert to steal an election?

    We’re fooked.

  101. My Asian friends are all D🐀🐀. Texas Jew is my only Conservative Jewish Friend. My Jewish cousins…D🐀🐀🐀. My Israeli friends, they have serious TDS. One of my Asian friends from TAS lives in Paris. She has been attacked and beaten by refugees. She is half French, half Taiwanese. TDS. I don’t get it. I miss 45.

  102. Natives vote D🐀🐀. 45 actually started spending money and looking into the large trafficking/murder problems on the Rez. Deb Haaland is expanding Trump’s program. Guess who is getting credit? I H8 our government. MFM is calling the Voter Fraud we witnessed on 11/3 and 4 The Big Lie.

  103. Interracial crime is actually pretty rare.

    But there are a few exceptions. Black folks tend to lead the pack when it comes to diversity killing and diversity raping. When you measure it as simply crime, they are truly pioneers.

    Let’s have this discussion.

  104. I’ve been wondering for a few years about the struggle inside of the left. It’s really the fake woke v the truly woke, which is another way to say the upper class whites v the lower class minorities.

    I cheer this destruction. By all means, burn down the cities.

    I could envision a situation where the left gets so out of control they’re easy to beat or they win for real and we all end up dead.

    The base on the right, the non chamber of commerce types, have been ready for this for a long time. Eventually it’ll be populist right v populist left.

    I continue to believe the populist right will win.

  105. America is afraid to have this conversation. Black women are the problem. Black men were willing to give Trump a chance and black unemployment was down. Welfare queens hate black men.

  106. I really am convinced now that each of the groups in this territory that was once a nation should just go their own way. Well’s so badly poisoned there’s no way to piece it back together.

  107. I don’t know what the answer is.

    Race relations have gotten really bad but one of my closest friends is black. I’d do anything for him.

    What do we do?

  108. The base on the right, the non chamber of commerce types, have been ready for this for a long time.

    Once again, I invite you to join the fight, to have the fight.

    This message was brought to you by the good people of Animosity International.

  109. I don’t know. I do know that I have family members that I will never forgive for being such assholes to my Anglo hubby.

  110. I work retail. Dan works retail. We have more LGBTQ friends than anyone in mi familia. We’re the racists for voting Trump. We have more Black, Asian, and Non Messican Latin Friends. Still, Rayciss.

  111. Black women are supported by big government, either through government programs, or government jobs.

  112. The left has long been divided between the progressives, who are largely white upper middle class academics and intellectuals, and the blue-collar conservatives who aligned with the left over things like unions, public schools, and social safety nets. It’s the difference between the gay lawyer from Harvard or the government bureaucrat in middle-management, and the secretary who as has associates degree, whose husband is a union welder, and who has one son in the Marines and another at State U. The former despise the latter and have long looked down on them, but the latter make up the rank and file necessary to win elections. The progressive wing of the party interpreted Obama’s election as a sign that they’d figured out how to win without appealing to blue-collar conservatives, and so felt that they could cut them loose. Wokeism is both a means of differentiating themselves from the BCCs, as well as a means of social positioning amongst progressives.

  113. We’re a formerly high trust society rapidly devolving into low-trust. In too many places, no trust. I don’t see, barring a miracle, that healing in my lifetime, even if I live as long as dad did.

  114. You know, I’m starting to think that this Fauci guy might be bad at science.

  115. He’s good at making money.

  116. I got an email at work inviting me to take 120 days to go take care of illegal immigrant children, travel, lodging, and per diem provided. It was not spam. Wtf.

  117. Also got a very woke email from the center director that I quit reading and deleted after she repeated the lie about rampant attacks on Asians.

  118. I don’t know where she was going with that email, and I don’t care.

  119. Hotspur, your song reminded me of this.

  120. so the gov of Ark vetoed the bill outlawing chemical castratiion of minors. Sounds like what Noem was up to in SD

  121. What was the name of the revenge movie you guys were watching awhile back?

  122. newest one is Nobody

    Man on Fire? Equalizer?

  123. John Wick?

  124. Veto was overridden

  125. Jay, they overrode the veto, didn’t they?

  126. yeah, just catching up on Tucker. He’s in Asa’s grill.

  127. Ordinarily I would say I owe Scott a Coke. What’s the beverage of choice now?

    Also, I am a Braves fan, so do I boycott baseball because it’s MLB or still watch Atlanta because they’re the underdog in this?

  128. Nobody. Thanks, J’Ames.

  129. I’m pissed on this one too, roamy. MLB making it hard for the fans they have remaining. There will be no new ones because of this. Only lost ones.

  130. The U.S. Navy can confirm there was an active shooter incident at Fort Detrick, MD involving U.S. Navy Sailors. The shooter, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, is deceased. We will continue to update with additional details as the situation evolves.

    — U.S. Navy (@USNavy) April 6, 2021

    What puzzles me is that the shooter has a PHD in MicroBiology, but was a Corpsman 3rd class in the Navy.

  131. Only white PhD’s are allowed to be officers. It’s right there in Article III of the Military Code of Justice.

  132. Dixon’s esophagus remained perforated.

  133. I was up before the derp of dawn

  134. Esophageal perforations are bad actors given their location in the mediastinum

  135. shooter has a PHD in MicroBiology, but was a Corpsman 3rd class in the Navy
    Probably joined up to be a part of the Biden Mask Brigade

    I agree Chrisp, more details will undoubtedly emerge as they always do and these will determine how long and loud the media covers the story.

    Megaphone next to your head vs pillow to smother it


    “The suspected gunman, 38-year-old Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, was later shot and killed at the U.S. Army base Fort Detrick.”

    Sounds like another redneck white supremacist

  137. Mom would say, “come over here and let me look at that.”

    When I was an adult she admitted it was her way of judging if it was serious: if I could walk that far, it probably wasn’t.

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