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  2. Thanks Pupstar.

  3. Does anybody else think malificent is kinda hot?

  4. wakey wakey

  5. nasty day today.

  6. Lana Parilla played the evil queen character on Once Upon a Time. “Kinda hot” doesn’t really give her enough praise.

  7. Why not 8?

    Well, there isn’t any need to get crazy about it… ffs…

  8. Pups for a guy who shot his meme wad yesterday this is an amazing performance.

  9. And the categories are kind of aggressive-aggressive not passive-aggressive.

    Thumbs up.

  10. Great memes. Gonna look for cargo socks today.

  11. $7.99 for the box. Seriously considering this for a gift box for my daughter. She’s turning 13, so this would be briefly traumatic for her but amusing for mom and dad.

  12. “Nobody” looks like a good little Sunday afternoon movie.

  13. Kind of nasty here too. Windy, chilly and overcast. We had some nice weather last week so it’s hard to complain.

    Fantastic memes today. I was lol’ing at the fart denial sequence because it appealed to my 3rd grade sense of humor.


    Hard to tell where things will be with social media and conservative voices in a year or two but alternatives are always sprouting up

  15. MJ thinks the queen is 10/10 would smash, but that’s not exactly helpful information

  16. HAH! I just noticed the flip-flop slot on the cargo socks. It’s a real thing.

    *bookmarks for birthday gift list*

  17. I’m only saying that in MJ’S behalf because he’s stuck in his competitive hot dog eating mask and it’s hard the understand him. Technically what he said was “mmmmmmphh ummph mmph eehmph, ummmmph mummphh.”

  18. I was looking through old childhood photos yesterday and found one when I was about two. I’m in the sexiest suit you ever did see, plus white socks and sandals.

  19. I’m in the mood for ass pegasus now.

  20. The Ghost of Christmas Past implies the existence of the Ghost of Christmas Failed.

  21. I told your mom that the existence of Ass Pegasus implies the existence of Ass Unicorn, and now I can’t get her to stop googling the phrase “ass unicorn.”

  22. Wait, cargo socks aren’t real?


  23. I grilled chicken yesterday, plan was steaks today but the weather may not be cooperating. I’m OK with rain, snow and sleet, cold is not an issue, but high winds blow out the coals, suck the heat out, and cover everything with ash (like your mom with a new carton of generic menthols) .

    I’ll probably make chicken fried rice from the leftovers and wait and see on the steaks. Boy1 has to work at 3:00 so he’ll get steaks, Boy2 at 6:00 so pancakes more likely.

    Backyard can go mow itself, too wet right now.

  24. “ass unicorn.”

    Holdup, I got a meme for that.

    *goes down winding stairs to archives*

  25. I’ve got surplus ham so I’m thinking some kind of casserole starring ham of course, noodles, cheese and possibly peas. Any other ideas besides bag of dicks?

  26. Your mom just send a friend request to Okokbcock, because relationship status means nothing to her.

  27. Link fall, Pups. 😔

  28. A satchel of penises?

  29. A pursefull of schlongs?

  30. Beasnes? I’ve been making some pretty good ham and bean soup with carrots, celery and navy beasnes, but it takes prior planning with a 24-hour bean soak and a trip to celery is us and the carrot depot.

    I also found this stuff:

    which has transformed all my soups, sauces and stews. I have beef, ham, and mushroom…I’ll buy it in chicken if I every run out of the broth I have on hand. Good stuff and OH LOOK THEY HAVE LOBSTAH.

  31. A sack of scrotum?

  32. Huh. Works for me.

    Looks like dis:

  33. A container full of male genitalia?

  34. Eeesh, Pupster.

  35. Unicorn’s mouth looks pretty happy about the situation, but the eyes look terrified. Weird. Also, that will definitely ruin your pants.

  36. A sack of scrotum

    A sack full of sack

  37. (like your mom with a new carton of generic menthols.)

    That was a pretty damned long reach and much appreciated. Made me spit out my coffee and cocoa combo.


    Anybody hear of any rioting or statue toppling last night due to this interracial shooting? I’ve heard nothing so far. Curious.

  39. But CARin, it’s for ALL DAY. You’d have to buy three or four hourly broadforks for that kind of production.

  40. That is true.

  41. If you want it powder coated it’s $225.

  42. I’m pretty sure you can get a gas powered tiller for not much more than that. Maybe I’m unclear on the concept.

  43. I paid $125 for mine, iirc. Managed to bend a spike, but mine takes replacement spikes.

  44. I’m just going to wait a bit and then hire one of the thousands of Mexicans the Biden-Harris administration is allowing in.

    /denounces self

  45. Just FYI my friends, if you are in control of it drive away Ludacris style, if not then let them have the car.

  46. Girls that were carjacking that guy are 13 and 15, I think.

  47. It’s hard to tell what lead up to the fateful moment when he choose to fight and they drove off, with him half-in the car
    THey were young girls,. He may have thought they weren’t capable , or that he could overpower them.

  48. I’m pissed at Mr. RFH. He, Rocketboy, and Mini-me played D&D with friends last night. I asked him to please not keep Mini-me out late because she is driving back to MO today, first time with this long a drive by herself. They are very bad about playing D&D until 2 or 3 AM. He promised.

    I waited up for them and finally texted him at midnight “YOU PROMISED”. So then they finally packed up and came home. Mini-me got to bed around 1 AM.

    Mr. RFH thinks I’m overreacting. I think he broke a promise and he would have kept playing until 2 AM if I hadn’t messaged.

  49. I fucking hate D&D with every fiber of my being with the heat of a thousand suns.

  50. Holy cow, Carin, that was some video.

  51. I saw the video earlier today, can’t watch again. I saw still photos of the car on its side in earlier news site coverage. When they said the location and teenage girls without identifying any race I knew it was another black crime. They’ll be out (assuming they don’t get “Community Service” and counseling) in time to vote repeatedly for the Second Harris administration.

    Future Community Organizers

  52. How is it that 13 and 15 year-old girls can take an Uber? That doesn’t sound right to me. Don’t you need a credit card connected to your account?

    Their parents might be liable for this.

  53. I’m sure the car owner would have appreciated someone helping him in the fight instead of standing there videoing it.

  54. He didn’t even really “fight”. More like tried to hold on. I submit if he had started punching that driver in the head at the very beginning this would have ended differently . Criminals only understand force. Sad. Carjackings are up something like 300% in every major “urban” area throughout the country.

  55. How is it that 13 and 15 year-old girls can take an Uber? That doesn’t sound right to me. Don’t you need a credit card connected to your account?

    Their parents might be liable for this.

    I think he may have been stopped so they attacked him. Target of opportunity. Or else they ordered delivery (he was working for Uber Eats) and ambushed him.

  56. DC has had 95 car-jackings this year alone. That’s more than one per day.

  57. I’m sure the car owner would have appreciated someone helping him in the fight instead of standing there videoing it.

    Pretty sure if I touch a 13yo girl I’ll be in jail for life, even if it’s to stop an assault.

  58. Disgusted by the girl being helped by the NG while no one helped Mr Anwar. Continued filming while one killer got her phone out of the car. It’s all good though…Mayor BLM Plaza says that car theft is a crime of opportunity.

  59. I’ll laugh my ass off if they make DC a state, because it would end up becoming such a corrupt failure of a state that the population would probably halve within ten years.

  60. I deleted my comment about DC Mayor Bowser. Certainly for the best.

  61. I think it was ubereats.

    I can’t be too harsh about the other people in the video – it appears there people trying to do what they can – the guy taking the video is trying to alert everyone to what was going on. The guy looked pretty bad off, and needed someone with some knowledge, not just a bystander.

  62. NG is supposedly trained as first responders.

  63. Lyft and Uber drivers are speaking out about being targeted in urban areas. Doordash. Unfortunately, Mr Anwar had to die before victims of pandemic violence started to be heard. CNN is upset that the narrative of “Felony Murder” is trumping their “accident” BS.

  64. I didnt realize having a new post was important or I would have put one up. I was happy with a single weekend post with the traffic on them. I’ll be more diligent in the future.


  65. Pretty sure if I touch a 13yo girl I’ll be in jail for life, even if it’s to stop an assault

    this right here

  66. few things smell better than homemade bacon cooking in the oven

  67. Can you imagine the optics if the NG had bullets and stopped the carjacking?

  68. Oh, I actually read the story, so I take back my comment about their age. I normally work in DC, but thanks to the pandemic I work from home.

    Really cool how the one miscreant wanted to go back in the car to retrieve her Obama phone.

  69. NG is gonna need protection in DC.

  70. Earlier this week, APD responded to a 911 call where a woman was calling about a male in her yard that she had a restraining order against. Next thing we’re told, body of male in yard and a teenager in the hospital with hand injuries. 🦗🦗🦗🦗 pretty sure it is good guy with gun story but 🤷‍♀️

  71. No, no don’t apologize Jay. I was seeing if some non-regulars wanted to post if they felt the urge. Windy rainy weather this morning allowed me to peruse and produce another meme poat, I’m not mad I just thought the mad tags would be funny.

    Also, if any of y’all want a set of keys just email me at pupstersez gee mail and we’ll work it out. We’ve got about 25 admins but only 5 regular posters and also MJ so you could have your own timeslot and soapbox.

  72. REGULATORS!!! Nice Young Guns reference

  73. I’m still pissed off that the two 15 year olds that killed my cousin never faced justice.

  74. Some justice is for the next life, Oso.

  75. Thank you, Sobek.

  76. I’m supposed to travel to DC for work, and I’m going to say no, especially since they are insisting on travelers taking an Uber or the Metro, rental car no longer allowed.

  77. Why no rental car?

  78. Rental cars getting jacked in urban areas. Reminds me of FL in the 90s

  79. It is getting harder and harder to get rental cars with local plates. Last visit to Denver, we only had 3 choices with CO plates. Nothing but CA. We’re budget people.

  80. Mass on TV. Dan watched 30 minute Heart of the Nation. I streamed Fr Frank and 58:16 minutes of pretty awesome. Holy Week. True Story. We bought Mel Gibson’s Passion. Haven’t been able to watch. What day during Holy Week should we watch?

  81. kinda snarking on the tags, being sarcastic.

    Poorly delivered humor, but I was serious about the post just going the weekend.

  82. STFU IA. MN had some pretty serious hockey last night. IA is reserved for San Fran NaN stealing your votes

  83. Movie was good!!! Violent revenge flick. Nobody.

  84. We can’t watch Nobody in NM

  85. nobody looks like equalizer or man on fire. good

  86. Yep, it has similarities to the others in the genre but still has a few differences to make it … it’s own movie. You don’t feel like you’re watching a repeat.

  87. been looking forward to that one since the previews came out

  88. Sunday funnies:

  89. Dillon eclipsed Reed’s prosperity.

  90. Best to be up, my back’s just hurtin’
    I miss my bed, but it ain’t where I’m stayin’
    Life ain’t great, but there’s no use complainin’
    Wishin’ for sun never stopped it from rainin’

    (free verse in search of a poem or song)

  91. I hadn’t even heard of the movie until yesterday.

  92. MMM 438

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