MMM 439

It’s that time again. May your coffee be hot, your commute safe, and management macro.


Light and shadow.

If they do period pieces about the Bush43 years, this image would be a good reference.

She must be an elf if that’s a20#er.

This could be actual “wardrobe” in an 80’s sword-and-sandal B movie.


*thong song plays in the distance*

Work time.


  1. She must be an elf if that’s a20#er.
    If she’s an elf then the picture is an elfie

  2. That checks out.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. How was everyone’s Easter?

    We had a quiet day, hanging out. The Traditional Easter Taco Bar went over better than any other meal would have gone because the boys will only eat shit food like pizza, nuggets, etc. One of Ben’s friends who is Jewish stopped by for dinner. I tactfully avoided the whole subject of Jesus’s trial and crucifixion as dinner conversation.

  5. We had a mellow day. Matt came up (he had a crash mountain biking yesterday and now can’t really move his arm/shoulder). He CAN but he’s in pain.

    But we did some garden prep work (took down all the beds.) Pat did some maintenance on the chicken coop.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, if we didn’t just have ham last weekend we would have made it and they could have either had that (which they wouldn’t have) or made some of their shit food from the freezer. They got lucky with the timing

  7. Matt’s injury sucks. Hopefully nothing too serious or requiring x-rays/surgery.

  8. Gonna have to amputate.

  9. Doctor Jimbro will get the skilsaw.

  10. Ollie is finally fully vaccinated as of April Fool’s Day so he went back to doggie day care today. He went once about 6 weeks back but his distemper vaccination was messed up as far as timing so he needed to complete the entire series again. He made to about a mile away from the place before he lost his breakfast in Paula’s car. I’ll be taking him most of the time on my way to work, I’m hoping his nerves improve because ain’t nobody got time for cleaning up puppy vomit

  11. Sawzall FTW

  12. He needs the socialization of other dogs and the handlers. He’s been in the same few rooms (don’t think his bladder or chewing everything habit are ready for whole house access yet) and seen the same few people for weeks and is starting to become a bit of an asshole like his older half brother when new people come in.

  13. I had family up to Ames. Mom came up Friday and stayed til sunday, her first trip away from home overnight since Covid. Her idea, she wanted OUT! Brother’s family came up sunday, so we got the banquet room in the clubhouse, and carted everything over there to eat. Our place is small, and we don’t have a dedicated dining room. Ham and Pastrami.

    BTW, it was unanimous. Home cured pastrami was better than store bought. And store bought is awesome, so you can only imagine how good home cured is. Wow.

  14. Elliot loves day care. Right now we wait in our cars and wait for the staff to come out and pick up the doggehs. but this is right when they open. So I get to sit out in the parking lot with 4 other cars to drop off, while I wait on the single person working the front counter, while I watch:

    1) the manager of the place cleaning cat boxes through the front window.
    2) 2 other people chatting in the office, waiting for the doggehs so they can start their day.
    3) a stylist having coffee in the styling room, waiting for her clients
    4) a single girl running in and out of the front door, with dogs. Most often the people in front of me are one-time clients that have to fill out paperwork, and not a repeat customer just quickly dropping off their well known long time client dog, with no paperwork.


  15. Bring him to Home Depot and other such errands with you. He’ll get used to the attention from people. Dorkus was cold or dickish to every stranger with a Y chromosome his whole life, but I didn’t raise him from a puppy.

  16. Catching up from nearly a week.

    Condolences and squishy hugs, CoAlex.

  17. He was a pretty mellow store dog, though. He had favorite people. And everybody laughed at how he’d sleep, laying down behind the counter with all four legs in the air like a dead bug. It was cute.

  18. I want to bring Elliot in to the store. He’s crabby with people when I’m with, but with Mrs Jay he’s all “People are Awesome!” poster child.

  19. According to comments at Ace, Iran and China have inked a trade deal that bypasses dollars for Iranian oil.

    Pretty sure the MMT music just stopped for the $US. At the very least, the record just skipped.

    But no mean tweets!

  20. China has been slowly digging its tentacles westward for years. Pakistan and Iran are more about creating a counter-India bloc, as well as controlling the Indian Ocean.

  21. Any bets on how soon Asia Minor is on fire?

  22. how will that stop the money printing in the US? Iran will have more aid money coming in shortly, since Buyden will just keep sending it to piss off Israel.

  23. No clue. If I were to bet, it’s on “sooner” rather than “later.”

  24. I miss Easter. Used to be a family thing. Now I don’t really even get to see friends (well, the vehicle thing is probably the big deal there).

    Swear to God, the moment I have wheels again I’m going nutz! Visit friends, trips to Atlanta for family…this shit’s Old.

  25. laying down behind the counter with all four legs in the air like a dead bug
    Rowan and Ollie are regulars with that pose. Lola only occasionally.

    It’s been crappy weather but with things improving he’ll be taken on more walks. Right now he’s at the stage where the leash is a chew toy and he is facing sideways chewing it as you drag him forward. Gradual process.

  26. Does Ukraine count as Asia Minor? I keep hearing hints that Russia has massed tanks at the border. The place name of “Donbass” is mentioned. I looked it up but didn’t quite get the sense of where it was. Anyway, Vladimir has his eyes on it.

  27. how will that stop the money printing in the US? Iran will have more aid money coming in shortly, since Buyden will just keep sending it to piss off Israel.

    Oh no, the printing will accelerate as the global demand for dollars starts to collapse and inflation really starts to kick in. When I say “the music stops” I mean that many of the things masking the phenomenal increase in the money supply are going to vanish. Global oil trade being “dollars only” is one of the things propping up the value of the dollar mightily in the face of outright debasement.

  28. Ah, yes, the ‘leashed alligator.’ I remember it well. Ah, ACDs. Our red gal rolled and thrashed like a gator too, the first time we leashed her as a puppy.

  29. The nice thing is that I’ll be able to pay off my mortgage pretty fast when hay is $100 a bale.

  30. Property taxes, though, those are bound to inflate to 10x or 20x.

    So my “rent” will never go away, I’ll just be a sharecropper on the King’s land.

  31. So, I hear the 60 minutes piece on DeSantis was expectedly bad.

    I was surprised the 60 minutes is still on. Huh.

  32. Global oil trade being “dollars only” is one of the things propping up the value of the dollar mightily in the face of outright debasement.
    Yet gold and silver are not soaring in price. Yet.

  33. Lumber is. Bigly.

  34. Maybe I’ve been misled. I’m not seeing a link confirming that Iran-China thing anywhere, not even ZH.

  35. Arguably, gold already soared.

  36. LOL

    The mothership is a shitshow.

  37. Yeah, I was looking at charts when I posted that comment. It’s taken off compared with the 70’s but I was more wondering about the craziness with our out of control spending.

  38. Interesting (I didn’t watch it or know it was on) how 60 min chose to do a hit piece on DeSantis. Odd that. A very successful governor, a successful person in general but he’s a threat so we have to go after him.

    God, I hate these people.

  39. That fat ass, Michelle Obama said Barack would never let us go back to our lives as usual. And that mean, racist bitch was right.

    God, I hate these people.

  40. Calm down, Mare.

  41. Fuck that.

    Blow a damned gasket, mare.

  42. Gaskets, margins, and seals get all the action.

  43. I just looked at a guy’s resume. In it he mentioned that he CONBONed everything in the production process.

    Does that mean he takes it up the pooper?

  44. Clarence Thomas’ concurrence in a recent case.

    The disparity between Twitter’s control and Mr. Trump’s
    control is stark, to say the least. Mr. Trump blocked several
    people from interacting with his messages. Twitter barred
    Mr. Trump not only from interacting with a few users, but
    removed him from the entire platform, thus barring all
    Twitter users from interacting with his messages.1 Under
    its terms of service, Twitter can remove any person from
    the platform—including the President of the United
    States—“at any time for any or no reason.” Twitter Inc.,
    User Agreement (effective June 18, 2020).
    This is not the first or only case to raise issues about digital platforms. While this case involves a suit against a
    public official, the Court properly rejects today a separate
    petition alleging that digital platforms, not individuals on
    those platforms, violated public accommodations laws, the
    First Amendment, and antitrust laws. Pet. for Cert., O. T.
    2020, No. 20–969. The petitions highlight two important
    facts. Today’s digital platforms provide avenues for historically unprecedented amounts of speech, including speech
    by government actors. Also unprecedented, however, is the
    concentrated control of so much speech in the hands of a
    few private parties. We will soon have no choice but to address how our legal doctrines apply to highly concentrated,
    privately owned information infrastructure such as digital

  45. Getting “bad gateway” from the mothership. Oy. Gonna be one of those weeks.

  46. *High fives Pendejo*

    *kicks Hotspur in his sandy vagina*

  47. Mare, have you ever CONBONed something?

  48. That or he can’t spell kanban.

  49. Gal who’s been off for two weeks because she was afraid of covid just asked for someone to cover her shift tonight.

    She tested negative for covid, but says she still feels like “garbage” .


  50. Alex, those girls got off lightly. Ufffffffff.

    They are animals. They have zero concept of right and wrong. It appears to be the main reason most of these animals are into “wilding.”

    The animal who killed the Asian woman when asked if he cared that she eventually died from his actions said “no, because I didn’t know her.”

    Frightening so many of these creatures exist.

  51. I have no idea what you’re referring to, Hotspur.

  52. Something Lauraw said a while ago stuck with me, these covid centric people have been “mind-fucked.”

    They simply have lost all reason with regard to covid…thanks in great part to the media pushing the hysteria.

    A caller to the Prager show said he’s going to wear a mask for the rest of his life.


  53. From Alex’s link

    “On Monday, the teens reportedly reached the plea deal with prosecutors that would ensure they will not be held past the age of 21 nor be placed in a prison facility.”

    So, no punishment except for society who will foot the bill for their “rehabilitation classes” and their inevitable 5 kids each from unknown sperm donors.

    Crap like this makes me wonder why more people don’t take justice into their own hands.

  54. She tested negative for covid, but says she still feels like “garbage” .

    It’s good being a thing sometimes feels like it.

  55. the girls aren’t going to prison?

    Ok Pendejo, I’m in. Time to start ripping down statues, and burning shit down.

  56. Covering for sick people (or slackers) is something everyone else does. This girl never covers for anyone else if they’re sick and she is amazingly usually always on side of someone who has x,y, z wrong with them.

  57. If those girls aren’t going to prison, can we sent their parents?

  58. I know, and love, people just like that.

  59. There’s a statue of an Indian chick sitting bareback on a pony while playing some kid of wooden flute downtown. I’m finda chain it to my F250 and party like it’s 1957.

  60. Someone else (Wretchard?) pointed out a while back that the media protection of China was driven by the entertainment companies who own the news media, and want to continue to have access to Chinese markets. The same goes for pretty much every large corporation in the US: they all want access to that sweet sweet Chinese cash, no matter the damage that it does to the US.

  61. Assault on Karenstan | Steve Deace Show

    Deace went on CSpan to promote his book, Faucian Bargain, and went medieval on callers. I caught a couple highlights, brutal.

  62. I’m going to pull down some “modern art” in downtown DSM just because. We’ll see how much torque the Ram 1500 has in 4-low.

  63. hmm, wonders if he can stop by and pick up leon’s flamethrower. It will be like a dragon at truck pulls!

    Our side has cooler and more destructive toys than antifa does. Now we get to use them.

  64. April 3 – 65 Covid deaths in michigan. 51 of them were actually from data searching older records. So … people who died w/in 30 days of a positive test pretty no matter what the cause.

    So cases are up in Michigan- pretty high. But deaths are not . And if we’d start giving people Ivermectin, hospital numbers would even be up.

    My friends dad has been on a vent since THursday. we’re tying to get him ivermetin, but the doctors know better.

  65. This also despite the fact that it’s a couple of dollars with of medicine and zero chance of causing any harm.

    Nope. Lets just see how steroids and the vent works out.

  66. Jay, it’s here and ready to go. Just bring back the CO2 cartridges with fresh loads.

    AND NO E-85. My baby wants real gas, maybe a little diesel.

  67. kerosene maybe?

  68. 10% kerosene/diesel is supposed to be the “napalm” mix. Kerosene is probably the better bet there.

  69. The smartest person Joe Biden knows is his son Hunter.

    I’m still laughing.

  70. to be fair, I’m not sure he remembers breakfast at this point

  71. Greg Abbott not throwing out the first pitch at Texas Rangers home opener

    Also the state will not seek to host MLB special events, including this All Star Game.

    I hope more red states will join.

  72. Candace Owens is pretty sharp.

    “A real pandemic doesn’t require a marketing campaign.”

  73. Not a fan of RINO Rubio, but his letter to Manfred is LAF. Asking him if he’s going to give up his Augusta National membership.

  74. I emailed a client last week that we had the numbers ready on his project and could he suggest some times to come in and meet.

    He emails me back and says his wife is afraid he’ll bring covid home. Happy wife happy life, he says. Can we Zoom instead?

    I responded, “Sorry. We thought you guys were already vaccinated. We’ve learned through long experience that going over sensitive things like cost numbers not in person is a surefire way to create misunderstandings. Let’s wait until you’re vaccinated.”

    LOL They’re both vaccinated. I am just being coy.

    I want to hear an otherwise intelligent man tell me that even though he and his wife are vaccinated that he’s still afraid to go out in public.

    At which point I’m going to say, “Then there is no point in going over the numbers now, because we shouldn’t be in your house to start the work until you feel comfortable, and with escalation in construction material costs, any number I give you now will be no good in 30 days.”

    LOL Let’s see how he squirms around that logic.

  75. Hotspur, do you happen to know if Tyvek is as bad as lumber right now? I was thinking of re-doing our deck.

  76. You could substitute 15# felt for Tyvek. It might be cheaper, and it definitely does a better job.

  77. As decking material? I can only find it as underlayment.

  78. It is underlayment. We use it instead of Tyvek because it does a better job.

  79. Shit, I’m thinking of Trex, got my composites mixed up.

  80. Why is lumber so expensive? I was told it was shortages caused by boarded up cities, but that was months ago.

    I picked up a crate today for $450, same thing cost me $350 a month ago.

  81. Here’s an explanation.

    This price shock is a classic example of the supply and demand curve. On one hand supply has fallen as a result of COVID-19 restrictions hampering sawmills, while quarantining Americans pursuing home renovations or do-it-yourself projects increase the demand for timber. The matter is made worse by low interest rates and tight existing home inventory which has caused new home builders to ramp up production. The demand for new homes is so high that even during an economic crisis we hit a 14-year high in new housing starts in December.

  82. how can people be moving during a pandemic? they could DIE by getting a new house!

  83. Dirt is still a bargain,

    Got 400 lbs for less than $19.

  84. It also depends what part of the country you are in. We rely pretty heavily on Canadian lumber. The tariffs on Canadian imports had a significant impact.

  85. I wouldn’t use anything but Trex (or an equivalent). Wood decking is a pain in the ass. Treated decking looks like shit after a couple years, cedar is expensive as hell and also looks like shit in about five years. Redwood is unobtainable, and ipe might as well be gold.

  86. My deck is all wood and looks to have last been stained in the early ’90s. It’s not in great shape, and we want to expand it, so we’ll likely demo and rebuild. I need to get some quotes though. My carpentry (plasticry?) isn’t showroom quality.

  87. The mayor of Palm Beach wrote a letter stating that 60 min was garbage and that Ron DeSantis has been really helpful and responsive to the needs of his community.

  88. that sucks, the mayor is a racist too.

  89. CA is trying to get the All Star game. State that is still locked down. F the All Star game. Play it in Shanghai.

  90. play in Taipei, give the mainland a reason to invade

  91. Tents at Ft Bliss, can’t take pictures. National Security.

    housing undocumented involuntary employment tourists

  92. Well, that’s convenient.

  93. Taipei would be awesome.

  94. Oh, so now it’s those “Willing and Able” that rise for the National Anthem!

    Mask up! Singing in masks! Yay!

  95. If you aren’t “willing”, get the fuck out of the ballpark, go to the embassy of your choice, and apply for citizenship elsewhere.

  96. Isn’t that a Pinks and Greens uniform?

  97. The Army is supposed to be phasing in the Pinks and Greens.

    Personally, I dislike the constant uniform changes, since it’s a sign that the Army leadership doesn’t have a clue about how to fix the problems it faces.

  98. How many of you always engage the emergency brake when you park your vehicle?

  99. Michigan is flat, so basically never.

    And the uniform changes are all bullshit, anymore, but at least I have decent camo for hunting if I need it. It’s even got my name on it.

  100. I do, have a stick shift.

  101. My first three vehicles were standards, I always engaged the emergency brake. I never did with my automatic transmission veh.

    Dad scolded me in my new car for not engaging the emergency brake at parking (not on an incline). “You’re putting the whole weight of the car on the transmission!” wear, rolling accidents happen etc.

    Not sure how big of a problem this really is in a modern car, especially automatic transmission.

  102. I don’t never ever use the ebrake in an automatic, but always always in a standard. Habit only, I don’t know the science.

  103. A special fence…

  104. How many of you always engage the emergency brake when you park your vehicle?

    Always. That’s how the actor that played Chekov in the newer Star Trek movies died, the car slipped out of park and crushed him.

  105. Im not sure where the emergency brake is on either of my vehicles.

  106. It’s the pedal on the right.

  107. When we were car shopping, the Ford lost because it was a teeny little push button brake on the center console. I want a lever or a pedal where I can feel and hear it engage, not a button that may or may not be on and where I could hit it if I miss the cup holder.

    I also have a steep driveway, so there is a reason for my madness. My Fitbit says it’s equivalent to four flights of stairs.

  108. Figures that y’all say a couple of days ago that the top link at Ace’s is good, and Ace goes down.

  109. In my 5 speed manual 1994 Lesbaru, it’s a ratcheting pull-up lever in the center console. No doubt on whether it is engaged. If it’s pulled up, the car will *NOT* move in low or reverse. Not enough power…

  110. Covid video, Roamie?

  111. Thank you, Pepe.

  112. Oh, and thanks to whoever posted that big fat woman with the crack-showing dress. I was going to get a snack, and that stopped me in my tracks.

  113. That’s how the actor that played Chekov in the newer Star Trek movies died, the car slipped out of park and crushed him.

    I thought that the parking brakes on that vehicle had been recalled because they were known to slip out of the EB position – he had just received the recall notice in the mail a couple of days earlier.

    Maybe they revised the story after more investigation.

    Sad loss, though – I really liked that actor.

  114. You could be right, TiFW, that was what I remembered. I liked him, too.

  115. David explored Reykjavík’s parks.

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