MMM 438

Man, this was a good set of pictures back when it aired the first time. Wonder if these girls have put on the Covid-50?

I eventually got used to lifting in glasses.

Dirty girl.

I choose to see a MAGA hat.

It’s a shame the Games got woke. These girls won’t have a chance against “Christine” when he she starts competing.


I’m claiming redhead bonus points.

Looks warm there.

I can’t do this anymore.


  1. Time to let the birds out.

  2. I didn’t let them out yesterday. Too windy.

    wakey wakey

  3. let em out they aren’t joe buyden

  4. Our coop is too small, but the door is small too, so I always give them the opportunity if they want it.

  5. Yeah, it’s David French, but it’s actually a good article about a horrifying situation. Abuse at a Christian camp covered up for years.

  6. Who let the birds out?
    *Bwak!* *Bwak!**Bwak!*

  7. Mr Favulous is a very conscientious crow-er. Only at dawn so far.


  9. She’s adorable

  10. I should try writing a country song sometime. Couldn’t be much worse than gets air play these days.

  11. Just be sure to include mention of mama, trucks, prison, trains, and getting drunk.

  12. Better country song than most on the radio right now. Classed as “blues”.

  13. BroTim, I flip on a country station every once in a while and hear some mumblin dumbfuck rhyming out about a dozen 4 syllable phrases with a slide steel guitar in the background verifying that it’s sposta be country and not standard issue oobly boobly and I turn it off. That said, there are some guys and gals I really like out of TX and OK who don’t cut their albums in Nashville and therefore don’t get nationwide coverage.

  14. jonny lang is quite talented.

  15. I was drunk the day my mama got out of prison.
    And I went to pick her up in the rain.
    But before I could get to the station in my PICKUP TRUCK.
    I got ran over by a goddamned train.

  16. country now is what used to be labeled as southern rock.

  17. ZZtop and other such southern rock bands are closer to blues than country.

  18. None of it will matter once all western music is destroyed.

  19. My parents didn’t like country, so I never heard it as a kid. Late 70’s rock, disco, and Abba in the car. Classical at home.

    But I did have the Flash Gordon soundtrack. On vinyl. God, I wonder what I could get for that today?

  20. The H2 vibe, in one video.

  21. There will always be a market for half-assed disposable music.

  22. Big dog sitting there, puppy poking about, goats bounding about randomly, and a couple of chickens wondering WTF is wrong with these people?

    Yep, that’s about right.

  23. The sheep guy also breeds those dogs and sells the pups for LGDs. The puppies are fun but the adults are deadly serious about D-FENS, you can see it on display there.

  24. Opening statements in Chauvin trial, judge is wearing a mask behind plexiglass.

    This is stupid.

  25. This is stupid.

    We’d still be fighting the Spanish Flu if Twitter were around back then.

  26. But I did have the Flash Gordon soundtrack. On vinyl. God, I wonder what I could get for that today?
    I just sold one, in the original plastic with a lot of 50 or so records. I think the total was around 230 bucks. It’s not a good record.

  27. It would be pretty scary to go to prison for a lie, that everyone knows is a lie at this point.

  28. Signed up for vaccine, because of this bullshit:

    There will be no way around it.

  29. Either he goes to prison, or America burns.

    Oh who am I kidding, it will burn either way.

  30. I’m guessing a hung jury.

  31. I’m guessing he’s a goner.

  32. Based on testimony from Paula Jones and others, Slick Willie evidently had a Bend in his tent pole.

  33. Most men have a slight hook, so his must have been pretty pronounced to be noteworthy.

  34. comes from jamming it into places it isn’t wanted.

  35. Or Peyronie’s disease.

    Don’t image search that.

  36. So, I need a card to work or vacation or go to a restaurant, but we’re going to just keep letting people come in from the Southern boarder ?

  37. Boarders pay rent for a bed and possibly a portion of a shared meal.

    Borders are what we’re supposed to have a Federal government for, literally its absolute minimum purpose.

  38. Also, as I’ve said, the mask wasn’t the Mark, just preparation for it. “Vaccine Passports” are the Mark.

    On the plus side, if it goes through, Christmas or next Easter could be — as the kids say — “Lit AF”.

  39. Yes, Jay, with people signing up to vaccinated it will be inevitable and it’s fucking bullshit.

    Stand for something or fall for anything.

  40. picking that fight now would just get me locked out of public events. This battle was lost a year ago.

  41. Listening to a 4 hour interview of Milo. He’s either entirely sincere or the best liar I’ve ever heard.

    He says his next book is entitled Make America Hate Again, a celebration of hating that which deserves it.

  42. We will need a fucking communist passport to move around but you don’t need to show ID to vote. And we’re allowing unchecked third worlders to move around.

    We are an exceptionally dumb citizenry.

  43. Milo flips around so much it’s hard to track. But he fought for our side at one time, which says he does think at times.

  44. Jay, if no one gets it, no one will require it.

  45. Public events? What are you going to a stupid basketball game?

  46. Shopped at Fleet Farm (think Wal Mart for farmers) this weekend. Went in with a mask, because the sign says REQUIRED! but it was 50% compliance inside, so off it went.

    Wal mart on the other hand was 99% compliance. It’s just where you go.

    We went out to eat a couple weeks ago, and no one was wearing a mask. Not even the employees. Outside of town, of course.

  47. An event that requires it is — by definition — not public.

  48. And if everyone gets the vaccine but still has to wear a mask and “social distance “ what have you gained?

  49. leon, people are lined up here to get it, can’t keep it in stock. So if I avoid it, I’ll be on the wrong side. It’s where i live, not my beliefs.

  50. Since it’s not technically a vaccine and those in power don’t trust it, which is obvious with the “continue to mask and “social distance “ I’m not sure the point is to ever get back to normal. So pathetic.

  51. Wait ’till they add it to your RealID-compliant driver’s license.

  52. Other side.

    Not wrong.

  53. Drs are telling people who had Covid to get the vaccine.

    I was thinking about the stupidity of this when it hit me, they know the testing was fake.

    Just because you tested positive for Covid, it doesn’t mean anything. Get the vaccine to be on the safe side.

  54. Went to church for Palm Sunday last night. Have not been to Mass in a year, not because I give a shit about covid more like I can’t stomach people gathering in fear. And of course the absurdities.

    Singers don’t wear masks.
    Pews closed.
    Singing and responding with a mask for everyone else.
    Priest wearing a mask entering and exiting.
    People close in line for communion but for apart otherwise.

    The experience was garbage. I asked my husband what it felt like to be back at Mass (he is also a practicing Catholic and reads the readings daily each morning) . His comment, “not so great.”

  55. Didn’t say I was wrong, or buying in. But my access to events will be seriously curtailed. And the benefit column of not getting it is not very long, for where I am, and the situation every single one of us is in.

  56. I don’t wear a mask into grocery stores anymore, nor the gym. No one has given me shit about it.

  57. Interesting, Scott. You may have hit one of the particularly stupid aspects of covid.

    The constant “get tested!!” And we know the tests were shit because after the election they changed the recommended cycles. So the cases of positives went waaaaay down.

    Someone was making a lot of money on tests. Now on the vaccines. Who’s going to clean up on the stupid passport “verifications?”

  58. The testing was known to be overly sensitive early on. If you’re trying to identify infected and tell them to stay home false positives aren’t a big problem.

  59. Someone was making a lot of money on tests. Now on the vaccines. Who’s going to clean up on the stupid passport “verifications?”

    My money is on another Solyndra. The IPO will be hyuge.

  60. Sign on the wall at work proclaims “The CDC says you can get Covid even if you have had it” so “you should get the vaccine even if you had Covid”.

    CDC says. There in print. That is what you have to overcome.

  61. Like I said before, I absolutely wouldn’t wear a mask into any stores IF I didn’t live where I live. Black people seem invested in mask wearing like it actually works. I do not want to be approached by some obese, high, person potentially causing a race “incident.”

  62. Iowa seems a little to invested in covid. Florida, a state of 22 million, seems not as CDC (snicker) controlled. I wonder why.

  63. j’ames – I don’t have any vacations planned in the near future, and there are zero concerts. I will re-evaluate as things progress. But I’m firmly against all this bullshit.

  64. There are a lot of signs up but I think most of that is so businesses can say the TRIED.

  65. Sign on the wall at work proclaims “The CDC says you can get Covid even if you have had it” so “you should get the vaccine even if you had Covid”.

    CDC says. There in print. That is what you have to overcome.

    You say “regulatory capture” to the average person about anything else and they nod if they aren’t idiots or on the take themselves. You say “the cops are corrupt” and you’ll get some pushback, but most will acknowledge that there are dirty cops out there at every level.

    But the CDC is different, Because Science! or something.

  66. The report comes as major U.S. airlines and nearly 30 travel and labor groups are pushing President Joe Biden to develop a standardized, government-backed credential to “accelerate safe economic activity and recovery.”

    Let me re-phrase that for you:

    “Our industry is hurting, so we don’t care what rights we infringe upon as long as we can start making money again”.

  67. Im most angry about Walmart being open but the Catholic Church said nope and closed for quite a while.

    Yes, way to send that fear not message, dummies.

  68. Man, Carin, you nailed it.

  69. COVID Passports
    Mileage taxes
    School shutdowns

    It’s like they want to kill blue cities.

  70. Accident happened here, ISU rowing team boat capsized on a lake, and there was a drowning. Terrible. Now someone wondered how they drowned, if they could swim, since they are on the rowing team.

    Water is cold in march, genius. How about sitting this argument out? And yes, the rowing team is coed, and I have no idea if anyone tried to help anyone out, but people on the lake did try and help. Just a terrible situation.

  71. I hope they get the lawsuits on the passports done quickly. I have plans for August and September.

  72. mare, for reference, Iowa has been open more than Florida or Texas. Only slightly behind South Dakota, who never implemented a mask mandate. We had a mask mandate for a short while, and the Covid voices here are loud. but our governor did a pretty good job.

  73. Now someone wondered how they drowned, if they could swim, since they are on the rowing team.

    Water is cold in march, genius. How about sitting this argument out?

    Being a rower doesn’t imply you’re a strong swimmer. Capsizing is also a good way to end up getting conked on the head and going under before anyone realizes it.

  74. Oh and lots of “6 feet” signs in church. Didn’t they get the memo that the 6 foot deal was made up bullshit? Even the stupid CDC was supposed to change their guidelines to 3 feet. Which is still made up bullshit but at this point it’s all we can hope for.

  75. I was referring to the CDC signs. Which I don’t see here.

  76. It’s like they want to kill blue cities.

    The mileage tax is to hurt rural commuters, I’d think, but it’s mostly so they can track all movements.

  77. that’s our workplace, mare. I don’t see them everywhere, either.

  78. Don’t mind me, Jay. I’m just annoyed that the humidity here is higher than most people in the Walmart parking lot today.

  79. I’m sure that Covid has killed our governor’s chances at a second term. She is known as Covid Kim amongst the liberals here.

  80. I don’t mind, mare. I bitch a lot about Iowa too, but they really did do a pretty good job.

  81. The mileage tax is to hurt rural commuters, I’d think, but it’s mostly so they can track all movements.

    The ones who would be hurt the most are suburbanites, who commute into the cities for work, and then spend the rest of the time driving everywhere for shopping, kids to activities, etc. The goal is to try and push people into urban areas, or concentrated along public transit routes.

    Unfortunately, those same suburbanites also the ones who spent the past year working remotely. A mileage tax now would simply cement those policies. Combined with continued unrest by antifa and BLM, commercial real estate values in blue cities can kiss their ass goodbye.

  82. You’d think that the “we’re overpopulated” liberal types would have embraced this pandemic a bit more than they did.

  83. not very committed, are they?

  84. The problem is that they were afraid that the dirty hordes would infect them. Remember, overpopulation means, “too many of you, just enough of me.” They want population reductions to be controlled, by panels of “experts” made of up people like them.

  85. in other news, I now have many guest coming for Easter dinner. Ham and corned beef on the smoker. Guest clubhouse is hopefully open, for dinner service. We won’t be using the pool, however.

  86. Im most angry about Walmart being open but the Catholic Church said nope and closed for quite a while.

    I’ll take people who are counting on your money whether they provide a service or not for $500, Alex.

    Churches = Government workers

    Lazy as fuck, not really essential.

  87. I have had a liberal acquaintance tell me that “you should need a license to have a baby” at least a half-dozen times in my life.

  88. Infants should be sterilized at birth.

    Prove you can properly care for and raise a child, and we’ll untie your junk.

  89. I have not sent an offering envelope in a couple of months, now. Prior to that I was putting most of the amount in the St Vincent de Paul envelope, hoping it would go to people who’d lost work over this bullshit.

    I really should send one more with “no more $ until mass is normal” in the memo line.

  90. Hotspur, as I understand it, the Vatican has had to cut pay (not to lay workers *snicker*) to offset the loss of revenue(?) income(?) since covid. So there is an upside to Covid.


  91. OK, back to cutting these stupid rabbets for my frame project.

    My dad’s table saw is a small skilsaw that is old, meaning, no riving knife and no place to even install one aftermarket. Even though these won’t be through-cuts, it is narrow stock and I am a little worried about kickback. Sooo, against your advice here, I ended up cutting the miters first because of that. I think my reasoning makes sense even though it is more work.

    I figured the chance of binding and kicking back will be greater with longer cuts, plus this narrow stuff is hard to control on such a short table. I don’t have anything I can use to support an 8′ piece of thin stock coming out the back of the saw. So now I have a bunch of smaller pieces to cut, but still some of them are over 30 inches long. The Woodcraft near me suggests a microjig gripper tool for pushing the pieces through, rather than installing a splitter behind the blade for safety/ preventing binding.

    I guess that’s what I’ll do. But jeez, it’s getting expensive. But also, I like having ten fingers and no pieces of wood sticking out of my body. So the money is probably worth it.

  92. a block of 2X4 with some sandpaper glued to it makes a nice pushblock. Cheap enough that you can just cut into it, too.

  93. Why does nobody seem to come up with a table saw jig that rides the rip fence and holds thin stock in place with downward *and* inward pressure? It seems like all the jigs are open at the top. I don’t understand why there are no plans for this online. What’s the problem? Wouldn’t a closed stop above the work prevent kickback?

  94. got a sawhorse? clamp a piece of plywood to the leg, variable height! Nice outfeed to catch the long piece

    Rabbet is just two cuts on a table saw

  95. I considered that, J’Ames. I have watched too many videos of wood kicking back and people nearly touching the blade as the push block flipped off to the side and dragged their hand down in a fraction of a second. Brrrr!

  96. inward pressure = thin piece of wood, clamped to table saw. Downward = 2X4 block with sandpaper.

  97. then 2 2X4 blocks nailed together.

  98. Honestly, I think all these videos are messing with my head. I have 12 pieces to cut, 24 cuts, and the saw blade will mostly be buried. It will be fine.

  99. don’t need much pressure, and just stand to the side, and not over the board on the saw. Kickback isn’t as prevalent as it seems. but stay away from above and behind the board, and exposure is minimized.

  100. you are correct, they are messing with your head.

  101. 12 pieces and one setup, easy peasy. You’ll be fine.

  102. does your saw have a riving knife?

  103. nope. Ryobi contractor saw, 10″

  104. Remember this?

    Resawn from a 1X6 using that table saw. cut in half to double the length of wood and halve the thickness. No kickback on that, with a 2X4 pushblock.

  105. OK, I feel better. I’m going to set up a decent receiving table behind the saw for the longer pieces, and make a couple of 2×4 push blocks with sandpaper for hand-over-hand feeding, and love my simple and easy life.

    Thanks, man *fistbump*

  106. Christ. Where the eff is Scott?

  107. Comment by Hotspur on March 29, 2021 1:31 pm
    Christ. Where the eff is Scott?

    Playing with the chainsaw.

  108. Wanna talk about gardening, Hotspur?

  109. Evergreen is FREE!


  111. i think a chainsaw would cut a rabbet with one cut. Depth control could prove difficult, though. Sanding too.

  112. a rabbit too.

  113. How much KY are they gonna have to clean out of the Suez?

  114. A boatload, at least.

  115. Christ. Where the eff is Scott?

    Right by my side, providing support and love, like always, Mr. Grumpypants.

  116. Right by my side, providing support and love, like always, Mr. Grumpypants.

    Translation: he’s in a chair a safe distance away, cracking open another beer.

  117. Michigan Covid infections are up, but the deaths are not.

  118. Reviewing hospital data – while the numbers there are up, the ICU numbers still are not that bad . It’s mostly just admittance, not ICU.

  119. Michigan hasn’t been reporting its numbers on Sundays since the beginning. That way on Monday it will look like we’re all gonna die.

  120. I stopped looking at the MI numbers last August or so. They’ll report whatever helps the narrative.

  121. Just made an offer and applied for financing on a ’03 Caravan. Putting half down if accepted.

    Here’s hoping. Sick of being cargo.

  122. I was looking at the past week in general, not today.

  123. omment by Car in on March 29, 2021 2:13 pm
    Michigan Covid infections are up, but the deaths are not.


    Hasn’t this been the story of covid…everywhere?

  124. Hope it works out Brother Tim! A little more freedom.

  125. Good luck, Tim!

  126. If you look at the michigan death graph from the beginning, no. Not really. When we locked down, we basically just pushed off a lot of those deaths to sometime in the future. It became less of a story because the virus/deaths were more spread out through the state and it wasn’t as much of a OMG BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING IN DETROIT deal.

    November – January shows peak death rates that spiked pretty high. Of course, it all could be lies, I’m just saying what the graph shows.

  127. I was looking at the past week in general, not today.

    I know. I wasn’t refuting what you were saying.


  128. Old people die a lot more frequently in cold weather of all causes, iirc. I saw a study that suggested that the ‘snowbird’ phenomenon that’s really only possible in a nation as latitudinally big as the US might be responsible for ~5 years of average longevity or something like that.

  129. I’m watching the Chauvin trial. The current witness is wearing a freaking t-shirt. So much of what is wrong with our country can be summed up in that image.

  130. why the eff are Biden’s eyes black? It’s fucking weird.

  131. Sadly, the witness is a pretty good representation of bad city neighborhoods. She is the white Jenteal.

    I don’t know how they pull it off, but a pretty good slice of the hood population can appear to be asleep while wide awake. It’s like you’re keeping them up.

  132. This poor girl is barely alive.

  133. She’s looking at the attorney the way a cow looks at an oncoming train.

  134. Already being stupid before you take up a serious drug habit can produce the dull affect you describe, IME.

  135. why the eff are Biden’s eyes black? It’s fucking weird.

    Like a doll’s eyes…

  136. pretty soon he’ll tell us the story of when he was on the Indianapolis.

  137. Or the Monitor.

  138. why the eff are Biden’s eyes black? It’s fucking weird.

    HotBride and I have discussed that. We think his pupils are blown because he’s amped up on kick-a-poo joy juice.

  139. Whatever drugs they’re shooting him up with in order for him to speak for 30 minutes.

  140. There is no question in my mind Biden, certainly during his “press conferences,” is drugged up to his eyeballs. Pun intended.

  141. it’s not like the deep state hasn’t run the country by itself before

  142. “No more desks.”

    -Joe Biden, 2021

  143. The female first witness in the Chauvin trial is disgusting.

    I see she respects the dignity of the court by wearing a T-shirt.

  144. Another libertarian moron self-identifies.

  145. “Unpopular” is a weird way to spell “satanic and wrong”.

  146. Our parish is at 20% and they only have 3 masses. CoW told me about a parish with a new Vietnamese priest who is pretty conservative. They are taking reservations for Easter. The Vietnamese priests have been conducting funerals and running underground Mass. I stream Fr Frank Pavone. I hope we can attend Mass this Sunday. I’m streaming Fr Frank on Good Friday. The Passion according to John. Our parish is allowing 125 people for Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

  147. The government won’t have to require them for anything. The people who make those decisions in those companies are part of the revolving door between big business and government.

  148. We’ve been discussing this for a long time…

    Basically every company will require a vaccine for anything. Why wouldn’t they?

  149. If they come up with an anti-gayness vaccine it will be shunned

  150. If they come up with an anti-gayness vaccine it will be shunned

    But quietly bought by upper-middle-class parents of every ethnicity who have rainbow-colored FB and Twatter avatars.

  151. I really wanted a Canucks totem tee. The Cancel Culture fucks started going after my Orca totem tee for “Cultural appropriation”. I was able to get it in rainbow colors. If you go gay, it’s ok

  152. they are going to put it on business, who will happily do it, like MJ says.

  153. Wouldn’t it be discrimination?

    You can’t refuse service to someone because they might have AIDS.

    You can’t force someone to show you a negative AIDS test, can you?

  154. That’s different. AIDS isn’t deadly like WuFlu.

  155. Right.

    Let me ask all of the gay men over 50.


  156. I don’t hear any of them complaining.

  157. Well, they all died from, uh, bad colds.

  158. Technically, AIDS doesn’t kill you, the diseases that your crippled immune system can’t fight off are what kill you.

    So many of them did die from “bad colds.”

  159. What CoAl said.

  160. See? It’s the bad colds we have to worry about.

    Stay safe!

  161. The almost-4-hour Milo interview was worth it.

    Megan Markle was mentioned and Milo tore into her for almost 15 straight minutes.

  162. I remember how terrified I was about AIDS. I lost multiple friends to AIDS. Bi and Gay. I didn’t go to the dentist for years because of fag dentists deliberately infecting their patients.

  163. I was all about condoms for years. I met Dan in 1988. He was a Catholic virgin. I broke out in hives, once our relationship was sexual. TMI I had to go to Confession and he cut me off sexually until we got married. No sex for almost two years.

  164. He was a Catholic virgin.

    So only oral and anal?

  165. Nope. Total

  166. I seduced him on his 23rd birthday

  167. I broke out in hives, because I thought I exposed him to AIDS/HIV

  168. Comment by osoloco11 on March 29, 2021 6:54 pm
    I seduced him on his 23rd birthday

    Did you tell him you had candy and a puppy in your van?


  170. Nah, I gave him a BJ. He lasted 3 months before he asked me to go to Confession with him. We didn’t have sex until we got married. He’s kind of a freak. Our fertility treatment was fucked.

  171. My first clinical rotation was Internal Medicine and 3 out of 12 weeks were on the Oncology ward. Back then they parked the HIV+ patients on the Oncology ward because their doctors were the Heme-Onc docs. Anyway, my resident thought it was a great idea for me to do my first ever Bone Marrow Aspiration on a skeletal Hispanic guy who got the virus from IV drug abuse. The resident was in the room and he talked me through it and aside from a few swears uttered by everyone at some point during the 15 minutes it took to do the BMA it went well. I know I’ve said this before but I don’t think they’re nearly as liberated with the whole allowing students to do stuff anymore.

  172. I got married at 23 the first time. Didn’t take, but iirc it took precious little to seduce me at the time.

  173. The world is garbage right now but this is 100% good.

  174. Lumps – the accessory you are looking for is called a feather board. There’s a trillion different styles/types. Many of us make our own if we have a need for something special ; especially if we will use it multiple times. Tooling/jig building is all part of most projects.

  175. Something as simple as attaching an L shaped jig/board to your fence may work for you.
    A riving blade is a pain in the ass most of the time. For a shallow rabbet or dado cut it is usually not necessary. they become useful in through cuts of badly stressed wood that is thick enough to grab the blade and over stress the motor.

  176. If your wood is snarly enough to twist on the saw then it is probably not a great piece to use in a picture frame as it probably won’t stay true. Stressed joints will always open up over time.
    At least that’s been my experience.

  177. beginning of Crowder is the G Floyd video. Hard to watch, even knowing what is going on.

  178. Broken record monkey – if you have a router, cut the rabbets with that.
    Or –
    you can get a rabbet plane and go old school on the project.

  179. At least Tracy Wolfson has a mask on as she interviews coaches from the NCAA sidelines, from a distance.

  180. UConn girls cheated, but they are in the final four again.

    I think that is 13 years in a row.

  181. A&M cheated to beat ISU

  182. Baylor and Arkansas shook hands and hugged at the end of the game.



    *runs around in circles, frenzied waving of hands, copious streaming incontinence*

  184. Thanks, Jam. I was looking at featherboards too.

  185. Dale endangered railroad passengers.

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