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This one ought to get laura all stirred up.


  1. Good morning reprobates

  2. Ben was fretting over the return to school meeting they just had. Parents had signed a petition to get back to school so the school board met and voted to increase the time in school.

    You won’t believe what happened next! (clickbait lead in)

    He currently attends in person school 2 days a week. Now with the increased schedule he will attend a study hall for a half day EVERY OTHER WEEK!!!

    Complete and total scam. Teachers are loving their extended vacations. Utter bullshit. Teachers throwing the taxpayers crumbs and mocking them for not being grateful.

  3. Details still emerging from the Boulder shooting but it seems like more fodder for the gun grabbing Dems who unfortunately hold majorities everywhere in the federal government.

  4. workie workie

  5. wakey wakey

  6. What happened in Boulder?

  7. Frank J was really funny 15 years ago. Haven’t kept up with him lately.

  8. Well, his never trumperism and whatever else has guided him the last few years helped me drift from finding him terribly funny.

  9. *Larva en Aeternum!

    *this spell will put a face diaper on Oso and whenever she peels it off, another will appear in it’s place.

  10. Broken clocks are right twice a day.

  11. Clocks running backward are right 4 times a day!

  12. ClaireBear (McCaskill) noted that all mass shootings are from an AR15. So yeah, there will be legislation. This is where the filibuster dies.

  13. ClaireBear (McCaskill) noted that all mass shootings are from an AR15.

    This is not remotely true.

  14. Oh man. That’s good.

    Take a few random shootings and string them together. End filibuster. Pass gun control. Pass amnesty. For the children!

  15. Dems: *Passes amnesty*
    Trump 2024: “I will outlaw any further immigration.”
    Newly minted Hispanic voters: “Fuck yeah. We don’t want anyone else coming in!”

  16. You forgot “election reform”, MJ. Gotta have the Enabling Act.

  17. BTW, banning the AR15 would be like banning the F150 truck.

    The F150 is involved in the most fatal crashes in the US.

    It also happens to be the most popular car/truck in the US and has been for 40 years. But that’s not what’s important here.

  18. So either they pass amnesty and win forever, pass HR1 and win forever, or cheat like mfers and win forever.

    Good times to be a dem.

  19. In Millionaire Next Door the F150 was noted as the most commonly owned vehicle of millionaires (defined by net worth) in the US. The book is about 20 years old now, but I doubt that’s changed.

    I like my Tundra better. And as a gun owner I’m an oddball for not having an AR. I’ve got a mini-30 instead. Upside of that is I can use the cheapass soviet rounds that AKs eat.

  20. I might buy an AR 15 this week just because fuck the Dems. But the mini-30 is attractive as well…

  21. I’ve never fired it, so I have no attestation to its virtues aside from economy. Disassembly was a snap when I practiced, and I was able to get 20rd mags no problem after the AWB expired.

  22. The Dems won’t ban the AR-15.

    They will, however, go after ammo.

  23. I might buy an AR 15 this week just because fuck the Dems. But the mini-30 is attractive as well…

    Good luck finding one. I’ve been looking for a 1911 and there is nothing out there new.

  24. For those who need to see the tweet itself, in all it’s glory

    This weapon is for people who want to kill a lot of C’mon Congress…let’s go. Gun safety legislation. Now.

  25. AR15s are fun to shoot. I’ve only shot the automatic variant, the M16, as a younger lad. Rock and roll on an M16 goes a lot quicker than you would imagine.

  26. /looks confused for a second


  27. Amy Klobuchar
    The right to vote is sacred. The Senate filibuster is not.

  28. Chip Franklin
    Retweet if you think
    accomplished more in his first 2 months in office than Trump accomplished in 4 years

  29. This is my fav response to Claire is a Fat Girl’s Name™ McCaskill:

    I served 20 years in the military. The AR-15 is a combat weapon. It has one purpose. To kill. It should not be sold over the counter to anyone who wants it. It is not a sporting gun. Unless, you’re hunting humans.

    I would bet almost anything that the first sentence is not true.

  30. Joe Walsh
    Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham completely ignored what happened in Boulder today.

    Joe Walsh is a Republican, supposedly. “You Lie!”

  31. Scott Dworkin
    Republicans are outraged over the immigration crisis they helped create.

  32. Julián Castro
    Trump blocked $450M in aid to Central America to address the root causes of migration.

    Then he dismantled our asylum system.

    has called for $4B to improve conditions in Central America. That’s the kind of smart investment we get from competent leadership.

  33. This is where the fun starts.

  34. If south americans were voting republican the wall would be 100 feet high topped with a canal filled with sharks trained to use AR 15s.

  35. The AR-15 is a combat weapon. It has one purpose. To kill. It should not be sold over the counter to anyone who wants it. It is not a sporting gun. Unless, you’re hunting humans.

    That’s exactly why it should be sold over the counter. In fact, ownership of one should be mandatory for any man between the ages of 18 and 50. Free men step up and are willing to defend their family and community if necessary. Weaklings and cowards want to disarm the populace and expect the police to protect everyone all the time.

  36. Sheep fear the sheepdog, even though the sheepdog is not allowed to hurt the sheep.

  37. I actually hate that analogy.

  38. FIGHT!


  39. People, when you bid on 1000 lbs of books, there is a reason why you can purchase it for $75.

    Think it through.

    If I hear “but I only paid $75” one more time……….

  40. can’t I just put a stamp on it?

  41. Ash doesn’t weight much. Suggest burning, then shipping.

  42. What’s the street value on 1,000 lbs. of books?

  43. $75

  44. I should be saving my ashes from the burn pile rather than letting them just break down. Possum could and I could do a “making lye” project in our summer series on practical chemistry.

  45. Are you ready for “white Arab”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a thing soon. Only way to make an Islamic terrorist into a white supremacist.

  46. So I broke a 48 hour fast (really about 38 hours) and whenever I fast for longer than 16 hours, I find that the roof of my mouth hurts when I first eat. Does anyone else have this problem?

  47. Comment by leoncaruthers on March 23, 2021 9:23 am
    I’ve never fired it,


    Dude, at least fire it enough to make sure it functions correctly and the sights are on.

  48. I’ve never fasted. What’s the point?

  49. Haven’t had that. I do notice that starchy foods are “scratchy” in my throat and mouth if I go long enough without eating them, though.

    Might be more to do with your soft palate getting inflamed by something you have an issue with, inflammation that went down during the fast. I’d tinker with breaking the fast elimination-diet-reintroduction-style.

  50. Dude, at least fire it enough to make sure it functions correctly and the sights are on.

    I keep meaning to, but other things kept getting in the way. I need to find a rifle range that I can use.

  51. Might be more to do with your soft palate getting inflamed by something you have an issue with, inflammation that went down during the fast. I’d tinker with breaking the fast elimination-diet-reintroduction-style.

    That was my thinking as well. It hurts briefly and then goes away, but that may just be because I’m used to the inflammation. So something in sausage, eggs, and cheese causes it. Will try breaking the next one on Thursday with veggies and see what happens.

  52. I’ve never fasted. What’s the point?

    In my case it’s simply to force myself into a mental state that accepts the chronic discomfort that is a part of dieting.

  53. good point, PG. Getting used to being hungry.

  54. Put a different way, why do you do it? What are you hoping to gain?

    I know nothing about it other than my old boss would only eat within a window or something.

    And people do 3-10 day fasts and seem to not die.

    I’m clueless on the benefits but I can understand the pain.

  55. I’d start with just unprocessed meat and salt, Alex. Vegetables are much more likely to be the trigger, particularly nightshades.

    I’ve never fasted. What’s the point?

    Toughness, rest and renewal for the digestive system.

  56. Probably useful advice, Jay, but it still makes me twitch for some reason.

  57. Heh, Tim Pool IRL with Kurt Schlichter

    Great points, including calling American rioters soft, in comparison to Brazilian rioters.

  58. Fasting is supposed to give your body time to digest the food you’ve eaten and then switch out of that mode and into a fat-burning mode. Do it long enough (past 72 hours, I think), and supposedly your body will start cannibalizing damaged cells as well as burning fat. There’s also just the benefit of reducing calories, as long as you don’t stuff yourself once you do eat. But, it’s hard to massively overeat in a short period of time, so a short window to eat will naturally restrict the total calories you consume. Finally, there can be the mental aspects: fasting forces you to examine whether or not you’re actually hungry. A lot of people, myself included, eat not out of hunger but boredom. It’s something to do and a way to provide some stimulation.

  59. I don’t like fasting either, feels too much like wrestling and dropping weight. Not very healthy, but results are pretty stunning.

  60. Fasting can be very healthy, Jay, but not the way wrestlers do it. Dehydration is most of the problem there, and even “dry fasting” doesn’t include intentional water loss like the cup spitting and the rubber-suit cardio.

  61. Ah, thanks. So basically you flip from food to stored food in your body and eat that shit up.

    Hunger is interesting. It’s a big deal in the MJ household. GND can barely go a few hours without eating. Same for me.

    I have noticed that some days I don’t eat very much, like half the food of a normal day and I actually feel better.

  62. The “Angry White Supremacist Trump Voter” that shot up the King Sooper turns out to be…

    The gunman responsible for a mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store on Monday has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Issa.
    An ISIS sympathizer.

  63. I’ve been getting used to being hungry, and that’s what’s resulted in good weight loss results for me. Once I’m stable again I don’t expect to be as hungry at times.

  64. Hunger is interesting. It’s a big deal in the MJ household. GND can barely go a few hours without eating. Same for me.

    When I was on a more carb-heavy diet (SAD, basically), hunger was a completely different experience for me. It hurt if went a few hours without eating, or even just delayed a meal somewhat from my normal time. I’m positive that was big factor in my many years of obesity. Going very low carb for an extended period changed that dramatically. I could not fast before going low carb. IF after a year or so of low carb was a breeze.

  65. Hunger when I’ve eaten a lot of carbs is different than hunger pains. It’s more about irritation, discomfort, inability to focus or sit for any period of time.

    In other words… withdrawal symptoms.

  66. hmm, interesting. I am by no means low carb, but lower than I used to be. And I don’t seem to deal with hunger the same way. You’re right, it’s different.

  67. some real poo throwing about Noem and her “modifications” to the man-ban from sports.

    Sounds like wording issues. Steve Deace show unloading both barrels against Noem.

  68. Gene Lunney died Friday, age 84. Who’s Gene Lunney, you ask?

    “Flight”. Apollo 13

  69. She’s dissembling, claiming that the law would lose in court as written.

    True facts:
    CoC cracked the whip and she said “yes, massa!”.


  70. I’m on the fence. I’ve drafted legislation and sometimes I’ve seen stuff pushed through that we knew would get bitchslapped by a court later on, but the requestor wanted that language so we put it in. I can believe that Noem is sincere in her belief that the reporting requirements would be a burden on high schools, and that the college sections will create a losing fight with the NCAA that SD doesn’t need to have. Others may be sincere in their disagreement with her analysis.

    That said, her interview with Tucker the other night was cringeworthy. She adopted the standard politician speaking pattern and I turned it off.

  71. Fasting is a nice tool, imho. But it can be disruptive, and that’s what I have a problem with.

    A friend of mine here just did a 21 day fast.

  72. The question is WHY DOES THE COC BACK TRANNY SHITE!?

    I think the fear in this case is that the NCAA will kill college sports in SD as punishment for the law. Like it or not, college athletics are big money, even for a small school. Big events often mean hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in revenues for local communities. Athletics are a part of the “college experience” that people have come to expect from most schools, especially your local state U.

  73. Evidently Noem was on Glenn Beck. Have to catch that later.

    She reminds me of Haley in some ways. But then all republicans do.

  74. Why is the NCAA in favor of mental illness, though? I don’t get it. No one wants to see long-haired men beating the tar out of the women’s soccer team.

    And NO ONE wants to see trannies in beach volleyball.

  75. It’s a mass delusion, and no one with any brains has the guts to stand up against it, because they might actually have to pay a price.

  76. Once it happens a few times and reaches a nationally televised audience I have a feeling the anticipated widespread acceptance will be found lacking. Sure the network announcers will praise “her” for the courage to play while trans (or they’ll lose their jobs) and the coastal elites who don’t actually watch any sports will swoon over it but the rest of America is going to be horrified with this BS

  77. Noem is built disappoint.

  78. why jimbro, it seems like you think that women will not be making the transition into men’s sports, in the same manner!


  79. I guess you can expect anyone to conform to the identity you choose.

    MJr really is a penguin.

  80. 21-year-old Ahmad Al Issa.
    An ISIS sympathizer.
    Pivot to “Muslims face backlash from White Supremacist Trump supporters” and rallies to support the poor misunderstood jihadists with white women wearing hijabs and their simps carrying placards apologizing for the threat they’re facing.

  81. See also: “Republicans Pounce on fact the Boulder shooter was an ISIS sympathizer”

  82. I actually suspect the anti-preference cascade will be triggered by the parent of an actual daughter getting hurt by the “daughter” of some deranged psychopath on a soccer field in Illinois or the like. A shouting match and brawl will be recorded on an iPhone — paired with the snippet of a little girl getting brutally kicked by a “girl” — and go viral.

  83. AR 15’s are semi automatic rifles.
    Nothing more nothing less.
    They’re ergonomic. That’s the main draw for most users.

  84. Yeah, can’t wait for the women who are “men” to bravely compete on the basketball court or gridiron.

    It’ll probably be in golf or crew as the coxswain, er sorry, cockswain

  85. I can’t believe I lost my panic rifle and all of my other guns.

  86. It won’t take long for all female records to be replaced by achievements of women who were born with penises.

  87. See also: “Republicans Pounce on fact the Boulder shooter was an ISIS sympathizer”

    Let me guess, Bongino? That’s one of his favorite themes, Republicans Pounce.

  88. In my opinion, it’s gonna take some very brave Americans, who were born with the ability to menstruate monthly rather than ejaculate daily, to come together and refuse to compete if there is a tranny on the floor, track, field, or in the pool. Just kneel and then walk off like the racists do when the SSB is played. Of course they’ll be labeled as some type of phobe by our media overlords. Which is why they’ll have to be brave.

  89. Well, there’s just one problem.

    Basically all yutes support the trannies doing whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want. They are stunning and brave.

  90. Want to kill this tranny stuff? Kill athletic scholarships. The reason that the young women won’t speak up is because they will lose their scholarships and suddenly have to take on a lot of debt.

  91. I’ve changed my mind.

    Let the boys compete with the girls.

  92. MJ, the youths support it IN THEORY. Because it’s the “nice” thing to do. Plus the trans folks they know are their confused friends who are tranny tourists and that cool kid Jazz with the tv show.

    Jazz isn’t going to beat female athletes at much. Not in wrestling or track or basketball or weightlifting. Where’s the harm?

    But the young women who have come up competing AGAINST an actual grown -ass male convert … they’re going to start to see the problem.

    And, as many of these trans folks age, and either through regret or realize that they’ve turned themselves into a biologically irrelevancy …

  93. I don’t think they’ll be talking about how wonderful it all is.

  94. I’ve forgotten, is your child a future menstruater or a future ejaculator?

  95. That question was for Bachelor #3, MJ.

  96. come together and refuse to compete
    I’ve had the same thought. Everyone in the starting blocks, starter’s pistol fires and the actual women just stand giving the girl power salute (whatever that is).

  97. We’re letting xim decide his gender. Currently xe’s a penguin, so we know that much.

  98. the girl power salute (whatever that is).

    Hoisting a bottle of wine and a microwave dinner over their head?

  99. Why isn’t our side pointing out the trans MMA fighter that is breaking women’s faces in the ring?

  100. There are some high school girls in CT that are doing just that. 2 trans athletes stole their spot in the state tournament, and they are raising a stink.

  101. I dunno, Car in. Your kids are different.

    The kids around here? They are fucking brainwashed. The middle schoolers walk right by my house and at least half, if not more, wear masks outside. They literally face no danger at all yet they want to wear a mask.

    I don’t know this for sure but I’m guessing their drunken slut wine moms do this to them.

  102. You had me at drunken slut.

  103. The Paulo. He’s very busy in my neighborhood.

  104. I see where a cop got killed my a Muslim in Colorado. Y’all wanna go burn down a neighborhood and fuck up a bunch of statues with me this evening?

  105. Anyone have any opinions on the Kubota L2501?

  106. Looks like the tractor Al Lumnah uses, Carin. He seems happy with it.

  107. What is the dealer like? fixing tractors isn’t like a car, need a good dealer.

  108. Al does all his own maintenance, but he’s very handy. Doesn’t look any harder than a motorcycle or lawn tractor most of the time, just bigger.

  109. Car in,
    Looks very similar to Anitas B7500 that she’s had since 2002. Very nice tractor! Totally reliable, easy to use, 4-WD, hydrostatic transmission, and uses very little fuel for what it does.

  110. Just holding out for the bigger, better D, she was.

  111. got to find parts, leon. Not a tractor parts store just anywhere.

  112. We had an older, smaller Kubota tractor. It was okay. My son doesn’t like Kubota at all, but his experience is with larger equipment.

  113. What do you do when your E string breaks mid performance?

    Yes, safe for work, pervs.

  114. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 23, 2021 1:53 pm
    What is the dealer like?


    I’m trying to buy a used CTL (skid steer with tracks). Planning on going with Deere mainly because the dealer in ABQ has been great to work with. We rented a dozer from them and they were top notch. There was a small issue with it, and they had a couple of mechanics here the next morning. Both mechanics had previously worked for the CAT dealer in ABQ and had nothing good to say about the dealership.

  115. <script async src="

    Follow the effing money, dummies. Noem is a whore. Good riddance, backstabber. Let's face it, it's good to know early.

  116. So, Germany is going to do a hard lock down from April 1st to the 6th, with the exception of opening stores April 3rd. Hmm, I wonder if there will be abnormally large crowds (aka so-called super spreader events) on the 3rd?


  117. You know what is more insane? Saying there’s an emergency that requires a “hard” lockdown but it doesn’t start for two weeks (EASTER AND PASSOVER).

    Such an emergency we have to wait.

    Eff you, you fat nazi bitch.

  118. I don’t get how Merkel is still free and breathing.

  119. Unless she’s counting on protests as a pretense for even greater oppression.

  120. *razzle dazzle jazz hands*

    It’s Springtime for Merkel in Germany

  121. We need common-sense border control.

  122. LOL

  123. Tale of two tweets

  124. Let me guess, Bongino? That’s one of his favorite themes, Republicans Pounce.
    Exactly. It’s one of my favorite phrases to ridicule the media and Bongino really goes with it more than any of the usual places I visit.

  125. Sudden jihadi syndrome is making a comeback? Hunh.

    On a totally unrelated subject, I’m trying to decide on Panic Rifle 3, probably a pistol caliber AR but then something jumped out at me and made me think hmmmmm that looks interesting.

  126. RICOLA!

  127. Already banned here.

  128. Well that was fast. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up.


  129. Cop in Boulder graduated from HHS. Walter White taught there. Beavis and Butthead attended HS there. Dan graduated from there.

  130. Ran into former CoW from Target. Target continues to test vaccinated and previously infected team members. We only test the negative associates. The never infected. Vaccinated without positive get tested for 28 days after vaccine.

  131. So Target doesn’t trust the vaccine?

    None of the big stores policies make sense.

  132. Clinical trials aren’t over yet.

  133. What Scott said and immunity for big pharma.

  134. Target friend I ran into was double masked and has had both the Moderna and Pfizer. Her boyfriend hasn’t seen her in 12 months. Her mom was in Assisted Living with my dad.

  135. Target is still testing COVID + and vaccinated team members

  136. So my bank, I still have to go there on occasion, you can’t go inside without calling first for an appointment. The drive through has been glacially slow since Covid. I mean, ridiculously long waits for simple transactions. I don’t get it. Are they disinfecting each bill and piece of paper?

  137. Hasn’t seen her boyfriend in 12 months? That is just sad.

  138. TWO vaccinations? Whatever for? Omg.

  139. Expecting an uptick in OCD people decompensating after the restrictions are lifted.

  140. Hopefully he moved on and found someone that wasn’t crazy.

  141. Nah. I’ve seen him shopping and he really misses her. She went over the edge with the COVID.

  142. Lumps, she was wearing two masks after having two vaccinations. Her boyfriend told me she was over the edge and not going out. Her hubby and her mom were very good to my dad. I really like her boyfriend. I like her, but two vaccines? Moderna and Pfizer. I guess JnJ is next.

  143. I think Lauraw said it best. People were mind fucked. They were weak minded to start but still.

  144. We have multiple generations who’ve never faced any hardships.

  145. It’s sad. If people want to be crazy I won’t interfere.

    I will point and laugh, but I won’t interfere.

  146. the crazy is bleeding over, though

  147. The only problem w existential threats is that sometimes you cease to exist. Dresden Circa 3/45.

    But we prolly need one to right the ship.

  148. I’m still pulling for Winter Chan.

  149. Darlene envied Ruth’s progress.

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