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  1. Poop

  2. Worky worky.

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. We say “4th of July” because we named it when we still talked like British fagz. It’s a reminder of the freedoms we won for ourselves.

  5. That rabbit should be this chat room’s mascot

  6. The garage one is definitely me.

  7. Should I cut the miters first, or the rabbets? Does it matter what order I do that? youtube guy does miters first.

    I’m gonna play around with our voluminous scrap wood pile today and try not to cut my hands off.

  8. What’s a rabbet? And why are you cutting up the pope’s hats?

  9. I bought a mondo tool chest to try to organize the shit I can’t find when I need it…… I ran out of room in it already.
    Now I have to build a garage to house the tools for my workshop.

  10. In spring news – the lilac bushes are starting to bud

  11. World class memeage

  12. CNINA took me a little bit

  13. And I’m kicking 19 year old PT Pharmacy Tech Jimbro’s arse for not having the foresight to abscond with a full roll of “For Rectal Use Only” stickers.

    In my defense, that was long before cell phone cameras and The Meme Age

  14. You can get them on Amazon

  15. “These informational stickers have been incredibly helpful when we needed to indicate when an item was intended for “rectal use only”. There are a number of cucumbers, Tabasco sauce containers, traffic cones, gas pump handles, etc. in the Central Texas region that are now safely marked.”

  16. “These are great. Everyone laughs about these…. except Walmart. I’ve been banned for 1 year.”

  17. Doing my best not to buy from Amazon. I picked up a mixed pack of rectal use only/vaginal use only stickers off eBay this morning.

    I will note that 2 of my recent Walmart orders were processed through Amazon vendors. I was surprised when my UPS email alerts told me I had a package coming from Amazon but put 2 & 2 together when I opened the packages.

  18. One strange exchange in the press conference especially stood out [from the official White House transcript]:

    Q: [Janet Rodriguez, Univision] Thank you, Mr. President. We, too, have been reporting at the border. And just like Cecilia, we ran into a pair of siblings who came in on Monday, who were detained by CBP — had the phone number for their mother who lives in the U.S. We have contacted the mother. That’s the only way they know her kids are here because CBP, today, Thursday, has not contacted that mother. So, when can we expect your promise of things getting better with contacting and expediency and processing?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, they’re already getting better, but they’re going to get real — they’ll get a whole hell of lot better real quick, or we’re going to hear of some people leaving, okay?

    Did you catch that? The siblings’ mother lives in the USA? How did she get here and when? Is she here legally? Why were these children living in another country, away from their mother, and for how long? Why did the mother abandon her children in the country she left? Did anybody notice that this story doesn’t add up?
    That’s the last part of this column

    I did notice that exchange as it was happening but the whole event was so bizarre it all melded into one basket of

  19. Cut rabbets first. Then you can send it through as one piece instead of fucking around handling a bunch of short ones.

  20. You guys are really going to force me to look up WTF a rabbet is/are aren’t you?

  21. Hotntot knows shit.

  22. Longer cuts do make for less fuck ups. Especially when drunk.

  23. Your mom prefers a long cut …

    especially when drunk and sloppy

  24. Lumpinator – if you have a router that does a pretty decent job with rabbet cuts too.
    I use a router a lot
    Some cuts on a table saw are a pain in the ass especially if the wood is snarly in any dimension.

  25. I didn’t read far enough back to see what is being worked on

  26. I didn’t either. What’s she working on?

  27. Advice holds in any event.

  28. Picture frame maybe?

    Shadow box style for historic pressed leaves?


  30. Last Summer, a storm destroyed a huge historic tree at my work campus. This place has a lot of great old trees, many of which were put there by Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed the grounds.

    There are pics and descriptions of our grand old trees all over the building. But this *particular* tree was there before the design by Olmsted. And it’s a very rare kind of tree in Connecticut, definitely a miracle it lasted that long and grew that large in our climate. It was massive, and a former state champion. A few days after the storm I went in to work and ripped off a few nice still-living branches and preserved a bunch of the leaves. Then I matted an attractive arrangement of a few of them, times three. And now I need to frame them. I think I will keep one of the finished pieces and give two to the hospital. I still have a lot of leaves left to make smaller mats with. I’ll post a picture when I’m done.

    When they cut down the remainder of the tree, they gave the wood to some fancy carpenter to make something out of it. Would have been nice to use wood from the tree for these frames, but it is not to be, so. Home Depot poplar it will be.

    We went for a walk this morning and on the way home- no shit- we saw a sliding compound miter saw on the side of the road with a “works great! Free!” sign on it. We got out and looked at it but declined to take it. It was a beast, and we have lived this long and only needed it this one time. Fuhgettabout it. But it’s going to haunt me for a while.

  31. Good call by you. Obviously a scam. The saw was probably haunted and thirsty for blood.

  32. Oh, and the reason I can’t just use some off the shelf frame is because the leaves are enormous and the arrangement created an odd size. It has to be custom, and paying for such large frames is hideous.

  33. I shot my meme wad with this post and I’ve got nothing lined up for tomorrow, if one of you nice admins want to poat something have at it. Or we could just ride this one out until the mushrooms.

    Mrs. Pupster still has stamina issues since her covid and double pneumonia, now almost three months distant. I’ve not really had any lingering conditions but mowing the front yard for the first time reminded me what a FPOS I am now.

    Also, this years batch of lizards is coming along nicely, at my office there are a bunch of 5 Lined Skinks (my favorite) that hang out in the pinestraw and around the dumpster behind my building. If I can get away with it I’m going to set some traps and bring them to my yard. Mrs. Pupster is not as big of a skink fan as I am, so I’ll have to be inconspicuous.

    Also also (repeat comment but) Dumpster Lizard will be my new alter ego band name internet handle if I have to make a move.

  34. We are now the proud owners of a kabota.

  35. Dude from Leon’s town was at the dealership. I asked him if he knew Leon.

  36. From Jimbro’s article:

    “The governor allows churches to hold secular gatherings to feed, shelter, and to provide social services and counsel to an unlimited number of people. However, religious gatherings are limited to no more than 50 people despite the size of the building. ”

    What utter bullshit.

  37. I loved the “Just people living in the moment.”

    And “This summer if I don’t get my shit together” hit a little too close to home.

    Literally eating a salad right now. (With hardboiled eggs and leftover steak for those wondering. No one was wondering but I just wanted to add the info.)

  38. I just spoke with a dear friend who is all covid all the time. Her 69-year-old brother died last week from covid. (??) She says he wasn’t overweight or had any comorbidities although he smoked for years and quit about 10 years ago. After diagnosis and waiting finally went to ER and died of 3 additional infections. They had to stop treating covid to treat the other bacterial infections.

    She knows a lot of people who were very sick and/or died.

    How is this possible? My husband speaks with clients all over the country (and world) and his friends are spread around the country and none of them know anyone directly who has died of covid. He always asks.

    My daughter had it. Zero symptoms besides temporary loss of smell and she tested positive for the antibodies. We think we’ve had it. If not, we have certainly been exposed.

    I’m not denying covid is present and can be horribly serious. It just means nothing in our lives and as you know I’ve traveled a lot since last March. 2 trips to Savannah, 3 trips to CA, 1 trip to Hawaii.

    Pups just mentioned his wife’s lingering symptoms which is awful and sucks.

    I don’t know what I’m saying but that’s never stopped me before.

  39. Kubota

  40. My fields are still brown and the grass is just starting to turn green. When I checked in with the amphibians they told me to F off.

    But in a nice way

  41. humn … maybe that’s why it was so cheap?

  42. Grass is starting to turn green. WIldlife was making it’s noises the other day. Odd trees are starting to bud.

  43. its

  44. I also rank the number of people I know who died of Covid at zero, although my sister’s death was directly related.

  45. Nurse friend who works covid unit says that almost EVERYONE who has died at the hospital of China flu is either really old, or had other issues.

    Yes, occasionally the unexpected happens, but that’s life in general. A friend of mine lost an acquaintance to a sinus infection 2 or so years ago.

  46. Comment by ChrisP on March 27, 2021 2:08 pm
    Comment by Car in on March 27, 2021 2:12 pm
    humn … maybe that’s why it was so cheap?



  47. This place has a lot of great old trees, many of which were put there by Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed the grounds.

    He also designed Central Park in NYC (along with Calvert Vaux, who is rarely mentioned).

  48. I don’t know anyone in town, unless you somehow bumped into someone I knew in high school.

  49. After I’ve donated blood they usually email within a couple of weeks the results of the Covid test. It’s been since March 17th and no word yet. Maybe I’ll hear this week. I think they use convalescent plasma from whole blood donations to treat Covid in some sick people. I got my plasma back when I donated though.

  50. It’s weird talking to this friend (although I love her and her family) because she’s so covid “focused.” Mentioned a few times about being “fully vaccinated” and her daughter researching vaccine companies because she’s still breastfeeding and wants to get the right one. Also the word “pandemic” was used a lot.

    I never said the word covid and I of course could not say I’m not getting the vaccine for something that is less of a threat than driving on the 275 near my home.

    Since her brother died just last week and he was a vaccine skeptic I held all my thoughts in about also being a skeptic since she called him silly and stubborn and I just said, “Oh (name of friend) I’m so sorry about your brother.”

    I feel like a phony or whatever. This is all crazy. First politics made everyone nuts now this stupid covid.

  51. Another random thought: I’m reading this book that is mediocre but I’m kind of invested. I thought I was almost done based on the plot and pace and I looked at my kindle and it said I was only 22% done. WHAT THE ACTUAL…

  52. Mare, you aren’t a phony.

    Liberals are mentally ill. Reasoning with them is like trying to teach a pig to sing – it doesn’t work, and it annoys the pig,



  54. I just looked up Olmsted designed parks and discovered UMaine was designed by them in the 30’s. I had no idea. Arnold Arboretum in MA was one of their designs and I heard about that a lot growing up in MA. There are a ton of them out there


  56. Olmsted also did Belle Isle.

  57. Friend of friend’s mom is the closest to Covid fatality I’ve known ×2. I can see it happening but my last flu at TITS 2 I thought I was going to die so yeah. That was much worse than Covid for me.

  58. Yes, I think I’m going to bail.

    My husband is sailing today on a boat that will most likely win Boat of the Year. Don’t know what that means but he’s happy for the captain.

    I didn’t know there was so much yelling and swearing in sailing. Since this isn’t Pirates of the Carribean I laughed about how much the captain is yelling at the crew or one boat yells at another.

    My husband says it’s humbling to be yelled at on the boat. Glad he enjoys it.

  59. My tractor is going to have (don’t get jealous):

    A front loader
    a blade (in the back)
    Hay fork.

  60. I appreciate your comments about the covid deal. Just wondering if I’m so out of it since I don’t watch the news and was skeptical from day one.

  61. Carin, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a country song is written about you and your tractor.

    Some kind of Mom/Crossfit/Naturegirl mashup.

  62. *He always sails on the same boat, Warrior. <——– name of the boat.

  63. Sailboat racing is extremely stressful. Especially starts and rounding the first mark. And yes, there is a lot of yelling.

    I used to enjoy it when I was younger because of the adrenaline. Now I hate it.

    I go on the water to relax.

    My racing days are long over.

  64. Carin – a Girl and her Tractor, or Total Gender Confusion

  65. Healthy haunches for Leon, featuring cameos by Leon and Mrs. Leon…

  66. Pretty sure that tractoring is a gender neutral activity.

  67. You can use it to get newfies into the Subaru.

  68. I saw a tractor fence-stretcher attachment on one of my homesteading channels today. I was envious.

  69. Those are nice haunches, and that cat is doing a pretty good Leon impression.

  70. Car in,
    You’ll look nice on your Kabota in your new Adibas™ track suit!

    I’m jealous of the back-hoe.
    We have the loader, 4′ brush hog, and 4′ tiller.

  71. Why not front hoe?

  72. Olmsted also designed the grounds of the Biltmore Estate in NC which I saw back when Americans had freedom of movement around the nation.

  73. I started a couple packs of tall cannas today. As soon as they start to pop I am going to try out some of the fancy grow lights my brother gave me on them. Also spent some more time around the yard, Not Gardening.*

    The last parsnips are starting to sprout, so I pulled a big pile of them to roast up, and will leave the rest to go to seed. There’s dozens left so I will have a decent shot at good genetic diversity in this batch of seeds.

    *it looks a lot like gardening but I assure you, it is Not.

  74. Bajinder had the COVID in November. She’s 19. A customer didn’t show up for their immunization. She got the vaccine today. I’m still “Why?”

  75. How many arboretums have you window lickers visited and why is it more than 6?

  76. Best arboretum and go! Shaw’s Arboretum in MO.

  77. Howdy Ho neighbors.

  78. Do you believe that Quid Pro Joe has 60% approval?

  79. It’s below 50%.

  80. I’m just posting the MFM BS.

  81. Maybe 60% of the people who voted for him approve.


  82. Maybe if the poll were conducted in Nicaragua.

  83. Judas Priest isn’t death metal, but I still love this.

  84. Both of those links were head scratchers, Pups.

  85. Crispy – I’m ordering some overalls for my tractor uniform

  86. Check your crockmail.

  87. I think Leon, maybe Alex linked a video of a young lady using a tractor to drag logs to a sawmill a while back. She wore yoga pants.

    Just saying.

  88. The last two night my internets service has stopped at midnight for a few hours. Boy2 almost reverted to feral.

  89. maybe you won’t lose the subaru in the driveway, with a tractor to fix it.

  90. think of how much fun “drive the tractor into the lake” will be at Lapeerpalooza

  91. Lake bottom should make great garden soil.

    Best pot I ever grew was in “soil” I dug out of a stream.

  92. Oral Roberts going down

  93. By definition.

  94. We really shouldn’t be importing meth.

  95. We must close the meth gap!

  96. Pups, I got the email. I’ll get back to you

  97. A couple hipsters started an artisanal meth company here. They drive around in a quirky meth truck and have meticulously curated beards and no teeth.

  98. Darren extended Rudy’s probation.

  99. Pupster… St. Jude Tactical Solutions.


    That is a filthy lie. Dude only has 4 knives. Clearly not me. In Afghanistan, they called me 5 knives, but I carried 7.

  100. We don’t know how many he had concealed or out of frame.

  101. Why not 8?

    Choose Meme

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